EVERYONE: The True Story: Pokemon (Comedy)

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Thread: EVERYONE: The True Story: Pokemon (Comedy)

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    Default EVERYONE: The True Story: Pokemon (Comedy)

    Ever wondered what happens in the Pokemon world outside the games and anime? Here is where you will learn....
    I'll add a new chapter each Friday.

    Chapter 1: Professors

    Each trainer starts their journey with a stater Pokemon. As you know, they have a choice of three depending on the generation.
    Before trainers begin their journey, Pokemon Professors must catch these Pokemon.
    Some Professors are...somewhat old (especially Oak, but don't tell him I said that). A few *coughcoughOakcoughcough* have had medical issues while chasing starters.
    "HEART ATTACK!! GAH!!" Oak screamed.
    "GAH! BAH! GAH!" Oak began to scream random sounds, such as various moans and grunts. He was chasing a Bulbasaur when he fell on the ground and began rolling back and forth.
    "You can't be serious." Bulbasaur complained.
    "It might be time to retire, Oak" The cameraman proclaimed.
    "Do you know how hard it would be to find a replacement for me!? Only people who's last name is also that of a kind of tree can qualify! You don't need training or experience though...or proof of your last name...." Oak replied.
    "Let's just go home." The cameraman said.
    "But we have new trainers coming tomorrow! Arhaic will need Bulbasaur!" Oak managed, still rolling around on the ground in pain.
    "Fine. Put my in the stupid ball." Bulbasaur said.

    "The next day" the Narrator said.
    "Hello!" Oak chimed gleefully as he scarfed down his pills.
    "Whatever. Where's my Bulbasaur?" Archaic asked.
    "BULBASAUR!!!" Bulbasaur screeched.
    "That's going to take some getting used to..." Archaic complained.

    ---THE END OF CHAPTER 1---
    "HEART ATTACK!!" Oak screamed.

    Hope you enjoy! Following chapters will be longer, and hopefully, funnier.

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    Default Re: EVERYONE: The True Story: Pokemon (Comedy)

    Ahahah oak taking some pills and getting old and archaic is a douche I hope he gets his ass whoooped. I'll look Herr when you update


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