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    Arrow Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    Well cause it is fucking cold in my region, Satoshi and the gang heading for Snowpoint and I just beat Suzuna/Candice in Platinum I got the Idea for this. It is one of my slightly better works and features PearlShipping and a new Shipping I myself came up and named it BlizzardShipping (Satoshi and Suzuna/Candice) because the circumstances it started but read for your own.

    As our heroes continue to snowpoint through a snowy and shivering cold street they take a break to have some fun. While Satoshi and Hikari happily playing in the snow and making a snowball fight something seems to bother Takeshi. “Something is wrong today I can feel it I just don’t know what.”

    Satoshi turns in Takeshis direction cause he wants him to join and right in this moment a cold snowball lands in his neck and Hikari laughs. “Haha, I got you and right in your neck this really was a good one hihihi… Try to hit me if you can but I really doubt this.”

    Satoshis face is graced with a conspiratorial smile. “Ha do you really think I would miss you, this is very funny. Think again but soon you will feel it anyway so there actually is no need for you to think about it.”

    While he talks about this he grabs in the snow drift on his right and takes a big hand of snow to form a perfect ball. Then he throws it and it hits right in Hikaris face which gives her a dumb look. “Hah, didn’t I tell you, bulls eye I hit you perfect and direct in ya face you look really funny now, haaaaaaahah.”

    Hikari gots angry about Satoshi making fun of her and her face turns red while the snow melts away. “Ohhhhhhhh Satosh, I swear you will regret this.” And so their fight continues but after a while they make a break cause Takeshi still seems concerned.

    “Come on Takeshi, join us or to be exact me and my Pokemon so we can teach Satoshi a lesson or two.” Satoshi interrupt “so you want it that way, then you can have it, Pikachu and I will show you.” With that they started to argue to each other until Takeshi tells them why he is so concerned.

    “STOP THAT NOW!!! OK, I’m concerned because there is something strange in the air and as you should know the weather is very shifty in the mountains even when the sky is clear blue right know in a wink a blizzard could occur.”

    Satoshi and Hikari response synchrony with a strange-funny tone; “Yeah sure the sky is blue and the sun is shining but in a few minutes a blizzard breaks out” and while that both took a big hand of snow to soap Takeshi. “Hey, what is that for, I’m concerned of you and this is your thank?!” Then both laughed so loud they nearly caused an Avalanche. By that Takeshi forget about his worries and joined them playing for a while.

    “Well enough playing, time to make lunch, I shout for you when it is ready but don’t forget to look about anything which could mean a blizzard. If this still should happen and you can’t return think about searching shelter in a cave or digging a hole to hide and close it with snow.”

    “Yeah, promise but there is no need to worry; we still have our Pokemon to help out.” Takeshi sighs; “Every time you say “no need to worry" is when I worry the most.” This slightly angers Hikari; “Come on, that’s the line of my mother and it doesn’t suit anymore anyway.” Then she grabs Satoshi and drags him affronted away.

    A little further on she calmed down and let them fell in the snow. “Come Satoshi let’s make some snow angels, the newly fallen snow suits perfect for this.” Satoshi doesn’t mind this and joins her without grumbling.

    So they play some more, build snowmen and have fun, all with their Pokemon but don’t check that Takeshi was right and a blizzard is about to start.

    Hikari and Satoshi have much fun and can laugh very loud here. “Wow Satoshi, I haven’t had so much fun since I was born. Because Twinleaf lies way south in Shinnoh, we rarely see snow and I never had so much fun with Kengo or anyone else even when there was some snow in Twinleaf anyway.”

    Still laughing and smiling Satoshi says something to her; “That is what you get when you meet new people, befriend them and travel along though I already had such funny times while I was traveling with Haruka and Kasumi it was somehow different from today it felt much more intense than in the past.”

    Hikari grins with pleasure and seemingly feels the same. ”Of course it was very lovely with us and our Pokemon together like that but now we should head back we actually really drifted away of Takeshi, he surely worries about us now and the lunch probably is cooled out by now.”

    “Hey Satoshi we should hurry, seems Takeshi was right just look at the sky it is absolutely sure a blizzard will break out soon.” Satoshi agrees with a nod and they had back. But then a strong wind blew away Satoshis hat “don’t dare to jump after Satoshi, with an upcoming blizzard this is only crazy recklessness and a hat can be replaced you not,” but at the same time and with a much quieter tone she says "especially not for me” but Pikachu jumps after it and vanishes in the snowfields.

    So the blizzard already started but Satoshi jumps after Pikachu and while that Hikari yells something after him; “Please be careful, I don’t want to loose you, if I would I also would loose my happiness forever” but most of these words were swallowed by the storm so Satoshi probably only understood “ careful…” but his response were not audible and so he vanished as well.

    “I don’t know why but a strange kind of coldness grips my heard, I hope he will be alright.” Then she started to freeze even more and at the whole body and left in Takeshis direction.

    “Heeeeey Hikari, are you all right? Didn’t I tell you this, if you had listened to me you wouldn’t freeze like you do right now, so come in I already built a shelter. By the way where is Satoshi?” The face of Hikari let no doubt that she is upset about something and Takeshi sees this and asks her out.

    “I see so that happened, hopefully he is all right. The blizzard has gotten worse I believe he was at least bright enough to take my advise and searched for shelter or made one cause with a storm like this it just would be crazy to try to get back here, regardless how far or near it is.” Hikari even more upset and nearly saddened as hell states that she told him something similar but then Pikachu jump after the hat and so Satoshi too.

    During that Satoshi got to his Pikachu but now he stands somewhere in the nowhere and with no sight nor any idea where he can head back to Takeshi. “Darn, no idea where am I or which direction I should head and with that storm I can’t even seeing my hand before my eyes. Pikachu are you here?”

    “Pika Pikachu”

    “Are there you are Pikachu, come and hop on my shoulder so I know where you are.” And with that his Pikachu does as he asked and gives him his hat.

    “Thank you Pikachu but now we are stuck, what did Takeshi say again? Ah yeah, I should search shelter in a cave or a hole and cover it with snow to protect me; at least we have warm cloth so we won’t freeze that easily.”

    Then he looks around or at least tries to; “Let’s see as far as I can tell we’re on a wide plain of snow so we can forget to find shelter in a cave, the best we may find could be a Rock but this wouldn’t be enough anyway so we have to dig a hole to hide till the storm calmed down, but how?”

    Pikachu approaches Satoshi and takes the Pokeball of Monferno. “Great idea Pikachu, he can melt a small amount of snow so we can make a little shelter there to protect us.”

    Then he tried to open it to release Monferno but it didn’t work. “Hey what is this why doesn’t it work. Something like that never happened ever before.

    Then he takes a closer look to it and discovers that the lock is frozen. “Oh noooooo this can’t be, how could this happen, I should have prevent it while I was wearing them but I never thought something like that could happen anyway. So we got a biiiiiiiiiiiiig problem Pikachu. Seems we have to use our hands for it, hopefully it works.”

    So they both try to do anything to loosen the ice but all they try is useless. “We must try harder or we don’t stand a chance out here keep going Pikachu it has to work it just has to.”

    They try harder but still no change and slowly the both cool out and got tired. “Pikachu are you all right you look so weakened, take a break I will continue this” but he also looses all his power and realizes something; “Hah who had thought that it will end like this…”

    During his heart beating slower and his breathing becomes weaker he thinks out in the cold how his life has been and how it has could be. He remembers all the nice adventures he had with Kasumi and Haruka. He thinks of all the awesome Adventures he had in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. As he reviews his journeys and remember how often he and his friends got lost and how much time they wasted in searching for the right way out in nowhere he smiles a last time. His last recall of life was given to his mother, his past and his friends for what he missed.

    “Mom sure will be very sad if I never show up again. I got lost on my journey for becoming the ‘very best’ like my father vanished before I could even speak. I never met him nor heard of him again and cuz I was practically raised by my mother alone or rather to young to remember something I never missed him. And it is said that I not even can say good bye to my friends or learn who my father really is. Mum told me more than once that I am very unaware like my father was/is. Father probably ended similar to that as well. If I would be more aware and prepared like Takeshi is I had planed for such a situation like I’m in now and maybe survived… But now I don’t have the chance to do this later, there will be nothing like another try if I loose.”

    Now Kasumi flash to his mind and he grinned when he thought about her and the first time they met.

    “Come to think of it, my short life was great and it is sad that I won’t have a future. Who knows if I would be more prepared I could have a nice future. My love and friendship for Pokemon sure one day had lead me to the title of a ‘Pokemon Master’. But at the other hand I also missed many things and chances I had. I just have to think about Kasumi she was the first person I met after starting out and some time later we also met Takeshi. We three became really good friends and I never noticed it or I didn’t want to notice it but Kasumi seemingly felt more than just friendship to me. She argued and complaint a lot to me and every time teased and lectured me. I always found this annoying but she sure wanted the best for me. She was kind of a big sister to me though she kind of loved me, apparently not only like a big sister. I never showed interest in girls especially not she, despite we traveled so long together Kanto, Orange Archipelago and Johto… but who knows if I were slightly more matured back then I may have started to like her in a way but still not like a girlfriend only like a best friend. Like she cried when we parted, it appeared she is kind hearted in her own way. So many things I remember I got through with her but still she was and still is more like a big sister for me”

    After he ended his mixed feelings for Kasumi he recaps his travel through Hoenn and his meeting with Haruka.

    “Then there was Haruka, I met her after I decide to start anew and traveled to Hoenn to refine my skills. Pikachu also fried her bike like he did to Kasumi’s but if not we may have never met and this sure would be sad. At the beginning she was a little scared from Pokemon and unsure what she can or will do but she wanted to travel, mainly to eat all kinds of specialties and seeing new places. She surely kind of liked me very much when she saw how passionate and self-scarifying I am with Pokemon. Her father was one tough Gym leader but I didn’t understand why she wanted to bypass him at the start. If I think about this now I believe she wanted to avoid the situation she is in when I battle with her father and the problem which she should root for because she liked me that much. In the end I was spoofed by her younger brother Masato and in the end learned the true with her family but couldn’t fight an official battle then. Later after we revisited the Gym and I battled she surely wanted me to win over her father though she also was very impressed by Shuu after we met him later the first visit in the Gym. While we were heading for the first Gym battle I could make only with Pikachu I first learned about Contests and Haruka as well. She was flash right from the beginning of them and decided to take the carrier of a Pokemon Coordinator. At start I thought about Contest like more of a girly like thing or something for snobbish weaklings who can’t battle but this changed over time especially after I met Shuu and now I enjoy them as well. The whole time we traveled with Takeshi and Masato over Hoenn and the Kanto Battle Frontier I was kind of a teacher and inspiring for Haruka and I enjoyed this in some ways. This also let me mature much but I still was not interested in girls. I liked Haruka very much and still do this but she is more like a student or subordinate if someone likes to say it that way for me. But somehow I get remembered at my mom when I think about Haruka as well. I don’t know why this is so but maybe I like her in a girlfriend way as well. I wonder how well she does in Johto Contests now but I will never learn and we will also never meet again. How much do I wish right know I could say Good Bye to her…

    His next thoughts now went to his newest Adventure and the Shinnoh region and the girl he met her, Hikari.

    “… Now I am located somewhere in Shinnoh north covered with snow and already Part-frozen. After I was at home I met Shigeru again who now follow his Grandfathers steps and is about to success Professor Ookido as a Pokemon expert. He told me he leaves for Shinnoh to meet and learn about the Pokemon in this Region as well. I went here for a new challenge and all the new Pokemon I will met here and I met Hikari here as well. After Team Rocket again stole Pikachu, he fried her bike too. What a story I met and traveled with all my friends because my best friend Pikachu did something to them. Kinda strange, the thing which is even more strange than that is that I even never will be annoyed by Team Rocket but still feel sad that me and Pikachu never will fry this dorks again. However Thanks to Pikachu I met Hikari and I somehow like her even more than Kasumi and Haruka now. Her target was set at the start; she wanted to succeed her mother as a Pokemon Coordinator. Hikari reminds me on myself when I set out for my journey with the difference she easily cries if something don’t work out like she wants to but kinda cute. Did I just think this? Seems like I really like her much, I never thought about a girl who traveled along with me more like another good friend… except for Hikari. This is new for me, until now I only showed interest in Pokemon that devoted. Who can tell I may was just to immature for that like Kasumi told me so often or I feared to get refused so I never showed interest but it somehow is different with Hikari. But at the other hand Kengo actually loves her as well, at least it looks like that if I just remember the Solaceon Ruins. I wonder how she feels but I probably won’t ever learn this cuz my end is near but I hope that she doesn’t like me that way cause it would make her even sadder when they found out about me becoming an Ice Block… I just so much wish I could tell her my feelings now but this will become impossible and the other sad thing is I never will be able to show Shinji how wrong his philosophy about Pokemon is. So much I regret and yet so much I never can do…”

    He now thinks his last thoughts and apologizes to his Pikachu and his Pokemon for what he did to them now, sold them to a freeze dead.

    “Well, well I get tired and I feel warm though I’m out in the cold while a blizzard howls terrible… I heard of this though I never thought I would come in a situation like this. That is what coldness makes with your body… You have to fight against it cause if you fall asleep you will die. I have to take all my power to do that but regardless what I do, I steadily loose might and there is now sign of someone showing up and helps me out. I really should be more careful but if my Pokemon are in danger I can’t be helped but to jump towards them and help them, I would do anything for them… and Pikachu and my Pokemon would do anything for me. I have many good friends it is just sad that I never will see Hikari or Takeshi again. Sorry you too, I won’t be able to say good bye to you and what are you for me… but at least I can try to safe Pikachu with protecting him from the cold with my body…”

    Then he curls himself around Pikachu to protect it and fall asleep, soon they completely covered by snow and frozen like a block of ice. This is the end of our hero Satoshi and his Adventures. The only remaining question if or if not his body someday will be found by Hikari and Takeshi or someone else.
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    The ending is fairly depressing and sad. My only complaint is the syntax: you have short paragraphs that, in some cases, could be a longer more descriptive paragraph in your story.

    "During his heart beating slower and his breathing becomes weaker he thinks out in the cold how his life has been and how it has could be."

    The syntax in the above sentence is way off. For someone used to reading standard English, it's confusing.

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    Sad ending...

    poor Pikachu

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    Default Re: Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    Quote Originally Posted by Barb View Post
    The ending is fairly depressing and sad. My only complaint is the syntax: you have short paragraphs that, in some cases, could be a longer more descriptive paragraph in your story.

    "During his heart beating slower and his breathing becomes weaker he thinks out in the cold how his life has been and how it has could be."

    The syntax in the above sentence is way off. For someone used to reading standard English, it's confusing.
    Well this isn't the real ending it just should build up the dramatics cuz if you read the description above you might have notice that there is something missed. I need a creative break.

    For the Syntax, I agree some is improvable but thats the reason I want to hear opinions to improve such things. I will try harder and thank you that you told me this, I will try to improve that later when I continue with it.
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    Default Re: Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    Well here is the next Part and Part 3 will probably the last please enjoy it.

    The blizzard howls merciless and Hikari and Takeshi are hiding in the Igloo like shelter Takeshi made with the help of his Pokemon while Satoshi and Hikari were away. The horrible storm becomes even louder and Hikaris face is pictured with a high concern for Satoshi.

    “Oh this is an incredible strong blizzard I sincerely hope he is all right.”

    Takeshi shows no wink of concern and calms her.

    “You shouldn’t worry much about him, I traveled already through three regions with him and we partly had to deal with much harder things back then, besides Pikachu and his other Pokemon are with him and he matured in all this time, I was with him and advised him every time when something was earlier. Before he didn’t listen to anyone but he learned this and he surely searched shelter as soon as it was possible, he will be A-Okay. When the storm has calmed down he sure will come soon to our position.”

    This seemingly eased Hikari but she still is concerned a little, however l it stopped her from jumping out in the blizzard and her assured dead. 6 hours have passed and the blizzard still continues but now it is already night and they go to sleep. While Takeshi already sleeps, Hikari is still awake and things about Satoshi “I hope you have it warm” and then falls asleep of fatigue. 6 more hours later and one day after Satoshi has vanished, the storm has calmed down but all what is left of Satoshi is a small rise.

    In the morning when the first ray of Sunlight mirrors in the Igloo of clear ice Hikari wakes up from a horrible nightmare where Satoshi fell from a cliff when he ventured through the blizzard and she saw him screaming again and again while he felled. Short before he landed and obviously was shattered she luckily woke up by the first ray of Sunlight in the day. As this happened she was relieved for it just was a bad dream but she still feared for the health Satoshi. She looked around the room and searched for him in hope he already returned but all she saw was Takeshi making breakfast.

    “Ah you awake Hikari, I already make breakfast cause I couldn’t sleep anymore you must had a horrible nightmare for the way you screamed.”

    She wasn’t able to say anything cause she nearly cried for Satoshi still away but Takeshi interrupted before she could.

    “I believe you dreamed about Satoshi and something happening to him, for the way you look around you probably wonder and fear for him but don’t jump to conclusions it just calmed down he could not be here that soon you should wait til breakfast is over the smell surely leads him to us.”

    “Well, I think your right Takeshi if something leads him here than it’s the incredible good and strong smell of your cooking” but a doubt tones with this.

    After the breakfast there is still no sign of Satoshi but and Hikari wants to start right now to search for him.

    With a part craving voice Hikari states her wish “Takeshi he still didn’t come back we should search for him ASAP!!!” Takeshi things a moment and agrees but not without demanding a good preparations.

    “Your right Hikari but we should prepare well, even when the blizzard flattened it still snows a little and there is deep snow that prevents an easy coming forward so we need a little time and maybe while we prepare he shows up.”

    An hour passes while they prepare and the fear of Hikari for Satoshi being in trouble slowed there preparations immense but they are finally finished and all seems right.

    Now they head out in the early afternoon and the snow still falls. As they wander through the gentle falling snow following the route Hikari remembers she walked while the blizzard howled but there is no sign of Satoshi. They continued there search until nightfall but still no trace and even when Hikari wanted to continue Takeshi could convince her that it is safer to stop now.

    “Hikari I know you worry about him but he can watch upon himself further Pikachu is with him so he will assure Satoshi is all right. In addition you sure feel already cold and freeze to your bones. What good would come out if you catch a cold or worse and couldn’t search for him anymore? Tomorrow is a new day and who knows we may find him healthy and fine then.”

    This restrained her but what will be if the tomorrow search is as well fruitless?

    The next morning and the sun is shining bright but the mood of Hikari hasn’t changed to good cause her beloved is still loose. After another even slower prepare than at the day before the again start the search for Satoshi but this day as well will bring no good as well but Hikari and Takeshi don’t know this yet.

    In midday they make a break and tears fall down out of her eyes. Her Burnary as well is sad for her Pikachu still missed and then Hikari’s Ambipom and Mannoswine were able to cheer her up for now. Then in the evening there still was no sign of Satoshi.

    “Hikari…“ and Takeshi was not able to find the right words to cheer her up, she smiled at him but he saw that this is a fake smile to disguise her sadness and despair. Later she quietly cried herself to sleep.

    The third day of search remained hopeless for them as well and Takeshi now begins to doubt that Satoshi is all right as well but he didn’t show that in consideration for Hikari. What they don’t know is that the already passed the place where Satoshi was frozen but they couldn’t see him cause of the snow who covered him at the second day.

    As they ate dinner Takeshi had a last hope for him being all right.

    “Hikari he may have decided that it would be better to head in the direction of Snowpoint and meet us there because out in the snowfields where all is white it is hard to search for someone especially after a blizzard or while it snows. We should head there as well he surely awaits us in the Pokemon center there because he though I came up with something like that sooner. The problem only is an avalanche this evening blocked the direct way to Snowpoint so we have to take a detour for BlizzTown which approximately slows us down for one more week but in BlizzTown we can call the Pokecenter in Snowpoint and tell him about this.”

    After this speech Hikari seemingly brighten up and she gets new hope but as the things stand now she won’t meet the Satoshi she knew till now there.

    Before this evening something happened to Satoshi this afternoon when Hikari and Takeshi where way away of Satoshi.

    It’s the afternoon of the third day after Satoshi’s vanish and a young girl around his ages heads out for the place he lies frozen to train with her Abomansnow.

    A birds scream echoes through the empty fields of Snow and Suzuna who practiced with her Pokemon jolt after she hers it but at the same moment a Rainbow showed up in the skies and she is bound to it.

    “What arctic lights, here? I never saw them even near here though I come here regularly to train my Pokemon. Wait something is even more strange; the light not contains the normal colors.”

    After she saw this she looks closer and she finally notice that even the shape is different.

    “What it also has a different shape than usual, it looks like a rainbow but it also seems to point at something down on the earth?!”

    Now she follows the light where the rainbow seems to lead her and she finds a strange looking hill of snow.

    “Hmm, What’s this, strange.”

    As she looks closer she sees a cap. This made her nosy and she clears the snow up. Piece for piece she frees the frozen body of Satoshi and Pikachu.

    “Oh my goodness there lies a frozen boy with is Pikachu. He probably was a pray of the blizzard 2 days ago, I have to help him somehow, even when the chance are low that he is OK and if not he will get a proper burial.”

    She calls out her Pokemon and asks them to carry this boy to Snowpoint. After they arrived at Snowpoint she immediately calls help and the best Doctor of the city comes to help cause he is the only one who has a slight chance to revive him from his cold sleep.

    “We need to slowly de-freeze him if we want to have the slight chance of him recover. 5 hours of slow de-freeze must be committed in order to safe him and someone steadily has to look over his vitality and if his heartbeat becomes inaudible he has to get this medicine via jab but I have other patients to take care of as well, can someone look over him in my place?”

    Suzuna immediately volunteers.

    ”I will do it, one who that passionately protects his Pokemon just deserves to live. He can’t be a bad Person. I will do all in my might to recover him.”

    The doctor accepts this offer and leaves but not without saying something to close.

    “OK as our Gym leader I think you will be all right with this responsibility I visit later before I go home to check him, at this point he probably will be awaken but there is a possibility that he became Amnesia there in the cold because of the long lost blood circularity in his brain but this should be all right he seems well prepared for a blizzard so the damage should be minor, still it is very possible that he never will remember the last minutes before he got frozen.”

    Suzuna replies to the doc at the door with a caring voice.

    “That’s OK as long as he recover though I really want to hear about his journeys so far but if not I’m all right with this as well he just shall recover, he sure is a nice guy.

    So she guards him all day long. His heartbeat is steady til the evening right at the moment the doc wanted to watch him again.

    “And how is our snowman doing?”

    Suzuna don’t like this joke but she answers calm.

    “He is fine so far, the whole day he had a steady low heartbeat like you told he should have in the de-freezing phase.”

    “Well, well but he should awaken any moment, let me check his pulse.”

    Then he does so and all seems right.

    “Seems all right so far but I want to see him awake so I will stay these few remaining minutes further these are the most critical of all so it is better that way.”

    They both wait the time span til he should awake but nothing happens.

    “Strange he already should be awakened, I check his vitality again.”

    So he does it but what he saw was not just disappointing it was a disaster.

    “Darn, no pulse, give me the medicine.”

    So Suzuna does but after he injected it was useless.

    “No it doesn’t work; this is bad, really bad.”

    Sadness and anger mirrors themselves in Suzuna’s eyes and she screams.

    “No he does not deserve this he himself is willing to sacrifice himself for his Pokemon, only a few really would actually do this he deserves to fulfill his dreams, whatever they are.”

    So the fought the whole night for him but with no success and at the next afternoon, out burned they finally give up on him, not with much of will but they have no other choice. It’s over. Right after the prepared a grave for him and commit the funeral procession and put him in the conscription.
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    Default Re: Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    I like this fic but it's a little depressing... Anyway good work!

    Thanks to Shimmey1001 for the avi.

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    Default Re: Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    Quote Originally Posted by Himeguma View Post
    I like this fic but it's a little depressing... Anyway good work!
    Thx, I hope you also will read and enjoy the next (last) part after finished it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadman View Post
    Thx, I hope you also will read and enjoy the next (last) part after finished it.
    I'm waiting to see how it ends!

    Thanks to Shimmey1001 for the avi.

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    Default Re: Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    Here it is, the final Part of "Deadly Blizzard" and probably the longest of the story I hope you enjoyed Parts 1 and 2 so far and also enjoy Part 3 pls comment my work especially important to me are your critics of the story so I know if I'm good or bad in writings.

    It is tradition in Snowpoint that the lid of the coffin is kept open while the corpse is lying in his grave until a special song for victims of the cold weather, snowstorms and/or blizzards is sung to attribute them. As they finished the last line a rainbow showed up in the air. The rainbow became a seven colored ray and centered down at the open laying coffin of Satoshi. All people are flashed of this uncommon event and look up into the sky to see a two rainbow colored feathers falling down right to Satoshi’s head and Pikachu’s and then vanish. All follow this and then witness a miracle. Satoshi’s eyes open up and he looks up in the bright shine of the rainbow ray. He blinks and becomes confuse where he is.

    “A miracle, a miracle he got resurrected right before our own eyes”

    All of the gathered people shouted like crazy but Suzuna got tears of joy though she knows nothing about him yet.

    She helped him out of the prepared grave and introduced herself.

    “Hello my name is Suzuna and I found you out in the snowfields two days after a terrible blizzard howled while I was training. You were frozen to a block of ice and I and my Abomansnow carried you here to Snowpoint and de-freezed you with much care. What is your name?”

    She decided to be silent about the part he seemed dead, at least for now cuz she didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. Satoshi still is confused and he was quiet for a few seconds. Then he started to speak while Pikachu still seem to sleep.

    “Is that true? If so I am really grateful but I must apologize to you I remember absolutely zero, not even my name, only to my Pikachu, where is it?”

    “He is lying down there and seems to sleep now.”

    Suzuna now feared that she is forced to tell him the story but luckily something is about to happen. In the next moment Pikachu as well awakes and jumps at Satoshi’s shoulders but he as well only remembers at Satoshi. This makes her relieve. Now way happier she ask him if he wants to follow to the Pokecenter because it is cold out here. In the meantime the people vanished.

    “Well that’s sad but the doctor actually said you probably will have Amnesia for some time but he couldn’t determine the exact time span. For now come to the Pokecenter maybe nurse Joy can help you to remember by checking your Pokedex for you obviously a Trainer you probably has some model or you remember by your own about you besides it’s cold our here you surely need to warm up a little.”

    He didn’t ask why he was out here either because he forgot or he just didn’t wondered so they left for the Pokecenter without any habituation, so they went there immediately in hope to learn more about Satoshi. As they arrived at it joy scared up because she as well though Satoshi were dead.

    “WHAT!!! But he was supposed…”

    Suzuna interrupted this with a hand sign and a shaking head.

    “He fell unconscious again the cold still plays around with his cycle he sure get used to it after a few more times, after all he was extremely sub-temperature when I found him.”

    “Ah I see.” And she became quiet.

    Still very surprised and scared at the same time the Joy asked why they are here now.

    “So why did you come all the way here to the Pokecenter through the cold from your warm house?”

    “He has Amnesia and cause he’s a trainer we should be able to learn something by checking his Pokedex ID we thought. Unfortunately I have not such a device at my house and therefore we are here.”

    The Joy friendly asked for the Pokedex so she can check.

    “Well of course we have such a device but I can’t assure it will work correctly, because of the blizzard and the avalanche yesterday much of our equipment is malfunctioning at the moment and our engineers and technicians work like crazy to get them work again, luckily we have no critical Pokemon cases here right now so there is no need to worry. Further the on holding mist and unusual ice covering of our harbor we will be cut from the out world for a week or two as well.”

    Then she took the Pokedex and put it in the machine so they could check his data’s out.

    “Well then let’s see what it has to say. …Wow you had quit some achievements but first let’s see about your name and hometown… Okay here it is, your actually from Kanto… quit a way you traveled… anyway your hometown is PalletTown, isn’t this were Professor Ookido lives? So you probably got your Pikachu from him. And your name is Satoshi. That is it more data’s aren’t available you only seem to have some renown I just don’t now for what the device has no more data stored or should I rather say it isn’t able to display them and because our communications is broken as well we can’t contact anyone from there, sadly I don’t know when it will be fixed but at least you learned your name and hometown now.”

    Suzuna was disappointed to this but cheered him up a little.

    “Don’t let it go to deep to you, amnesia sooner or later becomes healed by itself it just need time. Don’t worry much more about this and let’s have some fun your memory will surely recover.”

    Satoshi seems okay with this and then they left. It already was late afternoon so there wasn’t much to do especially in this cold region so they just went to Suzuna’s house and talked. Satoshi hadn’t much to talk cause he has no memories but he still listened very interested.

    “Well that was a nice talk but I now should go to the Pokecenter before it has closed, there are quarters for trainers to rest over night. This surprised Suzuna a little cause she didn’t show him anything in the Pokecenter and there was no way he could have seen it while the visited.

    “Huh? How do you now I never told or showed you, seems little of your memory has returned, if this continues with that speed you will remember everything till the end of the week.”

    “Your right, let’s hope this will happen. Anyway it was nice here but no I should leave but we can meet tomorrow again.”

    “I have a guest room in my house why don’t you stay besides the cold surely wouldn’t speed up your recovery and I really want to learn more about you after all I told you much about me already but for now it is to late hope you can tell me something about you tomorrow.”

    “Thank you for the offer and I will follow it.”

    Then she led him to the guest room and wished him a good night. Satoshi still was awake for a few minutes and thought about the fractions he remembered but couldn’t fit them in a proper picture. Because he couldn’t remember much he thought about Suzuna, how nice she is and eventually falls asleep.

    At the next day he wakes up soon and goes out for a walk and while that he remembered some more of his journeys and his Pokemon but still nothing about his friends. As he returns to Suzuna’s house she already made breakfast for them both.

    After they finished breakfast and stabled the dishes in the already overfilled sink unit they left the house to train a little. All of Satoshi’s Pokemon wondered what is up here but they still supported him after all they are his friends even if they don’t understand the situation complete. To chill out they play around in the snow until dusk came.

    “Say Satoshi do you remember something more about your past now?”

    “Yeah, but I still have very fractured pieces, so far I only remember that I traveled through Kanto, my home region and Jouto but not why.” He sounds very confused while that is said.

    “I see, we should eat something and then you can tell me what you remember so far I’m really anxious to hear about your journeys.” This said they happily left for a restaurant.

    So while they ate he told her many story-pieces he remembered of his journeys and she surely showed interest but still he couldn’t remember that he had travel companions, good friends with him all the time.

    In the next two days he remembered his Houen and Shinnoh journeys but still neither of his friends nor that he is here to challenge the Shinnoh league.

    Now 4 days since Hikari and Takeshi have given up their search for Satoshi with the hope of meeting him in Snowpoint. They now have arrived at Blizz town and Hikari first run straight to the Pokecenter to call the Joy of Snowpoint to learn if Satoshi has arrived there. Unluckily the Joy of Blizz town couldn’t help her because the communication is still broken.

    “Nurse Joy I need to call Snowpoint Pokecenter!!!”

    Joy was caught by surprise of the rushing Hikari and needed a few seconds to regain grip and answer. “I’m sorry but all communications to Snowpoint is still broken due the blizzard a week ago.”

    This frustrated Hikari much so Takeshi interrupted.

    “Well it can’t be helped is there any scheduled time it should be back up?”

    “No, the technicians surely work upon this but I can’t give you a time. It could be till this evening but it also could be in 3 or more days.”

    This made Takeshi thoughtful.

    “I see, so it appears we either can wait here in hope it soon will be fixed or we go right to Snowpoint which takes approximately 2-3 days. What do you say Hikari?”

    “It’s clear as crystal we of course can’t wait so we head right to Snowpoint.” And it sounded with this that no contradiction is accepted.

    Then they prepared for the three day long hard climb which lies on their way now. But for now let’s see how it continues with Satoshi and Suzuna.

    “Hey Satoshi, we should go to the ice sculpture and gem museum near our holy Snowpoint temple. There currently are sculptures of many legendary’s shown and a beautiful collection of crystals.”

    Satoshi already started to like her much and happily accepted the offer.

    “Thx, this would be awesome.”

    Satoshi hesitated for a while but finally took her hand and she let it happen. Now they two together went to the north plateau of the city to visit the museum. As they arrive there a cold breeze froze Suzuna and she stepped nearer to him. Satoshi was okay with this and even get nearer to her than they finally entered the museum short before the stand side by side.

    Because it was surprisingly warm in the museum they broaden the gab again but they both seemed blushed but were this due the temperature difference or do they really have feelings for each other.

    They walked through the hallways a looked on all the Legendary Pokemon displayed. The passed through the three legendary birds, Lugia, Entei and Suicune, Celebi, Latias and Latios, Jirachi, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquarza, Manaphy, even Deoxys and Darkrai, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and Shaymin too. It was like the whole life of Satoshi flashed through his mind he even remembered things know one normally would do and all came back to his mind, all? No, not entirely the faces of his friends still remained in black though he remembered Kasumi, Masato and Haruka but there were no sign of Takeshi or Hikari in his mind. After they left the hall of legendaries and entered the gem floor Satoshi had a real strange and somehow different face than before. This made Suzuna worry and she asked him why he looks like that.

    “You look so different now and after each legendary your face change in a strange way would you mind telling me why?”

    A few moments of stocking passed and then he answered.

    “I remembered so many things while I saw all this statues it just confused me, it was like my whole life so far came back to my memory and that just surprised me but I’m fine now.”

    Suzuna became relieved but at the other hand got scared; “what if he remembered his girlfriend and all I felt for him and he seemingly felt for me will vanish now?!” and despair covered her face.

    The gentle expression covering his face now calmed her down. He then spoke about the companions he had and he remembers and at least here he didn’t mention romantic feelings to them which eased Suzuna much.

    “… It was nice, the annoying big sister like Kasumi and my very first student like companions Masato and Haruka, I wonder how they are but the communication are broken anyway so let’s continue here. The gem floor with Ruby’s, Sapphire’s, Emerald’s, Onyxes and all the other gems is very beautiful and kind of inspiring to me; let’s continue I want to see them all.” And he grabbed her hand to slowly walk along the hallway.

    The day passed away and they had much fun together and while they walked back to Suzunas house they still held hands.

    During the next day nothing much has happened Satoshi only told Suzuna much of his previous journeys. Suzuna enjoyed this much and didn’t notice that she is about to tell that she decided to be silenced about.

    “Wow you met all this legendary’s in real time, you’re so lucky. I wouldn’t wonder if it actually was Ho-Oh who resurrected you from the dead, after all it’s said it is able to do this.”

    Right after this he asked her out about this and got the answers he wanted to have but he was very calm in opposite of what Suzuna feared.

    An unusual mature tone is rings in Satoshis voice.

    “I see, so I was obviously dead but it was more like a cold sleep if I think about this yet though I don’t remember much about this yet.”

    “It probably is better that way, I mean no one wants to remember if he or she was dieing or dead to say but all went well, you just were unlucky there, I mean when I found you were seemingly prepared for some difficulties still not for all…” she speaks caring to him.

    “True seems I still have much to learn but if I stay here for longer this probably won’t be a problem anymore cause I have to deal with it everyday.”

    Happy glaring Suzuna asks Satoshi something.

    “You mean you want to stay?”

    “I have to for an uncertain amount of time anyway but I will stay at the Pokecenter now after all I already made you too much trouble.”

    “No you didn’t, I was happy to help and I had much fun with you. (Oh now he remembered his girlfriend, this is so sad I really like him, I even would say I love him.)”

    “I’m really grateful to you for all what you did but I think future competitors shouldn’t be that close all the time.”

    Suzuna was even sadder but she had new hope that he really like her too but just want to prepare for battle.

    “I see that’s okay but tonight is Full moon and it would be neat if you could join me when you want to. I will be at the temple plateau and wait for you.”

    He left with no word nor any sign in his face.

    (“I really like her we had much fun the last days but I want to challenge the Shinnoh league and she as a Gym leader will be my competitor sooner or later and I don’t want her to hold back for our feelings to each other.”)

    When he lied in the Pokecenter he found no peace and finally went to the plateau to meet with her.

    At the plateau she was happy to see him and they watched the moon together. After a while Satoshi couldn’t hold himself back and took the initiative to grab her hand. She let him to and she was happy. They stand there for quit some time until a fresh wind raised. Both of them started to freeze but instead of going back they remained and watched the bright and shining full moon. After many minutes of shivering they both approached each other more and more until they stand right next to each other, then it happened Satoshi hugged her and they cuddled. Non of em said a word and the stand like figurines in that position. A few minutes where the time felt like was stopping for them they both, with each other in their arms left. They arrived at the Pokecenter and finally parted. As they said good bye Suzuna finally took the word and asked Satoshi for something tomorrow.

    “Satoshi this was a nice evening I won’t ever forget it.”


    The Joy of the center watched this scene carefully and with much interest.

    (“Seems two lovebirds have found…”)

    “If you want we could go Ice skating at LakeAcuity tomorrow morning and please join me a last time before our fight, promise?”

    He just vanished in the Pokecenter and made her very sad but she still hoped that he will come.

    It took quit some time of thinking until he felt asleep but before he decided to do what his heart said, joining Suzuna. As the next morning dawned he left soon after breakfast. An hour after he left Takeshi and Hikari showed at the Pokecenter and Hikari as soon as she saw the Joy rushed over before Takeshi got a chance.

    Stirred up Hikari’s first sentence involved the question about Satoshi being here.

    “Nurse Joy is a boy called Satoshi in this center.”

    The Joy was really surprised about this sudden attack and wasn’t able to say something at first but after Hikari calmly repeated the question she got a hold of herself and answered.

    “Satoshi, Satoshi ah yeah this frozen boy who obviously died in the blizzard…”

    Before the Joy could continue Hikari broke out in tears for hearing that Satoshi is dead. Then Takeshi who for a change didn’t jump on the Joy at first interrupted.

    “Hikari calm down and let her speak out she seemingly has some more things to say and I want to hear it.”

    She quietly cried on but at least quiet enough that they could understand the rest of Joy’s speech.

    “Are you his friends, what a question and you there are probably in love with him for what your reaction says. You can calm down, he was dead no doubt but something resurrected him right at the funeral. After what I heard of him it seemingly was the legendary Phoenix Ho-Oh which is said to be able to resurrect the dead with his feathers, if they have deserved to live on and just had bad luck or so.”

    Hikari brighten up like the sun shines at the first day of spring and enlighten all.

    “Is this true? That’s wonderful the whole time I worry so much that something bad has happened to him and I was right. It is great that in the end all turned out fine.”

    The face of Joy became a little depressed and she told her the rest.

    “True but he obviously lost his memory due this event he remembered most of it till now and I don’t know if he remembers you two yet, at least he never spoke about you two yet. He got cared the whole time of our Gym leader Suzuna and they eventually became little lovebirds.”

    Hikari fell in sorrow and tears to hear this.

    “Is this true?”

    The Joy is merciless and tells her everything.

    “Yes, yesterday night the cuddling came back from the Temple plateau and before they Parted Suzuna asked him to go Ice Skating on LakeAcuity this morning. He didn’t say something but left a hour ago and if a girl asks a boy to go Ice Skating on LakeAcuity and he agrees in any kind of way it means the have a tight bond of love for each other.”

    “Incredible sad Hikari sits down while Takeshi speaks to Joy.

    “Is that so? Then would you mind if we go as well?” But the Croagunk interrupted him. After he recovered he sits down next to the whining Hikari.

    “Takeshi… well at least he is fine and if he is happy than I am too.”

    This sad and honest answer of Hikari also took him down but he speaks to her in hope he can cheer her up.

    “You really love him, häh? I never though I would speak to you like I do now but we had many unexpected events so far… I can understand you…” now the fatherly caring and understanding tone changes in his usual whiney speech. “… I got broken my heart like a million times till now but I never give up…” and now he changed back; “… you should at least check him out so went there as well. If he sees you he may remember and then maybe he can look in your heart and notice your love for him and maybe, just maybe when he sees your feelings he chose you instead.”

    This really cheered her up and she radiates of joy.

    “Thank you Takeshi I will do so.” Then she took her things and left for the lake.

    “It really depresses me to see her down like that and I hope I am right…”

    Hikari runs to snow over snow and ignores the slippery places all over until she arrived at the lake. The next she does is looking for Satoshi and she sees him, Ice Skating in the middle of the lake and laughing with Suzuna. The next moment she as well lends some Ice skates and rushes in dress them up so she as soon as possible can hug Satoshi. The laughing couple doesn’t notice her until Hikari shouting heads straight in their direction.

    “Satoshi do you remember this strange girl, I never saw her before.”

    “No I don’t but she shouldn’t go there cause the ice is too thin to carry her but she surely will notice this in time.”

    “Your right, let’s make a heart on the ice.”

    Hikari saw this and hurries even more so she doesn’t notice the cracking ice under her feeds. Then the unavoidable happens and she cracks in. Satoshi sees that and flashy rushes to her.

    “Wait Satoshi you should use your Pokemon instead of jumping yourself or will you end again as a block of Ice?”

    “You may be right but I remember her now, she is an important person to me and I am faster then my Pokemon who aren’t used to the cold in this water and there is no time to loose.”

    Suzuna knows that this is nonsense but she accepted his decision because she knows him and his passion to protect his friends.

    Satoshi jumps into the cold Water and grabs Hikari who already is half-conscious now.


    “Don’t worry Hikari, I remember everything now and I will get you out here. I’m already pretty used to this cold so all will be right just trust me.”

    Hikari’s body already feels numb in this cold water and she is not able to fight against the cold by herself now so she fully trusted Satoshi and just let herself go. The freezing cold water meanwhile made it harder for Satoshi to carry both. He dived under Hikari so he can carry her on his back and he fights for two against this cold.

    “Hikari, Hikari get a grip, don’t let you open to the cold, just hold on we’re already at the shoreline, just a few seconds.”

    Now he as well has a hard time to fight but he doesn’t give up and Pikachu already is at the bank to help him out if needed. His body looses more and more strength and as well becomes numb but this time he has a good chance and he is willing to take it. Then finally they are out of the water but it stands bad about her she is unconscious and her pulse is low.

    “Pikachu help me out.”

    A small charge of electricity is given to her but it doesn’t help much.

    “Suzuna hurry and call the doctor we need his aid if we want Hikari to be all right.”

    As Suzuna is about to turn Hikari spits out a huge amount of water and stops breathing.

    “Noooo, Hikari stay with us” and he reanimates her with mouth-to-mouth reanimation though there is an other way as well. Suzuna sees this and soon realize who he really loves but this didn’t stop her from calling the doctor and with mixed feelings she rushes over to his house that luckily is near the lake.

    After he arrived he soon was able to stable Hikari’s vitality and with no hardships they could transfer her to the warm Pokecenter. Satoshi guarded her the whole day and the night as well and no one interrupted.

    “I see she is the one… but it doesn’t matter we had a nice time together and because I want you to be happy and am able to tell peoples feelings very fast I know she is the one. With that knowledge I should accept the things how the are and prepare our battle Satoshi and I promise you though I love you this will be one of your hardest battles, I swear, this is the least I can do for you.

    Three days later Hikari fully recovered and Satoshi showed her all he saw in the time he was stuck here and she told him how much she worried about him all the time which made him a little sad.

    “I thank you for you worry and I’m sorry for this but now all is fine and dandy with me, us.” The easiness he spoke with drove some tears in her eyes but he seemingly didn’t notice this while the cold wind blew.

    The night after was supposed to be a night of falling stars and Satoshi and Hikari together stand on the place were he cuddled Suzuna. They both deeply looked in each others eyes after the shooting stars vanished and so they remained a few seconds.

    “While I was stuck here I learned much about cold weather but even more about human and human love. Until now I never noticed it but I really like you.

    This caught Hikari by surprise so she wasn’t able to say something. As Satoshi suddenly grabbed her hands she couldn’t move as well.

    “You don’t have to say something I understand. It is cold up here, isn’t it?” and Hikari still can’t say much then Satoshi hugged her and they cuddled then…

    The morning was dreamy, the sun shines and the polar lights dance this surely was the beginning of an incredible lovely day but Satoshi won’t have the chance to enjoy this lovely day cuz today is his Gym battle.

    “Ah all machines are all up and working again, it’s time for the wake up shout and today is the day our former lovebirds have their battle. Heh, what a coincidence the where so cute together but after all it was just because Suzuna cared so much for him he also get feelings for her but after his memory was fully restored he remembered his real love. What a story I should use it in a book if I get time for it.”

    After the wake up shout Satoshi prepared himself for the battle and he surely got much of confidence today.

    “Ha Satoshi, I heard about your adventure after the blizzard, quiet something if I may say. I wish something like that would happen to me so I can finally met the girl of my dreams but in your case you already have a girl who cares for you, in fact you at least have two. Won’t it be hard to fight against Suzuna now after all what happened?” The enthusiasm of Takeshi was clearly audible in this.

    “Hah, it was nice what she did but she still is Gym leader and I aim for the Championship so I have to battle.” Energy, Enthusiasm, Confidence and Spirit sounds with this.

    “I see you somehow different from before I wonder what happened yesterday.” Satoshi decide to not answer all of this.

    “It’s kind of strange how events can change people, even if it is only for a short period of time.”

    They now straightly head to the arena.

    “Hello Satoshi, it was eager to fight you since quiet a while I wonder what you get. But don’t expect me to go easy on you just because we had so much fun time together.”

    “Hah, honestly I hope you go all out on me BECAUSE of what we went through.”

    Then the battle started and Satoshi choose Monferno, Pikachu and Gligar to fight. A fierce battle enraged where both attack with no break. It was really one of the toughest fights he ever had but in the end non of his Pokemon were going down and he obtained the Icicle Badge with much hard work. A final dinner where all where together and they took the ship back to LakeValor like Haruka did short before the Wallace Cup started.
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