Or, the reason why Arukenimon and Mummymon have a Jeep.

One day, the infamous gijinka duo were driving through the desert for no particular reason. For no other particular reason, DemiDevimon was with them. The little bat Digimon didn't have a non-vampire-related care in the world...until a thought came to him, asking to be let into his mind.

"Hey guys, where did you get the Jeep from?" he asked.

"It's a long story," Mummymon stated. "But we can tell you. Right, darling?"

"Right, lover boy," Arukenimon growled. "Anyway, it all started when--"


"Guys, why are you tying balloons onto this chair?" Etemon asked. He was lying down in a lawn chair while Puppetmon and Piedmon tied bunches of balloons onto said lawn chair.

"When we're done, you'll get all floaty," Puppetmon explained. "You'll fly to the North Pole and you'll meet Santa Claus."

"Then, when you land, we'll give you a submarine," Piedmon finished.

"A submarine?! This is gonna be awesome! Uh-huh!" Etemon cheered.

The two Dark Masters finished tying the balloons, causing Etemon (and the lawn chair) to fly high in the sky.

"Don't try that at home, kiddos!" Piedmon warned.

"Who are you talking to, Pied?"


Etemon continued to fly, letting the wind push him forward (mainly because there was no other option) and waiting to land. Before long, he saw a sleigh fly up to him.

"Santa Claus?" Etemon asked. "It's the middle of summer!"

"Ho ho ho!" Santa laughed. "I'm delivering presents to all of the good little boys and girls who celebrate Christmas in July!"

Before Etemon could answer, an airliner full of people on the road to nowhere flew by, popping the balloons.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Etemon yelled as he fell for hours (well, it seemed like hours). However, he found a random Cape Feather and grabbed it. Using his newly-formed cape, Etemon flew down to where two certain Dark Masters were standing, where he'd be safe...or so he thought.

"Hey Etemon, look up," Puppetmon suggested.

"Why?" Etemon demanded, only to be hit by the falling lawn chair a few seconds later.

"Told ya," Puppetmon retorted.

"Would you like your submarine now?" Piedmon asked.

"Yeah, give it to me!" Etemon cheered.

"Here it is!" Piedmon declared, presenting him with...

"A submarine sandwich," Etemon moaned, defeated. "Whoo-hoo. You guys rock."

"Thank you!" Puppetmon said.


"...and that's why we have a Jeep," Arukenimon finished.

"Cool story!" DemiDevimon replied.

"Thanks," Arukenimon stated. "At least Bandage Breath remembers part of it..."

"I'll remember anything for you, my love!" Mummymon declared. DemiDevimon hit him with his wing.

"Thank you," Arukenimon said.

"No problem," DemiDevimon replied.

With that, they continued driving because Mummymon is a highway star.

Note: The Etemon story isn't why they have a Jeep. It just shows what was going on with Etemon while Aru and Mummy were telling the real story to DemiDevimon, okay?