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    Default Cynthia の Garchomp (11)

    I suppose it wouldn't be fair that now that I've "left" this place, I don't let the fanfic section enjoy my writing. Here's a new piece that I wrote.

    (Rated 11 for depictions of strange things happening such as animal transformations. On request, can be bumped up to 14 for a single moment of implied nudity, and up to 16 [MATURE] for transsexual changes.)

    The evening sun set on Sunyshore City. The birds flew about, cawing as they circled around the shore. One bird, a rather cowardly Wingull, fled for the lighthouse, as in the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of something washing up toward the shore.

    Cynthia had come back from another weary day of training with her Pokémon. As she rode on her Garchomp, the first and only thought on her mind was to get to a bed – any bed – and sleep. She didn’t care who walked up to her and tried to snap pictures of her to claim as souvenirs, she was tired. And tiredness meant bed.

    She returned her Garchomp to her Pokéball as they made it to the shore, and started trudging up the shore, not with the dignified gait of a Champion, but with the fatigued lumbering of a castaway.

    As she entered the Pokémon Centre, the nurse recognized her immediately and said, “Do you want a room where you won’t be disturbed?”

    “That would be fine,” said Cynthia, as Nurse Joy handed her a pair of keys, which she took with a tired smile as she walked off.

    * * *

    When Cynthia entered her room, she examined it – a pair of bunk beds and a washroom. She proceeded to let out all her Pokémon, which filled up the room quite a bit more, and out of a seventh Pokéball that she kept on her, she conjured a mat to place on the floor, on which she herself would be sleeping.

    She quickly took off her clothes and took a quick shower. While she was in there, she thought about what she had been getting herself into.

    Being the Champion for twelve full years had taken its toll. At 36 years old and counting, her skin was already starting to wrinkle a little at the edges, and her long, blond hair was getting messier and messier. Not only did Cynthia have to put up with all the challengers, but she had to preside over the many contests and competitions that were occurring all over the Sinnoh region. All that noise was starting to frustrate her.

    She exited the shower, and changed into a pair of pajamas.

    Cynthia wished that she could just... give it all up. Retreat somewhere with her family of Pokémon and never come back, like she heard that Red fellow in Kanto did when she was still a challenger of the Sinnoh League.

    Come to think about it, out of the six Pokémon that she had now, only her Garchomp was really beloved to her. Certainly all her other Pokémon were fiercely loyal to her, and they were the best of friends, but they had all been caught from the wild at medium-to-full evolution, and did not seem to have that same kind of... partnership that Cynthia had with Garchomp. As to how they got that partnership, however... well, there was a long story behind that.

    Garchomp had noticed that Cynthia had gone into one of those meditative gazes, and walked up to her, poking Cynthia with one of her single hand-claws. Cynthia snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her Garchomp, who gave a questioning gurgle.

    “Oh, it’s nothing, my love,” said Cynthia. “I just really wish that I could do something about being the Champion.” At this point, all her Pokémon were listening. “It’s been a great run with you guys,” said Cynthia, “but I think it’s time for me to throw in the towel. I’ve been at this for too long; if I go for any longer, I might just burn myself out. And hey, it’s been 12 years. Let’s give somebody else a chance, eh?”

    Her other Pokémon nodded in assent. “But I can’t just give my title away. It wouldn’t be the honourable thing to do.”

    At that, she lay down on her mat, now truly exhausted. The rest of her team followed suit, lying on their beds. Cynthia quickly fell asleep, curled up against her Garchomp, who placed her arm protectively around Cynthia, herself thinking about what to do about Cynthia’s predicament.

    * * *

    In the middle of the night, Cynthia was woken up by a light prodding in her side. She opened her eyes drowsily and mumbled a greeting to whomever had awoken her.

    As her fog cleared, she saw that it was her Garchomp. “Whassamatter, girl?” asked Cynthia sleepily.

    Another prod, followed by Garchomp silently lifting Cynthia up to her feet. She put one arm on Cynthia’s back, using the other hand-claw to point out the door.

    “Hmm? You want to go outside?” asked Cynthia. She yawned. “Sure thing. Now let me get back to sleep.”

    But Garchomp would have none of that – she kept her arm on Cynthia’s back as she led her out. “What are you doing, girl?”

    Garchomp goaded her outside the entire way, until they were sitting on the grass. “What do you want now?” asked Cynthia, who was much wider awake by now. Garchomp proceeded to embrace her in a sitting hug, as if to tell her that even if she did decide to quit the Champion job, they’d still be partners forever. Cynthia returned the hug, knowing then that even if the world turned on her, she could count on Garchomp.

    Suddenly, Garchomp let go, and started poking all over Cynthia’s body, moving in strange patterns to do so.

    “Garchomp, what are you d—ha ha ha, that tickles!” Garchomp was now poking around in a lot of strange, hard-to-touch areas, and Cynthia couldn’t help but laugh at the strange way Garchomp was poking around.
    Then, suddenly, Garchomp struck her once in the belly, hard enough to poke a hole. “Owwww!” cried Cynthia, at the sudden sharp pain that it caused. But the pain was quickly replaced with... something else. Another feeling, that was not quite pain or pleasure, but something on another plane altogether.

    As Cynthia watched, the area where Garchomp had struck her healed up quickly, and not only that, was turning red. Only this wasn’t the red of blood, it was a brighter, more orangey red that appeared to be the colour of her skin in that area.

    “What—the hell?” asked Cynthia. Garchomp just growled in approval.
    Slowly, the changes affected her entire torso. Although nothing under Cynthia’s clothes was showing, there was now a definite bulge. Garchomp’s eyes widened as she realized that Cynthia’s tight-fitting clothes would definitely mess up what was happening. She quickly clawed them off, tearing them into shreds just before Cynthia started growing a tail. A scaly blue hide was revealed, with a stripe of red running down the middle and ending in a chevron of yellow.

    As the enormous tail kept growing, Cynthia’s arms and hands also started shrinking – in breadth but not in length. As she watched, fins grew out of the arms where her wrists would normally have been, at the same time that fins were now growing out of the tail. Two spikes appeared on each arm, and her hands suddenly disappeared, being replaced by a single, pointed claw on each arm.

    “What did you do? What’s happening to me?” asked Cynthia, almost in a panic at what was happening.

    Meanwhile, the features were working their way down her legs as well. Her legs slowly became thicker at the thighs, and two spikes grew out of each thigh. Her lower legs became much thinner, and her feet broadened, five toes melting into three spikes.

    Next, a single fin grew out of her back, that had a cut in it. Cynthia’s Garchomp snorted in surprise at that, as she herself did not have a cut in her fin. This meant that Cynthia had turned into a male Garchomp.

    Cynthia was now a Garchomp from the neck down, and all that was left was her face. As her face elongated forwards, she tried moving her jaw and speaking, but found that she could only make out the same “Gar!” sound that her Garchomp often uttered. Meanwhile, her nose receded into her still-elongating face, forming a missile-head-like snout. She was blinded for a moment, as her lemon-yellow eyes widened and grew, becoming simple yellow rims around a pitch-black void. All her hair fell out at the same moment, revealing a flattened upper head, out of which grew two hair-curler-shaped extensions.

    The transformation was complete, and Cynthia couldn’t help but take a better look at herself, twisting this way and that. And what a better look it was – as a Garchomp, she – well, he – could see much better than as a human.

    She suddenly found one way she couldn’t twist as a Garchomp that she could as a human, and promptly fell down on her back, almost crushing her dorsal fin. The two of them started laughing, as Garchomp helped Cynthia up.

    The sky had started turning bright at that point – it was now the break of dawn.

    “So, what do you think, Cynthia?” said a voice. Cynthia looked around for the source of it, but a single claw grabbed her head, directing it to face Garchomp.

    “Y—you can speak?” asked Cynthia, then realizing that she was speaking as a Garchomp as well.

    “Of course,” said Garchomp. “Oh, I’ve heard other trainers, always going gaaarrr, gaaarrr like nobody’s business when imitating our kind. We’re probably doing that now, but you can’t hear it like that.”

    “Well then, I’ve never gotten your name,” said Cynthia. “I just named you Garchomp because... well, you know.”

    “You weren’t too off,” said Garchomp. “My name is Grachem. And yours, my dear, is Rowska. ‘Cynthia’, blegh. What kind of horrible names do humans give each other.”

    Cynthia – no, Rowska – could only hum in agreement. They sat there for a while, watching the sky get brighter and brighter until the sun rose.

    “We should call the rest of our team out,” said Rowska. “They’ll be awake in a few moments.”

    Grachem nodded in agreement, and from what was Cynthia’s clothing, pulled out the key that they entered with.

    As they walked back into the Pokémon Centre, they saw that the nurses had just changed shifts. The new nurse, eyes still clouded with sleep, rubbed them as she saw somebody enter. “Oh, hello, you two. What do you n—” Her vision got clearer, and she saw that it was actually two Garchomp without a trainer. “Wh—what? Where’s your trainer?”

    Rowska uttered a “Gaaarrr!” that the nurse couldn’t possibly understand. But he held out the key, and the nurse understood that. They walked back to what was Cynthia’s room, and entered.

    Cynthia’s Pokémon all stirred at the opening of the door. Her Lucario got out of bed first, and when he saw the male Garchomp, he immediately tackled him to the ground and demanded, “What did you do with Cynthia?” Rowska was more surprised at the fact that Lucario was also talking than at the fact that he had just forced him to the ground.

    “You numnut, he is Cynthia,” snapped Grachem. “I would never let anybody harm Cynthia, Lenko, you know that. But her name – now that she is a he – is Rowska.”

    “But... her Champion title! What will the men in suits say?” Lenko was referring to the World Pokémon Association, who governed over all the leagues.

    “Those men in suits will just have to deal with it,” said Grachem, leaning on her new companion.

    “You are all free,” declared Rowska. “Free to go on with whatever life you lost when you came with me. All of you can go your own ways. Grachem and I will spend a bit more time together.”

    And with that, Grachem and Rowska left the room again, leaving a team of bewildered Pokémon behind.

    * * *

    A few days later, Cynthia never reported back to the Pokémon League Island. There were search parties out looking for her, and a reward of 100,000,000 pyen for whoever had any information. Nobody did – the one person who knew about Cynthia’s disappearance had herself disappeared. One person – and six Pokémon.

    Meanwhile, several reports arose of an unusual pair of Garchomp swimming back and forth from Sunyshore City to the Pokémon League Island. Once again, nobody knew that they were holding a secret that would have devastated the Pokémon League were it to have been found out.


    The title is a pun. Read properly, it reads "Cynthia's Garchomp". But read another way, it can read "Cynthia the Garchomp".

    This is part of me filling in the Cynthia x Garchomp gap with me, The_Noob, and Drakon, the trio of male weird-shipping writers. Now each of us has written a fic about Cynthia x Garchomp, or included said shipping in a significant portion of a fic.
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    Default Re: Cynthia の Garchomp (11)

    Epic! I think this is one of the few TF stories on this site.

    Also numbers less than one hundred should be written out.
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    Default Re: Cynthia の Garchomp (11)

    Quote Originally Posted by Drakon View Post
    Epic! I think this is one of the few TF stories on this site.
    I see. Technically, your scene in "LotL" (The Life of the Legendaries) with Cynthia suiting up as a Garchomp is called a "costume TF". Nothing quite as physical as this, of course, and there's no gender bending :P

    Also numbers less than one hundred should be written out.
    Depending on whom you ask, the number is either 10, 12, 20, or 100. You are right that I'm inconsistent about that, though - I use "12" and "twelve" in the first section.
    The word "quadragonal" is the only word with "dragon" in it where "dragon" is not a root word. That makes it awesome.


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