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    Cool Epic Adventure of Unspoken Destiny

    A group of crime fighters fight evil crime things.

    Rated E10+ for some language and violence played for laughs. Nothing worse than, say, Indiana Jones, and most swears aside from "crap" and "hell" are censored for comic effect.

    All reviews and comments greatly appreciated, as this is my first true fan-fic attempt. Writing Pokémon fanfictions is trending among my real-life school friends, so I thought I'd give it a shot in my own comedic style.

    Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: In the Hood - typed up
    Chapter 2: The Big Brown Dog - still in my journal
    Chapter 3: Loose Ends - ^^^
    Chapter 4: Chekhov's Gun - ^^^
    Chapter 5: Into Ash - 0% complete





    Chapter 1: In the Hood

    The screen flickered a bit, then the picture disappeared.

    "Well, let's consider this first," Alexis said, twirling a pencil. "We have no leads, no witnesses, and seven seconds of drone footage. This is the case the department is funding?"

    The fat bearded supervisor behind the glass clicked his mic on.

    "We have good reason to believe that there is illegal activity occurring in the Ruins of Alph. The numbers don't lie."

    "That's what you always say," she continued defiantly. "We've been on three wild goose chases this year while those Interpol agents chase serious criminals halfway across the world. I didn't sign up for this crap."

    "Eh, the blur in that video looked pretty suspicious," I said, trying to lighten the mood a bit.


    I'm Mike. I work for the Corporation ™, a private crime-fighting organization in Johto. Before this important case, my entire career was boring and pointless. After this case, it was still pointless. I just thought it made for an interesting story.

    The action begins en route to the Ruins of Alph to investigate a two-second blur in some drone footage. I am in a dark van wearing dark pants. Next to me are Alexis - an inexperienced field agent - and Bug Catcher Johnny, a commanding sergeant proficient in seven martial arts and operation of firearms. Driving is Ellis, a collector of discarded hats. He is wearing dark pants and... a discarded hat.

    "We are here," Ellis says, removing his BROCK OBAMA 2016 baseball cap to scratch his head.

    "Always hated these ruins," muttered Bug Catcher Johnny, lighting a cigar. "Reminds me of the Kanto War. ---, did I kill a lot of people."

    Instinctively, I threw my Poké Ball to release Crime Fighter Chinchou, which was just a talking Chinchou.

    "Hey, dawg. Why you keep me in there all the time? It hurts bro. I wanna fight something or do a crime... thing."

    Alexis huffed. She held a certain animosity toward Crime Fighter Chinchou after it killed her cousin at Thanksgiving three years ago.

    We walked a bit down the beaten path. Suddenly, a Pokémon trainer appeared! He seemed to want to battle.

    "Hey, 'tards! Let's battle!"

    The party stopped to kind of stare at him.

    "Kid, we are on official policing business," I said with authority.

    "Oh boy, a real live police! That sounds urgent. Let me show you my Rattata!"

    The kid threw three Master Balls at the ground to reveal... Rattatas. Alexis and Ellis threw their Poké Balls while I sent out Crime Fighter Chinchou.

    "Rattata, use Growl!" the kid said three times.

    A loud screech filled the air, causing Ellis to drop his discarded hat and Bug Catcher Johnny to drop his .35 Magnum.

    "FIEBAS:)♀♂, use Hyper Beam!" Alexis said. She named her Milotic at the age of five.

    "Jackie Chan, use Psychic!" said Ellis to his Mr. Mime.

    The two attacks hit their targets, which were immediately rendered unconscious.

    "Crime Fighter Chinchou, use Thunderbolt!" I said with authority.

    "Y'know, I don't have to put up with this ----," CFC said. He picked up the .35 and shot the third Rattata right in the neck.

    The little kid started crying. The team started high-fiving and walking away. Through his bitter tears, the kid stopped us.

    "Wait, I have to give you my mom's money," he said sadly.

    "That's right kid, pay up," said Bug Catcher Johnny, who had little time for debts. He took the money from the kid and began to walk away.

    "Why were you so mean?" the kid sobbed.

    "Look buddy, if you was from where I was from, you'd be ------- dead," Crime Fighter Chinchou said.

    We walked to the entrance of the Ruins. CORPORATION™ drones buzzed overhead. I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

    "Hey, there is something in the corner of my eye," I said.

    The crew grumbled, but Alexis immediately perked up.

    "Where, Mike?" she asked.

    I remembered that she hadn't been on a real mission despite being on the payroll for a year. I didn't have the heart to admit that this case was likely another bum job.

    "Over there, next to those... uh... crumbling rocks," I mumbled, gesturing vaguely.

    After a few more minutes of searching, Ellis pounded the ground in frustration.

    "We're looking for a blasted two-second blur! We ain't gonna find nothin'! For the love of hats, let's just turn back in time for lunch."

    "If I find that blur I'm gonna shoot it so many ---- times," said Bug Catcher Johnny.

    A generically Japanese voice projected from behind a pillar.

    "Wait, don't shoot me!" it said.

    "Who the heck are you?" I asked, shaking. CFC began to charge a Thunderbolt.

    "I am the Two-Second Blur, fastest evil ninja in the land!" the voice said in an accent so nasal as to defame an entire continent.

    Bug Catcher Johnny opened fire with his SMG, breaking millennia of valuable artifacts but missing the enemy.

    "Ahaha, you cannot defeat me," Two-Second Blur taunted, appearing before us from thin air. His lip movements did not match his speech. He wore a hood.

    Two-Second Blur threw a kunai at a drone. Jackie Chan used Light Screen, but the knife exploded, killing Chan and the drone.

    "No, Jackie Chan!" Ellis said, stroking his best friend's dead body.

    "You monster! How could you do this?" Alexis shouted.

    "The Evil Team will be using these ruins as our new base," Two-Second Blur said, pausing to put a third cigarette in his mouth. "If you CORPORATION™ fools interfere, you will be disciplined by Dr. Evil himself!"

    "Is that your leader?" I asked.

    "Uh... no," said the ninja. He then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    We decided to return to base and form a plan.
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