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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Cherrim View Post
    I've posted a new chapter everyday and I haven't even gotten ONE reply? You people reply more for crap than for good stuff!
    Don't shill. Reviews will come if you're patient, but being rude won't get you anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSC junkie View Post
    And if
    you tell me that the person in your story is a boy who
    likes dark pokemon, has a somewhat-cold personalty,
    and listens to funk, I think "Goth", not nerdy-looking
    dorky geek with glasses.
    that's what i'm going for. i'm trying to make him non-stereotypical Dark-lover.

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    Oh, cool, that's creativity! But... WHAA! It'll just never live up to ol' pink ears.

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    Chapter 25: The Badge Prince

    Danny once again held the Gym’s door open, allowing Kary, Joan, and the Pokemon to walk in. The Pinoak Gym was set on the farthest reaches of the city limits, giving the group quite a walk that morning.

    Pinoak, surprisingly enough, did not have a Grass-type Gym, as Enip Gym filled that slot. Pinoak Gym was Rock-type, as the island was home to an abundance of Geodude and not much else. Though some have reported seeing Onix in the caves scattered about the island, Starly and Machop were the only other Pokemon on the Evur Island.

    However, one thing Pinoak Gym did have in common with Enip was that its Gym Leader was also young, only 26, with Enip’s being 23. And-

    “Enough description, I want to battle!” Danny shouted, behind him, turning back to face the man in front of him.

    The man, Iggy Ness, was tall and broad-shouldered, sporting a tight brown t-shirt and a dark grey strap over his torso, holding his Poke Balls. His hair was a walnut brown, matching his eyes. Grey pants and black boots completed the oh-too-predictable ensemble.

    “As I was saying, me and my compatriot here would like to challenge you for your badge.” Danny continued, “We each have at least five Pokemon, so any combo you want.”

    “Actually,” Iggy said, “Here at Pinoak, we have new kind of battle invented in New Jersey, a Gang Battle. I release four Pokemon against four of yours, and then they duke it out with little instruction from their Trainer.”

    “Sounds good to me!” Kary chirped, sitting on the waiting bench.

    “All righty then!” Danny threw three Pokemon up, Emril, Nuzleaf, and Sharpedo, and ordered Jeff forward.

    “Go!” Iggy swung his large arm upward, four Poke Balls flying from his hand. A string of boulders, a rhino, a small rock with arms, and an Easter Island head appeared in front of him.

    “This should be interesting.” Danny said, revealing his PokeDex.

    Onix, the Rock Snake Pokemon. Onix is composed of various boulders that can be removed at will, as well as added. Many have found jobs in the circus industry as jugglers of their own bodies, but these usually go on rampages.

    Rhydon, the Rhino Pokemon. Significantly smarter than their pre-evolved forms, they become the leaders of groups of Rhyhorn and start teaching them. They excel in math and physics, but Rhydon has shown little understanding of the science.

    Geodude, the Rock Pokemon. Geodude is a rock with arms. That’s all.

    Nosepass, the Easter Island Compass Pokemon. Nosepass must always face north. Though originally thought to be an effect of magnets in their nose, it later was discovered they all had mild cases of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    “Is that true?” Iggy asked nervously, eyeing his Nosepass, “I thought it was a compass.”

    “This thing hasn’t lied yet!” Danny assured him, “Oh, and Jeff, Smog please.” Jeff hurriedly coughed up a cloud of black smoke, cloaking the battlefield.

    Taken by surprise, both Iggy and his Pokemon panicked, unable to see or attack. Danny’s team, lead by the sharp-eyed Nuzleaf, made short work of Geodude and critically wounded Rhydon and Nosepass before the smog could clear.

    “Onix, Rock Throw!” Iggy shouted. Onix swung its tailpieces, sending them flying off at Emril and Jeff.

    Sharpedo blasted them back with a Waterfall, knocking out Nosepass and wounding Rhydon further.

    Jeff radiated a Dark Pulse into the survivors, the others stunning them with a flurry of Razor Leaves and Shadow Balls. Sharpedo finished them off with a Waterfall, winning Danny the badge.

    “Your Pokemon work very well together.” Iggy said, handing Danny the mountain-shaped Tough Badge, “They beat my team faster than anyone before. It surprising to see that in a Trainer so young.”

    “Thanks.” Danny plucked the badge from his hand and clipped it in his wallet. “I get that a lot.”


    Kary took her place, Pokemon at the ready. Iggy gave signal to begin, and Kary tossed them up, Abby, Ziggy, Prophet and Isabelle. Iggy was using a large boulder with a turtlehead, Golem, and a fatter version of Nosepass, Probopass, along with another Nosepass and Geodude.

    Kary folded her arms, not issuing any orders. Abby began with a Water Pulse, three rings of pulsing liquid sliding from her mouth. Prophet steered them into the slower moving Golem and Probopass with Psychic, pushing them back. Golem retaliated with a barrage of Rockslide, piling boulders atop the frail-bodied bird. Probopass began its own attack on Abby, but was stunned by Ziggy, who had been charging a Focus Punch. Abby Iron Tailed Nosepass down with Isabelle Crush Clawing Geodude, but no before it Rockslid her back.

    “Golem, Explosion!” Iggy ordered desperately. The boulder exploded like a grenade, firing bits of rock at the fighters. Isabelle and Prophet were taken out, leaving an injured Abby and Ziggy left to finish Probopass.

    A red dot suddenly appeared on their foreheads, followed by a gigantic electrical discharge, knocking Abby out.

    Joan gasped. “Lock-On and Zap Cannon!” she observed, “Usually used on the weaker Regis, it’s odd to find a Gym Leader using it!”

    “Mom needs to stop leaving Discovery Channel on for you.” Danny said.

    Kary growled in annoyance. Ziggy was one of her more under-used Pokemon. “Ziggy, Bounce!” she shouted, pointing into the rafters. Ziggy sprung upward and grabbed onto one, swinging around it and falling heavily down onto Probopass.

    Its red cap thingy cracked on impact, disorientating the large island idol. It rolled over, eyes swirling, and grunted in defeat.

    Iggy returned Probopass glumly. “Here’s your badge.” he said in defeat, handing her the metal mountain.

    Kary grabbed it and turned without a word, motioning Danny out of the Gym.

    “What was that all about?” Danny asked as they headed back to the pier, “You could have at least said thank you.”

    Kary rolled her eyes. “You’re the last person I’d think that would criticize my manners.”

    “Good point.” Danny agreed.

    They found the pier Mercury-less, reminding Danny he’d never called him. He said he would be awhile, so Kary took out her map to chart out their route.

    “The final Gym we need to defeat is in Hillsburrow. I think there’s some not mainstream ones on the north islands but those don’t really matter. I don’t even think anyone goes to them anymore. I figure we can sail to Spaciginville and take Route 309 to Hillsburrow. After that, its off to the-” She stopped suddenly, her eyes, wide. “Head down!” she hissed, pushing Danny and Joan to the ground.

    “What’s the matter?” Danny asked.
    “Nothing, just don’t make eye contact with that guy.” Kary whispered, pointing into a small crowd across the pier.

    “Which one?”

    “The one in the Razz Berry-colored beret.”

    “Did you say?” Danny asked excitedly, “Razz Berry beret?”

    “Yeah, why?” Kary asked wearily, not liking his tone.

    “I…must…” Danny stammered, beaming, “SING!”

    A strange music filled the air as Danny jumped up. “Razz Berry beret!” Danny sang, “The kind you find in a second hand store!
    Razz Berry beret!
    And if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more!
    Raaaaazz Berry beret!
    I think I love her!”

    “We will you shut up?!” Kary shouted, pulling Danny back down, “What if he-”

    “Kary?” The boy she had been trying to avoid came up behind them, poking Kary, “Is that you, Kary? Oh, this is rich!”

    “Hello, Penelope.” Kary growled through gritted teeth.

    “PEN!” Penelope corrected her angrily, “I am Pen, and I always will be Pen, not matter what my deranged mother wanted!”

    Danny, who had been singing again, stopped and surveyed Pen. He was wearing the said Razz Berry beret, as well as a forest green t-shirt, dark khaki pants, a brown backpack, and a brown Poketch. His hair was black like Kary’s and his eyes were the same grayish-blue.

    Danny had a flash of the Star Wars Original Trilogy, but recovered and greeted the new Trainer. “Salutations, Penelope. I am Daniel Percival Teach, or Danny, and this is Joan and Carbon.” he greeted, nodding, “Your taste in headwear is most funky.”

    “Thank you.” Pen said, then adding angrily “And it’s Pen!”

    “Yeah, whatever…” Danny scoffed, “So, how do you know Kary?”

    “He’s…my cousin.” Kary forced out.

    Pen grabbed Kary in a hug, which she tried desperately to break. “I sure am!” he said happily, “I’m her older cousin!”

    “By two months!” Kary screamed, pushing Pen off, “What are you doing here, anyway, Pen?!”

    Pen crossed his arms, grinning smugly. “Money, my dear cousin.” he said coolly, “Did you know that the Larkon has more unusual Pokemon per square mile than any other region?”

    “Nope, didn’t know that.” Danny chirped.

    “Not many people do.” Pen smirked, “Which is where I come in. For instance, on the south side of the island is a series of caves only accessible by water. In the back is a large room filled with a rare, yet seemingly worthless, variety of gold that, when brought in contact with an Onix, will act as a Metal Coat and evolve it into a gold-plated Steelix! Do you know how much people will pay for these things? Tens! Hundreds! Tens of hundreds!”

    “Gaspers!” the group exclaimed.

    “Exactly.” Pen continued, “I’ve been traveling around the region to find these elusive mutants and sell them Trainers with more money than sense. They battle no better than regular Pokemon, but they don’t need to know that.”

    “So you sell shiny Pokemon now?” Kary asked.

    Pen shook his head. “No, no. These are rarer than shiny Pokemon. I sell things like purple Kecleon and pink Butterfree. Any sap can find a shiny Pokemon if they look hard enough; these oddities are either amazingly rare or found only in one place.”

    “And that’s why you’re here?”

    “Yes, that’s why I was here.”

    “All right, Pen.” Kary said, “Nice seeing you and all, but Danny and I are headed for Spaciginville, so you-”

    “Spaciginville?” Pen interrupted, “You don’t even the fifth badge yet? Really, Kary…”

    “We’re actually just passing through there on the way to Hillsburrow.” Danny added in, “We have all the other badges, duh. Why else would we be here?”

    “Well, Kary was quite the capturer in her days.” Pen shrugged, “I though she might be after rare Pokemon, too.”

    “I gave up on that months ago.” Kary said defensively, “I could never find any clients, trips back to Uncle Herbert to get more Apricorn Balls were time-consuming, and battling is a lot more fun, anyway.”

    “Speaking of Uncle Herbert,” Pen remembered, “I’m running low on Poke Balls, so I’ll need to visit Uncle Herbert…” He rubbed his forehead, thinking. “Hey, maybe I can travel with you guys!”

    “WHAT?!” Kary shouted.

    “I have to travel all the way back to Dockwood anyway.” Pen said matter-of-factly, “So I might as well travel with you guys to Hillsburrow. Then you can get your badges and we can continue up to Uncle Herbert’s house.”

    “Wait a minute,” Danny growled, “What do mean ‘we’ continue to Dockwood?” He didn’t want to travel with this kid, no matter how rare his Pokemon were.

    “I figure you two are entering the Larkon Tourney.” Pen said, “And that isn’t for another month. Traveling up the region would give you good battling experience.”

    “Who said we needed battle experience?” Danny asked angrily, “Look, I just escaped from a hippy and a Texan, so the last thing I want is another weirdo.”

    “Then why is Kary with you?” Pen countered.

    Danny rolled his eyes. “Duh, she has an Absol!” he said, “Why else?”

    “That’s beside the point.” Kary said, “I don’t like you. That should be enough.”

    “I’ll just follow you if you don’t bring me.” Pen shot at her.

    “All right then.” Kary grumbled, “You can come with us to Hillsburrow, but then we take our separate routes! You go north, and we’ll go…another direction!”

    “Okay, sounds good enough for me!” Pen agreed. He took a Net Ball from his pocket and let out a large green dragonfly, Yanmega. “Ready to fly?”

    “We have a boat.” Danny told him, “It should be coming soon.”

    Pen rolled his eyes and returned his Yanmega. “Old-worlders.”

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    Chapter 26: Metallurgical Malpractice

    Disclaimer: One of the central villains of this chapter is black, but in no way does this express my views of black people. I merely envisioned this character as black. If you are in anyway offended by this, please inform me by PM.
    Also, there are guns, but who cares about that? :P

    Evur Island was not very far of the coast of the main land, so the trip took only a little over three hours. After a tear-jerking good-bye scene with Mercury, they disembarked and made the short hike to Spaciginville. They made shore with plenty of daylight to spare, so Danny suggested they look around the town, something he had neglected to do during his first visit.

    As they soon discovered, Spaciginville was home to little places of interest. Their major attraction was the Gym and space center, though despite the latter, the city wasn’t as technologically as many of the other cities in Larkon. It was a simple farming and port town before the space center was built, growing mainly potatoes and shipping them to the farmless settlements on Evur Island.

    “Arceus, this town is boring.” Kary yawned as Danny bought potato sandwiches for lunch, “There is NOTHING to do here.”

    “Tell me about it.” Pen agreed, “I’ve been asking locals all day if there were any unusual Pokemon, and all they told me was there was a rare, tree-like Grass-type near an abandoned farm. Guess what is was. A Sudowoodo! How stupid can these people be?!”

    “Sudowoodo isn’t a Grass-type?!” Danny exclaimed, “That explains a lot…”

    Pen was stunned. “…why Kary likes you, I have no clue.”

    Kary glared violently at Pen for a few minutes, then returned to washing her egg. She ran her finger down a thin crack around near the middle. “I still have no idea what’s in here.” she said, placing it on the table, “But I think it might be Horsea. It kind of looks like it.”

    “Nah, Horsea is a far lighter blue.” Danny corrected, “I’m seeing a possibility of Riolu or Wailmer.”

    “It’s obviously a-” Joan began scoffingly. She was promptly cut of by a red-haired man in a dress shirt and tie.

    “Is that Karolyn Drake?” he asked, shoving Danny’s head aside to get a better view, “Oh, it would seem it is! Nice to see you again, Karolyn!”

    “Hi, Mr. Sa.” Kary greeted cheerfully, “The last time I saw you was our battle.”

    Danny shoved Nathan aside, gaping at Kary. “You know this guy?!” Danny asked, “He was a total butt-munch during my battle with him!”

    Nathan laughed. “I was late for a meeting.” he told him, “I was just stressed. Nice to see you, too, Daniel. And Penelope.”

    “Pen.” Pen corrected testily, “I guess it nice to see you as well, Mr. Sa.”

    “Wait a minute,” Joan said, “Who is this guy?”

    “This is my mom’s coworker, Mr. Nathan Sa.” Kary explained, “He’s also the Gym Leader of Spaciginville Gym. I’ve met him a few times at company things.”

    Danny was amazed “Your mom works all the way down here? Why doesn’t see, you know, work in her home town or move like everyone else in the country.”

    “It is quite a commute.” Kary admitted, “But she had a prodigious engineering degree from some place called the MIT, and she said she didn’t want to waste it.”

    “MIT? Never heard of it.”

    “It’s in the big Western country, Amigo or whatever.” Pen said.

    “Yes, Karolyn’s mother is the one of the best engineers in the country.” Nathan added, “We are very lucky to have her. But, enough about your mother, how are you? I presume you have the Twilight, Eruption, and Tough badges by now.”

    “Of course” Kary said, “Me and Danny are headed to Hillsburrow to get our last badge. Penelope decided to tag along.” She said the last part through clenched teeth.

    Nathan chuckled. “Well, you ca- ” His cell phone blared angrily. He quickly pulled it to his ear, turning away politely.

    The group leaned close, trying to listen. They heard a shrieking woman on the other end, talking too quickly to understand. Nathan was nodding furiously, hissing back some instructions. He slammed the phone shut and turned to them with a grim face.

    “I’m sorry, Karolyn, but there’s been an armed robbery of the lab.” he told them urgently, “The receptionist, Harold, was shot in the shoulder, and they stole the prototype of our new defense weapon, Missile-Mega Awesome Blowing Up Blast, or Missile-MABOB.”

    “Did they say who it was?” Pen asked fearfully.

    “All they said was they were wearing white helmets with dark visors.” Nathan answered, releasing Solrock and jumping on its back, “That sounds like the MUHG’s usual description, but anyone could want a missile.” He waved a quick good-bye and sped of on the levitating sun.

    “We should probably be going then, too.” Danny suggested, getting up, “I don’t want to get caught in some police blockade.”

    “Yeah.” Kary agreed, getting as well.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well for them.

    As the made to leave the street, a scream sounded from the café they had been at. They turned to see a crowd of white armored MUHGs rushing from alleys and blockading the street. Only three had actual guns, but the others were armed with vicious looking Bidoof. They turned to run but were grabbed by solemn faced grunts.

    A large bald black man in a tan vest, black shirt, and black jeans stood atop a tall building to address the crowd, flanked by Machamp and Hitmochan.

    “Attention Spaciginville citizens!” he shouted, his voice louder than any microphone, “The MUHG is kidnapping you. In a moment, please make single-file lines in front the helicopters that will land soon on top of the surrounding buildings. Leave all Pokemon with the grunts at the door. Any Trainers with more than two badges will board the red helicopter. Any questions?”

    Danny had one. “Do we have too?”

    The man said yes, and the helicopters roared over. The citizens pleasantly formed lines in front of the nearest, barely needing the persuading provided by the angry beavers.

    “What a nice day to be kidnapped!” an old woman commented cheerily to her friend, “Do think there will be torturing later?”

    “I would certainly think so!” her friend said, “What good would being kidnapped be with torture?”

    Kary, however, wasn’t taking it so well. “I’ve had a bad enough day with Penelope showing up!” she shouted, elbowing her captor in the face and releasing Abby. The Absol slashed the grunt’s armor off and ran to Danny and Pen, taking out the felons holding them.

    “Thanks.” Danny threw a Dark Ball over the crowd blocking the major exit, shouting, “Discharge!”

    Ike popped eagerly up, blasting the entire crowd with 10,000 volts. Kary cleared they way with Prophet’s Psychic, and the group ran out of the street with a group of MUHGs on their tail.

    “Get that black Pokemon and kill the Trainers!” the leader commanded from his rooftop, seeing the destruction it had caused with a single attack. The MUHGs’ Bidoof fired Shock Waves after the fleeing group, but they wee without aim, and the lightning bolts each missed their mark.

    “Yanmega, U-Turn!” Pen ordered, sending out his gigantic dragonfly. He flew into the crowd of beaver-mice, knocking them and their Trainers around with his supersonic wing beats. Yanmega swerved quickly near the helicopters and flew back to Pen, flying between his legs and picking him up.

    Kary followed with Prophet, but stopped when she saw Danny still running. “What’s the matter with you?” she shouted above the groans of the Bidoof, “Don’t you see the army of criminals behind you?!”

    “I have nothing that can fly!” Danny answered, tossing Joan and Carbon up to her, “Take those two and tell Pen to come and get me!”

    Kary shrieked at Pen for forgetting Danny, causing him to swerve (angrily) back down and pull him onto the dino-sized dragonfly. But as they took off, Danny felt a tug on his leg.

    He turned to see the man with the loud voice holding onto his leg, holding a pistol in the other. “Oh no you don’t, boy!” he snarled, “You either let go of the bug or you die.”

    “I need more choices!” Danny complained.

    The man growled. “All right, you either let go NOW, or you die, or you can let go and die.”

    “Um…” Danny though hard, “Is there more eco-friendly option?”

    The man held the pistol to Danny’s forehead. “You die.” he said, preparing to pull the trigger.

    In that moment, however, two things happened. The first was Nathan riding in on his Solrock and knocking back the man just as the shot was fired, making it miss Danny completely and fly harmlessly into the sky, and Pen’s Yanmega’s Speed Boost kicking in, allowing for them to escape off at double speed.

    “I’m glad that decision was made for me.” Danny grinned.


    They landed near the middle of Rout 309, figuring it was far enough from Spaciginville to be safe.

    Kary was the first to asked the question. “What do you think that was all about?”

    Danny rubbed his chin in thought. “No clue.” he said, “I can see why they’d steal a missile, but why kidnap an entire street? What could they possibly do with that many people?”

    “It was probably just for the Pokemon.” Pen said, “And then they’d either kill the captives or use them for hostages.”

    Kary agreed, but then Joan remembered something. “Wait! They asked for peoples with badges to get in the red whizzer-thingy. When me and Danny were in at another town, they said the same thing!”

    “This happened to you before?” Kary asked Danny, her eyes wide with surprise.

    “What? Oh, yeah, it did! I nearly forgot.” he admitted, “Let me see…My old travel partners and I had gone to Westport on our way to Exton for some contest. But there was a festival with a contest going on while we were there, and my partners entered. During the semi-finals, the MUHG swarmed the streets, looking for Trainers, and I escaped on Mercury’s boat. That’s how I lost my Honchkrow, Witches. Come to think of it, I think that black guy was there, too.”

    “So they must want Trainers for something…” Pen concluded, “But what? I mean, sure, some might join, but they can’t expect to threaten or sway every Trainer they kidnap into joining them. What do they need them for?”

    “Well, Trainers would have better trained Pokemon than normal people.” Kary pointed out, “That’s could be why they want Trainers, for their Pokemon.”

    “They could just steal the Pokemon from the Trainers.” Danny said, “I agree with Pen, they must be doing something with them.”

    Joan’s eyes suddenly flashed red. She furrowed her brow and tugged on Danny’s shirt, looking around urgently. “A great danger is approaching from the east.” she said in a scary deep voice. She pulled her only Poke Ball from her pocket, releasing Kringle, her Chingling.

    “Um, okay Joan…” Danny stammered, sending forth Jeff, “If it makes you feel better.”

    Suddenly, the ground in front of them exploded, sending a huge cloud of dust and smoke into the air. Danny grabbed Joan and Carbon in his arms and ran wildly around in a circle, clearing the smoke away to reveal a tall man in a black trench coat with wild raven hair. He was wearing sunglasses to hide his face, and gloves as well.

    He held a purple on top and black on the bottom Poke Ball in his hand, gazing around at group with a look of disinterest. “These are the ones that escaped.” he said, mostly to himself, “I had better capture the kill them.” He opened the purple Poke Ball. A blue dog-like Pokemon with spikes on its hands appeared, its red eyes burning angrily.

    “That thing looks overrated.” Danny mumbled, fumbling his PokeDex out of his pocket.

    Lucario, the Wave-Guiding Pokemon. Lucario is so rare it was once though to be legendary, but it was later discovered they were just very anti-social. They can allegedly sense the “aura” of all living things, but since this was technically considered witchcraft, many have perished at the stake. Nowadays, Lucario is favored by hippies for their “aura” sensing abilities, since this is now considered hippy-magic.

    “And the new PokeDex? Interesting.” the man said, “Lucario, Aura Sphere.” Lucario held its paws near each other, a small ball of energy forming between them. It pushed one paw forward, launching the sphere into Jeff.

    Jeff was knocked far back by the attack, an ugly bruise appearing where it hit. “Jeff, Flamethrower!” Danny retaliated coolly.

    “Prophet, Psychic!” Kary joined in.

    “Air Slash, Yanmega!” Pen ordered.

    The three attacks collided on Lucario, slamming it into the fence that ran along the route. It broke trough it, flying into a field.

    The man tossed three more balls out, ignoring his injured Pokemon. “Gengar, Shadow Ball, Nidoking, Earthquake and Garchomp, Flamethrower.” he commanded, his tone keeping. The violet ghost Gengar blasted Prophet back with a bluish sphere of evil thoughts, while Garchomp incinerated Yanmega. Nidoking shook the entire group to the ground with his earth-shaking stomps.

    Jeff fell onto Danny, wheezing and cringing. Danny returned him and sent out Sharpedo. “Waterfall!”

    Sharpedo belched a torrent of water into Nidoking and Garchomp, following it with a head butt for each. The two gargantuan beasts staggered slightly, but quickly recovered, Nidoking clawing Sharpedo off balance and Garchomp ripping at Prophet’s wings.

    Danny ran forward and helped his shark back up while Pen’s Yanmega bombarded the man’s Pokemon with deadly sonic blasts. They seemed to have little effect, however, Garchomp actually shielding its master form harm.

    “I have little time.” the man droned, “Sludge Bomb, Earth Power, and Draco Meteor.” The three powerful attacks converged on the quartet and their Pokemon, blasting them into a grove of trees. Pen, the least effected, struggled to call out another Pokemon, but was slammed into another tree by Gengar.

    The man pulled out a small metal rod, spinning it until it extended into long pole. AT one end was a spike, which he held to Danny’s neck. “Hand over the PokeDex.” he demanded.

    “Danny made a show of reaching for it, trying to buy them some time. “So, um, what’s you name?” he asked, fumbling in his backpack.

    “Craig Metallurgy.” he said, pressing the spike closer Danny’s jugular vain, “And your PokeDex is in your back pocket.”

    “Oh, right! Silly me!” Danny pulled his hand out of backpack and went to his pocket. He searched in it for a while and handed Craig rectangular red case.

    Craig swiped it, smirking. “Thank you.” he said coolly, “Kill them, Gengar. Explosion.” Gengar’s grin flickered, his eyes widened and locked on his master. “Now Gengar.” he commanded, his voice cold, “And completely.” The ghost warily turned back to face Danny, its eyes quivering. It slowly started to glow, beginning to create an internal explosion far more powerful than any that Crapper has created.

    As the detonation was about to occur, Joan, acting on instinct, threw Kringle at Gengar. “REFLECT!”

    The golden bell chimed happily, producing a glowing green wall around the injured group. The fiery explosion ricochet off the impenetrable wall and instead flung Craig and his remaining Pokemon into to the field with Lucario.

    Danny grabbed Joan and Kringle in a hug. “Good job, Joany!” he cooed, “So smart with defensive strategies!”

    “I’d like to point out that’s not what Reflect does.” Pen said, opening Great Ball, “But there’s no time for that.” He turned to the Pokemon he had released, a creature comprised of three brown pillars with eyes and noses coming out of the ground. “Dugtrio, dig over to the big group of burned Pokemon in that field of there and contain them in a Stealth Rock. I’ll call the police.” Dugtrio’s three heads nodded and slid into the ground, leaving a small ridge where it dug.

    Kary slumped down against a tree, dusting herself off. She looked up at Pen and Danny with a queer look of excitement. “Can I be the first to say that this day was totally awesome?”

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    I hate this chapter. I started writing it with intent to show off my cooler Danny Teach sprite, but it just came out so WRONG. At least I got some plot in...

    Chapter 27: Rifling Up Some Rags

    A barrage police cruisers arrived a half-hour later from Hillsburrow to arrest Craig Metallurgy. He was apparently wanted in several regions for mistreatment of Pokemon , armed robbery, and murder.

    “Well, that’s nice to know!” Danny commented.

    The police thanked the group with sincerest gratitude, and offered to give them ride to Hillsburrow. They took them up on this and entered the city with a police escort. They thanked the police and immediately headed for the Pokemon Center.

    While their Pokemon healed from the deadly battle, the group watched the events in Spaciginville of the afternoon news.

    “This is Ray Ecca, reporting to you from the Dr. Joule Space Center of Spaciginville. An armed robbery of the Larkon Military’s new defense missile, the Missile-MABOB, occurred here a half hour ago. However, the big story here is the kidnapping of an entire street of citizens, a felony of epic proportions performed by the villainous syndicate known only as the MUHG, who are also believed to be behind the missile robbery. Of the more than two hundred captives, only four were know to have escaped, electrocuting a platoon of MUHGs before flying off on their Pokemon.

    “The mastermind behind this mass abduction was reported to be Payton Beef of Dark City, a Fighting Pokemon Master and owner of a prodigious school of self-defense, Beef & Dubach’s School of Self-Defense. He was reported to have threatened one of the escapees at gunpoint, but this has not been confirmed. As for his business, it is temporarily closed and Dubach has been taken by Dark City police for questioning.”

    “‘Beef & Dubach’s’? Never heard of it.” Danny said, slumping in his seat, “To think that a crime lord was living in my own city. He must have been in the outer-city.”

    “This still doesn’t answer the question of why the kidnapping occurred in the first place.” Pen grumbled, “I’m sure the police have all sorts of theories, but God forbid they say them on TV…”

    “Stop whining.” Kary scolded, “We escaped, and that’s what matters. Too bad my hat was completely destroyed by that Metallurgy guy.” She looked up sadly at the tattered remains of her once proud hat.

    “At least you it was just your hat.” Danny waved his arm over his charred and ripped shirt and jeans. “All my clothes are destroyed. I’ll have to get some new ones.”

    “Didn’t you pack extras?” Pen asked.

    “Of course not, why would I do that?”


    The group spent the night at the Pokemon Center, sleeping far later than usually. They finally got out of bed at around one, each well rested and rearing to go.

    Then they got to the clothes store.

    “Are you sure they sell clothes here?” Kary asked, disgusted by a pile of wet rags in front of the door.

    Danny scoffed. “Off course they do. Can’t you tell by the display?” He pointed to the windows, where another pile of wet rags was on display.

    Danny pushed inside past a deranged-looking hobo and walk up to the counter, a bounce in his step. The store’s, ah…unique aroma and décor made him feel as if he was back in Dark City. Most of the store was covered in large piles of clothing, among other things, and the smell did very much resemble a city street.

    A pile of cloths was slumped over the counter, rising and falling slightly. Danny shook it and a small woman came out of it snoring, brushing her dirty gray hair out of her face.

    “What? Oh, yes, a customer!” she said, squinting at Danny through a filthy monocle, “I am Hydra. Moreover, how may I be off help? Are you looking for anything in particular?”

    “Yes.” replied Danny, “I’ looking for some clothes.”

    “You’d need to be more particular than that.” Hydra said.

    “All right then…” Danny looked around the shop, “How about, a jacket, some kind of shirt, maybe some dark jeans…uh, do having any shoes in size 6 27/56?”

    Hydra leaned back in thought. “6 27/56? Hm…I think we do, I’ll have to look in the back.” She turned to a small opening in a pile of clothes, ducking in.

    Kary started to rifle through the mounds of clothes around the room, pulling out jackets and skirts. “You know, there isn’t that bad of stuff here.” she commented, holding a vibrant purple skirt over her legs, “How’d you find out about it, Danny?”

    Danny turned, holding light black jacket up to his chest. “It’s a chain in Dark City.” he said, “Does this look good? I find it funky.”

    “Looks fine to me.” Kary replied. She turned back to her pile and tossed Danny a pair of dark blue jeans. “Try those on. They’d look good with that.”

    “And how about this shirt!” Joan threw a dull brown shirt over Danny’s head.

    “All right, let me find a fitting room.” he said, plunging into the mountains of garments. He emerged a few minutes later, wearing the clothes they had given him, as well as a skull-marked bandana that matched the shirt.

    “I found the bandana in the room.” he told them, “It had a Houndour skull on it, plus it matches the shirt!”

    “They look great together.” Kary said, looking up and down Danny and walking around him, “The jacket seems a little too big, though.”

    “I like big jackets.” Danny snuffed, hurt.

    “Excuse me, sir.” Hydra returned, carrying a worn looking pair of black sneakers, “This is the only thing 6 27/56. Well, it’s really a 6 27.5982/56, but I figured you could grow into them.”

    Danny grabbed the shoes from the woman’s hands and hugged them. “They’re perfect!” he screamed.

    Pen shook his head. “Danny, those look exactly like your old shoes in black.” he pointed out.

    “These are vastly superior.” Danny scoffed. He turned to Hydra. “How much will all this be? I can pay cash, check, or credit.”

    ”I don’t take monies here.” she said, “You must pay in Pokemon. For all these, I’ll need something pretty rare.”

    “I don’t really have anything rare.” Danny said.

    Hydra crossed her arms. “I’m sorry, but the government said these clothes were unfit to be sold, so I have to take Pokemon for payment.”

    Danny turned to Kary. “What should I do?”

    “Pen has rare stuff.” Kary reminded him, “Just force something from him.”

    He whirled around at Pen. “Give me something rare.” he demanded.

    Pen raised an eyebrow. “And why would I do that?”

    Danny, impatient, grabbed his bag and ripped out a Lure Ball. “Here you go, ma’am.” he said, handing it to Hydra, “A…green Corsola.”

    “Hey!” Pen shouted, trying to get around Danny to the ball, “I had to go all the way to the Kingsto region for that!”

    “See? It’s that rare.” Danny said proudly.

    Hydra twisted her monocle, staring at the lime-colored coral beast. “That certainly is rare looking…” she agreed, “Then the payment is done. Thank you, and good-bye!”

    She clapped her hands. Violet goop oozed out of the floor and formed in a pile, sprouting eyes and arms; a Muk. Hydra pointed her to the quintet and she pushed them out the door, dropping a business card in front of them before slamming the door.

    “That was odd.” Joan commented. They nodded in compliance, turning to head back to the Pokemon Center.

    Hydra stared shadily around, holding a black PokeGear to her mouth. “I’ve had contact.”

    “Excellent.” resonated a deep voice, “Stand-by for further orders.”

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    Chapter 28: Rusty Hips and Hairy Lips, Part 1

    Kary knocked loudly on the large steel doors. A nameless attendant opened them, greeting them and welcoming them to the facility. She led them to a larger set of steel doors, wished them luck, and pushed them inside an elevator. They came out inside a large, domed roofed room.

    They were at Masters Incorporated, a colossal construction company near the heart of Hillsburrow’s business district. The company was founded by the town’s Gym Leader, Hede Masters I, but was now in the hands of his grandson, Hede Masters III. However, the senior Hede kept a gym on the top floor, in the steel dome. He was a master of the Steel-type, and said to be the oldest Gym Leader in history.

    Masters himself was standing on the opposite edge of the dome, a Poke Ball at the ready.

    “Security informed me of your arrival, youngsters.” he grinned through a thick gray mustache, “You are here for a battle, I hope?”

    “Yes, we are.” Danny said, steeping forward with Jeff at his heel. “If it’s convenient.”

    Masters laughed. “Of course it’s convenient!” he chuckled, “The last battle I had been with this girl named Jenna. She was easy to beat, and it was rather boring. I hope you can give me a better show!” He opened the Poke Ball, releasing a discolored metal condor, Skarmory. “Don’t mind Skary’s color, he’s just old.” Hede assured them, “Now, I usually do a full six on six battle, but this will be a three on three, as I assume your friend over there would like to battle as well. You mat switch out when ever you like.”

    “All righty then.” Danny said, sending in Jeff. “Flamethrower!”

    Masters chuckled warmly as his aging bird was engulfed in flames. “A quick-starter, aren’t we, Daniel? Skarmory, Slash.”

    Skarmory flapped out of the burning cloud, slicing Jeff’s back with a sharp beak. Danny had Jeff retaliate with another Flamethrower, pushing the tarnished condor away.

    Jeff panted, his slash wound bleeding. Danny bit his lip. Jeff usually stood up to attacks like that better. It appeared Masters was far tougher than the other Gym Leaders.

    “Air Slash, Skary!” Skarmory whipped his head, blasting a blade of air into Jeff’s side. Another wound was twisted, also bleeding steadily.

    Danny didn’t like this. “Try one more Flamethrower, Jeff!” Danny called. Jeff nodded wearily and exhaled a weak trail of flames into Skarmory. It was enough to harm him, but Jeff was the one who fainted.

    Danny returned him, nervously sending out Emril. “Emril, Ice Beam!” The frigid glow knocked out the old bird straight off, evening the competitors to two Pokemon left each.

    Masters returned him with a smile. “An exciting beginning.” he chortled, “Poor Skary, he is rather old. A younger Pokemon is required for this battle!” He freed his next Pokemon, a large rhino-ish creature with steel armor and a dark gray underbelly. Aggron.

    “Agro, Thunderbolt!” Aggron reared his head back, his horns buzzing with electrical vigor. The pulsing bolt released from it pounded through Emril’s lanky body, sufficiently frying him.

    However, Emril wasn’t down yet. He struggled back to his feet, rubbing his forehead despairingly. “Ice Beam again!” Danny ordered, “If you’re up to it.”

    Emril moaned, but the wintry ray flared steadily into Aggron. The behemoth creature shrugged of the attack easily, returning fire with a blast of fiery death.

    “Come back!” Danny quickly returned the weakened weasel to his ball, switching in Crapper.

    Hede scowled. “A Stunky? Daniel, I’d figure something more from you. After all, you are-”

    “HOW’D YOU KNOW MY NAME?!” Danny interrupted, grabbing Crapper and backing away fearfully.

    “Um, the internet?” Hede answered apprehensively.

    “Oh, okay.” Danny set Crapper back down. “Fire Blast.”

    Crapper roared powerfully, a raging inferno spreading from his body and enveloping Aggron. He tried to escape the tornado of flame, but was trapped. A full minute past before it died down.

    Without acting on orders, Aggron rushed at Crapper, his head throbbing. As he was about to strike him, the skunk hopped out of the way, causing Aggron to instead attack the wall. A shock wave rated from his head, destroying the wall and part of the ceiling.

    Crapper quickly rushed up the aching beast, consuming him in another Fire Blast, finishing with a darkly imbued slice. Aggron groaned quietly and fainted.

    Hede returned his defeated rhino, one eye squinting. “That was…unexpected.” he murmured. He smiled widely. “And I loved it! Excellent use of moves! Wonderful use of statistics! Phenomenal use of surprise! Daniel, you are truly an amazing Trainer.” He hobbled over and patted Crapper. “The next part of this battle will be incredible.”

    Crapper growled happily, his eyes glowing. His tail as well. Also his torso, and head, and legs. Actually, most of his body was glowing. A pure energy emanated from his body, beating and swarming around him. His tail elongated and arced over his back. His legs extended, their claws growing long and sharp. The glowing dimmed, revealing a proud looking purple creature, resembling a skunk and a badger.

    Danny’s PokeDex activated itself, angry at being forgotten on Skarmory and Aggron.

    Skuntank, the Bad Smelling Pokemon. Skuntank usually smells normal, but when brought under stress, can release a stench so horrifying, it smells worse than yo momma. Though a docile creature by nature, they like using their claws to kill things that are repulsed by their scent. Which is everything. They like to kill everything.

    “I think I’m going to like your evolution.” Danny crooned, scratching Crapper behind the ears.

    “Enough philosophy, though, Daniel, for we really must return to the battle.” Hede reminded him, “I believe the score is two to one, your favor.” He pulled out his last PokeBall, frowning. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use this gal, but it seems inevitable. Go, Maggie!”

    The ball opened wide, releasing a silvery, oval ball. On its sides were two eyeballs, with a large horseshoe magnet hanging from each. The center ball had a large eye with a red pupil, and an antenna sticking from the top. The entire form was surrounded by a short ridge around the middle.

    Danny quickly took out the Dex, not wanting to anger it again.

    Magnezone, the Magnetic Field Pokemon. Magnezone is formed when a Magneton is exposed to dangerously high amounts of radiation, causing an enormous tumor to form with in the top head, bloating it. The tumor makes the center head angry all the time, so it bosses the other head around to make itself feel better.

    “Crapper, Fire Blast.” Danny ordered. The inferno was flung into Magnezone, engulfing it.

    However, a bright light shone from with in the torrent. The flames were dispelled by powerful lightning from Magnezone’s antenna, zapping Crapper into Danny.

    Danny pulled Crapper up and pushed him back onto the field. “Okay then,” he murmured, “If Fire-attacks won’t work, then how ‘bout Night Slash!” Crapper sliced from below Magnezone, exploiting its blind spot. The UFO creature staggered upward, squealing robotically.

    “Thunderbolt!” Magnezone blasted a powerful charge from its magnets into Crapper’s tail, the potent lightning igniting the flammable within it.
    Crapper sighed, his tail bursting into flames and flaring aloft in Magnezone, trapping it and Crapper in a scorching firestorm with the intensity of five suns.

    Hede cursed quietly. “Magnet Rise, Maggie!” White orbs erupted from the top of the raging bonfire, pulling the burned being of Magnezone with them. The flames died down soon after, leaving the scorched carcass of Crapper inside a burn ring the size of an elephant.

    Danny returned him with a smile. “He’s Explosion has gotten WAY better.” he noted.

    Hede’s eyes twitched for awhile, but he recovered. “Evolving a Pokemon then exploding it…?” he mumbled, “That’s really…odd. But, I guess someone such as him would do something like that…”

    “Can we go on now?” Danny asked loudly, Emril already in front of him.

    Hede gazed blindly at him for a long time before bursting out in laughter. “Yes, yes of course!” he wheezed, giggling girlishly, “I am sorry, but you attack really just struck me. All right, let us continue. Would you like the fir-”

    “ULTIMATE ICE BEAMA, EMRIL!” Danny blared over him. Emril jumped at Magnezone, an icy orb growing from his mouth. It reached the size of a globe before Emril shrieked a battle cry, releasing an unrelenting über of freezing demise upon the magnetic creature freezing it in an ice block to challenge glaciers.

    Hede recalled Magnezone, beaming. “Daniel, you are an utter mastermind!” he tittered, limping over to Danny and shaking his hand vigorously. “I cannot tell you how proud I am to present the Carbon Badge!” Hede thrust a three-building skyline into his hand, clasping it.

    Danny pulled his hand away and bowed. “I thank you, Mr. Masters.” he said graciously, bowing, “You were the first real challenge I’ve had so far.”

    “Now…” he said, turning to face Kary, “We’re not done yet.”

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    I don't want to start a new thread, and this could use some posts, so here it is:
    Lord of teh PokeBalls
    I am thinking about writing a Lord of the Rings parody with...Pokemon yay! The above chart lists out their species counterparts and such. As you can see, I couldn't decide on what men would be, and Gandalf may not end up as any of the wizard choices. So, what do you think? It would encompass the entire series from the Hobbit to the Return of the King.

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    A new chapter is coming sometime next week! Anyone who was waiting may sleep easy now now!

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    Chapter 28.5 : Rusty Hips and Hairy Lips, Part 2

    Kary took her place, Abby’s Dusk Ball in hand. Hede had already released his Pokemon, an immensely large Steelix coated thickly with rust.

    “Now, I assume you heard the rules when I was explaining them to Daniel, but just to be sure, this will be a three-on-three battle, and you are allowed to switch out your Pokemon at any time.” Hede explained.

    “Yes, yes, I heard them.” Kary tapped her foot edgily.

    “All right then. Let the battle of Hede Masters I versus…” Hede trailed off, prompting Kary to introduce herself.

    “Kary Drake.” she said impatiently. She angrily tossed in Abby to make up for lost time.

    “…begin! Lexi, Dragonbreath!” The steel snake roared a deep howl, violet flames spurting from her mouth.

    Abby nimbly dodged the fires, rushing up the great serpent. “Water Pulse!” Rings of water blasted up from Abby’s throat, drenching Steelix.

    “Wha ha ha!” Hede guffawed, “Just what I wanted! Thunder Fang, Lexi!” The iron snake dived at Kary’s doom wolf, chomping her electrifying jaws into her back. The water from Abby’s previous attack conducted the charge for twice the power.

    Abby slumped over, the single attack too much for her. “This is not good…” Kary muttered as she returned her defeated canine and sent in Ziggy.

    “Grumpig, eh? Interesting.” Hede commented, rubbing his mustache thoughtfully, “You and Daniel make quite an interesting pair. Very unorthodox team choices.”

    “Yeah, whatever.” Kary rolled her eyes. Old people could be so annoying. “Ziggy, Bounce and Focus Punch.”

    The purple boar fell back onto his corkscrew tail, launching himself into high above Steelix. His fists began to glow as he fell down, aiming directly between her eyes.

    “Dragonbreath!” Hede ordered. Unfortunately, he command came too late for Steelix, and Grumpig’s Focus Punch slammed into her with full intensity, knocking her to the ground and out.

    Hede returned his fallen monster with a mischievous smile. “Well, you took care of her rather quickly.” he commented, “But, now the real fun begins. Go, Sciz!”

    His ball released a large vermillion insect, accented on the chest and abdomen with black strips. Its claws were crab-like with yellow circles at the hinges.

    Danny vaguely recognized the creature. He took out his DisturbDex to confirm.

    Scizor, the Scissor Pokemon. Scizor believes that its large claws resemble heads, despite the fact they really don’t. They often hold them up to their shoulders in an attempt to intimidate their opponents, though this position is always met with laughter. They then go insane and rip their opponent’s head off.
    Scizor evolves from Scyther when traded holding a Metal Coat.

    “I knew I recognized that ugly bug!” Danny exclaimed, “The hippy used to use one for those contest things!”

    Kary smiled. “Well then.” she said, returning Ziggy and pulling a Dusk Ball from her pocket, “Ziggy won’t work against this. So, I choose Ripper!” She shot the ball forward, a dark gray hyena jumping from it gleefully. “Ripper, Fire Fang!”

    Ripper bounded forward and leapt onto Scizor, viciously biting him repeatedly with flaming teeth. The red mantis retaliated by pinching hard on Ripper’s legs, but the hyena wouldn’t give up that easily. He continued his assault on Scizor until a steady stream of blood began to flow, staining the floor a gruesome hue.

    However, Scizor was more resistant than that. He smirked at Ripper, blasting him away with a powerful X-Scissor attack.

    “Double Team, Ripper!” Kary shouted. Ripper began to run rapidly, faint images of Mightyena appearing behind him. He dashed in a circle around the bleeding bug, stopping in front of Kary with his illusionary copies in wait.

    “Now, Fire Fang again!” The apparition army hurdled into Scizor, confusing him with multiple fiery bites, both imaginary and deathly real. The Rippers backed away, each wearing a beaming smile of satisfaction.

    The goofy grin slid off the Mightyena packs’ faces, however, as Scizor once again was not felled by the massive attacks, despite his profusely bleeding wounds.

    “Why isn’t it dead?!” Kary shrieked, “That many hits should have killed that thing by now!”

    Hede cackled maniacally. “That’s the beauty of it!” he chuckled, “I’ve trained Sciz with extra mind to raise his Defense and Special Defense, knowing of his double weakness to Fire-type moves. His Attack and Special Attack maybe be lower than most Scizor, but his almost impenetrable defenses more than make up for that.”

    “But he’s practically a FOUNTAIN of blood!” Kary angrily screamed.

    “That’s just stage blood.” Hede grinned, “I applied thin packets of it under the first layer of his armor, so that when struck with force, it would appear he had a destabilizing injury, but he was truly fine. It also adds a nice touch to the battle videos.”

    “Well, that has to be illegal.” Pen noted.

    “I thought it was funny.” Danny said.

    “You’re really annoying me now, Masters!” Kary growled, “Giga Impact, Ripper!” The gray hyena ran forward at supersonic speeds, his body crackling with energy. As the illusionary copies circled Scizor to keep him in place, Ripper leapt high above him and entered a steep dive, a raging storm of energy surround his slim form. The tornado of power collided with Scizor in a massive impact, blowing the red insect into the far wall and leaving a beautiful trail of faux blood.

    Scizor slowly pushed himself, brushing off dust and chunks of wall. He reared up his claws as if ready to fight, but then fell sideways and fainted.

    Hede returned him merrily. “His stamina is fading in old age, it seems.” he observed, removing his last PokeBall from his breast pocket, “And being that he’s my youngest Pokemon, that can only say that I must be getting pretty old as well!”

    He slowly tossed his final Pokemon forward. A gigantic creature emerged, its body a thick blue disk with four legs sprouting from the sides. Metal strips crossed to form an X between the eyes, with similar metals forming the three toes on each foot.

    Once more, the DisturbDex activated itself.

    Metagross, the Super-Computer Pokemon. Metagross is comprised of two Metangs, which in turn were once four Beldum. As it has four brains, many make the misconception that Metagross is extremely smart. However, this is far from the truth, as the four brains will often refuse to work together, being as they each consider themselves an individual. The brains each will try to take control of the entire Metagross, thus making the body constantly twitch as the intelligences fright over which is the true master. It takes an expert trainer to keep a Metagross from tearing itself apart.

    “Fire Fang, Ripper!” Kary ordered quickly. The deathly hound swiftly latched onto Metagross’s head, his mouth crackling with flames.

    “Psychic!” Hede commanded in reaction. Suddenly his face fell. “Oh, shoot, Mightyena is a-”

    “Dark-type!” Kary said proudly (Danny must have been rubbing off on her), “Finish it quickly, Ripper! Use Hyper Beam!”

    Ripper’s mouth filled with a bright light, and a stifling heat filled the room, radiating from it. A huge beam of energy exploded from the hyena’s wide mouth, sending Metagross spiraling into the wall. The gigantic creature closed its eyes, its body covered with nasty burn marks.

    Hede returned his Pokemon, a firm smile on his face. “Excellent job, Kary!” Hede chortled, “I fear that Gros was too easy for you!” He reached into his breast pocket and took out the Carbon Badge, holding out to her. “You have earned the final Badge. You may now be free to enter the Larkon Tourney!”

    Kary (angrily) walked over, took the badge from him, and turned to leave, mumbling, “Lazy old man…”

    Hede grabbed her shoulder. “Actually, Ms. Drake, I would like to ask you and Daniel something.”

    Danny perked up at the sound of his name and scurried forward, dragging Pen with him. Joan and Carbon followed suit, trampling over most of Pen’s things.

    Hede turned to the entire group, beaming brightly. “As I’m sure you all realize,” Hede began, “The Larkon Tourney is still a month away. I noticed that in our battles the both Daniel and Kary seemed to have a little trouble facing stronger Pokemon, being so used to the weak Pokemon of the Gym Leaders of Larkon. Thus, I have a proposition to make.”

    “No, you can’t travel with us.” Danny said. Everyone stared at him, making him shrug. “Sorry, force of habit.”

    Hede shook his head, smiling. “Ah, you kids. Now, anyway, I have an offer for you. Even with a month to go, many Trainers have still not earned their final badges. Like all Gym Leaders, I was given a list of starting Trainers, and I counted at least twenty-seven who have neglected to visit Hillsburrow. Thus I would like to let you to be their final challenge.”

    “Okay, go on.” Danny prompted.

    “Instead of battling me, these late-comers would battle one of you! You can consider it the training, since these are your potential opponents. I’ll be your mentor during the battles, and that way it is still legal.”

    “So you want us to do your job?” Kary asked skeptically.

    Hede laughed heartily. “No, no!” he assured them, “Well, actually, yes. But, it’s still training for you!”

    “Hmmm…” Danny considered the proposal briefly. “Sure. Sounds fun.”

    “All right, whatever.” Kary agreed, “We could use the conditioning anyway.”

    “Phenomenal!” Hede cheered, “Now I can do nothing and still get paid! I mean, you two will really be able to improve your skills. Hopefully you can defeat most of the challengers.” He lead them the quinto to the door, bowing his head. “See you tomorrow afternoon, preferably at two-thirty. Just tell the receptionist that the cat legs only can make a door orange. She’ll know you mean.”

    “Thanks!” Danny called, quickly forcing everyone out the door.

    As the steel gate shut, Danny sighed. “That old guy was creepy.”


    Pen took Kary aside soon after they returned to the Pokemon Center, dumping all their Pokemon (including his own) on Danny to be healed.

    “Okay, Kary,” Pen said solemnly, “I’ll get this over quick. I will not be staying for the whole training thing.”

    Kary stayed very calm at this. “YES! The hellish nightmare is over!” she shouted jubilantly, cart wheeling around Pen and singing a joyful tune.

    “Don’t take it too hard.” Pen said caringly, “I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, so we can still hang out with me for fifteen more hours!” He seized Kary in a tight hug. “I’m going to miss you so much, Kary! It was so great to see you!”

    “Release me or I will kill you!” Kary shrieked, clawing at Pen’s face.

    Danny, Joan, and Carbon watched this all from afar, smiling warmly. Danny sighed, “It’s nice they get along so well.”

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    Chapter 29: Mastering Death

    Over the next week, Danny and Kary trained hard under the tutelage of Hede. At first, he made them watch him battle challengers, but after two days, he allowed them to start taking turns with them.

    Unfortunately for the challengers, the two young Trainers’ skills were far superior to the common Trainer. Over the week, they were only beaten once each, and soon the twenty-seven tourney-hopefuls were reduced to three, as one still had yet to show up. Danny and Kary were bloating with pride at the week’s end, each having made much progress in their battling skills.

    Alas, this happiness did not last long.

    “Hurry up, Danny.” Kary shouted over her shoulder, “Mr. Masters wanted us back by three.”

    “I’m coming!” he responded, balancing large grocery bags in his arms, “Maybe if you’d help carry something we wouldn’t be so late.”

    Kary scoffed, brandishing her blue-green egg in front of him, “Excuse me? I have this very important egg to carry, thank you.”

    Danny rolled his eyes. Hede had sent them to the grocery store to do his shopping several times during the week, and Danny had always been stuck with the bags.

    Kary held to door open for him, at least. The receptionist waved cheerfully at them as they entered the elevator. They waved politely back, not knowing that the woman was silently dialing a number on her PokeGear.

    They got off on the 49th floor, were Hede lived during the Gym season. It was a rather large apartment, with three guest rooms and a multitude of bathrooms, placed awkwardly throughout the floor (Danny had found one under the dishwasher, while Kary had accidentally fallen through the wall of a shower inside the TV stand).

    As Danny, Joan, and Carbon began putting the food away, Kary walked to the farthest back room, Hede’s private office, and knocked. “Were back, Mr. Masters. And I nearly killed myself carrying your groceries.”

    An explosion was heard from behind the door.

    ‘That’s an odd thing to say.’ Kary thought. She pushed the door open to find that the back wall of Hede’s office hade been destroyed, leaving the room in a terrible mess. A muscular black man was dragging a struggling Hede through the hole into a hovering helicopter.

    “Hey, you’re that guy from Spaciginville!” Kary shouted, releasing Abby and Prophet from their balls, “Just what do you think your doing, blowing up Mr. Master’s wall, attempting to kidnap him, and then not even cleaning up after yourself?!”

    The man sneered. “I am Tyson Beef, Hiddguy of the MUHG, and you will address me as such, girl.” He aimed his handgun at her. “Return your Pokemon now, and I won’t kill the old guy.”

    “Yeah, right. You’ll probably give a job, too.” Kary mocked, “Abby, Flash!” A bright light filled the room, blinding Beef and Hede. Kary, wearing sunglasses, rushed over the old man and pulled him from out of danger, tripping his captor with a quick kick. Beef tumbled back, falling through the hole and out of sight.

    “Quickly, Kary!” Hede said, grabbing his cane from the floor and tossing out Skary, “Warn the others. I’ll call the police.” He hobbled quickly into a side hall, dodged a floating toilet, and hurried away.

    “Why do I have to do everything?” Kary grumbled. She turned and began to walk, but tripped.

    She twisted her head around to see a large fist holding onto her leg and Beef’s snarling face looking back at her. He pulled hard on her leg, lifting himself into the room. She squirmed her leg out of his grasp, cursing.

    “You shall pay for your actions.” he growled, holding a tan PokeBall in each hand. He opened them forcefully, freeing a Machamp and Hitmochan form their confinements. “You may feel lucky that I’ve lost my gun,” he said coldly, “But don’t. Now I must kill you in an even more painful way.”

    Kary jumped up quickly, tossing up an Ultra Ball and a PokeBall. Isabelle and Ziggy popped from within the balls, landing smartly in front of her. “Razor Wind, Psychic, Crush Claw and Zen Head butt!” she ordered rapidly. Prophet held the brawny Pokemon in place while Abby blasted them with a sharp wind, following deathly slice to Machamp from Isabelle and a psycho-powered bash for Hitmochan.

    The two fighters merely grinned, shrugging off the attacks as if they were bug bites. The four-armed menace Machamp grabbed Abby by the scythe, swinging her violently into her Trainer. Hitmochan joined the assault with an icy punch for the other Pokemon.

    Kary gingerly pushed her self up, clutching her ribs in pain. Abby growled, baring her fangs at the villainous man.

    “Machamp, Cross Chop!” Beef growled back. Machamp swung its beefy arms in into each other, converging on Abby’s body. The wolf howled, fainting from the horrifying pain.

    Beef stepped over the twitching body of the Absol, stomping a booted foot on Kary’s leg. He raised a PokeBall above her head, preparing to release another Pokemon.

    “Flamethrower!” A blaring flame erupted into Beef, causing him to fall back. His clothes immediately caught fire, soon spreading it to the multiple papers scatter by the explosion.

    Danny walked coolly over to Kary and helped her up as Jeff nuzzled Abby in sorrow. “We forgot to buy eggs.” he told her.

    “I knew we forgot something.” she responded, returning her injured Absol, “Oh, some evil guy named Hamburger was trying to kidnap Mr. Masters, but I saved him.”

    Joan and Carbon rushed in the room with a fire extinguisher, quickly spraying the growing blaze down before it could further damage the room. Beef’s charred (and half-naked) body remained, his two Pokemon nowhere to be seen.

    “I hope he’s dead.” Kary said, kicking the man’s head. He grunted. “Ah well, can’t always get what you want.” She instructed her remaining Pokemon to keep Beef down while they went off to find Hede.

    Fortunately, it didn’t take long.

    “Daniel! Karolyn! Save me!” Hede squirmed, failing to break the grip of Beef’s Machamp. The quad-limbed Pokemon hefted the old man over its shoulder, punched a hole in the wall, and started to climb down the building.

    “Can’t that guy do anything for himself?” Kary asked angrily, releasing her final monster, Ripper, onto the linoleum floor. “Ripper, Hyper Bea-” A loud squawk interrupted her.

    Skary flew past, his olive wings flashing. This condor wasn’t about to let his master be abducted. He blasted blades of air into the muscle-bound creature, knocking it off the wall. Machamp shrieked, throwing Hede away. Skary dived, scooping up his Trainer and cawing in triumph.

    “That was easy.” Danny said, leaning into the hole. He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Beef’s Hitmochan, its gloves crackling with electricity. The boxer punched Danny out the hole, knocking him into Skary and Hede and pushing them off course.

    Kary tackled the offender, quickly demanding Ripper to Fire Fang it. Ripper ripped Hitmonchan away with a fire bite, flinging it down after its partner.

    Skary landed gracefully on the ridge of the hole, depositing Hede and Danny. He rubbed his beak against Hede, purring. (Once again, can birds purr?)

    “We had better call the police.” Kary said, eyeing the door to Hede’s office, were Beef still lay unconscious.

    “Don’t worry.” Danny assured her, “Two Pokemon falling from fifty stories and an olive-colored Skarmory attract some attention. The police have already arrived.” He gestured to the ground, where police were attempting to arrest the near-dead bodies of Machamp and Hitmonchan. “And they’re in the elevators, too, so there’s no way Cow Meat can escape now.”

    Kary relaxed for a second, then remembered something disturbing. “Wait!” Kary shouted, “I just remembered something! They had a-” A strong wind drowned out her next words, blowing toilet paper about the room. A bright red helicopter was lowering itself in front of the hole, Beef’s burnt face glaring at them from the cockpit. Deadly looking missiles shone in the intense sunlight, the word MABOB on their sides in black lettering.

    “Oh poopy.” Joan whispered.

    The missiles fired from their canisters in rapid succession, flying with wicked accuracy at the unlucky group. Danny threw Joan and Carbon onto Jeff and rushed at the oncoming projectiles, his fist swirling with a sinister black aura. “You might want to run.” Danny called back as a rocket neared him.

    The missile connected with Danny’s fist, detonating on contact. A dark purple explosion followed, absorbing the other missiles and obscuring Danny from view.

    “That idiot!” Kary shouted, looking back briefly as she helped Hede into the hall, “Why in Darkrai’s name would he do that?”

    As purple haze dispersed, a human figure dropped from the cloud. It picked itself up and walked over to Kary, beaming. “That should slow them down a bit.” Danny said matter-of-factly, seemingly unharmed.

    Kary began to ask a question, but then stopped. “Your aim was a little off.” she said simply.

    The two continued into the hall. While Danny’s fist of death had saved their lives, the resulting explosion had destroyed a lot of the building near it. The group had to work its way around jagged pipes and large chunks of drywall on the trek back to the office.

    Prophet, Isabelle, and Ziggy were overjoyed to see their Trainer still alive, each feeling sole guilty for Beef’s escape. While Kary assured them it was the policed fault, Hede did a quick headcount.

    “Daniel, Karolyn, Jane, Carbon, Jeff, Skary, Ripper…” he listed, turning to each as he counted, “Good, we all survived. Let’s get back to the lobby. The building may be a little unstable from the blasts.” The building shook violently, emphasizing this statement.

    “All right.” Danny said, stuffing Joan and Carbon in his backpack, “Can we still take the elevator?”

    “No.” Hede said, climbing up unto Skary’s back, “It’s too dangerous. But hurry none the less.” He pointed forward with his cane and Skary began to walk, the rest of the group following, all Pokemon returned.

    As they neared the stairs, a jarring voice broke the air. “Oh girly-girl! Is this your egg?” They turned to see a pair of MUHGs. One had a blue ascot and was holding a large sack, while the other wore a red and held Kary’s egg.

    “Eggy!” Kary shouted in anguish. She rushed forward, preparing to tackle the red ascotted foe.

    The man side-stepped her, running her into a wall. “You’re the girl who bothered Beef!” he jeered, juggling the egg, “He sent us in hear to steal the valuables, and what do we find on the kitchen counter? A Pokemon egg! What joy! A new Pokemon to raise for world domination!”

    Danny charged at him, his fist swinging in a death punch. Once again, he swiftly dodged the blow, teasing Danny as he bounded back to the office.

    The blue ascotted man, meanwhile, grabbed Danny’s pack, which had fallen off mid-punch. “I’ll bet you have some rare Pokémon, freaky boy! I’ll just take these along with us.”

    He turned to the hall, tossing an angry-looking red and white ball over his shoulder. It exploded on contact with the ground, knocking the remaining team into the walls and tearing up the room.

    Hede wheezed, a sink on his legs. “A…Voltorb!” he breathed, eyeing the now-charred ball that lay in the center of the room, “Those fiends! This…was my favorite…carpet!” He gazed around. The explosion had knocked out Danny, Kary, and Skary, and he wasn’t going anyway. He hung his head in defeat, his mustache drooping. He had lost his-

    A scream was heard from the office. Hede raised his head to see Joan punching the blue ascotted man’s face while Carbon snapped at the red one’s shins. Joan’s Chingling hopped after them, rolling Kary’s egg.

    The two men fell back, Joan and Carbon on top of them. “Bad men!” Joan scolded, her glasses red, “You not only hurt Dan-Dan, but you tried to steal Kary’s egg? Bad men!” She kicked them each in the mouth.

    The red ascotted man growled, shoving Carbon off him and grabbing Joan. “I don’t know why you were in that backpack, but you’re going to get it now!” He threw the small girl away.

    However, Joan landed on her feet, her lenses now burning with a dark red glow. She jumped back at the man. “You under estimate my abilities!” she shouted, landing on his back and choking him, “Uproar, Kringle!” The golden bell opened his mouth wide, roaring loudly.

    The man toppled back, Joan jumping off him just in time. He grasped his ears, shouting, “You’re as bad as that Agent P!”

    Joan took no meaning from this, kicking the man’s face again. Her glasses stopped glowing, fading back to the normal blue. “That was fun!” she chirped to Carbon.

    The jewel-eyed goblin nodded, shaking Danny’s head. The boy groggily came to, waking to see the squirming body of the red ascotted man. “What happened?” he asked.

    “I beat up the bad guy!” Joan said proudly, “You could have at least waked up to see it.”

    “Sorry.” Danny apologized, pushing himself out of the wreckage.

    Suddenly, the blue ascotted man kicked Joan and Carbon away, grabbing the egg. “You kids are freaks!” he shouted, grabbing his partner under the armpits, “I’m out of here!” He began to rush backwards, balancing the egg on his partner’s body as he pulled him toward the office.

    He felt a furry obstruction in his way. He slowly turned his head, now in fear of what he might find. Seeing it, he simply groaned, “Good lord…”

    Danny’s entire team was standing behind him, the furry obstruction being Crapper. The group of mutant animals growled viciously, various elemental attacks charging in their mouths.

    Danny stood behind them, his glasses flashing with his smile. “All right, guys,” he said, a hint of menace in his voice, “Show this unfunkinoid some attacks of our own.” His creatures obeyed gladly, releasing a barrage of flames, leafs, water, ice and electricity. Their foe slumped over and fainted from the blows, bleeding profusely in several places.

    “Good job.” Kary called, helping Hede out from under the sink. Carbon had been able wake her in time to see Danny’s assault.

    “Aw, shucks…” Danny blushed, giggling girlishly. He hurried over to Skary, rummaging in his pocket along the way. He pulled out a small blue spray bottle, spraying the contents into the unconscious bird’s open mouth. The effect was immediate; the steely condor eyes snapped open and he began squawking in panic.

    “It’s okay!” Danny shouted, grabbing the Skarmory’s neck to keep him from hurting someone.

    ‘No it’s [i]not[i/]!’ Skary screeched, unheard to anyone but the Pokemon.

    A low rumble resonated around the room, shaking the various rubble caused by the explosions. The group turned to see Beef standing in the doorway to the office, a smaller, much paler, man beside him.

    Before anyone could react, Beef rushed into the room and punched everyone, knocking their PokeBalls into the air. He swiftly kicked them at the Pokemon, encapsulating them and crushing the buttons.

    “What the Mew?!” Kary wheezed, holding her bruised stomach, “We gave you a fudging third-degree burn! How in the name of Darkrai did you do this?!”

    Beef growled in response, grabbing Kary by the hair. “Look, you little mite,” he shouted, spraying her face with spittle, “I’ve had a bad enough day without you pointing out the logical flaws of my actions!” He tossed her into Danny and stomped over to Hede.

    He pulled the old man over to the pale man. This man was wearing a white, yet slightly purple, lab coat and was sporting a spiky black hairdo. He was finger a purple and black PokeBall sinisterly, stroking a dark blue stripe that ran over the top.

    “So, you are the geezer who’s been causing all this trouble while masquerading as an innocent old coot.” he stated.

    Hede stared back awkwardly. “Um, sure?”

    The man smirked. “We can’t have that, now can we?” The ball he held burst open, releasing a purple creature, almost star-shaped, with a lock of curly hair and large, dark violet wings. It was a Clefable, but…

    “Why is it purple?” Danny asked, his head popping out of Kary’s hair.

    The pale man just smirked again. “All right, Clarissa. Destroy the old man.” The purple fairy raised its claws, grinning evilly.

    A second passed as the creature slashed a small wound across heads chest. Blood spurted from his heart revealing the wound was greater than it appeared.

    Hede cried out on his dying breath only two words: “Run, grandson!”

    Danny was startled. “What the FUDGE?!” he said, over emphasizing fudge. He stood there silently, in shock, not from his friend’s death, but from being called Grandson.

    Skary, however, didn’t take this attack as lightly. He flew forward and flapped his wings viciously, whipping up a tornado to rival the one in the Wizard of Oz. The villainous duo and their Pokemon were swept into the office, the ceiling collapsing down onto them. He then flew over to his fallen master, cooing mournfully.

    Kary slapped Danny out of his stupor and pulled him over to the body of Hede. “He’s…dead.” she said, nudging him with her foot.

    Danny knelt down and rummaged through his pockets, extracting his Pokemon. “They appear to have realized it was well.” he said glumly, noting their looks of pain.

    Skary gently picked up his master and motioned fro Kary and Danny to get on his back. They climbed up, Danny pulling Carbon and Joan, who had been collecting the PokeBalls and packs, to his chest. The steel condor sullenly flapped his olive wings and flew off from the collapsing building, all his passengers’ and his own eyes filled with tears.

    That is, all his passengers expect Danny. Danny, while in pain from the death, had something else on his mind, the last thing Hede had said.

    “Run, grandson!”

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    Umm... Plot Device much?

    lol luvvved it, I've been waiting for this installment for a couple of whiles.

    Banner done by A_F Thankies

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    I guess it has been about a month. Hopefully I can get back o on a more regular schedule.

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    I'm loving this fic! Keep up the good work Green Cherrim.

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