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    Default Dragon Ball Legacy (Chapter 12)

    Yes, it's a crappy title.

    But I promise, the story's not. :P

    Centuries after the end of Dragon Ball GT (maybe, not entirely sure on including GT in the timeline yet, also not sure just how long after it takes place), a new generation of warriors must find and protect the seven magic Dragon Balls in order to defend the planet. It's a half-reboot half-sequel sorta deal, like the 1984 Godzilla.

    So here it is...

    Chapter 1: Dawn of a New Era!
    by Lugion and @Sabbyxx

    The sky was gray with clouds, and a light breeze stirred the trees and grasses to life. But that was outside. Inside, the room was full of rather stale air, which carried the scent of several sweaty pre- and post-pubescent bodies, as well as a hint of rubber. The whispering of pencils communicating their holder's thoughts into the ears of paper was joined by the metronomic ticking of the clock hung high on the wall above the windows.

    Son Goshin brushed a jet-black lock of hair from his eyes. His bangs were unruly, often being described as “exploding”.

    He glanced up at the teacher, a middle-aged woman with crow's feet and a rather pronounced brow. She was watching the clock, seemingly just as anxious about the continuing passage of time as any of the other students.

    It was the thirty-first of May. The last day of the school year. Goshin knew that all the other students were awaiting the dismissal bell, and their first taste of freedom since the term began. They were all scribbling away at their final assignment of the year, trying excitedly to cram in every detail of their summer plans. Their eyes were probably all filled with anticipation of the longest break from school that the year offered. Even more so about High School and all the wonders it possessed.

    But Goshin felt no such glee.

    He looked down at his own paper, with his name in the heading, titled, “My Summer Vacation Plans”. There, in one short paragraph, lay the fate of Goshin's summer vacation, and the rest of his youth.

    “This summer, I am going away to live with my great-great uncle. He runs a small delivery company, and I am going to be helping with deliveries. He will also train me in martial arts.”

    Most of the other students in Goshin's class were probably planning to spend just about every day of the three months they had off with their best friends, going to the beach, or going to see family in other cities.

    But once Goshin left Satan City Junior High School, he wouldn't be doing any of those things. He wouldn't even be advancing to High School with his classmates.

    Truth be told, Goshin's plans were probably more interesting than any of his classmates', and were, in reality, more interesting than he'd made them sound on paper. His uncle just happened to be the revered Muten-Dashi, the current holder of the title of Kame-Sen'nin. The Turtle Hermits were renowned in the martial arts community as masters of their craft. According to the rumors, they even held mastery of the art of ki manipulation. Rumors Goshin knew to be true.

    But the fact was, Goshin had had nothing to do with making those plans, and honestly wanted no part in them. It was a family tradition passed down for centuries. The Son family had, for the past several hundred years, been the guardians of an ancient relic, a perfect translucent orange sphere with four red stars suspended in its center. Goshin hadn't even been told what the ball was or what it did, only that he would be going away to train under the Turtle Hermit in order to gain the skills needed to protect it from those who would use it for nefarious purposes.

    What kind of purposes would those be, though? What purpose did the ball serve? Goshin had asked these questions, but they had never been answered. It was just his fate, his destiny.

    The teacher sighed in her apparent boredom, shaking Goshin out of his thoughts for a moment. He glanced around the room again, and spotted his friend Soku, still writing. For whatever reason, there seemed to be the usual crazy grin on his face, with one side of his mouth lifted higher than the other.

    Goshin couldn't help but share the smile. Soku and Goshin had known each other since preschool, and if Goshin could pick anyone to go with him to live with his uncle, it would be Soku. That was why Soku had begged and pleaded with his parents until they decided to allow him to go along. And if Soku was excited to be going, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

    Soku's short brown hair contrasted almost perfectly with Goshin's wild black hair. Only two stray strands of Soku's hair ever stood out, one above either eye. With Soku leaning over his paper the way he was, the two hairs almost resembled antennae.

    Roola had finished writing, and straightened himself coolly in his seat. He was a good-looking young boy with a talent for baseball and a popularity with the fairer sex. But in spite of all this, he never let his popularity go to his head. He was just as friendly to the unpopular as he was to the popular.

    Both of the twins, Bun and Doki, were still writing. So was Keshi, the token female of the group of friends. Her lengthy straight violet hair hung down from both sides of her head, her pencil squirming between the two barriers created by it.

    He was going to miss all four of them. Sure, he'd see them during breaks from his training, but those would be few and far between.

    Goshin looked one last time down at his paper, and, deciding he didn't have any more to say, dropped his pencil into his open backpack. He looked up at the clock again, just as the bell rang. The teacher stood and walked to the door, opening it, and turned around amidst the cacophony of chair legs scraping against the floor.

    “Hand me your papers as you leave, everyone. And have a great summer!” she said. “Have a good time in High School, too!”

    Goshin shouldered his backpack and fell in line next to Soku, who flashed him a grin. “Aren't you excited, Goshin?” he said. “We're about to spend the rest of our lives training together!”

    Goshin looked down at his feet and frowned, sighing. “Please don't put it like that.”

    “Oh, sorry. I forgot you're not looking forward to it,” Soku apologized, handing the teacher his paper and stepping outside the door.

    “Bye Soku! Bye Goshin!” the teacher said.

    “Bye, ma'am,” they both politely replied as she took Goshin's paper.

    “I guess I just don't really understand it, is all,” Soku said. “I mean, your uncle owns his own planet, for cryin' out loud! Every day will be an adventure!”

    “But I don't really want adventure...” Goshin muttered, more to himself than his friend.

    “Hey, Goshin, Soku! We're all riding our bikes to the cafe! Wanna come?” Goshin and Soku looked around for the source of the invitation, locating Roola between the heads of passing seventh- and eighth-graders.

    “Yeah!” Soku and Goshin replied simultaneously.

    The six children hurriedly rushed out of the school building, pushing past and around other students and avoiding teachers' disapproving gazes.

    Goshin, as was usual, reached his bike first despite the head start given to Roola and the others. Before they had even reached the outer glass double-doors, he was unlocking his bike chain, storing it inside his backpack, and mounting the blue and silver aluminum bicycle.

    He pedaled to the edge of the sidewalk before he stopped, leaning on one foot and waiting for his friends to follow suit. Roola followed suit, then Soku, then Keshi, and then the twins tottered up to the makeshift starting line.

    “Ready, guys?” Roola asked. Everyone nodded and gave general approval.

    “All right. One for the money,” Roola said. Goshin tightened his grip on the black rubber of the handlebars. “Two for the show.” Goshin could feel his own blood pumping through his veins. “Three to get ready.” He leaned in close to the handlebars. “And four to go!”

    Like a flash, the six racers were off, hurtling down the streets at what seemed to them unbelievable speeds. Goshin pulled ahead quickly, flying down the street at speeds a bystander would've found astonishing.

    Goshin let out a loud, gleeful whoop, and then stood up on the pedals, letting the wind flow through his hair. He glanced around behind him, and saw that Roola was in a distant second place, his blonde hair fluttering like a frustrated bird in a heavy wind.


    Goshin casually dropped a fistful of Zeni onto the counter as a man dressed in a light blue shirt and a white apron handed him a frigid glass full of various colorful flavors of ice cream, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and a cherry. He grabbed a spoon and began wolfing down the frozen treat.

    “Think ya'd never eaten before in yer life,” the man muttered. Goshin pretended he didn't hear; it was easy, having heard comments like this all his life.

    Goshin was halfway through his desert when Roola, out of breath, arrived, shortly followed by Soku, and then Keshi, and then the twins.

    “I don't know... how you always... get here... so fast,” Roola puffed between gasping breaths.

    Goshin just smiled, setting his spoon down next to several empty plates covered in crumbs. He grabbed the desert glass and upended the contents into his mouth, and swallowed the remaining scoops of ice cream.

    A second later, he was clutching his head in pain. “Oh, owww...” he whined.

    Everyone else laughed.

    A few moments later, once the remnants of Goshin's mid-afternoon snack had been cleared away, the other took their usual seats at the bar, each ordering an ice cream similar to the one Goshin had half-downed in a single bite.

    “So, Goshin, give it to me straight: why are you so anxious about going to your uncle's?” Roola asked between bites.

    “I dunno...” Goshin replied. “I've never even met the guy, really. I mean, he lives on his own planet, y'know? He's never in the neighborhood.”

    “His own planet?” Keshi gasped. “Goshin, that's so cool! I wonder if the gravity's any different.”

    “Well, Mom and Dad said it is. They said it's a lot harder to move around over there than it is here,” Goshin said.

    “Y'know, Goshin, I'm pretty excited,” Soku said.

    “Yeah, I guess I am, too, in a way,” Goshin said. He sighed. “I'm just gonna miss everyone, y'know?”

    “We'll miss you, too, Goshin!” Bun said.

    “Yeah, but you'll come back strong!” Doki added, with a nod.

    “You know, we can keep in touch,” Keshi said. “Doesn't your uncle have a video phone?”

    Goshin thought for a moment. “I don't think so. He's always used this think called eem-ale to talk to my mom and dad.”

    “What's eem-ale?” Bun and Doki asked together.

    “I think it's like a magic kind of beer or somethin',” Goshin answered, shrugging his shoulders. “B'sides, we'd probably never have the time to use it. We'll be too busy training and working for the old man.”

    “What's your uncle gonna make you do?” Roola asked.

    “Ahunno,” Goshin mumbled, shrugging again. “Probably just household chores. He's a hermit, after all.”

    Roola stuck a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. Goshin glanced down at his stomach, and rubbed it, realizing he was still hungry.

    “Man, I could still eat a horse,” he grumbled.

    Roola, Keshi, Soku, Bun, and Doki all laughed. Goshin could swear that, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the waiter shudder.

    “All out of snack allowance already?” Soku asked jokingly, inciting another round of laughter.

    Once the laughter died down, Goshin let out a “Yes.” His friends all laughed again.

    “Y'know, Goshin, Soku, I don't think our gang will be the same without you guys around,” Roola said.

    “Hey, waiter!” he called, leaning forward over his nearly-empty glass. “Give us another round! On me!” He slapped down a pile of Zeni onto the countertop.

    “Wow, really!?” Goshin gasped. “Thank you!”

    “No problem,” Roola said. “It's the least I can do for our last hurrah before you two leave.” He leaned back in his seat, putting his hands behind his head.

    “Yeah, thanks, Roola,” Soku said, amidst other grateful replies.

    A few moments later, the waiter brought out six small desert plates each holding a fresh Bing cake, and laid one in front of each member of the group. Goshin's disappeared almost as quickly as it had appeared.

    A few more moments later, the six of them were outside of the cafe, unlocking their bikes.

    “Anyone wanna race?” Goshin asked.

    Everyone else broke out into laughter once again.
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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    Lot of subtle, hilarious foreshadowing going on in this chapter, if anyone's reading.

    Chapter 2: Goshin Blasts Off!
    by Lugion and @Sabbyxx

    Goshin's mouth stretched itself wide in a yawn, and he rubbed one eye sleepily. The Satan City Spaceport was easily just as busy now as it was at any other time of day- even the reasonable ones. There were all kinds of alien beings here arriving to conduct trade and departing with their newfound spoils. Goshin saw a few Namekians, a group of Imeggans, a white-hooded Arcosian or two, and even a Refrigeran, a race that, according to myth, the legendary warrior Freeza was born from.

    But none of this was of any concern to Goshin. The only people that mattered here were his friends and his parents, who'd all gathered to see him and Soku off to their space flight. The only problem was Soku wasn't there yet.

    Son Taicho and Son Rushan, Goshin's father and mother, were practically sobbing over him and choking the breath out of his body with their superhuman embrace. “Mom, Dad... can't... breathe...” he managed between gasps. Reluctantly, his parents released him.

    Goshin collapsed to his hands and knees and gasped in sharply, filling his lungs again.

    “Sorry, son, but we're just going to miss you so much!” Taicho said. He pulled Goshin back up to his feet and ruffled his hair. “You don't know how proud I am.”

    “Thanks, Dad,” Goshin said.

    “I love you, Goshin. Call at least once every week!” Rushan added, kneeling down and kissing her son on the cheek.

    “I love you too, Mom.” Goshin winced slightly as his mother tried, once again, in vain, to flatten his bangs, which immediately burst back into their usual place.

    “Hey, Goshin,” Roola said, tapping him on the shoulder.

    “Yeah?” Goshin said, turning around to face his friends.

    Keshi held out a small charm, a medallion with a carving of a cat on the front. “We got you this. For luck,” she said.

    “It was her idea. We all put in a little money for it,” Roola said. “We got Soku one, too.”

    “Wow, thanks!” Goshin said, taking the tiny cat charm. “It looks familiar.”

    Taicho and Rushan looked knowingly at each other. “That's because this cat is a martial arts master in legend,” Taicho explained.

    “Oh. I like it,” Goshin said, smiling.

    “Goshin! We're here!” someone called.

    Everyone looked toward the source of the voice to find Soku and his two parents hurrying toward them.

    “Hey!” Goshin shouted, waving happily with his free hand.

    “Soku!” Taicho said.

    “Sorry,” Soku's father said. “We were running a little slow this morning.”

    “Goshin, are you ready!?” Soku cried, balling his fists excitedly.

    “Ready as I'll ever be,” Goshin replied, less than enthusiastically.

    “Soku, we got you and Goshin both a good luck charm,” Roola said, producing a second charm. This medallion possessed a carving of what resembled a big-lipped genie.

    “Cool! Thanks!” Soku said, dropping his bags and taking the charm.

    “Heheh, mine's got a cat on it!” Goshin said, grinning goofily.

    “The way I see it, you two are gonna be protecting the planet, or something, right? So you deserve something as thanks,” Roola said.

    “Yeah!” Bun and Doki said together, nodding.

    “And the next time the two of ya come back to town, ya gotta show us a few moves, okay?” Roola said.

    Goshin nodded. “Okay.”

    “You bet,” Soku added.

    Flight 256 to Planet Sandala now boarding,” a woman announced over the spaceport PA system.

    “Oh! Goshin, that's your flight! You two'd better get going!” Rushan said.

    “Okay. Bye everyone,” Goshin said, grabbing two of his suitcases and hefting them up above his head. Taicho grabbed the third and placed it on top of the other two.

    “Good luck, son,” he said.

    Goshin felt himself surrounded by something and realized it was Keshi when he noticed her violet hair. “Bye, Goshin,” she said, releasing him.

    Roola nodded. “Be seein' ya.”

    “Bye everyone,” Goshin said, blinking away a few tears. He felt a lump in his throat beginning to build. “I'll miss you.”

    “We'll all miss you, too,” Keshi said.

    “But don't forget I'll be there!” Soku said, patting Goshin on the back and grabbing his bags. “Okay, let's go. Bye, everyone!”

    And with that, Goshin and Soku turned and started toward their gate, and their new lives.


    The ship resembled a massive pelican's bill, though the exterior was mostly white heat-shielded panels, with some red, yellow, and black markings representing the spaceline company's logo, a highly-stylized yellow “W” zooming amongst the stars against the black background of space.

    The inside, however, felt almost like a womb. It was warm and comfortable, with soft, plush seats arranged in several neat rows along the length of the different cabins inside it.

    Attention passengers: this is your pilot speaking. We will be taking flight shortly, so please, buckle your seat belts. The weather on Planet Sandala is currently sunny and a pleasant eighty-six degrees, Farenheight, with light winds blowing in from the sea. Projected flight time is forty-six hours, with no stopover,” came a calm, slightly bored voice over the intercom.

    “Forty-six hours!?” Goshin groaned, slapping the restraint together.

    “Hey, it won't be so bad,” Soku said. “Once we've exited the atmosphere, we can walk around.”

    “But what are we gonna do then? We can't just walk around for two whole days.”

    Soku shrugged. “I dunno, but my dad told me there's adventure around every corner.”

    Soku looked like he was about to add something, but the ship began to vibrate, almost as if it were a massive living being, as the engines warmed up and began to fire. A low roar, reduced from its true ferocity by the nearly-soundproof superstructure, could be heard coming from the rear. And, finally, the ship began to move, slowly at first, but accelerating quickly as it climbed in an upward spiral toward the black sky. And then the vibrations stopped, and passengers began to unbuckle their restraints, stretching out for the long voyage to come.


    “I'm hungry!” Goshin said, rubbing his stomach hungrily.

    “Then let's go find the cafeteria,” Soku said. “My legs need some stretching anyways.”

    Soku rose from the brown-upholstered chair, stretching his arms above his head, followed quickly by Goshin. The two walked between the rows of seats toward the back of the cabin, into a slightly-darkened corridor.

    A man dressed in a black aviator's jacket and brown cargo pants tipped his hat. “Top o' the mornin' to ya.”

    “Good morning, sir,” Goshin and Soku replied.

    Soku spotted a map labeled “YOU ARE HERE” with a red dot representing their current location, and darted toward it.

    “Okay,” he mumbled, “it looks like the best route is...”

    “Okay, Goshin, I got it!” Soku said, turning around and grinning widely. “Just follow me!”

    Goshin gulped.


    “Soku, do you really know where we're going? There've gotta be at least two cafeterias on this big ship, and I think we'd've found one by now,” Goshin said. His stomach growled audibly.

    “No, no, I know where we're going,” Soku said. “Like I said, adventure around every corner!”

    “I'd rather eat first...” Goshin muttered.

    “Oh, come on, what's the fun in that? Our lives're gonna be filled with adventure from now on anyway!” Soku said cheerily.

    Goshin sighed. His stomach growled again.

    Finally, Soku pushed through a door at the end of what seemed like the millionth corridor they'd passed through since they'd left their seats, and, lo and behold, a large room filled with round tables with shiny faux-wood tops and surrounded by plastic chairs waited through it.

    “Oh, finally!” Goshin exclaimed, his hunger seemingly forgotten. He rushed to the nearest counter, deftly leaping over and dodging around chairs and tables in his way, and began to give the man behind it his order.

    “... and a little of this, and a little of that... Oh, and some of this, yeah, no, more, yeah, that's good,” he said, pointing out an assortment of food, drool practically dripping from his jaws.

    The waiter struggled to push Goshin's tray to the edge of the counter once it had been filled. Goshin handed a few bills to the man, picked up his tray, and sat down at a table nearby.

    In less than five minutes, Goshin had consumed everything. All his rice, noodles, soup, meat, fruits, and vegetables had been chewed up and swallowed. He burped, covered his mouth, said, “Excuse me,” and blushed slightly before Soku made it over to the table with his tray.

    By that time, several others had filed into the cafeteria, and most were staring at the boy who'd just inhaled enough food for ten men.

    “Whaddaya think they're lookin' at, Soku?” Goshin asked.

    “Well, you did just eat a week's worth of food,” Soku said, before spooning some noodles into his mouth.

    “Nah, you just don't eat much,” Goshin said. “It seems like you only ever drink water.” He pointed to a rather large glass of ice water on Soku's tray for emphasis.

    “Hey, you drink a lot of water, too!” Soku said.

    “Yeah, but I eat a lot, too.”

    “Whatever,” Soku said, shoveling another bite of noodles into his mouth with his spoon.


    The scraping of forks and spoons against ceramic plates, as well as idle chatter, filled the air of the cafeteria. According to the ship's digital readouts, it was 6:17 PM on the second day of the journey.

    “Y'know, Goshin, it's really not all that bad,” Soku said, tipping the remnants of a bowl of soup into his mouth and slurping them up.

    “Yeah,” Goshin sighed, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. Before him lay a practical circus of empty plates, bowls, and cup, along with utensils licked clean.

    “Hey, Goshin, look,” Soku said, gesturing with a fork.

    “At what?” Goshin said, glancing in the direction Soku was pointing in.

    “That family sitting at that table. They look like they're all dressed in rags,” Soku said.

    Goshin spotted them. They were all dressed in ragged brown cloaks and had brown, fibrous skin and no noses. “Oh, I see 'em,” he said. “They sure are dressed funny.”

    “They're Flourans. You remember what happened to Planet Flour, right?” Soku asked.

    “No,” Goshin said, frowning and looking down at the floor. “I don't remember.”

    “Well, maybe you should go talk to them. I think it might help you and them out a little,” Soku suggested.

    Goshin stood tentatively, and, after a moment of mental debate, stepped over to the table.

    “Can I sit here for a few minutes?” he asked.

    “Why, of course, son,” said the tallest of the group, evidently the patriarch. He had a hood that concealed most of his white hair and beard.

    “Thank you,” Goshin said, bowing politely before pulling out a vacant seat and sitting in it.

    “What's your name, son?” the patriarch asked.

    “I'm Son Goshin,” Goshin answered.

    “That's a nice name, son. We're the Cerals. I'm Barley,” he said, introducing himself. He gestured to a vaguely feminine-looking alien. “This is my wife, Ota.” He pointed to a third individual, who was smaller than the previous two. “My son, Rye.” And, finally, he gestured to the smallest of the group. “My daughter, Mae.”

    “It's nice to meet you all,” Goshin said politely.

    Ota, Rye, and Mae all greeted Goshin warmly.

    “Tell me, son, what takes you to Planet Sandala?” Barley asked.

    “I'm going to go work for my uncle,” Goshin answered.

    “Ah, but surely the Planet Earth isn't in such a bad state that someone as young as yourself truly needs to work?” Barley said, looking almost curiously at Goshin.

    Goshin looked down at the table, unable to meet the old man's eyes. “Well, my uncle's also going to train me in martial arts.”

    “Ah, I see. I wish Planet Flour had warriors like you,” Barley said, with an almost melancholic undertone.

    “Why? What happened?” Goshin asked.

    Ota put her arms around her two children, whose gazes were averted toward the floor.

    “My dear boy, Planet Flour was once a peaceful agricultural planet. We exported much of the galaxy's grains, until one day when a group of space thugs came in and took over the planet. Of course, they were met with much resistance, but, being such a peaceful place, we were not prepared for war,” Barley said, his voice grave and face lined with the passage of years.

    “It was not long before the old governments were crushed, and the unified resistance became pockets of resistance, and those pockets were slowly destroyed, one by one. These gangsters destroyed much of my world's farmland, and began to use it to grow flowers outlawed by the interstellar trade treaties.” Barley shook his head solemnly.

    “Why didn't anyone try to talk them out of it? I don't understand, didn't they realize they were hurting innocent people?” Goshin said.

    “We did try, son. But they were never willing to listen, and the barrels of their weapons were eager to speak. Some even tried to assassinate their leader, who had become the planet's new lord. But the lord was a being so powerful that he simply obliterated anyone who stepped forth to kill him.”

    Ota pulled her children in closer.

    “Then a stranger came to the planet, supposedly to conduct business with the lord. This man killed the lord, and we hailed him as a hero, but he left as soon as he'd arrived. We thought things would get better, that the whole lot of them would fall apart without their leader, and we were only half-right. The organization did fall apart, but the higher-ranking members became warlords and began to fight over control of the planet, turning it once again into a battlefield, and so it remains today,” Barley finished.

    “So how did you get away?” Goshin asked.

    “We saved up enough money to pay the smugglers to get us away from the planet. We came to Planet Purin, where my family and I found work for a short while. We saved just enough to move on when the jobs ran out, and repeated the cycle on the next planet, and the planet after that, saving a little more each time. One day, we hope to have enough to send someone powerful to restore balance on our planet. That is the dream that keeps me going every day, that one day, my children will be able to go home. That is the dream for which I, my wife, and even they toil for, day by day. This is the first restful day we've had in a long time,” Barley said.

    “Oh, wow,” Goshin said, looking down again.

    Then, suddenly, his head jerked up and he looked the old man right in his green, age-worn eyes. “Keep your money. One day, I'm going to be charged with protecting my planet, but when I'm strong, I promise I'll come to your planet and stop the warlords,” he said, clenching his fist, his eyes sharp with determination.

    “Son, you're only a human. These monsters are far above the realm of normal humans,” Barley said, frowning in concern. “I can't bear to have any more needless deaths on my conscience.”

    Goshin simply smiled. “Then I'll be more than human.”


    Goshin smiled and waved good-bye to the Cerals, who reciprocated happily, before disappearing amongst the crowds disembarking from the ship. Planet Sandala's air was humid and carried slight wisps of salt, and a light, balmy breeze ruffled Goshin's hair as he and Soku walked slowly through the gates into the spaceport.

    Above the crowds of people, Goshin and Soku could see several signs. It took them to find the one they were looking for, which read, “GOSHIN AND SOKU”.

    They hurried to the old man holding up the sign, and bowed to him. “Well, boys, it's nice to meet you both. I'm the Muten-Dashi, but I'm sure you already know that. Now, hurry along, I have to meet my great nephew,” he said.

    “But, sir, I am your nephew,” Goshin protested.

    “My what?” the old man replied, his eyes blinking inquisitively, magnified several times by his thick glasses.


    The small green craft alighted gently on the rocky surface of Planet Dashi. Inside the spacious cockpit, the Turtle Hermit himself unstrapped himself from his harness and stretched his arms up into the air, yawning and turning around.

    “All right, boys, let's get going!” he said.

    He led Goshin and Soku, who rose from their seats at the crew's stations, down a short corridor and to a hatch. He quickly tapped a code into the unlocking mechanism that opened the hatch and extended the boarding ramp, and the door retreated upward and the Muten-Dashi strode down the dark matte gray ramp.

    Waiting for them at the bottom were two of the master's other disciples. One was a tall, well-built young man with a bald head, wearing a casual blue gi with the character Kame displayed on the back, and a red sash tying it around his waist. The other was a serious-faced young woman with short-cropped raven-black hair, wearing a violet gi similar in style to her counterpart's.

    “Welcome home, master,” the two said in unison, bowing low.

    “Banbo, Ramis!” Dashi said, addressing the two, “these are your new comrades, Goshin and Soku.”

    “Welcome,” Banbo, the young man, said, bowing to the both of them.

    “Uh, hi,” Goshin said, attempting to imitate Banbo's greeting.

    “Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick up my great nephew from the spaceport now,” Dashi said.

    Goshin, Soku, Banbo, and Ramis sighed.

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    Amazing story. Keep them coming! :)
    The Snivy are taking over

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    Thanks! You don't have to wait any longer for chapter 3! And, everyone else, don't forget! I love commentary, so feel free to leave your thoughts!

    Hopefully Chapter 4 will be up at the end of this week. Things are going to start picking up soon.

    Chapter 3: The Training Begins
    by Lugion and @Sabbyxx

    Ramis stood, braced against the cool wind of Planet Dashi. Her hair danced lightly in the breeze, and she closed her eyes as she tightened her focus.

    “What do you think's gonna happen, Goshin?” Soku asked.

    “Shhhh, boys, just watch,” Dashi scolded, whacking Soku on the back of the head with a hefty wooden cane.

    “I hope you're ready for this, Banbo,” Ramis said, opening her eyes again and focusing intently on her male counterpart, who was standing some distance away on the rocky field.

    “Bring it on, little lady,” Banbo said, winking. He held both hands out in front of him defensively, standing with his left foot ahead of the other, his right foot at a forty-five-degree angle, both about shoulders' width apart.

    “Then here it comes!” Ramis shouted, raising her hands. Brilliant golden bolts of ki emerged from the palms of her hands like fireworks. Each was fired in rapid succession with astonishing accuracy and speed.

    “She's so fast!” Goshin said, receiving a knock to his own head from Dashi's cane.

    “Watch,” he said.

    Goshin's gaze shifted to Banbo, whose lower arms were all but invisible.

    “What happened to Banbo's arms!?” Goshin yelped.

    “Fool! Look closely!” Dashi said, again rapping Goshin on the back of the head.

    Goshin squinted his eyes, and they began to focus, almost independently of his will. Slowly, Goshin began to be able to just barely make out Banbo's hands, which were deflecting each and every one of Ramis' ki bolts.

    “How does he do that!?” Soku wondered aloud, inviting another blow from Dashi's cane.

    The light show ended, and Ramis struck a defensive pose.

    “You ready for this?” Banbo shouted.

    “Bring it on,” Ramis said. “Little man.” She smirked.

    “You asked for it!” Banbo replied, cupping his hands at his waist. “Ka... me... ha... me...”

    Goshin could feel an odd concentration of energy from Banbo, or, more specifically, his cupped hands. He didn't know what was about to happen, but he knew by the look on Ramis' face that it was going to be big.

    “HAAAA!” Banbo cried, thrusting both hands forward and opening them up like a blossoming flower. A bright blue stream of ki burst forth from the bloom, streaking toward Ramis at nearly the speed of light.

    Ramis straightened herself and took in a large breath of air before letting loose an ear-shattering scream, generating a shock wave that seemed to nullify Banbo's attack completely.

    “See what you're up against now?” Dashi said. “Banbo and Ramis began training when they were eleven. They've both been under my care for seven years. They know their stuff.”

    “Woah,” Soku said. “That's unreal.”

    Goshin gulped. “Will we be able to do that?”

    “Eventually, yes,” Dashi replied. “But first... BANBO!” he called.

    The bald-headed pupil looked up. “Yes, sir?”

    “Come over here!”

    Banbo obliged, swiftly jogging up the stony incline to reach Goshin, Soku and the Turtle Hermit standing at the top of it.

    “First, you two must run to the warehouse. Banbo will lead the way,” the Muten-Dashi said.

    “The warehouse, master?” Banbo repeated.

    “Yes,” the old man said, nodding.

    “Well, if you say so,” Soku said. “But Goshin's super-fast, y'know.”

    “Yes, well, we'll see how super his speed really is,” the old hermit said. “On your marks! Get set!”

    Goshin and Soku both struck starting poses, and Banbo just chuckled at them both.

    “One for the money!”

    Goshin's heart was pounding, and he could almost feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins. There was a pounding in his temples, and the Muten-Dashi's words seemed to fade as if he was speaking from behind a wall.

    Until, that is, “GO!”

    Goshin took off at full speed immediately. He giggled almost giddily as the air ruffled his perpetually-messy hair, forcing his bangs back higher than they normally hung. His legs worked like pistons, muscles pumping as they pushed against the stony ground to propel him forward.

    He ceased giggling when, a few seconds later, he noticed Banbo passing him effortlessly at what appeared to be a brisk pace. That was when he noticed how unnaturally heavy his legs were beginning to feel and how loudly his lungs were screaming. He chanced a glance back at Soku, and found him closer than Goshin would've expected.

    Then he tripped over a loose rock and slammed his face into the ground.

    “Owww...” he groaned, pushing himself back up onto his knees. He rubbed his nose gingerly, removing the tiny pebbles that had planted themselves in his skin. He wiped more off of his cheeks, then stood, wiped his palms on his shorts, and saw Banbo standing several meters past him.

    He chuckled. “You all right, Goshin?”

    “That's weird! I never fall back home!” Goshin replied, breathing heavily.

    “Master Muten-Dashi will explain when we reach the warehouse. Let's keep going,” he said, grinning reassuringly.

    “O- okay,” Goshin said, still feeling unsure. He could hardly believe how tired he was after going such a short distance. Was he sick?

    Whatever was happening to him, Goshin continued on, barely managing to keep up a jog. Banbo slowed down until the two were in pace, and Soku, breathing even harder than Goshin, managed to catch up after a few more seconds. Banbo, on the other hand, was still not even breaking a sweat.

    “Not so energetic now, huh?” Ramis called, looking smugly at Goshin and Soku. Goshin hadn't noticed her pass them. Running backwards. “Just because you were strong in whatever backwater neck of the woods you came from doesn't mean anything in the vastness of the universe, you know.”

    “Don't listen t' her,” Banbo said. “You'll get used to it.”

    “Used... to... what... ?” Goshin asked, between breaths.

    “Being... so tired?... Space lag?” Soku said.

    Banbo simply smiled. “Like I said...” He pointed ahead with his chin. The old Turtle Hermit was already standing next to the planet's warehouse, where deliveries were stored until they were to be shipped.

    After another minute or so, Goshin decided he was close enough, and collapsed to the ground next to the warehouse's concrete wall, clutching his ribcage and gasping for breath. Soku followed suit.

    Ramis snickered. “Hah hah hah, Master Kame-Sen'nin, with all due respect, I don't think it was such a terribly good idea to agree to train these rubber-legs.” She was leaned with one arm against the wall.

    “Now, Ramis, don't forget the shape you were in when you first arrived. You couldn't run the five hundred meters, either,” Dashi rebuked.

    “I beg your pardon, master,” Ramis said, bowing low to the ground, a small necklace holding a tear drop-shaped crystal hanging from her neck.

    “Rise, my friend. It is given. Now, where were we...?” the old man wondered aloud to no one in particular.

    It was several awkward seconds later that Banbo decided to speak. “Sir, I believe you were about to explain to Goshin and Soku the nature of their training on your planet.”

    “Ah, yes, thank you, Banbo. You and Ramis might be fast on Earth, but-” Dashi began.

    “Sir, you were explaining to Goshin and Soku.”

    “Right, right. Goshin, you and Ramis-” -Banbo's mouth straightened and his eyes went blank- “might have been fast on Earth, but the gravity here is twice what you're used to,” Kame-Sen'nin explained. “Here, you'll use twice as much energy to run the same distance, or lift the same weight. That's why you'll do training for a few months before I send you off on a delivery. You might even have to deliver to planets with greater gravity than this one!”

    Goshin's breathing slowed gradually. His head was throbbing and he felt like he might vomit. Banbo reached a hand down, which Goshin took. Banbo hauled him back up onto his feet easily. Goshin stumbled a bit, but Banbo placed a steadying hand on his shoulder.

    “You all right?” he asked.

    “Yeah,” Goshin sighed, rubbing his temples.

    Banbo did the same for Soku, who was holding his head in his hands.

    “Now you two go rest up for an hour. Your training starts in seventy-five minutes,” the Muten-Dashi said.


    The water was cool on Goshin's face, in his ears, and on his eyelids. His lungs were filled to capacity, and bubbles slipped one by one out of his nostrils. He opened his eyes, seeing the bluish mud and teal grass on the ground below him.

    He flipped back, took in a deep breath, and returned to his position floating at the top of a lake behind the Turtle Hermit's modest house.

    Soku's arms reached out to his sides, propelling him forward through the water. He tapped Goshin on his exposed back, rousing him from his trance-like state.

    The water was a clear sapphire blue, surrounded by emerald green grass that had, undoubtedly, been planted centuries ago in a terraforming project to make the small planet hospitable to humans. The far-off red sun was climbing higher into the sky with each passing minute, ascending from its nest in the southern horizon.

    “What is it?” Goshin said, glancing around him.

    But Soku didn't have to answer. Goshin spotted the Muten-Dashi wading into the crystalline waters in a flowery-patterned tank top and trunks.

    “Oh! Master Kame-Sen'nin!” Goshin said, turning to face him directly.

    “You don't have to call me master. I'm your uncle, after all,” the old man said.

    “Yes, Uncle Muten-Dashi,” Goshin replied.

    “Disrespectful child! Have some respect! I am your master!” the hermit declared, striking Goshin on the head with his cane.

    Goshin shrugged. “I'm sorry, master.”

    “Anyways, I see the two of you have already prepared for your first lesson! Good work!”

    Goshin and Soku glanced at each other, clearly having no idea what the Turtle Hermit was talking about. “Uh, sure...” Soku said. “You know us, we just love getting ahead of the curve.”

    “Your first lesson will be on channeling your ki. Ki, otherwise known as chi, is an energy present in all forms of life. It is in the trees, in the grass, the fish, the animals, and even you and I. It is necessary for life. What builds great fighters is how well they can control the flow of ki throughout their bodies, so, naturally, it's necessary for future guardians of Earth to be able to channel it,” the old man explained.

    “So, that big blue energy attack Banbo used on Ramis, did that use ki?” Goshin asked.

    “The Kamehameha wave? Yes. It's the signature technique of the Turtle School,” Dashi answered.

    “And what about that weird yell Ramis stopped it with?” Soku asked.

    “That was what is known as a kiai. Every living being possesses a ki aura, and it's possible to manipulate this aura for offensive and defensive maneuvers. When Ramis yelled like that, she used her aura to halt and disperse the ki in Banbo's Kamehameha.”

    A fish brushed against Goshin's leg, and he shivered slightly as the scales rubbed against his skin.

    “The reason I had you two come out here to my lake was to teach you about how ki flows through the body,” the Muten-Dashi said, holding his free hand to one side, just under the surface of the water.

    After a few seconds, Goshin began to feel a current in the water flowing around his torso.

    “Do you feel the water moving? Ki flows through the body like water in a current. Like a current, it is possible to manipulate this flow with proper training. You need delicate precision and control. If you force too much ki into a certain part of your body, it can cause damage to your internal organs and veins. If ki flow is too little, that can also cause damage to your body. Therefore, fighters like myself prefer not to use the ki that circulates normally through the body in battle. Instead, we look to the sea. The stomach is the sea of ki, and this is where the energy in Banbo's Kamehameha was drawn from. It is also possible to utilize this latent ki to enhance the flow of ki throughout your body, accelerating your natural healing process or allowing your strikes to hit harder than they normally would,” the old man explained.

    “How do we access this ki?” Soku asked.

    “It's easy, once you get the hang of it. First, you must remain perfectly calm. Feel the rhythm of the ki flowing inside your body.”

    Goshin closed his eyes and concentrated hard, feeling an energy flowing through his hands, his arms, his legs, his feet. Whoa, Master Kame-Sen'nin is right! he thought.

    “Now, look deep inside yourself. Inside your stomach, you should feel a great mass of ki. Keep yourself perfectly calm- don't stiffen up!- and draw this ki out.”

    Goshin could feel this latent energy flooding his body, and he felt newly energized. He opened his eyes, and noticed his bangs were fluttering even though there was no wind. He looked at Soku, whose two antenna-like hairs were doing the same.

    “Excellent, excellent! You've got it!” Kame-Sen'nin said proudly. He agilely leapt out of the water and onto the shore.

    “Wow! Master, how did you do that?” Soku said.

    The old man chuckled. “It's amazing what one can do when one's body is enhanced by ki!” He bent over and picked up a bucket with the same hand he'd caused currents with.

    “Now it's time to find out how amazing the two of you will be!”

    “W- what?” Goshin and Soku muttered in unison. Kame-Sen'nin tossed the contents of the bucket into the lake.

    “Here, Brucey, Brucey, Brucey! Come here, shark!” he called.

    Goshin's eyes widened as he realized that the old hermit had thrown chum into the water. A massive head and wide set of jaws filled with multitudes of teeth burst through the water.

    The boys screamed, their arms pinwheeling and their legs oscillating rapidly, throwing up twin plumes of water that crashed down to either side of the hungry shark.

    “Don't forget, boys! Use your ki!” Kame-Sen'nin called.


    Goshin and Soku stood shivering, their arms wrapped around themselves, their teeth chattering, in front of the Turtle Hermit. Banbo and Ramis stood to either side of him. “Well, I'd say you both did well! You avoided Bruce, all right!”

    “S- sir,” Soku said, “c- can we sit down for a few m- minutes?”

    “O- or eat?” Goshin added.

    “No, you can't eat yet!” Kame-Sen'nin said, striking both boys on the head with his cane. “You have to do your mid-morning exercises now!”

    “M- mid-morning?” Soku said.

    “What exercises!?” Goshin asked.

    “You're going to be playing crab soccer with Banbo and Ramis!” the old man said.

    Goshin and Soku sighed.

    “Well, let's get this started!” Banbo said, tossing a small, gray cylindrical capsule to the ground, which burst open to reveal a black and white patterned ball.

    The Turtle Hermit blasted two holes in the ground, approximately twenty meters apart, using his ki. “These will serve as your goals.”

    “Thank you, Master,” Banbo and Ramis said in unison, before falling back to support themselves on their hands and feet, their backs to the ground.

    Goshin and Soku gulped, and tentatively did the same.


    “And now we eat a hearty meal!” Kame-Sen'nin declared. Goshin and Soku, now fully dressed again, sat on either side of him.

    Before them, on the table, lay a veritable feast. Plates of ham and roast beef, bowls of salad and rice were laid out neatly. Banbo removed a white apron he was wearing and folded it neatly before setting it down in the moderately-sized kitchen and sitting down across from Goshin at the table.

    “Dig in!” the old man said, jabbing his fork at a slab of beef, which disappeared in the blink of an eye.

    “What?” he said, removing his thick glasses and looking at the plate where the meat had just been. He then looked at Goshin's plate, upon which the already half-eaten slab was disappearing quickly.

    “I should expect this by now,” he muttered under his breath. Ramis wrinkled her nose in disapproval.


    Kame-Sen'nin paced back and forth in front of the boys, his hands behind his back.

    “Well, it's afternoon now, so we'll be moving on to your afternoon training!” he said, stopping and turning to face them.

    “I wonder what's in store for us next,” Soku wondered aloud.

    “What's in store for you next is simple. To improve your agility, you're going to skip rope!”

    “Skip rope?” Goshin said.

    “Yes, skip rope,” the Muten-Dashi said, producing two identical plastic ropes from seemingly nowhere. “All you have to do is race each other to that tree.” He pointed to a tree approximately one hundred meters away on top of a hill.

    “That's easy,” said Goshin, grabbing his rope. “We just swing it over our heads and jump over it, right?”

    “Yes,” Kame-Sen'nin said. “Just jump forward a little bit every time, until you reach the tree, and then come back here.”

    “Okay,” Goshin said. Within seconds, he and Soku were fifty meters away, jumping almost one meter at a time.

    The old man stifled a chuckle. “They're almost there,” he said to himself.

    Once Goshin and Soku reached the tree, they screamed and spun around and began to run back.

    “Uh-uh, boys! Skip!” Dashi shouted.

    A reptilian creature hissed, its four legs working as it zig-zagged across the ground after the boys, who, as instructed, were jumping forward in impressive bounds.

    “No doubt their adrenaline's kicked in. They'll be tired after this!” Kame-Sen'nin said.

    The boys rushed right past their master, who smiled for a second before he realized the lizard was now coming for him.

    The Turtle Hermit let out a cry of fright, looking away and holding his hand out. A burst of energy sent the lizard flying back over the other side of the hill.


    “All right, boys, you put up a good effort today,” the Muten-Dashi said, patting Goshin and Soku both on the shoulder. “You're almost done for the day, but now, you'll have to do one hundred push-ups.”

    “Push-ups?” Goshin said flatly.


    “What's the catch this time?” Soku asked.

    “No catch,” Kame-Sen'nin said.

    Goshin shrugged and dropped to his hands. He lowed his body to the ground and... stayed there.

    “Uh, Goshin?” Soku said.

    “I'm trying,” Goshin answered.

    Soku furrowed his brow, and dropped down beside his friend, finding he, too, was unable to rise once he lowered himself.

    “Why is this so hard?” Goshin asked.

    “Same reason running was so hard on you. The gravity here's greater than on Earth,” the Turtle Hermit said.

    “But I can't even use my ki,” Soku said.

    “You just haven't mastered controlling it yet. You've probably hit your limit for now,” the old man said. “Just rely on your own strength.”

    Goshin gritted his teeth, letting short bursts of air out of his throat, and slowly pushed himself up. “One,” he said, falling over onto his side, breathing heavily.

    “You boys had better get used to this, because, starting in one week, you'll be doing the same thing you're doing now, but in a fifty-pound turtle shell!” Kame-Sen'nin said.

    Soku flopped over, gasping, onto his side too.

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    Haha, I enjoyed this quite a bit. I'm not as familiar with Dragon Ball Z as some, but I still understood most of what was going on, which is a credit to you. I also enjoy how seemlessly you incorporate humor and lighter moments in your fic. That is definitely something I lack.

    Anyways, keep it up! Very solid work, Lugion! :)

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    I haven't started and I don't really have the time to read now but I'll definitely read this so just to let you know that you should expect a review from me at some point over the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Flame Haze View Post
    I haven't started and I don't really have the time to read now but I'll definitely read this so just to let you know that you should expect a review from me at some point over the week.
    Awesome, thanks. I was actually just about to say the same thing to you about Academy 2.

    And thanks, Legacy! Part of the reason I decided to set this so long after the original series was so I can sort of introduce the less-familiar to the mythos.

    I really hope you both enjoy the rest of the story!

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    Are you kidding I grew up with Dragon Ball and I've always wanted to read a story like this in fact I sort of came up with a concept like that years ago though my creative sense sucked back then.

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    Chapter 4: Delivery to Planet Raice
    by Lugion and @Sabbyxx

    Goshin stretched, reaching down to the toes on one foot, before rising, and reaching down toward the other foot. Once he was sure his muscles were reasonably limber, he took a deep, calming breath.

    Then he sighted his goal, the warehouse near the edge of the rocky training field. He took a second deep breath, focused his ki, and jetted off toward the metal building.

    The chilly wind ruffled his hair, stung his eyes, and filled his ears with its roar, as his legs churned like pistons, pushing against the ground. Before long, he'd passed the spot where he'd tripped and fallen on his first run, but his composure remained unshakable.

    He could see Banbo, Ramis, and the Muten-Dashi standing near the wall, with Soku doubled over and breathing hard nearby. The old man was holding a stopwatch in one hand.

    Come on, almost there... he thought to himself. He sprung forward another half meter with each bound, pacing himself so he wouldn't run out of energy so quickly. But his lungs were beginning to ache, and his legs were beginning to scream. But Goshin was determined to complete his run, and he wasn't about to give up so close to the finish.

    His ki flowed into his legs, powering every flexion and extension of every muscle. The warehouse was now only a few meters away. Goshin shut his eyes tightly let out a ki-charged cry as he bounded over the final distance, summoning his reserves of strength to power his final drive to the finish.

    And then he opened his eyes just before slamming face-first into the corrugated sheet metal that composed the wall of the warehouse.

    “Oh, oww!!” he shouted, falling to his backside and clutching his head in pain.

    “Congratulations, Goshin! You ran 100 meters in 13.2 seconds!” Kame-Sen'nin said, patting Goshin on the back.

    “I- is that fast?” Goshin stuttered.

    “For Earth? No. For my planet, it's satisfactory,” the Turtle Hermit said, nodding in confirmation.

    “Too bad the poor helpless thing can't help slamming his head into the finish line,” Ramis sneered, her fists on her hips.

    “Come on, Ramis, the kid's only been here a month and he's already running the hundred meters,” Banbo protested.

    “Well, when I wanted to be Master Kame-Sen'nin's disciple, I had to train myself to run the hundred meters first,” she pressed, turning up her nose.

    “Yes, well, I have a job for you all now,” Kame-Sen'nin said. “Goshin, Soku, do you two think you're up for it?”

    Goshin and Soku immediately perked up. “Yes sir!” the replied in unison.

    Kame-Sen'nin chuckled. “Good. I received the bi-monthly order from one of my biggest clients today in the mail. You'll be delivering the most important cargo in the world! A world, anyways. The world of Raice, to be exact.”

    “Planet Raice!?” Ramis asked, seeming suddenly interested.

    “Yes, rice bowls,” Kame-Sen'nin said. “What else could allow an agriculture-based planet to make so much money? No one buys the old pre-packaged junk anymore! They want it straight from the farm, temporally-frozen and ready to serve!”

    “Sir, is... is that even possible?” Banbo said, furrowing his eyebrows.

    “Yes, yes, you see, the company website explains it as something to do with tiny particles of time called 'chronotons', and, well, I think the company knows best in this case, yes?” the old man replied.

    “Um, yeah,” Banbo said, hesitant to continue the conversation. “We'll get dressed, then take off and deliver the bowls.”


    The roar of the ship's engines was much lighter and higher-pitched than that of the spaceliner. The cabin was rather posh, with comfortable seating arrangements and spacious workstations. The floor was a calming light blue color, and the seats were upholstered with a black leather-like material. The pilot's station was positioned slightly forward from the center of the room, with the engineer's station back and to the left, facing the wall, and the communications station was directly opposite the engineer's.

    Ramis, in her violet gi, plopped down rather nonchalantly in the pilot's seat, strapping herself in for takeoff. Banbo took the engineer's station.

    “Uh, where do we sit?” Soku asked.

    Ramis turned and eyed them for a few seconds. “Soku, you can take the communications chair. Goshin...” She tapped a few buttons at her glowing console, and a portion of the wall folded away to reveal several passenger seats lined up in a row inside the newly-uncovered alcove.

    Goshin obediently took one of the seats, strapping himself in.

    “... You can move those seats, you know,” Ramis scoffed.

    “Oh, right,” Goshin said, rising and checking under his seat, finding a big red button. He shrugged and pressed the button.

    Goshin's head was shoved up underneath the seat as his backside was slammed forward by the unfolding wall. Ramis laughed derisively at Goshin's muffled cries for help. Banbo glared at her as Soku rose to his feet, frightened.

    “Oh, fine,” Ramis said, tapping the buttons to return the wall to its folded position.

    Goshin was spilled back onto the floor in front of the seat. “Owww...” he moaned.

    “There's a black button next to the red one, nimrod,” Ramis said.

    Goshin shook his head to clear it, and then crawled back underneath his seat, finding the black button and pressing it. He jumped back in shock as the chair was pushed forward by robotic arms, and a tile in the floor slid back to let a support leg rise up on hydraulics and attach itself to the bottom of the chair. The tile slid back into place beneath it.

    Goshin gave Banbo and Ramis a questioning look.

    “Sit in it, Goshin,” Banbo said, smiling.

    Goshin did so, and, as he laid his hand down on the armrest, found himself being jerked forward about half a meter.

    Banbo chuckled. “That's the control for the seat. There're four directional buttons, and two rotational buttons.”

    Goshin looked at the end of the armrest, and found that, indeed, there was a small button pad with four buttons arranged in a circle inside a slightly larger circle formed by two thin buttons. Each had an arrow on it pointing in different directions. In a few moments, Goshin had directed his chair to the communications station next to Soku.

    “And we're off. Estimated time to arrival: eight hours,” Banbo said, leaning back in his chair and holding his hands behind his head.


    The brown and gray expanse below was named Planet Raice. The small green ship, marked with a large black kame character, flew elegantly above the brown fields of grain, before coming to a rather large city of warehouses and processing plants. In the center of the city was a rather large spaceport, full of ships for distribution to other planets.

    The Dashi Delivery Company ship alighted gently on a black landing pad within the spaceport. Ramis, Banbo, Soku, and Goshin all unstrapped themselves from their seats, stood, and stretched.

    “All right, let's get this show on the road,” Banbo said.

    “Are we gonna unload the cargo now?” Soku asked.

    “Uh, sure,” Banbo said. He reached under his seat and produced a small black plastic case and opened it, revealing several gray capsules. “Here ya go!” He tossed two capsules each to Goshin and Soku.

    “What are these?” Goshin asked.

    “The cargo,” Banbo answered. “Just press the- well, wait 'til we get outside first.” He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

    “Are you done yet?” Ramis snapped. “We've got a job to do, you know.”

    “Sorry, sorry!” Banbo said. “Just having a little fun with Goshin and Soku.”

    “Just don't forget what happened the last time you had a little fun on this planet. We got chased halfway through the solar system by the local mafia!”

    “All right, all right. Won't happen again, I promise!” Banbo said.

    “It'd better not,” Ramis said.

    A few moments later, the four were walking down the extended boarding ramp. At the bottom, they were greeted by a small group of richly-dressed men in black suits.

    “Ah, Miss Ramis! So good to see you again!” one of them said, taking Ramis' hand and kissing it gently.

    “Tehwa, it's great to see you, too,” Ramis said, smiling earnestly for the first time since Goshin had met her.

    “And Banbo, how are you?” Tehwa said, bowing low.

    As Banbo and Ramis greeted the men, Goshin looked all around at his surroundings. This was, no doubt, Oryza, the capital city of Planet Raice. But despite the relatively industrial setting, there was still an unmistakable scent of wheat and other grains carried by the air. It was almost like shopping for bread, in Goshin's mind.

    There was, however, a haze over the city, blocking some of the sunlight, giving the yellow sky a grimy appearance.

    “And who are these two? New disciples of the august Muten-Dashi, I presume,” Tehwa said.

    “Yes, sir,” Banbo said. “This is Goshin, and this is Soku,” he continued, indicating each respectively.

    “Well, Goshin, Soku, it's a pleasure to meet you,” Tehwa said, extending his hand and shaking both Goshin's and Soku's in turn. “It's great to see the new generation continuing to step up. Maybe one day, you'll be as powerful as your seniors, huh?”

    Goshin, Soku, and Banbo smiled. Ramis rolled her eyes.

    “Here's your cargo, Tehwa,” Ramis said, handing over the half-full capsule case. “Goshin, Soku, give Tehwa the capsules Banbo gave you.”

    “Yes, mom,” Soku said, rolling his eyes and handing Tehwa his two capsules. Goshin did the same.

    “Now, I suppose you're all tired from your lengthy flight. Why don't you come with me and rest up at my house? My wife's preparing dinner tonight, so there'll be plenty of food,” Tehwa suggested.

    “Well-” Ramis began.

    “Food!?” Goshin repeated, immediately perking up.

    Tehwa chuckled. “Going by the hair, the name, and the stomach, I'd say this one's another Son!”

    “You'd be right,” Banbo said. “Goshin is Taicho's son, according to Master Kame-Sen'nin.”

    “Well isn't that great? I've never had the honor of hosting such a legendary family! You simply must join us!”

    “Well, if you insist. Master Kame-Sen'nin won't be expecting us back until sometime tomorrow anyhow,” Ramis said.

    “Excellent!” Tehwa said, smiling graciously.


    Laid out upon the table was chicken, turkey, ham, rice, noodles, and salads composed of numerous vegetables laid out in bowls and plates arranged neatly at the spacious table.

    Tehwa's wife, Zima, was eagerly urging them all to begin eating. Goshin obliged her with a certain furor. His plate filled up in seconds, and was quickly empty again.

    “So, Ramis, how is your training going?” Zima asked.

    “Yeah, tell us!” Tehwa and Zima's children, Kalts and Teff, said.

    “Well, all right,” Ramis said, taking a deep breath.

    As she was talking, Goshin leaned over to Banbo, who was sitting on the other side of Soku from him, and asked, “Banbo, why is Ramis so nice to these kids? She's never nice to me 'n Soku.”

    “Well, it goes back. Way back,” Banbo said, whispering back. “But I guess we've got time. Y'see, Ramis was born on a small planet called Nolica. Her parents were two poor sharecroppers, and they struggled to get by day to day. Back then, the planet was owned by a large corporation that employed thugs to make sure everyone living there was only keeping their contractual share.

    “Well, it happened that Ramis' mother became pregnant. Neither one of her parents knew what to do. They were barely getting by as it was with one child. They had no idea how they were going to support two. So, slowly, over the next few weeks, they began withholding just a little bit more grain from the company. For a while, things went okay, but one day, someone with the company realized that Ramis' family had been giving less grain than their quota specified.

    “So a gang of thugs showed up at their door. Ramis' father told Ramis and her mother to run out through the back door, while he opened the front door and held them off. But it didn't go the way he thought it would. When her father went to open the door, they shot him to pieces. Ramis' mother shoved her out the back door and slammed it shut behind her, and locked it. Ramis ran, as fast as she could, to the grain fields her family had worked, hearing the gunshots that heralded her mother's death.

    “Ramis hid once the thugs burst through the back door, crawling among the wheat stalks until she reached the fence that marked the boundary between her family's property and the neighbors'. There was a hole under the fence, so she crawled through it and went to her neighbors' house. They hid her until the thugs had gone, and, eventually, she made enough money doing odd jobs around the planet to buy passage to Master Kame-Sen'nin's planet.

    “I was already a disciple of the venerable master, living with and training under him. When Ramis came to us, she had nothing but determination to be strong. He told her that he wouldn't start training her until she was able to run one hundred meters on his planet without tripping and under twenty seconds. It took a lot of time and a lot of hard work, but, eventually, she did it, and Master Kame-Sen'nin accepted her as a student. I think she just envies you two. The two of you were given a spot training under the master at birth, and she had to work hard to get one. Now, I'm not trying to say you two don't deserve to be students under Master Kame-Sen'nin. You do. You've both been working very hard. But Ramis can't get over her jealousy,” Banbo said.

    “The reason why she's so nice around these guys is she relates to them. Tehwa used to be a sharecropper, too. But he's managed to rise up to his new position as Trade Supervisor for the Raice Company. She sees this family as what her family could've been.”

    “Oh man,” Soku said, looking down at his lap.

    “I never knew,” Goshin said, sinking down into his seat.


    The living room was dark. Banbo was snoring lightly, reclined in Tehwa's lazy chair with a blanket bunched up and draped loosely over his mid-torso. Ramis was sleeping on the plush couch. Soku was sleeping on the floor between Goshin and the coffee table. Goshin, however, was staring at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.

    It took a lot of time, and a lot of hard work, but, eventually, she did it.

    There was a noise.

    Something like plastic blocks knocking against each other... Maybe wine glasses clinking during a toast... Goshin wasn't sure.

    He could see the green holographic digits displaying the time: 2:17.

    Is someone up there playing? Goshin wondered.

    Then there was a scream. Banbo, Soku, and Ramis all bolted upright, immediately awake and ready for a fight.

    Zima at once at the bottom of the flight of stairs that led up to the house's two bedrooms.

    “Zima!? What is it?” Ramis asked.

    “It's the Roots Gang! They've taken the children!” Zima cried hysterically.

    “They've taken Kalts and Teff!?” Ramis said, hopping to her feet off the couch.

    The whirring sound of a hovercar's engines started up suddenly, and quickly began to grow quiet as, Goshin could only assume, the kidnappers sped away.

    “They left a ransom note saying they'd kill them both if we don't pay them one hundred thousand zeni! We don't have that kind of money right now!” Zima sobbed.

    Ramis was immediately flying down the short entrance hall and out the front door.

    “Ramis, wait!” Banbo shouted, to no avail. “Damn it! We'll have to go after her. She can't take on the Roots Gang alone! We'll get your children back, ma'am.”

    Banbo leapt to the entrance hall, and looked back at Goshin and Soku, who were still on the ground. “Come on!”

    Goshin and Soku jumped to their feet and sped off out the door after Banbo. Ramis was already out of sight, but Banbo seemed to know exactly where to go.

    “Banbo! What's going on!” Goshin shouted.

    “The Roots Gang are holdovers from the days of corporations like the ones that killed Ramis' parents. Ramis is going to get herself killed if we don't catch up to her. I don't think she's learned how to catch bullets yet!” Banbo explained.

    Goshin and Soku gasped. “They'll kill her!”

    “I know,” Banbo said, frowning.

    “How do you know where we're going?” Goshin asked, leaping in great strides next to Banbo.

    “Master Kame-Sen'nin taught us how to sense others' ki. You'll eventually learn how to do it, too, but just trust me for now!”

    They ducked under and dodged around oncoming traffic. Goshin felt like his hair could fly off at any moment. The ground passed beneath them like a bullet train. Goshin's heart was throbbing, but not out of fatigue. He could hardly swallow the lump in his throat. His eyes were tearing up, but not because of the wind on them.

    “Almost there!” Banbo shouted, pointing ahead.

    Then the rattle of machine gun fire caught Goshin's ear. His head jerked forward and his gaze locked on the source. Ramis elegantly flipped over a black hovercar, landing a well-placed kick to the back windshield in mid-air, sending a spray of glass to the paved ground.

    “Ramis, you idiot!” Banbo called.

    Ramis didn't look back. The hovercar rose higher into the air, and Ramis launched herself after it. She grabbed an exhaust pipe and hauled herself up onto the back of the vehicle. One of the gangsters aimed a gun at her, but a well-placed ki bolt from Banbo melted the barrel shut.

    “Grab on to something!” Banbo shouted.

    “Wha-” Goshin began, interrupted when Banbo grabbed the back of his gi and hurled him and Soku at the hovercraft.

    The two boys screamed as they sailed through the air, hitting the roof of the vehicle hard, shattering the front windshield and the windows.

    “Oww...” Soku muttered, rubbing his forehead.

    Banbo gave a shout as he rocketed through the air after them, vaulting over the hovercar and then planting his fist firmly in the vehicle's hood.

    “Ramis, get the kids!” Banbo commanded.

    “Right!” Ramis replied, crawling halfway into the vehicle, knocking out the three kidnappers inside with a single punch each, and grabbing the two frightened children in her arms.

    “It'll be all right,” she cooed softly, almost lovingly. “They can't hurt you now.”

    One of them pointed behind her. She turned and looked, finding two more vehicles had joined the chase.

    In the blink of an eye, Ramis had freed herself and the children from the hovercar and were falling back down to the ground.

    Banbo pulled his hand free of the car and jumped as high into the air as he could, directing the nose of the vehicle down toward the ground. Goshin and Soku followed Ramis' lead, jumping from the falling vehicle and back to the ground.

    “Goshin, Soku, get down!” Ramis said, knocking the two onto their backs as a volley of machine gun fire swept just above them.

    She thrust the two children into their arms. “Keep them safe, or else,” she growled.

    Then she left the ground just as gracefully as before. She pointed a single finger at one of the vehicles, which was now swooping around for another pass, and several ki bolts erupted from it simultaneously, exploding against the underside of the hovercar and disabling the engine.

    The vehicle crashed, skidding on the pavement until it came to a stop against the wall of a building. Two men crawled out from the wreckage, armed with machine guns.

    Goshin and Soku placed the children behind them, and charged forward, fists flying. The two men never even got a chance to fire off a single shot, as they were quickly incapacitated by the flurry of punches delivered by the two boys.

    The final vehicle came around, its weapons trained on Goshin and Soku. Ramis gasped, still in mid-air. But Banbo came crashing down, straight through the roof of the car and out the bottom. The car exploded, sending up a ball of fire and sending down ashes and bits of shrapnel, which were quickly eradicated by blasts from the tips of Ramis' fingers as she alighted nimbly.

    Banbo floated slowly down.

    “Whoa, Banbo, you can fly!?” Goshin and Soku said in unison.

    Banbo chuckled. “It's just something I picked up on a mission a few months ago.”

    “All right, you two, let's get you back home,” Ramis said tenderly, grabbing Kalts and Teff. “See? I told you they couldn't hurt you now.” She smiled and giggled gently, as police sirens grew closer and louder.


    The sun was rising steadily higher above the spaceport.

    “I can't express just how grateful I am,” Tehwa said, shaking Banbo's hand, then Ramis', then Soku's and Goshin's.

    “Please, sir, you don't have to thank us,” Banbo said.

    “Yeah, it was nothing,” Soku said.

    “Oh, I think it was something,” Tehwa insisted. “You saved my children.”

    “It was something any decent person would've done,” Ramis said.

    “Well, they've both been left with quite the impression. They've always loved you and Banbo, Ramis, but they won't stop talking about Goshin and Soku, now, either!” Tehwa said, laughing heartily.

    “Well, sir, it's been good to see you again. Your wife's cooking is as great as always,” Banbo said, bowing.

    “And tell Kalts and Teff we'll be back in a few months. I doubt the Roots'll try to so much as touch 'em after the way we left 'em,” Ramis said. “But you can call us if anything comes up!”

    “Oh, yes, thank you!” Tehwa said. “I'm sure they'll be counting the days!”

    “Bye-bye!” Ramis said, waving as she began to ascend the ship's boarding ramp.

    “See you in a few months, sir,” Banbo said.

    “Bye!” Goshin said.

    “Later!” Soku said.

    The four entered the ship, and took their stations, ready to face their next great adventure.

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    The guy who beta'd this must be pretty damn handsome.

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    This chapter was great! Can't wait for the next one!
    P.S. I am a Dragon Ball Z nut
    The Snivy are taking over

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    Thank you very much! I'm working on chapter five as we speak!

    If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to ask! I can't necessarily promise an answer, but I'll do my best. :P

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    And here we have the last chapter of 2011. I've got a lot in store for everyone this chapter, so I hope you enjoy it! Also, feel free to let me know if you want to be tagged in the next one.

    Chapter 5: Homecoming
    by Lugion and @Sabbyxx

    Son Goshin took a deep breath of air, filling his lungs to capacity, and then exhaled slowly. There was a light breeze that tousled his spiky locks of jet black hair, but otherwise all was calm. He held his arms up in front of him, keeping his hands loose, and placed one foot on the ground in front of the other, which was turned at a forty-five-degree angle from the first. Banbo, Ramis, and the Muten-Dashi stood to his right, and in front of him was a rather large sandstone boulder.

    He closed his eyes, imagining the rock in front of him. He could almost feel its exact shape and position from the differences in the directions of the air currents passing over his skin.

    He narrowed his focus to a precise point on the boulder, imagining himself pouring all of his ki into that single point.

    With a mighty cry, Goshin struck with his right fist, shattering the boulder as if it were made of glass.

    “Way to go, Goshin!” Banbo cheered, clapping.

    “Well done, boy,” Kame-Sen'nin added.

    Goshin turned to Soku, on his left, who mimicked his actions with a different boulder.

    “Soku, too?” Ramis said to herself, her eyes wide.

    “Unbelievable! You started your training at the beginning of June and you've come this far by August! Maybe you boys will be ready for the next Budokai tournament,” the old man said.

    “The Budokai? Master, surely you must be joking!” Ramis said.

    “Now, Ramis, the boys just need to hone their fighting skills. Look at how much their strength has improved!” Kame-Sen'nin said. “In two months, they've gone from being barely able to stand to smashing boulders with their bare hands! That's incredible!”

    “Whatever,” Ramis muttered, folding her arms across her chest.

    “I'm looking forward to it! I think I might even enter again!” Banbo said enthusiastically.

    “Master, what's our next training?” Goshin and Soku asked, running up to the old man.

    “Oh, I think you all could use some down time. I've got another delivery for you, to a bakery on a planet you know as airth,” Kame-Sen'nin said.

    Goshin and Soku could hardly contain their excitement. “You mean Earth, right?” they said, nearly dancing out of their skins.

    “Oh, why, yes. Mars.”

    The four disciples planted their foreheads firmly against the palms of their right hands.


    “So what are we delivering this time?” Goshin asked cheerfully as he strapped himself into his seat next to Soku at the communications console.

    “Master Kame-Sen'nin said we're delivering sugar to a baked goods company based out of the North Capital,” Banbo answered, strapping himself in as well.

    “Is everyone ready?” Ramis asked.

    “Yes!” the others replied.

    “All right, then! Blast off in five... four... three... two... one!” Ramis counted down, just as the ship's engines flared, thrusting it upward into the sapphire skies of Planet Dashi.

    “Yeah! To Earth, to Earth!” Goshin and Soku shouted excitedly.


    The Planet Earth had never looked more vibrant to Goshin as he gazed out, starry-eyed, at it through the thick glass window at the front of the Dashi Express ship's cockpit. They were coming in from the north, giving them a breath-taking view of the snow-capped maroon mountains of the north, which grew from their roots in the green highlands and rolling hills slightly further south.

    “Home...” Goshin whispered to himself.

    “Dashi Express ship, we have you on our short-range scanners. Please state your destination and the appropriate spaceport will be notified,” came a calm, almost bored voice over the communications array.

    “Uh,” was all Soku could manage.

    Banbo stood from his seat and stepped over to the communications array. “This is Dashi Express ship. Our destination today is Planet Delicious bakery in the North Capital.”

    “Roger that. Please proceed, and please tell the invincible old master that Daremo sends his regards!” the space traffic controller said.

    “I will, sir,” Banbo said, before disconnecting from the channel and returning to his own seat.

    He flashed a smile at Goshin and Soku. “Ready to go home for a little while?”

    “Yeah!” Goshin and Soku enthusiastically replied in unison.


    The ship touched down on a landing pad that had been recently vacated, and the hatch opened and the boarding ramp extended soon after, bearing its load of deliverymen and their cargo, which, of course, was stashed away safely inside a tiny gray Hoi Poi Capsule stored inside a black plastic container stashed away inside one of the pockets in Ramis' gi.

    Goshin took a deep breath of air, savoring the subtle scent of summer flowers and damp earth.

    “Goshin, is it just me, or are we lighter now?” Soku said.

    Goshin shrugged. “I feel lighter.”

    “You're just a lot stronger now is all,” Banbo explained. “I felt the same way on my first return trip back to Earth.”

    “It's weird,” Goshin said. “I bet I can jump real high.” Goshin bent his knees slightly, and jumped, shooting into the air at an astonishing speed and to an equally astonishing height before descending and landing lightly on his feet.

    “Oh, me too! I wanna try!” Soku said, jumping. Before he could get very far off the ramp, however, Ramis reached up, grabbing him by the collar, and tossing him back down and delivering a punch to the back of Goshin's head.

    “You can jump later. We have a job to do right now,” she growled.

    “Yes, ma'am,” Goshin and Soku said, looking down at their feet.

    They continued to the bottom of the ramp, which automatically retracted itself, in silence. “Welcome to North Capital Metropolitan Spaceport. Please insert your pilot's license,” a robotic security guard greeted them, using a mechanical arm to tip its hat.

    Ramis reached into her pocket and produced the Hoi Poi Capsule case. She opened it and pulled out a small, white, laminated card and inserted it into a slot in the robot guard's chest.

    After a moment, the robot spat the card back out, saying, “Confirmed, Raymiss Dawlse. Enjoy your stay in the Northern Capital, and have a nice day!” Ramis retrieved her license, and the robot guard sped off on its spidery eight legs.

    Ramis sighed. “They never pronounce it right.” She took out three capsules from the case and tossed them down a few meters in front of them, which exploded into three identical hoverbikes. They were pearly white and glistened in the ethereal northern sun.

    Banbo took the one on the left and Ramis took the center bike. Goshin and Soku looked at the remaining bike.

    “Don't you guys know how to ride one of these things?” Ramis asked, raising one eyebrow.

    “It's easy,” Banbo said. “All you do is twist the right handlebar. Like this.” He grasped the gray rubber on the handlebar and bent his wrist back, twisting the handlebar gently. The bike began to scoot forward at a slow pace.

    “Oh, like a motorcycle,” Soku said, hopping onto the gray seat. He twisted the handlebar just a little too hard, and the bike darted forward several meters, tossing Soku off the back.

    “Soku, are you okay!?” Goshin asked.

    “Yeah...” Soku said, picking himself up off the ground and dusting himself off.

    Ramis snickered. “That's too hard, Soku.”

    “Yeah, I figured,” Soku said, hopping back onto the seat of the bike. He twisted the handle, more gently this time, and the bike eased forward. “There we go.”

    “Can we go now? We have to check in at the terminal before we can make our delivery,” Ramis said.

    “Goshin, hop on,” Soku said, patting the back of the seat. Goshin complied, standing up on the very back of the seat and holding onto Soku's shoulders.


    After having checked in at the terminal, presenting their passports and having their cargo screened by a large and rather scary-looking machine, and being screened themselves by equally scary-looking security guards, Goshin, Soku, Banbo, and Ramis had arrived at the Planet Delicious Bakery without incident.

    “What kinda name is 'Planet Delicious', anyway?” Soku said, staring across the street at the little run-down shack with a few hovercars parked in front of it.

    Banbo gestured with his thumb in the opposite direction. Soku and Goshin turned around, and their jaws dropped.

    The real Planet Delicious bakery was housed in a sprawling palatial building composed of many high, domed sections. The bricks were a golden yellow color, which contrasted beautifully with the opal-colored glass of the domes. Two fountains on the grounds out in front fed the luscious gardens, amongst which played several groups of squirrels.

    “Wow,” Soku said.

    “Well, don't just stand there, you two, come on,” Ramis said, shaking her head. Goshin and Soku hadn't noticed that Banbo and Ramis were already beginning to walk up the concrete pathway to the front door of the bakery.

    “I can't believe we're gonna get to go in there!” Soku said.

    “Yeah, there's gonna be so much food to eat,” Goshin said, rubbing his stomach hungrily.

    “Don't get your hopes up,” Ramis said. “We might be a supplier, but we still have to pay for all the food we eat here, and Master Kame-Sen'nin wouldn't be very happy if we emptied his bank account for baked goods.”

    “Oh,” Goshin said, patting his stomach, which growled hungrily.

    A man dressed in a white baker's hat, white long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled back, and a white apron opened the door to welcome them in. “Ah, esteemed disciples of the august Muten-Roshi! Welcome, welcome!”

    “Good afternoon, sir,” Banbo said, nodding his head and smiling as he entered the door. Ramis did the same. Soku waved, and Goshin looked timidly at the man as they passed inside.

    The inside of the bakery wasn't quite was Goshin was expecting, however. Rather than rivers of chocolate and trees made of cinnamon logs, the interior of the bakery contained rather little. There were a few plants of the inedible variety decorating corners and tables here and there, with a few portraits of what were presumably past owners or managers hanging from the walls at different intervals. The tile floor reflected the warm golden light pouring from the ornate chandeliers above, however, making the entry hall feel very homey, as if Goshin's mother, Son Rushan, would come running out of any door to grab her son up in her arms.

    Goshin sniffed the air, taking in the aroma of hot, fresh cakes and pies and other assorted baked goods. His mouth began to water, and his stomach began to growl louder.

    “Goshin, can't you stop that? You're embarrassing the company!” Ramis hissed.

    “I'm sorry, I just smell food,” Goshin replied.

    “Hey, come on, Ramis, I think we're all a little bit hungry,” Banbo protested.

    “Whatever,” Ramis said, rolling her eyes.

    Eventually, they came to a massive kitchen, inside of which were multitudes of chefs working lovingly with their ingredients.

    “Oh, Ramis! Hello!” one of them said when she caught sight of them. Ramis pulled the capsule case out of her pocket and retrieved one of the capsules. The chef grabbed the capsule using a napkin and told Ramis she's have to write out the check, before leading her across the kitchen to another room.

    Goshin looked around. “Oh, man...” he muttered.

    “You wanna take a look around?” Banbo asked.

    Goshin looked up at him as if Banbo had just offered him an entire ice cream cake. “Yeah.”

    Banbo nodded.

    Goshin smiled and began meandering around the room, gazing longingly at the dough and other ingredients each chef was working with. The smell of flour was so strong in the kitchen that Goshin could taste it.

    It was then that he realized that there was a string of drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. He wiped it off on his pant leg before continuing.

    Finally, he saw Ramis emerge from the office with the female cook, holding a check in her hand. The two said good bye, and Ramis gestured to Goshin to tell him they were leaving.

    Goshin took one last look at the food being prepared, and followed the others out the kitchen door.

    “Can we eat now?” he asked.

    “We have to deposit this check first, but yes, after that,” Banbo said.

    Goshin smiled, patting his stomach.


    A large plate of meatless bones and scraps of various vegetables and desserts was all that remained in front of Goshin. He sighed, leaning back in his chair and patting his bulging stomach happily. Ramis, Banbo, and Soku weren't far behind, but they hadn't ordered nearly as much food. The waitress had had to confirm with Goshin several times that he knew how much he was asking for, and if he was really prepared to pay for it all, but, having it in with one of the richest (and strongest) men in the galaxy meant Goshin didn't need to worry about money, only filling his bottomless gut.

    “That was gooood,” he said, putting his hands behind his head.

    Ramis smacked the side of his ribcage with the back of her hand. “Arms down.”

    “Yes, ma'am,” Goshin said, lowering his arms and folding his hands in his lap instead.

    “Are we gonna go back to the Turtle Hermit's now?” he asked.

    “No,” Banbo answered. “Master Kame-Sen'nin decided that we could stay a few days. He said it could be good for you two to go home for a day or two. Get a home-cooked meal, and a good night's rest in your own beds.”

    “So, wait, when are we going?” Soku asked.

    Banbo chuckled, eyeing some rather scantily-clad young women sitting a few tables over who were waving their fingers and winking at him occasionally. “We are not. You two, though, can make the trip alone. There's nothing to worry about. Just take the hover bikes, and you'll be back in Satan City in a few hours,” he said, tossing a capsule each to Goshin and Soku. “We'll come for you in seventy-two hours.”

    “Oh,” Goshin said. He felt something inside his chest. His heart felt like it was about to burst. Did Banbo really expect him and Soku to travel so many hundreds of miles?

    “Don't worry. I'll be watching out for you both,” Banbo said, as if he'd read Goshin's mind.

    “Goshin, can you believe this!?” Soku said, seeming like he was about to explode with excitement. “We get to go home! And it's still summer, so everyone'll still be out of school!”

    Goshin raised himself up and smiled. “Hey, yeah! That's right!”

    “Let's go, then! We can get before nightfall if we hurry and go now!” Soku said.

    “Oh, right!” Goshin said, hopping out of his seat. He and Soku rushed out of the restaurant, and tossed their Hoi Poi Capsules onto the ground, revealing two of the hoverbikes they'd used earlier to traverse the North Capital.

    The two hopped onto the seats of their respective bikes. “Uhh...” Goshin stuttered.

    “What is it, Goshin?” Soku asked.

    Goshin chuckled nervously. “I don't know how to drive it.”


    Goshin and Soku soared above the ground on a single hoverbike, with Soku operating the machine and Goshin holding on for dear life. The North Capital was passing by around them, almost as if it was a movie being projected on a gigantic screen. They passed people walking on the sidewalks below, children riding their wheeled bicycles in the street, and the hovercar traffic above. Buildings, brick, mortar, concrete, and glass, all sped by in a rush.

    “Satan City's way far in the east, right? So we should go southeast to get there,” Soku yelled over the mighty roar of the wind.

    “Uh, right!” Goshin yelled back. “I think.”

    The golden orb of the sun was sinking down to the west in the ever-darkening sky, and the tiny white specks of stars were beginning to emerge from their diurnal hiding places. The beginning stages of night were something Goshin had missed since his departure, and he couldn't help but feel a strange tingling sensation in his chest now that he was seeing it again.

    The chilly wind was whipping both boys' hair into a standing position, though it wasn't much different than normal for Goshin's hair. He had to squint his eyes, however, as they kept drying out in the wind.

    “I think you're s'posed to wear goggles or something when you ride these things!” Goshin shouted.

    “Well, I think only one person's s'pose to ride!” Soku responded, giving his friend a slight smirk.

    Slowly, the city faded into the distance, and gray was replaced with green and brown as the bike raced above the trees.

    Goshin's teeth chattered, but hardly from the cold wind. He could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of seeing his mother, his father, and his other friends again for the first time in over two months. He could almost hear his friend's chatter and smell Keshi's perfume and Roola's body spray. He could almost taste his mother's delicious cooking, and now he could almost smell the smoke from a sizzling steak in a frying pan.

    In fact, he did smell smoke.

    Soku seemed to be noticing it as well, too. He slowed the bike.

    “Goshin, do you smell that?” he asked, now that they had slowed down enough that the wind wasn't overpowering every other sound.

    But before Goshin could answer, there was a massive explosion from directly beneath them, and the resulting shock wave sent the bike flying into the air, spilling the two boys off of it.

    Goshin couldn't help but scream as he sailed upward with the force of the shock wave. He saw the world dropping away beneath him, Soku flailing around in the air nearby, and the bike already cartwheeling back to the ground below. Then the world stopped falling and started rising rapidly.

    All he could think about was how stupid this all was. He shouldn't have let himself get distracted by thoughts of home. He shouldn't have agreed to ride without the supervision of more experienced riders. Someone able to save them in case a situation like this happened. Stupid. Now he'd never get home. Never get to see his mother or father or friends again. Stupid way to die, too.

    He noticed the trees that had been directly beneath them had all been blown away by the explosion, having shattered other trees and across them as well. Wood was scattered all around the clearing, which was now filling with what seemed to be some sort of construction worker.

    Goshin hit the dirt hard, and rolled toward the center of what he realized was a crater. Soku followed suit, tumbling down just behind him. He could hardly breathe at all, having had the breath knocked from him, and there was a horrible pain in his forearm where he'd first hit. He bit his bottom lip hard, and clutched it with his other hand.

    “Goshin, are you all right?” Soku asked, managing to pull himself into a sitting position.

    “Owwww...” Goshin moaned in reply. His vision was beginning to become obscured with tears.

    “Aw, damn it, Kozan, ya used too much dynamite, just like I told ya!” one of the workers said.

    Another worker, apparently Kozan, stuck his middle finger up into the air at the first. “Look at how much I care!”

    “What's going on? Can't you guys get us some help?” Soku said, trying to pull himself back up to his feet. “I think my friend needs medical help.”

    “Jeez, Horu, they're alive!” one of the miners said.

    “Yeah, well, you know what the boss said,” another replied. “No one's supposed to know what we're doing here.”

    “Yeah, we'll give 'em medical attention,” yet another added, cracking his knuckles.

    Goshin could hardly believe his ears. The pain in his arm was quickly numbed by anger and fear. “What do you mean?” Soku said, taking a step back so that he was standing over Goshin, who struggled to push himself up with his good arm.

    “Aw, come on, Kozan, they're just kids! What do they know?” one of the workers said.

    “Listen, you wanna talk to Chasim about it, or do ya wanna shut up 'n drop it?” Kozan demanded.

    The other worker didn't reply.

    “That's what I thought,” Kozan said, crackling his knuckles as well.

    “L- listen, you,” Soku said, “we've been trained in the martial arts!”

    The workers laughed at Soku's attempt at a threat. “You think we're scared of wimpy little brown-belts like you?” one of them said, inciting another round of boisterous laughter.

    Oh, man, where's Banbo when you need 'im... Goshin thought.

    “We've been training on a planet with twice the gravity of Earth! We're a lot stronger than we look!” Soku warned, but this only made the workers laugh even harder.

    “Listen, kid, we're miners. We've worked on planets with five times Earth's gravity. Two ain't nothin',” Kozan said, wiping a tear of laughter from his eye. “And you ain't got a snowball's chance in hell.”

    “Soku...” Goshin said weakly. “We might be able to win. We just have to use our ki.”

    “Right, we'll-” Soku began, just as he was cut off by a powerful punch to the gut by Kozan's thick right arm.

    “Hey, that's my best friend!” Goshin cried, leaping up and delivering a well-placed kick to Kozan's face.

    Kozan cried out in pain, swearing. “Augh! Damn it, ya little bastard! Squash 'im!”

    Goshin landed back on his feet, now backed up by Soku, who had recovered somewhat from Kozan's punch.

    One of the miners lurched forward with his arms spread wide, trying to grab Goshin, who leapt out of the way just in time, flipped forward, and brought his knee down to the man's back, causing a cry of pain to issue from the man's lips.

    “Aw, whatsamatter, Horu? Can't take care of a couple kids?” another miner taunted, darting forward with surprising agility and headbutting Goshin in the chest, knocking him back to the ground at the center of the crater, next to the battered and broken bike.

    Soku responded by punching the man square in the side, knocking him over, and then jumping onto his chest, but the man grabbed Soku in his hands and tossed him aside like a doll.

    Soku crawled back to his feet to stand next to Goshin. “Listen, Soku, I might be able to get this. There's an old technique my family's passed down for a real long time for bozos like these. They're strong, but this should be able to stop 'em in their tracks,” Goshin said. “See if you can copy it.”

    “Okay, whatever we have to do,” Soku agreed.

    Goshin hopped to the nearest miner, who aimed a punch at his face. “ROCK!” Goshin cried, blocking the punch with one of his own, boosted by his ki. “SCISSORS!” Goshin pulled back his fist and then jabbed his index and middle fingers into the man's eyes, causing him to recoil in pain, clutching his face. “PAPER!” Goshin finished with a mighty blow to the man's abdomen from his palm, which caused the man to stumbled backwards and fall to the ground.

    “Hey, you're pretty good, Goshin!” Soku said. “Fightin' with one arm and all.”

    Soku leapt to the next miner and tried out his own Rock-Scissors-Paper attack, which worked just as well, with Soku still having the use of his right arm.

    But the next try was not so lucky. Though the next miner's first punch was blocked by Soku's counter, he punched with his left fist as well, catching Soku off guard and sending him flying backwards.

    “No, Soku!” Goshin cried, feeling a fire flare up inside his chest.

    He aimed his palm at the responsible worker, and from his palm burst forth a golden bolt of ki, which shot at the man, hitting him in the back and scorching off his shirt and knocking him onto his face.

    But there were many more miners left to go. Goshin growled in frustration, clenching his good fist.

    Then Goshin felt himself being hauled up into the air by his ankles as he fell upside-down. His fingers brushed against the dirt of the crater. “Lights out, kid,” Kozan said, apparently having overpowered the pain in his body.

    Goshin closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, preparing himself for the inevitable.

    But it never came. Goshin opened his eyes, and what he saw was unbelievable. A tall man wearing a black business suit and a bowler and buried his fist deep inside Kozan's gut, causing him to drop Goshin, and double over, clutching his stomach, before passing out.

    “Anyone else care to try and pick on someone their own size?” the stranger challenged.

    Fading in and out of consciousness, Goshin watched in semi-awe as the stranger dispatched each and every one of the miners with a singular blows. One punch to the stomach, one kick to the jaw, was all it took to down each of the bulky strongmen.

    “What?” Goshin said, though he doubted anyone could hear.

    As soon as the man had made sure all the miners were out cold, the man appeared over Goshin. “I've contacted the authorities already. They'll be sending an ambulance and several police cars. Your friend should be okay.”

    Goshin didn't know how to feel about this man, dressed entirely in black. All Goshin could see of his skin was his face. The man's smile was assuring, and his eyes were kind, however.

    “This sort of thing shouldn't happen to innocent bystanders, especially ones so young,” the man said.

    Goshin let his eyes close for a few short seconds, and when he opened them again, the man was gone.

    Goshin slowly clambered to his feet, feeling totally exhausted and in severe pain. He couldn't feel most of his right arm anymore. His chest felt like someone had punctured it with a knife. His jaw ached. He threw his head down and vomited on the ground.

    When he had finished, he looked up, and his heart stopped when he saw a short, hooded figure walking down into the crater in the fading light.

    “Soku...” Goshin whispered, rapping his friend on the shoulder with his good hand.

    Soku groaned.

    “Soku, wake up,” Goshin quietly pleaded as the hooded figure drew nearer. Goshin could feel the hair on the back of his neck prick up, and he felt his chest tighten. Something about this man scared him even more than the workers had.

    “Soku, come on...” Goshin said again, shaking his friend harder.

    “Huh? What?” Soku said, finally coming to. Goshin pointed, and Soku gasped, immediately climbing to his feet.

    The man removed his hood, revealing an impish, non-human face with greenish skin and two whiskers on either side of his mouth. The man's bulbous eyes were surveying the damage, lingering for a second on each of the defeated miners.

    “Who is responsible for this?” the man demanded in an oddly squeaky yet malevolent voice.

    Goshin and Soku could only stare at the man in terror

    “WELL?” the man demanded. “Did you do this, boy?”

    Goshin pointed to himself, shaking his head nervously. His whole body was shaking.

    “Then WHO DID!?” the man demanded again.

    “I don't know who it was,” Goshin said, “Honest.”

    “You LIAR!” the man said, his eyes bulging with rage.

    “No, you don't understand! We weren't even supposed to be here! We were just trying to get to Satan City, you see, and-” Goshin said.

    “I DON'T CARE WHERE YOU WERE GOING! WHO DID THIS!?” the man screamed.

    “I told you,” Goshin said, on the verge of tears, “I don't know.”


    Goshin gulped.

    “PAPARA-PA!” the man said, waving his tiny, wrinkled hands around in the air before directing them toward Goshin.

    “No, Goshin! Get out of the way!” Soku shouted, slamming into Goshin and knocking him aside. A shimmering stream of some ethereal energy enveloped Soku's body, and he collapsed to the ground.

    “Get away from them!” shouted a familiar voice. Then Banbo dropped out of the sky, landing nimbly between the prone Goshin and Soku and the cloaked man. “KA... ME... HA...”

    “The Kamehameha? You're from the Turtle School!” the little man shrieked. “I'm getting out of here!” With that, the man threw a handful of smoke at the ground and disappeared in a flash of light.

    Banbo looked at Goshin and then turned to Soku, and his could only stare in horror. “Soku? Oh my God... Are you okay?”

    Ooohhh... Soku thought rubbing his head and sitting up.

    Then he saw his arm. Even in the fading light he could make out the green skin and the yellow musculature. “Oh.”

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    Well it's good though it may have moved a little bit too quickly in the first few chapters. First of all I think it would've worked if you've described a little more about the universe they live in for people who don't know a lot about the Dragonball universe. Second of all the first two chapters seemed to be moving a little too quickly.

    Another thing is that you need to add some more description to your paragraphs, most of them feel like you're listing things rather than describing them.

    Characters: They're good so far I like Ramis a lot but there's a specific reason for that her personality is the one that's made out the most I feel like we know way too little about Goshin's and Soku's personalities in fact you might say that aside from Goshin's appetite they both feel as if they were the same so I'd recommend changing that for future chapters.

    Plot: seems to be pretty episodic up to the last chapter though I'm still wondering when we'll get to see an actual Dragon Ball here. Also I wonder who the man that saved Goshin and Soku was.

    By the way I don't know if I'm right since it isn't as known but I believe that there was a Hunter x Hunter reference in the fifth chapter with Goshin's rock, paper, scissors technique.

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    Default Re: Dragon Ball Legacy

    Quote Originally Posted by Xmas Haze View Post
    Well it's good though it may have moved a little bit too quickly in the first few chapters. First of all I think it would've worked if you've described a little more about the universe they live in for people who don't know a lot about the Dragonball universe. Second of all the first two chapters seemed to be moving a little too quickly.
    Oh, that's still to come. I didn't want the beginning to be a complete exposition onslaught, so I stuck to the basics for then, but we're going to be getting into more soon. I also don't want to introduce the higher gods too soon, either. I'd like to keep it small for now.

    Another thing is that you need to add some more description to your paragraphs, most of them feel like you're listing things rather than describing them.
    I'll make sure to work on that. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Characters: They're good so far I like Ramis a lot but there's a specific reason for that her personality is the one that's made out the most I feel like we know way too little about Goshin's and Soku's personalities in fact you might say that aside from Goshin's appetite they both feel as if they were the same so I'd recommend changing that for future chapters.
    Well, the differences between Goshin and Soku are pretty subtle right now. Soku tends to talk more than Goshin in certain situations, but they'll be growing now that the plot's kicking in.

    Plot: seems to be pretty episodic up to the last chapter though I'm still wondering when we'll get to see an actual Dragon Ball here. Also I wonder who the man that saved Goshin and Soku was.
    Oh, we'll definitely be seeing them soon. I'll just say nobody really wants Soku to have to remain a slug forever.

    By the way I don't know if I'm right since it isn't as known but I believe that there was a Hunter x Hunter reference in the fifth chapter with Goshin's rock, paper, scissors technique.
    That's actually a Dragon Ball reference. :P It's the same as the Jan-ken technique Goku used in the earlier stages of the series.

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