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    Post D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    Here's my new fanfic, this fic is based off of this anime I've been watching it's called DNANGEL, the anime's about a kid named Daisuke who discovers that an acient Phantom Thief Dark, Dark has been living with his family and he's also Daisuke's other side. The anime is mostly about Dark and Daisuke stealing paintings and artistic artifacts that have great powers and Dark have to seal them.

    Well since the anime only had 26 episodes this is my fandom to continue it my way so enjoy.

    Birth of the Crimson Angel

    Theme song: Far Away

    Stage 1:

    Breaking the seal

    The wind work was spinning on its own pace; it was looking down at the great town that was resting close to the shore. The overcrowded town that had houses and stores all around, you could turn at any angle and you’ll see either a house a statue or a store, you name it they have it.

    The stars were tickling down on the town even though it was crowded with houses and people the stars couldn’t have been any clearer and shinier. Mist started to surround the town people were starting to leave back to their houses; it was time to go to sleep and to let the night dominate the skies.

    The church’s bells were ringing letting out a loud sound that could’ve left anyone deft if they were too close. Inside the building something huge was moving, something metallic and demonic. A huge wall was laying there it was covered with a huge white mantle and it is all chained up; as if to keep something inside.

    You could hear the horrible noises coming out from the wall, noises that would even scare the dead. The room started getting darker as a small beam of light started to come out from the wall.

    “I’m coming out and you can’t stop me” a huge voice yelled from inside the wall it was getting louder and closer till a crack opened.

    Inside it was all emptiness except for the beams of black and white light that were exploding every second. Suddenly a man got thrown a few meters back into the nothingness.

    The man got up his blonde hair waggling around the room; he raised his face revealing the pale white evil looking face that was letting out a chuckle. His white Angel clothe was shining with a blinding light as his white wings started sending millions of white feathers out.

    The other man that was a few meters back was preparing to receive the attack. His long purple hair matching with the background of the room. His black camouflage outfit really showed his mysterious personality, his black wings sending feathers just like the white ones. Both feathers met each other in the middle of it all and started sending explosion all around.

    “Come on Krad, we’ve been fighting for more than six months, don’t you ever get tire!” the man in the black suit yelled as he got closer to the other man who was obviously named Krad.

    “Sorry Dark, but you know how I am, I have to win at all costs” Krad let out a high pitched laugh and he hit Dark with his right fist, the punch connected and sent Dark flying back. “Now, let me out!” Krad yelled as he started punching Dark on the face and body.

    Dark caught one of Krad’s punches and gave him a kick on the ribs. “Nice one Dark, but not nice enough” Krad grabbed one of the feathers that were in his wings and threw it at Dark the feather exploded as soon as it made contact.

    Then the worst happened; Krad discovered the hole that had opened a few minutes ago. “Guess that’s my leave ah Dark, hope you enjoy your lifetime of loneliness” Krad let out another evil laugh as he flew right to the entrance.

    “I won’t let you…I have to tell him” Dark mumbled as he grabbed one of his black feathers and threw it right out of the hole. “I leave it all to you now Daisuke” Dark said as he closed his eyes and let himself fall.

    The alarm clock started to ring a hand came out from the blankets, trying to find the snooze button. Once the alarm got turn off the kid got up and started to scratch his drowsy eyes. He got down from the bed he had a set of stairs that took him down, his bed was in the upper part while he had a desk in the lower part.

    As he got down he looked around the blue room, the bed the walls and everything except for the sofa on the corner was blue.

    “With where are you” the kid said as he started to pass his hands over his red spiky hair. He walked over to the wall, there was a basket nearby a small rabbit was sleeping in it. The rabbit got up as its big floppy ears opened revealing its big red eyes.

    “Kyyyuu” Wiht jumped over to the kid and it smiled widely. The kid petted him and then put him down on the floor.

    “I hope it isn’t too late” the kid looked at the clock his white face smiling softly at the sun rays that were coming through the window. “Well better go change” he said as he ran into the closet. When he came out he was wearing a white shirt and brown pants with brown moccasins shoes, the shirt had red lines on the neck and the white color reflected the sunlight.

    “Daisuke, breakfast is ready!” the yell of a woman came from the kitchen, her sweet voice echoed all around the room. Daisuke nodded as he started climbing down the stares.

    “Morning mom” Daisuke said once he got down, his mom was sitting on the kitchen table, her short sparkling brown hair moving around her face, she was wearing a purple turtle neck and a clear yellow skirt that could be pass for white. Her soft white face really showed her beauty.

    “Morning Dai, Towa is just about to finish breakfast” she said as she glanced back at the kitchen. Another girl had just come out from the kitchen. She was wearing a purple shirt that had a hole in around the cleavage area, she had a purple skirt and was wearing a white hat, and she had a shiny silver hair that really combined with her face and black eyes.

    “Here you go Daisuke” Towa put the toast and eggs down as she let out a small giggle and turned back.

    “Sorry Towa but I’m late already” Daisuke glanced at the clock and got up instantly he grabbed the toast and put it on his mouth, then he ran out of the house.

    Daisuke started running around the town he kept passing by the stores and he had to make turns every second considering that you could get lost in a town that big, people seemed to know him well considering that a lot of the store owners said hi to him. “Oh man, I’m going to lose it” Daisuke looked sideways, the train station was closing in and the last train that went to his school was about to get there.

    Daisuke’s train had just gotten to the station, the only way to get there now is by jumping the fence between the field and the train station. “Here I go” Daisuke dropped the toast and ran at the fence, he jumped and used his hand on the fence to add more momentum to the jump.

    Daisuke finally landed on the other side; he got a few gasps from the people that were coming in and out from the train. “Did I miss it?” he asked the man that was receiving the people from the train.

    “No Daisuke, and may I say you’re a great jumper” the man looked back at the fence; his mouth was still wide open.

    “Thanks, well bye” Daisuke ran into the green train, the purple roof looked a little old but it could resist anything.

    “Well time to go” Daisuke sat down on one of the seats as the train started to drive off.

    After a few minutes the train stopped in another station, when the door opened more people came in. A girl came in, she had a long brown hair, she was wearing a red uniform shirt with a white undershirt, she was wearing a crimson skirt with a white line on the legs; she also had knee high socks and pink shoes.

    “Niwa” the girl said as she got in, she walked up to Daisuke and smiled as she sat down. “How are you?” she asked.

    “Hey Ms. Harada, I’m good a little happy the new term is starting” he said a she looked up at the roof. The train started to tremble which almost made Daisuke’s backpack fall off the seat.

    “Yeah I was starting to get bore, well I don’t know how I can’t things haven’t been the same since Dark disappeared” she said as she looked out of the window.

    “I know, guess everything’s back to normal but we would’ve been destroyed if he didn’t sacrificed himself” Daisuke said; the trains stopped and everyone started to storm out of the train.

    “Let’s go” she grabbed his hands as they started to run out of the train and into the train station.

    “Hey Risa, Daisuke” Daisuke turned around and gave out a wide smiled. Another girl was on her bicycle she started riding to them. She looked just like Risa, except that her hair was short and it was separated from her face, her skirt was a little shorter than her sister though.

    “Riku, I told you, you don’t have to pick me up” Risa frowned as she started walking up the stairs that took to the streets.

    “Yeah, like I’m gonna let my twin sister alone with my boyfriend” Riku frowned as she rode right next to Daisuke.

    “We were just talking Riku” Daisuke laughed nervously as Riku grabbed his arm.

    “I know, I’m just joking’ Riku laughed as she let go and went back with her sister. “So, the new term has finally started a new chance to start again, what has it been six months since the Black Wings caused trouble?” Riku asked; Daisuke didn’t answer, they were getting into the school. It looked like a small castle when you think about it, it wasn’t too fancy but the building was big with two towers looking down, there were trees all around this made it look a lot better.

    “Hey Daisuke, look what I got!” Daisuke turned at the direction of the voice. A kid with a spiky dark green hair came running up to him. The kid had the same uniform as Daisuke, his face had a few dirt lines on them and his voice really showed how annoying he could be for someone that didn’t knew him.

    “Oh hey Takeshi” Daisuke gave Takeshi a small wave but his face looked annoyed and a little uninterested. “What do you have?” he asked looking down at the newspaper Takeshi was holding around his right arm.

    “Just the coolest thing in six months” Takeshi took the newspaper and put it on Daisuke’s face. “Yesterday a lot of people heard weird noises coming out from the church, not just that but a few minutes after that someone came flying out and a single black feather rained down a few seconds after the person flew out” Takeshi said quiet hysterically; he was practically jumping around and smiling like crazy at this discovery.

    “Wait, are you saying Dark’s back, that can’t be possible” Risa finally interrupted the conversation and looked at Takeshi sternly.

    “Why not?” Takeshi narrowed his eyes at Risa as he started to get closer to her face; Risa almost jumped out of fear.

    Risa laughed nervously and backed off back to her sister. “Cause, he just can’t, I mean we all saw him die and there’s no way he can comeback” Riku said as she put her hands on her hips and nodded her head.

    “Yeah she’s right Takeshi, maybe it was a just a bird” Daisuke laughed nervously and then he started to walk into the building.

    “What’s with him?” Takeshi shrugged and started to follow Daisuke.

    Daisuke got to his classroom the kids were talking to each other all of them waiting for the bell to ring. “Why did you leave so fast?” Daisuke turned around; Riku and Risa were walking up to him. “I know that you must’ve gotten nervous but you didn’t had to run off” she said.

    “I know, but that’s just it, if Dark isn’t back then it must be Krad” Daisuke started looking around the classroom he finally found the person he was looking for.

    A kid was sitting at the corner of the classroom. The kid had the same uniform Takeshi and Daisuke had, he was wearing glasses and had a short blue hair; a lot of girls were all circled around and they were all asking her out, but he turned them all down without even turning away from the book he was reading.

    “Hey there’s Satoshi” Takashi said as he got into the classroom. “The guy is still heartless with girls isn’t he” he sighed as he squeezed his was passed the crowd.

    Daisuke walked up to Satoshi and stared at him. “Hey Hiwatari, I wanted to ask you something” he dropped his voice down a little.

    “Hey Daisuke what do you want?” Satoshi asked, he put the book down and looked back at Daisuke; it actually seemed like he was interested on what he was about to say.

    “Have you been feeling okay lately?” Daisuke asked; he was about to say something else but Satoshi cut him off and got up.

    “If it’s about the papers, then yeah I’m okay maybe it was just something weird, we should still check it out though” he said, he started adjusting his glasses. “You should sit down, the bell is going to ring” he sat back down on his desk and looked at the board.

    When the bell rang they all went to their seats and got ready for class. *I wonder, if it wasn’t Dark or Krad then who was it* Daisuke thought, he turned sideways so he could look at the window.

    That afternoon Daisuke With and Riku were looking down at the town from the wind work; Wiht was resting on Daisuke’s head. “So who do you think was?” Riku asked; she turned to look at Daisuke.

    “I don’t know, but I should just stop worrying about it for now” Daisuke said as he smiled at Riku.

    “You’re so weird at times, I mean you act serious then you act calm” Riku let out a small laugh as she got up. “Well I better go back home, see you tomorrow Daisuke” she waved at him and ran off.

    Daisuke sighed as he took Wiht down from his head. “Well let’s just go back home” he said and then got up from his seat.

    Daisuke was walking around the city and finally noticed that he got lost; so he just kept going the way his mind chose although the empty hallways were just making his confidence reduce. “I can’t believe I’m lost, I mean I know this city is big, but I’ve live here all my live how can I be lost” Daisuke sighed again and then sat down on a bench that was nearby.

    He turned around and remembered where he was. The church was right in front of him and he could remember all that had happened six months ago from the battle Dark and Krad had to the sealing of the Black Wings.

    “Guess destiny wanted me to come here after all” Daisuke felt something resonating inside his body; he just had to follow his instinct and went inside.

    Daisuke kept going up the wooden stairs, they look like they were old enough so Daisuke had to run fast if he wanted to stop himself from falling off. “We’re close” Daisuke looked up the attic was just above and so was the place the Black Wings had been sealed.

    Daisuke got up to the attic, there wasn’t any sign of life in there, everything was dark there weren’t any windows or anything that would let light in. Daisuke followed the resonance from his chest, he knew he was getting closer, he knew he was close to solving the mystery.

    And there it was, the huge portrait that reached the roof, it was still cover up with the blanket they put a long time ago so that it would be seal, the chains were still struggling to break out from the power.

    Daisuke walked closer to the portrait. “Dark are you there?” he asked as he put his hand on the pitch black portrait.

    “How sweet of you to worry” Daisuke turned around instantly but when he turned something was fired at him and made him fly across the room. “Daisuke Niwa, it’s good to see you again” Krad flew out from the wooden roof and landed on the spot were Daisuke was.

    “Krad…you escaped” Daisuke grunted, he was trying to lift his head from the ground. “Where’s Dark” he said in a weak tone of voice. Krad gave out a mischievous smile and pointed, at first Daisuke didn’t know where he was pointing but then he noticed he was pointing at the portrait.

    “The idiot tried to stop me, but I’m stronger than him after all, and now I’ll finish you off” Krad took one step forward and stepped on Daisuke’s face. “Once I get rid of you, even if Dark escapes he won’t have a place to go” he chuckled evilly. Krad opened his wings, this let out a thousand feathers flying around, then he grabbed one of the feathers and threw it on the floor; once the feather made contact it exploded.

    “It’s happening” Takeshi was looking at the church from a tree branch nearby. He saw the explosion coming. “I knew that if I stayed here and waited something would happen, but I need to get closer” Takeshi got down from the branch and ran to the church. “With this I’ll get a great scoop” he chuckled.

    Takeshi stopped running, he was right under the church it even looked creepy at that time of the day. “Well, better get up” Takeshi got in and started climbing up the stairs to the attic.

    “AAHAH” Daisuke bounced off the wall, his uniform shirt got turned up cause of the explosion.

    “The great future of the Niwa family, the great heir to the Phantom Thief title Daisuke Niwa is kneeling down at me” Krad let out an evil laugh as he kept stepping on Daisuke’s face.

    “I know…I can beat you” Daisuke put his hand on Krad’s fist and started to pushed it off.

    “Nice try” Krad pressed his foot. “But not nice enough” he laughed again.

    “Hey you creep!” Takeshi yelled as he hit Krad with a piece of loose wood from the floor. “No one attacks my best friend and gets away with it” he said hitting Krad again.

    Krad chuckled, he grabbed Takeshi by the neck and flew up to the roof. “You know, I wanted to kill him fast, but I can take a little practice’ he started to choke Takeshi.

    “Daisuke” Takeshi’s voice was fading and the grip in his clench fist was loosening up.

    Daisuke clenched his fist in anger. “Leave my friend ALONE!” he yelled and got up the scream echoed around the room. Then something started to come out from Daisuke’s back. Finally two crimson glowing wings came out and sent a bunch of crimson feathers out. Daisuke seemed to be in pain but just sucked it up and got up.

    Daisuke opened his crimson wings and sent a current of feathers flying at Krad. “Nice Daisuke, guess you do have some power in you” Krad chuckled, he took out one of his feathers and threw it at the other ones; this made the other feathers explode. “But a thousand of your feathers is equal to one of mind” Krad was right; there wasn’t any way that Daisuke could defeat the guy that had beaten Dark himself.

    “I have to help him” Daisuke looked at Takeshi and flew at Krad his wings embodied themselves around him as he started spinning. Krad caught Daisuke and let himself being pushed out through the attic wall cause of the great power.

    Daisuke and Krad flew to different sides of the sky. Daisuke glared at Krad while he was breathing heavily.

    “Riku, come quickly!” Risa yelled, she was looking out of the terrace of her house and saw the battle between Krad and Daisuke.

    Riku ran out of her room and ran over to the terrace of the mansion. “It’s Daisuke!” She screamed, her face was getting paler while she was glancing at the flying Daisuke. “Is that Krad” she said.

    “Well I hope you’re ready for the battle Daisuke Niwa” Krad said, he moved closer and opened his wings, and then the feathers started surrounding Daisuke.

    “DAISUKE” Riku screamed. Daisuke just stood there emotionless but then his wings rose up and he fired his own crimson feathers; the crimson feathers crashed with the white feathers and created a huge explosion.

    “Take that” Daisuke charged up and stretched his arm back then he threw it back up and punched Krad. “Now this” he kicked Krad on the ribs and sent him flying to the street.

    Krad came out from the cloud of smoke that formed on the street and started punching Daisuke; the only thing Daisuke could do was cover his face.

    “We have to help Niwa” Risa ran out of her room and started running out of her house.

    “Risa come back” Riku got to her feet and followed her. Both sisters ran out of the mansion and passed by the statue at the entrance, it had two wings one of them was closed and the other opened. “We have to think, we’ll just be on Daisuke’s way!” Riku yelled so that her sister would hear her.

    “But he might get hurt’ Risa said as she stopped.

    “I know, but I know him better, he can handle this” Riku smiled and looked at the direction of the battle. But what Riku said was wrong cause at that moment Daisuke fell down on the floor of the entrance.

    “Niwa!” Risa started running at Daisuke; but Riku stopped her. “Riku don’t you see, you should be the one doing this he’s your boyfriend!” Risa yelled with a worried voice.

    “I know, but he can protect himself, I know something will happen and it’ll give him the upper hand” Riku said looking at her sister sternly.

    Krad walked up to Daisuke and grabbed him by the neck. “I’ll finish you off” he laughed and then grabbed a feather from his wings. The feather started to glow in a deep white light.

    “D…ark” Daisuke mumbled, his voice was trailing off. Krad thrust the feather down and it fell down on Daisuke. But before it hit him a big black glow surrounded Daisuke and it reflected the feather; Krad put his hand in front and shrugged the feather off.

    “I knew you’ll comeback, you always seem to do it” Krad laughed. Daisuke stood up again his hair was started to lose its spikiness and got longer, his body got taller and the crimson wings didn’t just got bigger but they lost everything that made them crimson and instead turned black.

    His eyes opened, the glowing stopped and his hair was a long purple hair, his eyes were red and his angry smile turned into a mocking smile. “Hello Krad, guess you can’t get rid of me easily after all” Dark chuckled at Krad’s false attempts.

    “Mr. Dark” Risa smiled as she saw Dark walking out of the hole. “He’s really back, can you see it Riku” she turned to her sister.

    “Yeah” Riku said rolling her eyes and frowning. “But guess he’s the only one that can help us now” she said looking down at Dark.

    “Thanks Daisuke, you did well and thanks to you unlocking your powers I’m free again” Dark said softly and he looked down at the floor. “Now, I’ll finish this” he said and then turned his face up so that it would face Krad’s pale and evil face.

    “Yeah, it’s time to finish this” Krad smirked and then charged his fist at Dark. Dark caught it; although the power made his hairs breeze with the air. Then Dark punched Krad on his right jaw and sent him up in the sky.

    “Girls, you better find a safe place to stay” Dark said as he turned to look at the twins, they nodded. “Ready Daisuke” Dark said as he looked up at the sky.

    “I’m ready Dark” Daisuke said, his voice was coming from Dark’s head. “I’m ready to defeat him.”

    “Krad!!!!!!!!!” Dark yelled as he flew off the floor and his wings opened up leaving a path of black feathers. Dark stretches his black glowing fist and charged at Krad.


    End of: Breaking the Seal
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    I have never heard of that anime, but that seemed just plain awsome.

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    Default Re: D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    Stage 2:

    The Return of the Phantom Thief

    “KRAD” Dark yelled with all his might the stars of the night sky were making his fist glow black as he stretched it so it could hit Krad. Krad caught the hit and grabbed Dark’s arm then he spun him around and threw him off to the sea.

    “Mr. Dark!” Risa yelled, she ran out of the tree she and her sister were hiding on. She ran to the steps where she could see what was happening right in front, she gasped when she saw Dark falling into the sea. ‘We have to help him” Risa turned back to her sister who shook her head.

    Dark flew out of the water and he spread his wings out; the wind was cutting through his face as he felt he was getting closer to his long time enemy. “Nice try Dark, but not nice enough” Krad smirked and started sending out white spheres of energy down at Dark.

    “I didn’t know he could do that” Daisuke said; he was talking from inside Dark’s mind that way the two of them could communicate with each other.

    “He must’ve reached a new level of magic while we were fighting” Dark said looking straight ahead at the balls of white energy. “Now, duck” Dark covered himself by putting his arms in front of his face and started dodging the balls.

    “What is it Dark, am I too strong for you” Krad started laughing evilly. Dark felt rage overpowering him, Krad was stronger than him now and not even with Daisuke’s help he would be able to beat him easily. “Now Dark, let’s see how much you last” Krad flew down at Dark and elbowed him on the stomach; Dark got sent off across the hill almost falling on the water that was right down the mansion.

    “Mr. Dark, are you okay!” Risa ran over to Dark her face was almost letting tears out as she stared at the half dead Dark. “I hope he’s still alive” Risa jumped into the hole Dark caused when he fell down and got closer to him.

    “Risa comeback” Riku ran over to the hole one of the buttons from her yellow shirt fell off.

    Krad smiled sinisterly and flew down on the floor. “Wow, what a touchy moment the two Sacred Maidens together” Krad raised his hand as another white sphere appeared in the palm of his white glove. “But now, it will all end!” Krad’s smile turned raging as he fired the sphere at the girls.

    “Don’t even dare!” Dark got up and put his fist in front of the girls so that the sphere would bounce off. “I…won’t let you…hurt them” Dark grasped for air but he still did his best to get up. “I’ll protect them till I die” Dark walked out of the hole and opened his arms wide so that if Krad did anything to hurt the twins he would get hit instead.

    “This is futile Dark, there is no way you can protect this humans with your life” Krad clenched his fist and gave Dark a demanding smile that could’ve scare off even a wolf. “We have a power bigger than anyone can imagine, we don’t need Tamers can’t you see, I’m living in this world without the need of Satoshi and I’m doing good” Krad started laughing evilly and looked up at the sky with his arms spread out wide.

    ”That maybe so” Dark chuckled and raised his head so that he would stare right into Krad’s eyes. ”But we have to try” he said; Krad gasped he could see the shadow of Daisuke’s spirit coming out of Dark.

    “You think that human can help you get any better, you’re even crazier than I thought Dark” Krad flew back up into the sky. “If you think you can beat me then come here an all out fight with magic” Krad stared down at Dark. Dark looked up at Krad he was really serious about defeating Krad right here and now.

    “Daisuke, be careful” Riku said as she got up and walked up to Dark. “I know you’re in there so just be careful” she said rather low as she looked at Dark with a sad face.

    “Don’t worry Riku” Daisuke said, he knew Riku couldn’t hear him, but hey it’s the thought that counts right. “I’m ready dark” Daisuke stared up at Krad the same way Dark was.

    “Go!” Dark swoop off his feet and flew up a few meters next to Krad. “So, hit me with your best shot” Dark grinned at Krad; he was trying to hide the fact that all of the wounds he had were hurting really bad right now.

    “Take this then” Krad fired a barrage of glowing feathers that stuck all around Dark’s body, then the feathers exploded. “That was easy” Krad started dusting himself up and turned around. But through the corner of his eyes he saw Wiht falling down to the mansion’s floor. “It was a copy” Krad gritted his teeth and started looking around.

    “It’s a good thing Daisuke sent Wiht to a hiding place in case he needed him to transform into him” Dark smirked and he looked down at the little rabbit that was being aid by the twins. Dark clenched his fists, he closed his wings and then opened them and fired a millions black glowing feathers right at Krad.

    “Really, try this on for size” Krad flew toward Dark; the feathers did some minor cuts but not of them exploded till they actually passed him by a few meters. Krad stretched his fist back and punched Dark on the stomach, and then he started sending punches all around his body. “Take this and that, and that” Krad kept pushing Darks his fist were starting to glow white with energy and Dark was losing his energy more than ever same thing with all of his wounds.

    Dark finally got the courage to stop the last punch Krad threw at him. “NO MORE KRAD” Dark let out a huge screeched that sent Krad flying back. “Now it’s time for you to taste our wrath!” Dark put both hands together and started charging a black sphere in between them. After a few minutes Dark fired the huge black sphere at Krad.

    “I don’t think so” Krad back up and he two fired his own white sphere. Both spheres crashed with each other sending huge currents of energy that lifted waves off the sea; the twins had to hold on to a tree with Wiht so that the wind wouldn’t take them out.

    “Dark, you’re too tired, we have to seal him” Daisuke appeared next to Dark, he was staring at Dark’s tire face; he was starting to lose his breath and his magic was decreasing in power.

    “How, we need to have him in a good range if we want to seal him off” Dark looked back at Daisuke, he knew what Daisuke was planning on doing. “WIHTTTTTT” Dark yelled as Wiht struggled to get up and then it transformed into a pair of wings at flew up at the points where the two attacks met. When the attack exploded upon contact with Wiht a huge cloud of smoke appeared.

    Dark was looking straight at Krad; his face looked really serious but he was really tired on the inside. “What is it Dark, you can’t move anymore” Krad laughed hysterically as he got closer to Dark.

    “Krad are you so crazy you’re talking to animals” Krad turned around and saw Dark behind him. “Thanks Wiht, now” he took one of his feathers out and pointed it at Krad. “Seal on!” Dark yelled as a bunch of feathers surrounded Krad and started to spin faster and faster till Krad was practically lock in the feather whirlpool.

    “NO, I can’t be seal away, not again” Krad tried to blow the feathers off but it was to now avail.

    “Goodbye my other self” Dark said and the feather glowed so black Krad body started to get absorb inside the feather.

    “You can beat me, but this is the beginning of the end, soon an evil bigger than the Black Wings will attack and you won’t be able to stop it” Krad started laughing hysterically again, his eyes were open wide.

    Finally the rest of Krad’s body got absorbed into the feather and the battle was over. “We made it” Dark started flying back to the floor next to the twins. “See ya tomorrow morning Daisuke” Dark sighed and then fainted on the floor; Dark didn’t have any energy left so he transformed back into Daisuke.

    “Daisuke are you okay” Riku ran over to him and turned Daisuke’s body face up so that she would feel his pulse. Riku sighed and let out a soft smile. “After all that happened I can’t believe he’s able to sleep peacefully” she giggled and got Risa’s help so that they could get Daisuke up.

    “Well, it’s good that Mr. Dark its back right?” Risa asked as she stared at her sister’s face.

    “I don’t know, I guess all of the normality we got back will be gone now, but as long as we have Daisuke and Dark to help us everything will be okay” Riku said her face wasn’t leaving the sight of the guest room’s door. Their butler helped them get Daisuke into the room and they laid him on the bed. “Goodnight” Riku said softly as she kissed Daisuke forehead really soft so that he wouldn’t wake up; Daisuke smiled a little but he kept sleeping it off.

    “Wake up sleeping beauty!” Risa yelled and opened the curtains so that the bright sun would hit Daisuke’s face and it would wake him up.

    “What the heck am I doing here” Daisuke got up really fast and started looking at his surroundings. “Why am I wearing pink pajamas” he said as he tugged the pink pajama shirt that he had on.

    “Sorry Niwa, but it was the only thing Riku and I had that fitted you” Risa giggled and took the blankets off. “We called your parents and told them what happened your mom said she and your grandpa will try to help you out this afternoon when you get back home, now get ready for school we got you a new uniform considering that your old one got broken” Risa said and then got out of the room.

    “I’m in Riku’s and Ms. Harada’s guest room” Daisuke finally remembered the room he was in. The room was pretty empty the walls were still pink just like the rest of the room’s, but other than that and the bed the only thing that was in was a small TV and a desk. “I remember, Dark are you there” Daisuke yelled and looked down at his chest; he didn’t really know where to look so he just did the first thing that came to his mind.

    “Don’t yell so loud…I’m too tired from yesterday” Dark’s voice sounded pretty drowsy but it was enough for Daisuke to calm down.

    “Well, have a good sleep” Daisuke sighed and got up. “So we sealed Krad, but what will come out of it and what was that thing he was talking about” Daisuke noticed that Dark wasn’t answering anymore so he just got up and forgot about the whole thing.

    Daisuke got dressed and went down to have some breakfast; it was actually different to eat with someone that didn’t really talked about weird magic and art stuff while he was having breakfast and it was better than having Toah saying precious every second.

    “Let’s go Daisuke” Riku let Daisuke sit on the back seat of her two seat bike and they left, Risa had to run after then to keep up.

    “You know, I can run instead of Ms. Harada” Daisuke said and stared at the tired Risa that was fighting to keep her breath.

    “No, you’re the guest, plus she needs the exercise…COME ON SCUM” Riku yelled and then let out a huge mocking laugh at her sister’s despair.

    “Wow, guess having a sister in a lot of running teams really becomes pushy eventually” Daisuke sweat dropped when he saw the two sister’s rant going on.

    “Daisuke, I’m sorry that I didn’t helped you last night like Risa did” Riku looked down at the passing floor her face saddening as she looked down. Daisuke looked up at the sky; a flock of bird was just passing by them, he looked down at the sea, seagulls were getting fish out of the water that was below the bridge they were crossing.

    “Don’t worry Riku, it actually made it easier to fight without having to worry about keeping you guys safe, you actually did what I needed” Daisuke let a soft smile that lifted Riku’s spirits all over again.

    “Thanks Daisuke” Riku smiled back and turned to the school that was closing in on them. “Well guess we’re almost there” a few seconds later they stopped at the front gate. “You guys go, I’ll go put my bike somewhere safe” Riku said and then drove off to the Track.

    “Let’s go Niwa, the bell’s going to ring soon” Risa giggled and started walking toward the school.

    “Hey Niwa” Daisuke turned around and he saw Satoshi walking up to him, his eyes were totally serious on Daisuke’s face and he got closer. Risa frowned and just walked off into the school.

    “What do you want Hiwatari?” Daisuke said with a confused face on his face; Satoshi normally didn’t talk to him even though they became friends he was still pretty closed up to him.

    “I wanted to talk to you about yesterday” he said, Daisuke picked up the message and his confused smile turned serious. “As you know, even if Krad’s not in my body I can still feel when he’s close yesterday I felt him closer than ever, so I want to know did you saw him and fight him” Hiwatari asked and turned sideways to make sure no one was getting closer to them.

    “Yeah, he came out of the Black Wings and I had a fight with him, then Dark came in and thanks to him and the help of With we managed to seal him in one of Dark’s feathers” Daisuke smiled down at Satoshi hoping he would lose his serious stare any moment.

    “Still we have to be careful, if the seal broke then a huge power has been unleashed and it’s probably more powerful than the Black Wings itself” Satoshi started walking into the school building. “Before we prepare for this, if Krad comes out and possesses me again, I don’t want you to hesitate on killing me” with that Satoshi turned around and left the scene.

    Daisuke walked into the classroom; apparently Takeshi didn’t come that day, he must’ve still be unconscious from that choke Krad gave him the other night. *I hope he’s okay* Daisuke thought and sat down on his desk.

    The class started but Daisuke didn’t really paid attention he was drawing something on his paper, not really something more like someone; he was drawing Riku from the point of view of his desk. “She shouldn’t even think on helping me, I can’t protect her and fight at the same time” Daisuke looked down at the desk with a sad face he put the pencil down and turned to look at the teacher.

    Daisuke left school and took the train straight home; he didn’t want to get lost again like last night. “Well at least once we get home grandpa will tell us what’s happening” he looked out of the window; Dark was still sleeping personally because he could feel his snores coming from his heart.

    Daisuke ran down the street and finally got to the circuit of houses that were on the outs of town. He got in and took his shoes off and then walked up to the living room.

    “I’m home!” he yelled, there wasn’t anyone in the kitchen and the rooms were all empty. “What’s happening” Daisuke saw a letter on the desk. “Daisuke your grandpa, dad, Toah and I went out to get some groceries we left you some food in case you get hungry, also remember to take the feather you sealed Krad on to the basement” Daisuke put the letter down and hurried down stairs to the basement.

    Daisuke got down to the dark basement; a door was right in front of him the door that took him to levels underground that people wouldn’t even dream off. Daisuke walked up to the door as he opened it he saw the large circle of stairs that went down for miles. “I always thought the way down was too long” Daisuke sighed and started walking down.

    Daisuke finally got down the stairs; he was in front of a pile of weird art objects. From statues and jewelry to normal paintings and even rings and mirrors all of this stuff had weird titles like the Maiden of Tears which was the first thing Daisuke and Dark ever stole, Daisuke thought that once he got that statue he would turn back but the only way for him to turn back is by Dark to start thinking of Riku; at that time Daisuke liked Risa.

    “So, anything we can steal today?” Dark asked he looked bore from Daisuke’s point of view; well guess anyone that has been sealed for six months and has come back to find nothing but uninterested stuff would be bore.

    “Well the museum did got a new statue called the Gargoyle of Gods, but I don’t know if it’s good to your standards” Daisuke said and scratched his head. He walked up to the desk nearby. “Oh great!” Daisuke yelled and threw his head back while putting his hand over it.

    “What is it Dai?” Dark asked as he tried to look at the letter Daisuke was holding in his hands. “Tonight I’ll make my great return, I will steal the Gargoyle of Gods and I’ll show everyone the truth Dark is back, I’ll be there at 7:00; Dark.”

    “Man, why is it that mom always sends the letter without my consent” Daisuke started pulling his red hairs and started climbing the stairs back up. “Well it’s five thirty so we got two and a half hours to get ready” he looked at his watch and started running back up.

    Two hours later…

    People are gathering around the huge black building, the museum is being guard by every single police car and police agents even some soldiers from the army are here.

    “We’ll catch him today, that I’m sure off” a man was standing near the entrance of the museum with four other soldier his hair was a long dark spiky green hair, he face was all wrinkle with age and he was wearing a coffee brown jacket with black pants, he was holding a clipboard.

    “Commander, I think Dark got in” one of the soldiers walked up to him and pointed at the side entrance of the museum.

    “Really” the man bolted up and started running with the other four soldiers.

    ”Dumbass” the man laughed and took off his hat, Dark had disguised himself as one of the soldiers; not just that but he managed to get the entrance card from the Commander so that he could enter the building easily. “Now, time to work” Dark jumped up to the roof and got through one of the roof window, fortunately none of the lights hit him.

    Dark got into the art room the sculptures and paintings were staring down at him. “Too easy” he looked up in front of him the Gargoyle was right in front. Dark took a black feather from his pocket and let it fall; it suddenly got burned. “I knew it, they have burning sensor anything that gets near them will get burn…but I can take it” Dark looked at the Gargoyle and jumped on the wall.

    He could see the beams now, he almost came close but he just kept jumping to different places that were around the beams doing flips jumped and even using his hand to jump higher. He finally jumped over the last one and the Gargoyle was right there in front.

    “Wow, that was great, six months out but you’re still doing well” Daisuke looked back at the place the beams were and then turned to look at the Gargoyle.

    “I know, it’s weird not having Hiwatari trying to capture us everyday” Dark sighed with a little unexcited for doing this. “I mean sure, we’re gonna steal whatever we can now, but at least before we had something we needed to overcome” Dark walked over to the Gargoyle, his serious eyes were staring down at the statue.

    Dark grabbed the small statue and started looking back at the beams. “Now, to use this” he took the card he stole from the Commander and passed it through the slider so that the beams would turn off. “Wiht, come to me” Dark held up his hand as a huge black ball stuck up in his back and transformed into black wings; Dark took off and flew out of the building he could hear everyone shouting and cheering and a lot of people were taking picture, specially girls.

    “You always get this much popularity” Daisuke sounded a little annoyed after all Dark always got the popularity from people even after the Black Wing thing people are still saying it was all Dark’s doing that saved them.

    Dark landed behind Daisuke’s house and transformed back. “Guess we’re done” Daisuke smiled softly and went inside; Wiht was following him behind. “I’m home!’ he yelled his mom ran over to him and hugged him.

    “Daisuke dear, I’m so proud of you, you managed to steal the Gargoyle of Gods with so ease, guess the six months of not doing anything didn’t really got you down” she started laughing and squeezed Daisuke so much he was starting to lose oxygen.

    “Mom…I can’t breath” Daisuke’s face turned blue and he threw his head back. His mom shrieked and then she let her son go; Daisuke got up after a minute or two. “Thanks” he said scratching his head.

    “Daisuke, I guess you already know what we’re going to talk about” Daisuke turned his head to his grandpa. The old man had a spiky silver hair that rose up on the back, his long silver bear getting up to his mouth, he was wearing a dark blue Vail around his body.

    “Yeah, it’s about Dark and Krad coming back isn’t it?” Daisuke got up from the floor and walked up to his grandfather.

    “Well yeah, but there’s more than that” Daisuke’s dad had a hair just like his except it was brown he was taller than him probably the same height as Dark or a little taller he was wearing a white shirt with grey pants he unlike Daisuke’s grandfather had a smile on his face.

    “Well what is it?” Daisuke sat next to his dad and stared at his grandpa who was drinking some tea.

    “Well, we think the reason the seal broke it’s the same reason the other art works broke too…I think something way bigger than the Black Wings has freed itself” his grandpa looked straight at Daisuke; Daisuke was looking down at the floor, was it really possible there was something so strong that the seal they put on the Black Wings broke.

    “So, what about…the Crimson Wings?” Daisuke raised his head and shifted his head from his dad to his grandpa.

    “That’s your own power Daisuke’ his dad patted his back and smiled again; Daisuke just smiled back and prepared to get up but his dad stopped him. “Remember, even though it’s your powers you can’t use it too much or else you won’t be able to turn back” Daisuke’s dad’s face turned into a stern face.

    “Oh Kosuke, I know it’s important, but just let Daisuke go to sleep for now, he has had a big day and he deserves some rest” Daisuke’s mom walked up to Daisuke and helped him get up, then she took him to his bedroom.

    “Don’t worry Daisuke everything will be okay” she said and she set Daisuke up on his room.

    “Mom, do you think there’s actually something as strong as to actually destroy the seal that was put on the Black Wings” Daisuke’s gazed turned to sadness but his mom just patted his shoulder.

    “Everything will be okay, now go to sleep” she turned around and left the room.

    “Don’t worry Dai, let’s go to sleep, we got a big day ahead of us” Dark said yawning again; Daisuke listened to him and got on his bed immediately.

    Down on the basement the Gargoyle of Gods started glowing bright, a weird current of energy started coming out of it.

    A ship has just stopped on the docks one of the small boxes had a golden crown with small green emeralds, the crown started glowing bright too as both lights seemed to connect with each other.

    End of The Return of the Phantom Thief

    Next Chapter: Gargoyles Gone Wild

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    Default Re: D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    That was different. So, Krad is... Bad, and Dark backwards, and Dark is good, and a thief... That's confusing...

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    Default Re: D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    I know right here goes: Dark has lived in Daisuke family for years, Daisuke's family its a family of art thief that steal artifacts created by Satoshi's old family membe which is also the family Krad belongs to. Dark and Krad were created as an art piece, in other words the same one from chapter one which it's called the Black Wings Dark and Krad are the two half of it.

    Now for Dark being good and stealing, he doesn't steal it cause he's bad he steals it cause each painting or anything created by the Hikaris have a destroctive magic power that Dark and Daisuke's family need to seal over so Dark fights for good but he steals and he's a freaking womanizer too :)

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    Default Re: D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    ... Lol. I get it now. So, he's a Britney spears song. got it. (jk) Funny.

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    Default Re: D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    Yeah he practically dates every cute girl he sees except he's not in love with any of them well there was Risa's and Riku's grandmother when he and Daisuke's grandpa were young but she's dead now

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    Default Re: D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel

    Stage 3: Gargoyles Gone Wild

    People are gathering around the art museum, they’re all waiting for the arrival of Dark. Dark sent a letter to the police saying he would steal the Crown of Gods from the museum that night at seven o’ clock. The police are already gathered around, the traps are set and every soldier is ready to capture their respective prey.

    Up on the sky Dark was standing on a building nearby. “Guess they can’t wait for me can they” Dark shrugged and let out a smirk; he was really showing off today with everyone being interested in him and the things he steals, people are all there just to see him not Daisuke, him.

    “Shut up and hurry up Dark, remember it’s still a school night and I don’t want to be late tomorrow” Daisuke crossed his arms and frowned; he was tire of Dark getting all the attention while people thought that he was just a loser that couldn’t hurt a fly.

    Dark got up, he was wearing a purple camouflage outfit that was tight around his body. “How I missed this outfit” Dark chuckled and flew off, again Wiht was his wings. “Now let’s see what we got” Dark stared down at the audience. “We sure got a lot of people, I hope they all get a good view.”

    Dark landed on the roof he looked down at the police cars that were down there, a huge grinned crossed his face as he jumped into the building.

    “So what traps are they putting?” Daisuke asked and started looking around for anything he had to warn Dark about.

    “Don’t worry, I got it cover” Dark took out a small box full of dust and threw some of it around the room. There were alarms set up all around the room. “There’s four corners, each surrounded by alarms, guess they thought of something good for today” Dark chuckled and then got closer to the alarms his grinned didn’t left his face by the slightest bit.

    Dark got a grappler out and fired at one of the sculptures that were on the other side. He pushed himself and practically went through the alarms as it started to sound off. “DARK why did you do that, we’re going to get busted!’ Daisuke yelled; they could hear footsteps closing in on them.

    “I want an audience” Dark laughed and straightened himself before cracking his knuckles. “Plus a little fighting will do some good” he grinned. The guards cornered him around and got their guns out.

    “Come in peacefully and we won’t shoot” the commander walked up to them, the soldiers where letting him through easily.

    “Sorry commander, but I have to take this art piece as part of my collection” Dark chuckled and then looked down at the soldiers. “Come on guys, give me your best” he gave them a ‘come get me’ sign; the soldiers got angry and started running at Dark.

    Dark spun around and kicked some of the soldiers back. ‘Come on” he started jumping around and started making fun of the soldiers, he even flipped them off. The soldiers ran at him again and started firing bullets from their guns.

    Dark jumped up making sure the bullets hit the guards behind him instead, good thing the bullets were made out of rubber. Dark grabbed some of the guys backs and threw them off to the walls. “As fun as this is, I have to take my leave” Dark turned to look at the golden crown with emeralds that shone through the glass. He looked back at the commander and then a bunch of feathers covered him and he disappeared.

    “We lost him again, damn it” the Commander stomped on the floor and helped some of the guys up as he started to curse in silence.

    Dark flew out from the roof, he looked down at the people that were watching him; Dark smiled when he spotted Risa and Riku on the audience.

    “I don’t know what Riku will say about this” Daisuke said as he looked down at his girlfriend’s face. “I mean I haven’t explained to her about all the stealing” he looked up at the stars as Dark dashed away back to their house.

    “Don’t worry, remember you’re not the one that steals it, I am” Dark pointed at himself and landed on the backyard. “Now, goodnight I can’t wait till school tomorrow; remember to tell me what the papers wrote about me” Dark chuckled and turned back into Daisuke.

    “Yeah, yeah” Daisuke sighed and got in. His parents were out on their own date, they haven’t been out much so guess they deserve it, his grandpa was sleep and Toah was on her own room; don’t ask what she does in there cause no one does. “Guess we should just go up” Daisuke said and Wiht jumped on his head and smiled. “Yeah let’s go to sleep” Daisuke smiled and started climbing up the stairs.

    Daisuke threw himself into bed after he put on his blue pajamas; he just stared at the sky looking deep into his mind at all the things that were happening. “Hey Dark, is it true that the Crown of Gods and the Gargoyle of Gods are two pieces of one artwork?” Daisuke asked as he shifted back to his chest.

    “Yep, according to grandpa it says they both create the Creature of Gods” Dark said as he spirit appeared next to Daisuke looking at the roof too. “Well, you better get your sleep” Dark laughed and then went back into Daisuke’s body. Daisuke turned the lights off and went into a state of sleep.

    Daisuke’s train stopped at the train station the next day; after a night of stealing Daisuke couldn’t stop yawning himself out of the train, people were starting to throw snacks into his mouth to see if they got in. “Dark I’ll blame you for anything that happens” Daisuke scratched his eye and started walking to school.

    “Oh come on Dai, you can’t blame me for giving your life a little bit of excitement” Dark laughed and looked up at the school. “What are you going to tell your girlfriend” Dark said in a teasing voice as he got closer to Daisuke.

    “I’ll tell her everything and the reason why you steal, I’m sure she’ll understand” Daisuke frowned and looked away from Dark.

    “Yeah, right” Dark grinned and then disappeared back into Daisuke’s body.

    Daisuke kept dozing off in class; mostly thinking back at last night and how easy it had been for Dark to steal all those objects since he got back. “Hey Daisuke, wake up you lazy bum!” Takeshi smashed his books on Daisuke’s desk, this made Daisuke jump out of his seat.

    “What is it Takeshi?” Daisuke asked, he was looking at Takeshi upside down so you can imagine how funny he looked. Daisuke turned himself around and stood up from the floor.

    “Dark stole the Crown of Gods yesterday, did you heard” Takeshi took out the newspaper and practically smashed it down on Daisuke’s face. “My dad is sure losing his edge, I mean he’s a Commander but he’s really slow” Takeshi shook his head in disappointment.

    “I’m too tire to think about that Takeshi, just go back to your seat” Daisuke yawned again and sat down on his desk; Takeshi frowned and started stomping back, he was angry that his best friend didn’t really care about this.

    After class was over Riku walked up behind Daisuke. “Why did you do it?” she asked, her face was really serious, almost full of fury. “Why would you steal that crown when you know it’s wrong?” she asked more forcefully.

    “I didn’t, Dark did, and like I said it’s what my family does, I’m not happy about it” Daisuke got his backpack and got up from his desk. “Listen, come with me to the wind work and I’ll tell you everything” he started walking out of the classroom; Riku stared at him for a moment but then followed him.

    Daisuke led Riku around the town all the way to the top of the hill where the wind work looked down at the town. “Here we are” Daisuke walked over to the terrace and let the wind blow his hair back.

    “Seriously Daisuke, why are you doing this?” she asked and then stood right next to him.

    “You see, all this art stuff they were all created by the same family, the Hikaris, which is also Hiwatari’s real family” Daisuke looked up at the setting sun and kept talking. “You see Dark has been living with my family for ages, he steals those artifacts cause he needs to seal the power before it goes crazy.”

    “Well, but why don’t you return them after you seal them?’ Riku asked looking at Daisuke with puppy dogs eyes, this made Daisuke smiled a little but he still didn’t turned his gaze away from the sun.

    “The seal will break eventually, so we need to keep it in case that happens” Daisuke started walking off. “Hey how about we take a walk tonight” he turned back and gave her a sweet smile.

    Riku blushed and nodded. Daisuke walked off leaving all of the things he said behind.

    “Oh you look so precious!” Toah yelled in a squeaky voice as she looked at Daisuke’s outfit. He was wearing a white shirt with long blue sleeves that covered his arms, he was wearing a pair of blue jeans that went all the way down to the floor.

    “Come on Toah, don’t make a fuss about this” Daisuke looked away, he was a little embarrassed about him never being able to go out with Riku without having Toah or his mom making a fuss about it.

    “Daisuke’s right, you girls should stop bothering him about it” Kosuke said from the desk he didn’t turn away from the TV. “Plus it’s his day off” he said and got up from the desk. “Now Daisuke, good luck on your date and be back by ten” he smiled and patted Daisuke’s back.

    “Good luck Daisuke and remember to treat her well!’ his mom yelled as she started waving at him.

    “Yeah good luck Daisuke, remember I can always give you tips” Dark winked at him and gave him a smile; Daisuke frowned and shook his head.

    “Sorry but I don’t think I’ll need help from Mr. Player” Daisuke let out a small laughed and kept walking. Dark didn’t take this lightly but he just disappeared again.

    Daisuke was waiting for Riku in the entrance of the bridge. “I wonder why she’s running late” he looked down at his watch it was 8: 25 p.m. “I hope she remembers” Daisuke sighed and looked down at the floor.

    “Of course I remembered, I’m not like Risa” Riku said from behind Daisuke; this made him jump a few steps back himself. She was wearing a white jumper with blue squares, she was wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of blue shorts.

    “Riku, I didn’t saw you coming” Daisuke laughed nervously as he adjusted himself back to his normal stance. “You look a little different” he said and looked at Riku’s hair, her hair was a little shorter than usual, she was wearing two bows around her hair; this really went together with the smile she was giving Daisuke.

    “Really, like” she got closer to Daisuke just to see if he really knew what was different.

    “Did you cut your hair” Daisuke said as he snapped his finger and looked at Riku. Riku frowned and little and turned around.

    “You’re an idiot Daisuke, even I noticed that” Dark yelled; it was so loud Daisuke almost jumped off the bridge.

    Daisuke looked back at Riku then he finally noticed what she had done. “Wait Riku, your hair…” just then one of the gargoyles that were on the bridge jumped out and headed straight for Daisuke. Daisuke managed to catch a glance at this and jumped out of the way.

    “Are you okay Daisuke” Riku asked. Daisuke nodded and stared at the gargoyle, its fury red eyes were looking down at Daisuke; its eyes were piercing right through Daisuke. Then the other gargoyles that were on the bridge started moving and jumped out of their places.

    “This isn’t good Daisuke, transform” Dark suggested. Daisuke started to think about Riku, but at that moment she had been taken by one of the gargoyles. “Riku!” Daisuke yelled as he ran over to the spot where Riku was.

    “Daisuke, help!” Riku yelled looking down at Daisuke before the Gargoyle took her to the mountain nearby.

    “Daisuke you have to transform fast” Dark turned around and saw all the gargoyles that were closing in on them.

    Daisuke looked down at the floor his teeth clenched and he started to grunt in pain. “Ah, ah….AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” he yelled and then two crimson red wings came out of his back; the pain pierced his body as blood started to fall from the wings. Daisuke knelled down, two holes were made on his shirt and various feathers were surrounding him.

    Daisuke let out a huge scream of fury and the crimson feathers were fired at the gargoyles and exploded as soon as they made contact. Daisuke looked up at the mountain with fury and flew off; he wasn’t even listening to Dark anymore.

    “Daisuke, you have to wake up, you’re losing control of the Crimson Wings” Dark warned but again Daisuke just kept flying; it seemed the more Dark warned Daisuke the farther they got from each other, so Dark just shut up.

    Satoshi looked out from the window of his house. His heart had been hurting the whole day, it hurt so much he didn’t went to school. “What’s happening, Krad’s not here, but I still feel bad every day and the pain keeps getting worse” Satoshi grunted and then kneeled down on the floor.

    “This must be after effect” he looked out at the night sky. “The after effects of being affected by Krad…but if this is happening to me, then Daisuke must be having this too, but I know how to block it…he doesn’t” Satoshi covered the window with a curtain.

    Daisuke could see the mountain just a few meters from where he was. “We’re almost there” he said his voice sounded really angry and full of fury.

    “Daisuke, you have to calm down, the angrier you get the crazier you’ll become” Dark said as he looked at Daisuke worried.

    “There it is” Daisuke looked up at the house that was on the top of the mountain. Daisuke started descending on the mountain. He started looking around and walked over to the house.

    “There she is” Dark looked inside the cabin Riku had been tied up by the gargoyle and she was now leaning on the wall. Daisuke immediately took one of the feathers off and threw it at the window so that the whole wall would explode; he jumped in and threw the Gargoyle off to the other side of the cabin.

    “Riku, I’m here to save you” Daisuke ran over to Riku and started untying her.

    “Daisuke, look out!” Riku yelled. Daisuke turned around the gargoyle jumped up but Daisuke threw a punch at it and broke it into pieces. “Wow’ Riku gazed at the rubbles of the gargoyle.

    “Let’s go” Daisuke didn’t wasted time in grabbing Riku and then he flew off. “What’s happening Dark, the gargoyles all around the city are going mad” Daisuke looked down at the city that was in peril.

    “I think the Crown of Gods and the Gargoyle of Gods were separated” Dark said and then took his chance to transform. “In other words, someone stole one of the artifacts” Riku looked at Dark and then frowned while looking away from him.

    “What do you mean by that?” Riku asked looking down at the town herself. “And how are we going to stop those gargoyles” she started to frown again.

    “The only way we can stop this is by getting the artifact that was stolen and sealing it” Dark said and then started descending down in front of Riku’s and Risa’s mansion. “Here you go madam” Dark put her down.

    “Thanks I guess” Riku frowned and turned to the door. “Good luck guys” she said once she went inside.

    Dark flew back to his house; he had to beat and seal a few gargoyles on the way but he managed to get there unscratched. “I’m here; do you know who stole what?” Dark asked as soon as he got in the house. His mom came running to him she was wearing a black cloak.

    “We don’t know who stole it, but we’re already holding a ceremony so that we can find where it is?’ she said as she took the hood off and hugged Dark. “You guys better take a break, once we find who stole it” she started giggling. “Oh I forgot, I don’t know if this is a good moment, but Takeshi came he said he wanted to ask you something” she said as she looked down at Dark.

    Dark was going to transformed before it hit him, Takeshi was angry at Daisuke for not caring about Dark’s steal attempts, he would do anything to get his own revenge even steal something, and what if Takeshi were to get lost and end up in the basement find the secret door, go down and find one of the artifacts and steal it.

    “Was Takeshi by himself around his visit?” Dark asked as he walked down to the basement.

    “I don’t know he went to the bathroom, but what this has to do with it” she started following him down the secret door. Dark ran at a great speed, he knew Takeshi would steal the gargoyle without even knowing the consequences it could cause.

    Dark jumped down the last steps; Daisuke’s grandpa jumped as he saw him jumping down. “Dark, you shouldn’t tire yourself out right now” he said as he lifted himself back up from the floor.

    Dark ignored him and just concentrated on the pile of artifacts. He finally found what was missing, the Crown of Gods had been stole and an I.O.U. letter was left with it. “I knew it, Takeshi always leaved I.O.U. letters, even when he’s stealing something” Dark crumpled the letter and ran back up.

    “Where are you going?’ his mom asked she almost bumped into him.

    “I’m going to get Takeshi, he has the crown” Dark dodged her and kept running up the stairs.

    Dark got Wiht out from the basket that was in Daisuke’s room and after Wiht turned into his black wings, he flew out of the window. “So where’s Takeshi’s house?” Dark asked emotionlessly.

    “He lives on the other side of town, his house its as big as hours and it’s really isolated from the other houses around that corner” Daisuke said and then stared back at the town. “He always takes matters into his hands without considering others.”

    After a few minutes of flying Dark flew down in front of a small two floored house. The house looked simple it was mostly white and it had a black roof. “Let’s go” Dark transformed into Daisuke and then he started walking to the entrance.

    “Get out you rocky little creep” the door busted open and Takeshi jumped and hit Daisuke with a baseball bat. “Oh it’s you Daisuke” Takeshi looked down at the battered Daisuke; Daisuke’s eyes were twirling around in pain.

    “Yeah it’s me” Daisuke said once he regained his stability. “I came to talk to you about something” he said and then pushed Takeshi inside.

    “What is it?” Takeshi put the bat down and walked up to the kitchen. “I hope those gargoyles don’t get in” he looked up out of the window to check if the gargoyles were coming.

    “Actually, I came here just for that” Daisuke walked up to the desk nearby and looked at the crown that was there. “How did you found this?” he asked.

    “I was walking around and find it, guess Dark dropped it” Takeshi laughed but he started lifting the baseball bat up.

    “I mean, how you found this in all that pile of junk” Daisuke lifted his head so that he would look at the roof. “And why would you take it?”

    “I know you’re on Dark’s side” Takeshi put the bat right in the back of Daisuke’s head. “Now, I’ll need your help’ he threw his arm back and prepared to hit Daisuke. Daisuke turned around and threw a punch at Takeshi and sent him flying back into the kitchen. Dark had transformed around that last second, so he was the one that delivered the hit.

    “We better hurry” Dark grabbed the crown and flew out. A gargoyle jumped up from the floor and grabbed onto his leg. “Damn it, they got me” Dark grunted and then kicked the gargoyle off.

    “I think it took some of your blood off” Daisuke looked at Dark’s bloody leg before turning to look at the army of gargoyles that were closing in on them.

    Dark started throwing feathers off at the army of gargoyles. “We have to get back” he flew higher and higher till he was at a good distance. He looked down at Daisuke’s house and got in immediately. “I’m back” he said as he started running to the basement.

    “We need to seal it off” Dark put the crown in the middle of the floor and let Daisuke’s mom and grandpa cast their spells on the crown. “Now for the gargoyle.”

    Dark ran over to the gargoyle and threw a feather at it. The feather sunk in and it started sending purple waves around the gargoyle.

    The waves stopped and Daisuke’s mom and grandpa stopped casting the spells; the crown and the gargoyle were motionless now. “We’re done” Daisuke grandpa sighed and then started climbing the stairs.

    Dark turned back into Daisuke and then he started going up the stairs right behind his grandpa.

    The next day everyone was talking about the gargoyles going crazy; well except Takeshi he seemed lost on news that day.

    “So gargoyles went crazy, I must’ve dozed off” Takeshi said and walked up to Daisuke. “Guess I can’t have the scoop on everything right” he laughed and then sat down on the desk in front of Daisuke’s.

    “Yeah, hey Takeshi, do you hate Dark?” Daisuke asked and then turned to look in front at Takeshi.

    “Of course I don’t, I mean I would probably have to knock him out if I want to get an interview with him, but I would never turn him in, even if my father wants it so much” Takeshi nodded and then got up. “Daisuke, I feel like I need to say sorry, I don’t know why but I just have to” he looked back at Daisuke.

    “Don’t worry Takeshi, its okay” Daisuke chuckled and then motioned him to go sit down. Takeshi did so and then class started as it should have.

    End of: Gargoyles gone mad

    Next Stage: Double date trouble

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    ---holy crap, dude. What's with the weird font things?

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    I know. It was kinda wierd with the font thing... Though, it's still going good.

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    I don't know, it just came out like that, it must be cause I write in Word but it has never come out that way


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