What shall I do with the crush I obtain?
Tell the man I desire, or wait and be lame.

I see him on the horizon with his dark brown eyes.
I creep around looking like one of those spies.

My heart beats soundly at the sight of a god.
A man I have missed, while in my daily pod.

He works in the mall so quickly is he.
Making sandwiches and selling herbal ice tea.

His smile so perfect it makes me proudly melt.
If only I had ESP so he knew how I felt.

A chance with a person so common like me.
But alas my heartbreaks when he is seen with she.

Even though I think he plays for both teams.
I hope it is not everything that it remotely seems.

My grasp for reality closely slips away.
When I dream of him and me in a romantic display.

I want to touch his lips with mine and enjoy a laugh.
But I am still mad at the sight of his better half.

One day he will be free and I can go in for the kill,
But right now, I think it's best that I just chill.

I may never get to feel his warm embrace,
But when he ditches the blonde, on goes the chase!

I may seem a little crazy, but it's crazy in love
with a man I can't have, but will never be sick of.

Love can be a dream untold with twists and turns
Until the truth becomes known and starts to burn

The man I desire is of the bisexual persuation
Him plus me would make a perfect equation

Time will tell whether we become eternal lovers
If my heart explodes, I hope it recovers

A crush can be lethal, or it can be grand
A crush may be nothing more than a one night stand

In conclusion, I think he is the man for me.
Will I be with him? Just wait and see!