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    The year is 1555. The place: Ancient Kanto. A time long before pokeballs or pokemon centers. A time where the only way to get a pokemon was to merely befriend it. A time of war. Many emperors use these creatures called pokemon to take over villages which their already large kingdoms did not contained. They use these innocent creatures to fuel their greed. This is the story of how I fight back. My name is Kojiro. I am the Dark Ninja.

    My journey starts in a small village in Kanto, known as Kaishi. This is a peaceful town; neighbor helping neighbor, small children playing in the cherry blossom trees, the carefulness of the crafters at their creations. This was the town I grew up in. Then, one day suddenly everything changed. Emperor Buru's army took over Kaishi in an attempt to fuel his greed. They killed or imprisoned everyone who stood in their way. They burnt down the houses and shops, then forced the people out of the once peaceful village. This happened all in front of my eyes. The army men, known as the Sneasel Squad for their agility, put me into a small cell and carried me off to the prison house on a ponyta drawn cart. Their mission, however, would go uncompleted. As we were heading toward this hell of a prison, a scyther flew by. It saw the worried expression on my face and sliced the cage open with one swipe. The pokemon beckoned for me to jump on its' back, and i did so. The guards didn't even notice.

    This benevolent scyther took me to the tree which it lived in. Nothing was there except for a bed of straw. When walking in, I had noticed that the green creature's facial expression turned pained. I asked it was was wrong. Scyther then drew an elaborate story, telling of how his family was stolen by the S.S. to be used for conquering towns and forcing people to pay the evil emperor money they did not have. I told scyther i would help him on his quest if he would help me with mine. It agreed. Therefore, Nightshade (as scyther was called from then on) and I went on our journey to save the ones we love, and to get revenge on those who took them away from us.~end ch.1

    How do you like the series so far? leave comments about who Kojiro should face, which pokemon you would like him to battle/meet, ideas on the progression of the story, if you'd like! Thanks for reading so far!
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