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    Random drabble I'm working on, just for lulz.

    "Bahamut, into the sword," Yoshimitsu said, his voice so calm, so confident, so in control. In his extended arm, he appeared to be holding an orb of sorts. It had the ghostly features of a dragon, glowing a faint blue colour. With a simple movement, he moved the orb from his palm into the blade in his other hand. There was a flash of light, and suddenly, Yoshimitsu's arm had been covered by what looked like armour. Like samurai armour plates, running from his wrist to his shoulder, each one spiked with azure blades, like those on Bahamut's head crest. His hand was covered by a metallic-looking dragon head, Bahamut's head, unmoving, unblinking. In the dragon mouth, it held the blade, the Bahamut blade.

    "Now, extend to the Guan Dao," Yoshimitsu said, summoning the weapon in question to his other hand. There was another flash, and the form around him changed. His hand with the dragon head was still holding the sword, but the samurai armour appeared to have vanished. The dragon head itself also looked slightly larger, and connected loosely to the next plate, and the next, curving up his arm like a different type of armour. Around his back, the plates changed, back into the samurai-esque armour from before, but they stopped at his elbow. Now, on his other arm, he had what looked like a dragon tail, completely rigid like a polearm, ending with a curved, sharp blade.

    It looked like Bahamut was wrapping himself around Yoshimitsu.

    "It's my..." Yoshimitsu said, his voice quiet. "New style. It's not like my old one. My old one was fixed in form, into one weapon. I could only have more weapons by using my other summon." Yoshimitsu took a step back, raising the dragon tail. "But this one's more flexible. While I have control over this form, I can swap Bahamut out for any other weapon I want without losing the form."

    "Very good, Yoshimitsu," Alex said. For once, there was no trace of sarcasm in his voice. "But why is this such an improvement?"

    "Now, my fighting style is more fluid. More like water. You're a water elementalist, Alex, you can appreciate this," Yoshimitsu said, his head bowed. The blade of the tail was still pointing directly at Alex. "Have you ever fought water? Or have you ever had it fight against you? You can't strike it without something taking its place, you find yourself weaker while trying to defeat it. When it hits you back, it's never merciful, and neaver eases up."

    "You're talking to me of fighting water," Alex said. "Have you ever fought water before?"

    "I've fought you before," Yoshimitsu replied. His voice was still maddeningly calm. Somewhere, lighting flashed and thunder clapped, illuminating the area. A wasteland. It was completely bare, made of dried up and compacted soil. No boulders. No trees. No water. It was a vast emptiness.

    "And what now? What do you want now? Do you want to fight me again, or did you just want to show off?" Alex said. Now the sarcasm was back.

    "You know something that I want to know," Yoshimitsu said. "You have information I need. I know that asking you for it is pointless. You know why I'm showing you my new fighting style."

    "And there is no way around it, is there?" Alex said, sighing.

    "You make these rules. I just follow them," Yoshimitsu said. "Alex, prepare yourself and take your stance."

    Alex laughed, then clicked his fingers. Two tentacles of water erupted behind Yoshimitsu, rising higher and higher before they both twirled in the air, then shot down right at Yoshimitsu.
    "Summoning water in this environment, I'm impressed," Yoshimitsu said. He spun on the spot, and in one slash he cleaved through both tentacles as they approached him, sending the water past him, not a single drop touching him. One he turned to face Alex again, he thrust the tail at him. Each section of the tail broke apart and extended, the blade shooting at the water adept like a bullet. Alex smirked, then twirled to the side, drawing a short blade from his waist as he did so. Yoshimitsu's weapon snapped back to normal, and the blue-haired teenager looked straight up, meeting Alex's eyes for the first time.

    "You were talking to me of new styles," Alex said. "You've been improving... but then again, so have I."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "You use your summon monsters to power your fighting style," Alex said. "I have found a way to power mine. I will draw my power from the essence of water itself, and show you just how little you know."

    "You can power up as much as you like, Alex," Yoshimitsu said. "But I have purpose now, and for that reason... I cannot lose."

    "We shall see."

    Alex held his blade out on front of him, and suddenly it extended into a long sword, the blade appearing from nowhere.
    "I call upon the essence of nature," he said. Yoshimitsu could hear the power on his voice. "Brutal currents and merciless waves. Enter the blade."

    Alex's blade began to glow violently bright, not a flash like Yoshimitsu's had. Yoshimitsu saw the change. Alex was not just calling on the essence of water. He was summoning the raw and brutal nature of the sea. An armour of sorts started to grow, covering Alex's entire arm in two pieces. The first was a rather larger piece, resembling an arrow, but with what Yoshimitsu could only describe as a fin protruding out of it. The second piece was much smaller, and pentagonal in shape, curved round like a shoulder pad.

    "You lied, Alex," Yoshimitsu said.

    "Care to elaborate?" Alex replied.

    "You said you were calling the essence of water. You lied to me," Yoshimitsu said. "You're not calling on the essence of water. You're calling on the brutality of nature itself. But it wont help you."

    "Prove it."

    Yoshimitsu shot at Alex, the tail losing its integrity entirely. Yoshimitsu flicked his wrist, and the weapon moved like a whip, flying at Alex. Alex did not try to dodge, he covered himself with the armour of the blade. The offense met the defense, triggering a shockwave. It was clear now that neither combatant was going to let this battle slide.

    May or may not continue this, haven't decided

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    Wow. This sounds pretty nice. Is the Yoshimitsu in this story based around the one from Soul Calibur? For some reason, it just seems like it. =/

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    Nah, the Yoshimitsu in my drabbles is generally my character - a teenager, roughly my age, with blue spiky hair and a good fashion sense. He's fun to play around with sometimes (I've been working on him for 6 years now, which explains his epic powers) and his emotional growth has been lacking. So, y'know, figured I'd build on that.


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