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    Default Dark Storm Rising

    Note: The ONLY other place I am posting this story is my deviantArt. So if you see it anywhere else, that's plagiarism.

    Table of Contents
    Chapter One (below)

    Dark Storm Rising
    Chapter One

    From deep in the Earth
    To far in the sky
    A dark force will rise
    And shake Sinnoh to its roots.


    The sun beats down on the leafy green trees of the Eterna Forest. Dappled sunlight streams in and turns the forest floor into a mottled kaleidoscope of gold and brown. I pad gently through the woods, watching a Murkrow spread its dusky wings and take flight. It's getting late, and the nocturnal Pokemon are just peeking their heads out of their trees and burrows.Soon I'll be finding a nice cave to settle down for the night - I don't like nighttime at all. It drains my power and makes me feel weak and dizzy. Now compare this to daylight, where I feel awake and alive and full of energy, ready to beat any opponent. The stronger the sun, the more alive and awake I feel. I guess that's why they call Espeon the Sun Pokemon.

    I live on my own in the Eterna Forest. I have my entire life, ever since I was an Eevee. I could've evolved into Leafeon at any time, but I like being an Espeon better. I've always wanted psychic powers and the ability to levitate things. I don't have any relatives, and I generally keep to myself. The other Pokemon here don't really know me, and I like it that way. I take walks in the sunlight and sit by the river, and occasionally a Trainer comes by and tries to catch me, but I'm always too quick and strong. They're all beginners, and I can beat them easily with a single Psychic attack.

    Suddenly I feel the prickling of heat along my spine, and I whip around to come face-to-face with a Pokemon I have never seen before. It's a lithe, black creature with long, thin ears and red eyes. Golden rings dotted its body. Although I have never seen an Umbreon, I recognize it immediately. This is one of Eevee's evolutions. "You don't live here," I say warily. I've lived here all my life, and I know every single Pokemon that lives here. The Umbreon shakes its head once, a small, quick movement. It doesn't speak. "What do you want?" I ask in the same suspicious tone.

    "I'm looking for someone," the Umbreon tells me, and I can tell from its deeper voice that it's a male. It looks around cautiously, as if afraid that something might jump out at any moment. "My trainer and I were on our way to Snowpoint City, but my PokeBall fell out of his bag and he didn't notice. Do you know which way Snowpoint is?"

    I blink, not expecting something like that. Never before has a Pokemon with a Trainer gotten lost in this forest. "I... Snowpoint is north," I stutter unhelpfully. Of course Snowpoint is north; everyone knows that. The Umbreon gives a frustrated sigh, turns around, and begins walking back into the forest, looking for someone else to help him get to the city where his Trainer is headed. For some reason I can't comprehend, I climb to my feet and call out after him. He stops and turns around, and I hesitate, wondering what to say.

    "I know the way to Snowpoint City. I could take you there, if you'd like."

    Instantly, I was stunned by my own words. I have no idea where Snowpoint City is. All I know is that it's north and it's very far away. Can two Pokemon alone get there safely? We might be the ones to find out. The Umbreon looks so lost, so out of place in the fading sunlight and the shrubs and bushes, that I can't help but want to help him. He looks at me steadily, his crimson eyes unwavering. I look back at him, trying not to show my nervousness. I would find out how to get to Snowpoint somehow.

    "All right," the Umbreon says softly, giving a small, fleeting half-smile that lasts no more than a nanosecond. He walks over to me and settles down beside me, wrapping his tail around himself and curling into a ball. After a second I settle down next to him, shifting uncomfortably among the leaves scratching my pelt and rubbing up against me. I'm definitely not accustomed to sleeping on the ground, and I've decided I don't like it very much. The Umbreon chuckles softly to himself, watching my discomfort. "My name is Noxus," he tells me, putting his head down on his paws and watching me with those uncanny crimson eyes. His voice is soft, barely a whisper. I wonder if that's his normal voice, or if he does that on purpose.

    "My name is Trinity," I say. The name feels foreign on my tongue. Everyone else in the forest knows me, so there's no need for me to go around telling everyone my name. Noxus nods and closes his eyes; he seems to be drifting off to sleep. The moon has just begun to rise above the hills, and although Umbreon is naturally nocturnal, the wear and tear of training has forced him into the habit training by day and sleeping by night, and he won't break that now. I sit there quietly and watch the sky darken, the bright silver heavenly orb of the moon rise higher and higher in the sky. A peaceful chill spreads over the forest, and the wind ruffles my light purple fur gently. Finally growing tired, I lay my head down on the uncomfortable bed of leaves and close my eyes. Instantly, I have drifted off to sleep.


    The bright morning sun streams down in my face, jolting me awake. My head snaps up and I look around, but it appears Noxus is gone. He probably decided to go to Snowpoint alone, I think. I stretch luxuriously and look around at the morning dew collecting on the leaves of trees, marveling at how fresh the morning is. Spring is by far my favorite season, because I love the flowers and the beauty of a spring morning.

    Noxus comes tumbling through the brambles, landing with a loud thud at the bottom of a hill. He picks himself up and shakes the dirt off his pelt. In his mouth is a long, thin branch with a few Sitrus berries dangling off the ends. I suppress a giggle at how ridiculous he looks, tumbling down the hill with a stick in is mouth. He pads over to me and drops the branch at my feet. "I got us breakfast," he says proudly, and grabs a Sitrus berry for himself using his teeth.

    For a while we eat the berries. I don't ever remember berries being this sweet. Maybe it's the fact that I'm sharing the berries with someone else, or maybe it's really just that I'm in a good mood. When we're done eating Noxus takes the branch and throws it back into the forest, and I mentally prepare myself for the long journey ahead of us. The first bit will be easy; that's getting out of Eterna Forest, which I can do with absolutely no problem whatsoever. I've spent years navigating these woods, and I know it better than my own pawprint. The hard part will be when we get out of Eterna Forest, and Noxus will expect me to actually find my way. Maybe I can steal a map from a Trainer when Noxus isn't looking.

    "Are you ready to go, Trinity?" Noxus calls from across the clearing. I mutter something incomprehensible and give the forest where I grew up one last sweeping look. Maybe after I get to Snowpoint I'll make my way back here. Noxus calls out to me again.

    "I'm ready," I tell him.

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    Default Re: Dark Storm Rising

    Really enjoyed reading this.
    A little confused though...is this going to contain trainers or is it a solely a pokemon story.
    The answer would really help me out.
    Great description of the eterna Forest in my opinion.
    Cant wait for the next chapter!

    -Golden Fires

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    Default Re: Dark Storm Rising

    Hmm. Interesting.

    I like it! The descriptions are vivid and clear.

    I echo Golden Fires's question, is it all pokémon or will trainers be featured?
    What are the Legendaries really like? Find out in The Life of the Legendaries

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