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    I looked at him, my vision blurry from the constant flow of tears. His face appeared frozen in the constant state of despair, brown eyes blurry just the same as mine. Excitement for adventure was erased in place of desperation and loss. I wanted to tell him I would be okay, that we would be together again as always. I wish I could say something, anything, but I couldn't. I couldn't feel anything, my whole body was numb.

    I was cold, and he couldn't keep me warm. I tried to grasp to for his warmth, for my life, our life. But, everything was rapidly slipping away from me.

    I met him long ago, right before an incident during one of my shootings. His energetic voice echoed throughout the set, his dreams blasting into everyone's ears. The director ordered him off the set, only to be cut off by anguished screams of pain and fear. Five crew members were shocked down by a mysterious force.

    Little did I know that one incident would alter my life as it did.

    Blamed for the attack, I desperately tried to help him, for his Pokemon would help me. He declined my help and proceeded to solve what happened.

    It was that day I paid for the cost of the accident, and it was the day we started to travel together. At first he was merely my employee who was way over his head in debt, but as I grew to learn more about him, he learned more about me. Even though our goals were very different, it didn't change the fact that they were both dear dreams to us, and that the very concept of a dream brought us closer together.

    The more we traveled, the closer we grew.

    We encountered many trials, and we persevered through every single one of them.

    The Ferris Wheel. He believed I had a fear of it since that day, and I did. He was right as always. I refused to listen to him, and went on it with him. I had no regard to fear. What was there to be frightened of with him around?

    He was like my knight, a true hero. He has had some downfalls as well, and he has also gotten past them. No matter what obstacles were sent towards us, we crushed our fears and each achieved our dreams.

    But what happens when you accomplish your dream? As I've heard from many people,

    'You find a new one.'

    He was my new dream, the boy of despair and loss was my new dream.

    I was determined to never let this dream go, for any amount of pain and tears could never make me let go of him. I remained focused on him and only him. His brown hair absolutely shined in the sunlight creeping in through the clouds. His face looked perfectly clear and bright seldom the red from his tears. His eyes remained fixated on me.

    How desperately I wanted him to stop, to stop the feeling of misery.

    I felt the presence of other people surrounding me, but they didn't matter. Only he mattered. They sounded very quiet, as if in mourning. He was exactly the same as them. His face spoke for his feelings, full of much sadness and guilt. He held me close and caressed my face. I have never felt so happy before. Who knew happiness could come from so much pain…?

    The sunlight intensified on his face. It was growing very bright, and was beginning to hurt. Yet, there was something oddly compelling about the light.

    It was calling me.

    I was fading away, but before I did I heard two words much softer than a whisper.


    "…Bye, White…"

    A/N: I wrote this fic a while ago when I wanted to write something sad. Yes, it is Pokemon Special. (This site needs more PokeSpe. Woo! X and Y arc is out soon!) Anyway, I hope you felt sad or enjoyed this at least once while reading. That was the goal, hehe. I believe the Agency/ChessShipping tumblr blog posted it from my fn account (such an honor!). You can find it there as well.
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