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    Hello and thanks for actually deciding to look at my fiction of fandom... unless you clicked on here by mistake in which case my first sentence was completely moot.

    Anyway welcome to Thunder's Call a fic idea I've had lying around my head for a while and have finally decided to get off my fat ass (metaphorically of course as, you know, I wrote it on a computer) and put it down into words. Well, the prologue anyway. Which can be found down bellow. But first, something I have to mention. This fic is rated teen, meaning that you may see a teeny, tiny bit of bad language and other mature themes. Although all that will probably only come up later on. Really, it just gives me more stuff to work with. Secondly, this is completely based on Pokémon: Black and White and not on BW2. The reason this is important is that it's pretty faithful to the canon of BW however it won't be specially tailored to work with the plot of BW2, whatever that may be. So if you know anything about BW2's story or when you do know anything about it, when reading this fic try and forget about it, because the chances are they won't add up. Anyway other than that please, read on and any form of constructive criticism is welcomed. Thankies. : D

    Dragon's Storm - Thunder's Call

    Table of Contents:

    Prologue: From the Ashes

    Prologue: From the Ashes

    A young patrat poked its brown head out from below the pile of Autumn-coloured leaves under which it had been resting. Quickly it raised a clawed paw above its large, observant red and yellow eyes, which were darting left and right cautiously. In seconds it had taken in everything there was to see; the variety of strong and enduring trees that helped make up the area, some currently bare, their leaves haven fallen to the ground, painting the dirt path a combination of red, yellow and orange. It acknowledged the occasional fall of a rain-drop, descending from a branch high above and its contact with the ground being muffled slightly by the surface of the decaying vegetation. The shining, whole-moon’s beams were almost completely intercepted by the tree tops; however enough sliver light was able to reach the forest ground, casting an eerie shine across the area. However, the scout pokémon didn’t need it; its eyes were perfectly adapted to offer brilliant vision even in the darkest of locations. To the patrat everything was clearly visible, even the salutary oran berry that lay five feet away, hidden partly by the base of an oak tree.

    The pokémon sniffed for the presence of a potential predator, however only the scent of pidove, currently seeking refuge from the night in some of the branches above could be traced. Satisfied with the safety of the situation, the normal type made a move. Silently, it scurried across the leave-covered ground, its eyes continuing to scrutinize its surroundings even while moving. However there was no need to be cautious; the wood was at peace. It took only a few seconds before the scout pokémon reached the targeted blue fruit. It seemed perfect; un-touched and at its peak of ripeness. Still, the brown creature eyed the berry cautiously before the desire for food won over, and deciding to inspect it in more detail later, the patrat gently picked up the stubby stem of the fruit with its teeth and prepared to return to its underground den.

    Once more it repeated the same ritual it carried out every time it moved location and was just about to crawl off again when something caught its attention; A possible danger. Instinctively, the scout pokémon’s white-tipped tail shot up straight in alarm and its tiny brown ears pricked up in anxiety. The car was almost as silent as the pokémon in the wood. The engine didn’t roar but instead seemed to purr quietly like a content purrloin. Even so, the patrat picked up the soft sound with ease and reacted instantly. Prioritising, the pokémon dropped his newly discovered food and scrambled towards the nearest source of safety it could find, its eyes depicting sheer terror. Choosing a tree as its best chance of survival, it climbed up the first one it could reach, scaling it expertly. In seconds the bright yellow glare of powerful headlights came into view as a sleek black car turned the sharp corner. It remained almost completely silent as it drove along the path, its tyres causing some of the fallen leaves to float off the ground and into the air in all directions. It was impossible for a stranger to tell just how protected the vehicle actually was, boasting both metal plates and bullet-proof and tinted windows; It was clear that under the seemingly innocent stylishly designed exterior lay a much darker incentive.

    The path turned and twisted abruptly, however the scenery remained consistent. It was only ten minutes later when the trees on both sides seemed to part, revealing a vast, oval shaped plot of land. It was almost completely covered in greenery; a combination of well kept grass and a variety of perfectly tended flowers. In the middle of the garden towered a building that was much less cared for. It was a mansion, one that had seen far better days. The stone walls were cracked and chipped, and vegetation had seemingly been allowed to take over. Parts of the roof had come off completely, leaving small holes for the rain to infiltrate freely. Some windows had been severely damaged while one was completely boarded up with wood. The front door, large and dominating was once painted a grand red but over time the paint had been allowed to peel and flake, leaving it a now ugly combination of brown and blood red. The building held three large floors and in the past was considered a beautiful piece of architecture however having been left to time and the elements, it now only remained to look out of place in the lush garden. The lack of trees gave the moon the freedom to brighten the area, which only made the building look worse in the silver glow.

    The car continued its pace up the path leading to the mansion, the headlights only continuing to highlight the building’s age and neglect. It wasn’t the only vehicle there. In fact a whole line of cars sat perfectly parked outside the mansion, each one the same black colour. After parking, the driver stepped out into the chilly night. He was a man in his mid-thirties but with a face that looked naturally younger. His bright blue eyes danced in the moonlight as he surveyed the area; he had never been there before however the directions and orders he had received had been very precise. He wore a recently pressed suit that rivalled his car in darkness; it was almost completely black, causing his neon-blue tie to stand out even from afar. His blonde hair had been combed neatly to the side and his face perfectly shaved. He frowned as he gently closed the door; he did not want to be there. Suddenly he remembered one of his orders: “Do not bring any communication devices into the building.” His scowl deepening, he opened the car and tossed his mobile-phone onto the front seat carelessly.

    The gravel ground crunched under his heavily polished shoes as he made his way to the door. There was both a rusted steel handle and immaculate door-knocker in the shape of an arcanine’s head. Oddly, the door-knocker was the only part of the building that seemed to have been cared about and looked after. However the man ignored both the handle and decoration and simply placed his right hand in the middle of the door. In seconds he could feel the gentle hum of some kind of machinery working away behind the wood. He didn’t react; he had expected it. And then it was gone, disappearing as quickly as it came. The man knew everything that was happening; his handprint had just been scanned thoroughly and was being sent to some kind of computer deep inside the building. As he stood there he was aware that some hired professional, along with a specialized software programme were currently analyzing the said print, checking with the upmost care and attention that it matched with the data they held. A sharp click caught the man’s attention. The eyes of the door-knocker, which were previously a shining steel-gray, were now glowing a fiery-red, like two floating embers illuminating the darkness. The man had been expecting this too. He knew that the same person who had checked his hand-print was currently watching him, making sure he was alone.

    He looked straight into the flaming eyes of the steel arcanine and spoke clearly. “Ryoko. Giallo. Zinzolin. Rood. Bronius. Gorm. Ghetsis.” The eyes flicked for a moment before returning to the normal, gray colour. There was a pause, followed by another click, this one much louder than the first. Access into the building had been granted. As the man opened the heavy-door, he was immediately aware of just how different the mansions interior was compared to the sights he had witnessed on the outside. The gleaming, marble floor reflected the light coming from the many wall-mounted lamps and bounced it around the room. The walls were covered in royal-blue paper while a small, crystal chandelier hung from the high roof. Automatically the door swung closed as soon as the man was inside, almost ominously. A third click; the door had been locked. A wave of unexpected nervousness washed over him. It’s just safety percussions, he reminded himself hurriedly. Just safety percussions.

    There was only one other door in the hall, dominating the opposite wall. This was one was completely metallic, and seemingly without a handle. His shoes squeaked against the shiny floor as he crossed the room, the sound rebounding against the walls. The man stared at himself through a mirror hanging near the door. He took a second to adjust his tie then steady his breathing, which was becoming more and more rapid. Finally satisfied, he took a step closer to the automated door, which opened horizontally with a slight hiss.

    From the next room, six different heads turned to look at the latest arrival. It was a small board-room, housing a modern black table with seven leather chairs. The room was dimly lit by two yellow lights built into the ceiling, causing some of the faces to be hard to make out. One chair, slightly larger than the others was placed at the head of the table while the six others were spread evenly across the two sides. One was empty.

    “Please Mr. Freeman, take a seat.” The voice was calmingly soft, the speaker seated at the head of the table. He was the only one who really stood out from the rest. Instead of the usual black suits worn by everyone else, he was dressed in a thin cloak, sealed at his neck with small, shield-like crest. It was completely black on one side; however the other was a pure white colour. A pair of thin, grey glasses had been placed on his nose, in front of intelligent brown eyes. He could only have been in his late twenties; with young, but defined features. A sense of sophistication radiated from him.

    Joshua Freeman could feel all six pairs on eyes staring at him as he pulled out the free chair from under the table. There was that wave of nervousness coming to greet him again. This won’t take long, he reminded himself. I’ll be out of here soon.

    The other people in the room were made up of different shapes and sizes. There was one man in particular who looked like some sort of giant, his already large suit still tight against his muscled body. Almost like the polar-opposite, the one sitting next to Joshua was thin and frail. And if Joshua was feeling nervous it had to be nothing compared to what this man was going through; his brow was covered in a layer of perspiration while his hands were clenched tightly together. A large screen was mounted to the otherwise bare wall, presumably to be used later.

    The cloaked man spoke again. “Now that we have all arrived allow me to thank you all for coming in such short notice. I know the timing must have been inconvenient for most of you but your loyalty shall not go unnoticed to..”

    “Get to the point, Xander,” interrupted the bulky man. “As you’ve pointed out, this is an inconvenient time to suddenly hold an unexpected meeting. So please, spare us all this loyalty bull-crap; we’ve heard it all before.”

    Joshua, along with most of the other men, flinched in shock from the outburst. Did this large man know the position he was putting himself in?

    Xander fell silent for a moment. Slowly he pushed back his glasses and a small smirk crept onto his face. “Your trade-mark bluntness is refreshing, Mr. Carlson. My deepest apologies. Let us not waste time, then.”

    He stood up from the table, his cloak billowing slightly from the sudden movement. “Four years ago Team Plasma carried out a series of missions in the Unova region. Led by our former leader, Ghetsis, along with the six other Sages. Each one of us in this room worked together to do what was necessary to manipulate the beliefs of Unova’s population. We worked as Team Plasma’s commanding officers, over-seeing the progression of the organisation. Ghetsis saw our potential and revealed his plans to us on how he was using our former King, N, to have Team Plasma rise to power. However it was not to be. N’s absurd ideals were challenged by an ignorant child, an ignorant child who N later took an interest in. Most unfortunately this arrogant child would later become the downfall of our organisation, persuading N to back down from his plan at the last minute. Thanks to the assistance of the Shadow Triad Ghetsis resisted arrest from the authorites and went into hiding were he has remained... until now.”

    Xander continued, a hint of passion appearing in his voice. “After the incident that occurred at the Pokémon League, Team Plasma was thrown into chaos. Most members were arrested on the spot while those that escaped were divided on their opinions. Some members, deluded by N’s ludicrous preaching, genuinely believed that pokémon and humans should be separated. They tried to reform - to make N’s ideals a reality. Of course, they fizzled out almost immediately. And as for us, the loyal followers of Ghetsis, we were personally warned that if something were to happen to our great organisation, the duty would fall onto our shoulders to reform it in Ghetsis’ vision when the time came. And this time, my fellow servants, is now.”

    To Joshua, the room was spinning out of control. This was not what he had expected at all. He had hoped this meeting was just to confirm that any chances of Team Plasma’s reform were obsolete; that any suspicion the organisation could start again would be crushed out tonight. It had been four whole years for Arceus’ sake! He now had a wife and little girl to provide for a support, something he couldn’t do while working under an illegal company. He was an innocent banker now, not some sort of low-life criminal.

    Another man spoke. “You’re not trying to say to that Ghetsis has actually gotten in contact, are you?”

    “Indeed I am,” Xander confirmed casually.

    Across the room, the large man laughed. “Who are you trying to fool, Xander? If the man had wanted to contact us, he would have done it before now.” For the first time in the night, a frown appeared on Xander’s face. In seconds it was gone, replaced by a small smile. Once again, he pushed back his glasses.

    “I don’t blame you for being weary, Mr. Carlson. But for the first time, Ghetsis has..”

    “And how exactly did he contact you? What did he say,” The giant of a man demanded, butting in.

    “Ghetsis contacted me through the three gentlemen standing in the wings of this very room.”

    It was only then that Joshua noticed there weren’t only seven men in the board-room. Lurking in the shadows were three more, spread out across the perimeter. Immediately he knew who they were; the three members of the Shadow Triad. They were almost completely invisible, their darkened clothing providing perfect camouflage. The Shadow Triad were often compared to some kind of professional ninjas, and right then Joshua understood why.

    It turned t he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t noticed them. Shocked expressions filled most men’s faces and the nervous guy beside him literally gasped in shock, his eyes darting around the room behind a large pair of glasses, as if expecting to see more of them appear.

    One of the lurking men moved into the dim light. He wore some kind of grey top that covered not only his upper body, but his mouth as well, leaving most of his face unseen. His hair was long and white, going past even his shoulders. Despite his mouth being covered, everyone could hear him clearly when he spoke. “Ghetsis passed on a message through us. Four years ago he warned us not to search for him and we obeyed his orders, awaiting the time he would contact us. He sent us a brief message three days ago. All he said was the he’d be waiting.” Then mysterious man spoke with a deep raspy voice. Finished talking, he nodded and stepped back into the shadows.

    Somehow even Mr. Carlson was suddenly very aware that no more questions should be asked on the subject. Everyone was silent, most too shocked at the Shadow Triads appearance to comment or demand answers. To Joshua the only thing that mattered was to find a way out of the situation, to leave Team Plasma for good. But how?!

    Xander was the one to break the silence. “Thank you,” he said, speaking to the retreated ninja. “So, gentlemen as you have heard Ghetsis is waiting. For what you might ask? Well, I believe he expects us to make the first move, to make a start on Team Plasma’s rise from the ashes. Even without him.”

    More silence. Joshua’s breathing was becoming heavier again, his hand clenched in a tight fist out of frustration. Why?! Why had he decided to come here?!

    “We have already sworn allegiance to Ghetsis and we knew what we were signing up for. And so tonight I called you all here so I can propose exactly how we shall tempt our leader out of hiding; to prove that Team Plasma is still capable of reorganising and taking control of Unova.” Xander’s emotions could be sensed in his speech even if his expression revealed very little. He had been waiting for this night for a long time and sense of excitement could be picked up in every word. Behind his glasses his eyes were bright with exhilaration. “Dr. Craig. I’m sure you’re very familiar with the code name Palaeozoic, aren’t you?”

    The trembling man in the seat beside him swallowed. So, this man was a Doctor after all. The word Palaeozoic was alien to Joshua. He doubted he had ever heard it before.

    “Yes sir,” The terrified Doctor nodded.

    “Please, no need for the title. I am you equal, Dr. Craig. After all, we both sit here tonight, humbled with the task of serving our leader.” Joshua’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. If he truly was their equal then what was the need for the cloak to single himself out? Through the way he spoke and from the way he looked at them, there was an obvious aura of superiority about Xander. And Joshua didn’t like it. Nor did he like the position he was currently in. He didn’t want to find out what code name Palaeozoic was and what it meant. It held no interest to him.

    “During Team Plasma’s rise to power a private project had been set up involving a few specialised Plasma scientists. One such scientist is Dr. Craig.”

    The Doctor bit his lip in anxiety as almost all seven pairs of eyes glanced at him. Joshua could feel his heart beat so fast it felt like it was threatening to rip right out of his chest. He was trapped between a rock and a hard placed; either continue to down the darkened path of Team Plasma or risk.. risk what?

    “... project took place in a secure location near Route One of the Unova region. We plan to find another, more suitable location this time...”

    The room was spinning violently again and Xander’s words suddenly held no meaning to him anymore. All that mattered was getting out of that building alive and going home to his family.

    “...almost complete. The special abilities it could hold are unlike anything we’ve yet to see...”

    Even without knowing it, Joshua was suddenly on his feet. He knew everyone was staring at him, even the Shadow Triad and the caped man at the head of the room. When he spoke, he was surprised and thankful that his voice sounded free from nervousness.

    “I’m sorry – It’s just that I can’t be a part of this organisation anymore. I hope that is understandable.”

    The tension that filled the room could have been cut with a knife. Nearly everyone was staring at him with amazed expressions. Mr. Carlson looked bemused while Dr. Craig was thankful that the men’s attention had finally been lifted from him. Xander stared at Joshua Freeman with his searching eyes, his lips pressed tightly together. The silence with deafening but Joshua stood confidently, focusing all his effort on keeping his face free from the fear he truly felt. He was playing a very dangerous game. Xander pushed back his glasses before finally speaking. Now, his voice was completely free of the excitement it had held before, instead sounded dry and cutting.

    “That’s a great shame, Mr. Freeman. I looked forward to working with you.” Xander’s eyes felt like lasers, burning into Joshua’s face. Then Xander shook his head. It was such a small, almost invisible gesture that he was surprised he even noticed it. But he did.

    Suddenly the metallic door opened with the same hiss as before. As Joshua crossed the room he felt everyone’s eyes trained on him, watching him leave. He didn’t once look back. As the door closed behind him, he felt a great sense of relief. He had escaped. He had actually escaped. Somehow Joshua Freeman had avoided being wrapped up in the schemes of Team Plasma. Suddenly nothing else mattered.

    The front door clicked open as soon as he reached it and it was only when he was outside and heard the second click of it locking shut that he allowed himself to smile. The cool air felt soothing on his burning face. He thought about everything he would do the next day; take his daughter to the park, make dinner for his wife and maybe even take her to the cinema to see that romantic comedy she had been going on about so much recently.

    Joshua Freeman was so busy planning out his plans for tomorrow that he was completely unaware of the salutary liepard, stalking silently up behind him. Nor was he aware that the liepard had pounced, becoming a purple blur in the moon’s silver light. It was only when he turned to take one last look at the dreaded mansion, towering up behind him, that he spotted the liepard in mid-leap. But it was already too late. The dark type somersaulted, bringing down its blade-like tail onto the un-expecting man’s face, chest and torso, cutting through cloth and flesh alike. The attack was made precisely and perfectly. Joshua Freeman didn’t have time to shout or even flinch from the slash. He was dead before he hit the moon-drenched ground.

    The liepard waited for a moment before turning quickly and running back towards the other side of the building, leaving the body of Joshua Freeman behind.

    End of Chapter
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