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    Hi all. My name is RageRunnerXD. And i have a habit of not finishing fanfics but i have sworn to keep this one going. So for this one it's just a 'simple' journey fic. Based on one of my favourite games. And also my first. Pokémon Crystal, but i thought i would base it on an improved Crystal: "Pokemon: Liquid Crystal" which is a ROM Hack and is a remake of crystal (From what i know its just got more rivals and a bigger Kanto). But ive been yabbering on too much. Welcome to "Crystal Shards" and Enjoy :)


    Finally, it had been done. It had been three long years. But in his eyes it had been worth it. He had recruited a lot of old members as long as some fresh new ones.

    The little rat that had defeated them before was long gone. No one in Kanto had heard from him since he had handed his champion title to Lance. So he was one threat out of the way, the boy named Red, he was the one who had caused the downfall. They had singled him as a threat when he beat one of their higher members, who was named Koga.

    The young man picked up his radio, "Ariana are you receiving?"

    A woman in an hotel room a couple of miles away listened to a mans voice replied, "Affirmative?"

    "Tell him that Operation Revive is complete."

    Ariana grinned, "On it." She put the radio down and walked towards a small office room, "Mr Giovanni sir?"

    The man grunted, "What is it now Ariana?!"

    "Its done. Team Rocket has risen from the ashes."

    Chapter One: New Beginnings!

    Gold ran as fast as he could until he got to the lab. Professor Elm called him early in the morning. Gold had dressed into his usual colours of black, red and gold.

    He burst through the door, "Professor?" Gold questioned into the Lab.

    An aide came out of a side door, "Oh. Hey Gold." He said with a smile. "The Professor is waiting for you just through these doors."

    "Thanks!" Gold replied as he walked through the automatic doors. "Hey Prof. whats up?"

    "Huh? Oh Gold, you took your time." Gold itched the back of his head as the professor asaid more, "I called you here so you could choose your first pokemon!" Wait what? Gold hadnt prepared for this, he knew the three he could choose from, and had gotten along quite well with them. "Okay Gold, here are the three pokemon you can choose from, as you already know. Chikorita, the grass pokemon! Cyndaquil, the fire pokemon! Or Totodile, the fire pokemon!" After each name the Professor threw a pokeball and each pokemon popped out.

    It had taken Gold a while, "Il take Cyndaquil!" was eventually heard from Gold.

    "Thats a good choice! So il give-- Huh?" The Professor ran over to his computer. He then muttered under his breath, "Again?" He walked over to Gold. "Sorry Gold, but do you mind doing me a favour? I have an associate known as Kensuke Pokemon, or Mr. Pokemon. He says he has found a major discovery, but i dont have the time to check. Would you mind going to his house for me? Its just north of Cherrygrove. You cant miss it!"

    "Ok. Why not, it'll give me time to bond with Cyndaquil!"

    "Whew, thanks a bunch Gold!"

    And with that, Gold exited the lab with his new pokemon in his hands. Little does he know of the dangers that lie ahead...

    End of Chapter 1

    I have the chapters small just till i get used to writing again. Ive suffeted writers block before. And i dont want to do it again. Thankyou for reading :)

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    Default Re: Crystal Shards

    I do appreciate the need to go slow and work your way back into things, but we have a policy about prologues/first chapters being a thousand words. If you could just find a way to extend this by a couple of hundred words and let me know I will reopen the thread. PM me if you have any questions.

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