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    Default Digimon - The Tamer Club

    T H E T A M E R C L U B

    Rating: PG13 for violence, language, possible sexual references (I think, haha)
    Based on: Digimon and the idea of The Breakfast Club (For those who have seen the movie)
    -Theme Song
    -Main Characters (From L to R: Maya, Trinity, Lucas, Aaron, Nathan)
    -Digimon (Corresponding with order of Main Characters) : Lunamon - Lopmon - Coronamon - Crabmon - Psychemon
    -Main Villain: Arkadimon R C U M SM (Rookie-Mega and beyond)
    (More will be updated)

    Episode List:
    00. Prologue
    01. The Tamer Club
    02. To Separate or Not
    03. An Un-smooth Criminal
    04. One Way Out
    05. Waves of Glory
    06. Unfriendly Fire
    07. Tamer-less
    08. Sparks Fly
    09. Evil Fears None
    10. I Want My Mummymon

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    T H E T A M E R C L U B

    If We're All For One World, There's A World For Us All

    Episode 00 - Prologue

    It is the year 2020 and America, and most importantly the Real World, is slowly recovering from the recession of years past. The stock market is on the incline, jobs are plentiful, and people are happy with their lives all over the real world. However, the life of one person can cause the whole World to go into a severe state of panic.

    A 16-year-old boy by the name of Nathaniel Clark was outside of his high school in New York (John F. Kennedy High School) experimenting on his state of the art Compaq Portable Infinity laptop. While Nathan was working on adding a technical component to his laptop, another 16-year-old boy by the name of Lucas Morris stole his laptop, needing it for an ungiven reason. Angered by the thief, Nathan went to his home computer and created an individual virus to be sent off into the stolen computer. Normally, a person would call the police or use brute force. But Nathan did not want to inform the justice system, nor did he have the physical strength to stand up to Lucas. So, he decided if he couldn't use the laptop, no one could.

    To create the virus, Nathan manipulated and combined the damaging effects of the Red Screen of Death (laptops) and the Blue Screen of Death (computer) to create the Mauve Screen of Death. Later on in the night of Nathan's completion of the virus, he sent the virus out into cyber space to let the dirty deed do its job.

    During the time of slumber for all people in the Western Hemisphere, deep in the alternate realm of the Digital World, a small crab-spider-like Digimon stumbled upon a mauve grenade virus tumbling down the road. Curious with it, and already being a villainous-like Digimon, the In-training Arkadimon touched the virus with its claw, causing the grenade virus to exploded onto its body and expand across the Digital World and Cyber Space itself. The spread of the virus damaged computers and technological systems on a global basis. Every single computer screen was infected by the Mauve Screen of Death, when intentionally only one screen was to be infected.

    While this occurred in the Real World, Arkadimon warp-digivolved into Arkadimon (Ultimate) and began to absorb the fractal code of most of the Digital World in order to gain power. Once he reached his capacity for the day, Arkadimon went into a deep slumber in a castle built for him by the Digimon who didn't dare try to go against his words. Eventually, an army would be formed to become minions of Arkadimon's reign to devour the Digital World and create a Utopia for his kingdom. Not only did Arkadimon want the Digital World, he wanted all other worlds as well (including the Real World).

    The next day in the Real World, Nathaniel woke up past his usual time and was surely late for school. Upon arriving at school, Nathaniel was stopped in the empty hallway by Principal West. Not really wanting to give Nathan detention, but having to show his fairness, Principal West gave Nathan Saturday morning detention. Nathan accepted his punishment and went to class.

    Due to the MSOD (Mauve Screen of Death) happening to all computers, the city of Staten Island decided to hold a fun fair the whole Saturday. Unfortunately for five students of John F. Kennedy High, they would not be able to experience the early activities of the fun fair. Many people found the MSOD as a blessing in disguise, but little did they know that this deadly virus was about to change the whole world.

    The five students consisted of Nathaniel Clark (The Nerd), Aaron Sorenson (The Athlete), Maya Rodriguez (The Immigrant), Trinity Bell (The Princess), and Lucas Morris (The Criminal). Each of the students had received detention some time over the past week and we're now stuck in Saturday morning detention.

    Nathan had received detention for arriving to school late. For the first time in his life, Nathan was participating in a form of detention or school punishment for that matter. His parents were very disappointed in him, but Nathan's parents understood that he should pay for his crime. Nathan is known as the schools top nerd and is all academic in every subject he partakes in. Nathan really just wants to be accepted into a normal clique of friends

    Aaron had received detention for beating up a fellow student in an altercation in the lunchroom during a food fight. Aaron is the star quarterback on the football team and also is a premier swimmer on the swim team, but his father prefers him to play football because he thinks swimming is a feminine sport. Aaron, however, sees swimming as an art rather than girly.

    Maya Rodriguez had received detention for starting a food fight she technically did not start. A girl she was sitting with threw pizza across the table and landed on the back of a male student. The male thought somebody else threw it and threw milk at the wrong person. Soon, a food fight started (Aaron got into a fight at this point) and Principal West managed to put a halt to it. When he asked who started it, the girl that actually started it indicated that Maya was the culprit. Too shy to say anything, Maya accepted her undeserving punishment.

    Trinity Bell had received detention for skipping school just to go to the mall and shop. When asked about it, she said that the mall was way more important than Calculus. Her parents are damn near a divorce, so she takes out her anger by shopping nonstop and spending her wealth.

    Finally, there is Lucas, a Saturday detention junkie. Now, Lucas has detentions lined up since eighth grade and he's still serving them... when he wants to. This Saturday, Lucas finally decides to serve his detention because he has nothing better to do. He doesn't want to go to the fun fair so he decides to see if he can get his sticky fingers on anything while in an empty school. At times, Lucas can be hostile and smart mouth, but he's very witty and quite intelligent. He did feel somewhat guilty for stealing Nathan's laptop, so he decided he could use that as an excuse to arriving for Saturday morning detention.

    Now that the table is set for these five destined teenagers, what lies ahead for them? How are they connected to stopping the virus that is Arkadimon? Can they become the Tamers that can set the world straight?

    Find out in:

    Digimon: The Tamer Club

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    T H E T A M E R C L U B

    If We're All For One World, There's A World For Us All

    Episode 01 - The Tamer Club

    As usual, a steady downpour was occurring in the Dark Area of the Digital World. The sun never shined out in the area, nor did the moon. The Dark Area was artificially dimmed by a floating satellite, almost similar to that of the moon. The satellite gave off a lavender or mauve hue, making every object look as if it were naturally indigo in color. A flock of DemiDevimon, led by a Devimon, flew towards an immense, black castle, entering it from the highest entry window at the peak of the mountain-like structure. Once he landed inside the castle, Devimon rested on one knee, bowing his head respectfully to a large creature sitting in a throne in the center of the hardly lit room. Each of the four DemiDevimon rested at a perch in the four corners of the room. Devimon kept his head bowed as the Digimon sitting at the throne stood, granting Devimon's wishes to speak with his obvious master.

    "Your Highness," Devimon began, "...the DemiDevimon and I were successful in retrieving the fractal code of The Deep Forest. Permission to hand over the fractal code, sir." Devimon's head remained down, avoiding eye contact with the 'royal' Digimon.

    The large Digimon stood up and extended his enormous claws into the face of Devimon, "Give me the fractal code, Devimon." He shifted his neck slightly before standing up straight, arm and claw still extended as he awaited the fractal code of The Deep Forest.

    Devimon got to his feet quickly and uploaded the fractal code from his entire body into the massive hands of his master. The data stream was absorbed by the opposing Digimon and once the download was complete, the master Digimon sighed in relief, turned his back to Devimon, and headed over to his throne to take a seat... However, the large Digimon turned back around to face Devimon, an unamused expression on his face.

    "Devimon. You are one of my most loyal servants, correct?"

    Devimon eyes widened as he stammered slightly, "Y-y-yes sir. I would like to think that sir." He looked nervously to the DemiDevimon in the four corners of the room. Something just was not right about Devimon at this moment. Sweat began to fall from his head. It had to have been sweat, because Devimon was completely dried out from the rain upon entering the castle, "What is it Arkadimon, sir?"

    "You know for a fact that I have the ability to sense fractal code from millions of kilometers away. And yet, you have the audacity to bring multiple DemiDevimon overloading with fractal code within my castle limits and not hand them over to me? Mutiny. You shall be severely punished! You and your henchmen! Dot Matrix!" Arkadimon (Ultimate) thrusted his palm forward as he sent out a wave of pink energy in every direction. The waves came in contact with each DemiDevimon, as well as Devimon. Almost instantly afterwards, the five Digimon were absorbed into Arkadimon's body, causing the Virus Digimon to slightly grow in body size. Finally, after completing his absorption, Arkadimon wandered over to the back side of the room where seven large eggs were situated.

    Arkadimon sighed in a somewhat satisfied tone and said to himself, "It is only a matter of time, my masters. I will revitalize your spirits, your bodies. Together, we shall conquer this world and create a utopia of our own!" Arkadimon's voice echoed not only through out the castle, but through out the Dark Area of the Digital World as well. Whatever Arkadimon had planned obviously was not beneficial to the goodness of the Digital World.


    "In what appears to be a global failure of all computer systems, everyone seems to be baffled on what could have started this now dubbed 'Mauve Screen of Death'. Everywhere around the world, computers are either crashing or failing to boot up, causing businesses and ordinary people alike to go into a state of panic. The stock market, once on the rise after the regress of the recession in years past, has taken another decline dramatically. Experts say, however, there could be more to this story than meets the eye. I'm Linda Peterson, Local News 3."

    Nathniel's father, Dr. Clark, clicked the television off as he equipped himself with his jacket and stood up off the couch. He was dressed in a blue collar shirt, tucked into his Levi's, and black boots. Dr. Clark was one of the few people in the world who could find out how to fix the MSOD problem occurring in the world. Nathaniel sat at the breakfast table, reading over his laptop computer manual. Unfortunately, his laptop was stolen earlier in the week. However, he planned on getting it back some way, some how.

    "Alright, Nathan. I'm off to the office. Promise me you'll come home after your... det... detent... de.."

    "Detention, Dad." Nathan said, finishing his father's sentence. Yes, it was true. Nathan had received a detention for coming to class late, but he had a reason. He was the one who sent out the virus, but no one could know that. Not even his father. Who knows what type of trouble Nathan could possibly get into. He would be arrested for sending the entire world into a severe state of panic. It was only a matter of time before the authorities found out, "I'll come up with a plan in detention."

    As Nathan's father went to the door and left out, Dr. Clark shouted, "And Nathan! Don't try to come to the office and help me. I've got everything under control, alright? I'll have this MSOD problem solved before dinnertime. Make sure your mother bakes some rolls when she comes home from the hospital, got it?"

    "Affirmative." Nathan said quietly as he finished his toast, stuffed his manual into his pocket, and headed out the door about ten minutes after his father left. Fortunately for Nathan, John F. Kennedy High School was only a quick walk down the street.


    While he walked down the street, Nathan observed the several citizens of Staten Island walking, running, and sprinting to the fun fair being held downtown, just outside of the suburbs. Nathan chuckled, shifting his black and yellow laptop bag over his shoulder, "Why waste time going to some fun fair when we should be trying to solve this MSOD crisis I made. Just goes to show you how ignorant the world is today. We need to further ourselves. Evolve from the past."

    Nathan approached the front steps of the John F. Kennedy High School and walked in, closing the large double doors behind him.

    Never had Nathan seen the school so empty. Was it always this empty during classes? Nathan would never know. He walked down the hall and made a left turn towards the large detention room. Unfortunately, JFK High did not have a detention room, so the school used the computer lab until further notice. Once Nathan opened the computer lab door, he noticed two people sitting there.

    The first one was tall, muscular male athlete. He wore a dark blue Letterman jacket with a white 'J' on the right breast portion. His hair was short and blond and his eyes were deep blue. Nathan immediately recognized him, but was not too sure if the blond would even know him. Nathan took a seat at the round table the two persons were sitting at and placed his bag on the table.

    The other one was a female, painting her nails a hot pink color. She had long, dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. She applied her cherry pink lip gloss to her pouty lips and rubbed them together so that it glossed her entire mouth. Once she completed this, she placed the lip gloss and finger nail polish into her purse, rested her cheek in her palm, and sighed in a bored fashion. She was definitely not amused with being in detention on a Saturday morning.

    For a while, there was complete silence until Nathan spoke.

    "So... What are you guys in for?"


    By this time, another male student had walked up to the campus, pink cotton candy in hand. He turned around and leaned against the front doors of JFK High and began nipping on the delicious treat. As he chewed, the young man scanned the area with his caramel eyes, his fire shaded sunglasses dangling around his neck. The young man was wearing a white shirt with black and red paint markings on it, a red jacket with a star on the right breast portion, blue jeans with a few rips here and there, and red and white shoes.

    Finally, his brown eyes met the figure of an approaching female. She looked of Hispanic decent due to her natural tan and curly brown hair in a tidy ponytail. She wore a completely sleeveless purple, pink, and white striped shirt, a shoulderless black with glittery stars fashioned through out the piece of clothing, a black skirt looking similar to the shoulderless shirt, and black boots that went up to her knees. Around her neck was a silver necklace with a star medallion at the end of it.

    The girl ascended the steps of the school, hands behind her back and her eyes focusing on the ground she walked on. The male raised an eyebrow, intrigued as to why she would be coming to school for Saturday detention. She did not look like a troublemaker. Not from his eyes anyway.

    "You going to detention too?" The boy asked.

    The girl stopped in her tracks and looked up at him, "Unfortunately, yes. But... I don't know exactly where to go for detention." She looked towards the door, prepared to enter it until she was stopped by him.

    "Allow me to show you then. I'm Lucas." He grinned heroically and opened the door for her.

    "Maya." She said simply, not really wanting to talk to Lucas. She had heard about his antics before, despite only being at this school for about a month now. She was still considered the new girl by many.


    Inside the computer lab, the three students had began to at least talk about something. Well, how they got in to detention anyway.

    Nathan looked to Trinity, the girl, and asked her how she got into detention. For a moment, she failed to reply, almost forgetting that Nathan was even talking to her. By this time, she was filing her dried nails evenly. Then, Aaron, the male athlete, looked to her and raised his eyebrows.

    "Oh! You were talking to me?" Trinity questioned, "Well, I was out shopping and came to school four hours late. Apparently you're not allowed to go to a sale during school." She rolled her eyes and went back to filing her nail.

    Nathan shook his head and looked to Aaron as if to ask him the same question. Around the exact same time, Lucas and Maya had entered the computer lab.

    "I beat some guy up for throwing food during the food fight earlier in the week. The guy had the nerve to throw something at me. Must have been out of his mind, quite frankly." Aaron punched his palm with great force.

    All eyes were now on the new entries to the room.

    Nathan scowled at Lucas and stood up immediately, "Where's my laptop?"

    "Aren't you the girl that started the food fight? Sweet...." Aaron grinned.

    Lucas was holding the laptop in his hand. He walked over to the round table with Maya following right behind him, "Chill out, geek. It does not even work." He slammed it down on the table purposely and reached into his pocket. He then pulled out a thick stack of cards and sat down in an open chair, kicking his feet up on the desk and going through the cards he found earlier.

    Maya bit her lip and nodded at Aaron before sitting at the last open seat quietly.


    Outside of the computer lab, a janitor swept his mop up and down the hall, making sure to get every tile squeaky clean for Monday morning. He also wanted to be sure that he would complete his task in time to go to the fun fair. Once he saw the five students sitting at the table, they caught his eye and a smile appeared on his face, "Hmm." He said to himself and began whistling an eerie tune.


    "What the heck?" Lucas said to himself as he flipped through the cards. He read the backside of the first card he looked at and noticed it said 'Digimon'. He looked to Aaron and showed him the card, "Ya ever seen a card like this before? It said Dee-gee-mon."

    Aaron took one of the cards from the deck and observed a well. He then shifted his head back in realization, "It's not pronounced Dee-gee-mon, man. It's Digimon. It was once a popular television show like years ago. My older brother told me about it."

    While the two boys wondered about these Digimon cards, Nathan opened up his returned laptop, observing the partial damage Lucas had done to it in days past. There were a few scrapes and bruises but nothing was as severe as the cracked screen. Nathan held in his anger, knowing that he could not take on Lucas if they were to fight. Fortunately, the computer still turned on but immediately was sent to the Mauve Screen of Death as all computers did at this time. Nathan pressed a button on the side of the computer causing a card slot to open out.

    Apparently, some sort of card was missing from the slot because Nathan stood up, enraged now. Maya and Trinity somewhat flinched at the crazed boy.

    "Where's the Vaccination Card!?"

    Lucas looked up from the Digimon cards to see Nathan standing over him as if he was going to threat him, "The who's-a-what's-in card?"

    "The transparent card that was in the slot!"

    Lucas still had a confused look on his face, "Come again?"

    Nathan rolled his eyes and said in dumbed-down terms, "The see-through card!"

    Lucas finally understood what Nathan was asking for, "Oh! That card! It's in this stack somewhere dude. Don't get your boxers in a bunch, seriously." He flipped through the stack of Digimon cards until he came upon a transparent card. Lucas figured this was the card Nathan was complaining about, so he tossed across the table, causing the card to collapse to the floor.

    Nathan exhaled deeply and went to the floor to find the card.

    Maya looked at Nathan, tempted to say something, so Trinity did instead, "Why did you steal his laptop and take whatever-that-card-is out of it? You're such a criminal. You know stealing's against the law right?"

    Lucas glared at Trinity and then went through the cards even more, "I've got a question for you: Why aren't you blond? You ask the dumbest questions. Duh, stealing is against the law. I just choose to do what I want. If that makes me a criminal then so be it. If I want something, I'll get it, no matter the cost. It's as simple as that."

    Maya shifted her mouth, silently not agreeing with what Lucas was representing. She leaned back in her seat and looked over to Nathan to see if he was able to fix his laptop computer.

    Nathan, having found the 'Vaccination Card', placed the card into the slot and closed it back up. He stared at the screen for a moment as it turned blank and then a bright white light, coming from the screen, blinded Nathan, "Ah! Ah!" He shouted before falling back in his seat. The chair fell back due to the force of Nathan's fall.

    Aaron stood up, "You okay, dude?"

    Nathan shielded his eyes from the light and looked over at Lucas, "This isn't the Vaccination Card! What did you do with it?"

    "That is the vacc- whatever the name of the card is!" Lucas stood up as the deck of cards began flying around the room. The screen created a gale force wind about the room swirling chairs, computers, monitors, and everything in site around the room. The five persons maintained their ground, but could not hold on much longer.

    Maya squealed and began speaking in her native, Spanish language. Trinity looked over to Maya, trying to calm her down, but how could she? The wind's force picked up dramatically, swirling the five figures around the room like paper in a tornado. A black hole appeared on the white screen as the Digimon cards were sucked into this portal first. Finally, Lucas, Aaron, Maya, Trinity, and Nathan were sucked into the portal and forcefully dragged into this digital port.


    "CoroKnuckle!" Coronamon shouted as he punched the air with his powerful fists. He had been training for the day he would meet his Tamer. ClavisAngemon had told him the day would come soon, so Coronamon took advantage. Once he was done punching, Coronamon sighed, tired, "I hope that my Tamer is a Tamer of justice! One who abides by the laws and does what is right, rather than wrong. If not, let a fleet of falling objects hit me on the head!" He wiped his forehead.

    Sure enough, the five student fell from the sky. The first to hit the soft, lush, green grass was Nathan. Then Aaron, Maya, and Trinity. Coronamon looked around before saying to himself, "Amazing. At least my statement did not come true, or else I would be....ooomph!"

    Lucas landed on top of the Beast Digimon, smashing it into the ground. Lucas slowly shifted to the side on his back, rubbing his stomach in severe pain as he groaned and moaned. Coronamon lay there completely flattened by Lucas's fall. Eventually, Lucas sat up and looked at the creature, "Oh man. I crushed the little guy." He poked Coronamon on the back, quickly awakening the Digimon.

    Coronamon jumped up in rage, flames shooting out of his headband as he snatched Lucas by the collar, "What's the big idea, wise guy? Don't you know it's not right to attack junior Digital World officers?'

    Lucas blinked for a moment and said, 'What did you just say? Wait a minute... what the hell are you and how are you even talking to me? You're not even human, let alone a species of an animal."

    Nathan stood up, dusting himself off as he observed the angered Coronamon, "Remarkable. Animals can speak now. I must be dreaming. This is every scientist's dream: to be able to communicate with the wildlife!"

    Coronamon raised an eyebrow before releasing Lucas's collar, causing him to fall back onto his back, "Cadet, you talk funny."

    Nathan shrugged it off.

    "I am not an animal. I am merely one of the many species of Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short. And my job as a young Coronamon is to find my Tamer. I was told my Tamer would be a law abiding person who's disciplined and willing to do what's right. From the looks of it, you don't seem strong enough to be my Tamer. Maybe one of the other Digimon are best suited for you." He pointed yonder to four more Digimon."

    From left to right, there was Crabmon, Psychemon, Lopmon, and Lunamon.

    Meanwhile, Coronamon walked around to observe the other three persons. First, he observed Maya and Trinity, but quickly ignored them, "Ugh. Women. Definitely not suited for the law force. Which could only mean that you..." He pointed to Aaron, "You're my Tamer, right?"

    Aaron blinked and said, "Eh. Look dude. I don't know what you're talking about. Hell, I don't even know how you're talking. But, I don't like the law that much. Just too many rules. However, I'm not some sort of criminal."

    "Don't like the law huh? Pathetic. None of you are suited to tame me. I'm disappointed." Coronamon folded his arms.

    "Would you just hush for a change, Coronamon? For once could you NOT talk about serving the world?" said Crabmon as it waddled over to Aaron, "Besides, this is MY Tamer. Look at him! He's physically strong like me." The Crabmon flexed his claws as Aaron grinned, looking down at the Digimon.

    "I do like to swim. Ugh, I'm talking to a crab." Aaron shook his head.

    "Not just a crab. Crabmon." The Digimon reassured him.

    "Whatever." Aaron said, rolling his eyes.

    Lopmon approached Trinity happily and looked up at her. Trinity squealed at how cute Lopmon was and quickly picked it up, 'I don't care if I am dreaming, this bunny rabbit is just too cute! I'm definitely showing you to my BFF's!"

    "I don't know what type of Digimon a BFF is but I think I'm going to enjoy it!" Lopmon smiled brightly, gladdened to be accepted so quickly by it's apparent Tamer.

    Maya noticed that Lunamon neared her cautiously. Finally, the lunar Digimon spoke, "Maya?"

    Maya's eyes widened, not all that amazed that Lunamon spoke, "How do you know my name?"

    "Well, I've been waiting for you. For quite some time now. I know it may not seem all that clear to you now, but eventually it will." Lunamon smiled as she stood beside the Hispanic girl, "I want to be your friend if it's okay, Maya."

    Maya smiled weakly for once, "Sure. I'd like that. What's your name?"


    Nathan sat down on the ground and took out his laptop again, placing it firmly on the ground. Psychemon approached him from behind and tapped him on the shoulder, "Whatcha doin', Nathan?"

    "I'm trying to reboot this computer so that it can emulate the effects of what got us here. So, now I'm just going to have to reenter the Vaccination Card and..." he opened the card slot, but noticed that the slot was severely damaged, "Great, now there's no way of getting back home."

    "Well, I don't know much of what you just say. So, I'm just going to start back over. Hi! I'm Psychemon!"

    Nathan looked to the Digimon and exhaled, "Hello, Psychemon."


    "Ugh! There is no way you're my Tamer!" Coronamon pointed up to Lucas, who was currently in one of the trees of this small clearing in the forest. Lucas picking apples, due to the fact of he was hungry.

    Lucas bit into one of the apples and said in a muffled tone, "Look, dude, I don't know what a Tamer is... but..." Suddenly, a Patamon flew out of nowhere and stole one of his apples. Almost immediately, Lucas dove after the flying Digimon and pinned it to the ground, "Hand over the apple, man!"

    He snatched the apple out of Patamon's mouth and stood up. Then, Lucas kicked the Patamon clear out of the forest and dusted his hands off.

    Coronamon watched in awe, amazed at how quickly Lucas was able to catch his culprit and then handle it with ease, "You... you... you captured that Patamon easily!"

    "Yeah sure." Lucas nodded, biting into the apple that was once in Patamon's mouth, "He stole my apple. I just wanted it back."

    "But, that was amazing! You were able to capture it! What's your secret?"

    "Umm..." Lucas thought for a moment, "Wheaties! The breakfast of champions!"

    "Wheaties..." Coronamon said, gazing into the sky.


    By now, everyone had gotten acquainted with their Digimon. Each were getting to know one another respectively. Finally, Nathan spoke up and conducted a meeting.

    "Alright, we need to find a way to get home. So, I'm thinking that we should stay in this forest until I'm able to repair the laptop."

    Lucas tossed an apple core at Nathan's head, "That's so boring. We should look around to see if there's another way out."

    "We don't know what this world holds, Lucas! We have to think cautiously! Think everything out before we do it!"

    Lucas was shuffling through the Digimon cards before he looked up slowly, "Oh, I'm sorry. We're you saying something?"

    Steam came literally out of Nathan's ears.

    Coronamon watched over his Tamer's shoulders and said, "You have Digi-Modifying cards? You are definitely worthy of being my Tamer, Lucas!"

    Lucas shrugged, "Yeah... Whatever you say."

    Coronamon snatched the cards out of Lucas's his hands and passed them out equally to the five people, "This way, we'll all be prepared in case something happens."

    "Like what?" Maya asked quietly.

    "Well," Lunamon started, "Weird things have been happening in the Digital World ever since the virus has spread. Places are disappearing."

    "Yes," Coronamon nodded, "Lunamon's and my lands are disappearing as we speak. In fact, our species are having to migrate to territories we've never seen before. It's very fortunate we ran into Lopmon, Crabmon, and Psychemon or we would not know our way around here."

    Trinity halted the conversation, "Okay, this convo is getting waaaay too complicated for my taste. Is there a mall around here?"

    "Uhh, what is a mall?" Psychemon asked dumbfoundedly.

    "Exactly." Trinity rolled her eyes as it got darker and darker outside.

    Lucas, putting the cards into his pocket, came up with an idea, "Guys! Cellphones!"

    Finally, everyone had an 'Oh, yeah!' look on their faces as they pulled out their cell phones. Unfortunately, their cellphones were replaced by D-Arc's. Lucas's was all red with a golden ring; Nathan's was all teal with an emerald ring; Aaron's was blue with a ruby ring; Trinity's was all brown with a pink ring; and Maya's was all white with an indigo ring.

    "Okay, definitely not my cell phone." Trinity sighed, "It's like a fat iPod."

    Nathan smiled, "Incredible. Our cell phones have some how transformed into..."

    "Digivices..." Lunamon said quietly.

    "Everything changes from here on out." Coronamon said to everyone, "Whether you like it or not, responsibility is now heavy on each and everyone of you's shoulders."

    The five Tamers looked at one another. They did not really have a say in this situation. They were trapped inside the Digital World, and it was all because of a simple prank gone horribly wrong.

    Will Lucas, Nathan, Aaron, Trinity, and Maya be able to handle the responsibilities of being a Tamer? What exactly does Arkadimon have planned for his 'utopia'?

    Find out next time on: Digimon - The Tamer Club!

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    T H E T A M E R C L U B

    If We're All For One World, There's A World For Us All

    Episode 02 - To Separate Or Not

    Because there was no civilization for a few miles, the newly christened Tamers, as well as their Digimon, decided to camp in the forest. Fortunately, the Digimon were master at creating small tents and settlements for the evening. So, they rested in the center of the forest until the morning. Unfortunately, old habits were reawakened once the Sun of the Digital World reached blue skies.

    Lucas was the first to rise and he was quite hungry. Coronamon was right beside him when they awoke, as if he was some sort of intern to Lucas. Coronamon saw Lucas as the chief, the captain, the sheriff if you will. In Coronamon's eyes, oh those deep emerald eyes, he saw Lucas as the leader of this whole Tamer organization. Unfortunately, Lucas thought so too.

    Rummaging through Nathan's bag, Lucas searched for any source of edible foods. Fortunately, he found a bag of delicious, buttery rolls and took advantage of this seized opportunity. Coronamon was not so sure about taking belongings from other people and he quickly questioned Lucas.

    "Lucas, you sure it's right to just up and take things from Nathan's bag? Stealing is against the law and against the code of the police force. I've heard stealing can get you in jail!" Coronamon's eyes widen curiously.

    Lucas stuffed his mouth with two of the bread rolls and peered at Coronamon from the corner of his eyes. He went back through the bag and found another sack of rolls and said in a muffled tone, "Mraama mraamma marram maugh!"

    Coronamon had a blank expression on his face, "I'm sorry... what did you just say?"

    Lucas swallowed the delicious bread and sad, "It's not stealing when the food belongs to the group! Think about it-- Let's say there this apple tree in the village."

    "Mmmhmm." Coronamon nodded.

    "The tree belongs to villagers, right?"


    "Let's say you and I live in this same village. We both walk up to the tree and I happen to take the apple before you can get it. It's not stealing because the tree belongs to the village which I am a part of. In this case, it's more of 'finder's keepers, loser's weepers'. Got it?"

    Coronamon blinked for a moment, trying to conjugate what Lucas meant. Part of him understood, but another part did not, "I guess I understand. As long as it isn't stealing, I guess I can accept that." He looked to his left and noticed Nathan waking up, "Look who's up."

    Nathan sat up and saw that Lucas had a mouthful of bread. By this time, Coronamon also had bread in both hands, prepared to devour the delicious breakfast. Nathan stood up, furious at Lucas and Coronamon, "What are you two doing going through my bag!"

    "Breakfast." Lucas said simply. He held up a piece to Nathan's face, "Want some? It's buttery!"

    Nathan snarled with such high a volume, it woke up everyone else. Aaron stood up and stretched. He yawned without covering his mouth as he looked over at Aaron, Nathan, and Coronamon, "What's all the hubbub, dude?"

    "Smooth criminal here was stealing MY bread!"

    Psychemon stood up and stood beside Nathan, instantly agreeing with his Tamer, "He did what!? That's not nice! You can't just steal bread! You can go to jail for stealing don't you know?"

    Trinity sighed, applying gloss to her lips as she dangled a mirror from a tree branch. She stared into the mirror and rolled her eyes, "For God's sake, it's just bread! Can't you guys like buy more bread?"

    Lopmon sat on top of the branch, observing Trinity's hair and fixing it where some of the loose hair stood up. She straightened it down to make her Tamer look beautiful. Trinity did have natural beauty externally, but internally was another story.

    Nathan glared over to Trinity, "In case you haven't noticed... yeah... WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!"

    Maya bit her lip as Lunamon rested in her lap, also awakening gracefully. The two of them appeared to be the peaceful ones of this unlikely bunch. But both of them were not quick to talk. They liked to observe their surroundings. Maya's hair was slightly messy from laying on the cloth pillow made for her, but it did not effect her curly brown hair. She reached yonder on the ground for her rubber band and tied her hair into a ponytail over her right shoulder.

    "What's going on, Maya?" Lunamon asked curiously, moving from her Tamer's lap so that Maya could stand.

    Maya stood up, straightening out her skirt and dusting off the backside of the black piece of clothing, "I'm not too sure, but I think Nathan is accusing Lucas of something. I don't know," she smiled, "Typical guys though. Testosterone can get the better of them in these types of situations. Learned that in a house full of hermanos locos."

    "Hermanos locos?" Lunamon repeated in a questioning tone.

    "Espanol, I mean, Spanish for crazy brothers." Maya giggled.

    Finally, Crabmon was able to shut up both Lucas and Nathan by pinching both of their legs with his claw. Both boys collapsed to the ground, reaching for and tending to their pinched ankles. Triumphantly, Crabmon said, "Now, that oughta silence you both. You're wasting energy blabbering about who's right when you should be taming and training us for what's down the road."

    Trinity finally was through fixing herself. Lopmon was on her shoulder when Trinity said, "Down the road? What do you mean down the road. I don't feel like walking. Nuh uh. We just fell from the sky yesterday and I think we need to stay here until help comes."

    "We were sucked into a computer, Trinity." Nathan retorted, "There's no help coming."

    "Well I wish someone would have told me that before
    I decided to attend detention," she rolled her eyes.

    "By down the road," Coronamon interrupted, "he means the stronger Digimon that will antagonize our force. If you don't tame and train, we won't get stronger, let alone digivolve."

    "Digi-who?" Lucas said, struggling to stand after Crabmon's intense pinch.

    "Digivolve," Coronamon nodded, "You thought we would stay like this forever? Oh no. We have other levels of strength to look forward to. There are seven basic levels for a Digimon: Digitama or DigiEgg, Fresh, In-Training, Rookie which is what level we are in currently, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. Some Digimon are able to accomplish other levels, but I don't know much about those other levels. We have to get stronger or we won't accomplish our ultimate goal."

    "Don't you mean mega goal?" Lucas pointed his finger up, to sound and look intelligent.

    "Whatever..." Coronamon snorted and laughed


    After much discussion, the Tamers and their Digimon all formed a circle around one another as they prepared to leave. However, they had things to discuss and point out.

    "I think we ought to designate a leader. Some one who has intelligence, but also that bold courageousness to get things done no matter the cost." Crabmon stated, looking from left to right, "Therefore, we should each cast one vote on a leader. Each of the Tamers will state truthfully their strengths and weaknesses."

    Coronamon nodded, "I agree. We will start with Aaron, then Maya, Trinity, then Nathan, and last, but not least, Lucas."

    Exhaling, Aaron said, "Well, I am physically strong. I've got some courage in me. I'm the leader of my school's football team, being a quarterback and I'm also a key member to our swim team. I like to swim." He shrugged, "Honestly, I'm not that smart. I've got a C average, just enough to get an athletic scholarship to Notre Dame."

    Next, came Maya.

    She bit her lip shyly and focused on the blade of grass in front of her. Lucas grinned to himself, somewhat admiring Maya's features. Maya finally looked up, avoiding eyes, "I'm smart. An honor's student. But... I wouldn't say I'm the most willing and courageous person. I'm cautious and careful."

    Thirdly, Trinity.

    Trinity sighed, placing her hands on her hips, "Well, I'm independent. High endurance to walk up and down those malls for hours straight. I'm smart, obviously, I have to maintain my grades just to stay on the volley ball team. And that's about it."

    Nathan quickly spoke after Trinity.

    "It's obvious that I'm best suited for the leader of this group. Seriously, my IQ is that higher than a genius. I've done incredible things to help my father's organization. I've even helped him with matters at home that he should be able to solve. Therefore, I say we stop right here and declare myself the leader."

    Crabmon nodded his head sideways, "Good, but I think it would be fair for Lucas to have a chance."

    Lucas grinned and said, "Heh, being an alleged 'criminal', according to Nathan, I have to be bold and courageous to do what I do, you know? You can't have that guilty feeling or that doubt in the back of ya head. It also takes tactics not to get caught!" He nodded.

    Nathan's jaw dropped at Lucas's intelligence. No, cunning.

    Crabmon nodded at the end of Lucas's statement and said to the entire group as a whole, "Alright, now we will write our picks on pieces of paper. The Digimon are not allowed to select their own Tamer as the leader as this would show favoritism."

    Coronamon agreed, "Indeed. Now, begin."

    Time passed by as the Tamers and their Digimon wrote names on pieces of paper and placed them inside Nathan's empty backpack upon completion. Seeing as how this was Nathan's backpack, he took the honor in taking the names out of the hat.

    "Overall, there are ten pieces of papers." Nathan stated, looking inside the bag.

    "So what do we do if it's a tie?" Trinity asked, placing her hands on her hips.

    "There won't be a tie." Nathan quickly retorted, proceeding to pick the names out of the bag, "Nathan, Aaron, Nathan, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, Nathan, Nathan, Lucas...and.."

    Lucas clenched his fists as he awaited the final name.

    Nathan reached into the bag and pulled out the final piece of paper, "Ugh. Maya."

    Maya cleared her throat as everybody faced her direction, "Excuse me. But I wanted to know who could possibly vote for me? I was just wondering, that's all." She stepped back beside Lunamon as her eyes wondere from the Digimon to he fellow humans.

    Lucas smiled and raised his hand barely, "I did. One, I would never vote Nathan as our leader. Two, I could not vote for myself. And three, I think you would make a good leader. That's all I'm saying."

    Maya smiled to herself, a hue of blush appearing on her cheeks, "Oh. Okay. Thank you."

    Aaron scratched his head and said, "I reckon we've got a tie, folks."

    Nathan snarled and said, "No way! Psychemon, who did you vote for?"

    Psychemon lifted his claws in defense as he somewhat cowarded away from Nathan, "I-I-I voted for Lucas. He seemed to have leader qualities, Nathan!"

    Lucas snarled as well, "Who did you vote for Coronamon!"

    "Sir! I voted for Nathan! He seemed to have leadership qualities as well! Is it possible that you BOTH could be leaders?" Coronamon stood his ground, unlike the cowardice Psychemon.


    All heads turned to Maya again. Her eyes widen as the attention was drawn to her yet again.

    "I recommend that we have no leaders. We all share qualities that a leader would have. Why not combine all these qualities into a group full of leaders?"

    For a moment, it was silent. Everyone seemed to ponder on what Maya had said. However, it was only a matter of time before the group went back into bickering yet again, arguing if Lucas or Nathan should be the leader. Aaron seemed to be siding with Nathan while Trinity sided with Lucas.

    "Well," Nathan said, "all in favor of going with me, follow me!" Nathan headed into the unapparent southern direction of the forest, not looking back. Aaron and Crabmon followed after him. Psychemon looked at the others before running off the catch up with his Tamer.

    Lucas shook his head and said, "Good riddance." He turned his attention to Trinity, "Nice to see you siding with me."

    Trinity shook her head as Lopmon climbed up her back, "Please. I'm only siding with you because computer geeks creep me out. Criminals creep me out as well, just not as much as computer geeks." She proceeded to file her nails.

    Lucas groaned before he noticed Maya was still there, "Well, we're going in the opposite direction. You wanna come with us Maya?"

    "I suppose I don't have a choice." Maya sighed as the trio of the male and two females headed north.

    The Tamers had unfortunately split. But how long would this split last?


    Nightfall came in the Deep Forest. Lucas, Trinity, Maya, Coronamon, Lopmon, and Lunamon decided to rest up in the forest. Coronamon, being the Pokemon that he was, made a fire after Lopmon and Lunamon were successful at finding firewood.

    "Corona Flame!" Coronamon shouted as a flame emitted from his headband and lit up the firewood immediately, providing warmth to everyone.

    Lucas laid on his back as he stared at the sky through the leaves in the trees. Finally something struck him, "Hey, when does this forest end? We've been here for almost days it seems. And there aren't many other... Digimon like you guys."

    "The Deep Forest is a new section of the Digital World. Well, not new exactly. More like reborn. All the Digimon of this area had to be reborn as well as the land because of Arkadimon. But, we don't know much about Arkadimon now. All that we know is that he's a horrible, horrible Digimon." Lunamon said quietly as Maya held her in her lap.

    Trinity raised an eyebrow, "But we'll be going home before all that goes down right?"

    "Afraid not, Trinity." Coronamon answered seriously, "We need you. All of you. Together. Separation is not the answer."

    "We're not married, Coronamon," Lucas said sarcastically.

    "You know what I mean, Lucas!" Coronamon stated quickly.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. All I know is we're better off without Nathan and his smart ass. Thinks he knows everything. Pffft."

    "Yeah, that sounds familiar." Lopmon snorted.


    "Good to have you with me Aaron. You too Crabmon." Nathan said while resting his back on the bark of a tree. Psychemon stood beside him, still somewhat worried about the others.

    "Stop making it seem like I'm following you dude. Trust me, I'm not. I just want to get out of here as soon as possible. We've got a game coming up and I have to get in the gym." Aaron stated, while doing push ups on the ground.

    Crabmon was on top of Aaron's back applying more weight, "There's no time for games, Aaron. We've got to defeat Arkadimon as soon as possible before he's able to revitalize the Demon Lords."

    Nathan seemed to ignore Crabmon's statement as he shivered, "Man, it's cold out here. Wish we had Coronamon's fire." He thought for a moment, "I mean... no! We don't need Coronamon or Lucas. We're fine the way we are."


    A few hours had passed and it was well into the night now. Lucas, Trinity, Maya, and their Digimon were sleep. However, a rustling sound nearby awoke Maya from her slumber. She sat up and looked around, her hazel orbs scanning the area for the source of the sound. When she heard the rustling again, she stood up, waking up Lunamon in the process.

    "Maya, what's wrong?"

    "I'm sorry Lunamon," Maya said walking away from the camp, "Call it a sixth sense, but I know someone or something is watching us."

    Lunamon twitched her ears as she tried to pinpoint the 'something'. Finally, her eyes widened, "Maya, take out your D-Arc!"

    Maya took out her D-Arc and pressed a button on the front to make something, anything work on it. Apparently Lunamon was knowledgeable in how to use this device. A holographic, circular screen popped out of the D-Arc as it made a tracking sound. An arrow pointed around and around like a compass before pointing straight ahead. Something inside Maya forced her to run in the direction of the arrow.

    Lucas awoke from his own slumber and found that he, Trinity, Lopmon, and Coronamon were by themselves, without Maya or Lunamon. He stood up, waking up the others and said, "Where's Maya?"

    Trinity sat up, "I don't know. Who cares? Maybe some big Digimon thing came and ate her."

    "Come on!" Lucas grabbed her arm and forced her with him to find Maya.

    Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out his D-Arc. On the screen, there were five dots: a Red one, Pink one, Purple one, Lime one, and Teal one. Lucas concluded the dots represented each of their D-Arcs. He noticed that the Purple dot was up ahead. However, there was a large, crimson triangle with exclamation points surrounding it, "What the heck?"

    Finally, Lucas and Trinity stopped once they saw Maya and Lunamon standing across from what appeared to be a muscular red demon with red wings, the inside of the wings were a dark purple color. The demon was also quite muscular, holding a pitchfork tightly in its grasp, and had several markings all over his body. A mischievous expression was on his face.

    "Hmm hmm hmm! New fresh meat in the Digital World. I've never eaten a human before. I wonder how tender and delicious your meat is!" The Digimon said, flying up into the air preparing to attack.

    Lucas and Trinity ran to Maya's side as Lucas said, "What the heck? It's like a flying devil!"

    Soon Coronamon and Lopmon ran up as well. Coronamon said, "Lucas, check your D-Arc and upload the data on this Digimon!"

    Lucas nodded and pressed the right arrow button on his D-Arc. The tracker screen slid into a encyclopedia screen. A picture of the Digimon appeared on the holographic screen as well as information, "Boogeymon - Champion level Digimon. Virus type. His Death Crush and Ruby Eye will scare his opponents into oblivion." Lucas looked up at the incoming Boogeymon, "Yeah, not too promising!"

    Coronamon, Lunamon, and Lopmon leaped forward and protected their tamers as Boogeymon swooped down to attack them. Being the most courageous one of all, Coronamon leaped up to quickly meet Boogeymon, "CoroKnuckle!" Coronamon lifted his right fist and punched Boogeymon's snout dead on, causing the demon Digimon to fall back.

    However, Boogeymon quickly regained his composure as he thrusted his pitchfork in their direction, "Death Crush!" A beam of crimson lightning shot at the Tamers and their Digimon. Lucas, Trinity, and Maya dove out of the way, but Coronamon was struck severely, causing him to fall to the ground and tend to his stomach. Lunamon bounced forward, spraying a water ball from her front antennae.

    "Tear Shot!"

    The water ball spurted at Boogeymon, but he was able to claw through it easily, "Death Crush!" He fired the crimson lightning from his pitchfork and electrocuted Lunamon easily as well as Coronamon was.

    "Blazing Ice!" Lopmon opened her mouth and fired ice crystals at Boogeymon's hard chest. The pellets reflected off of the red Digimon's body and collapsed to the ground.

    "Haha! Now you're gonna get it!" Boogeymon swooped down as his eyes started to glow a crimson color, "Ruby Eye!"

    His eyes twinkled quickly as Coronamon, Lopmon, and Lunamon each fell into unconsciousness. Soon, Maya collapsed along with Trinity. Lucas tried to fight the upcoming unconsciousness. With enough time to spare, he hollered out yonder, "Argh!" before his knees hit the ground and he fell face first into the cold, wet grass.

    Boogeymon perched in a tree, clenching the thick branch with his free hand as he planted the pitchfork firmly on it, "Mmm mmm mmm. My mouth is watering already. These morsals will be exquisite." He looked back towards the camp they had set up and noticed the fire was burning, "And they've already prepared a fire? Oh, they are just too kind! I'll have to thank them while they are digesting in my stomach."


    "What was that!?" Psychemon's ears twitched as he looked back in the opposite direction. Nathan was up typing on his computer, trying to recreate the portal when he noticed Psychemon appearing to grow into a fighting stance.

    "What's up Psychemon?" Nathan asked curiously.

    "A Digimon! And it's attacking the others!" Psychemon snarled and sprinted back north quickly, without any thought of Nathan, Aaron, or Crabmon.

    "Psychemon wait up!"


    By now, Lucas, Trinity, Maya, Coronamon, Lopmon, and Lunamon were all conveniently placed in a semicircle around the fire. Boogeymon was tending to the flaming torch by adding even more firewood to it to strengthen it, "Mmm. I can smell the skin crackling right now. Just a few more minutes and my cooking will get started!"

    "Not so fast!" said a voice from behind Boogeymon

    "Oh what a cliche line. What movie is that from anyway." Boogeymon stated as he flew up in the air and turned around. He saw Nathan, Aaron, Psychemon and Crabmon standing thee ready for a fight, "Oooh! More edibles. I'll be right with you shortly after I cook the other humans. You guys don't know how much this means to me!"

    Nathan clenched his fists while looking up at Boogeymon, "Eating us is not an option. And eating our friends, even Lucas, is not an option either! Psychemon, get him!"

    "Crabmon, beat his ass!" Aaron shouted along with Nathan.

    "Colorful Dance!" Psychemon spun around like a spin top until his entire body became a pink, green, and purple tornado. The tornado drew in Boogeymon before sending him out flying.

    "Scissors Magic!" Crabmon shouted as Boogeymon hurled down towards him. A rush of water exited from inside of his claws and spurted at Boogeymon's face. This caused the Demon Digimon to fly back in the opposing direction and slammed into a nearby tree, causing the tree to collapse into the fire which further spresd the fire across the forest.

    The sound of the tree falling was loud enough to awaken the other Tamers and their Digimon. Lucas was the first to rise as he saw the fire surrounding him, "Whoa! Fire!"

    Maya immediately sat up and ran away in the opposite direction. Once she saw Nathan and Aaron, she ran to them and stood beside them, away from the fire. Trinity was slow to rise, however, and it took Lucas to drag her up and bring her over to the others where they each stood side-by-side. Once the Digimon recuperated, they each stood in front of their corresponding Tamers and stared into the fire.

    "Boogeymon's in their," Nathan said calmly, "Surely he's burned himself badly now. He's finished."

    Lucas exhaled through his nose, somewhat jealous that Nathan and Aaron's Digimon were able to defeat Boogeymon. Maya looked down the row of the Tamers and said, "We should leave. Now."

    Trinity nodded and said, "I agree. Burning forest is definitely not a good place to be at night."

    The Tamers agreed as they proceeded to walk off; all except Lucas and Coronamon.

    "No. I don't think we should leave until Boogeymon is surely destroyed. We don't know if he's gone for good!" Lucas looked back at them.

    "That's the point!" Trinity said loudly, "Will you quit be an idiot for once in your life and come on!"

    "Yeah, Lucas. This isn't a video game where you just HAVE to beat the boss of the level," Nathan said seriously.

    "I'm standing by my Tamer," Coronamon agreed with Lucas, "We have to be sure that Boogeymon is defeated. Otherwise, he may come back for us."

    Nathan shook his head, "Come on guys. Let's go."

    The other four Tamers and their Digimon walked off, leaving Lucas in the forest where the burning fire remained. Lucas stared into the fire and saw something moving. Suddenly, the moving figure took flight, his entire body engulfed in flames.

    "Ah! I'm back baby! Ready to burn this place down to the ground. Mmm. I cant taste the fractal code now!" Boogeymon roared. He then saw Lucas and Coronamon standing there, "Ah! You're the only one left huh? Guess I'll make you pay!"

    Coronamon stepped forward, "You don't understand, felon. This is my environment. The fire helps fuel me!" The flame on Coronamon's headband and tail began to rev up and engulf his entire body as well, "Time to end you forever! Petit Prominence!"

    Once his entired body was covered in his own flames, Coronamon dove up to tackle Boogeymon. Boogeymon swooped down at the incoming Digimon. If a person saw it from a distant, Boogeymon and Coronamon looked similar to that of comets about to hit dead on.

    Lucas watched from behind Coronamon, clenching his fists, "Come on Coronamon!"

    Finally, the two flames met and erupted in the forest. Lucas flew back and landed on his face. His eyes were closed tightly as the explosion eventually settled down. He slowly opened his eyes and stood up, dusting the ash off his face and clothes. Some of the forest was severely burnt down now. Trees were blackened and the grass was turned to dust and ash. Coronamon emerged from underneath a semiburned tree bark. Boogeymon lay in the distance defeated, the fractak code appearing around his body.

    "Lucas! Digitize the fractal code and upload it to my coordinates!" Coronamon said to his Tamer.

    Lucas took out his D-Arc and pressed the lone pink button on it, "Fractal code, Digitize!" The data ring around Boogeymon was absorbed into Lucas D-Arc. Once that was completed, Lucas said, "Upload!" A ring of red light was emitted from his digivice and shot at Coronamon. Coronamon rendered his body loose as he floated in midair, absorbing the data.

    "Ahh..." Coronamon sighed as he was further strenghten, "The power. It feels wonderful!" Finally, the upload was complete and Coronamon floated to the ground.


    It was almost morning time now. Lucas and Coronamon had decided to rest after the battle with Boogeymon, but they each had woke up now. The other Tamers and Digimon were no where in clear site. So, Lucas and Coronamon decided to plan.

    "Lucas, will you stay? And help me train? I really want to become stronger." Coronamon said as he and Lucas walked. Eventually, they were clear from the forest and stood in plains of tall grass.

    "If it means more battles like last night, then count me in. That rush from last night inspired me." Lucas grinned. He adjusted the goggles on his forehead and pulled up his gloves.

    At the exact same time, Nathan, Aaron, Maya, Trinity, and their Digimon were walking along the coast. Each of them were silent after that long night.


    "Hmm." Arkadimon said from his lair in the Dark Area. He sat upon his throne gazing into a dark orb of a crystal ball, his focus was currently on Lucas and Coronamon, "Those two annihilated Boogeymon. In one shot I may add. Hmm. They still oppose no threat to me and my plans. But just in case, I will have to get rid of them. Humans are NOT allowed in my world, nor will they ever be!"

    Will Lucas ever rejoin the other Tamers? Can the Tamers survive their time in the Digital World?

    Find out next time on Digimon - The Tamer Club!

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    I've only gotten through the prologue, but it looks like a really good story, written by a really great writer.

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    T H E T A M E R C L U B

    If We're All For One World, There's A World For Us All

    Episode 03 - An Unsmooth Criminal

    It was midday in the Digital World. Now that he was far away from the forest fire location, Lucas, along with Coronamon, were walking along a sandy beach, in search of a way to train Coronamon. Back in the real world, Lucas knew that training an animal, a dog for example, was tough and took longevity. But with diligence, anything could be done. As the two were walking, they met a large pirate ship. On the ship was a pirate looking figure, dressed in a blue button up cloak. There was also a pirate had on his head and he had a hook for his right arm and a cannon for his left arm. Among the several other creatures were green monkeys with dreadlocks ponytails. They each had giant human-looking feet, brown gloves, were dressed in yellow pelt, and had a slingshot strapped along their backs.

    "Look, Lucas," said Coronamon, "those Digimon are building a ship. It appears to be a pirate ship."

    Lucas nodded, uploading the information each of the Pokemon. He decided to start with green monkey Digimon first, "Koemon - Rookie level Digimon. Virus type. Their Banana Slip attack causes their foes to slip and slide with a sense of unbalance."

    He uploaded the pirate Digimon.

    "Hookmon - Champion level. Virus type. His Captain's Cannon attack surely puts fear in the hearts of any scalawag."

    As Lucas read the data and information on each of the Digimon, Hookmon noticed that the Tamer and his Digimon were just standing there observing them rebuilding their broke down ship. He motioned his Koemon crew to carry on with their work as he hopped down off the crow's nest and thudded his boots on the ground, landing in front of Lucas and Coronamon.

    "Aye, ye scalawags come snootin' around here in search of my treasure, aye? Well, yer out of luck: there's no treasure. Hasn't been treasure fer miles and miles away. Address yer names." Hookmon waved his infamous hook in Lucas's face.

    Lucas stepped back some, holding his hands up in defense, "We were just... passing along through here, dude. No need to stick the hook in my face." He gently wrapped his hands around the hook and eased it out of his face, "Coronamon and I were just looking for information."

    "Aye! What information!? Yer tryin' to steal my crew, aren't ye? Well, me crew is the most loyal crew! The most loyal crew across the seven seas!" Hookmon turned to his crew of Koemon, still repairing the ship, "Isn't right crew!? Isn't that right!?"

    "Right, cap'n!" said the Koemon in monotone unison.

    "Ya see? There's no stealin' mah crew! Argh, now what information are ye wantin'?"

    "I'm wanting to become a Tamer. Coronamon wants to become stronger, so, I want to help him with becoming that way. So, what do I need to do?" Lucas jammed his fists into his pockets and shifted his mouth to the right side of his face.

    "Argh, a Tamer, eh? I once had a Tamer..."

    "Really? Did you like 'em?" Lucas interrupted, his eyes widening.

    "I always hated him! Aye. But he did help me to digivolve from a Koemon to a Hookmon. Argh, but ever since then, he disappeared. He's been vanished fer many a summers. I've given up hope fer the feller." Hookmon waddled over to the seaside and stared into the water.

    Coronamon looked up at Lucas then at Hookmon, "So, you have at least some experience being tamed?"

    "Aye," said Hookmon, agreeing, "he used some sort of device, argh. Swiped cards through it and I became stronger. One time he swiped her through, and I am what I am now. Haven't been able to dedigivolve since then." He turned to face Coronamon, pointing the cannon arm in the Rookie Digimon's face, "Not that I'm complaining, argh! I should blow your brains in fer givin' ye all this information about me past!"

    "Cap'n," said one of the Koemon who approached Hookmon from behind, "we're havin' troubles with applying the wood to the hole in the stern of the ship. It appears we will not be back on the seas for quite some time."

    "Argh!" Hookmon lifted his cannon arm into the sky, "blasted Ebidramon!"

    A cannon ball fired from the cannon and shot out into the ocean before plummeting through the deep blue sea. Lucas and Coronamon shielded themselves from the gunpowder set off. Once it was clear, they lifted their heads and bodies. Then, Lucas had a proposition for Hookmon.

    "Hey Hookmon. If Coronamon and I can fix that hole in your ship, would you teach us how to become stronger?" Lucas grinned cunningly, but had a positive reasoning behind it as far as he was concerned.

    Hookmon pondered over it, stroking his chin with his hook.

    "Do it captain!" The Koemon shouted and cheered.

    "Alright! Alright! Shut yer yaps! I'll do it on one condition: If you fail, ye have to walk the plank!" He pointed to the long plank near the backside of the ship.

    Coronamon gulped, not being too fond of water or any other form of liquid that could be extinguish his flames, "Lucas, ,I.. I can't swim, sir."

    Lucas looked down at Coronamon and said, "Don't worry about it. We're gonna fix his ship in nothing flat."


    "Where exactly are we walking to?" Trinity complain as she reached into her purse and placed a sun hat on her head to, obviously, block the sun from her face, "This sun is going to turn my complexion extremely tan. I have to be evenly tan, nothing more, nothing less!" She took out a mirror and stared at her cheek skin.

    "Dude, you sound so prissy right now? Could you just shut up? It's hot enough as it is." Aaron snapped, wiping his forehead with his muscular forearm, "I've never been in weather this hot."

    Maya shrugged and said, "Well, it's like this all of the time in the Caribbean. Honestly it's not that hot."

    Lunamon shook her head while resting on Maya's shoulder, "I'm not too fond of the sun, Maya. I'm more of a lunar Digimon. The moonlight soothes me. But I do like playing in the sun when it's not this intense."

    "You're all just wimps!" cried Crabmon, "This weather is perfect for swimming in!"

    "And you're just a dunce, but you don't see us complaining," Lopmon rolled her eyes.

    Crabmon turned to Lopmon to bark at her, but he was interrupted by Nathan.

    "Alright, alright. Enough. It's obvious that it's hot," Nathan nodded, holding his pack over his head for shade, "but we can't let the weather get to our heads. Let's just find some place with shade."

    Psychemon pointed down the road, "But Nathan, there isn't shade for miles!"

    The entire group groaned and collapsed to the sandy ground.


    In the meantime, over the next couple of hours, Lucas and Coronamon got to work on Hookmon's vessel. With guidance of the Koemon, Lucas led this temporary crew to greatness. Firstly, Lucas instructed the Koemon to shop down several palm trees and gather wood from then. Then, with Coronamon's help, Lucas was able to piece the wood together into a puzzle fitting portion part for the hole in the ship. Using one of the tools provided by Hookmon, Lucas sanded the sides of the wood piece, creating straight, smooth edges across the sides. While working, Lucas picked up a sweat and therefore took off his jacket, tying it around his head to trap the sweat.

    Because there was no glue, Lucas had to find an artificial sticky substance that could hold the piece into the hole, but the task was harder than it seemed.

    "Ah, okay. We've got the ship part, but how are we going to be able to make it stick and stay in the socket?" Lucas said, standing in the central area of the ship. Koemon were below him near where the hole was.

    Coronamon had just returned from a distance away, "Lucas, I think I've found a sticky substance." In his hand, Coronamon held a bottle full of a black, liquid substance, "Had to snatch it out of some Octomon. He was all passed out on the beach and ink was just pouring out of him so voila! Oh, the bottle was washed up on the beach. I hate litterbugs."

    Lucas took the bottle of ink out of Coronamon's hands, "Again with the justice, eh Coronamon?"

    "Yes sir." Coronamon nodded as he watched Lucas apply the ink to the sides of the ship piece.

    Finally, Lucas, with the help of the Koemon crew, snuggly placed the piece into the empty hole. The wood fit perfectly and stayed put.

    "You guys oughta let it dry for an hour, then you can be on your way. Now," Lucas looked around for Hookmon until he saw the captain Digimon just approaching the scene, "ah, Hookmon! I'm done with your ship!"

    Lucas hopped out of the ship and landed on his feet and left hand. He picked himself up and walked over to meet Hookmon.

    "Aye, a fine job laddie."

    "Thank you."

    "Argh, I guess I have some things to teach then, aye?"

    "That's right."

    "Aye, well let's see yer cards then matey." Hookmon extended his hooked claw.

    Lucas shrugged and took out the cards in his back pocket. He lost the majority of the pack while hiking over towards the ship. The remaining cards he still had were Speed Enhancement, Hyper Wing, Training Grips, Strength Enhancement, and a blank Red Card.

    "Aye, ye got yer speed, flight, training, and strength cards. Now this here Red Card I've never seen before. I suggest ye put back in yer possession."

    Lucas nodded placed the Red Card in his back pocket.

    "Put the strength, speed, and flight card back in ye pocket as well. We won't be needing those. Ye keep the training card in your possession."

    Lucas nodded once more and put up all the cards except the Training Grips card.

    "Now there's a mart not too far from this beach that sells a derived form of these cards: Data Cards, Vaccine Cards, and Virus Cards. The cards correspond to yer Digimon's type. Yer Coronamon is a Vaccine type Digimon so ye want to buy only Vaccine cards. You get Digital Points, or Digipoints for short, by defeating other Digimon. Now ye don't have to fully defeat them, but ye have to defeat them well enough that bits of their fractal code is absorbed by ye device. But extractin' the full fractal code is the most beneficial, understand lad?" Hookmon waved his hook in Lucas's face.

    "Crystal clear. Now, when do we get to fighting?" Lucas grinned.

    Coronamon nodded as well, "I've been itching for a scrap ever since we defeated Boogeymon yesterday."

    "Aye ye defeated the Boogeymon? We were attacked by him the other night. Luckily I showed him a piece of the Captain's Cannon!" He held up his cannon arm, "Now, digimodify yer Digimon by slashing the card through yer device. Use the Training Grips"

    Lucas looked to Hookmon, the Koemon, and then Coronamon. He held out his red and gold D-Arc and the Digimodify card, preparing for this process. Lucas sliced the card through the card slot slowly. With his D-Arc glowing in response to the slash, energy winds pick up around his body.

    "Digimodify! Training Grips Activate!" Lucas called out as he finished the slice of the card and held it up as his D-Arc downloaded the data from the card and uploaded it to Coronamon's coordinates.

    Training grips appeared digitally on Coronamon's clawed hands as he punched the air in front of him. However, he did not have as much velocity as he would normally have without the grips.

    "Ah, these things are heavy. They must be weighted down or something." Coronamon commented as he stared at his gloved hands.

    "Aye. Now get to work. I want one hundred punches before night!"

    And with that said, Coronamon began punching the air while Lucas watched from behind him, motivating him on.


    An hour had past while Coronamon and Lucas were training with Hookmon. While they were training, familiar faces arrived on the scene.

    "Hey! It's Lucas." Aaron said, grinning a bit, "And... pirates?"

    Coronamon and Lucas turned around. Each of them appeared tired and worn out from Hookmon's intensive training.

    "Ha. I knew you guys would come crawling back." Lucas grinned and looked to Hookmon, "I think it's time to take these Training Grips off."

    The Training Grips disappeared from Coronamon's hands.

    Hookmon nodded as he watched his crew climb aboard the ship, "I shall be seeing ye later Lucas, Coronamon. Aye, yer a good kid." He too climbed aboard the ship as the vessel set sail out into the sea.

    Lucas waved them goodbye before turning to face the others, "Alright. Coronamon and I need a quick sparring. Nathan, Psychemon. We challenge you to a... I would say friendly fight, but I'd be lying. Heh."

    Nathan bit his lip and said, "Ah..."

    "Then it's settled. Coronamon!" Lucas shouted.

    "Yes sir! Petit Prominence!" Coronamon's body quickly became engulfed in flames as he tackled Psychemon fully fledged on. Psychemon was sent deep into the sand.

    Nathan was shocked, "What are you doing!?"

    Maya raised her eyebrows, "I thought we were all at least acquaintances! Why are we fighting?"

    Aaron grinned, "Oh yeah! Some more action!"

    Trinity simply sat on the sidelines, applying more lip gloss as Lopmon sat beside her, arms folded.

    Lunamon sighed and said, "We can't have an internal conflict. It's not good chemistry at all!"

    Nathan snarled, "Well, if it's a battle you want. Psychemon, defend yourself from these clowns!"

    "Now, now. You varmints need to chill out!" Crabmon yelled, dousing both boys with water, but to no avail. The two boys still had a determined and hardheaded look on their faces.

    Coronamon and Psychemon emerged from the sand and faced each other.

    "Colored Sparkle!"

    "Corona Flame!"

    A rainbow colored lightning strike emerged from Psychemon's horn and fired at Coronamon. Coronamon in returned fired a flaming beam at Psychemon. Both attacks met head on, causing an immediate explosion. The two Digimon flew back from the impact and landed a considerable distance away from one another.

    Nathan noticed a card on the ground and picked it up and took out his teal and emerald D-Arc, noticing the card slash slot on the side and he got an idea. Nathan was intelligent enough to put two and two together.

    Coronamon snarled, intensified by the heat of the battle. He did not have anything against Psychemon, but he felt that he must be superior to any other Digimon, even if that meant defeating your friends, "Petit Prominence!" His body was recovered in flames as he darted at Psychemon again.

    Psychemon stumbled to his feet, caught off guard by this whole ordeal, "Nathan... help me..."

    Nathan's eyes widen as he nodded, "I will, Psychemon."

    He slashed the card through the D-Arc. 'DIGIVOLUTION_' scrolled down the screen of the digivice as it released teal data strips from behind Psychemon who was suddenly over shot with energy as he leaped up.

    "Psychemon digivolve to...!" he called out as his body began to peel off starting with his nose and claws before finally working its way down to his entire body as the teal glowing strips of light surrounded Psychemon in a protective orb of light. Finally, the Digimon body crawled down onto all fours as bits and pieces of white and teal fur were uploaded onto the body, forming sharp claws and a twilring tail. The white and teal fur fully surrounding the new wolf Digimon as hair strands grew out over his entire body. Finally, the face of the wolf Digimon uploaded with its dark emerald eyes staring, gazing. Now that his entire body was uploaded, the wolf Digimon stomped on the ground, "...Gururumon!"

    "Gururumon - Champion level Digimon. Vaccine type. His Chaos Blaster attack will emit extreme chaos to his opponents."

    Lucas's jaw dropped at the sight of the newly digivolved Digimon, 'Oh man."

    Nathan's eyes widened, "Whoa, what happened to Psychemon?"

    Trinity fell back onto the ground after taking a good look at Gururumon, "He's... huge!"

    Maya and Aaron were to awestruck to say anything.

    Crabmon grinned and said, "Alright now. Coronamon's in for it now. My man Gururumon packs a big punch. Coronamon's CoroKnuckle ain't gone do much now!"

    Coronamon exhaled as he jumped up at Gururumon, "CoroKnuckle!" He punched Gururumon's nose, but the beast Digimon was unmoved.

    "My turn... Chaos Blaster!" Gururumon opened his mouth and released a periwinkle blasting ray from his throat, completely smothering Coronamon's entire body.

    The force of the attack throttled Coronamon onto the ground, knocking him out. Immediately afterwards, Coronamon's fractal code appeared and Gururumon was prepared to take it... until he collapsed on his back and rubbed it up and down the beach. Apparently, his back was itching.

    Lucas quickly picked up Coronamon and ran off, unable to believe how Psychemon (Gururumon) so easily defeated him and Coronamon.

    Nathan watched Lucas run off and then looked to Gururumon who was squirming across the coast, "Eh... Gururumon was it?"

    "I'm still Psychemon at heart... argh..." Gururumon rubbed his back on a nearby tree, causing it to collapse, "Just... not as fun sized."


    Later that night, the Tamers and their Digimon set up another camp with fire and such.

    Aaron grinned as he looked at Nathan, "Man, Gururumon destroyed Lucas and Coronamon. That's gotta feel good!"

    Nathan chuckled, "It actually does."

    Maya shook her head and walked off.

    "What's eatin' her?" Aaron question.

    "Dunno." Nathan shrugged.

    Maya walked towards Trinity who was standing by the coast of the beach. She stopped beside her and looked at her sideways.

    "Boys are stupid, Maya. They'll reconcile eventually." Trinity nodded.

    "I hope you're right." Maya bit her lip.

    In the background of all this drama, Gururumon was still running up and down the coast trying to itch that itch.

    Will Coronamon ever recover from his and Lucas's disasterous battle? Will Lucas ever come to his senses and rejoin the group?

    Find out next time on Digimon - The Tamer Club!

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    T H E T A M E R C L U B

    If We're All For One World, There's A World For Us All

    Episode 04 - One Way Out

    Days had past since the group's minor confrontation with Lucas and Coronamon. There was no telling where those two were at the moment, but they weren't with the group, of course. Nathan really cared less about Lucas's whereabouts. He felt that Lucas reverted back to his criminal state of mind and turned on them. He knew Lucas was trouble, but he did not think that he would actually attack the group with seemingly no remorse. It was all really confusing, yet exciting.

    Over the course of those days, the group hiked past the Aqua Beach Port, through another forest, and came upon a rather large town village. There were several Digimon there ranging from the tiny Leafmon to the big, bad, yellow Digimon Sukamon. Upon arrival in the festive town, the group decided to split up into fours: Nathan, Aaron, Crabmon, and the previously dedigivolved Psychemon would scout the northern portion of town, while Trinity, Maya, Lopmon, and Lunamon would look around the southern side.

    While exploring the north side of town, the guys noticed a rather large shack. The shack was much more high tech than the other building and there was a sign posted on the roof of it that read 'One Way Out'.

    "One way out, huh?" Nathan said, looking up at the sign as he, Aaron, Crabmon, and Psychemon stood in front of the location, "I wonder what they mean by one way out?" He turned to face Aaron.

    Aaron stroked his slightly bearded chin, "Maybe they can get us outta this place and back into the real world." He grinned, "Heck, I'm down to at least give it a gander."

    With that said, Nathan and Aaron opened the southern style doors of the shack and ventured inside, leaving Crabmon and Psychemon standing there with worried expressions on each of their faces.

    Crabmon slammed his claws on the ground, "Something seems awfully shady about this here shack. There hasn't been a portal to the Real World in almost twenty summers. I don't like the looks of this." Crabmon waddled into the shack with Psychmone following behind.

    "Besides, we... we can't have them leaving so soon. We need them." Psychemon stammered, running in clumsily.

    Upon entering, Nathan and Aaron approached the counter. The entire front room was completely empty, which came off a bit... strange. The counter was completely dusty with fingerprints here and there. The whole room gave off a dirty impression. At the edge of the counter was a service bell.

    "I guess we oughtta ring that bell there." Aaron shrugged as he extended his left arm and tapped his hand on the bell.

    Almost immediately, two Digimon came from the back room and approached the counter from behind. Both Digimon had unique armor embroidered with flames, but they had their differences. The first Digimon had all black skin and an insect like face. In addition, he had flaming wings on his back. The other Digimon had light blue skin and looked similar to that of a dinorsaur or lizard. He also had a horn and claws, unlike the other Digimon.

    Both Aaron and Nathan took out their D-Arcs to upload information about these two Digimon.

    "Shadramon - Armor level Digimon. Using his Flare Buster attack, Shadramon will destroy his opponents in a heap of flaming lava."

    "Flamedramon - Armor level Digimon. Vaccine and Data type. His Fire Rocket attack will burn you to a crisp."

    Shadramon grinned cunningly and said, "Hello! Good Afternoon! Good day! And welcome to One Way Out! I'm Shadramon!"

    "And I'm Flamedramon!"

    "And together, we've created a portal that will take you one way out into any world you wish to go to!"

    Aaron tilted his head as he leaned on the counter. He then turned his head to look at Nathan and said, "Can't be that easy to go home. This Digital World made it seem like it would be a much harder thing to do, ya know?"

    Nathan shrugged, "Hey, it can't hurt to try it right?"

    Shadramon beamed and quickly interrupted the side conversation between the two boys, "So it's agreed that you will try out our portal then! Seeing as how you're our first customer today, heck, we'll even ship you out with no charge, no strings attached!"

    "Just step around this side of the counter and follow the double doors to the back." Flamedramon said, opening the bottom half door behind the counter.

    Nathan and Aaron slowly walked through the door and were led through even more doors into a dark room. The room was cold, yet there seemed to be a light mist brushing up against both of the boys' faces.

    Meanwhile, Crabmon and Psychemon stood outside, still not fully committed to this whole 'One Way Out' scam. Something just didn't seem right to them, especially Crabmon.

    "I don't like this, no sirree. Two Digimon just don't open up a portal to anywhere you wanna go. Plus, they talk entirely too fast. Somethin' like a business man if ya ask me." Crabmon flexed his claws, "I'm goin' back there to give those two hotheads a piece of my mind!"

    "You mean Nathan and Aaron?" Psychemon asked, partially confused, yet serious.

    "No! Flamedramon and Shadramon! Come on!"

    Crabmon waddled over through the half door and then the back double door, blabbering on about getting his claws on the two scam artists. Psychemon, still reluctant, slowly jogged after the crustacean Digimon.


    The southern side of town was slightly cooler, strangely. Nonetheless, Maya enjoyed this weather as she sat upon a wooden rail fence, her hands in her lap as she felt the wind gently blow against her face. Her eyes watched the many Digimon head into town to buy farming needs and other crops. It was almost like her home town where people had to buy farm needs and things for the animals that lived on the farms. By no means was she a city girl.

    As she watched, she noticed Trinity return with Lopmon, as well as Lunamon. Lunamon had went off with Trinity to see if she could possibly find the next location of a more developed village, town, or city. Cities were rare in this Digital World though.

    Trinity held bags in her hands when she finally approached Maya, "The shopping here is quite exceptional. They have all natural ingredients for makeup and haircare products! And the all natural ingredients part means that it won't bring blemishes or pimples to my lovely face or cause split ends in my hair. Nor will I shed my..." she read the label, "...fur. I guess that means hair, but whatever."

    Maya chuckled at the 'fur' part of that statement, "It sounds nice, I guess. Well, we've been here for a while, don't you think we ought to return to the boys? Or go find Lucas perhaps?"

    "Find Lucas? After you went off on him you still want to find him?" Trinity lifted her large, celebrity-like sunglasses off her eyes and up onto her forehead.

    Maya bit her lip, blushing slightly, "I only did that out of emotion. He was acting stupid for jumping Nathan and Psychemon."

    "True," Trinity responded quickly, "this whole thing is like a video game to him. This is a guy's paradise: fighting monsters and whatnot."

    "We're not monsters." Lunamon said, climbing up the fence post to sit beside Maya, "Well, not scary, per se. The only monsters that are really scary are those big, nasty Digimon with the scary personalities. Even the ugliest of monsters can be gentle at heart. We won't stay cute and cuddly forever, you know. It's our digital nature to digivolve further and grow stronger."

    Lopmon nodded, "Yeah that's right. Though I wouldn't mind being Mega-level and still maintain my good looks." She puckered her lips.

    Trinity did the same as she puckered her lips as well. Both the Tamer and her Digimon 'air kissed' each other before giggling. The two seemed to have become even closer during their little adventure in the southern marketplace. Maya chuckled before hopping off the wooden railing.

    "Well, we should get going back to the north side of town then. I don't think we should further separate the group. Especially if we want to survive." Maya nodded, leading towards the north without looking back.

    Lunamon ran after her before walking beside her. Eventually, Trinity and Lopmon, struggling with their bags of goodies, followed.


    Upon entering the back room, Crabmon and Psychemon, obviously, noticed that the room was extremely dark. There didn't appear to be any form of a light source to be found anywhere. That is, until the flame of Flamedramon was lit.

    The Armor Digimon lifted his claw and sparked a flame upon it, "Flame Fist!"

    Crabmon turned around and noticed this and snarled, "I knew it! You scammed them! Now where are you holding our Tamers, punk!?"

    Flamedramon snickered and said, "Oh, no where in particular, except behind Shadramon's psychic forcefield."

    Suddenly, a cyan blue light flashed as an immense, circular force field appeared in the center of the room. Within the force field, sure enough, was Nathan and Aaron, banging their clenched fists on the wall, screaming and yelling for help. However, their voices were inaudible. Shadramon was at the side of the field, providing his Psychic Wave attack to further boost up the duration of the force field.

    Psychemon frowned, "Please let them go!"

    "And pass up the opportunity to collect Digichips? I don't think so. You see, we need those Digichips to buy more upgrades at the shop on the south side of town. However, you can only do that by collecting fractal code. Humans have the most fractal code out of any being in the universe. Therefore, we have placed our operation into full effect." Shadramon stated, looking to Flamedramon indicating to cease the two Rookie Digimon.

    Flamedramon roared out loudly as flamed emitted from his inner core, surrounding his body. He leaped up into the air before sky rocketing down towards Crabmon and Psychemon, "Fire Rocket!"

    The flaming Digimon's body came in contact with Crabmon's and Psychemon's at the exact same time, sending them hurling into a wall.


    By now Maya, Trinity, Lunamon, and Lopmon were back in the north side. As they were walking, they noticed a wet patch of dirt leading into 'One Way Out'.

    Lunamon ran over and observed the wetness of the dirt, pressing one of her fingers against it and smelling it, "This seems to be excess water from Crabmon's 'Scissors Magic' attack and it leads into this hut." She pointed to the shack.

    Trinity nodded and said, "The boys are probably in there then. Come on, let's go in and get them, I guess."

    Just as the girls were about to walk in, two cards flew from the sky and pierced past their ears. The cards landed in the dirt, settling in so that they were stuck in it. Slightly shocked, Maya and Trinity picked up the cards and observed them.

    "What is this? Wait... a digimodifying card." Maya said, "Just like the ones Nathan and Lucas used."

    Trinity blinked, "Ugh. More boy stuff. I can't understand this at all. Come on, I'm feeling more and more tomboyish as the days in this world go by." She grabbed Maya's wrist and pulled her into 'One Way Out'.

    Lunamon and Lopmon followed suit, not before staring back at two figures standing on the roof of a building. One of them appeared to be a man and the other a bear-like Digmon. With the blink of an eye, they both disappeared. Both Lunamon and Lopmon thought they were seeing things and ran into the shack.


    When they got inside, the front area was empty. Also, the door in the back was wide open with a light source coming from the room back there. Curious, Trinity hopped on top of the counter and whirled around to the other side.

    "Ah, cheerleading has its positives." Trinity held her hands in the air like she had completed a tuck or something.

    "Or we could just walk around to this side." Maya said, opening the half door and going over to Trinity, "I wonder where Nathan and Aaron are."

    The light in the back flickered even more brightly, luring Maya, Trinity, and their Digimon back there. Once they arrived in the back, they noticed Nathan, Aaron, Crabmon, and Psychemon floating in a force field without consciousness. Flamedramon studied them as Shadramon kept up his Psychic Wave attack.

    "What are you doing to our friends!?" Trinity shouted, running into the room now.

    "Let them go!" Maya shouted calmly.

    Flamedramon turned to Shadramon, "I've got this." He looked at Maya and Trinity, "Even more humans. Oh we'll be rich after we collect their fractal code."

    Lopmon and Lunamon hopped in front of their Tamers, protecting them.

    "No you won't!" Lunamon shouted as she ran towards Flamedramon. She jumped up and spun her body around, her ears straightening out and sending off bubbles, "Lop-ear Ripple!"

    The vortex of bubbles hit Flamedramon in the chest, sending him back a bit.

    Lopmon got in on it as well, taking advantage of Flamedramon's slight flinch, "Blazing Ice!"

    Crystalline ice bolts formed in her mouth and Lopmon shot them at Flamedramon's chest, sending him back further, nearing a wall. Shadramon was not too happy with how his partner was being completely dominated by female Digmon.

    "Flamedramon! What the hell is going on!? Finish them! I'm almost complete with uploading their code and you're lallygagging!"

    Flamedramon snorted out some smoke as his body was engulfed with flames. He jumped up and darted down, "Fire Rocket!"

    "Watch out Lunamon!" Maya shouted.

    "Lopmon, move!" Trinity shouted as well.

    But it was too late, Flamedramon's flaming body had already crashed into the two rabbit Digmons' bodies, sendin them crashing into the same wall Crabmon and Psychemon were throttled in to.

    Flamedramon jumped back, smirking, "No one can stop me!"

    The cards in Maya and Trinity's hands started to glow. Maya's gave off a dark violet color, while Trinity's gave off a hot pink color. Both girls held up the cards and stared at it, leaving Flamedramon in awe.

    "What? Digivolution cards? How much did you two pay for those? You have to be rich to get your hands on those?"

    The girls did not bother answering, almost doing what came next instinctively. Maya and Trinity slashed their cards through their D-Arcs.

    First came Maya. 'DIGIVOLUTION_' scrolled down the screen of her digivice as it released purple data strips from behind Lunamon, who was suddenly over shot with energy as she leaped up.

    "Lunamon digivolve to...!" she called out as her tiny body began to peel off starting with her ears and face before finally working its way down to her entire body as the purple glowing strips of light surrounded Lunamon in a protective orb of light. Finally, the Digimon body grew to a humanoid rabbit body as bits and pieces of armor, purple and pink ribbons, and whitish pink fur were uploaded onto the body. After the whitish pink fur was completely uploaded, a black helmet appeared on her head, with holes provided for the eyes. Also, gloves, striped with yellow stripes similar to the ones all over her body, were on her hands now. Purple claws sprouted from her feet as the purple ribbons swirled around her lower body, while the pink ribbon tied around her head. Finally, the eyes of the humanoid rabbit Digimon opened, gazing with pale, pink orbs. Now that her entire body was uploaded, the rabbit Digimon posed in a ninja-like stance, "...Lekismon!"

    Next came Trinity. 'DIGIVOLUTION_' scrolled down the screen of her digivice as it released pink data strips from behind Lopmon, who was suddenly over shot with energy as she leaped up.

    "Lopmon digivolve to...!" she called out as her body began to peel off starting with her face, plump arms, and long, loppy ears before finally working its way down to her entire body as the pink glowing strips of light surrounded Lopmon in a protective orb of light. First, her black shoes and purple ankles were uploaded to each side. Then came the red gloves, which stretched out as black and silver, metallic, bladed claws were grasped by the hands. Finally, her body was clothed in golden street fighter clothes, with a belt wrapped around the center. In addition, a blue bandanna was wrapped around her neck as purplish pink skin was uploaded and her ears grew much longer. She then burst out of the orb and punched the air repeatedly posing with one fist up and one fist down, "...Turuiemon!"

    Both Lekismon and Turuiemon emerged from the wall and landed back in front of the their Tamers, prepared to fight. Maya and Trinity were able to upload information about them in their D-Arc's

    "Lekismon - Champion Level Digimon - Data Type. Her Moon Night Bomb attack will burst on contact with her enemies and put them to sleep."

    "Turuiemon - Champion Level Digimon - Data Type. Turuiemon's special attack, Gauntlet Claw, will slice her enemies into as little as nothing."

    Flamedramon frowned, "They Digivolved. Shadramon! Help out!"

    "I'm not done with the--"

    "Help out!"

    Shadramon stopped the force field, causing it weaken in the process. However, he had to help Flamedramon if they were ever going to have a chance at defeating Lekismon and Turuiemon.

    Flamedramon fire his Flame Fist at Lekismon, while Shadramon held both arms up and shot his Flare Buster attack at Turuiemon. Both flaming attacks seemed to just brush off them easily.

    Lekismon smirked, "Our turn."

    Lekismon reached around her back for her bow and arrow. She placed the arrow in the bow and aimed it at Flamedramon, "Tear Arrow!" She fired an icy arrow right at Flamedramon, as it pierced through the flaming Digimon's body, causing the fractal code around it to appear.

    Turuiemon grinned, pretty hyped up, "Time to finish you off, boys! Gauntlet Claw!" She sprinted towards shadramon, her claws on her gloves sharpening. Once she got near Shadramon, Turuiemon jumped up and sliced through Shadramon's butterfly-like body.

    Turuiemon landed on one knee behind Shadramon as he fell to the ground, his fractal code appearing.

    Mimicking earlier seen actions, both Maya and Trinity shouted, "Fractal code, Digitize!" The code wrapped around Flamedramon and Shadramon's body was absorbed into their D-Arc, completing the battle.


    Later, Nathan, Aaron, Crabmon, and Psychemon were freed from the force field and were now resting in a town hotel with the girls. They sat in the lobby and conversed.

    "Well, you can't trust everything in this world." Nathan shook his head.

    "Got that right." Aaron agreed.

    "You girls did a good job. Especially you two, Lopmon and Lunamon. I'm amazed you were able to return to your Rookie state so quickly." Nathan commented.

    Psychemon blushed, having being unable to dedigivolve quickly like them.

    Trinity beamed, "It was nothing. But I tell you what, I did get an adrenaline rush from that battle. I see why you boys like video games."

    Lopmon nodded, "I felt like... a tomboy when I was Turuiemon. I was not girly at all. I had blades and I was like slice, slice, slice!"

    The group laughed wholeheartedly as they continued to converse about the endeavor.

    Back on the roof of the building, the same man and bear like Digimon stood. A mysterious grin was upon his face. It was unclear to see if it was genuine or fake. The Tamers would find out who this man was eventually, right?

    "Let's go Bearmon." The raspy voice before coughing and disappearing into the night. The man, indeed, was familiar to all the Tamers, whether they knew it or not. But, he was... unlikely.

    Who is this mysterious man with a Bearmon? And why did he anonymously help the Tamers?

    Find out next time on: Digimon - The Tamer Club!


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