I see many novelizations of the Pokemon games. Some are fantastic, of course, but the idea is overdone. We have all played most of the games by now and, no matter how many twists one can put on it, the game plot is always predictable in some fashion.

So I want an OT series involving each of the regions that is related to the games but not in any way a novelization. Welcome to the first fic of "The Order" series.

Dreams of Discord

Summary: Some people just want the world to burn. Only few are actually capable of making it happen. When a madman's dreams of discord are set in motion the fate of Unova may rest in the hands of three trainers. Book I of "The Order" series.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 *you are here*

Nuvema Town. It was, by far, the most quaint town in all of Unova. In Kanto it was referred to as “The Pallet Town of the North West”. There was never any change or progress save the odd house built every now and again. There was always a breeze but never wind. Rain but never a storm. Snow but never a blizzard. Somehow conflict of all kinds throughout the entirety of its history.

And it made him sick.

“Does it make any sense how people can just let something like this happen?” The man asked aloud. The question was up in the air for any to consider and answer; be it the large and mighty electric type with wire-like tails and brilliant yellow fur at his side, or the legion of men and women cloaked in black with plain and pale masks at his back.

There was no real response save a few mumblings from the people and a growl from the electivire, so the man gave a sigh and gazed up at the calm night sky above, “It doesn’t really matter…you all wait here,”

The men and women obeyed, standing in lines as they watched the man and his Electivire stroll into the town. It was nighttime, so the few citizens that lived in Nuvema would all be in bed. They were calm because they thought they were secure. Weak because they were accustomed to peace and stillness. There was no way they would see it coming.

“Professor Aurea Juniper…why would you build a lab in a place like this? Someone as important as you should have enemies, yet, here you are…all alone,” The dark haired man mused to himself as he approached the famous laboratory. He grinned before he tugged his own mask over his face: a demonic looking mask with a large grin of its own.

With a pop and flash there was a heavy set Pokemon in front of the man, released from an Ultra ball, that had yellow cannon-like arms and an egg shaped body that had a fire pattern across it, “Fire Blast,”

The Magmortar aimed its cannon arm at the lab and smirked. A mere second later intense heat and fire built up within the arm, the flames licking at the outside air before being launched like a cannon ball at the lab. The explosion was loud and hot, the entire town a brilliant orange at the time of impact, and as the boom passed only the sound of amused cackling filled the air.

“Electivire, make sure no one leaves their homes! Magmortar, go pay the lovely professor a personal visit,” He ordered between his raspy laughter. His Pokemon were all too eager to obey as the twenty cloaked men and women ran up to the man, recognizing the signal as soon as it was launched.

This was the beginning of change.

“Ready to have some fun, everyone?” The man whirled around to address his followers, his arms spread wide to match the boom of his voice. His response was laughter: and it couldn’t have been any better.

“Then it’s time to make this town, this region, burn,”