Cruise of a Lifetime (PG for violence)
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Thread: Cruise of a Lifetime (PG for violence)

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    Default Cruise of a Lifetime (PG for violence)

    Since this isn't the first part of my story, rather a prequal to the Johto region, I'd better give you a description of my character, Nareta, since it's only found in the original story (which isn't finished). Light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. A red shirt and black jeans with a white bandana. Her bangs hang out of her bandana and lightly lay off to the right and defy gravity by not laying on her face. Tell me what you think!

    Chapter 1

    Name Translation(s):

    Fushigiso (Fushigisou) - Ivysaur
    Gorudakku (Golduck) - Golduck
    Erekiddo (Elekid) - Elekid
    Pijon (Pidgeon)- Pidgeotto
    Sutoraiku (Strike) - Scyther
    Abokku (Arbok)- Arbok
    Raichu - Raichu
    Ootachi (Ootachi)- Furret
    Batoru Feizu - Battle Phase
    Monster Ball - Poke Ball
    Shinji - Paul

    The hot Sun beat down on my Raichu and me, causing us to sweat and pant in exhaustion. "Cha," Raichu nearly fell off my shoulder. I could see its desperation for something to drink. Reaching into the side pocket of my backpack, I tried to find a canteen or water bottle; unfortunately, there was nothing in the water bottle I had. Knowing I had to get water somehow, I grabbed a Monster Ball and flicked it up in the air with my wrist tiredly. A dark blue Pokémon with a yellow bill, a red dot on its forehead, and webbed toes popped out, flexing its muscles before calling its name.

    "Duck?" It looked around, noticing that no other Pokémon were around. I held the bottle out in front of its mouth.

    "Please. . Fill it up," I begged in a zombie-like tone that made Gorudakku nervously fill the bottle with a Water Gun attack. Some of the water overflowed, falling down the sides of the container and on my hand, which felt absolutely lovely. I brought the inviting mouth of the bottle up to my lips, only to have snatched away from me by my Raichu.

    "Rai!" It gulped down more than half of the bottle, smiling in its content.

    "Hey!" I yelled, grabbing the bottle back and taking down the rest of the liquid. Gorudakku shook its head after it was covered in the red light of its Monster Ball, turning into energy and disappearing beside the Monster Ball's protective walls. "Thank you, Gorudakku, return," I gave the Monster Ball a small peck before putting it away, "well, I feel better. How about you, Raichu?"

    Raichu looked over at me and smiled, but then frowned soon after, lowering its ears, "Raichu. ."

    "I know, I know. . We need a vacation," I sighed, scratching my head as I continued walking. My eyes closed, I would just be thankful if I could take a little snooze. Suddenly, a loud noise burst through the silence, almost hurting my ears. It sounded like a boat horn. After covering my ears, I opened my ears to see an average-sized, white boat in a dock in the town ahead. On the back, it said in red "Target Cruise, Let All Your Worries Fall Into The Water".

    Although I didn't like the slogan much, I most definitely liked the word 'cruise'. "Target Cruise?" I paused for a moment, assessing the situation. As I said, my Pokémon and I need a vacation. However, I felt as if a little training was in order. Still, that cruise was sounding better and better. "I'm in!" I jogged over to the boat, almost making Raichu fall off my shoulder. As soon as I made it to the boat, I saw an attendant just standing in front of the opening to get on the deck.

    "Excuse me, sir, but do we need tickets to get on this boat?" I asked him. He looked down at me, tipping his blue and black hat, "yes, ma'am, ya do."

    He went on to look at the tickets of a family of four and their two Pokémon. The ticket was orange and, in red, big lettering, it said "Target Pass". Quickly, I hurried toward the stores, stopping a man and his Abokku who had the Target Pass. "Excuse me, but where did you get that ticket?" I asked curiously.

    "I bought it off some old lady in the shop and sold it out! Yahoo!" He yelled in his hype, running off toward the boat and kicking up dust in the process.

    "Oh, my," I stated, blinking in amazement at how fast he could run right before reality hit, ". . . Sold out!?" I pulled on my dark brown hair, rushing around store after store to see if they had a ticket for me. Unfortunately, every place I went to was completely sold out.

    "Sold out, sold out, sold out," I sighed, leaning against the last store I went to, "damn, I'm so sick of hearing those words. ." Raichu pat my head, trying to assure me that it was no big deal. Before I gave up the search, a ticket popped out in front of my face. Grunting, I looked to see who was holding it. A boy with purple hair and a look on his face that said 'stay away from me or else' was holding the ticket. Beside him, there was an Erekiddo.

    "Here," he said, waving it at me. I hesitantly took it from him, but was glad that I did.
    "What do you want for it?" I asked, thinking there was a catch.

    "Nothing," he continued to make his way to the boat, "I had an extra." I stood there, staring at the ticket for a moment before realizing the boy was way ahead of me.

    "Hey, wait up!" I called, running up next to him, "I didn't even get your name. My name's Nareta." I introduced myself, waiting for him to do it as well.

    "Mine's Shinji," he replied after a few moments of silence.
    "Bri, Bri!" Erekiddo introduced itself, staring at my Raichu with a blush on its face.
    "Rai, Raichu," Raichu smiled at Shinji-kun.

    "All aboard!" The attendant I had talked to earlier called. Shinji-kun and I rushed to the boat, Erekiddo following quickly afterward. We hopped onto the closing railway, flashing our tickets right before it closed. Everyone but Raichu landed on their feet, whereas Raichu landed on its stomach after falling from my shoulder when I jumped. Giggling, I picked it up and looked around. "Wow, there's less people here than I thought there would be."

    "That's because these tickets are expensive. There's probably only about 200 people aboard. Mine was more of a discount and a buy one get one free deal," Shinji-kun explained. Without a word, I looked at the ticket. On it, in black, small writing, it said 'Suite 196'. I, also, tried to sneak a peak at Shinji-kun's. "I'm going to Suite 195." He said, putting the ticket away.

    "So we have Suites, a swimming pool, a training arena for Pokémon," I said, pointing to the other things I saw, "what else?"

    "There's a hot spring down below the deck, one for people and one for Pokémon. There's also a buffet. All of it is completely free," Shinji-kun stated, walking toward the door on the deck.

    "W-Wait up!" I ran after him, catching up just as he opened the door. Inside, there were a few doors. It was Suite one through twenty. At the back of the hallway, there were stairs, which led to Suite twenty-one through forty. After that came Suit forty-one through sixty, and another door that led to the buffet. At Suit eighty-one through one hundred, there was a longer hallway that led to the hot springs. Finally, at the bottom were Suites 180 through 200. Shinji-kun and I went into our separate rooms.

    In my room, the carpets were a bright red, while the it complimented the rug with pink, white, and red wallpaper designs. The bed was just a plain white. Another thing that caught my eye was a mini Pokémon Center on the desk to the left of the room.

    I placed down my backpack, only to hear an announcement over the intercom in the hallway. "Remember, there is a Pokémon battling contest in ten minutes. All trainers who want to cooperate, please report to the stadium on the deck."

    "Contest? Hell yeah!" I yelled, completely psyched about the contest. I ran over to the mini PC, grabbing a few Pokémon from it and placing some back. "I'll take Fushigiso, keep Gorudakku, put back Sutoraiku," I mumbled to myself, finishing up the team that I thought would be unbeatable. "Let's go, Raichu!" Grabbing Raichu, I rushed out the door and toward the stadium, kicking up dust on the perfectly clean floor.

    In a flash, I was at the stadium; I ran to the nearest person I saw. She seemed like a chaperone. "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you know where to sign up for the contest?" I asked the blonde lady.

    "Right here," she smiled, holding out a clipboard with a list of names on it. There seemed to be about fifty, and I was about to be the fifty-first.

    "We will be announcing the line up in a few minutes! Please, just remain calm until we give you the okay!" She informed the rowdy crowd of Pokémon trainers, taking the clipboard up to the captain of the ship. The judge, a muscular man who seemed like a life guard more than a judge of Pokémon battles, set up a large chair and sat in it, taking a megaphone with him.

    I started looking around, searching for and analyzing any possible opponent. Then a certain purple-haired boy with a mean attitude had caught my light brown eyes. "Shinji-kun!" I called, running over to him, "are you participating, too?"

    "No way. This is a vacation. I'm just here to watch," he sat in an open beach chair, getting a front row seat to the battles. I was about to sit next to him, when Raichu stole the chair.

    "All right! The first two trainers are. . Nareta and Hakuyo!" The judge yelled, taking the clipboard from the ship's captain. My anger toward Raichu was overcome by excitement. I absolutely couldn't wait for Shinji-kun to see my Pokémon. But still. . It was hard to believe that I even really cared.

    "Yeah!" I heard a male voice yell through the crowd as a boy with messy brown hair and green eyes stepped onto the stage. He looked like he just went swimming, seeing as how he was only in yellow swim trunks. I, too, walked to the arena, and stood on the other side.

    "These battles are two-on-two battles! Whoever knocks out their opponent's two Pokémon is the winner! No substitutions! Also, you can use any of your six Pokémon for each different battle. Ready!?" The judge explained. Both the boy and I looked at the judge, nodding our heads.

    "Begin!" He thrust his arms into the air. The battle was underway.

    I grabbed a Monster Ball from my belt, pressing the white button in the middle. "Fushigiso, batoru feizu," I flicked the Monster Ball into the air with my wrist and fingers. "Fushi!" It called, doing a few flips before landing gracefully on the ground.

    "Pijon, go!" Hakuyo excitedly threw his Monster Ball out onto the field, making his Pijon come out to battle. I caught the smaller version of my Monster Ball, as did he, putting it under my belt.

    "Fushigiso, Razor Leaf!" I commanded. Fushigiso did so, shooting sharp leaves at the bird Pokémon. Pijon dodged the attack, only to go into a Wing Attack like its owner told it to.

    "Fushigiso, sidestep!" Fushigiso bounced off to the side, eluding the attack, "now use Stun Spore!" Fushigiso, from the back, nebulized a Stun Spore attack out of its budding bulb. Pijon didn't have time to dodge it, and was ultimately hit, becoming paralyzed, even if it were only for a little while.

    "Headbutt," I smirked. Fushigiso ran, full force, at the stunned bird, striking its stomach with its stern skull. "Pijo!" Pijon screeched, flying backwards and slamming against the slide on the pool behind us. It slid down the slide, unable to continue the confrontation.

    "Pijon is unable to battle. Fushigiso wins the first round!" The judge called through his megaphone.
    "Pijon, return! Go, Ootachi!" Hakuyo threw his Ootachi's Monster Ball into the field after returning his hurt Pijon.

    "Fushigiso, use Vine Whip," I said, knowing this battle would be a piece of cake. Fushigiso projected its long, green vines, standing on its hind legs with get better perception. It tried to grab the Ootachi, but the Ootachi was commanded to dodge. Fushigiso then veered its vines, latching onto the Ootachi.

    "Now use SolarBeam!" Fushigiso charged up its SolarBeam with the Sun, brining in noticeable white particles into its bulb. "Release!" I held my fingers like a gun, shooting as I shouted at Fushigiso with my thumb. Fushigiso quickly got back on all fours, winging a weighty white beam at the defenseless Ootachi. Ootachi was quickly eliminated.

    "Chi. ." Ootachi groaned as Fushigiso dropped it to the deck.
    "Ootachi is unable to battle! Fushigiso wins round two, and the victory goes to Nareta!"
    "So!" Fushigiso turned around, jumping into my arms.
    "Way to go, Fushigiso!" I cheered, hugging it. Fushigiso smiled happily, giving my face a lick.

    "Now will the trainers please leave the stage so the next rounds of battles begins," the judged informed. I went back over to Shinji-kun, moving Raichu out of the seat next to him and sitting down, still holding my Fushigiso. "Fushigiso, return, good job," I returned Fushigiso, putting its Monster Ball back on my belt.


    I'll post up the second chapter once I see what you guys think!

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    Thanks! Here's part two! =]


    Author's Note:

    Name Translations:
    Chonchi (Chonchi) - Chinchou
    Burakki (Blacky) - Umbreon
    Herakurosu (Herakros) - Heracross
    Rizadon (Lizardon) - Charizard
    Kimori (Kimori) - Treecko
    Kairyu (Kairyu)- Dragonite
    Goronya (Goronya) - Golem
    Sundasu (Thunders) - Jolteon
    Uindie (Windy) - Arcanine
    Pokémon Zukan - PokéDex (lit. Pokémon Encyclopedia)
    Nest Ball - Nest Ball
    Yatta - All right/Hooray


    Battle upon battle was fought as I made my way to the top. Finally I was at the last match, which was a six-on-six all-out Pokémon perverse. The one I had to battle last was a boy with light green hair and green eyes to match.

    "Mm, my opponent's a cute one!" He smirked. I simply rolled my eyes, waiting for the referee to begin the battle.

    "The battle between Nareta and Chikan will now begin!" The referee shouted, thrusting his arms into the air again to simulate flags.

    "Go, Chonchi!" Chikan threw out a red, blue, and yellow Monster Ball, most likely a Lure Ball.

    I grabbed a Monster Ball from my pocket, "Fushigiso, batoru feizu!" Fushigiso, as usual, showed off before finally landing on the ground, taking a bow as if we were in some kind of show.

    "Chonchi, use Ice Beam!" Chikan commanded. Chonchi opened its tiny mouth, letting out a fruitful Ice Beam. I knew that an Ice Beam would really damage my Fushigiso.

    "Fushigiso, evade!" Fushigiso jumped into the air, avoiding the cold, blue ray. Unfortunately, when Fushigiso landed, it had fallen onto the ice, slipping and sliding all over the place before falling onto the bare deck of the ship onto its face. It seemed enraged.

    "So!" It shouted, stamping its front feet on the ground.

    "Fushigiso, use Razor Leaf!" Fushigiso launched a Razor Leaf at the Chonchi, hitting it with the sharpened leaves. Chonchi had come out, surprisingly, unscathed.

    "Chonchi, Thunder Wave!" Chonchi powered up for a brief moment, electrocuting Fushigiso with a fast Thunder Wave before I could react.

    "So!" Fushigiso moaned. It wavered on its feet once the attack stopped. I knew it was paralyzed. I demanded Fushigiso to shake it off, but it couldn't bring itself to find the strength to do so.

    "Now, Chonchi, use another Ice Beam and finish it off!" Chikan smirked, winking at me. I cringed, my eye giving a little twitch.
    "Chon. ." Chonchi began charging another Ice Beam, firing it out at Fushigiso. In an instant, Fushigiso was frozen.
    "Fushigiso!" I called, worried about my Okemon. Once the ice cracked, Fushigiso had no strength left.
    "So . . ." It groaned.
    "Fushigiso is unable to battle! Chonchi wins round one!" The referee made his decision.

    "Fushigiso, thank you. Come back," I pointed Fushigiso's Monster Ball at it. The ball turned it into red energy and brought it back into its original resting spot.

    "Burakki, batoru feizu!" I shouted, throwing out Burakki's Monster Ball.
    "Chonchi, use Thunderbolt!" Chikan ordered. Chonchi shot a straight spear of sparks at Burakki.

    "Jump, then use Shadow Ball!" My Burakki did as I said, jumping to avoid the electricity. It then blasted a black and purple blob out of its mouth and at the opponent.

    Chonchi dodged the attack, "Chonchi, once more! Thunderbolt!" This time the attack hit Burakki, giving it a massive amount of damage. I, again, told Burakki to use Shadow Ball. Chonchi was hit again.

    "Chon!" Chonchi screeched, ultimately fainting.
    "Chonchi is now unable to battle. Burakki is the winner!" The referee pointed his arm toward Burakki.
    "Chonchi, return," Chikan brought back his Chonchi, getting another ball ready. This one was a Nest Ball. "Go, Herakurosu!" He threw out his Nest Ball after pressing the white button.

    "Herak'ro!" Herakurosu landed in front of my blue and black Burakki, towering over it by two feet.
    "Bura. ." Burakki growled, staring the Herakurosu down with its yellow eyes.
    "Herakurosu, Megahorn!"
    "Herak'ro!" Herakurosu hammered head first at Burakki.

    "Burakki, Iron Tail!" Burakki's tail started to glow a bright silver color before colliding with Herakurosu's Megahorn. An explosion followed with Burakki jumping out of the way, but Herakurosu getting in the way.

    "Herakurosu!" Chikan did seem to be worried about his Okemon, even though he seemed like he wanted to win more than anything.

    "Burakki, use the move I've taught you! Assurance!" I demanded.

    "Ra!" Burakki began glowing, charging at the Herakurosu. Herakurosu was drubbed with double the power Burakki was hit with when Herakurosu used Megahorn.

    "Herak'ro!" Herakurosu fell to the ground, struggling to get up before finally passing out.
    "Herakurosu is unable to battle, Burakki wins round 3!"
    Chikan growled, returning his Herakurosu. "Fine, then. Go, Kimori!"

    "Kimo!" A small green, red-bellied reptile-like Pokémon with a large green tail came out of its Monster Ball. Its yellow eyes scanned the area, locking onto my Burakki.

    "Kimori?" I asked myself, I had never heard of this Okemon.

    I used my Pokémon Zukan to see if it knew what this Okemon was. "Kimori, the Wood Gecko Okemon, the soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings." it spoke as I opened it toward the green, mysterious Okemon. Now I had no clue what type it was or any attacks it could use. I would just have to wait and find out. As I put my Okemon Zukan away, Chikan called the first attack.

    "Kimori, Bullet Seed!" Kimori opened its mouth, blasting a barrage of yellow seeds at Burakki. There was hardly time to evade it. Burakki was hit, flying backwards a few feet and passing out, being too exhausted to go on.

    "Burakki, you did great. Come back," I brought Burakki back with a small smile on my face.

    "Now, Rizadon! Batoru feizu!" I threw out a Monster Ball. A gigantic, larger-than-normal Rizadon came out. Being eight feet tall, possibly more, it was certainly an intimidating opponent.

    "Kimo. ." Kimori walked up to it, trying to threaten it with an angry glance.

    Rizadon simply blew smoke out of its nose and onto the Kimori, frightening it enough to make the Kimori run back toward its trainer.

    "Kimo, Kimo!" Kimori forfeited by slapping its Monster Ball's button and returning to its safe home.
    "Kimori has forfeited. Rizadon is the winner!"
    Everyone around us started laughing at Chikan, except for Shinji-kun who simply rolled his eyes.

    "Kairyu!" A Kairyu popped out of the ball, trying to show-off to scare my Rizadon. The much taller orange dragon wasn't frightened by the shorter yellow-like dragon.

    "Rizadon, use Flamethrower!" Rizadon fired freakishly feverish flames from its mouth.
    "Fly, Kairyu!" Kairyu flew up into the air, avoiding the fire, "now, use Thunder!"
    "That's Super Effective. ." I muttered. While Kairyu charged up its Special Attack, I thought of a plan, "just wait, Rizadon!"

    Rizadon gave a small growl in response, waiting for Kairyu to attack. Kairyu unleashed the lightning.

    "Rizadon, jump and then use Seismic Toss!" Rizadon did as I said, avoiding the Thunder attack by an inch and grabbing onto the dragon, immobilizing its wings, and flying high into the air. Rizadon spun counter clock-wise before flying straight down and grabbing onto Kairyu's arms. Kairyu seemed extremely disoriented and dizzy as Rizadon flung Kairyu over its shoulder and into the ocean with the strength of three G-Forces.

    Kairyu made a loud, big splash, the water coming up aboard the ship, soaking me, Chikan, the referee, the crowd around us, and even Shinji-kun.

    "Ah, sumimasen, Shinji-kun," I apologized.
    After wiping off his face, the referee turned and looked in the water, finding a disoriented and defeated Kairyu.

    "Kairyu is unable to battle, Rizadon is, again, the winner! Now Nareta is down to four Okemon whereas Chikan is down to two Okemon," the referee explained.

    "Goronya!" Chikan threw out a rock type. I knew Rizadon was in trouble.
    "Goronya, use Rollout!" Goronya tucked in its arms, legs, and head and began rolling at a very high speed that would only get faster.

    "Rizadon, Fly!" I barely avoided being hit with the attack. I thought I'd be safe, but Goronya did something that completely caught me off guard.

    "Goronya, jump!" Chikan ordered. Goronya jumped off the boat floor and at Rizadon, hitting it with all its weight. Not only that, but Rizadon and Goronya fell to the floor, Goronya on top and still rolling. Rizadon was practically under a steam roller until Goronya hopped off and came back at it. Goronya was only faster this time around, giving Rizadon almost no time to dodge the second hit.

    "Rizadon, look out!" It was too late, Rizadon was bludgeoned, rolling across the stage itself before coming to a stop right before the pool.

    "Rizadon!" I called, but there was no response. Rizadon was finished with that final attack. Goronya called out to its trainer in its confidence.

    "Don't be too confident, Goronya," Chikan informed it wisely. He was right, I had one more trick up my sleeve: A water-type Pokémon.

    "Rizadon is unable to battle, Goronya wins!" The judge informed.
    "Rizadon, thank you very much. Come back," I returned Rizadon to its energy form, "now, Gorudakku, batoru feizu!"
    "Gorudak!" Gorudakku flexed its muscles for everyone, showing off as usual.
    "Goronya, Rollout!" Goronya curled itself into a ball again, rolling around and rushing straight for Gorudakku.

    "Gorudakku, get on top of it!" I commanded. Gorudakku jumped out of the way of Goronya, only to jump on its back and run in the opposite direction. A confused Goronya rolled backwards, hopping out of the ball and falling on its back. It was dizzy.

    "Now, Gorudakku, use Hydro Pump!" Gorudakku aimed a strong spray of water at the unstable Goronya. Goronya was quickly eliminated.

    "Goronya cannot battle, Gorudakku wins!" The referee called, making the crowd cheer louder with each and every knock out either one of us got.

    "Return, Goronya!" Chikan returned his boulder Okemon, getting out another Monster Ball, "go, Sundasu!" Chikan tossed out a yellow, spiky Okemon with a white, pointy mane.

    "Sunda!" Sundasu called, landing on all fours.

    "Sundasu, use your Electromagnetic Wave!" Sundasu opened its mouth and quickly catapulted a crackling ball of electricity at Gorudakku.

    "Dak!" Gorudakku screeched, flying backwards before sliding across the ground on its back.
    "Gorudakku!" I called, running over to it. Gorudakku was out cold.
    "Gorudakku is unable to battle, Sundasu wins!"
    "Gorudakku, thank you very much," I returned Gorudakku to its Monster Ball, grabbing another.

    "Uindie, batoru feizu!" I tossed out the Monster once I got back to the stage. A magnificent cream, orange, and black-colored dog jumped out of the ball.

    "Ui!" It howled, snarling at Sundasu.
    Chikan just smirked, seemingly thinking of a plan. "Sundasu, use Quick Attack to get behind Uindie!"
    "Sunda!" Sundasu ran behind Uindie, turning almost invisible.

    "Now use Headbutt!" Sundasu used headbutt on Uindie who was unable to dodge the speed of Sundasu. Uindie flew across the stage from the sheer force of Sundasu's stern skull, flying into the pool. Uindie, unfortunately, could not swim. Not only that, but the water was hurting it.

    "Uindie!" I called, trying to grab for its Monster Ball. I almost dropped it a few times, but I finally got it right and pointed it at Uindie, "Uindie, come back!" Uindie turned red and flew back into the Monster Ball. Everyone around began muttering.

    "That was a cheap shot," I growled at Chikan.
    Chikan just smirked, chuckling.

    "Now, both Nareta and Chikan have just one Pokémon left. Chikan's is Sundasu, but we haven't seen Nareta's last Pokémon. I wonder what it could be!" The judge announced, raising the tension on the boat.

    "I've been saving my last Pokémon. Go, Raichu, batoru feizu!" I pointed to the stage. Raichu ran up behind me, jumped onto my shoulder, and hopped onto the stage only two feet away from Sundasu. Even though Raichu was only as tall as a Pikachu would be and weighed a mere 25 pounds, it still packed one powerful punch.

    "It seems we'll have an electric showdown here, folks, Nareta's last Pokémon is a Raichu!"
    "Raichu, show them what happens when they cheat," I said angrily, making Raichu angry as well.

    "Rai. ." Sparks flew wildly from its cheeks as it stared down the Sundasu, both Pokémon on all-fours, lowering themselves to the ground.

    "Raichu, Mega Punch!" Raichu ran at the much slower Sundasu, slamming its fist into Sundasu's snout.

    "Sunda!" Sundasu skidded across the ground, hopping back up and growling at my Raichu. I couldn't use any electric attacks because of Sundasu's Special Ability, Volt Absorb. It would only turn Raichu's lightning attacks into energy and it will restore itself from any damage.

    "Now use Iron Tail!" Raichu jumped up, slamming its silver-glowing, whip-like tail on Sundasu's head, knocking it unconscious from the blow.

    "Sun. ." Sundasu groaned.
    "Sundasu is unable to battle, Raichu is the winner! Nareta wins the tournament!" The referee shouted. Everyone in the crowd cheered loudly, except for Shinji-kun, of course.

    "Yatta!" I shouted, pumping my fist into the air.
    "Raichu!" Raichu jumped onto my shoulder.

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    It reads really well, but what about everything making sense. Sundasu doesn't learn Headbutt as far as I know, and it is MUCH faster than Raichu! I don't mean to criticize, but I am notoriously pedantic, sorry. But it is really good!

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    Sundasu doesn't learn Headbutt as far as I know. .
    It learns it by TM02.

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    Headbutt is a TM? Is that Gen. II?
    If so, I am sorry. Forgive my ignorance!

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    Yep! It's Generation II. Don't even worry about it, it's no big deal. =] Not many people know that anyway.

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    Generation II is the only one I haven't played, so trust me to put my foot in my mouth. Hmm...Headbutt could do wonders on my Booster!

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    Well, here's Chapter 3! This is where things actually begin to take place in my story.

    Author's Note:

    Name Translations:
    Abokku (Abok) - Arbok
    Erekiddo (Elekid) - Elekid
    Houou (Ho oh) - Ho-Oh
    Rugia (Lugia) - Lugia


    Suddenly, before I could make another move, I began feeling a bit dizzy, plopping in the chair next to Shinji-kun while everyone else went about their business. A female voice rang through my ears, inside my head.

    Please. . Help me. My baby.

    I held onto my head, thinking it may have been the heat and I just needed to get back inside.
    "You look pale," Shinji-kun said as I started to walk away.

    "I think I need to lie down," I replied, stalking off with Raichu at my side. I made my way to my room and sat down, waving my hand in front of my face, "did you hear what I heard, Raichu?" I asked. Raichu shook its head 'no', giving me a worried look.

    "Chu. ." Raichu pat my leg with its paw and leaned its head to one side.
    I grunted, holding onto my head.
    Outside. . Help me. . My baby and I . . . We're in danger!
    Again, I began to get dizzy, tilting to the side and having to hold myself up with my left hand.

    "Out. . Side?" I asked, confusing Raichu even more. Raichu grabbed onto my leg, pulling me toward the door to take me outside on the boat.

    "On the boat?" I wondered.
    No . . The island!
    I was anxious as I realized the mysterious voice could hear what I was saying. Were we connected? A knock on the door frightened me, making me jump.

    "Nareta?" Shinji-kun called.

    "Hm?" I asked. He went on to say that 'the hot spring bathing area was ready'. He also wanted to know if I were still interested, trying to stay nonchalant. "Oh. . Hai. ." I nodded at the door, standing up. I stumbled a bit when I walked to the door to go get some food, but I regained my balance and I walked out, following Shinji-kun.

    Please help me. . My baby is in trouble!

    I groaned, holding onto my head softly, Raichu keeping an eye on me close behind. As soon as I walked into the hot spring area, all the sights and sounds almost overwhelmed me. There had to be at least 100 people in that large space. A few in the hot springs, a few eating, most were just hanging out and talking. I quickly leaned against a table, going unnoticed by Shinji-kun. That was until a little later on.

    I had started to feel better, and headed toward Shinji-kun, looking back at Raichu to tell it to come with me. Completely on accident, I ran into some guy's back. "Oh, sorry," I apologized, backing off. I could tell that put him in a bad mood.

    "Hey! Watch where you're going!" He yelled at me, an Abokku coming up next to him.
    "Cha!" It shouted, hissing at me fiercely.
    "Hey, I said I was sorry!" I yelled back at him, starting to attract attention.

    "You shouldn't be such a klutz!" Just then, I remembered him from a bit earlier.
    "Ah! You're that weird Abokku guy," I said, pounding my fist into my palm.
    He snapped, "weird! Looks who's talking! Go, Abokku, kick her ass!"
    "Raichu!" I called. Raichu jumped onto my shoulder only to be stopped by Shinji-kun.
    "You know, if you fight in the boat, they can kick you off," he whispered to me.
    "Who are you?! Get out of my way!" The Abokku trainer demanded.

    "You shouldn't attack her like that. If you wanna fight someone, fight me," Shinji-kun grabbed one of his Monster Balls, "Erekiddo!"

    "Bi!" Erekiddo jumped out of the ball.

    "Ha! Oh, please, Abokku can beat that any day. Abokku, use Poison Sting!" Abokku slithered up behind the trainer, using Poison Sting on Erekiddo.

    "Protect!" Erekiddo put its arms in an X shape in front of its body, glowing green from its arms. The needles bounced right off.
    "Shinji-kun, stop it!" I yelled, grabbing his arm, "you're gunna get kicked off the boat!"
    "Yeah, you may wanna stop before you lose," the rude trainer smirked.
    "Let's just go. ." I said, giving Shinji-kun a stern look.

    "Erekiddo," Erekiddo turned toward Shinji-kun, "return." Shinji-kun, to my relief, returned his Erekiddo and began to walk away.

    "Don't think it's over!" The trainer yelled, his Abokku agreeing with him.
    "I'm glad we got outta there," I sighed as we walked the hallways, "besides, it's time to turn in."
    "I could've finished it before anyone even saw it," Shinji-kun said out of the blue.
    "Shinji-kun, just drop it, please," I pleaded, opening the door to my room. He opened the door to the room right across the hall.
    "G'night," I smiled at him.

    "Night," was all he said before walking into his room.

    Raichu jumped onto my shoulder, "Rai?" I leaned against the door frame, just smiling at the door that he went in to. Raichu shook its head, waving a paw in front of my face, "Raichu. .?"

    "Huh?" I looked up at Raichu, "oh! Sorry." I shuffled into my room, shutting the door gently and laying down.

    "Y'know. . That voice in my head. Do you think it's just my imagination?" I asked Raichu. Raichu shrugged its shoulders. "Maybe after a good night's sleep, I'll feel better tomorrow." I decided to put the events of today, besides my awesome victory in the contest, out of my mind. I turned off the lights, not bothering putting on any pajamas, and laid down in the bed. After a few minutes, everything was quiet and peaceful. However, completely all of a sudden, the voice came back.

    My baby! Help me. . Please!

    The voice was louder and more forceful, making me toss and turn in anxiety.
    The island! Houou!
    My eyes shot open, "Houou!" Raichu lifted its head up, "Rai?"

    "Houou. ." I sat up, giving a few pants, "I thought. . I thought Houou was only a legend." I stood up from the bed and looked over toward the window, just catching a black figure fly past my window. Nervously, I walked toward the window to open the blinds and see outside. I pushed the blinds aside, catching the glimpse of a huge, brown eye at the window. I gasped, losing my voice to scream in surprise as I threw the blinds back over the window. I nearly stumbled over myself and onto the floor; however, a nervous Raichu had caught me and kept me steady.

    Raichu, after making sure I wouldn't fall, looked out the window. Both of us saw a small figure flash by. Raichu slammed the blinds back, jumping off the table that held the Personal Computer and the Pokémon Center. Quickly I scrambled to my feet, thrusting open the door and running straight to Shinji-kun's door, knocking on it until he answered.

    "It's midnight. ." He stated plainly as he stared at me with a somnolent look in his eyes.
    "C-Can I please stay and sleep with you?" I asked nervously, rubbing my hands together, my habit when I was scared.

    After a few moments of him only looking at me, making my heart beat faster than it ever had, he spoke, "why? If you think I'm going to pick a fight with that guy-"

    I stopped him, "no, that's not it. ." I took in a deep breath and let out a shaky one, "you're going to think I'm crazy for this. . But I think I saw something outside my window." There, on his face, was the most disbelieving look I had ever gotten. "Please, Shinji-kun, I'm scared," I said in a very slightly frantic way. My actions were more frantic than my words as I wrapped my arms around him, placing my head against his chest as I shivered. The voice was gone, but I had seen something much worse. I was truly scared. He grunted, not knowing what to do. Raichu, quiet as a mouse, stayed put behind me, taking glances back into my room before slamming the door with its tail. I jumped. Shinji-kun noticed that I really was nervous, and took me into the room with him.

    "Do you want to sleep next to the wall?" He asked, closing his eyes tiredly as he spoke.

    "Please. ." I nodded, getting into the bed and scooting over as far as I could to give him enough space.

    He laid behind me, "don't wake me up."

    His forceful words were enough to keep me silent, only after I thanked him. Raichu hopped up on the bed, laying at the bottom and curling into a ball. It faced me to make sure I was all right. I rolled myself over, only to be looking straight into his face. Smiling, I, too, closed my eyes. It was time to turn in, just like Shinji-kun.

    The whole night went off without a hitch. I slept all night, not waking up at all, and fell asleep right away. I didn't hear that voice again at all. Finally, I woke up to Shinji-kun waking up. I stirred a bit, placing the pillow over my head only to have Raichu poke me.

    "Rai, Rai," Raichu tried to wake me up.
    "Go away," I muttered, trying to push Raichu off.
    "Rai. ." Raichu growled, sparks flying from its cheeks.
    "Okay, okay, I'm up!" I jumped out of the bed, nearly falling on the floor. Shinji-kun shook his head, reaching into his backpack.

    "Isn't it about time you went to your own room?" He pulled out some of his clothes. I got the hint and opened the door.
    "Thanks again, I slept great," I smiled, almost closing the door on my Raichu. Of course I wasn't paying attention.
    "Rai!" Raichu yelled at me after I closed the door and we were in the hall.
    "Sorry, Raichu," I opened the door to my room for it. It went in first on all fours, flicking its tail at me.
    "Raichu, Rai," Raichu jumped onto the bed.

    I sighed, sitting down next to it. Seeing as how I went to bed in my normal clothes, and the fact that I didn't have any other clothes, I didn't need to change. However, I sat there in the bed, spacing out. I wanted to see if the voice came back. It, luckily, didn't come back. The whole next two days, I didn't hear any voice. Shinji-kun and I actually hung out more than I thought we would, and we were nearing the island. The rest of the cruise spent on the ship went by perfectly. I, also, was able to sleep in my own suite.

    "Attention, everyone!" There was an announcement over the intercom. I was currently sitting in Shinji-kun's room with him when it came on.

    "We were docking onto the island. Please come out of your suites! The suite numbers on your tickets will be your assigned rooms on the island! The suites are ordered in twos, one through two, three through four, et cetera! Please keep this in mind, you may have to spend the nights in a room with someone else!" Deep inside, I had hopped that suites 195 and 196 were together.

    When we stepped on the deck of the ship, I saw the island. It was surrounded by the beautiful, blue and emerald-green ocean. The sand was almost purely white and fine. There were many palm trees, but we could still see the suites. They were arranged in a square, with only one side open.

    "Wow. ." I whispered. Raichu nodded in agreement. The cool, crisp ocean air filled my nostrils, putting a bright smile on my face.
    "Are you getting off the boat, or what?" Shinji-kun asked from down below on the island.
    "Oh, right!" I blushed, getting off the boat and heading toward the suites.
    "The lower numbers are in the front, and the larger numbers are in the back!" The captain called.

    "That means we're at the back, right Shinji-kun?" I asked. He didn't respond and just went toward the back. I muttered a bit to myself before following after him. It was a wonder that I enjoyed being around him, seeing how much of a jerk he was.

    "Ah, looks like we're in the same room," I looked over at him, giving a small blush.

    Raichu sighed and lowered its ears. It was probably about sick of me by now. Shinji-kun opened the door and looked inside. It was nothing special. Walking into it, I saw that everything was wooden, besides the beds, of course. The floors, the ceiling, the walls, the bed frames, everything was wooden, almost like a shack. Shinji-kun shut the door behind us, "I was thinking this place would be more like their boat."

    "Aw, c'mon, I think it's cute," I smiled, choosing the bed on the left as my own. As soon as I sat down, almost like a reflex, I heard the voice come back.

    Help! The ocean, please come quickly!

    "The ocean?" I whispered to myself.
    "What about it?" Shinji-kun asked, overhearing me.

    "N-nothing. . I'll be right back!" I put down my backpack and ran out the door, Raichu trying to keep up right behind me. I slammed the door shut and started toward the ocean. "The ocean. ." I stopped at the sand and starred out toward the ocean. Slowly, I crept closer, nervously awaiting what would happen. "I. . I-I'm here," I stuttered. In the water, a small, black figure floated toward the surface. My heart raced at the sight, but I kept my composure.

    A small Pokémon, brown eyes, white neck, and blue fin-like appendages on its face, around its eyes came out, from the neck up. It made a little squeaking sound and smiled at me. "Aww, were you the one that was calling me?" I asked, my nervousness disappearing.

    "No, that would be me," another figure came up. It looked exactly like the little one, only this Pokémon was much, much bigger.
    "R-Rugia. ." I whispered, staring in awe at them.
    "Raichu," Raichu jumped onto my shoulder, looking up at the larger Rugia, and then back down to the smaller Rugia.
    "What's this?" The large Rugia poked its head down at my Raichu, sniffing it, "you brought another Pokémon?"

    "I-It's my Raichu," I answered it. Well, more accurately, I answered her. "I think a better question would be: why have you been calling me ever since I got on that cruise ship?"

    "Well, I had been watching you on the ship. . And I knew that you'd be the one! You can help me," she smiled at me, keeping her face close. As she talked, her lips didn't move. I assumed she spoke using telepathy. She stepped out of the water, revealing her whole body. She had to have been at least twelve feet taller than me.

    The rest of her body was almost completely stream-line, probably used for moving swiftly in the water, and in the air. The exception was her back, which had two sets of fins on each side, going straight down her back and to her long tail, which also held two fins at the very tip. Her wings were large, hanging down by her side and covering some of the light blue on her chest.

    "You can help me get rid of that Houou!" She spread out her wings and engulfed me in them, pulling me toward her and holding me against her chest. The smaller Rugia, I presumed to be the baby she told me about, started to become excited like its mother, although it probably didn't know what was going on. I froze in the Rugia's wings, shivering.

    "Uhh. . Okay?" I said, kind of unsure of what I wanted to really do. I didn't entirely understand what was going on, "what does Houou want with you?" Once she finally put me down, she explained it to me. Houou was angry that she had a baby to carry on her legacy, and Houou didn't like the idea of it. It was going to get rid of the baby no matter what. Rugia wanted me to knock some sense into the Houou. She meant it literally, not figuratively. Rugia thought if I could battle Houou, and get it tired and weak, I could stop it from trying to ever destroy the baby. However, I didn't know exactly what my role was. I also knew that none of my Pokémon could stand up to a legendary, no matter how stubborn they are.

    "Okay, okay. Look, I can't battle a legendary Pokémon! I'd need another Pokémon, one as strong as Houou. I'd need you to battle with me," I explained. She had laid next to me as I sat down on the sand. The baby Rugia, only as big as I was, started playing with my Raichu.

    "Do you know what you're doing?" She asked.

    "Of course!" I think I was just trying to convince myself more than her. I wasn't sure if I knew what I was doing or not. Never have I had this decision come about before.

    "When is Houou attacking?" I asked.
    "I'm not sure," she replied. Oh boy, this was going to be a long week.


    How's that? Shinji's in character as much as possible, right? =(

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    Whoa! Lugia! Ho-oh! Lugia! Shinji! Lugia! Baby Lugia! Lugia! Telepathy! Lugia! Awesome! *looks around nervously* Oops...

    I like Lugia =D

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    Yes, Lugia equals awesome! =] I love Lugia.

    Shinji was in character, right? That's really what I'm most concerned about.

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    Yes, he was rather. ahahaha you asked if you could sleep with him. Someone REEEEEEEALY likes the purple-haired twit!

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    'Ey! He's not a twit. . =( He's smart. He's just a jerk! =]

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    Chapter 4 Since I have nothing else to do. . And my RP partners take FOREVER. Seriously. . I'm trying to do stuff to pass the time, but I have to make a post after EVERYONE! E-man, ShinjiLover, E-man, ShinjiLover, Dragon User, ShinjiLover, et cetera. *glares at RP mates* Lolz, I'm exaggerating again.

    Anywho, this is very. . Well, just read and find the words for me, my only reader. I.e., Dragon User.

    Author's Note:

    Name Translations:
    Gyaradosu (Gyarados) - Gyarados
    Koikingu (Koiking) - Magikarp
    Shidora - Seadra
    Tosakinto - Goldeen
    Azumao - Seaking
    Sutami (Starmie) - Starmie
    Nuo - Quagsire
    Mantain - Mantine
    Teppoo - Remoraid
    Harisen - Qwilfish


    The next day, I was at the buffet on the island. It was inside of the shacks, which is why one side was open.

    "All right, guys, do you think you can do this right this time?" I asked all of my Pokémon. They all yelled out in anxiety, pounding their feet on the ground, "good. . Then it is time. Eat up, everyone!" I let them all take their pick of food. Unlike yesterday, where I was nearly sent back and away from the island by my Pokémon's eating habits, they ate very nicely. Making sure not to bite at anyone who tried to get a bite of food.

    "How do I do it?" I asked Shinji-kun, sitting next to him.
    "You yelled at them yesterday," he replied.
    "Yeah," I smiled and nodded, "and it worked!"

    "Hey, there's that girl I was looking for!" A familiar voice ran up to me. I remembered him as Chikan, the guy I had beaten in the battles onboard the ship.

    "Oh, no. ." I mumbled, looking at Shinji-kun with a look in my eyes that just screamed for help.

    "Nareta, was it?" He asked, sitting next to me without asking first. He was mere inches from me, making me shift and scoot over in nervousness. To say the least, I was uncomfortable.

    "Y-Yes," I nodded.
    "So, when we get off this island, you wanna go on a date with me?" He asked. Chikan definitely wasn't subtle.
    "Wh-what!?" I asked in a loud, surprised voice.
    "Of course she doesn't," Shinji-kun interrupted, "as soon as you sat down, she wanted you to leave."

    "Hey, stay out of it! I'm sure she can answer herself," Chikan scooted closer to me. Raichu, Gorudakku, Rizadon, Burakki, Uindie, and Fushigiso looked at Chikan with fire in their eyes, especially Gorudakku and Raichu.

    "Dakku," Gorudakku walked up behind Chikan, tapping on his shoulder, "Gol." Chikan turned his head, only to be sprayed in the face with a Water Gun from an angry Pokémon – more specifically, my Gorudakku. All of my Pokémon laughed, even I laughed.

    Chikan's face turned red, "why you little! My Sundasu beat you once, it can beat you again!"
    "Gol!" Gorudakku gave him the 'bring it on' sign with its fingers.
    "C'mon, guys, stop," I said, stopping my Pokémon in mid-laugh and my Gorudakku in mid-taunt. Gorudakku just went back to eating.

    "Afraid you're gunna lose, you worthless little-" Gorudakku cut Chikan off, spraying him with a Hydro Pump. Chikan fell down, spitting water out of his mouth once the attack stopped. Again, I started to laugh as Chikan walked away, wringing out his shirt.

    "Thanks, Gorudakku," I high-fived it. Rizadon snickered at Chikan, sitting down on the sand. It was still taller than all of my other Pokémon, even though it wasn't standing, "oh, and thanks for trying, Shinji-kun." I rolled my eyes.

    "Be thankful I said anything at all," he added.
    "Oh, yeah. You certainly told him," I nudged him with my elbow.
    Nareta! Rugia called me.
    I growled, standing up, "I'll be right back." With that, I walked off toward the beach again, Raichu following close behind. The others just kept eating, acting like I never fed them.

    "Yes, Rugia?" I called to the ocean after looking around to make sure no one was looking. The little baby Rugia came up, spraying me with a stream of water.

    Its mother also came up, "my baby wanted to see you." The little one came out of the water, trying to fly up. It just barely flew a few feet before falling down.

    "Woah, there," I caught it, "you gotta be careful!" It squeaked at me, giving me a lick, "ready to try again?" I asked. It nodded its head, squeaking excitedly. I lifted it into the air, having to strain my muscles. It had to be a good 40-odd pounds. "Now, flap your wings!" Rugia started to flap its wings hard. Air flicked my hair around. "You're doing it! You're doing it!" Rugia smiled and continued flapping its wings harder and harder until I finally let it go, keeping my hands under it. Rugia hovered for a few seconds before stopping. It was too tired to keep going and fell right back into my arms.

    "Good job!" Its mother called, snuggling her face into her baby's. The baby jumped out of my arms, tugging me over to the ocean. "Oh no, I can't swim well," I refused. The baby gave me a sad look, tugging me again. Nervously, I walked waist deep in the ocean. Rugia put itself under my body and started swimming farther out with me on its back. I was clinging to the Rugia's back, surprised at how strong the little one was. Immediately from going out, it went straight back to shore, tossing me to its mother. She put her tail between my legs and flicked me into the air. Right then, I began to have fun, laughing and giggling as I landed on the mother's back.

    She went under the shallow part of the ocean right after Raichu jumped on as well. I looked around the ocean as she went deeper. Gyaradosu, Koikingu, Shidora, Tosakinto, it's evolved form Azumao, Sutami, Nuo, Mantain, Teppoo, and Harisen swam past us. I was in awe at the beautiful ocean. It was so vast, deep, and gorgeous that I couldn't take my eyes off of it. So many lives were sustained under the water. Unfortunately, I knew humans were starting to ruin it. I saw a few things under the ocean that I didn't like, like a few cans, a bag, and even a small cart. The smile was wiped away from my face, only until the baby Rugia swam in front of us did the smile return. Suddenly, I felt myself needing air. I tapped on Rugia's back. She looked at me, so I pointed to the surface and then at my throat. She understood me, and swam quickly back to the surface.

    I took in a deep breath. "Wow, it's so cool under there!" I smiled.

    "I like it there, too. But I'm always afraid of losing my baby under there," she admitted. Her baby flew back up and jumped out of the water, on top of me. I slid down the mother's back, only to have her flick me up with her tail again. I landed back on her tail, laughing. She headed back for shore, her offspring hitching a ride. Raichu put its feet on Rugia's back and let gravity push it down, as if it were surfboarding on her back and into my back.

    "Ouch, Raichu," I complained, putting it in a head-lock playfully. Rugia stopped at the shore, allowing me to get off.

    I heard a few footsteps coming toward the beach, motioning for the Rugia to hide. My Pokémon stepped out of the palm trees, calling out to me.

    "You guys finally done eating?" I asked, getting out their Monster Balls. I returned all of them to their Monster Balls, and turned back to the ocean. The baby popped out, trying to fly once again only to fall on its mother's head. They spoke their language a little bit before the mother turned back to me.

    "It's getting late," that was all she had to say.
    "Right, your baby better get some sleep," I smiled, turning around to go back to my 'cabin'.
    "Will you come back tomorrow?" She asked.

    "Of course!" I put my hand up in the air and waved to them, walking backwards. I slid back on my heels and was facing the suites again. Before I went back to the middle, I was going to put my Pokémon in the suite, except for Raichu, of course. Shinji-kun was in there, pretty much doing nothing, so I decided not to go back. I mean, what if Chikan was still there?

    "Where did you go?" He asked.

    "Oh, just to the ocean. Raichu likes to go swimming," I lied. Raichu glared at me, but had to agree anyway. Neither she nor I could swim. My only swimming Pokémon were Gorudakku and Fushigiso, and somewhat Raichu for a short period. But I digress.

    "Really?" He sounded disbelieving. Suddenly, I became nervous. What if he saw me playing with the two Rugia? Miss Mama wouldn't be happy about that.

    "Yes! What is this, twenty questions 'r something?" I asked, sitting on my bed and placing my Monster Balls in the backpack. After that, Shinji-kun and I sat in silence until it was time to go to bed. At least it was for me.

    I covered myself up in my blankets, Raichu snuggling in close to me. Finally, I thought, no more voices. And no more surprises.
    Nareta! Rugia called.
    I groaned, putting a pillow over my head.
    Tomorrow, my baby wants you to teach her how to fly!
    These Rugia were started to get on my nerves.

    A few days went on, a lot of it involved my trying to teach her baby girl how to fly. It seemed like Shinji-kun was getting more suspicious of me every day. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't help but wonder if he knew about the Rugia.

    However, I had more than that on my mind. Every day and every night, I wondered if Houou would come. He may have come now. He may just come later. Or now! Or later. . I didn't know when he'd strike, although I was sure it'd be at night when everyone was asleep. It'd make it easier for him. And every night, I grew more weary of his coming. I was so nervous. Mostly, I was scared because I thought if I screwed up, that baby would pay for it.

    What would happen if Houou came? The people and the Pokémon would be in danger. I and that baby would definitely be in danger. The people may leave, and then I'll be left there on that island with two very dangerous Pokémon; Houou and Rugia. I may not even survive Houou's attack. There were many things that could go wrong at any second, and then my Pokémon would have to fend for themselves.

    My Raichu would have to stay out of danger, or it certainly would not survive.

    Finally, the last night I would be spending on that island came about. The Rugia and I had made some great memories, but I would have to leave when the boat left, even if Houou hadn't come that night. I turned on my side in the bed, looking over at the boy I had been spending so much time with. Sighing, I smiled at the back of his head, just happy for no reason.

    Nareta! Houou is nearing! I can feel it.

    The mother Rugia was frantic, I could tell. A storm started to brew in her anxiety. I shot up, my heart racing faster, and got out of the bed, looking out the back window. The storm was fierce. The rain was splattering down and the dark, almost black clouds, seemed evil. A roll of thunder sounded and a strike of lightning crashed down. This storm put more tension in the air. I was only unsure that Houou was coming before I heard a loud cry from the skies; I knew it was almost, if not, here.

    I quickly opened the door, slamming it behind me, Raichu right on my shoulder.
    "I think it's here, Raichu," I told it. It gulped, nodding.
    "Rai. ." Raichu even sounded scared. And my Raichu wasn't scared of anything.

    I ran to the beach and to the frantic Rugia. I held the little one, patting her on the head. "Don't worry, guys. I'll get rid of Houou," a warm smile was forced on my face. The cry I had heard from earlier grew closer and louder. I motioned for Rugia to let me get on her back. She bent down and I hopped up, making Raichu go a safe distance away. Many people started to come out of their suites, looking around for the sounds.

    One of them ran to get the captain of the boat that was docked while the others stared at the Rugia, not being able to move. A siren rang throughout the island, warning everyone to get off quickly as Houou approached. My eyes widened at Houou. It was real. And it was beautiful. It screeched into the sky, trying to threaten Rugia. She didn't back down. Between Houou, the siren, and screaming coming from below, it was hard to predict when Houou would attack.

    Rugia and Houou stared each other down, Rugia standing on the sand and Houou hovering in the air. This was going to get ugly, and if I could hold off Houou until everyone was safely on the boat, the better it was.


    Ooh! Climactic fight is next! =3

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    I can't wait! OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOooooh! So exciting!


    You are the Gamemaster, after all. You control the plot!

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