Chapter 1:Ready, set, go!!
Time:2:00 AM

Location:Somewhere in Canada


Subject:Randel O'Galem


Randel woke up, he was in a jail cell "What happened last night?" He groaned.

"Thats just what I was going to ask you." Randel looked to his side and saw a red-haired stranger, he had a scar over his left eye, he was wearing a prison uniform, "I didn't see you get tossed in here last night an' trust me, I don't sleep."

"Whats your name anyways?" Randel asked.

"My name... Well, thats not important at the moment.." the stranger uttered "So, Randel, what do you remember?"

"Hey!!" Randel hopped to his feet "H-How do you know m-my name!?!" He asked.

"Hush down, kiddo." The stranger whispered "The warden might hear ya'."

"Warden?" Randel asked "Who's that?"

"His name is, damn, it always slips my mind..." The stranger struggled to remember the warden's name.

"I'll try to learn it later." Randel suggested "Now back to the matter at hand... Strange.."

"What?" The stranger asked.

"Only thing remember is.... Is a red flash..." Randel seemed confused.

Suddenly, two android-like guards walked into the cell "You, come with me." One of the guards grabbed Randel by the wrist and dragged him out of the cell and then strapped him to a wheelchair and began push him down a dimly lit hall.

"What do you want with me?" Randel asked.

"Warden says you've got a hell of lot explaining, buddy..." The first guard said.

The second guard caught up "Randel's cellmate has been, heh, heh, heh, let's just say he won't be doin' much.." The guard pointed his gun at the first guard and shot him in the head "Hmph, same goes for you." the guard unstrapped Randel and then took off his mask.

"Wait, your my cellmate." Randel seemed surprized "What are you-?"

"I'm breaking YOU out!!" The stranger snapped "Now get the hell out of here!!"

"Oh-o-okay." Randel responded as he jumped out of the wheelchair and ran towards the exit suddenly he was caught in a lite blueish blast, then everything went dark.

Randel woke up, "I've got to stop fainting like that."

"Ain't that true.." A voice from behind said.

Randel looked behind him and saw a man in suit with dufflebag "Name John, Johnithan Firmha, you can call me Johnny Firmha."

"So, Johnny, what do you want?" Randel asked.

"Need a........ Favor." John explained "I need you to over throw my... Eh... Rival."

"Who might that be?" Randel asked.

"You'll know when you see him." John smirked as everything went white.

Name:Randel O'Galem


Current position:Assignment given.


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