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    Hey. This is my favorite fic I've ever written, and I'm still working on it. Its about Danny Teach, his Houndoom, Jeff, and his various companions. I'd like to think of it as funny, but that's really your opinion. So, here you go. The first...chapters. I think up to chapter...uh, 16.

    Regional Map:

    Chapters not on Page One:
    Chapter 25
    Chapter 26
    Chapter 27
    Chapter 28
    Chapter 28.5
    Chapter 29

    Okay, so, here we go. hope you like it.

    Chapter 1, or Prologue, Whatever: The Dour Chap

    Danny Teach strutted down the boardwalk, his Houndour, Jeff, trotting behind him. His glasses glinted in the bright sunlight, outshone only by his smile. People stopped and stared at the strange lad, walking around on the board walk in long pants on. But he didn't care. he had just won his second badge.

    The Board Badge of Beachburg. This was another step on the way to becoming League Champion, a dream Danny had had for an astounding seven days. He was 11 and had just started his journey through the region, something he thought he wouldn't do. He had wanted to be a funk singer, but his parents insisted he go on a journey like everyone else. 'What the heck' he figured, 'How hard could it be?'

    And it certainly wasn't. While the other kids were still struggling to get along the road with their measly Rattatas and Pidgeys, Danny had already caught a Murkrow, which he named Witches, a Sneasel, named Emril, and a Stunky, named Crapper, after the guy who invented the toilet. His journey was going smoothly.

    He stepped into a Pokemon Center to heal up his team. After the nurse took them into the back room, Danny sat down at one of the couches scattered around the room. he started reading a his favorite magazine, Darkness and Destruction Weekly, when he heard a loud voice coming form a TV.

    "This Ray Ecca, reporting to you live from the Larkon Coliseum!" said the brightly dressed reporter. Behind her two people were battling, a black-haired girl in a blue hoody and tall, blond women in a smiley-face tee. The black-haired girl commanded a Jynx against the blond one's Butterfree. "Victoria Gordon of Hillsburrow is on her second battle in an attempt to defeat the Elite Four! Many say that Victoria will become Champion after her defeat of the final Gym Leader using only her Donphan. And from what I see here, it seems to be true!" Victoria's Jynx shot a powerful Ice Beam at Butterfree, fainting it immediately.

    A few other trainers gathered around the TV with Danny. They cheered as Victoria's Jynx fainted the next Pokemon, a Beatifly, in one hit. Danny watched in awe at her command of the Jynx. It took down one after another of the blond's Pokemon, all with one hit.

    "She's good." said an older trainer, probably in his teens, to his companion "She's really good. Nobody's gotten past Sunny Starbright since this one guy with all Fire-types. I think this girl is getting the title."

    "Certainly." his friend replied, "I battle her once. She took me out with one Pokemon. All six of my monsters, with one Pokemon! She's getting it."

    Danny watched for awhile with the other trainers, then picked up his team and left. He walked down to the beach and continued on his way out of town, Jeff skipping behind him.

    "You should have seen this, Jeff." Danny said, still in awe from the girl's battle, "This girl was like, a super freak. She took out an entire team in with one Jynx! That's funky!"

    Jeff barked in agreement. 'Of course, I could take out her Jynx in one blow' he thought. He barked at Danny again, smiling and evil grin.

    "What are you thinking?" Danny asked as the walked out of the town gate, "That you could take her Jynx on and win? I don't know, Jeff, she was pretty tough."

    They walked awhile in silence, both thinking their won thoughts. They walked a straight three hours before stopping a Pokemon Center.

    Danny rented a room from the nurse and requested a wake up call for 7:15. He crawled into the bed and fell into a dream of funk and battling.

    "Someday..." he mumbled in his sleep, "I'm battling that girl..."
    So, what do you think?
    Oh, and a note: John Crapper invented the toilet, look it up. I didn't name the Stunky that for an excuse to cuss, I actually thought that was a good name.

    Guess I'll start Chapter 2.

    Chapter 2: Naked People in the Woods

    Danny was awoken by the nurse the next day, 7:15 sharp. He washed hsi face in the bathroom and headed out onto the route again, Jeff at his side.

    It was a beautiful day for hiking. The sun shone brightly but it wasn't to hot, and the humidity was just right. Chatot sang cheerily in the trees and Kricketot provided background music.

    "It sure is nice today." commented Danny, "The perfect time for funk!" He took out his MP3 player and put on headphones.

    Humming to the music, he walked at a brisk pace. Jeff ran ahead and started sniffing patches of weeds and ferns along the path, sometimes catching a sent and finding a Pokemon, which he'd take out with a swift Bite. Danny simply watched Jeff do this, figuring he could get stronger that way anyway. It's not like Danny actually wanted any of the Pokemon he found out here. He was into Dark-types, even if he was voted "Most Happy Kid in the Grade" five years in a row. He didn't know what it was about them, but Dark-types just were his thing.

    A rustling in some bushes jolted Danny from his music. He turned to find some freaky looking men running from them. They wore gray armor and white helmets with dark visors. The looked the same except that one had a red ascot and the other a blue.

    The one with the blue ascot jumped when he saw Danny. "You didn't see anything, kid." he said. In his hands were some Pokeballs, too many to be his own team. Which could only mean...

    "Are you selling those?" he asked, pointing to the balls. The men glanced at each other and ginned.

    "Um, sure, but not right now." said the red ascotted one. He ran off, his partner close behind. Danny watched them run of into the distance.

    As he was about to he resume his walking, a shirtless guy in boxers and one sock ran out from the same bushes. He had ropes around his ankles and and his wrist, but they weren't tied. He ran over to Danny.

    "Why didn't you stop those guys?!" he shouted. Danny looked up at his panicked face.

    "You need help." he said, walking away. The weird guy stood there in shock as Danny and Jeff trotted into the distance.

    Not worried at all about this strange occurrence, Danny hiked an hour and ended up in the next town, Bogenswamp, home of not only a disgusting, murky swamp but also the next Gym. Danny checked into the Pokemon Center and sat down in front of the TV with some other trainers. They were watching a news report.

    "The latest in a series of crimes, a man was robbed of both his clothes and Pokemon on the road between Beachburg and Bogenswamp. He reports that the criminals were wearing matching gray armor and white helmets, along with colored ascots. If you see these men, please contact local authorities."

    'Strange...' thought Danny, 'That reporter is amazingly ugly."

    Okay, now Chapter 3: Murky Waters

    Danny set out from the center early the next day. He had no set plan in mind, except that he was getting his third badge today. Before that he decided to look around town. Bogenswamp was supposedly known for its amazing culture and odd superstitions.

    "Hey kid, want a tarot reading? Only fifty bucks! For fifty more, I'll shave your back!"

    "Okay, enough of their culture..." said Danny, sickened by the one resident he had met so far. He instead headed for the Gym.

    The Bogenswamp Gym was built on stilts above the marsh. It looked to have been a cabin of some sort at a point in time, but now it more resembled a pile of rotting wood stacked in a box-like way. A short women with blue-gray hair sat on a rocking chair near the door.

    "You here to challenge the Gym Leader?" asked the woman, her face hidden behind a board straw hat.

    "Yeah, probably. Unless you're having a funk party of something." said Danny, leaning to the side. Jeff found a weed to chew on and started making growling noises.

    The woman raised her face and looked at Danny with a quizzical expression. "Why would we be doing that?" she asked slowly.

    "Wishful thinking, I guess." Danny shrugged.

    The women shook her head. She tossed off her hat and stood up. "Well, I am the Gym Leader here! If you wish to challenge me, please follow." She started inside the shack.

    "Didn't see that one coming." Danny said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Jeff spit out the weed and skipped in behind him.

    The inside of the Gym looked a lot like the outside. The walls had holes in them where Bug Pokemon had inevitably chewed through. The roof had a large hole in it as well, patched clumsily with a gray tarp. The Leader looked back at Danny as he gazed around the room with a cynical expression.

    "I having repairs made next week." she said, "I was originally going for a swampy look, but the League said my Gym was a health hazard."

    "Oh really..." Danny said, staring at the mold clinging to the floor, "So, what's it going to be, lady? Standard or double?"

    The Leader took her spot at the other end of the room. "Standard with no switch outs. And the name is Patti Zun." she angrily added. Danny didn't notice and returned Jeff.

    "Okay. I choose Emril!" he said, tossing his Sneasel onto the field. A dark vortex burst from the Dark Ball and the sharp clawed weasel appeared with an evil grin.

    "All right then. I start with Muk!" Patti shouted, tossing a regular Pokeball onto the field. A large pile of sludge emerged, dripping menacingly all over the floor.

    "Ew." Danny queasily commented, "Emril, use Ice Beam so you down have to touch it." Emril opened his mouth and an icy ray of light shot out. It struck Muk, freezing its hand.

    "Muk, use Sludge Bomb!" shouted Patti. The gross creature spat a dripping glob of poison at Emril.

    "Dodge it and use Ice Beam again!" Danny said, pointing to a desirable spot. Emril jumped to it and shot another freezing ray, freezing the blob's other hand.

    "Muk, try Acid Armor!" Patti commanded. The Muk melted into a gross puddle covering the entire floor. Emril's face turned green, but Danny saw an opportunity.

    "Use Ice Beam on the floor!" Danny said with glee. Emril obeyed and soon was skating on the frozen remains of Muk.

    Patti slapped her head. "Duh! Why didn't I realize that?" she said, returning the block of sludge and tossing up another ball. This one contained a Dustox.

    "Too easy. Ice Beam then Slash, Emril." Danny lazily ordered. Emril shot the icy ray once again and slashed the stunned moth before it could make a move. Patti's face turned red as she returned it.

    "Okay, how about this?!" she shouted, tossing up another ball. A floating head appeared, grinning with pointed teeth. A Haunter.

    "Easy again! Shadow Ball!" Emril tossed a ball of dark energy at the spirit. Patti grinned evilly as the ball was about to strike.

    "Destiny Bond!" she shouted at the last second. Haunter sent a ghostly chain at Emril, fainting him along with itself when the Shadow Ball hit. Danny cheerily returned the fainted weasel.

    "But you didn't see that one coming." Patti boasted, tossing up another Pokeball. Danny chuckled.

    "Of course I did. I'm actually glad. Sneasel's no good with Swampert." Danny said, commenting on her choice. Danny tossed up another Dark Ball. A jet-black crow appeared in front of him. "Witches, let' finish this up quickly."

    "Swampert, Earthquake!" Patti shouted. The mudfish slammed its giant arms, shaking the entire structure. Danny fell onto his back, but Witches took to the air.

    "Night Shade!" Danny shouted, gingerly getting back up. Witches glew a sinister black, send a shadow over the Swampert. It struggled its way out, wheezing. "Now Aerial Ace!" The crow slashed her scraggly beak on Swampert's back, but didn't do much damage.

    "Swampert, Hammer Arm!" Patti yelled. The muscular fish slammed it's huge arms onto to Witches, crushing her. She fell down and didn't fly back up.

    "All right, now let's finish this, Crapper!" Danny yelled, tossing yet another Dark Ball as he returned Witches. The skunk glared angrily at Swampert.

    "Hammer Arm again!" ordered Patti. Swampert went in for the kill, but Crapper had other plans.

    "Explosion." Danny simply murmured. Crapper knew this was his role, and he promptly combusted, blowing another hole in the roof. When the smoke and saw dust cleared, the martyr Stunky and defeated Swampert lat atop each other.

    Patti's face turned a violent shade of red. "GAHH! I can't believe I was defeated by the dirtiest trick in the book!" she screamed. Danny walked over to her and stuck his hand out.

    "Yeah, that's what they all say, now gimme my badge." Danny said impatiently. Patti thrust a Bog Badge in his hand and kicked him out the door.

    Danny sent out Jeff and patted his head. "Another one down." he said, walking off in the direction of the Pokemon Center.

    Chapter 4: Manly Meetings

    Danny set out early again the next day, heading south. He decided, since he would be in the area that he’d drop by his old school, the Battle Academy, and visit his cousin. Then he could continue south to Spaciginville and his next badge.

    The countryside grew hilly as he neared Hillsburrow. It was another beautiful day, and Jeff was taking full advantage of it, jumping around and pouncing on anything that moved. Danny had his MP3 out again and was listening to, of course, funk.

    “Oh, we want the funk. Gotta have that funk! Oh…” he sang quietly as they walked. His funking was suddenly interrupted when he saw a kid running toward him.

    He was wearing a gaudy yellow shirt and jeans. His hair, which was oddly enough green, was cut into a nerdy bowl cut. In his arms he carried a very injured looking Seedot. It had large gashes on its sides and its hat had a chip in it.

    As the weird kid neared Danny, he tripped on what must have been the only rock in five miles. He fell dramatically to the ground, sending the Seedot spinning at Danny’s feet. It rammed into his leg and fell over.

    Danny and Jeff regarded the acorn with interest. The human took out his PokeDex while the dog sniffed the poor Seedot, causing it to flinch.

    “Seedot, the Acorn Pokemon. Seedot sits in trees, waiting for people to walk under it, at which point it jumps on their heads and kills them. It will then drag the body away to its nest to eat with its fellows.”

    “Sounds neat! Go Dark Ball!” Danny said, dropping the ball onto the little acorn. It didn’t even make an attempt to break out and was easily caught.

    The weird kid, who surprisingly hadn’t said anything or attempted to stand up while this was going on, stood up and said something.

    “That was cheap.” He said, wiping dirt off his shirt, “You caught it while it was weakened.”

    “Duh, what did you want me to do, heal it and then battle it?’ Danny scoffed, “So, what were you running from?”

    “Two Ninjask, which are right behind me.” He said, pointing over his shoulder at the angrily buzzing cicadas. “They were attacking that innocent Seedot, so I had to jump in and save it. Then they kind of started chasing me.”

    “Because I ordered them to!” shouted an angry voice.

    Danny, Jeff, and the weird kid turned around and saw another weird guy. He was wearing a white helmet and had gray body armor on. In his hands were two Pokeballs.

    “They were attacking that Seedot because I was training them, you idiot.” He said, angrily tossing a rock at the weird kid.

    “They must be at least level 30, which is totally unfair!” shouted the weird kid. Danny whistled for a second, then sighed.

    “Um, well, I kind of do that, too.” He said, pointing at Jeff. He was attempting to eat a severely beaten Oddish.

    “Yeah, it’s a normal thing for trainers to do.” said the weird guy. The weird kid turned red.

    “It was still unfair! Two fully evolved Bug types versus a weak Grass type is the most unfair battle I’ve ever seen!” he shouted. The weird guy grew red as well.

    “Shut up, you stupid hippy!” he shouted, “Ninjask, use Slash on that tree-hugger!”

    The cicadas flew towards the weirdo, preparing to slash. Then they were both burned to a crisp.


    Danny stood with a smoking-mouthed Jeff. “I like hippies.” he simply stated. The weird guy returned his Pokemon in disbelief.

    “I’m outta here.” he said, running past Danny in the direction of Bogenswamp.

    The weird kid grabbed Danny in a hug, but was quickly burned by Jeff. As he put out the flames, he shouted happily, “That was great! You sure showed him!” he stomped the last flame off his pants and stood straight up. “I’m Spencer Irachna, by the way.”

    Danny ignored him and turned his MP3 back on, starting down the road again. Spencer ran after him.

    “Wait!” he shouted, “I want to travel with you!”

    Danny turned around and glared at him. “And what makes you think I want to travel with an unfunky guy like you?” he asked, a chill in his voice.

    Spencer chuckled. “I’m a co-ordinater, so my Pokemon aren’t the best battlers.” he said sheepishly, “You could protect me.”

    Danny was walking away again.
    “Hey, wait up!” shouted Spencer, “Please?” He ran after Danny, with Jeff barking behind him.

    Chapter 5: You Dare Interrupt the Funk?!

    Danny had almost reached the Battle Academy, and that hippy Spencer was still following him, attempting to reason with him as he sang funk under his breath,

    When the school was in sight, Spencer lost it. He ripped Danny’s headphones off his head.

    “Will you just listen to me?!” he shouted. Danny glared evilly, a shadow crawling across his face.

    “I was listening to funk.” he said, his voice two octaves lower, eyes glowing red, “Nobody interrupts my funking except my mother. NOBODY!” A flock of birds flew out of nearby trees. Spencer crouched down as Danny towered over him.

    “I…I mean…I just…” he stuttered, Danny’s face sending waves of hatred over the cowering child.

    Danny raised a fist, swinging it at Spencer. Somewhere between there and Spencer’s face, his fist turned into a shadowy mass, glowing purple with an evil as old as time itself (Okay, maybe a million or two years younger). As it made contact with the hippy, it exploded with evil energy, sending him flying back while Danny stood still, unable to be moved by anything. The sky glowed red, and the clouds turned black. Spencer collided with a tree, causing it to fall over.

    Then it all stopped.

    Danny wrapped up his headphones and put them away. He looked causally over at the school.

    “Oh, I’m here.” he said, as if he hadn’t just sent a kid flying into a tree. Jeff, who had been apparently elsewhere during this whole event, showed up and barked happily, wagging his tail.

    Spencer gingerly got up, holding his head. Unfazed by this strange happening, he figured this was a good time to talk to Danny.

    “Look, please, I have no where else to go, I just want a friend!” he said, following Danny through the school gates and into the dormitory. Danny sighed heavily and turned to him.

    “Look, Stephen, I don’t really want someone tagging along with me interrupting my funk sessions and constantly being ungroovy. I have already have Jeff for a companion.” Danny answered, gesturing to the Houndour. He growled happily, chewing on a shoe it had found in the hall.

    “It’s Spencer, not Stephen!” Spencer shouted, and then noticed Danny had entered a room. He hurried in after him.

    The dorm was small, only about the size of an executive office. Two sets of bunks stood in small indents in the wall, and two doors to either side of them led into what was inevitably were closets. At the far end of the room was a small desk with a pretty nice computer.

    The only other people in the room were two small girls, around age 9. The both had the same wide-eyes, magnified by their glasses, and the same color of brown hair, and pretty much the same face. One girl, however, had long hair, reaching her waist, while the other had hers in two short pigtails.

    The long haired girl jumped out of her bunk and ran to Danny, hugging him. “Hi, Danny! How’s it been?” she asked, face glowing with youthful enthusiasm. Danny hugged her back, making a happy sound.

    This was his cousin, Rebecca Teach. A happy girl, she was hyper and peppy most of the time, but when she gets angry, you’d better watch your limbs, because she’ll rip ‘em off.

    The girl sat in her bunk, reviewing notes on a conversation she “accidentally” over-heard and recorded on tape and video. She was Rebecca’s best friend, Re Ecca, daughter of the top reporter of the region, Ray Ecca. Because of their similar appearance and name many people think their twins, which they use to their advantage.

    Re grunted a hello, not looking up from her notes. She and Rebecca were reporters for the school newspaper, and Re took her job very seriously. Rebecca led Danny over to her bunk and sat him down. She sat down next to him.

    “So, how’s the whole trainer thing going?” she asked, picking up her own Pokemon, Psyduck, from the floor and holding it in her lap.

    “Pretty good, and a lot easy than Pat made it out to be.” Danny said, referring to their other cousin, Pat McNepen, “And it’s also not as nearly as funky as I thought it would be.”

    “Well that stinks. I love funk.” said Becca, hanging her head. She glanced up at Spencer. “Who’s the hippy?”

    “I’m not a hippy!” shouted Spencer, stomping his foot, “My name is Spencer Irachna, and I am a co-ordinater!”

    “-hippy.” Danny added, “Yeah, he’s this weird guy who’s been following me around. I beat him up and keep telling him I don’t like him, but he followed me all the way here.”

    “Want us to deal with him?” Re asked, looking up from her notes with an evil grin, staring down at Spencer from the top bunk. Danny considered this for a moment.

    “Nah, I think I can handle it myself.” he said finally. Spencer slumped onto the bunk opposite them defeated.

    “All I wanted is a travel companion.” he said grumpily. Jeff started chewing his backpack that he had dropped. That’s when Danny made a decision.


    “What?!” Spencer asked in disbelief.

    “I said okay, you can travel with me. As long as you don’t do any of that weird hippy stuff.” Danny said. He pointed at Jeff. “Jeff likes to chew on your backpack. So that means that you must have a good taste in backpacks, which means you are funky, sort of.”

    Becca’s Psyduck tilted its head in confusion, and the rest followed suit.

    “Um, okay…” Spencer said, confused by Danny’s reasoning, “I guess it doesn’t matter the reason as long as you accept.”

    Danny and Spencer later left the Academy, both a little happier, and, in Spencer’s case, a whole lot funkier.

    Chapter 6: The Sound of a Babbling Hippy

    The funk pair reached Sougan by nightfall and checked into the Pokemon Center. After leaving their Pokemon with the nurse, they decided to watch the tube a little. One of the older trainers had it set to the news channel, and they squeezed up to the screen through a small crowd who had gathered around.

    “This is Ray Ecca, reporting to you live from the Hillsburrow Pokemon Center.” said the newscaster, “Sightings of the criminal syndicate, the Mysteriously Unknown Hidden Guys, or MUHG, occurred right here at around 2:15 today. Witnesses report that the duo came running down the rode with stolen Pokemon, but were by confronted by Pokemon League Champion Victoria Gordon and an unknown companion in a trench coat. The two battled the criminals, but were unable to capture them or retrieve the stolen Pokemon. Ms. Gordon and her colleague then left the scene before anyone could question them.”

    “Those MUHG fellows are getting to be trouble.” said a blond girl to her friend. She nodded glumly.

    “They stole from Henry up on Hill Glen.” said the friend, “Stripped him down to his boxers and took everything he had on him.”

    The two girls started talking to another trainer, and Danny and Spencer left to go to bed.

    As they climbed the stairs, Spencer asked Danny if he had ever seen an MUHG agent before, besides the one that he saved him from.

    “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen two others.” said Danny, remembering back a few chapters, “Up on Hill Glen. Must have been the ones those girls were talking about.”

    Spencer gasped. “Why didn’t you stop them?!” he said, staring at Danny with shock. Danny shrugged, opening the door to the room they had got.

    “They said they were selling the Pokemon, so I figured they were telling the truth. Come to think of it, they probably did sell them.” Danny said, climbing into bed, “Now get to sleep.”

    Spencer got into the bed across form Danny. “Yeah, don’t want to be tired for my contest.” He grinned at Danny as he turned off the light.

    Danny rolled his eyes. Spencer had been talking about Sougan’s contest all the way from the Battle Academy. It would be his fifth ribbon so far, which was about the only thing Danny liked about the conversation. That meant less travel.

    Spencer woke Danny up early the next morning, resulting in Danny choking him. After the air returned to his lungs, Spencer started babbling cheerily.

    “Today, I get a ribbon!” he said, posing heroically as they got their breakfast. Danny punched him with his death shadow fist while picking out a cereal from the food machine.

    “Yeah, I get the stupid idea, now get your cereal.” he said, taking the bowl from the machine and sitting down in the Center’s lobby. Spencer soon followed, sitting down across from him to make it harder for him to punch.

    “This ones really simple, too. I just appeal the first round and battle through the second with a different Pokemon.” he said for the umpteenth time. Danny munched his cereal, glaring at Spencer evilly.

    They left the Center soon after, heading out to the shore for some battle practice. Danny figured that a cliff was a great place to battle, since it was high up and you could see the ocean from it. And if Spencer got to close too the edge, well…you get the idea.

    “Crapper needs some practice, since he usually just explodes.” Danny told Spencer on their way up, Jeff trotting behind, “Who are you using?”

    “My Scyther, it hasn’t battled since the last contest.” Spencer said, showing Danny a Net Ball, “She’s really powerful, so your Stunky had better watch out.”

    “Yeah, sure…” said Danny. He’d see.

    They started as soon as they reached the cliff. Crapper, happy to get out of his ball, jumped around the edge cheerfully. Spencer’s Scyther was amused at this, and started to chase him.

    “Hey, let’s get this started already!” Danny shouted to the Pokemon. Crapper skipped over to him, and Syther buzzed in front of Spencer.

    “All right, Night Slash!” shouted Spencer. Syther’s blades grew longer and glowed purple. She rocketed at Crapper.

    “Crapper uses Toxic-no, wait, never mind…” Danny started to command, stopped when a girl came running up to them. She was wearing a long, blue dress and was carrying a matching handbag.

    “I heard you talking about the contest.” she said, running up to Spencer. Danny gave Crapper an apologetic look and returned him, along with Jeff.

    “Yeah, why?” asked Spencer. The girl giggled.

    “Registration is ending in ten minutes!” she said, bouncing, “I didn’t want you to miss it!”

    Spencer yelped and ran down the hill, shouting about how he’d be late.
    “So, who are you?” asked Danny offhandedly to the girl. She brushed some of her blonde hair out of her face before answering.

    “Carla Belle.” she said, extending a hand to Danny, who shook it. “I’m a co-ordinater, like your friend. I’m from south region, Spaciginville. How about you?”

    Danny grinned happily. “I’m Daniel Percival Teach, but you can call me Danny. I’m from Dark City, and, of course, love Dark Pokemon.”

    Carla chuckled. “I could guess by the fact you have all Dark Balls.” she said, pointing to his hand, in which were Jeff’s and Crapper’s balls.

    “Well, they are the best type, after me, of course.” said Danny, “We should probably be getting down to the contest hall.”

    “Hey, want to meet me in the lobby after the contest?” asked Carla as they started to walk.

    “Sure.” Danny said, grinning devilishly. Carla laughed again, and they ran down to the hall.

    Chapter 7: The First Kill-I Mean, Contest

    Danny sat on his hard, plastic seat looking out over the contest area. The specters around him chatter incoherently about contest and the co-ordinaters in them. Personally, Danny couldn’t care less. He turned up his MP3 and started listening to ‘Brick House.’

    Right at the good part of the song (it always is), a tall kid poked Danny in the head. Danny retaliated with his shadow fists of death, but the kid came back. Danny paused and took of his headphones.

    “What do you want?” he asked, grabbing the kid by the front of his gray shirt. The kid, still unaffected by this, gazed broadly at Danny with gray eyes.

    “I’m Mike.” he said finally. People were staring at them, so Danny released him. He stood up to his full, intimidating-to-anybody-but-Danny height.

    “That’s nice.” said Danny, tilting his head slightly. ‘Must be one of them crazies.’ he thought.

    Mike stared down at him with a spacey gaze. “I have heard of you. You are apparently a good battler.”

    “Thank you?” Danny said, confused.

    “We shall meet again.” he said, walking off into the stands again. Danny watched him go with a befuddled glare.


    A short, stout woman in refined green blazer and gray skirt walked out into the arena. She held a microphone and had a Cherrim on her shoulder, with odd, green petals. She smiled cheerfully at the audience.

    “Hello!” she shouted, receiving a ‘hello’ form the crowd, “This is Avium Prunus, Mistress of Cherrymony and Judge for Larkon Pokemon Contests, as you all know! I’m happy to welcome you all to the Sougan Pokemon Contest!” The crowd cheered.

    “Hm…” Danny thought aloud, “She seems familiar.”

    “I’d like to introduce you to the other judges for today’s contest, guest judge Hede Masters I and Sougan’s own Nurse Anger!” Avium joyfully shouted, waving her arm toward the judge table. An old, balding man in a silver suit, who Danny recognized to be the final gym leader, Hede Masters I, waved to the crowd. On the other end of the table sat a very angry looking woman in nurse uniform. She crossed her arms and grunted. Everyone cheered again.

    “All right, let me hand you over to our MC, Ms. Sabrina Noun, and let this contest begin!” The crowd, who was tired of all that cheering, simply clapped appreciably, and a skinny woman with long, silver hair took the mike.

    “Thank you, Avium. Here they are folks, the contestants!” She bowed and stood to the side of a long line, about 16 people, bowed to the crowd as well. Danny could see Spencer and Carla next to each other, Spencer trying to look dignified and Carla laughing her head off.

    ‘Strange girl.’ Danny thought.

    Then the preliminaries began.

    Spencer was up first. He tossed a Net Ball onto the field, releasing an Ariados. It reared up on its hind legs and waved to the crowd.

    “Okay, Ariados, use Spider Web!” Spencer shouted. The red spider jumped up and shot a web at the ground, making it peak like a mountain. “Now Poison Jab!” Ariados’s front legs turned purple as it jabbed the web, dying it a light pink. “Psychic!” Ariados landed on the web, eyes glowing pink. The web flew around it in a tornado of pink, expanding until it formed a pot-shaped ball. It then exploded, showering the field with a pink powder.

    “HACK! COUGH COUGH!” Sabrina thumped her chest, “Sorry about that, breathed it in. Now, let’s see what the judges have to say about it!”

    “Nice timing, and the Pokemon and trainer defiantly connected.” Hede said, his mustache ruffling as he spoke.

    “It was pretty, but Toxic would have been a better choice for the dying.” Avium chirped, nodding wisely to Spencer.

    “It wasn’t completely ugly.” Nurse Anger said.

    “That’s a pretty good score, now on to our next competitor, Bianca!”

    Three people later, Carla got on field. She waved to Danny, who awkwardly waved back.

    ‘She must be one of them stalkers.’ Danny thought, nodding.

    Carla daintily threw a Great Ball into the air. A green lizard with emo-goth makeup under his eyes appeared in front of her, its red eye glinting. Danny scanned it with his PokeDex.

    Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokemon. Larvitar often cries about how its life sucks and takes out its aggression on passers-by. It attacks their face, biting it, and then leaving them to bleed to death.
    “That was disturbing.” Danny commented to the person next to him. He nodded in agreement.

    “Larvitar, use Rock Slide!” Carla shouted, raising her arm in excitement. The goth lizard stomped on the ground, sending rocks flying into the air. “Follow up with Sandstorm!” Larvitar spun its tail, whipping up a dust cloud that enveloped it like a cloud. “Finish with Dark Pulse!” From with in the storm, a dark wave of energy exploded outward, sending the Rock Slide rocks flying into the walls. The dust blew up onto the ceiling and settled around the grinning Larvitar.

    “ACHOO!” Sabrina sneezed into the mike, “Today has not been good for my allergies. Judges, your verdict?”

    “Beautiful display of strength, expert timing with the Rock Slide.” Hede winked at Carla, who suppressed a giggle.

    “Perfect. I see no flaw.” Avium beamed.

    “It was fine.” Nurse Anger said, slumping lower into her chair.

    The other 11 people performed, ranging from mediocre to expert. Danny, bored, walked down to the waiting room to see Spencer.

    “How do you think I did?” he asked when Danny came in. He was sitting on a cushioned bench, waiting for results to appear on a near-by screen.

    “Fine, I guess.” said Danny, shrugging, sitting down on a bench across from him. Carla walked over and sat down next to Spencer.

    “Hey, y’all.” she said, crossing her hands lady-like fashion in her lap, “You’re Danny and Spencer, right?”

    “Yeah, that’s us.” Danny said, smiling his devilish smile, while Spencer simply nodded. Carla chuckled.

    The room quieted as the finalist appeared on screen. Spencer and Carla jumped happily when they saw their faces appear, later being followed by man with black hood covering his face and girl with long brown hair in a school-girlish uniform.

    “Good luck.” Danny said, exiting the room, “You’re going to need it.”

    Chapter 8: Still Part of the Contest

    “I don’t see why it takes two chapters to have a contest but I only get one to do a gym battle.” Danny said to the person next to him, who nodded understandingly.

    Spencer and Carla were set to battle each other in the semifinals. The winner would move on the battle George, the hooded man who had one the first battle. They stood at opposite ends of the arena, Spencer trying to act proper while Carla shook with laughter.

    ‘Once again, strange girl.’ Danny thought.

    “Scyther!” Spencer shouted, throwing a Net Ball above his head. The scythe mantis appeared with its arms crossed against its chest. Danny took out his PokeDex, more out of boredom than out of ignorance.

    Scyther, the Scythe Pokemon, at least I think it’s something like that. It flies around slicing things up with its razor-sharp scythes so they don’t dull. It shown great progress in the field of vegetable chopping. The female has a long abdomen than the male, presumably for egg-laying purposes.

    Danny noted Spencer’s Scyther was female, comparing it to the picture in the Dex.

    Carla turned serious at the sight of the mantis. She gloomily tossed out a Pokeball, a Misdreavus floating lazily out. It glanced at Scyther and lowered a little, apparently too tired to levitate.

    “Scyther, Swords Dance!” Spencer commanded. Scyther hopped around the field, eyes locked on Misdreavus, her blades slashing an intricate pattern. The ghost simply watched with one eye, the other half closed.

    “Misdreavus, try Astonish!” Carla shouted, her voice sadder than it was before. Misdreavus suddenly disappeared, reappearing in front of Scyther’s face, shouting loudly. Scyther hopped back in fright, filling Misdreavus with a sudden energy.

    “Scyther, Night Slash!” Spencer shouted, but Scyther couldn’t move, still in shock from Misdreavus’s attack.

    “Shadow Ball.” Carla ordered her ghost. Misdreavus’s necklace glowed, blasting a chunk of ghostly energy into Scyther’s chest. She was blasted back, but flew in a loop to avoid crashing into the wall. Spencer saw a chance.

    “Night Slash, Scyther!” Spencer shouted, a confident smile across his face. Scyther slashed her now black blade at Misdreavus as she came down from her loop. The poor spirit degenerated, its necklace falling to the ground. A tear ran down Carla’s cheek as she returned it, but no more followed.

    “Scyther wins! Spencer Irachna moves onto the final round!” shouted Sabrina. The crowd cheered as Carla left the field, George taking her place. She wound her way up to Danny, sitting down next to him.

    “Um, hi, uh…Carla?” Danny said awkwardly. Carla looked very gloomy. “Your Misdreavus isn’t very good.”

    “Thank you so much.” she said sarcastically, then brightened. “Hey, I wanted to ask you something.”

    “I think I know what…” Danny said through gritted teeth. Carla giggled.

    “Well then, can I travel with y’all?” she asked, waving her hand for emphasize. Spencer had started the battle, but they didn’t notice.

    Danny sighed. “Inevitably, yes. But on one condition: how many ribbons do you have?” Danny asked, a stern look in his eyes.

    Scyther scored a direct hit on George’s Drifloon. The balloon spirit flew backwards making a screeching sound, covering Carla’s answer. “I said,” she shouted over the screech, “I have six. I only need two more!”

    Danny grinned happily. Even less travel.

    “And that’s the end of it!” shouted Sabrina, the Drifloon lying deflated on the floor. George returned it to its special all-black Pokeball and left the field without a word.

    “Congratulations, Spencer!” Avium said, presenting him a shield-shaped metal with yellow ribbons, “You have won the Sougan Contest!” The crowd cheered as Spencer raised his arms in joy. Danny and Carla clapped a little, and then went out to the lobby to wait for him.

    When Spencer came out into the lobby, Danny took him aside from the crowd. He and Carla took him to the far corner of the room and placed him there.

    Danny sighed again. “I have something to tell you…” he said, pointing over his shoulder at the smiling Carla.

    Chapter 9: Nosy Leaves

    Danny and Jeff walked on to Route 309 with a bounce in their step. They figured since they got a boy and a girl, no new characters, right?

    Spencer, however, was not as happy. He didn’t need another co-ordinater to battle against for ribbons, and certainly not one who was as hyper as Carla was. And besides that, Danny didn’t seem to care that Carla was there, but when he tried to join him, it had taken two chapters of arguing. What’s with that?!

    “Will y’all stop brooding back there?” Carla shouted back to Spencer, who had fallen behind the group, “Danny found a Shroomish!”

    “Yeah, it’s really ugly!” shouted Danny, holding his PokeDex over it while Jeff sniffed. The screen showed a brownish mushroom thing with stubby legs, but a lot less ugly than the real thing.

    Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokemon. Shroomish is always angry about its looks, since it is considered one of the ugliest of all Pokemon. They run around slamming into trees in an attempt to make their faces look nicer, though most end up giving themselves brain damage or dieing.

    “What the heck kind of PokeDex is that?” Spencer asked, taking it from Danny’s hand, “All the entries are so disturbing!”

    “I’ve noticed.” said Danny solemnly, taking it back, “I think Dark City gets them from an army surplus store or something. Now about Shroomish…” He took his Dark Balls from his pockets, checking them for Seedot’s. “Seedot could use some training, and this funkless creature needs to be put out of its misery.” He found Seedot, tossing the ball into the air. The tiny acorn jumped angrily out of its ball, attacking Shroomish before being ordered.

    “Does it always do that?” asked Carla, pointing a wary finger at Seedot, who was attempting to gouge Shroomish’s eyes out.

    Danny shrugged. “I’ve never used him before. I guess it had some childhood trauma or something.” The four of them watched (from a safe distance) as Seedot stomped the mushroom, bit it, and shot lasers at it. Where there was once a Shroomish, there was now only a smoldering pile of plant.

    “Um…” Spencer started after an awkward silence, “I think Seedot needs psychoanalysis.”

    “Yeah…HEY! He’s glowing!” shouted Danny, pointing excitedly at the acorn, which had turned white and started giving off a bright light. Arms slowly extended from his sides and his legs grew longer and bulkier. A head took form and his weird hat was replaced by a leaf. The glowing stopped, and Seedot was now a-

    “Sharpedo!” shouted Danny, making Jeff bark happily. Spencer sighed.

    “No, he’s a Nuzleaf.” he said, taking out his own PokeDex, “Let’s see what the Dex has to say.

    Nuzleaf, the Wily Pokemon. This Pokémon pulls out the leaf on its head and makes a flute with it. The sound of Nuzleaf's flute strikes fear and uncertainty in the hearts of people lost in a forest. This Pokémon dislikes having its long nose pinched.

    “That’s stupid.” said Danny, taking his PokeDex out, “I like mine better.”

    Nuzleaf, the Wily Stalker Pokemon. Nuzleaf will often follow travelers in the forest, playing its flute eerily. It waits until its stalkee stops, launching itself on them and eating their heart out, literally. It then rips their head off and feeds it to its apprentice, usually a Seedot.

    “EW! Never use your PokeDex again, Danny!” Carla yelled, covering her ears. Spencer looked queasy, and Jeff had barfed on the side of the rode.

    ‘Rotten breakfast.’ he thought, barfing some more.

    Danny walked over to Nuzleaf, patting it on the head. “Now I get it. You’re not deranged, you’re just being natural.” he said, Nuzleaf smiling appreciatively. He returned the gremlin and walked back to Carla and Spencer. “On to Spaciginville, then?” he asked.

    “Yup.” Carla answered, recovered from the PokeDex, “Hey, maybe we can visit my folk’s ranch!” She beamed at Spencer and Danny, making them back away.

    “Yeah…” said Spencer, starting to continue, “And maybe we could get Danny’s Dex fixed, too.”

    Chapter 10: Meat the Parents

    “Here we are!” Carla called back at Danny and Spencer. They were in front of a mansion-ish white house with a beautifully long porch. Danny walked cautiously up to the door with Carla.

    “This is your house?” he asked, looking down the porch, “This is almost as tall as the building I live in, and I live in the rich part of Dark City!”

    “Yeah, Pa’s always trying to impress the neighbors.” Carla said, ringing the door bell. Danny returned Jeff and Spencer walked up beside them.

    A large man in a cowboy hat answered the door. He wore hideous blue overalls over an equally hideous blue shirt. His hair was the color of straw and his eyes were black and tiny.

    “Well, if it ain’t my co-ordinater!” he said, grabbing the three of them in a hug. Carla giggled, but Spencer struggled to get away.

    “Excuse, uh, sir…” he tried to say, “We don’t really know you at all…uh, sir?” He turned to Danny. “Maybe you could try that shadow fist thing?”

    Danny punched his shadow fist into the man’s face, but it didn’t do much. “Too much Southern.” Danny said gloomily, “Cancels out my funkrific powers.”

    Finally, the enormous man let them go. “So, Carla, who’s y’all new friends?” he asked, gesturing to Danny and Spencer with a large hand. Carla giggled.

    “This is Danny.” she said, pulling Danny over to them by his pack, “He’s from Dark City. And that hippy over there is Spencer; he’s from…um…Enip or something.”

    Spencer’s faced glowed red. “I’M NOT A HIPPY!” he shouted, not noticing nobody was listening.

    “So…” Danny said, scratching his arm, “What exactly do you do, Mr. Belle?”

    “I raise Miltank to be chopped up for hamburger, of course!” he said, leading them inside the house. It was decorated in an odd style, with leather brown walls and Tauros skulls hanging all over the place.

    “You like the decor?” Carla asked, looking over her shoulder at Danny. Danny shrugged.

    “What exactly do they represent?” he asked, sticking his tongue out a stuffed Pachirisu mounted on the wall.

    “They don’t represent anything, silly!” Carla chuckled, “They’re mementos we brought when we moved here from Texas!”

    “What’s a Texas?” Danny whispered to Spencer, who had finally realized they had left.

    “Some place in that big country, America or whatever.” Spencer whispered back, “They’re obsessed with size; everything they own has to be big.”

    “Freaks.” Danny said, Spencer nodding in agreement.

    Mr. Belle led them into a large kitchen, also decorated in this foreign style. He sat them at a large wooden table and disappeared into the pantry to get drinks.

    “Sorry Payton, Tyson, and Ma couldn’t be here.” he called, “But your brothers had a football game and Ma’s at an art convention.” He emerged, carrying three cans of soda and a Manectric Light for himself. He sat down across from them, opening the bottle with his bare hands.

    “So, Carla, these boys been treating you nice?” he asked, eyeing Danny and Spencer suspiciously. Danny grinned widely and waved.

    “Oh, yeah, they’re right gentlemen.” Carla said, and then turned to Spencer, “Okay, maybe not the hippy, but Danny’s okay.”

    Spencer turned red again. “FOR THE LAST TIME: I’M NOT A HIPPY!” he shouted, spraying everyone with his spit.

    Danny repelled him with a shadow punch. “Yeah, this conversation is very entertaining, but we’re kind of tired.” he said, yawning, “We kind of just walked five miles.”

    Mr. Belle laughed a hearty laugh. “Well of course you are!” he said, getting up. He gestured fro them to follow. “You and the hippy can sleep in the guest room across from Carla’s room.”

    “Thanks, Pa!” Carla said, rushing into her room, “I needed to pack some more clothes anyway!”

    “Don’t sleep too deep!” Mr. Belle said as he walked off, “Tomorrow I can show the meat grinder!”

    Chapter 11: One Small Step for Mon, One Giant Leap of Monkind
    (One Very Short Chapter from Me)

    Fortunately, Danny and Spencer were spared of seeing the meat grinder by Mr. Belle’s own forgetfulness. When he awoke, he realized he had a Meat Ranchers Union meeting on the other side of the region, and had to leave with barely a good-bye to Carla.

    “Yay.” Danny commented.

    They also left early, and soon reached Spaciginville. Wasting no time in travel description, the intrepid trio went immediately to the Gym. The Spaciginville Gym was located inside the region’s only space center, Joule Space Center. The leader was the vice president of engineering for the center, as well as a leading figure in the community.

    “Welcome!” shouted the attendant who answered the door, “Welcome to Joule Space Center, home of Spaciginville Gym!”

    “Yeah, thanks, but we can read.” Danny said, pushing the attendant out of the way and pointing to the paragraph above.

    Leaving the now crying attendant (telling people that was his only point in life) to wallow in self pity, they burst through a door labeled ‘Gym’.

    “Hey!” Danny shouted, “Anybody here!”

    “Yes, you fools!” a short man in a polo shirt shouted back, standing next to Danny, “I am the leader here! Now will you stop shouting?!”

    “You’re the leader here?!” Carla gasped, “But you’re shorter than Danny! And a tad uglier, too.” Spencer and Danny nodded in agreement.

    The short man said nothing, pulling on a cowlick in his red hair. “Yes, I am the leader.” he said finally, walking across the room to the leader side, “And I’d like to get this over with. I have a meeting at three.”

    “But it’s only 11.” Spencer commented, taking a seat in the bleachers that lined the wall.

    “There’s a two hour pre-meeting, so I don’t want to be late.” he said, “And before we begin, I am Nathan Sa. This will be a Double Battle, and only two Pokemon to each side.” He tossed a two Pokeballs into the air, one releasing a red boulder with yellow rocks stuck out around it. The other sent out a crescent-shaped white rock with large, red eyes. Solrock and Lunatone.

    “Why does everyone assume I care about their names?” Danny thought aloud, gesturing for Jeff to get on the field. The magma mutt bounded cheerfully into position, howling. Behind him, Danny sent Crapper skipping out of his ball, happy to finally get some real battling in.
    “Solrock, Rockslide, and Lunatone, Blizzard!” Nathan commanded, pointing for emphasis. The red sun’s eyes glowed, psychic energy ripping rocks from the floor and tossing them at Jeff, while its moon partner sent a hailstorm spinning toward Crapper.

    Danny yawned. “Jeff, Flamethrower on the Blizzard. Crapper, Dark Pulse on Solrock.” he said, almost bored. Jeff jumped up and sent a wave of flames from his mouth, incinerating the ice attack and scorching Lunatone, not very effectively, of course. Crapper jumped over Jeff, glowing a dark purple, then sending a ripple of dark energy through the air toward Solrock. The red sun was knocked back into Lunatone, hurting both of them immensely.

    Nathan took the attacks better than previous opponents. “Solrock, Earthquake, and Lunatone, Sandstorm.” The celestial bodies spun, on sending a shock through the earth and the other covering the field with a whirlwind of sand.

    “How’s Danny gonna counter that?” Carla wondered aloud. Spencer tried to answer, but inhaled sand and started choking.

    Danny, it appeared, wasn’t bothered by the deadly attacks. “Jeff, cut off Sandstorm with Smog. Crapper, moisten the ground with Toxic.” Jeff made an ugly hacking sound, producing a cloud of purple gas that diluted the sand. Meanwhile, Crapper spat a disgusting poison all over the ground, weakening the Earthquake considerably.

    Both attacks poisoned Nathan’s Pokemon as well, making their colors fade as they tried to keep hovering. The engineer sighed. “I forfeit.” he said, returning the sickly rocks and walking over to Danny. “Your strategy is very unpredictable. I cannot beat you.” he glumly stated, handing a rocket ship-shaped badge to Danny, who took it grinningly.

    “Thank you very much!” he said, shaking Nathan’s hand and gesturing for Carla and Spencer. They left the building without another word to the defeated leader.

    “Now what?” asked Spencer when they were outside. Danny patted Jeff on the head before answering.

    “My home town, Dark City.” Danny said, taking out a map he apparently had the whole time and pointing to a large dot. “‘The City of Gloom’, as they say. Also, funk capitol of the world.”

    Carla laughed. “As if we couldn’t guess that!” she chuckled, covering her mouth, “Now, do they serve hamburgers?”
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    Chapter 12: Badda Bing, You Got Evolution!

    “We’ll have to walk ALL the way back up Route 309?!” Spencer shouted, jumping out of his seat. They were in the Pokemon Center, discussing their travel plans. Dark City was the next stop, since it had both a contest and a Gym, but Spencer wasn’t too happy about getting there.

    “Get down, you varmint!” Carla hissed, pushing Spencer backing into his chair. People were staring.

    “You can blame the League, not me.” said Danny, arms crossed, “Their the ones who decided the order in which the Gyms were best challenged.”

    “The contest will be over by the time we get there!” Spencer growled.

    “Not if we run!” exclaimed Carla, beaming. Spencer glared at her for a second, and then continued.

    “Besides, how will we-” he started again. A man in black overalls interpreted him.

    “Did I hear you say you were headed for Dark City?” he asked Danny.

    “Yes I did!” Danny answered, grinning widely. The man stepped back a few feet.

    “Um…okay, well, anyway, I ‘m Hermes.” said Hermes, “I’m a delivery person for the town council of Dark City. I was just headed there with some recently mined Duck Stones and I have some room in the truck, if you wanted to get a ride.”

    “I don’t know abo-” Spencer started.

    “Yes.” Danny shouted over him, “We’d love to.”

    “Great! Meet me in my truck outside!” Hermes said excitedly, “It’s the black one.”


    “That was easy to spot.” Spencer commented as Danny and Carla climbed into the back of the trailer. The trailer was a true pitch black, blacker than night on the mountains. Its shadow surrounded the entire truck, as if a cloud was above it.

    “Black Hole Industries.” Danny said, answering Spencer’s unasked question, “The make most everything in Dark City. They use this super-funky material that absorbs light, like a black hole. It’s made from shed scales from Sharpedo.”

    “That’s right fanciful.” Carla said, rubbing the sides of the truck. The door closed, but they could still see by the light coming from the cab through a window. Hermes turned the ignition, and the truck started rumbling down the road.

    “What did you say you were delivering?” Spencer asked, leaning against a large box marked ‘DUSK STONES’.

    “Dusk Stones!” Spencer gleefully answered, “The council needed them to evolve an endangered flock of Shiny Murkrow. Once evolved, they can start eating the Raticate that were preying on them.”

    “That’s a feel-good story.” Danny sighed, smiling. He also leaned against a box, than sat back up, eyes glinting. “Hey! That reminds me, Witches hasn’t been out of her ball in awhile!” He pulled out Witches’s ball, releasing her. She swooped around the trailer awhile, and then landed on Danny’s shoulder, cawing appreciably.

    “She’s a mighty beautiful Murkrow.” Carla said reaching out and stroking the black crow’s back. Witches purred (can birds purr?) gleefully.

    They sat in silence for awhile, Carla stroking Witches and Danny napping. Spencer did nothing of particular importance.

    An hour or so later, Hermes shouted, waking Danny up and jarring the other two from their activities.

    “Stupid, stupid rat creatures!” Hermes shouted, spinning the steering wheel wildly. The truck swerved around the road, sending boxes flying.

    Danny staggered up to the cab window and looked out the windshield. A large group of Raticate and Rattata were rushing across the road for no apparent reason.

    “What are they doing?” Danny yelled. Hermes slammed the wheel right, knocking him over.

    “They’re migrating or something!” he shouted above the noise of boxes tumbling, “And the stupid truck’s brakes aren’t working!” He swerved again, knocking Danny into Carla and Witches. The three of them fell into a box of Dusk Stones, breaking it open.

    The stones had been over-stuffed into the box, making them explode out when the container finally break. The swerving truck helped their flight, sending the stones flying around the trailer.

    “GAHH!” Danny shouted, pulling Carla down. A Dusk Stone narrowly missed their heads, instead striking Witches.

    “CROW!” the bird shouted one last time. She started glowing white, absorbing the stone into her body. Her chest expanded, bloating her to twice her size. He wings grew longer and stronger, her hat shrunk and elongated. Her scraggly beak sharpened into a point, sprouting a beard like thing. The glowing exploded outwards, and after a shower of glimmering lights, Witches the Honchkrow flapped before them.

    “You’re...you’re…” Danny stammered, eyes glowing at the sight of his Honchkrow, “You’re beautiful!”

    “Um…thank you Danny…” Hermes said, not seeing who Danny was talking to, “I did get the truck on path. And just in time too!” He waved a hand at the windshield. “Look now! You can see the city!”

    Danny, Spencer, and Carla rushed up to eh cab window. Before them were intimidating black skyscrapers, surrounded by much shorter, grimier buildings. In the center of the city was a towering structure, raised in a spike, barely breaking the skyline.

    “Wow…” Carla said, in awe by what she saw, “I’ll bet they even have a post office…”

    Chapter 13: The Teachlight Zone

    Hermes dropped them off at the big, spire thing in the middle of the city. He waved good-bye and drove off around back of it.

    “What the Mew is this thing?” Spencer asked nervously, gazing up at the intimidating structure.

    Danny breathed a sigh of nostalgia. “This, my dear hippy, is Dark City Town Hall.” Danny said, affectionately touching the tall set of stairs leading to the door, “This building has a Pokemon Center, a Contest Hall, a Gym, a mini hospital, a PokeMart, a library, a KFC, a museum, a 5-star hotel, a-”

    “Okay, we get it!” Spencer said, no longer nervous, “So, this is the building to be at for everything we need?” Danny nodded, picking Jeff up. He started the long walk up the stairs, followed by Carla and then Spencer.

    They entered a cavernous room bursting with activity. People were walking or rushing everywhere, and friendly battles were going on about floor. In the middle of the room was a large opening, only about 30 feet smaller than the room itself, which provided a view of the contest hall, where an appeal was currently in progress. Danny sighed happily again.

    “This is the place I was raised.” he said, much to the confusion of Carla and Spencer.

    “What in the name of the good rancher’s lard do you mean?” Carla asked, her Texan accent peaking.

    “My dad is on the town council, you see.” Danny elaborated, leading them into a side room, the library. He led them up a small stairwell as they talked. “We live in a penthouse apartment in one of the surrounding buildings because of that. My mom also works here as the Head of Records. So, I spent most of my time here, watched over by my older brother, Mike, or one of the attendants. This is where I learned my love for funk, since there’s a funk lounge on the fifth floor.”

    They passed a room blaring with funky music. Danny pointed at it. “That’s the place. Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff, baby…” he said, caught up in the music. Carla hit him with her purse, and he continued his story. “Where was I? Oh yeah, the funk. Yes, Funk is a very important part of Dark City. The city is said to be the funk capitol of the world, which I believe is true. I mean, come on, I live here!”

    Danny led them into another room, a long one with bookshelves placed around it. “This is where my mom works. She keeps records of everyone in the city.”

    Carla squealed in joy. “Do we get to meet your mom?” she asked, shaking Danny by the shirt. Danny shoved her off, smiling, oddly.

    “No, my parents went to Atlantis for vacation since ‘All the children are gone, yay!’” Danny said matter-of-factly, “Except my little sister, Joan. I wonder what they did with her.”

    “Dan-Dan!” shouted a cute voice. A little glass-eyed girl in a maroon blouse ran up to them, followed by a tired looking Sableye. The gem-eyed gremlin picked up the squirming 5-year old, placing her on his back.

    “Hey, Carbon.” Danny grinned at the Sableye, who nodded tiredly in recognition. Carla squealed again.

    “Is that your little sister?!” Carla shouted pointing excitedly at the young girl. She waved at Carla with a grin.

    Danny nodded, reliving Carbon of his load. He placed Joan on Jeff, telling him to run her around the room a little. “Did my parents leave you in charge of Joan?” Danny asked, turning to Carbon

    “Sable…” Carbon yawned, falling back. He closed his eyes, tired from his duty. Danny picked him up and leaned him against a bookshelf.

    “How could your parents leave your sister with a Pokemon?!” Spencer shouted, waving his hand at Joan, who had come back and was now feeding a grateful Carbon PokeChow.

    Danny shrugged. “They do these things a lot.” Danny said, taking Carbon’s Luxury Ball from Joan and returning him, “Don’t your parents leave Pokemon as babysitters?”

    “Yeah, my ma once left me in the care of our oldest Miltank, Ol’ Betsy!” Carla said, nodding approvingly. Spencer slapped his forehead in disbelief.

    “Dan-Dan, Mommy left this for you!” Joan said, holding out an envelope. Danny took it and opened it.

    Inside was a letter in his mother’s handwriting.

    “Dear Danny,

    Your father and I are on our cruise to Atlantis! Yay! Mike’s up in Eston to cover some big festival for the newspaper, Ann’s in Johto for the next few weeks on a coordinating council, and Bonny’s traversing the Vargim region. Don’t worry about how Joan has been; you know Carbon’s a good sitter. But since your reading this, I want you to take her with you on your journey. And Carbon, too! I figure child services would eventually find out…


    “Your ma is weird.” Carla said after reading the letter. Spencer nodded solemnly.

    “Yeah, we’re hoping our medical insurance covers psychology.” Danny said, putting the letter in his back pack. Joan appeared on his head, holding another Pokeball.

    “Look, Dan-Dan, I have me own Pokemon!” she shouted gleefully, pressing the release button. A jingle bell-shaped Pokemon appeared, making a dinging sound. “His name Kringle!”

    “Funky!” Danny said, taking Joan off his head and placing her on the ground near Pokemon. He got out his Dex and scanned it.

    Chingling, the Bell Pokemon. Chingling constantly chime, often causing insanity in their owners. Once their owner is completely insane, however, they feel a great guilt and usually kill themselves.

    “Another charming PokeDex entry.” Carla said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

    “So, Joan, do you want to travel with us?” Danny asked, kneeling down to Joan’s height. Joan slapped his face.

    “That’s what the letter says, foo.” she answered in an uncommonly deep voice. Danny took it in stride, sending out Carbon again, who was now very well rested.

    “Carbon, you can carry Joan.” Danny said, heading for the door, “Joan, return Kringle. We’re heading for the Gym!”

    Chapter 14: A Battle at Dusk

    Danny kicked open the door to the Gym. “Heya, Midna!” He waved wildly to a 30-ish woman across the room. She had reddish-blond hair that she kept in a ponytail with a charm-like hair holder thing. She was wearing a black robe with a swirly bottom, but her face showed she was very happy.

    “Danny Teach, as I live and breathe!” she said, adding a mark under a sign that headed ‘Quotes from Bone”, “It feels like just three weeks and four days ago that I gave you your PokeDex.”

    “That’s because it was three weeks and four days ago that you gave me my PokeDex.” Danny said, “Anyway, enough philosophy. Let us begin the battle!”

    “Certainly!” said Midna, taking her place across from Danny. Like last time, Spencer and Carla sat in stand erected at the side of the battlefield, Carbon sitting near them with Joan.

    “Hi, Ms. Midna!” Joan shouted, waving.

    Midna waved back, and then put on a more serious, yet still smiling, face. “Are you ready?” she called to Danny, fingering an all black with a silver seal Pokeball.

    “Yes.” said Danny, calmer, “Standard Knockout Battle, three Pokemon each as usual, I presume?”

    Midna nodded. “You’ve watched me battle too much, I think.” she said with a small laugh, “Go, Weavile!” Her black ball released a weasel creature with a weird, Mayan warrior crest thing and feathers for ears, though they looked shorter than they should. It chirped a feminine cry.

    “Crapper, you’re up.” Danny said in an even voice. Crapper bounded out of his ball, grinning friendlily to Weavile, who returned the gesture.

    “Enough friendliness, Weavile!” Midna shouted, grinning herself, “Slash!” Weavile rocketed forward, claw raised. Danny laughed.

    “I hope you won’t hold this against me, Midna.” Danny called, “Crapper, Explosion.” Crapper promptly combusted, engulfing the ice weasel completely. She fell to the ground, charred and fainted.

    Midna returned the defeated weasel with a friendly chuckle. “You’re as crazy as ever, Danny.” she said, tossing another black ball onto the field. A wedge-shaped shark floated to the ground, its eyes glowing red.

    “Hiya, Sharky!” Danny said, waving and returning the fainted skunk at the same time. He threw Nuzleaf onto the field with a flick. The wood gremlin shouted a battle cry and immediately started pummeling Sharpedo.

    Midna’s eyes widened in terror at the sight of the Nuzleaf. “Is that normal?” She asked, pointing warily at the now bloody gremlin.

    Danny nodded and shrugged. “The Dex says they do this all the time.” he said simply.

    Nuzleaf jumped back from the beaten carcass of Sharpedo. He wiped his bloody hands on his chest and nodded triumphantly.

    Midna returned her near-dead shark and sent out her final Pokemon, Houndoom. She smiled at the fire wolf, her own first Pokemon. “Let’s see how you handle this, Danny!” Midna called, “Houndoom, Flamethrower!”

    Nuzleaf made a jump, fingers curled into claws, but it was too late. The fire wolf’s mouth sent a blast of flames at the gremlin, burning it to a crisp. It hovered for a second, and then fell to the ground, charred completely.

    Danny returned Nuzleaf with a smile. “Violence isn’t everything, I guess.” he said, pointing Jeff onto the field. His own fire wolf barked in joy, running out in front of someone he knew very well.

    “Son versus mother!” Joan exclaimed, causing Carla to jump. She had been intently watching the battle. She now turned to the young girl.

    “You mean Ms. Twilight’s Houndoom is Jeff’s mother?” Carla asked, gaining a nod from Joan and Carbon. “Well, ain’t that ironic!”

    “Ready for this, Jeff?” Danny asked, “Your mother is world famous.” Jeff barked and nodded, an ember flying form his mouth. “All right, use Smog!”

    Jeff hacked a poison fog, clouding the field in a purple haze. Midna stepped back and commanded her Houndoom to do the same.

    “Watch out for the haze.” she warned, her wolf blinking in comprehension, “Try to disperse it with Roar!”

    Houndoom took a deep breath, sucking in air like a vacuum. She then let loose a tornado of sound, sending the poison cloud swirling into the air vents.

    “Now, Jeff!” Danny shouted, “Dark Pulse!” Jeff jumped at his mother radiating a dark energy. She was pushed back, not far, however.

    “Danny, you know that attack would be weak.” Midna said, frowning, “I thought I taught you better.”

    Danny laughed. “Exactly!” Danny said, “I knew you’d correct me, so I could have Jeff use Thunder Fang!” Jeff was doing just that, ferociously chomping his mother with teeth crackling with electricity.

    His mother smacked him away with her tail and fell over. She was burnt in several places by the electricity, but could still fight. Jeff whined a little when he saw what he had done, anyway.

    “Don’t get distracted, Jeff!” Danny shouted to him, “You know your mom; she’s trying to trick you! Blast her with Smog!” Jeff shook his head, then breathed out another cloud of poison fog. His mother got a full face blast. She fainted for real this time, but not without a congratulatory bark.

    Midna smiled gleefully when she returned Houndoom. “Well, Danny, looks like you beat me.” Midna said, walking over to Danny and Jeff, “I now happily present with the badge I had been hoping for you to get since you were born: The Twilight Badge.” Midna held out a badge in the shape of the skull on Houndour’s head.

    Danny took it with smile. “Thank you, Midna.” he said, patting Jeff on the head, “So…see you when I’m champion!” Danny made to leave, but Jeff stayed still. He was shivering slightly, and his were pupils were diluted.

    “What’s with Jeff?” Spencer asked, coming up to Danny’s side with the others.

    “I don’t know.” Danny said warily. Jeff started glowing a bright white and grew two times his own size. His head was level with Danny’s, and horns replaced his ears. His stubby tail was shot out into a long, whip-like tail ending in a spike. The glowing stopped, and Jeff bounded onto Danny, knocking him over.

    “Get the Darkrai of me, Jeff!” Danny shouted, shoving the fire wolf of his chest. Jeff happily jumped to the side, tail wagging. Danny soon smiled as well, patting his new Houndoom.

    “Looks like both of you are growing up.” Midna said dreamily, gazing at Jeff, “To think that my Houndoom’s little Jeffy is all grown up…”

    Chapter 15: The Scariest Show on Earth

    “YAWN-KIBBLES!” Danny shouted the next morning, stretching.

    “Could you be any louder?!” Spencer yelled, jolting out of bed.

    They were in a small flat above the Hall of Records, were Danny’s mother stayed if she had worked to late. It had enough beds to accommodate the three of them, plus a smaller bed Carbon usually slept on for Joan. Danny loved sleeping in the flat; it very dark and creepy, exactly what he liked!

    “’Mornin’, boys!” Carla called in from the kitchen, “Breakfast‘ll be ready soon! I just figured out how to scramble an egg!”

    Danny walked cheerily into the kitchen, but soon frowned when he saw Carla had prepared. Three plates were on the table, each covered in a small pile of ash.

    “Um, didn’t Carbon show you where the food machine was…?” Danny asked, taking a seat in front of one of the plates.

    Carla giggled, turning away from the smoking oven. She was wearing a simple mint apron over her usual blue dress. “Of course he did! I just thought it’d be nice to eat some homemade food for once!” She sat down next to Danny, gesturing for Spencer to do the same.

    Spencer groaned when he saw the food. “What is this? Was the food machine malfunctioning?” he asked with weary voice.

    “NO!” Carla shouted, now angry, “Just eat the stupid eggs, varmint!”

    After Danny and Spencer choked down the eggs, Carbon and Joan appeared, Joan looking well fed.

    “Where were you two?” Danny asked.

    Joan waved merrily. “Carbon bring me down to Ms. Midna’s house!” she giggled, “She made blueberry pancakes!”

    Danny moaned. “Midna is a good cook.” he said longingly, “Before we leave, ask her for some tips, Carla.”

    Danny then ran out the door to avoid a jet of water from Carla’s Finneon.


    With the horrendous breakfast finished, Carbon led the way down to the Contest Hall. They had come at a very fortunate time; Dark City held only three contests a year, and their arrival had conceded with this one.

    Spencer rushed with Carbon ahead to sign up, but Carla lingered back with Danny and the newly evolved Jeff.

    Danny looked at her confused. “You look unfunky.” he commented, “What’s the matter?”

    ”I don’t think I’m doing this contest.” Carla admitted sadly, “When I faced up with Spencer last time, his Scyther brought back bad memories.”

    “Like…?” Danny prompted, Jeff alert with interest.

    Carla frowned. “His Scyther…” she started, “She looks a lot like this one I had some…trouble with.” She stopped, her eyes shining with tears.

    Danny twirled his hand impatiently. “What kind of trouble?”

    Carla glared at him. “This Scyther, I don’t know why, but it always would be pestering me. And don’t get me wrong; I love Bug Pokemon. But this Scyther, it always would attack me when I was alone. It continued for years, up about until I was old enough to go coordinating. It just seemed to have a vendetta against me or something.”

    Danny sighed. “I don’t get the point here.”

    Carla glared again. “The point,” she said testily, “Is that this Scyther killed my second Pokemon, a sweet little Cherubi. She was only a few days old, and this Scyther just attacked it out of nowhere. I tried to defend her with my Gloom, but she wasn’t strong enough. The Scyther ended up being scared away by one of Tauros. I never saw it after that.” Carla gazed solemnly at Danny. “But I will always remember how it looked, and Spencer’s Scyther is darn near identical. Except she’s female. The one that bothered me was male.”

    Danny grinned and patted Carla on the back. “Don’t fret.” Danny said cheerily, “I had the same problem with this clown, Fonzo. He’d always come to Town Hall and perform for money, but he seemed to hate me. When ever I passed him, he’d ‘accidentally’ have his Electrode explode, making sure I was in the blast zone. From that day forward, I have always been terrified of clowns and mimes.”

    “How sweet that you remember!” said a nasty voice from behind them.

    Danny timidly turned into the gray-painted face of Fonzo, his pale pink lips in an evil smile.


    “Hello, Danny.” Fonzo sneered in an Italian accent, “Fancy seeing you here. So, telling your girly-friend about Mr. Evil Clown to cheer her up?”

    Carla’s eyes narrowed. “Why are you bothering Danny?” she asked, stepping forward.

    Bronzo’s evil grin turned into a mean frown. “That stupid boy’s Houndour chewed up my collection hat. It was my favorite hat.”

    Danny whimpered. “Jeff was newly hatched!” he said, “He didn’t know any better! Besides, the hat was sort of ugly…” Jeff nodded in agreement.

    Fonzo’s eyes shone red. “THAT WAS MY FAVORITE HAT, STUPID FUNK BOY!” he shouted, making Danny cower, “And I never could replace it!”

    Carla was about to retort, but Danny cut her off. “Did you just call funk ‘stupid’?” he asked, his voice deadly.

    Fonzo cackled. “Yes!” he laughed, “Yes I did! I called funk stupid!” He was then blasted into a beeper display by Danny’s fists of death.

    The clown pushed himself up out broken pagers, mumbling “See you in the contest…”, and walked towards the Hall without another word.

    Carla stared weirdly at Danny. “That was weird.” she said, walking him towards the seating for the contest, “I though you said you were terrified of clowns.”

    Danny smiled. “Yes, but the when the good name of funk is in jeopardy, then all fears must be conquered.” he said in a heroic voice.

    Carla raised an eyebrow. “You’re still scared of clowns, aren’t y’all?” she asked.

    Danny sadly nodded. “Yes…” he said quietly. Jeff barked a laugh.


    They found some seats facing the center of the stage, which Carla said were prime. When they had just settled in, Joan and Carbon appeared to join them.

    “Your friend Spencer is funny!” Joan said, patting rhythmically on Carbon’s fluffy purple head.

    Sabrina then decided to walk on stage. She was wearing a shiny, black tank top to compliment her faint purple hair and silver pants with wedge-heeled, black boots.

    “Hello, Dark City!” she shouted into her mike, gaining applause from the crowd. “This is MC, Sabrina Noun, here to introduce our judges for today!” More applause.

    “Thank you! First, we have Dark City’s own Gym Leader, Midna Twilight!” Midna waved to the crowd, smiling. People applauded and shouted her name.

    “Next, her little brother and Elite Second, Zephyr Twilight!” A dark haired man in a gray robe-like thing nodded to the crowd. He also was given quite a reception, people cheering loudly.

    “And finally, Dark City’s Head Nurse, Nurse Melancholy!” A dark-blue haired woman in a nurse hat and long dress and apron attempted a wave, but then decided that it wasn’t worth it. Nobody actually cheered for her.

    Sabrina was silent for a minute, but then decided no applause would come. “Yeah…so here they are! The coordinators!” She bowed to long line of about 40 people. Spencer was easy to spot with his green hair, trying, as always, to look dignified. Fonzo was also in the line, his evil grin back in place. He was fingering his dark red and gray Pokeball sinisterly.

    “Good luck, Spencer.” Danny said under his breathe, eyes locked on Fonzo, “You’re going to need it.”

    Chapter 16: How Su-Spence-ful!

    “Thank, you Bianca, for your appeal!” Sabrina shouted. A brown hair girl in a school-girlish uniform curtsied and left the stage. “Next up, we have Spencer Irachna!”

    Spencer walked briskly onto the stage, Net Ball at the ready. He bowed to the crowd and tossed up his ball.

    “Go, Porygon2!” he shouted, the CGI bird appearing before him. Porygon had a long, blue beak and a mostly pink body with blue underbelly, tail, and wings.

    “Let’s see what the DistrubDex has to say!” Danny said cheerily, smirking at Carla.

    Porygon2, the Hacker Pokemon. Porygon was up-graded with new technology, making it able to download stuff faster and travel in space. Ironically, Silph Co. was forced to file bankruptcy from spending so much money on the Porygon2 Project. Now owned by the Comcast organization, Porygon2 invades e-mail accounts and spams them with Comcast advertisements.

    “Charmin’.” Carla said dully.

    Spencer smiled at his Porygon2. “Okay, Pory, use Thunderbolt!” he shouted, pointing valiantly. The virtual duck shot a beam of electricity from its beak into the air. “Now go and catch it with Conversion 2!” Porygon2 shot into the air, catching the bolt. Its skin changed texture, becoming rough and rock-like.

    “That’s fancy!” Danny exclaimed.

    “Okay, now Trick Room!” Spencer shouted. The rocky Porygon2 glowed eerily, warping the light around it so it appeared to be in a large box made of thick glass. It was wavering slightly, like something behind a heat wave.

    “Wow!” Sabrina commented, “That is amazing!”

    Spencer nodded, eyes locked with Porygon2’s. “Now, finish with Ice Beam!” he called. The CGI duck spun, sending a freezing beam of light around the warped box, creating a giant ice cube. It still floated, creating an odd scene of a rock frozen inside a hovering iceberg.

    “Amazing!” Sabrina shouted, the crowd exploding in cheers, “Now, judges, what do you have to say?”

    ”I love it. It was a creative use of a defensive maneuver.” Midna said, giving Spencer a thumbs-up.

    “It was rather nice. And the use of Thunderbolt as a Conversion 2 activator was risky, but it paid off well.” Zephyr said, nodding.

    “It didn’t totally depress me.” Nurse Melancholy said, hanging her head.

    “Wonderful!” Sabrina said, “Thank you, Spencer! Now, on to our final competitor, Fonzo!”

    Danny gulped. “I sure hope Spencer can beat him.” he murmured.

    Carla raised an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t he?” she asked.

    “Fonzo wasn’t only a street performer.” Danny said sadly, “He was in the semi-finals of the Grand Festival last year; my sister was making me watch it with her. He almost won, but his Electrode’s Explosion was too powerful and took out his own Pokemon. And his opponents were part Ghost-type, so…”

    “I see.” said Carla, “Well, I’m sure Spencer can beat him!”

    The evil clown walked out boldly on stage, immediately juggling a Pokeball into the air. “Show ‘em how it’s done, Ambipom!” he shouted, flamboyantly pitching his dark red and gray orb. It released a purple monkey with two tails, each ending in a large, tan hand.

    “Dex?” Danny said, whipping out this PokeDex.

    Ambipom, the Ambidextrous Pokemon. Ambipom is an amazing juggler, graced with two hands of equal strength. But, beware of this purple primate, for it will attempt to distract you with one hand and steal your wallet with the other. That, or it kill you and feed you to its offspring. Males generally have shorter hair than females.

    “Agility!” Fonzo shouted. Ambipom chirped and began running in a circle, gaining speed until he was a purple blur. “Swift and Shock Wave!” Out of the violet blur flew a storm of stars, each sparking with weak electricity. They exploded in the air, making sparks fly over the stage. Ambipom stopped running and grinned goofily to the crowd, making them cheer.

    “Aw, man…” Sabrina was looking in a mirror at her frizzy hair, “Bad hair to the max. Judges, what do you think?”

    Midna’s eyes narrowed. She hated Fonzo just as much as Danny. “It pains me to say it, but it was really cool looking.” Midna said through gritted teeth.

    Zephyr, however, did not share his sister’s prejudice. “The performance was a wonderful showcase of the variety in Ambipom’s moveset.” he said.

    “It didn’t make me want to kill myself anymore than I do.” Nurse Melancholy said, tearing up.

    “Um, thank you, Nurse…” Sabrina said slowly, “Now that the appeals are finished up, we’ll have a break and then onto the finals!”

    Danny, Carbon and Carla worked their way through the crowd down to the waiting room to see Spencer. They found him sitting nervously on the edge of a cushioned bench, wringing his hands.

    Carla slapped him hard on the back, knocking him over. “Nice hustle out there, Spence!” she shouted, making Spencer shuffling away.

    “What the Mew was that for?!” he stammered, slowly picking himself up.

    “It’s a motivational technique my pa taught me.” Carla beamed.

    Spencer groaned. “Well, lay off the Texerisms until after the contest.” he said testily, “I had no idea the other coordinators here were so good.”

    “Dark City is famous for attracting the best coordinators.” Danny said happily, “It has something to do with the funk.”

    “Again with the funk?!” The group (I guess it’s a quinto now?) turned slowly around. Fonzo was glaring angrily at Spencer.

    “Look here, hippy.” he hissed, eyes glowing red, “I’d watch it if I were you. I don’t like losing very much.”

    Spencer stuttered nervously, but Carla was the first to retort. “Will y’all just shut yer yap?” she growled, fists raised, “I’ve known y’all for about an hour and I already find you more annoying than Democrats. Why are you such a varmint?”

    Fonzo laughed bitterly. “I’m an evil clown, what did you expect?” he chuckled, walking away.

    Danny was the first to comment: “Exactly why I’m afraid of clowns.”

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    When the chapters are this long, I'd advise spacing out posting them so people can have time to read them.

    Also, "a BOUY"? Do you mean "boy"?

    Heh. I live about a block from a city called Hillsboro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Palazzo View Post
    When the chapters are this long, I'd advise spacing out posting them so people can have time to read them.

    Also, "a BOUY"? Do you mean "boy"?

    Heh. I live about a block from a city called Hillsboro.
    oh, crap, i did it again. i'll fix that, thanks.

    and the real chapters aren't this long, i just was transferring from another site.

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    Ha ha ha! That's funny.

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    Thank you!

    Chapter 17: Hippy VS Clown: Total Smack Down!

    “And our semi-finalist are…” Sabrina announced slowly for suspense, “On this screen!”
    She pointed behind her to the point screen, the camera moving up to bring it into the shot. The flashing screen showed a brown-haired girl in a school uniform, a tall man with long, black hair in a gray T-Shirt, Fonzo, and Spencer.

    “Yes!” Spencer shouted punching the air. Danny shook his head.

    “You made it!” Carla beamed, hugging Spencer tightly.

    Spencer looked down at Carla in shock. “Um…could you…?” he said quietly.

    Danny, Carbon, and Joan laughed for a bit before prying Carla off him. “See you later, Spence.” Danny chuckled, leading Carla out the door.

    Spencer sat back on the bench to wait for his battle. The school girl, Bianca Summers, and the black-haired guy, Isaac Gray, were the first to battle, so that meant Spencer would be against Fonzo. He decided to strategize in his free-time, which he did so intently that he didn’t notice the evil character coming up behind him.

    “So…” snarled Fonzo nastily, “I wrong about Funky and Texan.”

    Spencer squeaked and turned around. “W-what?” he stammered.

    Fonzo cackled, his red eyes glinting. “You don’t realize?” he hacked, “Texan’s don’t hug just anybody, they’re too proud. You must have made quite an impression on her, hippy.”

    Spencer was still confused. “What are you talking about?” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

    Fonzo cackled again. “You’ll see, hippy-boy, you’ll see.”

    “WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK I’M A HIPPY?!” Spencer shouted, scaring some of the coordinators who had lost but were taking advantage of the free food in the break room.


    In the end, Bianca defeated Isaac, moving her into the finals. Spencer breathed a final sigh and slowly walked onto the battle field.

    Fonzo was already out, waving atrociously to the crowd. They cheered his name, obviously showing he had many fans.

    “Let’s go! Battle on!” shouted Sabrina, waving her hand dramatically.

    Fonzo sneered. “Good luck, hippy-boy.” he growled, spinning a Pokeball on his fingertip. He bounced into the air, its containments blasting out in a tornado shape. They stopped spinning and formed a human shape, a tail sprouting from the back. An orange monkey appeared before them, its tail ended with a flickering flame.

    “DisturbDex time!” Danny said, tilting his head to a pale Carla.

    Monferno, the Flaming Monkey Pokemon. Monferno were kicked out of the jungle by the other Pokemon centuries ago for causing too many forest fires. They have recently regrouped and started a war with the jungle that had rejected their ancestors, causing more deforestation than even humans!

    Spencer frowned. He had nothing to combat a Fire-type. “Um…” he said nervously, deciding to wing it, “Go…uh…Beedrill?” Spencer dropped a Net Ball in front of him, releasing a large hornet, his wings beating rapidly.

    “Monferno, start with Fire Spin!” Fonzo shouted. Monferno jumped into a barrel roll, its body igniting. The spinning wheel of death flew towards Beedrill, leaving a trail of flames behind it.

    “Beedrill, Toxic Spikes!” Spencer shouted as the flaming monkey was about to make contact. Beedrill fired thick spines out of his pointed arms, poisoning Monferno and knocking it off course. It swerved into the wall, exploding on contact.

    “Try again!” snarled Fonzo. His monkey jumped back on its feet, tumbling into a Flame Wheel once more. It spun around Beedrill a few times before attempting another strike, trapping it in a flaming vortex.

    Spencer floundered. “Um, Agility upwards?” he suggested, his strategy breaking down with his nerves. Beedrill did quite a good impression of a certain PLSPA agent before attempting to escape upwards. This of course didn’t work, sending him falling back into the oncoming Flame Wheel.

    “That’ll lose him some points!’ Sabrina commented, wincing.

    “This is easy than I thought, hippy!” Fonzo cackled.

    Spencer decided to just wing it. “Just Poison Jab all over the place.” he suggested dully to Beedrill. Beedrill also couldn’t think of a better option, so he did just that.

    Beedrill launched into a fury of toxin-soaked jabs, spinning in a cone shape. Most made their mark, punching Monferno again and again with a sickening poison. Beedrill eventually got dizzy and started whirling around the room, but its attacks had been effective; Monferno fainted immediately from the poison.

    Sabrina cheered in shock. “That was a complete upset by Spencer!” she cheered, the crowd following suit, “You move onto the next round!”

    ---too lazy to write a transition---

    “Bianca Summers versus Spencer Irachna!” Sabrina shouted gesturing to the coordinators at the ends of the field, “The winner gets the coveted Darkness Ribbon! Let the battle begin!”

    “Go, Pikachu!” Bianca shouted, dramatically throwing a simple Pokeball. A yellow rat jumped from it, its red cheeks sparking. Its tail was in the shape of lightning, with a small notch cut in the end.

    Neither Spencer, Danny, nor Carla had ever seen such a Pokemon before. Both Danny and Spencer took out their Dexes to scan it.

    Spencer’s recited dutifully:

    Pikachu, the Mouse Pokemon. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. If you come across a blackened berry, it's evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of its charge.
    Females have a notch in their tail.

    Danny’s said, rather dully:

    Pikachu, the Worst Pokemon. Pikachu is an annoying, overly-cocky Pokemon that feels the need to show off its electrical talents, continually. They have shown an odd ability to gain strength when cheered on by a nasally, 10-year-old voice, even if they are near death. Many regions, such as Larkon and Johto, hunted the local population to extinction years ago because of this.
    Females’ tails end in a heart-shape.

    “Beedrill, come out again.” Spencer said, dropping the Net Ball onto the field a second time.

    “Pikachu! Volt Tackle!” Bianca shouted. Her electric rodent pattered forward at an amazing pace, her body charged with electricity. She jumped at Beedrill, who simply flew sideways, causing it to smash into the stage wall.

    Spencer sighed. “Beedrill, Toxic Spikes and Poison Jab.” he said, almost bored. The hornet flew up to the dazed Pikachu and shot a series of poison spines into her, then knocked her back to the stage with a poison-tipped jab.

    “Come on, Pikachu!” Bianca encouraged, but it had no effect. Her voice was not nearly nasally enough.

    “And Spencer wins again with only two moves!” Sabrina shouts, the crowd applauding wildly.

    Bianca sighed and turned to leave. “Good job with that clown, hippy.” she said through a weak smile before exiting.

    Midna stood and proudly presented Spencer the Darkness Ribbon. He attempted to take it from her, but she knocked him on the head and gave it to Beedrill instead. “‘Agility upwards’? Your Beedrill is the true winner here.”

    Danny, Carla, Joan, and the Pokemon met Spencer as he came out of the arena.

    Carla immediately gave him a hug. “Good job, varmint!” she said affectionately, releasing him.

    Spencer stood shivering until Danny slapped him on the back. “Nice job fixing that clown for me.” he said proudly, “Your funk factor just went up.”

    The group started to make for the door, but Spencer stood where he was for a second before joining them. When Carla hugged him, he had remembered what Fonzo had said to him back in the waiting room.

    “You must have made quite an impression on her, hippy.”

    Chapter 18: Comb You Bee Any More Annoying?

    “We have to travel all the way back down the road we just came up?” Spencer shouted, knocking his friends over with the power of his voice.

    Danny pulled himself up, rubbing his ear. “Yes, duh.” he said, helping Carbon and Joan up, “Sout Island has the nearest contest to Vulcan Island, and Vulcan Island has a Gym.”

    Carla slapped Spencer with her purse. “Haven’t y’all ever seen a map?” she asked, pulling out her own and pointing to Sout Island. “We’ve been going along the League suggested path since I met y’all!”

    Spencer sat back down on the steps of the town hall, muttering under his breath. Suddenly, the group heard a loud horn from behind.

    “Thought you’d need a lift!” called Hermes from his truck, waving them over.

    “Thanks, Hermes.” Danny said gratefully, climbing into the passenger seat while everyone else got in the back, “The hippy was going to complain the whole way down the region if we had to walk.”

    “No problem, no problem!” Hermes assured, the truck jolting forward, “I have to make a delivery of Poochyena to the Battle Academy in Hillsburrow anyway, so you can take a ferry out to Sout Island from there.”

    Spencer peered suspiciously through the small window between the cab and the trailer. “How did you know we’d be heading to the Sout Island?” he asked, glaring at the trucker.

    Hermes laughed loudly. “Because you’re following the League determined path, of course!”

    ---skipping another boring transition sequence---

    Hermes dropped them off at a dock outside the Academy, waving quickly before driving off to finish his delivery. Danny led the way as they marched into the ferry office.

    The ferry office was small and filled with fishing supplies. A tall desk stood about four feet from the door, behind which a man who looked surprisingly like Hermes sat sleeping.

    Carla rang the service bell, waking the man up. He peered over at them, leaning into Danny’s face. “Yes?” he asked.

    Danny pushed him back, slightly disgusted. “We’re here about getting a ferry to Sout Island.” he inquired.

    The man stood up and walked around the desk. “Ah, yes, you must be that Teach boy Hermes called me about. He’s my brother, you know.” he said, walking out onto the dock.

    “People really need to stop assuming we care about their personal lives.” Danny whispered to Carla as they walked out behind him.

    The man was untying a small boat from the pier. The boat was a dull gray with a dark purple line around the bow. It looked dirty, but it also reminded Danny of home.

    “The name’s Mercury, by the way.” Mercury said, gesturing them up the gangplank, “I used to work as a boat driver for the Dark City Town Council, but then I realized there was way more money in ferrying Trainers and such over to Sout Island.”

    He followed them into the boat and pulled in the gangplank, dropping a few Pokeballs onto the deck. They popped open, releasing two red fish and a Sharpedo.

    As soon as they hit air they started floundering helplessly. Danny and Jeff quickly dumped them over the side of the now moving boat into the water, where they gulped for awhile before shrieking in gratitude.

    “Thanks!” Mercury shouted, now steering the boat from a small shack behind them, “That’s my Sharpedo and Carvanha. They help keep the boat safe.”

    Carla sat down fretfully on the benches that lined the bow. “What do mean ‘keep the boat safe’?” she asked anxiously.

    Mercury laughed. “Oh there’s nothing to worry about out here!” he chuckled, “They just keep the pirates from attacking. Piracy is becoming a big problem for ferries these days.”

    They boat sailed smoothly out of the bay, passing the famous Lighthouse of Battle Bay without problem. They were about an hour into the trip and 20 miles away from land when they attacked.

    They weren’t pirates. They were far worse than pirates. They were…


    “Jeff, Flamethrower!” Danny shouted grabbing Joan and Carbon and stuffing them in his backpack. Jeff spewed fireballs at the incoming swarm, but if they connected two more Combee took the place of their fallen comrade.

    Spencer and Carla quickly tossed out Pokemon of their own.

    “Larvitar, Sandstorm!” Carla shouted, her Goth-lizard jumping out form her ball. She spun her tail rapidly, whipping up a whirlwind of sand that blasted away a small chunk of the incoming swarm.

    “Ice Beam, Porygon2!” Spencer ordered. The cyber-duck flew into the attack, knocking down Combee after Combee with its freezing beam. Mercury’s Carvanha and Sharpedo joined in, all three of them shooting their own Ice Beams into the seething swarm.

    The six Pokemon continued their defense against the onslaught of Combee, but it was doing little to stop them. Actually, the swarm was growing as they fought, getting bigger and bigger as more Combee and now Beedrill joined the fray.

    Spencer, in a sudden stroke of genius, had his Porygon2 cast Trick Room over the boat, slowing down the bugs to a snail’s pace so the Pokemon could get some rest.

    While Mercury hurried about administering Potions to the fighters, Spencer, Carla, and Danny tried to decide what to do.

    “What the heck is this all about?!” Danny seethed, gesturing his hand at the paused insects, “Those unfunkinoids just came out of nowhere!”

    Carla shrugged. “Who knows?” she said, “Insects are weird things, Danny. They ain’t very smart.”

    Danny rolled his eyes. “Well, that’s obvious.” he sighed, “But it doesn’t explain why they attacked us for no reason. There isn’t a tree for miles!”

    Carla rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “Maybe…” she said quietly, “They’re part of a secret society of underwater Pokemon.”

    Danny’s eyes widened. “What are you saying?”

    ”Well, my older brother Payton’s girlfriend, Tammy, told me about this sunken ship.” Carla continued, “Apparently, there was a big shipment of Pokemon on it when it sunk. The people drowned, but the Pokemon survived because they were in a giant air bubble. So, they could stay alive by fishing and the Electric-types could power the ship so the Grass-types could make oxygen. This has apparently been going on for a hundred years, and every so often, one of the Pokemon’s descendents finds their way to the surface and end up being found in the middle of the sea.”

    While Danny considered this, Spencer frowned. “Look, that’s not why the Combee are attacking.” he said nervously, “But I think I know why…” He trailed off.

    Danny and Carla turned to him. “Why?” they asked intently in unison.

    Spencer fidgeted with his backpack. “I…might of…kind of…” he murmured, “I maybe made them mad because I…I…”

    Danny leaned over him. “Because you what?” he growled.

    Spencer pushed Danny away and sighed. “You see, a little while before I met you…” he started, “I…kind of…kind of stole some eggs from hive of Combee, because I needed some Pokemon and all I had was an Ariados and a Porygon.” He paused, opening his pack and searching through it. “It was at night, and the Beedrill who guarded the hive were asleep. So I snuck in and took two eggs.” He pulled out a Nest Ball and placed it beside him, going back into the pack. “One of them hatched into a Weedle, which is where my Beedrill comes from, and the other…hasn’t hatched yet.”

    He stopped rummaging and pulled a large egg from his bag. It had a rough pattern of hexagonal shapes around its red shell, and a thin crack ran down the side.

    Carla stood up angrily, grabbing the egg and holding it above her head. “You idiotic hippy varmint!” she snarled, “Don’t you know what this is an egg of?”

    “Um, a Combee?” Spencer whimpered. Danny slapped him in the back of the head.

    Carla shook the egg, which was rapidly cracking now. “NO, YOU IDIOT!” she screamed, “Well, yes, but still NO! This is a shiny Combee egg! Do you know what this means?!”

    Spencer shook his head, but Danny stood up. “It means…” he growled, “That when that egg hatches, the Combee were going to raise it as their new queen. What a shiny queen means to Combee is that their hive will be the head of all other hives. Bee Pokemon worship their shiny brethren. And the fact you stole their egg means DEATH!”

    The egg cracked some more. “But…how’d they find me?” he asked.

    Carla placed the egg down and sighed. “Beedrill can smell their eggs from a mile away.” she sighed, “They were probably following you since they realized the egg was missing. Why they chose now to attack, who knows, but they won’t stop until they kill you.”

    Spencer screamed, but Danny grinned. “Hey, that means we only have to share food between three humans!” he said cheerily. Carla also smiled at this.

    A loud crack interrupted their happiness. “The Trick Room is breaking!” Mercury shouted, running to them. The Pokemon were already ready, standing in a circle around their trainers.

    Before the Trick Room broke entirely, something else did. The egg gave a loud crack that would rival the Trick Room and broke open, a small, red Combee fluttered out of the shell, testing her new wings.

    Joan popped out of Danny’s bag, holding his PokeDex.

    Combee, the Bee Pokemon. Combee want nothing more than for their queen to be happy, and will stop at nothing to do it. They have even gone as far to steal entire grocery stores just to feed their Vespiquen. Besides this, they enjoy tennis.
    Females have a red diamond on the bottom head.

    “Get back in there, Joan!” Danny scolded, pushing her back inside his pack.

    “But I want to help fight!” she complained as Danny pulled the zipper closed.

    Spencer kneeled before his bee. “Um, hi.” he said, the baby bee buzzing up to his face. “Um, you need to go join your hive, okay?” The Combee simply stared at him with an adoring look.

    Carla slapped him with her purse. “You varmint, she thinks you’re her mother!” she shouted angrily, slapping him again.

    “Hey, guys…” Danny started anxiously.

    Spencer ignored him. “It’s not my fault she thinks I’m her mother!” he stated, grabbing Combee so she didn’t fly into Jeff’s Flamethrower.

    “Guys!” Danny said again.

    Carla rolled her eyes. “It is so your fault!” she shouted, “You stole the egg in the first place!”

    “GUYS!” Danny screamed, punching them both with his death fists. He pulled them toward him and spun them around.

    A majestic looking hornet was descending slowly onto the deck of the ship. The seething hoard had stopped attacking and the Combee were forming a cone around the ship while the Beedrill flanked the queen-like bee like bodyguards.

    Joan reemerged with the Dex.

    Vespiquen, the Queen Bee Pokemon. Vespiquen are the undisputed leaders of Combee hives. The Combee will do anything she commands. They are known for being lazy, but can be extremely harsh when their eggs are threatened.
    They can only be female.

    The Vespiquen was holding a handheld computer up to Spencer, buzzing angrily.

    “Since when do Pokemon use palm pilots?” Carla whispered.

    Spencer squinted at the handheld, reading the screen. “‘Okay, kidnapping hippy.’” he read, “‘I want my baby back. Give her to me or I will kill you.’”

    “What about us?” Mercury asked anxiously.

    The Vespiquen though for a second, then wrote something on her handheld. She held it out to Spencer again.

    “‘You are free to go, we only want the hippy.’ Hey!” Spencer read angrily, “Why does everyone think I’m a hippy?!”

    “Shut up, Spencer!” Danny said, shoving him aside, “Okay, Your Highness, you can have your baby.” He pulled Combee from Spencer’s arms and held her out to her mother.

    Combee squealed in fright and flew back to Spencer, pushing into his back.

    Vespiquen didn’t like that. She violently wrote a new message and held it out to Danny to read. “‘What is the meaning of this?’”

    Spencer shrugged. “Your daughter kind of thinks I’m her father.” he said sheepishly.

    “Mother.” Carla corrected.

    Vespiquen shriek angrily, grabbing a Beedrill and slamming it on Spencer’s head. She pointed at him and ordered the attack.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Spencer screamed, running around the edge of the boat, dodging poison darts.

    Danny, Carla, and the Pokemon watched him for a while in amusement before deciding on a plan.

    “Now…” Danny began, gesturing for Mercury to restart the boat; this could take awhile. “Do we really have to save Spencer?”

    Carla shrugged. “I guess.” she decided, “I mean, he is a hippy and all, but we could use his Porygon2 to hack into computers.”

    “We could just do that without him.” Danny suggested, “His Porygon2 probably likes us more anyway.” The cyber-hummingbird nodded in agreement.

    Carla picked up her Larvitar. “Yeah, but without him, then who are we supposed to beat on?” she asked, tossing Larvitar into the swarm, then shouting “Sandstorm!”

    “I guess your right.” Danny sighed, “Flamethrower on Vespiquen!”

    Jeff bounded at the hornet monarch, jumping on her with a fiery blast. “Thunder Fang!” Jeff clamped his mouth onto Vepsiquen’s crown, shaking violently with electrified fangs. She shrieked and tried to through the fire wolf off, but his grip was too strong.

    Carla caught Larvitar as she fell back to her. “Alright, y’all, take this!” Carla shouted, chucking Larvitar at Vespiquen, “Use Screech!”

    Larvitar opened her mouth and screamed a high-pitched shriek, causing both Jeff and Vespiquen to cringe. Danny forced his way over and pulled Jeff away, but the bee queen was finished. She signaled for her swarm to abandon the attack, and the entire hive flew off into the sky.

    Spencer nervously walked over to Danny and Carla, who had just exchanged a high five. “Um, thanks for, you know, saving me from being poisoned to death.” he mumbled.

    Carla turned to him and gave him a hug. “Anything for my hippy!” she said adoringly.

    Danny, Jeff, and Larvitar fell over with laughter, going on until being interrupted by Mercury 20 minutes later.

    “Land, ho!” he shouted cheerily.

    “Now that’s offensive!” Joan commented.

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    Chapter 19: I’ll Be The Remoraid to Your Mantine

    Mercury waved from off-handily from his control room, his boat jerking back out to sea. The sixo watched him for a while before entering the town of Wesport.

    Wesport was a large city, not nearly as large as Dark City of course, but still rather large. The buildings never rose above three stories, but were densely packed along the streets, all flowering from a large, square courtyard in the center of town.

    Joan ran happily ahead of the group, excited by all the new Pokemon she was seeing. Carbon tried desperately to keep her out of trouble, but she soon evaded persistently, dodging behind peoples legs and large Pokemon.

    “Ooh, look at that!” she squealed cheerily, pointing at random Pokemon, “Look at the face on that one! I want to eat it!”

    “Sabe! Sable sabe!” Carbon shouted after her, attempting to warn her of danger.

    Joan didn’t to appear to hear him, though, poking Arbok, Ursaring, Drifloon, and a myriad of other threatening beasts.

    Soon enough, Joan’s small attention span caused her to run into a pair of legs, knocking her back. She gazed absently up at the woman she had run into, seemingly mesmerized, allowing the others to catch up.

    “Joan!” Danny scolded, picking up the young child, “Say sorry to this woman!”

    The woman scowled. “I’m a MAN!” he shouted, flipping his long black hair angrily.

    “Huh?” was the general contentious.

    The strange man was dressed in a blue gi that folded over itself many times, creating an almost robe-like structure. Instead of pants, he was wearing a long, green dress made from many folds of materiel with a loose pair of pants under it. What really made you think he was a woman, though, was a large white rose on his head, and the female Roserade next to him.

    “Um, are you sure…?” Danny asked warily.

    “Yes, I’m sure.” the strange man growled, flipping his hair again, “Ask my wife!”

    “Yeah, he’s male.” a woman next to them said and then walked away.

    They stared dumbly for a while before Carla broke the silence. “So…Ms-I mean, Mr., uh, Roserade man…” she started slowly, “We’re mighty sorry to have insulted y’all, and will now leave.” She made to walk away, but the man stopped her.

    “The name is Roz.” he said, smiling slightly, “And it’s okay. I get that a lot.” He stepped back, extending a hand to Carla, which she shakily shook it. “So, I have not seen you children before here at Wesport, and I’d remember a hippy like your friend there. What brings you to this seaside town?”

    Danny was the first to answer. “There’s apparently a contest in Exton in a few days. We’re just passing through.”

    Roz nodded. “Yes, that is true.” he said, “That’s why I’m here as well.”

    “Wait.” Carla interrupted, “I thought you said you lived here?”

    Roz frowned. “I never said that.” he corrected, “I’m just staying here during the festival.”

    Spencer suddenly perked up. “A festival?” he inquired.

    Roz nodded again. “Yes, the Festival of Mantaraid.” he informed happily, “During the festival, the people of Wesport acknowledge the partnership of Mantine and Remoraid, and how they work together in harmony. It’s a weeklong event of seaweed roasts and Mantine and Remoraid based contests, ending with a partner-battle contest in which two coordinators work together to perform, like Mantine and Remoraid. That’s today, by the way.”

    “Are you here for the contest?” Carla asked.

    Roz laughed cheerfully. “No, no.” he said, “I’m here because during the week of the festival, the Remoraid population explodes. I’m trying to catch enough to use as an evil navy to take of the world while my Roselia and Cacnea army take care of the land.” He laughed again and walked away.

    Another awkward silence followed. Spencer broke this one. “So…about the contest....” he began.

    Carla grabbed him in a huge hug. “Of course I’ll be your partner, Spence!” she chirped.

    “Um, actually, I was going to ask Danny…” Spencer tried to say, slumping in embarrassment.

    “Well, we better find out how to register you two.” Danny grunted, stifling back a laugh.


    The contest was being held at the docks, where a crowd had already gathered. Danny, Joan, Carbon, and Jeff worked their way to the front while Spencer and Carla waited to appeal in a large tent set up near the designated stage. The crowd hushed as the announcer walked out of said tent.

    The announcer for this contest was not Sabrina Noun as it usually was, however. This announcer had light blue hair that framed his face, and was wearing a dark blue jacket and silver-bluish pants. He strutted instead of walked, acting a little elite-ish.

    “Hello, Wesport!” he shouted, not even using a microphone. The crowd cheered. “Most of you know me, but for those who don’t, I’m Byrost Montego, Professional Trainer and Wesport’s first resident to win the Larkon Tourney in 47 years!” The crowd cheered louder, shouting his name. Many young women had t-shirts and signs with his face on them.

    Danny was about to say something witty, but his digestive system had other plans. The burrito he had had for lunch had just finished its tour of Bladder Land, and was heading on the fast tram down to Waste Extrication Ville.

    “I have to go to the bathroom!” Danny quickly shouted, running through the crowd to the public restrooms, “Tell me if I miss anything funky, Joan!”

    “I didn’t even know potties were usable in this plane of existence!” Joan exclaimed, Carbon nodding in agreement.

    “Now, for our judges this fine day,” Byrost continued, “We have the beautiful Jackie Teach of Portown. How’s your sister Becca, Jackie?”

    A tall brunette smiled and waved. “Fine, thanks!” she called.

    “And next to her, the not-even-close-at-all-to-being-equally beautiful Greta Griznad!” Byrost mocked.

    A slightly homely blonde girl glared angrily at the pompous announcer. “The name is Grsnd, not ‘Griznad’.” she growled in a Dutch accent, “I should kill you for that.”

    “I like that girl!” chirped Joan.

    Byrost scoffed at our foreign friend and continued. “And finally, we have our own Nurse Beenbetter!”

    A light-blue haired woman in a nurse uniform smiled. “Hello, everyone.” she said politely.

    The first pair was up; not surprisingly, it was Carla and Spencer.

    Spencer walked in his dignified strut he used during contest, but the effect was thrown off by Carla’s incessant giggling. They took their spot at the in front of the tent and threw out their balls, both Net Balls.

    Scyther jumped forward, scooping up Carla’s choice, Finneon, and tossed her into the air.

    “Silver Wind at Scyther!” Carla jubilantly commanded her fish. Finneon swirled around in the air on a gust of metallic wind, sending a blast down at Scyther.

    “Ride up the current with Swords Dance!” Spencer ordered. Scyther flew wildly around the breeze, swinging her scythes in an intricate pattern.

    “Water Pulse!” cheered Carla. A ring of pulsating water blasted from Finneon’s mouth flew up the Silver Wind, heading towards Scyther.

    “Night Slash on Water Pulse!” Spencer shouted. Scyther spun quickly, slashing the water apart and showering the field with a light drizzle.

    Byrost raised an eyebrow, surprised. “That was a nice performance!” he exclaimed, shocked something impressed him, “Judges?”

    “A fun appeal to watch, and clever use of moves!” Jackie approved.

    “I enjoyed the appeal as well. Silver Wind was executed perfectly.” commented Greta with a nod.

    “The performance cheered me up!” was Nurse Beenbetter’s review.

    “All right then!” Byrost shouted, his composure returned, “On to our next competitors, George...there’s no last name here, and Kathy Isotope!


    Danny and the group met up with Spencer and Carla in the tent, Danny bummed that he had missed their performance.

    “Joan said it was really good.” Danny told them, “Apparently won the judges right over.”

    Carla nodded vigorously. “Sure did!” she said happily, “I’m sure we’re in the semi-finals!”

    Spencer wasn’t as hopeful, however. “I don’t think so…” he moaned, “There were some pretty good appeals.”

    Carla slapped him hard on the back. “Oh, you worry too much!” she chirped.

    A hush fell over the crowd in the tent as Byrost announced the winners over a telescreen.

    “The pairs who are moving on are…” he slowly announced, “Jo Momma and Peter Gore, Amelia Carnegie and Jak Beech, Kathy Isotope and George, and finally, Spencer Irachna and Carla Belle!”

    Carla jumped up and hugged Spencer, squeezing him tightly. “Told ya so!” she squealed.

    Danny chuckled at Spencer priceless expression of awkwardness and left to join the crowd.


    Carla and Spencer were set to battle Amelia and Jak.

    Amelia was a classy, sophisticate girl that was older than they were. She wore a long silver jacket and black slacks with pointed shoes and had her light brown hair in a bun/ponytail mutant.

    Jak was quite the opposite. He was around the same age as Amelia, but his clothing was a blue and gray striped loose tank top and baggy white shorts. His dark raven hair fell over his face and his head was mostly covered by a large, red beanie.

    “I call upon you, Delcatty!” Amelia said daintily, spinning a Luxury Ball out of her hand. A large tan cat jumped sprightly forth, her purple main gleaming.

    “Pelliper, let’s groove!” shouted Jak wildly, throwing his own Pokemon out, a large white bird with a huge yellow beak and weird, broken circles for eyes.

    “Scyther!” Spencer ordered, his green mantis flying out in netting light.

    “And Finneon!” Carla added, dramatically throwing her blue fish forward.

    Next Time, on Danny Teach: A Boy and his Dour:
    Scyther and Finneon versus Delcatty and Pelliper! Battle A-Go-Go!
    (Japanese-ish title right there!)

    Chapter 20: The Phantomlike Menace

    Danny returned just in time to hear who the semi-finalists were, and was overjoyed Carla and Spencer had advanced.

    But he had little time to celebrate.

    Joan perked up, inspecting the crowd with a glaring eye. “I sense something not right.” she murmured to Carbon, who confirmed her suspicions with his one gaze.

    “What’s the matter, Joan?” Danny asked, grinning at the small child, “You seem tense. Let me give you a relaxing massage.”

    “No.” Joan said, “I feel uneasy. Something wrong.”

    Danny rolled his eyes. “Well, Spencer’s hair color is odd, but not completely wrong.” Danny assured her, “He could dye it.”

    Carbon and Joan sighed in mimic of their uncle’s brother. Humans were mostly useless after age 9.

    Then they attacked.

    People wearing weird armor and helmets with dark visors swarmed the crowd, causing mass panic. Most of them weren’t carrying weapons, but each had a dangerous looking Pokemon with them, which they were setting on the citizens.

    A deep voice rose above the screams, belonging to a large black man in a brown vest and black jeans. “Take their money and Pokemon! Kidnap anyone with a badge case! Leave no witnesses!” he shouted,

    Danny quickly grabbed Joan and Carbon and stuffed them in his backpack, grabbing Witches along the way. He released her and commanded urgently, “Let me ride you! Fast!”

    Witches nodded and swooped under Danny, beginning to take off. Unfortunately, Danny’s backpack snagged on a passing freak’s *cough, Hot Topic Employee, cough* nose/ear/lip/eyelid chain, pulling him off his fleeing crow.

    Witches, however, didn’t notice her master was gone, and flew off into the blue yonder.

    “Witches!” Danny shouted after her, “Witches, come back!” He attempted to signal the fleeing bird, but was caught up in the rush of the panicking crowd. After being trampled around a bit, they somehow ended up in Mercury’s boat.

    Mercury pulled the dishelved Trainer up by his collar with a solemn look. “Um, hello, Danny.” he said nervously, “I came back because I figured that you’d need a ride after the contest and I had nothing better to do, so-”

    “Just drive!” Danny interrupted, “Drive and get us out of this place!”

    Mercury scurried back to the driver’s cabin thing and slammed the reverse, if boats even have that. He quickly backed out of the harbor and shot off toward Vulcan Island.

    Suddenly, Danny realized he had forgotten something during those confusing first paragraphs.

    “Wait, we forgot the hippy and that weird Texan girl!” Danny shouted, jumping onto the window of the boat.

    Mercury swore angrily as he swerved around other escaping boats. “It’s too late to turn back now!” he shouted out the door, “Anyway, they were kind of annoying, weren’t they?”

    Danny slid off the window and thought about that. “Good point.” Danny agreed, letting Joan and Carbon out of his backpack and tossing his Pokemon out of their balls.

    Joan sat down, her face contorted with concentration. “What be our plan of action?” she asked in a voice that was not hers.

    Danny and the Pokemon raised an eyebrow. “Um…” Danny began nervously, “I guess we just head out to Vulcan Island and hope that Witches can find us some day.”

    Joan opened her eyes into slits, her glasses flashing red. “I suppose that is a good plan, for now.” she murmured darkly. Her glasses than returned to their normal color and she stared up at Danny grinning. “Why you all staring at me?” she asked sweetly.

    Danny dismissed this strange occurrence and patted Jeff on the muzzle. “Okay, funkinoids.” he said, addressing his Pokemon, “We’ve lost Spencer, Carla, and Witches, so that means that you guys with have to work a fifth harder to make up for her.”

    The Pokemon nodded, all grim-faced at the loss of their teammate. “Furthermore,” Danny continued, “Vulcan Island’s gym is a Fire-type one, so that means all of you are completely worthless.”

    The team nodded at this as well.

    Mercury, who had been eavesdropping, called out at this. “You could borrow my Sharpedo, if you want.” he offered, setting the boat on autopilot and walking out to Danny with the Dark Ball in hand. “It never gets much action here on the ship, and I have two Carvanha that could evolve if I needed one anyway.”

    Danny stood up and took the ball from the boater, grinning. “Thanks!” he beamed, “That makes my team up to its original number!” The Pokemon cheered for their new recruit.

    Joan sighed loudly. “I’m tired.” she yawned, falling asleep in Carbon’s arms.

    Danny looked up to the darkening sky and returned the yawn. “Good point. I think we-SNARGH!” he cut off in mid snore and slumped over onto the Jeff.

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    Chapter 21: Not As Alone As He’d Like

    Mercury dropped Danny off in Vulcan Island’s harbor and left, saying he’d return tomorrow afternoon. Danny was okay with this and he and the others decided to explore the city.

    Vulcan Island was known as the Big Sister to a some far off island in Kanto, Cinnamon Island or something, being as it was the larger of the two volcanic isles. As Danny discovered, the town itself was a large tourist attraction, with many hotel and shops. Joan was intrigued by these for a while, but soon grew bored and asked if they could get out of the town.

    Danny agreed, also tired of the tourism-based settlement. He led the way to the other end of the town, bringing them to the edge of the volcano.

    “It’s very big.” Joan commented, riding on Jeff as they began their ascent through the woods that grew up its side.

    Danny nodded in agreement. “Yes, very.” he said, “I’ll bet there are some rare Pokemon, too. And the view from the top will be incredible.”

    They walked in silence for a while, gazing at the beauty of the volcano and the Pokemon in the forest. There were quiet a few, for the soil on the volcano was oddly very fertile, allowing the trees of island produce delicious fruit. Thus, many primate Pokemon, such as Chimchar, made their homes there, as well as a variety of birds.

    They were nearing the summit when they heard roaring coming from behind them. Danny grabbed a Dusk Ball from his pocket and spun around.

    An enraged Infernape was attacking a young girl holding an egg. She was dodging the monkey’s punches pretty well, but it grew angrier every time it missed.

    Danny jumped at it, throwing Sharpedo in front of him. The shark balanced itself on its underbelly fin and was ready to fight.

    “Waterfall!” Danny ordered. Sharpedo spew forth a great stream of water from his mouth, riding it into Infernape. The flaming monkey flew into a tree, but it didn’t calm down.

    The girl to advantage of the opening to toss her own Pokemon in. “Go, Abby, Razor Wind!” she shouted a large white dog with a black scythe protruding from her head. The dog slashed her head downward, blasting the Infernape with a sharp jet

    It was knocked up above the trees. Danny quickly commanded Sharpedo to use Ice Beam at it, and it flew far back to into the town.

    The girl Danny had saved slumped onto a rock, breathing heavily. She brushed raven hair out of her face an pinned it back in place with a green pin to match the ball on her blue beanie. Her Absol leapt over to her and licked her gray shirt clean while she dusted off her dark brown skirt and scrubbed the burn marks off her tall green boots. She picked up her egg, mainly sea blue with a many-pointed tan star on the bottom, and walked over to Danny.

    Danny suddenly thought of sunrise. “That was a crazy monkey, eh?” he commented, patting the girl’s Absol, who purred in delight.

    The girl nodded, smiling. “Tell me about it.” she said. “You can’t throw rocks at anything anymore.” She extended her free hand to him. “I’m Kary Drake.”

    Danny took the hand and shook it vigorously. “Daniel Percival Teach.” he introduced, “But call me Danny. Behind me are Joan, Jeff, and Carbon.” He released her hand and looked back into the forest. “Would you mind telling me why you were up here in the first place?”

    Kary rolled her eyes. “The Gym is on the peak of the volcano, duh!” she scoffed, starting to walk up toward the peak. She glanced over her shoulder, “Why were you here?”

    Danny grabbed Joan in a hug. “We just love nature.” they said, an aura of love and flowers around them.

    Kary walked a little faster after that.


    Danny held open the door for the group as they walked into the Gym. The door was just for show, apparently, as the Gym itself was a platform built above the boiling mouth of the volcano.

    An old-looking guy with graying blond hair wearing a yellow t-shirt and tan shorts stood in the center of the platform. He was standing, but appeared to be sleeping.

    Kary walked up and kicked him, awaking him from his slumber. “Who are you?!” he asked with a start jumping back dangerously close to the lava.

    “I’d like to challenge this Gym.” Kary said matter-of-factly placing her egg on the ground beside her and gesturing to Danny, who waved wildly. “And I think he does, too. Are you the Leader?”

    The man stood to his full height, which was rather tall. “Yes I am!” he announced, “Vick Shard, Friendly Fire Master!”

    Kary tapped her foot impatiently. “Okay, that’s great.” she said sarcastically, “What are your battle conditions?”

    Vick seemed unfazed by Kary’s tone. “A single battle with only one Pokemon per side!” he told her, removing a Pokeball from his pocket and spinning it into the air. An odd monster with tube like arms, a duck head, and chicken legs materialized before them. “I usually do a three on three, but since I have to face both of you…”

    Kary glared dismissively at the beast. “Magmortar, huh?” she mumbled, walking to her side of the platform. “Abby, you’re up!”

    The Absol trotted in front of her, baring her glinting fangs. Jeff howled, and there wasn’t a moon out.

    “Magmortar, Thunderbolt!” Vick shouted jubilantly. The flaming booby raised its arm cannon, firing a large ball of crackling current.

    “Thunderbolt? Please!” Kary scoffed, “Abby, Iron Tail!” Abby jumped into the ball, smacking it with her steely tail.

    Vick was confused. “Iron conducts electricity. Didn’t you know that?”

    Kary laughed and pointed. Abby had slammed her now-electrified tail into Magmortar, knocking it back and charging its body.

    “Razor Wind into a Water Pulse!” Kary ordered quickly. The white wolf swung her head scythe, knocking Magmortar back farther with a blast of cold air. She quickly followed up with a jet of pulsing water, electrifying the still charged booby.

    Magmortar slumped over in defeat, breathing heavily and its organic parts charred with electrical burns. Vick returned it and smiled. “Nice one, there!” he commented, handing Kary the volcano-shaped Eruption Badge, “You must have been killer in Science class!”

    “Yeah, well, I want to get a real job someday.” Kary said off-handily.


    Now, it was Danny’s turn.

    “Go, Sharpedo!” Danny threw his torpedo shark into air, landing him directly on his fin.

    “You face…Charizard!” From Vick’s ball emerged a hideous orange dragon with a flaming tail. It reared back its giraffe-like head and roared a great flame.

    “Super funky Ice Beam!” Danny ordered to his fishy companion. The great shark shot a beam of frigid air toward the fire dragon.

    The beam froze its wing, but Charizard was not down yet. “Steel Wing, Charizard!” Vick cheered. The dragon swung its uninjured wing into Sharpedo’s side, knocking him off balance.

    “Latch on with Crunch!” Danny quickly retaliated. The sharp fangs of Sharpedo dug into Charizard’s skin, causing it to shriek in pain. It flailed in an attempt to throw him off, but the shark hung on tight.

    “Try flipping it off with Seismic Toss!” Vick suggested hurriedly. Charizard grabbed and tried to pull Sharpedo off to throw it, but it still held. It tried flipped around like it would for Seismic Toss, but that also didn’t remove the shark.

    Danny grew bored of this quickly. “Sharpedo, finish it with Waterfall all ready.” Danny finally commanded. Sharpedo loosened his grip and blasted Charizard away with a stream of water. The dragon flew off in a trail of bloody water, slamming into the crater’s side and sliding into the lava.

    Vick quickly returned his near-dead dragon and congratulated Danny on the win. “Good show, boy!” he praised, patting Sharpedo.

    “Thank you. Now gimme my badge.” Danny held out his hand.

    Vick placed the badge in his hand and laughed. “Ah, kids these days…”


    The group left the Gym and started the long trek down the volcano, allowing Jeff to get some “personal” time with Abby, if you know what I mean.

    Ugh, no, not that, you sicko.

    Halfway down, Kary struck up a conversation with Danny on travel. “You are a Trainer, right?” she inquired, tossing her egg from hand to hand.

    “Yeah…” Danny answered uneasily. He knew were she was going with this.

    Kary frowned, as she knew he knew where she was going with that. “All right, I’ll just say it: I need a companion. I get into situation like that monkey one a lot, and I could really use someone to help get me out sometimes. Want to travel together?”

    Danny considered this question. He had just lost those annoying people who had been following him, Carla and Stephen, or Spencer, or whatever, but Kary seemed different. She didn’t make him feel like he was suffocating, and she also seemed to have a fabulous taste in Pokemon.

    Danny took a deep breathe before answering.



    “Cool.” Kary said, brushing her egg, “I’m glad you agreed.” She looked up at the buildings as they entered the town, still bustling in the midday sun.

    “Yes.” Danny said to himself, “I’m glad I did, too.”

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    Chapter 22: I Feel Sycamore (And Oak, Too)

    Kary led the way back to the Pokemon Center she was staying at. After they healed their teams, she and Danny released their Pokemon to eat and planned the rest of the day.

    “I heard from some locals there’s an old tower at the other end of the island. They call it Axe Tower.” Kary told him, pointing at it on a map. “It used to be a defense tower way back in medieval times. It’s just a ruin now, but a lot of rare Pokemon inhabit it.”

    Danny took the map and followed the path to the tower with his finger. “It a strenuous path, but I think we could make it there by nightfall. Then we can just camp-out and come back tomorrow.”

    “Excellent plan.” Kary praised, wrapping up her map and putting in pack with a roll of others. “But first, let me see your team.”

    Hence, Danny introduced her to his Pokemon. “This is Jeff.” Danny told her, patting Jeff, “He was my first Pokemon. I got him when I was five.”

    “This is Emril.” Danny pointed to the Sneasel, who was snoozing, “I caught him up in Toson.”

    “This is Crapper.” Danny said, picking him up, “I caught him around Beachburg.”

    “That’s my Nuzleaf.” He gestured towards the violent gremlin, “He’s really violent, so don’t anger him.”

    “And finally, Sharpedo.” He leaned back on the torpedo, tilting him slightly. “I was given him yesterday by my boat driver. He’s pretty powerful.”

    Kary clapped. “Very nice.” she said patting Nuzleaf, “I see you like Dark–types.”

    “Well, I came from Dark City.” Danny said matter-of-factly, “Now let me see your Pokemon.”

    “Okay then.” Kary waved toward Abby and gray hyena-wolf with two black stripes down its back. “You know Abby, of course, she was my first Pokemon, and then that Mightyena is Ripper. He was a gift from my father for beating the first Gym.”

    “Next, you have these two, Prophet and Isabelle.” She pointed to a large green bird with blank eyes and a white mongoose. “I caught Prophet while I was in Hill Glen, and the Zangoose, I got her on Eston Island.”

    Kary walked over to purple pig with two black orbs on its forehead. “This is Ziggy. I traded a Shuckle to a girl named Jenna for him, but it was worth it. The Shuckle only knew Withdraw anyway.”

    “And then there’s this egg.” Kary held up the sea-blue oval. “I was given this by some guy I saved from the MUHG. He said his one Pokemon just had it, but he didn’t have room for it. I’ve had it for three days.”

    “They look powerful.” Danny commented, “So, we had better be going then.”

    They left at that, unaware that somebody was watching them…


    Danny crested the final summit, finally getting to the other side of the volcano. Kary heaved her way up after him, and Joan followed riding on Jeff with Carbon.

    “We’ve made it to the other side.” Danny wheezed, taking a swig of water from his canteen and offering it to Kary.

    She took it and drank thirstily, handing it off to Joan. “Thanks for that; I was parched.” She removed her map again and checked their location. “It’s all a clear walk from here.” she told them, pointing at her map, “This side of the island is a lot less lush than the west side. Most of the eruptions run down here.”

    Joan nodded. “I see.” she said, pointing to a long stretch of crusty rock, “That must be cooled lava, which is why there no plants or Pokemon around here.”

    Kary nodded, shocked. “That’s pretty perceptive for a five-year-old.”

    “I smarter than your average five-year-old.” Joan said simply.

    They continued their hike in silence, as they often did, each pondering their own thoughts.

    ‘Apple pie would really hit the spot right about now.’ Danny thought.

    ‘I wonder if I should use eggshell or linen napkins?’ pondered Kary.

    Carbon and Joan shared their feelings: ‘How much longer until I can rule these cretins?’

    Their pondering (and in Carbon and Joan’s case, plotting) was cut off however, by screams of fear.

    A tall youth sporting crazy brown hair and a green jacket rushed by them, running from a small herd of angry Camerupt and shrieking loudly.

    Kary immediately rushed into the herd, throwing a Quick Ball in front of her. “Go, Prophet! Psychic!” The Xatu flapped his wings calmly, blasting down the Camerupt with his mental energy.

    “Now Abby, Water Pulse!” The Camerupt were knocked back with a jet of water, allowing Kary to finish her rescue with a flurry of Heavy Balls.

    With the threat eliminated, the boy slumped to the ground, breathing deeply. “Thank you…” he said, quivering, “Those Camerupt came from no where and started charging. If you hadn’t caught them, I’d probably be trampled right now.”

    “Your welcome.” Kary said cheerily, picking up the scattered balls and putting them in her pack. “Camerupt is rare for this area, though. You must be pretty unlucky to have gotten to charge at you.”

    The boy pushed himself up and walked over to them. “I’m Jerald Sycamore.” He extended a hand toward both Kary and Danny. “I’m from the Vargim region. I was just coming by here to see Axe Tower.”

    “What a coincidence.” Danny commented, “That’s why we’re here, too.”

    “Your in luck then.” Jerald told them, beginning to walk, “The tower’s right behind these bushes.”

    Joan happily rushed forward, eager to be the first of to see the tower. As she ran out of the bush, however, her face fell. “How we miss that?”

    Axe Tower was an immensely tall structure, reaching thirty stories into the sky. Constructed entirely of obsidian with a granite exterior frame, the menacing pillar towered over them with a shadow of doom.

    And, as if to complete the scene, a thunderstorm began pouring rain at that moment. The group rushed inside the tower as lightning flashed around it.

    The interior of the tower matched the outside well, the walls glinting menacingly. A chilling breeze blew through gaps in the aging walls, further adding to the creepy atmosphere.

    “I like this place.” Danny stated contently.

    Jerald nervously picked a Poke Ball out of his pocket and released an ugly bonsai with legs. “Just in case.” he stammered, answering Kary’s raised eyebrow, “I heard this place is swarming with Ghost-types.”

    “Ghost-types are pushovers.” Danny scoffed, taking out the DisturbDex, “That plant thing, though, I can’t tell.”

    Bonsly, the Wannabe Plant Pokemon. Bonsly cries constantly, as it would rather be a Grass-type than a Rock-type. Some have gone so far as to plant seeds in their skin, though this usually ends in pain and death.

    Jerald ignored the entry, intrigued by Danny’s PokeDex. “What do you call that device?” he asked, all nervousness forgotten.

    Danny back away slowly. “It’s called a PokeDex.” Danny said, fingering Nuzleaf’s Dusk Ball, “Don’t they have those in Variable?”

    “Vargim.” Jerald corrected, “And no, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.”

    “That’s weird.” Kary pointed out, “Nearly everyone in Larkon has a PokeDex. Maybe Virginia is a hick region.”

    “It’s Vargim, and we’re not a hick region!” Jerald shouted, shaking dust from the ceiling, “And I’ve been to Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn too, and no one in those regions had PokeDexes either.”

    “I don’t get that.” Kary took out her own PokeDex.

    Danny stared at Kary’s PokeDex with confusion, then at his own, that at hers, back to his, a quick glance at hers again so it wouldn’t see him, then his, and then Joan.

    “Hey, your PokeDex is different from mine.” Danny noticed, holding his up to hers.
    While Kary’s was a more traditional Dex that was pale green and seemed to be modeled after some sort of two-screened handheld gaming device, Danny’s was quite different. His was a red and had only one screen that took up almost three-fourths of the device, worked on touch rather than manual buttons, and was around the size of a large wallet. It looked a lot like an iPhone.

    “Oh, cool.” Kary said, taking Danny’s Dex and inspecting it closely. She flipped it over and looked down the back. She stopped near the bottom. A short message was engraved in tiny script. “Come look at this.”

    Jerald and Danny walked over and Danny read the message aloud. “‘Property of Oak Laboratories and All Related Laboratories.’”

    “‘Oak Laboratories?’” Jerald repeated, “I think I heard of that before…yeah! I think my dad mentioned it once. It’s this chain of labs across the regions owned by this Oak guy. He’s some great Pokemon Professor in Kanto. Oak, along with Professors Elm, Birch, and Rowan, discovered nearly everything we know about Pokemon today!”

    “A bunch of trees are the leaders of science?” Danny asked, skeptical, “I highly doubt that.”

    “Well, whoever these plants are, they made your PokeDex, Danny.” Kary said, bringing her own up for inspection, “And they didn’t make mine. Mine’s from some company named Silph Co ‘In Cooperation with Chris’, whatever that means.”

    “Come to think of it, nobody I’ve met has had the same Dex as me.” Danny thought aloud, “Not even other people from Dark City. I guess I never noticed before.”

    The group set up camp at that note, preparing fro the night ahead. Danny thought no more of his Dex until Kary suggested they explore the tower.

    “That is why we came here in the first place.” she reminded him.

    So they set off, leaving Jerald to guard the campsite (For some reason, he didn’t want to poke through the crumbling ruin of a war tower).

    As they climbed higher into the tower, the ruin grew less. It appeared as if the tower was constructed so tall that warships could only hit the lower floors, leaving the upper levels in good conditions.

    Not that there was much to see, though. Mostly, the rooms were empty, all interesting things removed after the war. There wasn’t even a lone Ghost-type to keep them company.

    Nothing of note happened until they reached the top.

    “What a view!” Kary exclaimed, looking out the large windows that surround the top floor, “I bet you can see all they way to Evur Island when it’s clear out!”

    Danny began to hurry to the window, but was stopped by a yell from behind.

    The twosome turned to see Joan pointing excitedly at a black figure, slightly shaped like a weasel, which was jumping agitatedly about the roof. Its eyes shone a bright yellow, matching the hue of a glowing yellow stripe down its back. However, the most unnerving part about it was how it didn’t cast a shadow, or even seem to reflect light at all. The creature simply was a black void, with no mass for light to hit.

    Kary shrieked and pulled out her PokeDex.

    No information is available on this Pokemon.

    “What do you mean ‘no information’?” Kary gasped, “I just got this!”

    “Let’s try mine!” Danny suggested cheerily.


    No information on this subject is available in this unit. Now checking all servers. Please wait…

    Information found:

    Devolt, the Prankster Pokemon. Devolt live usually live in power plants or in tall buildings so the may feed off electricity from generators and electric storms. They love playing jokes on people, using often causing massive frizzy hair outbreaks. Scientist believe they are made mostly of photons, allowing for their ability to travel through electric currents.

    Devolt is a Dark/Electric-type.

    “How’d it do that?” Kary asked in amazement, “Mine had nothing, but yours produced an entire entry? That’s so weird.”

    “I don’t know.” Danny said, “But that thing is part Dark-type, so I MUST CATCH IT!” Danny sprung forward, tackling the Prankster Pokemon on a low jump. “Jeff, Flamethrower!” he shouted, tossing the startled weasel into the air.

    Jeff shot a neat fireball at Devolt, charring its organic parts. Danny threw a Dusk Ball at its back, capturing it with ease.

    “I think I’ll call it Ike.” Danny said, looking at the bristling demon inside his ball. Ike’s eyes glistened menacingly, his back arched and sparking.

    Joan plucked the ball from Danny’s hands and waved cheerily at the threatening weasel. “He looks so cute when he angry!” she cooed endearingly.

    Danny took the ball back and pocketed it. “Let’s get back down stair so he can meet his teammates.”


    “Okay, everyone,” Danny began, addressing his team, “This is Ike. He’s your new team member.” Danny opened the Dusk Ball, releasing the Devolt before them. He jumped eagerly towards the group, sparking excitedly.

    Nuzleaf was the first to approach him, cautiously reaching out to poke him. Ike took this as a threat, shocking Nuzleaf immediately.

    Stepping over the unconscious Nuzleaf, Emril made his greeting, bowing with his arms spread wide. Ike returned the gesture, coupling it with an electrocution.

    Next came Crapper, who took note of the first two’s mistakes and Night Slashed Ike upfront. Ike shocked him as well.

    Sharpedo, fearful for his life, simply nodded and pushed his way back into his Dusk Ball.

    Lastly was Jeff. Jeff decided to try to be friendly to the Devolt despite his recent attacks, and charred him with a close-range Flamethrower.

    “That went well!” Danny grinned, hugging Ike’s charred body, “I was worried you wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the group very well.”

    Jerald laughed nervously, edging away from Danny and his half-fainted team. “Um, it’s pretty late.” he noted, backing into his tent, “I think we should be going to sleep. Night!”

    Kary yawned and headed for her tent. “Yeah, I am kind of tired. See you in the morning, Danny.”

    Danny returned his team, and he, Joan, and Carbon retired to their own tent, all with the intent to sleeping soundly.

    Unknowing to them, Jerald had no mind of sleeping.

    “Yes, Professor, he’s the one.” he whispered into a PokeGear, eyeing Danny’s tent from a small hole in his own, “He has the PokeDex that was missing from the delivery.”

    “Has he realized it yet?” the phone hissed back, “We have no idea of his morals, and if he figured out how to use that thing properly…”

    “He knows it’s not a regular one, he saw the label on the back.” Jerald answered, “But so far he only has used it for information. He’s even added a new entry, one on the Pokemon Devolt.”

    The caller gasped. He hadn’t remembered to check the new entries. “Let me verify that…” he said. The sound of typing replaced his voice, followed by another gasp. “Yes, right here, between Beezlap and Stumpiest. ‘Devolt, the Prankster Pokemon. Devolt live usually live in power plants or in tall buildings so the may feed off electricity, blah, blah, blah.’ So well written, too.”

    “Should I try stealing it from him?” Jerald asked.

    The man was silent fro awhile, thinking. “No, don’t steal it from him.” he decided, “But don’t inform him of its true purpose, either. Get out of there and report back to my lab. I’ll be talking with this boy soon enough.”

    “Yes, sir.”

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    My newest favorite fic. It rules! Doom dex=WIN.

    Cherrim, if i'm correct and your the same Green Cherrim from Crater, didn't you have another fic there? Are you going bring it to Bulba some time? You know, "The life of a champ is so boring" I really hope you don't abandon it, because it was really cool.

    Edit: What, your ignoring me? You know, getting feed back
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    Chapter 23: PokeDexpression

    Danny ran wildly, waving his arms in joy. “I’m going to beat you there!” he yelled over his shoulder to Kary.

    Kary swore, running as fast as she could while holding her egg. “Abby, Flash!” she shouted to her white Barghest, who was far ahead of both humans.

    Abby swung around and glared at Danny, a violent white light shining from her eyes.

    “AHHHH! IT BURNS US!” Danny screamed and tripped over a small child, landing a foot away from the pier.

    Kary jumped over him and landed neatly on the dock, smiling devilishly. “I won! I was the first to the pier!” she bragged, pulling Danny up.

    They had woken up very late that morning because little light shone in the tower during the day. Despite the fact that they had planned to get back to town by noon, but they had wasted a lot of time sleeping and looking for Jerald, who had disappeared by the time they woke up, that they had to run all the way across the island.

    At the summit of the volcano, Danny had challenged Kary to race to the pier, as Mercury had called to say he was there already. Thus, a race of epic proportions began, during which both parties used many cheating tactics to get ahead.

    Danny, still grumbling over his loss, led Kary into Mercury’s boat.

    Mercury came out and introduced himself to her. “Hello! I’m Mercury, Danny’s personal ferry operator.” he announced, shaking her hand.

    Kary nodded and sat down on the benches that lined the boat. “Is that because you’re his friend or because you get no other business?”

    “The latter.” Mercury said sadly, turning back into his office.

    The boat started with a jerk as always, and they were soon off into the sea. This was very boring. Therefore, once again, Kary tried to have a “conversation”.

    “Here,” Kary began, pouring a pile of Heavy Balls from her bag, “Help me sort my Camerupt into male and female.”

    “How do I tell the difference?” Danny asked, picking up two balls and staring blankly at the contents.

    Kary rolled her eyes impatiently. “Females have higher humps, duh.” she told him.

    “So, their humps are bigger? Hee, hee...” Danny giggled, suppressing a laugh. Continuing to laugh at his naughty joke, he started sorting the males from the females.

    Kary talked to Danny as they worked, asking where he was from. “I hail from Dark City.” Danny told her, proudly sticking his chest out, “Largest city in Larkon, you know.”

    “Yes, that’s great.” Kary said sarcastically, rolling her eyes, “I’m from Dockwood. It took forever to hike all the way down here. But that’s beside the point. Are you planning to enter the Larkon Tourney or challenge the Elite Four?’

    “I was thinking of doing both.” Danny said, “I figure if I win the Larkon Tourney I’ll challenge the Elite Four.”

    “Why even challenge them?” Kary asked, pushing a pile of females aside, “I heard the new champion is impossible to beat.”

    “I know.” Danny said testily, pushing a few more balls into the female pile, “I saw her win on TV. But, you never know. I could possibly beat her, if I’m lucky, if I play my cards right, and if the planets are aligned. Why, what were you planning to do after the Tourney?”

    “I’m going to Vargim, the region out west of here.” Kary said excitedly, “It’s full of rare, undiscovered Pokemon, plus, it’s way bigger than Larkon.” She paused, grinning devilishly, and added, “They even have a city bigger than Dark City.”

    Danny dropped the balls he was holding. “I highly doubt that.” he said through clenched teeth, then brightened, “Oh, and I’ve finished counting the males. You have nine.”

    “And seven females…” Kary said slowly, “Wait, I had twenty Heavy Balls, and I only have three left. So why are there only sixteen Camerupt?” She gasped, clutching a ball angrily. “That Jerald guy must have stolen one of my Camerupt!” she shouted, ripping open her bag and rifling through the contents.

    “Now, wait,” Danny began, “You could have easily misplaced it.”

    Kary held up a small scrap of paper. “Read this.” she growled.

    Danny took the paper from her, eyeing it cautiously. “‘Dear Kary, I sure hope you don’t mind that I took one of your male Camerupt. Thanks for saving me. Jerald Sycamore.’ Okay, so he did steal you Camerupt.”

    “I can’t believe that little cheat!” Kary hollered furiously, “I saved him death and he STEALS one of my Pokemon!”

    “This could be a good thing.” Danny told her, “You have sixteen Camerupt, so there’s no way you could care for them all. That one less is a blessing.”

    Kary turned on him furiously, but slumped over. “I guess.” she said reluctantly, “I was just planning to keep it in the Box anyway. At least one will get fresh air.”

    “Exactly.” Danny said smugly, “That one is the lucky one.”

    Suddenly, Danny’s back pocket began quivering and beeping. Danny removed what he kept there, his PokeDex.

    Receiving transmission from OAK. Please wait…

    “What’s an Oak?” Danny asked.

    “He’s that professor guy. Jerald told us about him yesterday, remember?” Kary reminded him.

    Transmission received:

    The screen faded to a laboratory, most of it blocked by a man’s face. He was very old looking, his hair a light gray and his face wrinkly.

    “Hello? Can you hear me?” he asked, tapping the screen.

    Danny, confused, nodded. “Yeah, I can hear you.” he said, “What are you doing in my PokeDex?”

    “You can hear me?!” the man exclaimed, “Yes! I knew it would work! I knew it! All Thanks to Professor-”

    “Who are you?” Danny demanded.

    The old man sighed. “This will be hard to explain…” he began, “I am Professor Oak, of Kanto. You see, I designed and built the first PokeDexes many years ago, gosh, it must have seven or so years ago.

    Three trainers, Red, a Trainer who I met by chance, Green, my grandson, and Blue, another chance meeting, tested them, and they proved successful. A girl named Yellow, who tested my new evolution cancellation system, joined them later.

    Three years later, three more Trainers tested my new PokeDex. They were Gold, a chance meeting, Silver, he stole one, and Crystal, the first Trainer to complete a PokeDex, at least the one at the time. Hers is the base of all the PokeDexes in Larkon.

    Another two years passed. I once again updated the PokeDex to include some newly discovered Pokemon. Two Trainers tested this, Ruby and Sapphire, and later, a third joined them, Emerald. Once again, they were proven to work fine.

    My associate, Professor Rowan of Shinnoh, helped update the PokeDex again, this time to include information on the Pokemon of Shinnoh. Three Trainers took these and are currently testing them. Diamond, Pearl, and…hmm…a Ms. Berlitz, yes, that’s it, are their names.

    But, my work was not complete. My associate in Vargim informed me of several dozen new Pokemon, ones missed in the other Dexes. I immediately got to work on a new PokeDex, a fifth model. As usual, I made three and shipped them to my associate, through Larkon, because it was cheaper.

    However, my associate called me in a panic, saying that only two PokeDexes had shown up. He had given them to his students, Cobalt and Bronze, but a third student, Iron, had shown up, expecting her PokeDex. I made her one, of course, but I needed to know what happened to the third!

    I had my associate’s son, as well as other associates and some of the PokeDex holders, go in search of it, knowing it was somewhere in the south regions of Larkon, Vargim, and Kingsto. For many weeks, they yielded no results. But then, I got a call from one, and you know the rest.

    And, that basically, is how I found you and what the PokeDex is.”

    “What you say?” Danny asked, very confused.

    Oak sighed. “I’ll try and simplify this for you.” he said desperately, “That PokeDex is mine. It is capable of adding new entries to the Dex system. You will have to find and add those entries for the under-documented Pokemon of Vargim.”

    “And why should I do this?” Danny demanded, “Just because you made a mistake?”

    “YES!” shouted Oak, “I need those entries! And since you have one of my Dexes, I want you to get them for me! Four PokeDexes are better then three, as they say.”

    “I’m hanging up now.” Danny told him, his thumb hovering over the ‘Disconnect’ button.

    “Wait! I need-” Oak was cut off by the hang-up.

    “That was weird.” Kary commented, taking the silent Dex from Danny and looking it over, “That man was really odd.”

    “I know.” Danny said, taking back his PokeDex and pocketing it, “I sure hope he doesn’t call again.”

    “I wonder what he wanted…” Kary pondered, pushing Camerupt into her bag.

    “Well, he said he wanted me to find new Pokemon.” Danny said, helping her, “But what’s that supposed to mean? I thought we already discovered all the Pokemon.”

    Kary scoffed. “Weren’t you listening to me?” she asked.

    “No, why would I do that?”

    “When you asked me what I was going to do after the tourney, I said I’d go to Vargim because they have rare, undiscovered Pokemon.” Kary said, “And that Oakenshield guy said that he sent PokeDexes to Vargim. So he must mean Vargim Pokemon!”

    “Oh! Well that makes sense.” Danny decided, “I guess Ike is a Vargim Pokemon. Wonder how he got here.”

    “Maybe he rode on a boat or something.” Kary suggested, “Or, maybe he’s been here since the war! Devolt could possibly be really long-lived.”

    “Or maybe he came in a thundercloud. He is made of photons after all.” Danny said matter-of-factly, “So Oakley wants me to record Vargim Pokemon, but why? He must be criminally insane.”

    Kary shook her head. “No, no.” she said, “He must want to update the PokeDex so they can make more money off it. These things already cost, like, seventy dollars. Think how much money they could make off of selling upgrades.”

    “He wanted me to work for him for free so he can get rich?!” Danny growled, “Good thing I hung up!”

    “I wonder who those kids were, the ones he was talking about.” Kary pondered after finishing with the Camerupt, “I think I’ve heard of Red and Green before, but the others are a mystery to me.”

    “Where have you heard about Red and Green?” Danny asked, “They were new to me.”

    “Red was the champion of the Kanto League once.” Kary remembered, thinking back to when she was younger, “I saw it on TV, my dad’s a battle enthusiast. And Green is a Gym Leader in Kanto.”

    “That still leaves Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Berlitz, Cobalt, Bronze, and Iron.” Danny pointed out, “And I don’t recognize any of their names.”

    “Maybe we can find out more about them on Evur Island.” Kary suggested, “They supposedly have a library with records of every Trainer since 1932. And people named after colors, metals, ad gemstones shouldn’t be hard to find.”

    “Then as soon as we get their, we go to the library.” Danny decided, glaring over the sea, “Let’s see what Oakley was really talking about.”

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    Chapter 24: Weaseling Ruby

    The trip to Evur Island took the rest of the day and half the night. They stopped for a while to sleep, resuming the path in the morning and making it to the only city, Pinoak, by noon.

    Kary immediately lead them to a Pokemon Center, wanting to store her new Camerupt.

    “Excuse me, nurse?” she inquired at the front desk to a pink-haired woman in a doctor’s coat, “I’d like to store these sixteen Camerupt.”

    “It’s doctor, not nurse!” the woman snapped angrily, “I didn’t go through four years of medical school to become a ‘nurse’!”

    Kary was taken aback by this outburst, but quickly recovered. “Great for you!” she growled, “What’s your name, Doctor Angry?!”

    The doctor frowned. “No, it’s Doctor Joy.” she said sadly, “I couldn’t stand being like all my sisters and cousins, so I went back to medical school, got my degree, and moved here. I am sorry I was so angry, I just hate being called nurse.”

    “Well, you should get a name tag or something.” Kary grunted, crossing her arms, “Now, will you box my Pokemon or not?”

    “Yes.” Doctor Joy picked up the pile of Heavy Balls and pushed them into a glass jar-thing with a large pipe leading into the computer spouting from the top, “Trainer ID and name, please?”

    “ID Number 20120, Kary Drake.” Kary recited.

    Doctor Joy typed the information into the computer and pressed a large red button. The Heavy Balls transformed into light and flew up the tube, appearing one by one on the screen next to a lonely Dunsparce.

    “Thanks you!” Kary said gratefully, immediately turning and leaving.

    As soon as the group left the door, another Trainer came out from behind the phone booths, sporting an oddly shaped white hat with a green headband and a black and red T-shirt, black shorts, and high black socks. He walked up to the doctor, glancing around suspiciously.

    “Hello, ma’am.” he said coolly, “Could you please tell me who that trainer was? I’m looking for a…friend of mine.”

    “Oh, certainly!” Doctor Joy replied happily, “That was Kary Drake! And if I remember what Vick described to me, I think her companion was Danny Teach”

    “Thank you, Doctor.” the boy said, grinning mischievously, “Thank you very much…”


    “This is it!” Kary announced, pointing behind her. An enormous building stood before them, slightly hidden by a wild forest. The library was a beautiful yet creepy castle, a short tower protruding over each corner. The door was made of a dark wood, decorated with carvings of Legendary Pokemon.

    “It’s very nice.” Danny commented as the entered. The interior was just as spacious as the outside, darkly lit, and filled with towering bookshelves and reading couches. An extremely old woman sat at a round desk, leaning over a computer.

    Kary approached her. “Hello, ma’am.” she began, “My friend and I would like to find some information about some Trainers.”

    The woman raised her head, wheezing. “Well, you came to the right place.” she told them, “Which Trainers are you looking for?”

    Danny stepped up to counter. “Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Berlitz, Cobalt, Bronze, and Iron.” he listed quickly.

    The old woman typed the list into the computer, frowning slightly. “It has been awhile since I last heard those names.” she murmured, “But I do believe that we…ah, here we are! They’re quite scattered, but here’s the locations.”

    She handed a printout out to Kary. “They’re on completely separate sides of the library!” she gasped, “It will take forever to find them!”

    “Sorry, but that’s just how it’s organized.” the librarian apologized, “Good luck!”

    Danny took the list and ripped the top half off. “I’ll take Red through Ruby, and you can find Sapphire through Iron.” Danny said, handing the other half to Kary, “We’ll meet by that couch when we’re done.”

    Grumbling Kary took her half of the list. “We should have done this on the internet.”


    Hours later, the two returned to Joan and the Pokemon, both carrying a tall stack of books.

    “I had trouble finding that Berlitz girl.” Kary told Danny, dumping her books onto a coffee table, “Berlitz is her last name, so I had to look through five books to find an age and year that looked right.”

    “So what’s her first name?” Danny asked, picking up a book labeled Kanto RE-RU.

    “It doesn’t say.” Kary said, opening Hoenn SA-SE, “At least, it was too smudged to read.”

    “That’s too bad.” Danny consoled, “But I found Red. He has quite a long article.” He cleared his throat and began to read aloud.

    “‘Red’ no last name, weird.
    ‘Age: 16

    Red was born on August 8th, 19…’ smudgy, ‘to…’ smudgy again, ‘…of Pallet Town. His first Pokemon was Poliwag. At age 11, he was given a PokeDex by Professor Oak of Pallet Town, and embarked on a journey…blah blah blah…defeated Team Rocket…blah blah blah…defeated Elite Four…blah blah blah…defeated Mask of Ice…blah blah blah…petrified while in the Sevii Islands…’ And that’s about all the useful information Oh, wait, here’s his Pokemon: ‘Pikachu, Venasaur, Poliwrath, Snorlax, Gyarados, and Aerodactyl.’”

    “That’s boring.” Kary held up her own book. “Let’s see what they say for Sapphire.

    ‘Sapphire Birch
    Age: 11

    Sapphire Birch was born on September 20th, 19…’ smudges, ‘…to Professor Birch and…’ these books are so smudgy! ‘…of Littleroot Town. At age 10, she was given a PokeDex by her father, and embarked…blah blah blah…met Ruby (see page 1254, Johto RE-RU) and made a wager…blah blah blah…defeated Team Magma and Team Aqua…blah blah blah…went to Battle Frontier…’”

    “That’s enough.” Danny said, “Now, about her Pokemon?”

    “I was getting to it.” Kary snapped, “‘Blaziken, Aggron, Donphan, Tropius, and Minun.’”

    “All right, that’s two down.” Danny picked up another book, Kanto BLI-BLU. “Let’s get started on the rest of them.”

    Immersing themselves in the volumes, the two Trainers, along with the help of Carbon and Joan, hacked away at the records. Not until the sky began to darken did Kary triumphantly say: “And that’s Iron! We’re done!”

    Scattered around them were notes on the PokeDex holders, including their rosters and physical descriptions. Danny had guessed that Professor Oak would probably send his Trainers after them to get the PokeDex, considering Danny hadn’t exactly been nice (but Oak was ruder!).

    Comfortable that they were prepared, Danny gathered their notes, stuffed them in his backpack, and made for the door, dropping off the books at the now-empty front desk.

    But, somebody was blocking the door.

    The Trainer from the center was leaning against the doorframe, grinning slightly. His ars were crossed, a PokeBall in each hand.

    “Hello, Daniel.” he began coolly, “I am-”

    “Who are you?!” Danny interrupted.

    The Trainer frowned, then began again. “I am-”

    “Who are you?!” Danny interrupted again.

    “I am-” the Trainer shouted, this time ignoring Danny. “Ruby! I have come by order of Professor Oak to retrieve his PokeDex. Hand it over now and I will not be forced to-”

    “WHO ARE YOU?!” Danny screamed.

    Ruby wouldn’t take this. “That’s it!” he shouted, his composure lost, “I despise battling, but I despise you even more! You’re getting a battle!” He opened his Pokeballs, releasing a Swampert and Delcatty.

    “Oh, okay then.” Danny said cheerily. He happily released Jeff and Emril.

    “Zuzu, Hammer Arm!” Ruby ordered. The mud-monster swung his burly arms, knocking Emril into a bookcase and toppling it.

    Emril struggled up again, badly injured by the one attack. Danny ran to him, picking him up with a frown.

    “My Pokemon are far stronger than yours.” Ruby scoffed, his conceited grin back in place, “Surrender the PokeDex now and they won’t get hurt.”

    “Danny looked up, oddly grinning. “Oh, I know there stronger.” Danny said, placing Emril on his feet, “That’s why I tricked you.”

    Ruby looked confused. “Tricked…?”

    “Now, Nuzleaf! Jeff!” Danny shouted. Nuzleaf jumped forward, throwing Razor Leafs at Swampert’s back while Jeff torched Delcatty. Emril finished them with a quick Shadow Ball with help from Crapper’s Night Slash, who had also joined the fray.

    Ruby looked around helplessly at his too best Pokemon, still very confused. “But, how? The Nuzleaf, and the Stunky…how?!”

    Danny beamed, returning Nuzleaf and Crapper. “I know Swampert. I battled one before.” he related, “That’s why I sent out my Sneasel, knowing you’d use Hammer Arm. While Emril was being knocked back, I rolled Nuzleaf’s PokeBall under you and your Swampert, knowing you’d be distracted. Jeff snuck back there also to release Nuzleaf, and the rest is this.” He gestured to the defeated Pokemon.

    “No!” Ruby shouted, taking out another PokeBall, “I want to have one more battle with you! And no cheating! Nana!” He threw in his new Pokemon, a Mightyena.

    “Okay with me!” Danny chirped, returning Jeff, “I choose Emril.”

    “Fool!” Ruby snarled, “Your Sneasel is weak from your plan before! How can you think you will win?”

    “With this!” Danny yelled triumphantly. He thrust his arm into the air, holding up a shiny metal crescent. He tossed it over for Emril to hold. “I’ve been saving that for awhile. It’s my special weapon, a Razor Claw.”

    Ruby scoffed. “You can produce more critical hits.” he said haughtily, “So what? Nana, Crunch!” Mightyena rushed into Sneasel, chomping down with a mighty bite.

    “Emril, Poison Jab!” Danny commanded cheerfully. Emril scratched violently at Mightyena’s face with a glowing purple claw, leaving toxic gashes. The hyena yelped in pain, releasing Emril from her jaw.

    Unfortunately, she quickly recovered. “Nana won’t go down with one attack.” Ruby told him, “I’ll give you one more chance to back down, give me the PokeDex, and be pursued no further.”

    “Like I’d give up now!” Danny laughed, “Emril, Ice Beam!” The weasel opened his mouth, spraying a wavering beam of frigid air at Mightyena, freezing one of her front legs.

    “Nana, run around it!” Ruby yelled. His Mightyena, though slowed by her leg, dashed in a circle around Emril.

    “A runner, eh?” Danny asked, “Emril, Shadow Ball!” A dark purple ball exploded from Emril’s hand, knocking down Mightyena.

    “A Dark-type attack?” Ruby laughed, scanning Emril with the PokeDex, “All that did was stop Nana from running and further weaken your Sneasel!”

    It was true. Emril was breathing heavily and bleeding from his bite wounds. Another attack would topple him.

    “Exactly!” Danny shouted, “Emril is weakened to the point of death! And thus activates my secret weapon!” At that comment, Emril began to glow, absorbing the Razor Claw into his hand. A third claw formed, splitting from his first two and finally giving a useful hand. His height went up, as well as his head, expanding from a single feather to an entire head crest. His tail lost a feather, but he gained collar. The glowing stopped and before them stood a…

    Weavile, the Slicing Claw Pokemon. Weavile travel in groups of six. They hunt by surrounding a prey and then offering it gifts and money, distracting it while the killer, chosen before hand by a name drawing, slits its throat. They then proceed to divide it evenly and broil it over a low flame. If the prey had fur, then they may knit sweaters out of it.
    Females have smaller ear-feather thingies.

    “That one was nice.” Danny commented, pocketing his PokeDex. Emril nodded in agreement, grinning a sharp-toothed smile. “Now, Poison Jab!”

    Emril rushed into Mightyena, slashing her face with his toxic claws. Overwhelmed by the more powerful Weavile, the hyena fell, wheezing and bleeding from her face.

    Ruby returned her with a look of disbelief. “How did that happen?” he asked, “How did your Weavile win?”

    “Elementary, my dear stupid.” Danny scoffed, “I simply sprayed Emril with a Super Potion when he was evolving!”

    “I said no cheating!” Ruby shouted.

    “It’s not cheating.” Danny corrected him, “I was just using an item.”

    Ruby was about to retaliate, but decided against it and turned to the door. “You are surely an amazing battler.” he told him, “Especially to have defeated me. However, there are many other Trainers who are far better than I am looking for you, and you may not defeat them with the ease of which you defeated me.” He opened the door, a strong breeze blowing in. “I hope to one day meet you again, Daniel. Until then, farewell.” He walked out the door and disappeared into the night.

    “I didn’t like him.” Kary blurted, “I was holding it in this whole time, but really, he was such a douche.”

    “You bet.”

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    EDIT: I little too angry, wasn't I?:P
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    But Cherrim, I did reply. You just didn't see it.
    Ya know, that picture of Danny on your trainer
    card looks kinda odd. I pictured Danny as looking goth. You know, black hair, black clothes? I guess it's because I tend to picture the people in the story in my head real clearly. And if
    you tell me that the person in your story is a boy who
    likes dark pokemon, has a somewhat-cold personalty,
    and listens to funk, I think "Goth", not nerdy-looking
    dorky geek with glasses. But anyway, I really like your
    fic and i'd wish you'd bring the one you where writng
    at Crater when it closed here. But, one more thing,
    you know I like a fic when I start doing things like this:

    *My sister walks into the room wereing sun glasses*

    Sister: Do I look like a hippy?




    Me: *explains what "hippy" entails.*
    *Sister runs off to perfect it*

    Me: Oh, yah, and well your at it, dye your hair green
    and cach a gaint female praying mantis.

    Mom: WTF?
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    Amazing fanfiction work! But I noticed a few typos, the most notably of which calls a Dusk Stone a Duck Stone. Also, I love the Nurse thing.

    Banner by anime_aficionada.

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