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    Smile The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    I know that the topic of "Pokemon High School" has been so many times and it's an overused plot line but, I decided to take a shot at it anyway. This is only my second fanfiction, second to a story on Ash's dad called The Very Best Like No One Ever Was, though I'm working on others briefly as well. I haven't finished this story yet but as I post chapters on fanfiction I'll update them on here as well. Well, please review I love to hear feedback, it's much appriciated!!! Thank You for reading and hopefully reviewing :D

    Prologue and Character Bios:
    Chapter 1: Prologue & Character Bios
    The Poke'Tech Chronicles


    It has been five years since ten-year-old Ash Ketchum had defeated the Unova League and the Unova Elite Four thereby declaring him the champion of Unova and giving him the world renowned, much anticipated title of Pokemon Master. Breaking the usual pattern of ages in the series remaining the same, a five year time skip has finally been executed. Over the years Ash has been residing in Pallet Town and decided to cease traveling and give someone else a shot since he had already earned his title also he felt it would be plain cruel to put his mother through another long period of his absence just for him to have some kicks. Ash spent his time daily as he did as a child before his departure on his journey except now he had more people to visit and talk to aside from Gary and the other neighborhood kids. Pikachu lived at Ash's house but his other Pokemon remained at the Oak Corral which was very close by to his home. Over the five years Ash had been peacefully relaxing in his hometown there had been many drastic changes in the world. For one it had been now made illegal for citizens in the Kanto region to receive a Pokemon license until the age of eighteen , so technically now all of Ash's Pokemon legally belonged to his mother. And just recently it became a global requirement for all soon-to-be trainers take a Pokemon Training class at a boarding school called Poke'Tech. After Kanto passed the age restriction bill for Pokemon licenses the rest of the regions also adopted it seeing it as a wise decision made by the Kanto region government. The closest Poke'Tech from Kanto, Johto,Hoenn and Sinnoh was in Pastoria City the second closest was in a desolate town in Unova but Unova was extensively far from the other regions mentioned above. Due to the new law Ash was determined to keep his status as a Pokemon Trainer and therefore he had his sights set on Poke'Tech Academy, Pastoria City, Sinnoh.

    Character Bios for The Poke'Tech Chronicles


    Ash Ketchum


    Bio: Ash is a kind hearted boy who at times can be very clueless and stubborn. Ash is also the youngest Pokemon master who ever lived claiming his title in honor of his deceased father at only age ten. He is very unselfish and will ofter sacrifice himself for his friends, family and Pokemon he's brave and determined. Ash studies constantly and is very serious about his schoolwork because if he doesn't maintain an A+ grade average his scholarship will be removed and his mother couldn't afford the tution and everyone in the school is made known of it through the principal's big mouth.

    Misty Waterflower


    Bio: Misty is a stubborn hot-headed girl with a nasty temper but underneath it all she has a big heart she's very daring and willing to take risks and often doesn't think before acting. Up until the new law Misty's occupation was the gym leader of the Cerulean City gym. Misty is an average student who doesn't study as hard as Max or Ash but isn't as much of a slacker as May.

    May Maple

    Age: 15

    Bio: May is a very courageous and bright young lady she is very committed to her boyfriend, Drew. May will do nearly anything for a bite to eat and is a bit of a slacker when it comes to her homework and studying. May often jumps to absurd conclusions and makes odd remarks. May is also won the title of Top Coordinator for the Sinnoh region.

    Max Maple


    Bio: Max is the geeky irritating little brother of May. He is the youngest member of the group and is the biggest goodie-two-shoes you've ever known(and that's saying something for this group). He never strays from his sister's side and refuses to leave her alone. Though, he refuses to admit it Max admires his sister and envys her success he someday wants to have a proud accomplishment as a Pokemon researcher.

    Drew Ladropple


    Bio: At times Drew can be overconfident and arrogant and most of the time he fails to avoid insulting people but one thing he makes sure of is that he's always there for his girlfriend, May. Drew aquired his tution from the Maple family because his family, like the Ketchums, couldn't afford the expensive fee. Unlike, Ash though, Drew keeps his family's finacial problems a secret. Drew like his girlfriend studies as a coordinator.

    Brock Harrison

    Age: 18

    Bio: Brock is a world renowned Pokemon breeder and he has been attending Poke'Tech long before the law was passed. Brock studies at Poke'Tech to become a Pokemon doctor he is the eldest of the group and he is a senior at Poke'Tech the other alumni of his class mostly consist of Nurse Joy. I wonder why Brock decided to become a Pokemon doctor... Brock is very responsible and an astounding chef whenever one of Brock's old friends are endangered you can be assured Brock isn't far behind with his medical bag.

    Dawn Dussk

    Age: 15

    Bio: Dawn is a Poke'Stylist studying in the art of Pokemon fashion here at Poke'Tech. Once aspiring to be top coordinator like her mother Dawn also takes some coordinator courses at Poke'Tech. Dawn is very girly but strong she is sympathetic at times but the curse of the teenage girl always seems to get the better of her. Dawn is edgy, boy-crazy, passionate, competitive and sometimes she can be flat out mean but lets not forget her good qualities such as caring, bold and she has a great sense of perserverence.

    Kenny Iceberet


    Bio: Kenny is the charming boy of the school who has all the girls drooling over him despite the fact he can't stand it and just wants a steady girlfriend. Kenny dreams of becoming a top coordinator so he packed up his books and took a one way ticket to Pastoria City. Kenny is an all-American boy with an irrisitable chrasima who seems to have it all but he's very modest and never lets it get to his head.

    Barry Tyson

    Age: 17

    Bio: Barry is an upbeat energetic know it all that know one seems to be able to keep up. His father is Battle Tycoon Palmer of the battle frontier and he doesn't let anyone forget it. Barry may seem a bit egotistical but he's just a kind-hearted and fun kid to be around. Barry never lets anyone get away with anything without taking it to court if you get into a fight with Barry watch out because you might be in for one serious lawsuit, how else do you think Barry got into Poke'Tech?

    Gary Oak


    Bio: Gary is the grandson of the world famous Professor Samual Oak and he was pursuing his researcher in the Sinnoh region, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. Gary of course, along with the rest of the students at Poke'Tech, came here to earn their degree and continue their dream. Gary is a stuck up snob who all the girls gape over, I mean he had his own car and cheerleading squad at age eleven what did you expect? Most people are lead to believe that Gary is selfish though this is not the case he is very open minded to others ideas and cares about his Pokemon and friends deeply.

    Paul Veilstein

    Age: 16

    Bio: Paul is a selfish loner who literally cares about nothing other than being top in his class and himself. He's a total jerk and somewhat of a bully who has no time for anyone or anything. His famous catchphrase is that's pathetic or you're pathetic and at times it has you wondering how he's doing in vocabulary class. Paul is particular cruel to Ash, Misty and May. Paul discreetly has a crush on his ex-girlfriend, Dawn so inevitably the only way he knows to get her attention is to tease her. Paul has a complicated relationship with his older, caring brother, Reggie despite all he's done for him, Reggie's even paved Paul's tuition full but that doesn't prevent Paul from giving his brother the cold shoulder.

    Zoe Malloy


    Bio: Zoe, better know as Zoey, is the cool girl that everyone seems to get along with. She's a generally fun person to be around but she has no close friends except maybe Dawn she just sort of hangs out everyone as she reaches for her goal as top coordinator.

    Tracey Sketchit


    Bio: Tracey was initially suppose to remain studying at Professor Oak's lab since the law specified that he was qualified for his education to be complete. Tracey was relieved to hear that since he didn't have a cent, being only an apprentice. But, Professor Oak makes a surprisingly generous decision that he believes that it would do Tracey good to attend a school and that he could return to his internship after he graduates. Tracey then excitedly hops upon the Poke`Tech Bandwagon.

    Bianca Eagerson


    Bio: Bianca is an eccentric, peppy girl who seems to have a hyperactivity disorder, but in reality you realize that most of the time it's just she had too much sugar for breakfast. She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but she's always quick with a creative idea. She's a bit of a klutz but no one can resist her dimwitted, dumb blonde charm.

    Iris Gemanii

    Age: 15

    Bio: Iris is a bit critical towards others but is always willing to lend a helping hand. Iris' goal is still a mystery she's quite a mysterious girl who loves to keep secrets and isn't willing to share with anyone except her beloved Axew.

    Cilan Coinissomileiur


    Bio: Coming off as odd to most is Cilan. He's critically acclaimed for his cooking skill and has a fierce but, friendly rivalry with Brock. Cilan's main dream is to become a Pokemon connoisseur to reach out to Pokemon's hearts.

    Tripp Cameron

    Age: 15

    Bio: A reserved young man sharing similar traits with Paul but, he's much more mellow and more social. Tripp's priority at Poke'Tech is to become a Pokemon photographer.

    Ursula Major


    Bio: A complete snobby, stuck-up brat. She's spoiled, arrogant, concieded and just a big unpleasant jealous wreck. She's out to get everyone and she's the biggest backstabber around. Yet she's the most popular girl in the entire school.


    Harley Davidson

    Bio: Harley is the creepiest person on campus. He's a fashionable "man" who teaches Poke'Styling and coordinating skills. Much to his and May's horror he is teaching her…

    Professor Rowan

    Bio: A prestigious, bold, reserved man who isn't very talkative and just says enough to get the job done.

    Professor Oak

    Bio: Coming along with Tracey, Professor Oak ventures out to Pastoria City to teach at Poke'Tech.

    Professor Carolina

    Bio: A professor native of the Sinnoh region and also Cynthia's grandmother.

    Cynthia Diamondshed

    Bio: A Pokemon master of the Sinnoh region who wants to teach people her strategic methods at Poke'Tech

    Lance Kimono

    Bio: The Pokemon Master from the Johto region who now spends his time educating young dream

    And I'm sure various other side-characters will be added that I don't feel like listing XP

    Pfft, yeah I'm making up last names! Why? Cause I feel like it XD

    What shippings are in this story you ask? I'm not telling you read it and see!
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 1: Education is Key!

    It was a very peaceful serene day in the town of Pallet the Dodou were chirping the sun was glistening down on the lush due-dropped grass as Ash awoke to the arousing aroma of waffles invading the house. It had been a day since the new age/education restriction act had been enabled.

    "I can't believe that you aren't my Pokemon anymore... unless I graduate from that stupid school...I'm not even a trainer anymore! Supposedly I'm a Pokemon Master...wait what if they take that away because I'm only fifteen! Oh, no I gotta get a diploma from school I gotta go there!" Ash exclaimed to his loyal buddy Pikachu. Ash crept down the stairs to the kitchen to find his mom and Mr. Mime happily cooking some waffles for breakfast.

    "Morning, Mom!" Ash said pleasantly.

    "Good morning, dear, my you're up early." Delia replied.

    "I've got a lot on my mind..." Ash stated.

    "About the new law?" Delia assumed.

    "Yeah... Mom, you don't think they'll remove my title because I'm fifteen, do you?" Ash asked nervously.

    "I wish I could say no, honey, but I don't really know what's going on these days congress has been discussing that Pokemon license controversy for about a year now we all knew it was coming. It's ridiculous kids never had to earn a degree to become trainers before now the age restriction I might have to agree on." Delia said.

    "Why the age restriction you didn't seem to have a problem with it when I set off when I was ten?" Ash asked.

    "I didn't seem it because I didn't want you to know I didn't want to worry you on your journey. I also didn't want to deprive you of the wonderful adventures out there that the rest of kids got to see at such a young age, I was on a journey at ten and I'm sure my parents disliked it too but that's the way the world worked, times are changing." Delia responded.

    "Well, it just isn't fair that Pikachu isn't even mine anymore!" Ash shouted.

    "Well, sweetie it isn't like I'm going to take it away from you and claim ownership for myself over it." Delia remarked sarcastically.

    "I know, I know but, I don't know it's just not the same I'm not even seen as a trainer anymore and I was a champion!" Ash yelled.

    "I know how you feel, dear but, you better not battle anymore apparently it's illegal for youths to participate in any Pokemon training like criteria." Delia explained.

    "What! No battling at all? You're kidding?" Ash yelled, astounded. "I can't believe this!" Ash shouted.

    "I'm sorry, dear, I know how much Pokemon training means to you." Delia said, feeling sorry for her son as Mr. Mime set the table.

    "...Mom, do you think we could?" Ash asked awkwardly with a desperate gleam in his eye. Delia saw the look of desperation twinkling in his deep brown eyes and her heart ached at what she had to say.

    "...I'm sorry, Ash, there's nothing I'd rather do but, we just don't have the money. I'm sorry, I wish I could so badly but, you know how tight money is here since you donated nearly all of your champion money to Professor Oak's. I'm so sorry, Ash I just can't I-" Delia said teary eyed.

    "It's okay, Mom, I understand. It's my fault anyway for giving away all my prize money." Ash replied.

    "Don't be sorry, sweetheart, that was a very generous thing you did for the professor besides I don't think 5000 dollars would cover the tuition." Delia explained as she thought hard on a way to get Ash into that school. "I know! We'll have you apply for a scholarship they'd give you a full scholarship in a heartbeat, having someone like my little boy in their school'd be a privilege!" Delia boasted about her son.

    "I must say, Mom, that's not a bad idea I am after all a Pokemon Master!" Ash bragged with a tint of sarcasm.

    Over at the Cerulean City Gym the sensational sisters, and the one runt were just discussing the new law as well.

    "We'll have to like shut down the gym, sis, like even though Daisy's over eighteen she hasn't like got that degree not to mention we've got better things to like totally do than watch this place." Lilly explained.

    "But, you guys running the gym is the only thing I want to do! Please let me go to Poke'Tech I know you have the money and I'll pay you back someday I swear!" Pleaded the sixteen year old red-head who had become quite beautiful like her sisters.

    Daisy sighed. "Guys, let her go we've like got plenty of money and like the gym is her only career like imagine if we couldn't model or put on water ballets anymore." Daisy succumbed.

    "Daisy is right, Lilly, and like grow up and stop being so mean to Misty, you're not fourteen anymore like grow up." Violet scolded.

    "Okay, okay you win, sis and you know I'm only kidding we love you." Lilly laughed.

    "Yes! Oh, thank you thank you guys so much I'll make it up to you I promise!" Misty exclaimed graciously as she charged up the stairs to pack.

    Over at Peatlburg City fifteen year old May was helping her mother, Caroline wash the dishes. Norman, May's father, who just happened to be the city's gym leader came in with May's brother, Max.

    "Hey, May did you hear about the new law? The Hoenn region just passed it they got the idea from Kanto." Norman explained informatively.

    "Yeah... and to think I just became top coordinator and I was trying to relax at home I have a boyfriend and everything was going just great until May's marvelous expedition was shut down because of the Kanto region's brilliant ideas..." May grumbled.

    "Yeah, and I just had set out on my journey!" Max complained.

    "I know, this isn't fair to new trainers like Max or any beginner trainers why should they have to go to school and wait to be eighteen if we didn't have to." May griped.

    "Now, hold on kids I haven't discussed it with your mother yet but we're thinking about sending you to that school if you really take your Pokemon training seriously and intend on making a living off of it. Now, May I know you're serious you made us proud by becoming top coordinator I know that you'll pursue yourself with that. I had no clue I was going to be a gym leader at your age but, I do know that Pokemon training is a serious career. Max, you're only twelve now, are you positive that you want to become a Pokemon researcher, honestly tell me the truth this school costs a fortune." Norman asked.

    "Absolutely, positively, just like Professor Birch!" Max exclaimed.

    "Well, Norman there you have it? What do you say?" Caroline asked her husband.

    "Yes, do your best keep your grades up! We leave this September just in two weeks we haven't got much preparation time so we best get busy!" Norman said agreeing.

    "Oh, thank you Dad, I'll work really hard I promise!" May squealed hugging her father joyously.

    "Thanks so much Dad and Mom I promise I'll do my best!" Max exclaimed.

    "Oh, we're not worried about you, Max..." Caroline teased implying May as the one they were concerned for.

    "Gee, thanks for the confidence boost, Mom." May said sarcastically as the family laughed happily. They were lucky enough to be able to afford such a trip unlike the Ketchums who had to scrimp for money and beg for a scholarship. May than began thinking of her boyfriend, Drew who was still aiming for top coordinator but was taking a break to visit his family in LaRousse City she wondered if he was going and if his family could afford it. May knew that Drew may have lived in a big city with moving sidewalks and new fangled devices around every corner but she also knew that that meant the houses were even more expensive to live in and they must've been awfully small.

    "Dad, Mom, I know how much you're doing for Max and I but... I was just wondering... Oh, I hate to ask after all you just gave me but-" May began as she bit the bottom of her lip.

    "You want us to pay Drew's tuition don't you?" Norman interrupted knowing his daughter all to well.

    "Please, Dad being a top coordinator is his dream and he'd be crushed if he could never pursue it, it means everything to him!" May begged.

    "Everything, huh, some boyfriend..." Norman muttered.

    "Next to me of course..." May said rolling her eyes she knew her father wasn't exactly fond of Drew he always thought Ash was a much better choice but May loved Drew despite her father's constant snide remarks about him.

    "Well, May maybe it's time you and Drew went your separate ways you'll find another boy at Poke'Tech anyhow." Norman said irritably.

    "Not so fast, Norman I've got a say in this too and I think Drew is a fine young man and perfectly well suited for our daughter and I say we pay for him as well it wouldn't be a problem." Caroline said siding with May.

    "See, Dad Mom likes Drew why don't you?" May chimed in.

    "Caroline, I know we could but that boy is" Norman objected stubbornly.

    "Y'know those are the exact words that my father said about you after we got back from our date with the beautifly." Caroline said.

    "Really? Why what's wrong with me I'm perfectly fine!" Norman stated defensively.

    "and what would be the problem with Drew, hm? He cares for May deeply, Norman and May feels the same." Caroline persisted.

    "Alright, alright you win" Norman capitulated to his family's pleadings.

    "Yay thanks Mom thanks Dad I'll call Drew immediately!" May exclaimed as she dashed over to the phone to call Drew's house in LaRousse City. After their travels in Johto May and Drew began to travel together through the Sinnoh region and then Drew finally worked up the nerve to ask May to be his girlfriend after she won the Sinnoh Grand Festival and they'd been a happy couple ever since. The phone dialed as May anxiously awaited to inform Drew of the news.

    "Hello, Drew, it's me, May." May greeted.

    "Hey, May, what's up?" Drew asked.

    "You'll never guess what just happened!" May exclaimed.

    "What, the new laws and restrictions, I know I'm totally bummed out right now I can't believe this. My family doesn't have the kind of cash to send me to Pastoria to study." Drew said glumly.

    "Well then boy is this gonna brighten your day my parents are sending Max and I to Poke'Tech!" May exclaimed.

    "Oh... so I guess I won't be seeing you for awhile then. Not that I'm not happy for your, May, of course I am it's just that I'll miss you... a lot." Drew said sadly but he was also happy that his girlfriend got to keep striving for her goal.

    "No, silly I talked my parents into paying for you to come too! We just gotta have your parents permission!" May exclaimed excitedly.

    "What! I don't know what to say! May, how on earth did you talk you father into it, he hates me!" Drew exclaimed.

    "Oh, Drew he does't hate you he just... doesn't think you're suitable for me or something..Ah, who cares anyway we get to go to Poke'Tech together!" May exclaimed.

    "Thank you so much, May you have no idea how much I wanna kiss you right now! Alright I'll call you right back I gotta go tell my parents bye, love you!" Drew said in anticipation.

    "You too, bye Drew!" May said happily as she giggled to herself and anticipated her next adventure.

    Over in Twinleaf Town Dawn and her mother, Johanna were also discussing the new regional reform being passed. Dawn was now a Poke'Stylist who designed new clothes and fashion styles for Pokemon and Trainers especially for contests but without that diploma that avocation was a thing of the past.

    "Say, Mom, are you going to let me go to Poke'Tech, please." Dawn asked earnestly to her mother.

    "If that's really what you want, dear." Johanna agreed.

    "Oh, it is Mom, it really is to become a Poke'Stylist!" Dawn exclaimed profoundly.

    "That's what you said about becoming top coordinator too...and dating Paul but you know what happened." Johanna reminded her daughter of her past.

    "Mom, I lost at the Sinnoh grand festival that was it and as for Paul I don't even know why I dated him in the first place he's a total grouch just like he was to Ash back in the day. Everything I did was so pathetic according to him now I know why Ash hated him so much why I agreed to that date him is beyond my current reason." Dawn yapped as she measured Piplup to get its fitting for a new outfit she was sewing up for it.

    "I knew that boy was nothing but trouble. Let's not forget what he did to my precious little girl? Well, Dawn if you really want to go to Poke'Tech Academy I'll send your application and tuition fee in I'm sure you'll be accepted, dear you're an experienced coordinator and Poke'Stylist. I was talking to Kenny's mom and she says Kenny's going to Poke'Tech as well isn't that wonderful your old preschool friend will be there watching out for you!" Johanna teased.

    "Mom!" Dawn moaned as she blushed. In some ways Dawn was the same pleasant kind-hearted, good-natured girl she was at ten but, in others she had become a cold hearted boy crazy, nasty, typical fifteen year old teenage girl. "Thanks, Mom I really do mean it and this time I promise you I won't quit at this!" Dawn declared.

    "That's what I like to hear and you better mean it at 20,000 dollars a year!" Johanna exclaimed emphasizing the preposterous cost of this so-called Pokemon preparatory school.

    "No need to worry, Mom, I'll be fine!" Dawn exclaimed in assurance.

    "Whenever you tell me not to worry is when I worry the most." Johanna said with a slight smile.

    Then Dawn excitedly exclaimed."Mom, don't worry about a thing! I'm on my way to the greatest adventure of my life!"
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 2: Unlocking the Key to Success

    Several weeks had gone by since just about everyone had enrolled for Poke'Tech that is everyone except Ash Ketchum who was patiently awaiting the doorbell to ring and see the headmaster at his door to interview him for the scholarship. It was eight o'clock on a Friday night when Ash heard the phone ring as his mother went to answer it a few minutes later Delia peeped her head into Ash's door with the news Ash had been urgently awaiting.

    "Ash, she's coming tomorrow at ten AM!" Delia exclaimed.

    "Finally, I'm so glad... and incredibly nervous." Ash confessed.

    "Oh, I'm not worried I know you'll do fine. Sweetie, you're the youngest Pokemon master who ever lived and you've saved the world a few times if that doesn't get you in, nothing will." Delia encouraged.

    "Thanks, Mom that makes me feel a lot better." Ash said as he laughed. The next day arrived swiftly as Ash awoke from his

    fitful sleep and prepared to get dressed in his best in an endeavor to impress the headmaster. Ash directed his eyes towards his old Voltorb alarm clock that his mother had repaired after the first day of his journey when he found it broken on the ground, the time was 9:27.

    "Oh, No! Why is that every time I start a new adventure I'm always late! And why doesn't mom ever wake me up!" Ash shouted as he quickly changed into his Sunday best and raced into the bathroom to brush his teeth and straighten up his spiky hair. Ash then darted down the stairs with Pikachu on his broad shoulder.

    "Mom, how come you never wake me up!" Ash groaned.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart, I thought you wanted some more rest, I'm sorry I would've woke you if you had told me." Delia apologized.

    "Ah, I guess it doesn't matter anyway, right Pikachu?" Ash said as he scuffled Pikachu's head, hand shaking, and a sick feeling in his stomach.

    "Ash, calm down, honey, you'll do great I know it, stop worrying." Delia assured.

    "I'm not nervous, who says I'm nervous?" Ash said his hands still shaking as he felt as if he was going to vomit, he hadn't been this nervous since his match against the Unova champion.

    "Dear, you're hands are trembling so much I'm afraid they might fall off and I'm your mother there isn't one thing I don't know about you." Delia said as Ash faked a smile, just then the doorbell rang.

    "Oh gosh! You know who that is, Pikachu! Mom, you can get the door!" Ash panicked.

    "Heaven's sakes , all this nonsense coming from the boy who saved the world on a Lugia's back and invaded a crystal wasteland and battled an Entei in the sky and Lord knows what else!" Delia exclaimed as she greeted the headmaster at the door. She was a stout woman with a brown bun tied up in her hair and small square glasses worn the way a librarian did she had her nose stuck up and a navy business suit on.

    "Hello, I'm Ash's mother, Delia, how are you?" Delia asked.

    "Very well, and you? I'm Ms. Percington where is Mr. Ketchum?" Ms. Percington asked snottily.

    "My son is in the kitchen waiting for you, can I get you anything?" Delia offered.

    "No thank you I'm here to interview Mr. Ketchum not a social call." she rudely rebutted as she entered the kitchen to find Ash twiddling his thumbs and sweating nervously.

    "H-hi, I'm Ash, Ash Ketchum." Ash introduced himself.

    "Hello, young man, I am Ms. Percington headmaster and principal of Poke'Tech Academy. Please, tell me a little bit about yourself?" Ms. Percington interrogated.

    "Well, I left on my Pokemon journey when I was ten and received my first Pokemon which was a Pikachu." Ash explained.

    "Ten? Preposterous how irresponsible and negligent of your mother." Ms. Percington remarked as Delia scowled at her, she was eavesdropping from the living room.

    "I don't think so, and I don't think it's very polite of you to insult my mother's parenting, Ms. Percington." Ash replied as Delia smiled in accomplishment, proud of her son for advocating her.

    "Well, I'll be I'll have you mind your place young man." Ms. Percington responded which left Ash agitated and frustrated as he bit his tongue and tried not to stick it to her.

    "Sorry." Ash muttered reluctantly.

    "You know I didn't permit my children to embark on their journeys until they were educated and eighteen that is why I had my late husband pass the law throughout the Kanto region about the age and education limitations what are your opinions on this sir?" she interrogated.

    "Well, I'm not sure if I can say I agree I mean Pokemon training isn't about how old you are or how many books you've read it's about skill and the bond between you and your Pokemon." Ash replied much to Ms. Percington's disappointment.

    "I should expect nothing less from someone raised in your background, in a rural area I mean you hicks aren't as sophisticated as us city folks, I myself come from Rustburo City, have you ever heard of it? There's a trainer school there I was educated as you can tell." Ms. Percington bragged as Ash clenched his teeth and fists restraining himself from telling her off he knew he had to earn this scholarship or his Pokemon career was done with.

    "Yes, as a matter of fact I have not only have I heard of it but I was there attended a week of classes, won myself the badge there from Roxanne and got a certificate for excellence in the battling category class!" Ash said furiously through his teeth.

    "Very impressive tell me of your other accomplishments." Ms. Percington continued.

    "Well, first off I've earned 40 badges, traveled throughout 5 regions, was accepted into the Orange League hall of fame, defeated the Kanto battle frontier and was offered a position there at age ten, placed no lower than 16 in all leagues I participated in, became a Pokemon master and champion of Unova when I was ten oh and I saved the world on numerous occasions. Not too bad for a ten-year-old hick from Pallet Town, eh?" Ash boasted to spite her.

    "Oh, my I had forgotten you were a champion, Mr. Ketchum I had heard it on the news but that was several years ago you must understand. I give my sincerest apology to you, sir you will be accepted and your tuition fully paid." Ms. Percington

    "Thanks, now what's the catch?" Ash asked skeptically.

    "Well, you are correct young man in saying that there is a condition. The condition is if you keep your grade average at an A+ throughout your entire enrollment if you fail to comply to this specification your scholarship will be removed immediately." Ms. Percington informed.

    "...that's not going to be easy but, I accept!" Ash said cheerfully.

    "Very well I must now go speak with your mother and have some documents signed, congratulations, Mr. Ketchum." said Ms. Percington.

    "Alright, Pikachu I did it woo-hoo were going to school haha!" Ash exclaimed as he gave his Pokemon a big hug. Delia and Ms. Percington were signing the registration and method of payment forums in the living room as they finished up Ms. Percington gave her phony congrats and left the Ketchum's residence.

    "Oh, Ash I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it! Oh, Ash just when I think I'm as proud as I could get you do something else!" Delia exclaimed, praising her son as she gave him a big rewarding hug.

    "Thanks, Mom." Ash said returning the hug. ""Y'know before she realized who I was she treated me like trash she's such a phony, I can't stand her." Ash commented.

    "I know I heard the whole interview." Delia confessed.

    "Mom!" Ash shouted with a bit of laughter.

    "I must concur." Delia laughed. "You leave to Pastoria next week we'll have to get shopping for supplies." Delia reminded.

    "Yeah... Mom, I-I don't know if I can do it, I mean keep my grades that high for four years." Ash admitted.

    "I know you can. Sweetie, you can do anything you set your mind to when you were little you told me you wanted to be a Pokemon master and you did it, did it take a lot of work, sure but I know you can do this too. You'll have to work awfully hard, no goofing off but, I'm positive you can do it my little pumpkin can handle anything, right?" Delia said a bit teasingly to encourage her son who often underestimated himself and Ash smiled and nodded. The next week passed Delia bought Ash all his necessary supplies and it was the day of Ash's departure and the only thing remaining on his packing list was his Pokemon as he looked on the brochure it specifically stated that each student may bring only one of his or her Pokemon so Ash's obvious choice was Pikachu. The Ketchum's didn't own a car so Delia borrowed Professor Oak's car to ride Ash to the airport in Pewter City.

    "I wonder what Brock's been up to these days I haven't seen him in forever." Ash said reminiscing on the past as he drove through his old friend's hometown.

    "He probably has to get a degree too I wouldn't be surprised if you ran into a few familiar faces in Pastoria." Delia replied which brought a bright smile to Ash's face.

    "I hope so! Oh, I'd love to see everyone again it's been almost two years since I've seen anyone, Misty, Brock, May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan. Hey, Mom, do you know if Tracey's coming?" Ash asked while remembering the good old days.

    "No, I'm afraid he's remaining in Pallet he was taught by the Professor over the years and apparently that qualifies for eligibility to be a trainer." Delia replied as they pulled up into the airport's parking lot. "Well this is it, my little boy's off to school." Delia said all teary eyed.

    "I'll be fine, Mom." Ash said reassuringly

    "Oh, I know that it's just I'm going to miss you so much but I think I'll be able to manage again, it's nothing new for a Pokemon trainer." Delia replied.

    "I'm gonna miss you too, Mom." Ash said.

    "Stay out of trouble, do your best, and change your underwear every single day." Delia ordered as Ash snickered hearing those familiar words he heard throughout his entire Pokemon journey.

    "I will, I will." Ash assured.

    "Goodbye, honey I'm so proud of you. Be good, I love you." Delia said as she gave her son a heartwarming embrace farewell.

    "Bye, Mom, love you too!" Ash said as he and Pikachu dashed off to their next adventure in Pastoria City, Sinnoh to the Poke'Tech Academy.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 3: Goals Flying High!

    Ash flashed his ticket to the flight attendant as she escorted him to his seat.

    "Hey, you're Ash Ketchum aren't you?" the flight attended asked, starstruck.

    "That's me!" Ash said with a smile he was use to all the recognition and the occasional paparazzi shoving cameras in his face that would flash and leave him dizzy and blinded.

    "Well, I certainly hope you enjoy your flight, Mr. Ketchum and don't hesitate to ask if you need anything." she replied.

    "Thanks." Ash said with gratitude and a bright excited smile. Ash sat alone with only Pikachu for hours before the plane landed to pick up passengers in Sinnoh. Just then an attractive girl with long blue lush hair that flowed down her back hopped aboard flight 493. She had a black snow cap with a matching black scarf and a skirt that was much, much to short with boots. She was then seated by the flight attendant than showed her to her place and it was coincidentally next to the raven haired boy, Ash Ketchum.

    "Hey, I'm Dawn, what's your name?" Dawn asked in a flirty voice as she twirled her hair with her fingers with a piplup on her lap.

    "Dawn?" Ash said as he turned from facing the window.

    "Ash!" Dawn said with recognition.

    "Well I'll be, how are you, Dawn long time no see why what've you been up to lately?" Ash said cheerfully.

    "I'm great, I've been designing as a Poke'stylist lately but you obviously heard the new law, what're the odds I'd end up sitting next to you, Mr. Pokemon Master!" Dawn bantered.

    "I know what a coincidence it's been so long, wow have you grown up!" Ash said as he laughed modestly.

    "You've grown up too I can see." Dawn replied, checking Ash out as she hadn't seen him in years he wasn't that ten year old kid she use to hang with he was actually quite handsome.

    "So I guess you're headed to Poke'Tech, too huh?" Ash assumed.

    "Yup, we'll be in the same grade, hopefully we'll have some classes together. Aw, hey Pikachu!" Dawn said gleefully as she removed Pikachu from Ash's lap and cuddled it in her arms.

    "Yeah I hope!" Ash replied as Piplup hopped on his shoulder. "Hey, Piplup, good to see ya!"

    "...So...Ash, have you been seeing anyone special lately?" Dawn flirted, she was such a flirt she hit on every guy she saw much like Brock but to a less extreme degree. Dawn herself couldn't believe herself she was falling for her childhood friend and traveling mate.

    "Wha-What do you mean!" Ash stammered the talk of girls that way made him nervous and flustered , he just sat there not knowing how to respond as he blushed.

    "Y'know do you or have you had a girlfriend, been on a date left anyone special behind in Pallet Town?" Dawn continued, invading on something rather personal.

    "Um, well I guess I'll miss my Mom. "Ash said sheepishly teasing Dawn as he stalled the question.

    "Ash Ketchum do you or do you not have a girlfriend!" Dawn demanded in frustration as the entire row of passengers turned around to see what all the fuss was about. Everyone turned around as one of the passengers recognized the boy seated next to the loud feisty girl, no not from his celebrity status or lionizing him but from their travels together long, long ago. This girl had radiant green eyes filled with excitement and a little side ponytail hoisted to the left that sat above the rest of her short red hair she wasn't as stunning and beautiful as Dawn Dusk but she cute, she was Misty Waterflower.

    "Ash." Misty whispered to herself in awe. Ash had looked the same but, taller, more handsome, and didn't have the face of a child anymore but he still had a boyish charm. "He's with her..." She muttered. "Ash, hey, Ash, it's me, Misty!" she called out as Ash looked up as his face lit up like a Christmas tree just by hearing the name.

    "Hey, it's Misty she's my old friend. Hey, Misty!" Ash called as other passengers became irritated by their constant outbursts.

    "Ash, you're annoying people can't you talk to her after we land besides you have me to talk to." Dawn said jealously Ash seemed happier to see this Misty girl than her. Dawn had heard Brock and Ash talk about her before but they'd never met Dawn did remember Ash carrying around some fishing hook with her face on it. "What's so great about her anyway...?" Dawn said enviously.

    "Misty? Are you kidding she's the greatest she's the gym leader of Cerulean City she's even beaten me in battles and tournaments more times than I can count. And not to mention she's my best friend! Oh, and you too Dawn." Ash exclaimed still hyped up about seeing Misty..

    "So what I'm a Poke'stylist what's so great about a gym leader anyway." Dawn remarked.

    "That's great, Dawn. Now, excuse me but I gotta go say hi to Misty." Ash exclaimed as he stood up to go over and sit in the vacant seat next to Misty.

    "...Ash...would you please stay here I get sick on planes and I'm afraid to be alone." Dawn gritted through her teeth irritably as she pulled Ash back down to his seat by the hoodie.

    "Alright, alright Dawn, calm down I'll stay here, yeesh. You use to be braver, y'know." Ash said.

    "What! I'm just as brave as ever!" Dawn stated.

    "Whatever you say." Ash said sarcastically as Dawn scowled.

    "I'm gonna go get a drink." Dawn stated as she got up to retrieve a beverage from the attendant. Misty looked over at Ash anxiously wondering why he hadn't come over yet. Ash made a face signaling that he had to stay with Dawn and Misty scowled, already the girls hadn't even met but they weren't getting off on good terms. Dawn grabbed a glass of water and plopped herself down next to Misty. Misty hated the look of her, her face all made up with a painfully short skirt and disgracefully tight shirt.

    "Hey!" Dawn exclaimed over-outgoingly.

    "Hi." Misty stated, flat-toned.

    "You must be Misty, I'm Dawn!" Dawn introduced herself.

    "I know who you are..." Misty rolled her eyes making no attempt to be nice or at least fake it.

    "Oh is that so and how is that? I know of you because Ash would always complain about you on our journey through Sinnoh and Brock always added something." Dawn sneered.

    "...Ash calls me all the time he was moaning about how absolutely irritating you were through Sinnoh and how he missed me and wish I was there instead of you." Misty rebutted.

    "Really?" Dawn gritted through her teeth.

    "Dawn?" Misty said more soft-spokenly than Dawn.


    "Let's start over I don't want to have to act like this through school, do you?" Misty suggested.

    "You're right, we're-I was being stupid Let's start over." Dawn agreed. "A friend of Ash is a friend of mine."

    "Right...So, did Ash and Brock really say those things about me?" Misty asked.

    "No. They talked about you and there adventures with you constantly and the way Ash would go on about you like you found a cure for cancer." Dawn said.

    "Really!" Misty said lighting up. "Oh, I can't wait to talk to him when the plane lands!" Misty said happily as Dawn got up with her fists clenched in envy as she walked back to Ash. To Dawn Ash was just another guy to date for a day then throw away but, she refused to lose to anyone Dawn only thought of Ash now as a prize to be one but she did regard him as her best friend but romantically speaking she wanted to beat Misty. Misty, however, cared for Ash and had been crushing on him since their journey in Kanto she cared for him deeply and not in a superficial way. She wanted him but even if she couldn't have him she'd still be there for him like a good best friend should, she wanted him to be happy and if with Dawn so be it. Dawn actually did care about Ash immensely as well she was just going down a rocky path in her life right now but she did care for her friends deeply. The plane landed and Ash yawned and stretched but quickly got up and going to see Misty. Dawn chased right after Ash pushing through the crowd at the Hearthome City airport.

    "Misty, Misty, hey!" Ash called out.

    "Ash!" Misty said waving as Ash and Dawn ran towards her.

    "Hi, Misty! Wow, have I missed you! What a great coincidence I got two of my best buddies with me!" Ash exclaimed putting his arms around the two girls.

    "Wow, best friend of a Pokemon Master, aren't I lucky!" Misty teased as Ash blushed.

    "Thanks! Dawn, I know you're going to be going to Poke'Tech but, Misty I hope the same's for you!" Ash said.

    "You got it! I never could give up at the gym! So, I borrowed a lot of money from my sisters to get here, they're so rich you never would've thought dancing underwater could make you an entrepreneur!" Misty joked.

    "So, Dawn how'd you afford to go here?" Misty asked.

    "Oh, my family just had the money my Mom's a top coordinator and she tutors kids all the time and it's just me and her so." Dawn explained.

    "What about you Ash?" Misty asked and Ash blushed and stared downward, seeming ashamed. "What is it, Ash? You alright?" Misty asked.

    "Ash, you can tell us, come on, like you said we're your best friends." Dawn said.

    "We couldn't afford the tuition, okay? My family never had a lot of money." Ash confessed.

    "So what? Ash, that's nothing to be embarrassed of it isn't your fault." Misty said comfortingly.

    "But, Ash, how'd you get in?" Dawn questioned.

    "I got a scholarship, okay? I'm not as rich as you guys." Ash admitted brusquely.

    "Ash, that's great! I mean about the scholarship! You're ashamed of that say it proud, no one gets a scholarship here unless they're really, really good! Gary couldn't even get in!" Misty said, rather impressed.

    "Gary Oak? How do you know what Gary's up to?" Ash asked he, himself unaware that the question was asked out of envy.

    "I don't know, I heard it somewhere?" Misty replied.

    "Wow, Ash Ketchum, I was impressed when you placed top 4 in the Lily-of-the-Valley Conference, I was astounded when you won the Unova league and now you've got a scholarship to Poke'Tech, the best school in the world! What can't you do! Paul couldn't even get in!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "Wow, not even Paul! Thanks guys you cheered me up! I'm just afraid all of those rich kids won't be as impressed as you two." Ash mumbled glumly.

    "Ash, everyone's going to be too lionized by you to even care!" Misty stated.

    "Oh, jeez, I'm not ready for that…" Ash growled. "How about you, Pikachu?" Ash said as he rubbed the top of his Pikachu's head.

    "Neither am I! You're going to be so busy with your fans that you'll completely ignore us!" Dawn complained.

    "No way! I'm sticking with my friends all the way! I may have grown up a lot since you guys saw me but, my morale hasn't changed a bit! My family, friends, and Pokemon always go first." Ash declared.

    "It's good to hear you're still the same, now what about your stubborn attitude, still got that too, I presume!" Misty teased. "…You still owe me a bike, Ash Ketchum!" Misty teased nudging his shoulder and Ash lit up with a big bright smile and began reaching into his pocket and he pulled out a handkerchief.

    "Ash, is that…?" Misty said, mesmerized. "You-you kept it all these years, all this time?" Misty said, utterly touched that Ash would have treasured that silly piece of fabric for so long.

    "And Nurse Joy fixed that bike of yours." Ash said with a slender smile.

    "I know, I was kidding, but, Ash, you kept that old rag?" Misty said.

    "Of course, it's what made me win the Unova League." Ash replied.

    "Ash." Misty muttered and Ash returned her with a big smile.

    "Oh, and Dawn, no need to worry!" Ash winked.

    "You remember that?" Dawn smiled warmly reminiscing on her simpler days with Ash and Brock, sending Team Rocket into the stratosphere daily.

    "You bet, Dee-dee!" Ash laughed and Dawn giggled.

    "Diamond dandruff, that's right. I was being so ridiculous back then…Kenny, Nando, Ursula, Zoey…" Dawn said with a cheerful nostalgic smile.

    "Well, no sense standing around might as well head on over to Poke'Tech!" Ash announced.

    "Pastoria City we are back!" Dawn exclaimed and the three charged off to the Hearthome terminal for their destination, Pastoria City, at the Poke'Tech Academy.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 4: Beginners' Unluck

    The Heathome terminal was flooded with a crowd of people all clinging to rails and laughing, chatting and arguing. It was so congested that Ash, Dawn, and Misty barely fit they had to muzzle their way through the crowd and stood there clustered together with strangers.

    "Well, this is comfortable!" Dawn said sarcastically. "Piplup, return!" Dawn ordered summoning Piplup back into its Poke'ball to make the area a bit more capacious.

    "Say, Misty, what Pokémon did you bring?" Ash asked. "Psyduck?" Ash teased.

    "Actually, Psyduck isn't a Psyduck anymore, it evolved into Golduck a couple years ago. Trust me, though, the headaches haven't gone away…" Misty replied.

    "Wow, Psyduck evolved! I never thought that could be possible!" Ash said with a smile.

    "Oh, and to answer your question, I brought Corsola." Misty stated.

    "Awesome! I obviously brought Pikachu and Dawn you brought Piplup!" Ash clarified.

    "Yup!" Dawn said with a wink.

    "It's been so long." Ash said profoundly.

    "What do you mean?" asked Misty.

    "Yeah, what're you talking about, Ash?" Dawn questioned.

    "I mean, since, I've seen you guys, been on the road again, on an adventure, it's all like a dream." Ash replied. "Isn't that right, buddy?" Ash said patting Pikachu on the head. "Hey! Guys, why don't we have a battle!" Ash suggested.

    "A battle? Ash, look around you…" Misty said.

    "No, I mean after we get off the subway." Ash stated. "So are you two in?" Ash said excitedly.

    "Alright, Ash Ketchum, I accept your challenge!" Misty said.

    "Guys, I'd hate to burst your bubble but, we legally aren't allowed to battle." Dawn reminded.

    "Ugh, that's right I don't know how I forgot something like that." Misty groaned.

    "Man, I hate this!" Ash complained.

    "You would've won, Ash, I run a level two gym and you're a Pokémon Master the odds are against me." Misty said with a giggle.

    "I don't know Misty I never seemed able to beat you without Team Rocket interrupting us or me just winning because Psyduck decided to pop out." Ash said with a slick smile.

    "Team Rocket, whatever happened to those three?" Misty asked. "Finally give up?"

    "No way, you won't believe this but, I finally lost them." Ash responded.

    "You shook them off, you're kidding? How on earth did you manage to do that?" Dawn said.

    "After I won the Unova league they tried one more time but, when I went back to Pallet they didn't have the slightest clue where I was. Except this one day they finally found me at my house but, when they broke my Mom's vase she went off the wall about it, the whole thing and they got scared off. I told them I was going back to Hoenn to enter contests and I haven't seen them since." Ash explained. "To be honest I kind of miss them."

    "So this whole time, all it took was lying and your mother scolding them?" asked Dawn.

    "Hey, you've never seen my Mom mad." Ash joked. "I'm sure they're still out there after me somewhere in the Hoenn region."

    "Probably." Misty said. Just then the train came to an abrupt halt and the announcer came on from the loudspeaker.

    "Now arriving in Pastoria City all passengers for Pastoria City please exit in an orderly fashion to your destination." Said the woman on the loud speaker.

    "Woo-hoo we're here!" Ash exclaimed as he went running towards the door.

    "Ash, she said orderly!" Dawn called out but Ash ignored her and Misty and Dawn looked at each other and shrugged with a smile. They had finally arrived at Pastoria City as memories flushed through Ash and Dawn's heads and Misty anticipated the beautiful new sight.

    "Oh, wow, it's exactly the same." Ash stated stopping in the middle of his dash out of the train and up the terminal's stairs to view the city panoramically.

    "Remember, the croagunk festival, Ash?" Dawn asked happily.

    "You bet! And my gym battle with Crasher Wake." Ash said.

    "Hey, look it's the school right down that lane!" Misty cried out.

    "Last one there is a rotten exeggcute!" Ash called out and he sprinted towards Poke`Tech.

    "Ash! Aren't we a bit old for this!" Dawn said grumpily. "Misty, don't you think this is a bit immature!"

    "Lighten up!" Misty called out, she was already ahead of Ash running towards the extravagant building.

    "I guess I haven't got a choice!" Dawn shrugged as she chased after them. As Ash was running he turned around to shout something to the others.

    "I'm gonna win!" Ash bantered when suddenly he ran into a pudgy, middle-aged, woman and they both were knocked off their feet. "Oh, I'm so sorry, ma'am, let me help you up." Ash said as he stood up and extended his hand with an offer of assistance as he apologized.

    "I don't need your help, you immature little pest. No running on school grounds I have no choice but to give you a detention, I don't care if school starts tomorrow I'll see you at four o'clock sharp!" Ms. Percington reprimanded.

    "Ms. Percington!" Ash said in recognition.

    "Yes, oh, hello, Mr. Ketchum." She replied as Dawn and Misty finally caught up to Ash.

    "Hey, Ash, you okay?" Misty asked, out of breath.

    "Yeah, that was quite a fall!" Dawn said.

    "Who are you two? Why are any of you out of uniform?" Ms. Percington growled.

    "We just got here minutes ago, we thought school began tomorrow?" Dawn explained.

    "So you are students, acquaintances of Mr. Ketchum I presume." She snorted.

    "Actually, we're more like his best friends. How do you know him?" Misty said.

    "We met when I interviewed him for a scholarship." Ms. Percington explained.

    "Oh! You're the headmaster! I'm sorry, ma'am! I'm Dawn Dussk, pleasure to meet you!" Dawn said introducing herself.

    "Hello, Miss Dussk and you would be?" Ms. Percington addressed Misty.

    "I'm Misty Waterflower, I'm the Cerulean City gym leader, or I was anyway." Misty said shaking the principal's hand.

    "Gym leader, huh? Well, I suppose since you are all completely new I'll ignore your ignorance to the rules. All the rules will be explained tomorrow be in class by seven AM tomorrow. The dorms are that way and you should already be aware of your room numbers and homerooms. Have a nice day and welcome to Poke'Tech." Ms. Percington said.

    "Thank you, and I'm sorry!" Ash said.

    "Yes, you are forgiven just do not let it happen again, young man, follow the rules or I'll ensure that your scholarship is removed!" she warned and then she stuttered away.

    "They can do that?" Dawn said.

    "Yeah, if I don't maintain a 4.0 grade average my entire time here I'll be expelled immediately. I don't have any time for goofing off, that isn't gonna be easy for someone like me." Ash replied.

    "Wow, Ash that's a lot of pressure, I'd go crazy! We'll help however we can, right Dawn?" Misty said.

    "You bet!" Dawn agreed.

    "Thanks, you guys are the best!" Ash replied.

    "Well, we better get going and unpack at our dormitories." Misty stated.

    "Oh, right, I'll see you guys later then. The boys' side is to the left and the girls' side is to the right." Ash said.

    "See ya later, Ash!" Dawn said.

    "Bye!" Misty called out as Ash went his separate way from the girls. Ash walked along the enormous, breath-taking campus. The building was beautiful, it had an intricate design and ornate statues on every corner. There was an elaborate sign welcoming the freshmen students it was wonderfully decorated. Alongside, Pikachu, Ash entered the boys' dorm and read the identification card he was given that listed the number of his room.

    "Okay, let's see Pikachu, room 292, floor 4… Okay, so we're going to have to go up the elevator." Said Ash as he and Pikachu made their way up to their correct floor. Ash glanced around checking each room until finally he saw his room number, 292. "Ah-hah, there it is Pikachu room 292!" Ash exclaimed as he happily turned the doorknob to see a purple-haired boy as his roommate. The boy turned around instantly and they both recognized each other automatically.

    "Paul!" Ash shouted.

    "Pikachu!" Pikachu exclaimed.

    "Ketchum!" Paul exclaimed both shocked to see one another attending the acclaimed, overpriced, Pokémon Technical Academy.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 5: Greeting Familiar Faces!

    "What are you doing here?" Paul asked crudely. "You're already a Pokémon Master what do you want."

    "If I don't earn a degree I can't keep my title, I'm guessing you want to continue training too?" Ash replied.

    "Duh." Paul stated bluntly.

    "Gee, you could be a little nicer I mean I thought you'd be over our childhood rivalry 5 years later, Paul, or am I still too pathetic for you?" Ash said grinning.

    Paul looked up snickering. "Sorry I guess I'm just in a bad mood." Paul replied.

    "That's okay. So, Paul, what's up, how's your brother?" Ash asked casually.

    "Reggie, he's doing fine I guess I haven't spoken to him in a while or he hasn't spoken to me since a couple of things…" Paul said vaguely.

    "Like what?" Ash asked out of curiosity.

    "None of your business." Paul stated.

    "Sorry, I was just wondering if you don't wanna tell me, Paul, that's fine by me, I was just trying to be friendly." Ash said.

    "I'll tell you the underlying reason, I beat Brandon and he's mad because he couldn't, isn't that pathetic?" Paul replied.

    "Um, I guess so. But, congrats on finally beating Brandon he was tough!" Ash complimented.

    "That's right you would know…Since you win everything." Paul mumbled.

    "That's a huge exaggeration, Paul…I have more troubles than you know." Ash replied.

    "You're an international superstar and to think I was the one calling you pathetic." Paul said laughing to himself.

    "It's not as great as you'd think…people turn on you, people you loved, people you trusted, you lose a lot of things important to you." Ash said maybe too profoundly.

    "I lost some pretty important people too." Paul stated.

    "Paul, I-I'm sorry." Ash said sympathetically.

    "No she didn't die she ran away, I sent her running away." Paul said despondently. "I'm an idiot."

    "No you're not, you could just use an attitude adjustment, I've noticed that since day one." Ash said. Over at the girls' dorm Misty and Dawn we're making their way to their dorm rooms to discover who they're going to have to board with for four years.

    "Okay room 222 floor 1…" Misty said pondering to herself when she suddenly came across to the room correctly labeled with her name Misty opened the door and walked in dragging her suitcase. She walked inside to find a girl with an enormous blob of purple hair tied up into two large pigtails and a small ponytail that hung below the rest of hair gigantic hair and on top of her absurd amount of hair there was a neatly tied bow fastened.

    "Um, hello, I'm, Misty Waterflower pleasure to meet you!" Misty said introducing herself to her new roommate.

    "Not even knocking before entering a room, what a kid!" she exclaimed.

    "Excuse me?" Misty said a bit confused.

    "My name is Iris Gemanii and I believe your etiquette could use a lesson." Iris remarked. "Wait a second did you say your name was Misty?"

    "Yeah, why?" Misty asked.

    "I know that name I've heard it before…" Iris contemplated.

    "Well, yeah it's not that uncommon." Misty replied.

    "No, no, I feel like I know someone named Misty…let me think…that's it! My friend Ash, told me about you!" Iris exclaimed.

    "You know Ash, well everyone knows Ash, I mean personally." Misty said.

    "Oh, yeah we traveled through the Unova region together and I was there to watch him win it!" Iris said boastfully.

    "No way! I traveled with Ash through Kanto, the Orange Islands and Johto! Now that you mention I think Ash might've mentioned you a few times to me before too!" Misty exclaimed.

    "Alright, Misty Waterflower maybe you're not such a kid after all, I'm beginning to like you!" iris said in reconcile.

    "Thanks, you're growing on me too!" Misty said giggling a little as Iris began helping her unpack her bags. Dawn was still scouring the building for her room.

    "324…324…where is it, Piplup!" Dawn cried out in frustration.

    "Do you need some help, Dee-dee?" A voice called out cackling.

    "Who's there?" Dawn asked.

    "Don't tell me you've forgotten me already?" The voice said again as she approached into the light so Dawn could identify her.

    "Ursula…" Dawn moaned.

    "What aren't you happy to see me?" Ursula said laughing.

    "Yeah, almost as happy as I'd be to see my grave…" Dawn mumbled.

    "What was that Dee-dee?" Ursula teased.

    "I can't believe you remember that? My God, I am so over that, I was ten years old, Ursula, really?" Dawn stated.

    "You don't get it do you, Dee-dee?" Ursula said.

    "Get what?" Dawn said, puzzled.

    "I rule the roost around here, I'm the queen vespiquin if you will." Ursula replied with an arrogant attitude. "I've got all the boys here wrapped around my finger and not a girl in this school has the audacity to challenge me."

    "Well, I'm still new here." Dawn replied pulling out a Poke'ball anticipating a challenge.

    "No, Dee-dee, not that sort of challenge…You'll unravel what I mean eventually, you're a bright girl. I've been enrolled at Poke'Tech for three years oh and by the way, your room is directly to the left…it's pretty obvious." Ursula said flipping her hair egotistically as she walked away elegantly.

    "She would be here…wouldn't she, Piplup?" Dawn grumbled and Piplup nodded in agreement as Dawn entered her room and see who her roommate was. Dawn walked in to see May brushing her hair in front of her mirror. May saw Dawn through the mirror and turned around.

    "Dawn, is that you?" May said with a big greeting smile.

    "May? Wow, it's been a while! I haven't seen you since I met you at the Wallace Cup!" Dawn exclaimed as they gave each other a long-time-no-see hug.

    "I did see that that you won the Johto grand festival, congratulations!" Dawn said.

    "Wow, I'm so glad I got someone I know for a roommate! We'll be in the same grade too!" May exclaimed. And with everyone packed up in their new rooms they were almost ready to begin their exciting enrollment at Poke'Tech Academy.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 6: The Clock Strikes Twelve!

    It was now three o'clock in the morning and everyone was out like a rock from the exhausting, yet exhilarating quest to get here or eagerly lying in bed anxiously awaiting to attend class on the big campus. Over at the boys' dorms a certain someone was training in the hallway with his newly acquired Combusken which had only recently evolved from Torchic. This certain someone was Max Maple he was so incredibly excited for tomorrow he just simply had to master the move fire spin so he was pulling an all-nighter to accomplish this ambition of his.

    "Okay, Combusken try it one more time you've almost got the hang of it! Remember, what May said it's almost just like flamethrower and she had a Combusken too, so she knows what she's talking about! Ready now try again!" Max commanded as his Combusken attempted the move spewing out a powerful blast of fire which, accidentally, hit a table in the hall which subsequently bursted into flames. The whole area was spreading like wildfire the sweltering heat was growing and Max began to panic.

    "H-h-help!" Max cried and Tracey, Max's roommate heard Max scream and immediately awoke to the smell of smoke. Tracey, then too began to panic as he thrust open the door.

    "Max! What are you doing!" Tracey screamed as the growing fire started awaken the rest of the students.

    "I-I'm sorry, Tracey, really!" Max cried as he was encircled by the flames. Tracey glanced over and saw Max's Combusken engulfed in flames and he immediately knew how this horrid accident occurred. "Max, return your Pokémon!" Tracey hollered as Max obediently followed his orders.

    "Wha-what do I do now!" Max cried in fear.

    "We need a water type Pokémon!" Tracey cried. Ash began to sniff the pervasive smoke and began having a coughing fit in his sleep which eventually awoke him.

    "Ah! Pikachu, Pikachu wake up I think there might be a fire!" Ash screamed shaking Pikachu who was quietly asleep on his lap. "Paul, Paul, wake up, wake up!" Ash screamed frantically. Ash then got up and shook Paul's shoulder to wake him.

    "What, what is it that you want, Ketchum." Paul stated angrily.

    "Fire!" Ash shouted.

    "What!" Paul cried as they all raced to the door and opened it to verify the statement. Ash looked down the hallway and saw Tracey and Max screaming about the fire and Ash climbed over the flames cautiously to get to them.

    "Ketchum, are you nuts?" Paul shouted to him and Pikachu who was on Ash's shoulder.

    "I'll be fine!" Ash called back.

    "Whatever…" Paul grumbled as Ash reached them.

    "You guys don't just stand there call the fire department!" Ash yelled not bothering with the greetings of long-time-no-see because they were in a dire mortal crisis at the moment.

    "Ash! Wouldn't it be easier just to use a water Pokémon!" Tracey cried as the flames grew higher.

    "Ash, Pikachu help me!" Max cried as he choked on the smoke.

    "Max! Aren't there any sprinklers in this place!" Ash shouted as just then an older boy came out with his elbow raised over his mouth as he coughed.

    "Swampert, I choose you!" The mysterious voice commanded. "Hydro-pump!" he said as all the flames were immediately extinguished leaving everyone sopping wet, which is a whole lot better than being left a pile of ashes.

    "Now, Max you should know better." He said as the boy now became visible since the fog of smoke was gone.

    "Brock!" Ash shouted out. "Hey, Brock, good to see ya'!" Ash exclaimed.

    "Hey, Pokémon Master." Brock said sarcastically and Ash smiled.

    "Oh and hey, Tracey, Max great to see you again too!" Ash exclaimed shaking hands with all his old pals.

    "Hey, Ash, Brock! Sorry, guys I didn't mean to and thanks for saving me Brock I really owe you one!" Max said.

    "Don't mention it, what're friends for!" Brock said.

    "Hello, Ash and Brock!" Tracey said when suddenly another kid came running towards the scene.

    "Heeeeyyyy! I hear there's a fire here! That's it I'm fining whoever did this and they've got ten seconds to pay up!" He cried dashing down the hall.

    "Oh…I wonder who this is…" Ash said grinning knowing all to well it was old rival from Sinnoh, Barry.

    "Hey, Barry." Brock said not surprised at all when Barry reached them.

    "Oh…Hey it's you two! Ash, Brock I should've known, I'm fining you, you have exactly ten seconds to pay up-ten, nine, eight, seven-" Barry started.

    "No,no, Barry it's all out now, calm down!" Brock said reassuringly.

    "Oh…well I guess no harm, no foul. So, how's everyone doing!" Barry exclaimed.

    "What's with this guy, it's like he's two people?" Tracey whispered to Ash and Ash laughed.

    "He's always been like this." Ash replied.

    "So, am I supposed to bow to you now, almighty Pokémon Master?" Barry teased.

    "That's alright you don't have to do that!" Ash said in response as he laughed a little.

    "Alright, everyone it's nearly four AM now I think we ought to go back to bed and talk again tomorrow, er rather later this morning." Brock said.

    "Yeah, alright, `night everyone." Ash said as he walked slowly back to his room yawning. "Well, that was exciting, eh, Pikachu?" Ash joked patting the little electric mouse's head.

    "Did you put it out?" Paul asked bluntly.

    "Yeah, Brock did, you remember Brock right?" Ash said.

    "Sort of." Paul grumbled in response.

    "Oh, well he was that other friend of mine that traveled with me and Dawn, do you remember her?" Ash asked as he stretched.

    "Yes, yes I remember Dawn, okay! I don't see why this is such a big deal to you, Ketchum! They're all pathetic anyway." Paul yelled.

    "Yeesh, calm down I was just curious…" Ash replied.

    "Well, stop, stop being curious!" Paul yelled.

    "Gosh, I bring up Dawn and Brock and you act like I brought up Cyrus or Giovanni." Ash replied.

    "Whatever…I'm going to bed don't bother me again." Paul grumbled.

    "Goodnight to you too then…" Ash said awkwardly as he crawled back into bed to try and rest some for the day ahead of him. Over at the girls' dorm things weren't running so smoothly either. Iris was blaring music so loud it could make your eardrums burst.

    "Iris, it is three AM can you please turn that down at least!" Misty yelled wedging two pillows up against her ears trying to muffle the sound of the obnoxiously audible music.

    "Why should I, you can't even take a little music, you're such a kid!" Iris exclaimed.

    "…I'm the kid…Yet you're the one jamming out to some trashy radio station at THREE IN THE MORNING!" Misty screamed.

    "Misty, take it down a notch people are trying to sleep there is no need for such loud voices you're such a kid!" Iris scolded.

    "I HAVE TO TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH!" Misty screamed hopping out of bed, ready to fight. "Turn that atrocious sound off!"

    "No way you're not the boss of me!" Iris replied stubbornly just then the two argumentative girls heard a knock, rather a thumping on the door and Misty answered it. It was Dawn and May with, tired, agitated looks on their faces.

    "Can you two save your fiesta music till tomorrow because some of us are trying to siesta!" Dawn shouted.

    "Sorry, I keep telling her to turn it off but, she won't listen to me!" Misty replied.

    "Oh, Hi, Misty, it's me May!" May exclaimed giving Misty a friendly hug.

    "Hey, May, how've you been lately?" Misty asked rhetorically.

    "ANYWAY, can you,… I'm sorry what's your name?" Dawn asked.

    "Iris, Iris Gemanii." Iris replied in a braggadocios tone.

    "Well, Iris, can you please, turn that off so we can sleep?" Dawn asked demandingly.

    "Please, Iris, I'm really tired I can't sleep hearing that." May asked more politely.

    "It's driving Piplup crazy!" Dawn exclaimed and Piplup nodded while still plugging its ears.

    "Fine..." Iris capitulated to their pleadings reluctantly.

    "THANK YOU!" Misty exclaimed.

    "That's all I ask!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "Thanks, Iris, and bye Misty, goodnight guys!" May said and they tiptoed back to their own rooms and settled in to rest up for the impeditive day around the bend. The next morning finally arrived and everyone was psyched to say the least. They all were rushing to slip on their uniforms, eat breakfast, back their book-bags and get there at seven sharp as Ms. Percington had specifically instructed. It was a quarter-of-seven and everyone was congregated at the main lobby entrance of the exquisite school building.

    "Oh, hey, Ash!" Dawn said as she spotted him amongst the crowd.

    "Morning, Dawn!" Ash exclaimed as May ran up behind them.

    "Ash!" May exclaimed.

    "May! I knew you must've been here 'cause I ran into your brother last night…" Ash stated.

    "Oh, you say it like it's a bad thing?" May said.

    "No, no, I was happy to see him…just not the position he was in." Ash replied.

    "Why? What happened?" May asked concernedly.

    "There was a fire and Max was sort of responsible. I don't want to be labeled a tattletale so if anyone asks you didn't hear it from me!" Ash informed.

    "Max! I knew if I let him out of my sight for one second he'd cause some kind of problem, he always does!" May shouted.

    "Is everyone alright?" Dawn asked.

    "Everybody's fine it was just scary. Oh, yeah and I came across Brock, Tracey and Barry too last night and you'll never guess who my roommate is…" Ash stated.

    "Who?" Asked May.

    "Paul!" Ash exclaimed and Dawn's eyes widened. "I know you don't know him, May, but Dawn does."

    "I don't care, why would I care!" Dawn exclaimed. "Paul is a selfish, good-for-nothing, womanizing, jerk!" Dawn screamed.

    "…Dawn, calm down, I don't like him either but…" Ash said.

    "He never hit you!" Dawn exclaimed in fury but quickly resented opening her big mouth.

    "What!" Ash said. "He hit you? Dawn, why didn't you tell me this I would have taught him a lesson he'd never forget!" Ash yelled furiously.

    "Oh, me and my big mouth…" Dawn said glumly.

    "Dawn, what did Paul do?" Ash demanded.

    "Who is this Paul and what did he do to you?" May asked.

    "…Paul is my ex-boyfriend, okay?" Dawn confessed.

    "You dated Paul?" Ash said, shocked. "But, you always hated him?"

    "Hey, I hated Drew but I love him like crazy now!" May exclaimed happily blushing.

    "You and Drew are going out now? Well, that doesn't come to me as a surprise!" Ash said with a smile when suddenly Brock walked up behind them.

    "Hello, May, Dawn!" Brock said cheerfully.

    "Brock!" May exclaimed as she gave him a huge smile.

    "Hey, May, good to see ya!" Brock said.

    "Dawn, hey, it's Brock?" Ash said seeing Dawn acting very despondent staring downwards.

    "Oh, oh, I'm sorry, hi Brock." Dawn said.

    "Hey, Dawn, you okay?" Brock replied.

    "Yeah, I'm cool." Dawn fibbed.

    "And what about you Piplup, Pikachu?" Brock said patting the two Pokémon's heads. "I guess all of you guys showed up because of that law, right?"

    "You guessed right." Ash replied.

    "I've been here awhile studying to become a Pokémon doctor you always needed a degree for that." Brock explained. "So I was really surprised to see everyone."

    "I'm sure glad everyone's here I missed you all so much!" May exclaimed.

    "Brock, you'll never guess who's dating now?" Ash stated.

    "Oh, who?" Brock asked curiously.

    "May and Drew! Say, May is Drew here?" Ash asked.

    "Yeah, he should be around somewhere he promised to see me after school today I haven't seen him in a while." May replied.

    "Why am I not surprised." Brock said smiling. "Oh, Ash is Misty here I'm dying to see her again." Brock asked.

    "Oh, yeah I ran into her and Dawn on m plane ride here I don't know where she ran off to. Any idea where Tracey and Max are?" Ash responded.

    "Nah, I have no idea." Brock replied. "Well, I'll catch up with you guys later I'm gonna go see if I can catch up with Misty, see you!" Brock said.

    "Later, Brock!" Ash called out.

    "I'll come!" May called out following Brock but, Ash stayed still curious and perturbed about Dawn and Paul's previous relationship.

    "Dawn? Please, tell me what happened?" Ash asked worriedly.

    "Ash, it wasn't during our travels okay?" Dawn replied.

    "So? I still care." Ash stated, putting his hand on her arm comfortingly.

    "Ash, please, I don't want to talk about it. I appreciate your concern but…" Dawn said blushing a little as Piplup began frantically talking about what Paul did but, of course only Pikachu could understand.

    "It's times like these when I wish Team Rocket was still around." Ash muttered reflecting on how Meowth would always translate for them.

    "I-I have to go." Dawn said as she moved Ash's hand off her arm and slowly walked away as Piplup followed.

    "Dawn…" Ash muttered as Misty dashed over to him after seeing the whole conversation.

    "Hey, Ash, sleep okay?" Misty said greeting him.

    "Oh, hey, Misty, yeah I slept fine…aside from Max causing a fire and what not." Ash replied sarcastically.

    "Yeah, I heard." Misty giggled. "So…What's wrong with Dawn?" Misty asked enviously after seeing Ash put his hand on her arm so tenderly.

    "I don't know...she won't tell me, I'm worried about her." Ash replied. "Oh, Misty, May and Brock were looking for you."

    "Brock's here!" Misty exclaimed excitedly.

    "Yeah, so's Tracey!" Ash said with a smile.

    "Aw, I have to find them! Darn, we only have two minutes." Misty said.

    "Why don't we all get together after school tonight?" Ash suggested.

    "That's a great idea, Ash! We can all catch up, I'll find a restaurant and we'll invite anyone we come across!" Misty stated.

    "Great! We can't wait can we Pikachu!" Ash said with a smile.

    "Okay, then it's settled!" Misty exclaimed. Meanwhile, Dawn was in the girl's bathroom crying, trying to fix her running mascara down her face.

    "I hate that jerk, Piplup!" Dawn said in a tirade to Piplup as she used the disposable towel to wipe her face clean.

    "Hey, Dawn, no need to worry, right?" said a red-head stepping out of a stall.

    "Zoey?" Dawn exclaimed.

    "Right, good to know you didn't forget me! Here let me help you get cleaned up we better hurry, Ms. Percington's going to be giving her big speech any second now!" Zoey said helping Dawn out as Piplup hopped into her arms. "Hey, Piplup!" Zoey said. Dawn was glad to know that she had friends who truly cared, Zoey, Brock, Ash, who even though they hadn't seen one another in years it feels like yesterday and that when they said they'd always be there they meant it. Of course in Ash's case she was hoping for more than just good friends but, she wasn't the only one crushing on him.

    "So, who's this jerk?" Zoey asked curiously as she handed Dawn her mascara to reapply.

    "My ex-boyfriend, Paul…he-he use to hit me…and now he's here and Ash keeps asking me to tell me what happened between us but I just…" Dawn began.

    "You feel uncomfortable telling a guy this, I get it. Oh, and good to know Mr. Pokémon Master's here, I'll have to stop by and say hi." Said Zoey as she pet Piplup.

    "Exactly, and don't get me wrong I trust Ash, it's just…I don't want to get him involved with this mess…it'd be awkward to have my best friend tangled up in all this." Dawn replied.

    "I know, come on we're gonna get in trouble, no need to worry, forget about it!" Zoey said handing Dawn her backpack.

    "Thanks, Zoey, you're the best." Dawn said with a warm, grateful smile as they both stepped outside to see Ms. Percington on a pedestal in front of a podium testing her microphone preparing to start the school year to remember.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 7: Back to School!

    "Testing, testing, one, two!" Ms. Percington muttered into the microphone to test its audibility. "Okay students welcome to this years' class year! We have a batch full of new students this year so I'd like all of our older students to give our new students a warm welcome and show them around! For our more familiar students you know the rules and how they are enforced and they will remain the same for this school year and there is zero tolerance of anyone breaking the rules. For our new students you will be handed a class schedule that divides you up by rosters. For example whoever is in roster A will follow the schedule of roster A. Each roster will consist of around ten students and you will be intermixed with one other roster each class and each class you will be intermixed with a different roster. You will all receive a school handbook taking you through our school's rules, regulations, and curriculum. Whichever classes you enlisted in upon registration will also affect your schedule. Ms. Jessie and Mr. James over there will be handing out your sheets that have your correct roster letter and schedule there and you will pick up a handbook on the table left to them. Tell them your name and they will hand you your paper. Thank you for your cooperation and I am looking forward to a great school year filled with no defiance." Ms. Percington said giving her welcoming speech.

    "Ms. Jessie? Mr. James? Please don't tell me…" Ash grumbled to Misty standing beside him.

    "Oh, Ash, what're the odds it'd be them it's probably just a coincidence!" Misty said though doubting that she herself was being honest.

    "Misty, they've been following me around for years the odds of it being them are pretty high." Ash exclaimed.

    "Oh, poor Pikachu…" Misty said with a slight giggle.

    "Poor Pikachu! What about me!" Ash shouted.

    "Ash, I'm only kidding." Misty said nudging him. "Here, we better get in line."

    "Oh, right!" Ash exclaimed as he, once again, bumped into the stout headmaster.

    "My word you are a klutz!" Ms. Percington exclaimed, irritated and appalled.

    "I'm sorry, Ms. Percington, I didn't mean it!" Ash exclaimed apologetically.

    "You rednecks are all alike you have no idea how to behave in public for a Pokemon Master, you aren't much of a gentleman. You act like your mother raised you in a barn-oh wait she probably did. Follow the rules and watch where you are going, don't think because you're a Pokemon master I'm going to go easy on you, redneck or not!" Ms. Percington reprimanded.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean any harm, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't make fun of my home origin, thank you." Ash said letting his frustration out a little clenching his fists. Misty saw how angry he was, she knew it was hard for him to hold his temper he'd go off the wall in an instant the second Gary insulted him.

    "Ash." Misty whispered and he turned around giving her look that said what and she shook her head disapprovingly and that was enough for him to know what she meant.

    "Like I said, I'm sorry I'll try to be more careful from now on." Ash apologized insincerely.

    "Yes, very good you see to that." She replied as suddenly she glanced down and caught eye of Ash's Pikachu happily sitting on the floor. "Is that your Pokemon?"

    "Yes, it's my Pikachu, why?" Ash responded.

    "It is mandatory that all Pokemon be kept in their Poke'balls on school grounds at all times except for when told otherwise." Ms. Percington stated.

    "Er, Ms. Percington, you see, Pikachu isn't exactly fond of Poke'balls. It hates being confined, it always has!" Ash replied.

    "Then get rid of it and choose another." She said.

    "What! No, Ms. Percington I can't, please, just let Pikachu stay!" Ash begged.

    "Pikachu, pi!" Pikachu cried out as it hopped up on Ash's shoulder looking distressed.

    "It's true Ms. Percington Pikachu never liked staying its Poke'ball since the first day of Ash's journey it always hated it! You can't take Pikachu away that wouldn't be fair!" Misty advocated.

    "This Pikachu, is it your starter Pokemon, your very first?" Ms. Percington interrogated.

    "Yes, ma'am." Ash replied.

    "I see…very well you may keep it. But! Make sure that it minds its manners and causes no mischief or that'll be the end of that. Understand?" Ms. Percington yielded to Ash and Misty's pleas.

    "I promise!" Ash stated solemnly.

    "Very well, have a nice day." Ms. Percington said as she pranced away to scold other students for whatever reason she could find.

    "She's so mean to you, Ash!" Misty exclaimed.

    "I know…She thinks that just because I'm from Pallet Town I'm a hillbilly or something, she reminds me of Tripp." Ash snarled.

    "Tripp?" Misty asked, unfamiliar with the name.

    "A rival of mine way back from when I traveled in Unova." Ash explained.

    "Oh." Misty stated. "Hey, Ash, line's moving." Misty said as they moved forward.

    "…Misty?" Ash said twiddling his fingers and face blushing red as a tomato.

    "What is it, Ash?" Misty asked nervously seeing how he looked.

    "It's just…You look different today, did you do something to your hair?" Ash asked awkwardly.

    "Yeah, why is something wrong with it!" Misty said.

    "No, no, I like it, it looks really cute." Ash said, blushing.

    "Really? Thanks, Ash!" Misty said also, blushing. "Line again."

    "So…Misty, what classes are you taking I mean aside from the mandatory ones?" Ash asked as they waited in the insanely long line.

    "We had to take three right? Yeah. Okay, I took gym leading, obviously, the battling courses and I thought I'd give Poke'athalons a try. How about you, Ash?" Misty said.

    "I took the battling courses, the doctor classes and the professor expert classes and I'm majoring in the battling course, and you I'm guessing you're majoring in gym leading, right?" Ash guessed.

    "Yup!" Misty said with a wink. Misty and Ash finally reached the hand-out line.

    "Uh-oh it is them…Maybe they won't recognize me?" Ash said, fooling himself.

    "Ash, I don't mean to make you feel down but, you're probably the reason they're here." Misty replied.

    "Not me, Pikachu…" Ash grumbled. They walked up to Mr. James and Ms. Jessie, Ash hiding his face behind his hand.

    "Name?" Jessie asked. "You look awfully familiar…"

    "Oh, heh, must be a coincidence, we've never met!" Misty lied.

    "No, no, I definitely know you too…" James pondered.

    "Yeah, you knuckleheads, it's one of the twerpettes the twerp use to travel around with!" Meowth exclaimed, hiding in James' shirt.

    "Shut up you, imbecile!" James said smacking Meowth.

    "That's right! You were the first one he traveled with you stayed the longest… You called me an old hag!" Jessie yelled.

    "…Um, I think you have the wrong Misty!" Misty said.

    "I never said your name. Gotcha!" Jessie exclaimed.

    "Fine it is me! What're you three doing here!" Misty shouted, holding up the line nonchalantly.

    "Why we're teachers here!" James exclaimed.

    "Oh, sure you're just here to get Pikachu from Ash!" Misty yelled accusatively.

    "Oh, the twerp's here!" Jessie exclaimed happily.

    "Wait to go, Misty!" Ash yelled.

    "It's the twerp! Hey, long-time-no-see, you don't hold grudges, do you Mr. Pokemon Master, sir?" James exclaimed.

    "Um…sure, just stay away from Pikachu!" Ash demanded.

    "Yeah, sure twerp…whatever you say." Meowth said and James hit him again and Ash and Misty began laughing hysterically.

    "What!" James exclaimed. "Are you mocking us!"

    "Prepare for trouble!" Misty chanted while chuckling.

    "Make it double!" Ash quoted Team Rocket in a mocking tone as he laughed.

    "What is so funny!" Jessie yelled, they were all becoming angry.

    "To protect the world in devastation!" Misty said in the same condescending tone as her, Ash and Pikachu died of laughter. "Ahhhhhhh…good times."

    "You guys never won!" Ash laughed.

    "EVER!" Misty laughed. "It was kind of sad you kept trying over, and over and over!"

    'Hey, you gotta admire their persistence and determination!" Ash joked and the three laughed once more.

    "Take this." Jessie said shoving the paper and handbook in their faces.

    "Now go.." James mumbled feeling insulted. Misty and Ash walked away rubbing their eyes and their laughter slowly dying down.

    "I'm roster E, what about you?" Misty asked.

    "I'm K oh, but look we have battle together and history!" Ash exclaimed.

    "Oh I'm glad! Okay, I'll guess I'll see you then bye, Ash, bye Pikachu!" Misty exclaimed.

    "See you later, Misty, don't forget about our plan!" Ash shouted.

    "I won't, see ya!" Misty said and they both went off in their separate direction to attend their asserted classes. Over at practically the end of the line was Dawn and Zoey standing together and unbeknownst to them was Paul only two spots behind, Paul was well aware but, the girls didn't have the slightest inkling.

    "I can't stop thinking about him, Zoey, I don't know what to do. I was fine until he had to show up and ruin everything." Dawn said and Paul overheard because he was eavesdropping he felt a sharp pang of pain hearing Dawn say that.

    "Dawn, I told you don't even think about it. I'm sure you'll find a boy who treats you a hundred times better than Paul did." Zoey stated.

    "That won't be hard to find…" Dawn said sarcastically.

    "Dawn?" Zoey said.

    "It's true! He treated me like a doormat! He'd always hit me and tell me how pathetic I was and it hurt…in more ways than one, I really cared about him." Dawn sniffled.

    "It's over, Dawn you've got to move on. Don't give him the satisfaction of crying over him all this time." Zoey said offering her advice.

    "You're right." Dawn said when suddenly Kenny walked by. At first he walked straight past them not even noticing, but then he stopped in his tracks and realized who he just had passed.

    "Dawn?" Kenny said.

    "Kenny?" Dawn said as he approached them.

    "Hey, Dawn my Mom said you'd be here, I'm glad I ran into you!" Kenny exclaimed. "Oh, and hey, Zoey, Miss top coordinator!"

    "Hey, Kenny, no need for titling me!" Zoey said modestly.

    "So, Dawn I guess you'll be taking Poke'styling courses, right, Dee-dee?" Kenny teased.

    "Yeah, Kenny." Dawn said with a smile.

    "Well-well, I am too!" Kenny decided on the spot.

    "Really? Well, I guess I'll see you there!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "I hope so! …So, Dawn I just ran into Ash, y'know, Ketchum?" Kenny said.

    "Yes, Kenny, I know who Ash is." Dawn replied sarcastically.

    "Yeah, you chose him over me to travel with after the grand festival…" Kenny mumbled beneath his breath hoping no one heard, but Dawn made it out just fine.

    "Kenny! I had to cheer Ash on, he cheered me on, I left you a letter, Kenny!" Dawn said defensively and Kenny started to blush like mad.

    "You weren't supposed to hear that!" Kenny exclaimed, still flushing red and Zoey giggled at him. "Anyway, Ash is inviting all of our old friends to meet up after school I was wondering if you'd like to go with me?" Kenny asked.

    "Oh, um, sure…" Dawn agreed.

    "Zoey, you're invited too, Ash asked me to ask all his old friends I ran into." Kenny said.

    "I'll be there!" Zoey agreed.

    "Great then I'll see ya!" Kenny said when out of nowhere Paul budged in line to reach the three, he was jealous.

    "Am I invited?" Paul asked brusquely, staring at Dawn directly and Dawn glared back. "I am Ketchum's roommate."

    "No." Dawn muttered begrudgingly.

    "What was that!" Paul demanded and Dawn flinched accustomly, almost by force-of-habit.

    "You okay?" Kenny asked seeing her flinch for no apparent reason.

    "Uh…yeah. I just don't think Ash would want you there." Dawn said boldly and Paul stepped towards her.

    "Kenny, help!" Dawn cried, clutching his shirt and hiding behind him for support.

    "What! What's wrong, Dawn!" Kenny panicked.

    "Dawn, what's with you!" Zoey exclaimed.

    "Yeah, Dawn?" Paul said.

    "Sure, Paul, you can come." Kenny said with Dawn still quivering behind him.

    "Good, I'll see you there, all of you." Paul said as he walked back to his place in line.

    "Dawn, are you alright?" Kenny asked skeptically.

    "Huh! Oh, yeah, I'm sorry!" Dawn said releasing her grip from Kenny's now wrinkled shirt.

    "You sure?" Kenny asked.

    "Yeah, I'm good, sorry." Dawn said.

    "It's alright you're just worrying me." Kenny said.

    "Well, no need to worry, right!" Dawn said with a big smile.

    "Right, so I'll see you after school bye, guys!" Kenny said as he walked to his class.

    "You need to chill, Dawn!" Zoey said.

    "I know, I know, but I can't help it I'm so use to having to flinch and scream." Dawn said.

    "Well, anyway let's get away from that topic. … Kenny so likes you." Zoey said.

    "What! No way, he's just a childhood friend." Dawn said.

    "Oh, please, I've known it since our days in Sinnoh." Zoey said.

    "I don't think so." Dawn said. "Well, maybe I do have that effect on guys."

    "Come on, you!" Zoey replied pushing Dawn forward inline as the two girls laughed all the way up to the top of the line.

    "Why did I do that to her? Why did I have to scare her like that? I'm so stupid…" Paul thought to himself in soliloquy. Over in about the middle of the excruciatingly long line was May and Drew. They had run into each other while she and Brock were searching for Misty, Tracey, Barry and Max.

    "Drew, what classes are you gonna take?" May asked her boyfriend anxiously.

    "Coordinating classes, and whatever else you're taking." Drew said romantically.

    "Well, I think I'll take the Poke'Block making course and Pokemon Musical class along with obviously majoring in coordinating!" May exclaimed happily as she leaned up against Drew.

    "Poke'Block, eh?" Drew said scowling.

    "Yeah, so!" May said becoming mad.

    "Nothing! Nothing…" Drew lied. "It's just I don't think my stomach can take any more May's purple surprise…"

    "Drew!" May yelled.

    "Sorry, May blame my stomach, not me!" Drew teased.

    "That stuff was pretty awful…" May said laughing remembering how awful that stuff had tasted and how Munchlax was the only one who could get it down its throat.

    "You're telling me!" Drew exclaimed.

    "Well, then that's why I'm taking classes!" May said giggling.

    "Fine by me, you need all the improvement you can get! Just don't ask me to be your taste tester!" Drew exclaimed teasingly.

    "…Is it really that bad?" May asked.

    "No, I'm just kidding I'll be your taste tester." Drew surrendered.

    "Good!" May said and she held Drew's hand.

    "Because nobody else will!" Drew said laughing.

    "Drew!" May said laughing as she playfully slapped his arm and they moved forward in line. Behind Paul was the grandson of Professor Samuel Oak, Gary.

    "So, where you from?" Gary asked Paul making small talk.

    "Veilstone City, you?" Paul replied abruptly and with no friendliness.

    "Pallet Town, I'm the grandson of Professor Oak, Gary, pleasure to meet you." Gary said shaking hands with Paul.

    "Pallet Town, eh? You wouldn't happen to know Ash Ketchum, would you?" Paul asked.

    "I'm guessing you mean personally before he got all the limelight?" Gary joked. "Yeah, I know that kid pretty well, known him since, we were babies probably, we hated each other…" Gary laughed reminiscing on Ash and Gary's rivalry. "I was such a jerk! I was mean as heck to that kid and now look at him! We're friends now though, how do you know him?"

    "When he traveled through Sinnoh I wasn't so nice either…"Paul laughed.

    "I see, Ashy boy's here, ain't he? I think my Gramps ran that by me." Gary said.

    "Yeah, he's my roommate." Paul stated.

    "No kidding?" Gary said. "I'll have to say hi." Gary said as those two also got their schedules and set off to class. Brock, Max, Barry and Tracey also stood in line together and joked and touched on the past until receiving their handbooks and schedules and heading off to class. Ursula, Iris, and Cilan also went off to class not yet aware of the plans for after school but, hopefully would run into Ash sometime during the day. Everything was set and first period was about to begin. The real action begins in Poke'Tech Academy right here and right now.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 8: Jealousy's the Ugliest Trait

    Ash entered a classroom full of unfamiliar faces but, to them he was familiar they'd seen his face all over TV. The only person in the room Ash recognized was Brock which was a relief to him and Ash wasn't sure if the Nurse Joy was the same one from his Pastoria visit five years ago, Brock would know.

    "Mr. Ketchum, you are late!" Nurse Joy stated, pointing out his tardiness.

    "I'm sorry, I don't know my way around that well." Ash apologized.

    "Very well, take a seat wherever you like." Nurse Joy said excusing him. The whole class stared as Ash walked over to take a seat next to Brock.

    "Hey, Ash welcome to Pokémon doctoring class." Brock whispered.

    "Hey, Brock. Say, Brock, is that the same Nurse Joy from when we traveled, how'd she recognize me?" Ash asked whispering.

    "Ash…you're world famous of course she knows who you are and nope she's different." Brock replied.

    "You would know…" Ash mumbled.

    "Hahaha very funny, Pokémon master. Hey, Pikachu how's it going, buddy?" Brock said petting Pikachu's head.

    "Mr. Harrison is there a problem?" Nurse Joy asked.

    "Ugh, no, Nurse Joy, sorry." Brock said. "Ash here just had a few questions, being a newbie and all."

    "That's very nice of you to help that little boy out but, don't fall behind you're my top student." Nurse Joy stated.

    "I won't, sorry." Brock assured.

    "Little boy?" Ash grumbled and Brock snickered.

    "Okay, so since today is our first class of the year I'm going to ask a few very basic questions to get an idea of how far along you are in this category. We'll get to know each other in time so don't worry about that. Alright, so for my first question which item heals a Pokémon from paralysis?" Nurse Joy interrogated the class and a boatload of hands shot up. She called on a random girl from the class.

    "A paralyze heal can be used to heal a Pokémon from paralysis." She answered.

    "Very good, that is the correct answer, now, who would tell me what potion heals a Pokémon from a sleep powder attack?" Nurse Joy asked the class again and again nearly all the hands in the classroom darted up. This time Nurse Joy called on Ash.

    "Awakening heals a Pokémon from a sleep powder move." Ash answered.

    "Very good, Ash, that is correct!" Nurse Joy replied and the class continued that way. Everyone else went through their classes almost the same with no actual class time just introducing themselves and a quick review of the basics, just like any other first day of school. The bell finally rang and at this point Ash and Misty's plan had quite a sum of people attending. Ash, Misty, Brock, May, Drew, Tracey, Gary, Paul, Tripp, Iris, Cilan, Max, Barry, Dawn, Kenny, Zoey and even Ursula were all going to this restaurant that they hadn't even set reservations too. Dawn and Zoey were walking out of their last class and they were casually chatting when Dawn suddenly was captivated by Ash's bright smile.

    "I want to ask him out but, I don't think he's into me, I'm afraid to…" Dawn told Zoey.

    "Go for it the worst he could say is no, and knowing Ash it would be a very nice rejection." Zoey said with encouragement. "Besides you'll have your pal Piplup right beside you. Isn't that right, Piplup?"

    "Piplup!" It chanted nodded in agreement happily. So Dawn decided to go for it. She raced up to Ash as everyone was darting out of school as Ms. Percington tried in vain to get everyone to calm down and exit in a single file line.

    "Ash, seventeen people are coming to this get-together of yours, where are you even hosting it?" Dawn asked.

    "The Magicarp Fillet, it's about a mile from the campus, these people don't all think Misty and I are paying…do they!" Ash asked.

    "No, no, no I was just telling you how many of our friends are here." Dawn replied.

    "Oh, okay cause I nearly had a heart attack." Ash said, relieved.

    "Why you and Misty, wasn't it your idea…" Dawn asked.

    "Well, Misty thought of it too so, y'know. What difference does it make anyway?" Ash replied.

    "Oh, nothing I guess I just had a bad day…So, Ash I was just wondering if you'd like to…I don't know go out some time, just the two of us, and maybe Pikachu and Piplup?" Dawn asked and Ash just paused not knowing how to respond.

    "You, you mean l-like a date, a real date, with me?" Ash asked, stunned.

    "Yes, you! So, what do you say?" Dawn replied.

    "Gee, I don't know, Dawn…I've never been on a date before…" Ash stalled.

    "Well, there's a first to everything!" Dawn said smiling.

    "Dawn, why would you want to go on a date with me, I-I'd mess everything up…everything. And I'm not romantic at all, ask anyone!" Ash said squeamishly.

    "Please, Ash I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't want to go out with you! I traveled with you for a long time I think I know you pretty well. I really like you Ash." Dawn pressured.

    "A, um, okay, sure, I'll go on a date with you Dawn!" Ash agreed somewhat reluctant by fear.

    "Great! I can't wait we can set it up after everyone leaves the restaurant tonight, see ya later, Ash!" Dawn said as she happily skipped off.

    "B-bye, Dawn." Ash called out. "Pikachu, what've I done! I can't go on a date the only thing I can do is battle and…yeah that's it!" Ash said freaking out and Pikachu just shrugged. "Easy for you, you're not the one going on a date with one of your best friends against your will!" Ash yelled as he made his way over to the restaurant to meet up with Misty and set up but, as he was walking he ran into Misty who'd just seen him chatting with Dawn.

    "So, what was that all about?" Misty asked curiously.

    "I think I just got myself a date...with Dawn." Ash said still sort of taken off guard. Misty immediately felt a pang of jealously but, did her best to grin and bare it.

    "Oh...I'm happy for you, Ash..." Misty said glumly as she stared downwards playing with her feet. "Really…I hope that it goes well for you and Dawn."

    "Misty?" Ash asked hearing the sound of heartbreak in her voice.

    "Yeah?" Misty said despondently.

    "You, okay? You sound upset?" Ash said cluelessly.

    "Yeah, why-why wouldn't I be, I'm going to go have dinner with a dozen of my closest friends!" Misty said. "I-I'll be seeing you, Ash, I-I gotta go…" Misty stated heartbrokenly as she trailed off.

    "Alright then, see you at dinner…" Ash called back. "Something's up with her?" Ash told Pikachu and Pikachu nodded affirmatively. Just as Dawn was happily twirling around in circles with Piplup to tell Zoey the great news she bumped into Kenny who had been waiting for her.

    "Oh, Kenny, sorry, I didn't see you there!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "That's alright, what're you so giddy about? Did you forget you promised to meet up with me, Dee-dee?" Kenny asked, and actually Dawn had completely forgotten.

    "Why-why, of course not, Kenny! I just got side-tracked is all!" Dawn fibbed.

    "Glad to hear it! Now let's go!" Kenny said as he grabbed Dawn by the wrist and ran to the restaurant.

    "Hey, Kenny, slow down!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "Oh, sorry! I guess I'm just excited!" Kenny replied as he stopped, released Dawn's hand and began to walk.

    "That's alright, I'm really psyched too!" Dawn said as Piplup finally caught up to them slowly trudging behind.

    "So, what were you all hopped up about?" Kenny asked. "Y'know when you were idyllically swirling around?"

    "Oh, that, I was just… …Well, Ash agreed to go on a date with me, I don't know why I hesitated to tell you!" Dawn explained.

    "Oh…" Kenny said sadly, giving the same response Misty gave to Ash.

    "Kenny, you okay?" Dawn said.

    "Ugh, yeah, I-I'm fine…You two have fun together…" Kenny said enviously.

    "You sure? You're looking kind of down." Dawn remarked.

    "Ya-yeah, I'm great! Ash's a lucky guy is all." Kenny said with a warm smile.

    "What do you mean?" Dawn asked curiously pondering on what Zoey had mentioned earlier before class.

    "You're a great girl is what I'm saying, Ash, whether he knows it or not is lucky to have a girl like you like him so much." Kenny explained as vaguely as possible.

    "You're a great guy, Kenny, and any girl who gets you better know what she has too." Dawn replied warmly, unaware she herself that she was blushing.

    "Thanks, now whattaya say we get on down to that place before sundown?" Kenny said brightly.

    "Sure!" Dawn said and they continued on their way over to the get-together. Misty was off on a back road trying to wipe her tears away before she made it to the Psyduck Fillet when she passed Tracey who also, apparently knew this shortcut.

    "Misty?" Tracey exclaimed. "It's been awhile!"

    "Oh, hi Tracey great to see you." Misty said, her spirits lifted slightly.

    "I suppose you're also headed to Ash's little party?" Tracey said as they both started walking together.

    "Yeah…" Misty replied lifting her hand to wipe her eye again hoping Tracey wouldn't notice.

    "Misty, are you crying?" Tracey asked.

    "Huh, oh no! In this horrible lighting, I-I think something just got in my eye." Misty said as an excuse.

    "All-alright…Though I'm getting the feeling you may not be telling the truth…" Tracey speculated.

    "Aw, Tracey, you know me better than my own sisters!" Misty exclaimed and then started to cry again.

    "Hey, hold on, calm down, Misty, hey come on, what's the matter?" Tracey said resting a hand on her shoulder comfortingly.

    "It doesn't matter, I'm being stupid." Misty cried.

    "It can't be that stupid to have you crying like this?" Tracey said.

    "You remember…back when we traveled together through the Orange Islands…" Misty began, sniffling.

    "Of course I do!" Tracey exclaimed.

    "Well…remember when you always use to tease Ash and me…" Misty said.

    "Oh… You still like him?" Tracey said smiling warmly.

    "How'd you-" Misty began.

    "It was pretty obvious what you were getting at, I always knew you liked him. Ash liked you too he was just too dense to realize it." Tracey said with a slick, nostalgic smile.

    "He did?" Misty said, shocked.

    "Oh, yeah, couldn't you tell?" Tracey said.

    "No, I-I had no idea…" Misty said. "Do, do you think, it's silly of me to still like him…after all this time. I mean it was just a silly childhood crush, puppy love, but, I…" Misty stated. "I still like him but, he doesn't like me…at least not…anymore." Misty confessed.

    "We finally have a confession, it took you five years but I finally got it out of you." Tracey joked. "And I wouldn't be so sure about Ash not liking you."

    "He's dating Dawn…" Misty said gloomily.

    "Oh, I see, I've heard her name before…I'm really sorry, Misty, I know you liked him, a lot." Tracey replied.

    "It, it doesn't matter… Thanks, Trace." Misty said with gratitude. "I'm glad I can still count on you, even after all this time."

    "Hey, when I said friends forever, I meant it!" Tracey said with a wink. "Now let's go over to that party we don't wanna be late!" Tracey said and he wiped Misty's eye with his sleeve affectionately and they made their way over to the Psyduck Fillet. Over at the Psyduck Fillet Ash stepped inside the fancy looking restaurant as he glanced around there were all sorts of exceedingly wealthy appearing families with fancy clothes and priceless jewels on. Seeing all the rich people with their Glameows and Persains on their laps made Ash wonder whether or not he and his friends would be capable of affording this place, but it was the only restaurant in town, limiting their choices to the Psyduck Fillet winning due to default. Ash and Pikachu walked up to the waiter at the front desk.

    "Hello, table for seventeen, please." Ash requested.

    "Do you have reservations?" The waiter asked.

    "No, but I assure you they're coming." Ash said.

    "Fine, I'll take your word, right this way." The waiter said escorting Ash and Pikachu to long table with a glass surface covered by a white, silk tablecloth. Ash sat down and they waiter placed seventeen menus at each seat and Ash's friends arrived in separate groups and Ash and Pikachu happily jumped up and greeted them. The last to arrive was Paul he was wearing a casual outfit along with a smug frown of disclosure.

    "Come on, Paul, sit down!" Barry exclaimed energetically pulling him over and plopping him down in a seat next to himself and all-too-conveniently, Dawn.

    "Well, looks like everybody's here!" Ash exclaimed and everyone started calling out "I", "Present", "Here" and other forms of attendance. "Great then let's order!"

    "Great, it's tasting time!" Cilan exclaimed.

    "It sure is! Oh, Drew, what should I order look at all this great food!" May exclaimed.

    "I don't know, whatever's the cheapest…" Drew mumbled.

    "Drew, don't be ridiculous, I'll pay for my own food!" May exclaimed.

    "No, no, I couldn't let you do that you already paid my tuition I can't have you buying my meals as well, I'll take care of it and yours and Max's." Drew insisted.

    "No, no, it's fine, Drew, really." May persisted.

    "No, May, please, let me I'll feel guilty otherwise, okay?" Drew asked.

    "Alright, suit yourself!" May said. Over at another side of the wide table Brock and Cilan ended up being seated side-by-side and were already in a conversation.

    "So, I use to do all the cooking and cleaning and I also took care of all of Iris and Ash's Pokémon for our entire journey!" Cilan said. "But, I'm not complaining."

    "I cooked, cleaned, took care of Pokémon, navigated directions, and did laundry for Ash, Misty, May, Max and Dawn for four journeys." Brock replied.

    "I bet I cooked better." Cilan pronounced.

    "Is that so?" Brock said anticipating the challenge.

    "You bet." Cilan stated boldly again.

    "Alright, you're on!" Brock said. "We'll both cook our best Pokémon food and feed it to everyone's Pokémon and whichever food the Pokémon favor is the victor."

    "But, won't we get in trouble for using Pokémon, it is against the law now." Cilan stated.

    "You're just afraid to lose." Brock said.

    "Alright, then I accept your challenge. You, Brock, have a very unique flavor indeed!" Cilan stated.

    "…okay." Brock said and then they both got to whipping up the finest meal they ever prepared, a feast fit for a king.

    "Tracey, shouldn't we be getting back, think of all the homework in store for us! You know what they say: procrastination killed the Meowth!" Max quoted.

    "No, Max, that's not what they say, it'; curiosity killed the Meowth, and lighten up, live a little, would you!" Tracey exclaimed.

    "Fine, I will, I'll have a cheeseburger please!" Max told the waitress.

    "Wow, now you're really living on the edge now." Tracey teased. While everybody was conversing Piplup grabbed Pikachu's napkin and Pikachu began chasing after Piplup to get it back. Everyone at the table got up to watch the two cutely fight over a napkin as Dawn took Ash outside their private room and Paul discreetly followed them.

    "H-hey, Dawn, wha-what's up?" Ash asked nervously now feeling awkward talking to Dawn because they were now going on a date soon.

    "I just wanted to talk to you in private and say that I think that we should go to the movies for our first date, what do you think?" Dawn suggested.

    "Um, sure, the movies sounds great!" Ash agreed.

    "How about Friday at six?" Dawn said.

    "Ugh, sounds good." Ash said sheepishly.

    "Great, I'll meet you there on Friday at six, can't wait!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "Okay, sounds good…I guess we should go back in now before people start to talk." Ash said.

    "Yeah, you go ahead I'm gonna stay out here for a second." Dawn said.

    "You sure?" Ash asked.

    "Yeah, go ahead." Dawn reaffirmed.

    "Alright." Ash said and he went back outside leaving Dawn alone and susceptible.

    "Already, luring another boy into your trap, I see, how pathetic." Paul said creeping over to Dawn who was sitting on the curb staring into the parking lot.

    "Paul!" Dawn gasped. "J-just leave me alone!"

    "Rip his heart out too, just don't come crying back to me." Paul stated.

    "Paul, I loved you and you know it, now if you want to go there I will." Dawn threatened.

    "You were just mad because you were too pathetic to beat me in a battle." Paul said jumping to an absurd conclusion.

    "Battle? What are you talking about? I couldn't care less about losing a battle? It wasn't the beating me in battle that I had a problem with." Dawn stated.

    "Do you want to start with me, girl!" Paul yelled.

    "Why don't you call your brother and mope to him!" Dawn screamed.

    "Shut up! You pathetic, little, failure, shut your mouth!" Paul hollered back.

    "Why, is he still not talking to you? Oh I wonder why, maybe because you physically abused your girlfriend!" Dawn shouted, jumping up.

    "Why is Ash any better than me!" Paul shouted.

    "Ash is sweet, loving, compassionate and would never hurt anyone!" Dawn yelled. "Oh…I see you're jealous, well, that's just too bad, you had your chance."

    "I'm not jealous of a pathetic loser." Paul replied.

    "Oh, you mean the world renowned Pokémon Master that you'll never measure up to." Dawn declared.

    "You know you're a real phony, Dawn. You are an insecure, pathetic, idiot who's Is a shallow piece of work, that wears short skirts and tight shirts just to arouse guys attention, you're pathetic and pitiful and I'm done." Paul said as he grabbed Dawn by her collar.

    "Paul, y-you don't want to do this, again!" Dawn cried.

    "You asked for it, you little snit!" Paul screamed as he raised his arm and punched her harshly in the eye flinging Dawn to the cement. "Pathetic." Paul remarked and he just walked away. Dawn sat on the ground holding her throbbing eye and sobbing she slowly clutched on to a railing and staggered into the restaurant holding her eye, vision blurred.

    "Dawn!" Kenny shouted concernedly and everyone ceased their focus from the playful Pokémon to see Dawn weakly trembling at the door.

    "What on earth happened to you!" Brock exclaimed.

    "Dawn, here let me help you." Kenny said wrapping his arm around her and carrying her to a chair to sit down.

    "We're gonna need an ice pack." Brock said halting his cooking competition with Cilan.

    "It was Paul, wasn't it?" Zoey speculated.

    "Yeah, but, this is nothing new…" Dawn said wincing and holding her soon to be black-and-blue eye.

    "That's it!" Ash shouted, infuriated. "How dare Paul hit a girl like that!"

    "Let's teach him a lesson!" Kenny yelled also enraged.

    "No, no, guys, please don't…It'll just make things worse." Dawn pleaded as Piplup hopped up to comfort her. "Hey, Piplup."

    "Pip-pip!" Piplup exclaimed licking her bruised cheek as Misty handed Brock an ice pack and Brock placed it on Dawn's wounded eye.

    "Dawn, are you okay?" Misty asked.

    "I'm hanging in there." Dawn replied.

    "Dawn, now, hold that on your eye until you go to bed alright? It'll help keep the swelling down." Brock instructed.

    "Alright, thanks, Brock." Dawn replied.

    "No problem. But, I'd like to teach that jerk a lesson myself." Brock grumbled, also angered by Paul's domestic abuse.

    "Hey, Dawn, I'll help you home, okay, we better go now." May offered.

    "Thanks, May." Dawn said accepting her offer.

    "Alright, well we better get going. I'll see everyone at school tomorrow." May said helping Dawn up.

    "Bye everyone, come on Piplup." Dawn said and Piplup hopped aboard May's shoulder, since Dawn was injured.

    "Hey, May, wait up, I better go with you." Drew said.

    "It's okay, Drew, I'll see you later." May said.

    "No, I'll walk you two home." Drew insisted.

    "Drew, it's fine, it'd be a waste of your time." May replied.

    "Really, Drew, you don't have to." Dawn said.

    "It'll ease my mind, I'm worried about you walking home alone, May, what if that Paul guy is out there waiting for you two." Drew said.

    "Alright, Drew, if you really want to." May agreed.

    "It'll make me feel better. Okay, thanks, guys, I'll see ya!" Drew said and the three went off.

    "Well, I guess we all better call it a night." Iris exclaimed, yawning.

    "Yeah, it's getting late and I think we've all had enough drama for one day." Brock said.

    "Okay, thanks for coming guys." Ash said and everyone except Misty and Pikachu left.

    "That Paul…he's more than a jerk." Misty said helping Ash clean up the table to lower the cost of the bill.

    "I know… I'm going to teach him a lesson, Misty." Ash stated fiercely.

    "D-don't hurt yourself, Ash." Misty said.

    "When'd you turn into my mother?" Ash said with smirk.

    "It's just…you always do reckless things without thinking and then you end up getting hurt…I've seen it happen many times, Ash." Misty said.

    "It'll be fine, Misty, I'm not a kid anymore." Ash reminded Misty.

    "I know, I know, I-I just worry about you, I don't know why…" Misty said wiping a dish clean. "Don't do anything stupid that you'll regret, okay?"

    "I won't, I promise." Ash said.

    "Well, that's the last of it." Misty said putting the last dish in the sink.

    "Yep." Ash said. "Guess we better head out too, it's nearly midnight."

    "Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow, Ash by-" Misty began.

    "Misty, wait! I-I'll walk you home." Ash said.

    "Worried about me?" Misty said.

    "You do have quite a temper and act before thinking." Ash said.

    "I know, I'm not a kid anymore either, but, that much is true." Misty said.

    "Well, then let's go. Ready, Pikachu!" Ash said and Pikachu hopped up on Ash's shoulder and Ash left the money on the front desk as they exited the restaurant. They finally made it over to the dorms and Ash dropped Misty off and made his way up to his room, exhausted. Ash opened the door and Pikachu started to growl.

    "What?" Paul growled.

    Then, Ash demanded. "We have to talk, now."
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 9: The Calm Before the Storm

    "What, what do we have to talk about..." Paul grumbled, annoyed that Ash was keeping him up so late, probably to talk about nonsense.

    "You hit my friend and I don't take kindly to that sort of thing." Ash stated firmly and angrily.

    "Yeah, what're you gonna do about it? Be a hero and save the day, as usual..." Paul groaned and Ash clenched his fists becoming frustrated.

    "You didn't hit my friend, Paul, you hit a girl." Ash replied through his teeth.

    "So? Get over it, you only care because you're dating her and you don't even want to." Paul replied.

    "This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact on me dating Dawn this is about you hitting Dawn and leaving bruises on her eye! Didn't anyone ever tell you not to hit girls? Have you even seen what you've done to her not only physically but, emotionally? I don't even know the half of it by intend on finding out, Paul. When I do you can bet that you'll resent it, mark my words, Paul Veilstien, you stay away from Dawn and all of my friends. If I ever hear that you laid one finger on Dawn, Misty, May or any girl for that matter you'll be sorry. Do you understand me? Now, I'm letting you go with a warning, next time I won't be as easy, get it?" Ash yelled with an intimidating threat coming from the heart and Pikachu nodded.

    "Whatever..." Paul replied glaring at Ash spitefully. Paul wasn't terrified of Ash or anything but the will he had, how angry he was because of the personal background of the situation was frightening. So, Paul decided it be best to keep quiet rather than begin an argument this late at night.

    "Good. Come on, let's go to bed, Pikachu." Ash said deliberately avoiding eye contact with Paul.

    "Pika!" Pikachu nodded. Over at the girls dorm Dawn walked upstairs cautiously alongside May and Piplup. She entered their dorm room exhausted and upset.

    "Dawn, do you want some tea or coffee or something to calm you down?" May offered.

    "No, no thanks." Dawn said as she just sat on her bed and clutched her skirt ruffles between her fists on her lap. She then through down her ice pack and started to cry.

    "Piplup!" Piplup exclaimed, rushing to Dawn's side.

    "Dawn! Hey, Dawn, come on, it'll be okay!" May said in comfort.

    "I know, I know, it's just I thought that it was all behind me all this Paul stuff, I can't take it anymore!" Dawn cried.

    "Things will get better! I hear you've got a date with Ash on Friday, that'll be fun Ash is a great guy I hope things go great for you two!" May said encouragingly.

    "Yeah, you're right!" Dawn said wiping her tears away. "I've got Ash now! I shouldn't even bother with him!"

    "That's the spirit! Now, why don't you get to bed?" May advised.

    "I will, I just want to call my mother first." Dawn said.

    "Okay, sounds like a good idea, I'm going to hit the hay now so, goodnight." May said.

    "`Night, May." Dawn replied, yawning and then she walked over to the phone. Dawn punched in her home number and took a deep breath.

    "Hello, Johanna speaking?" Johanna said answering the phone.

    "Mom?" Dawn said.

    "Oh, hello, dear, are you alright, how was your day?" Johanna asked her daughter.

    "It started out good..." Dawn replied.

    "Then what?" Johanna asked.

    "Mom!" Dawn cried.

    "What, what's wrong, sweetie?" Johanna asked concernedly.

    "He's here, he]'s ruining everything!" Dawn cried.

    "Who, Paul? Oh, no..." Johanna replied guessing correctly.

    "Yes, Mom, and I-I don't know what to do, he hit me again tonight at a restaurant!" Dawn cried.

    "Dawn, I am going to call up that boy's parents and the principal and have him expelled! How dare he! Why on earth was his reason this time as if there could be one for that-...whatever, to hurt my daughter!" Johanna yelled.

    "I don't know? I was outside talking to Ash because he and I have a date on Friday and when Ash went inside he popped out of nowhere and started yelling! Oh, Mom, I was so scared!" Dawn yelped.

    "You said you have a date with Ash, Ash Ketchum, right? " Johanna verified.

    "Yeah, so, Ash is a nice guy!" Dawn said defensively.

    "Oh, I know, I always liked that boy very good-natured, I was referring to Ash as why Paul hit you, he is jealous, simple as that."

    "I know, I'm so excited I really like him! But, there's this other girl…Misty's her name she likes him too, of course if I can make Ash my boyfriend she'll be no threat!" Dawn said with a gleam in her eye.

    "Now, dear, don't get carried away. I'm sure Misty's a nice girl she just likes Ash the same as you she just happened to get beat to him but, remember, it's up to Ash in the end. I'm not going to lie I don't see any reason why Ash wouldn't prefer you, dear." Johanna stated.

    "I don't know…" Dawn replied.

    "I do! Just don't use the boy like you did to that poor other boy, Conway, he really cared for you Dawn and the first time you used him to look cool with a boyfriend the second was to make Paul jealous, I hope your feelings for Ash are bona fide." Johanna explained.

    "No need to worry, Mom! I do genuinely care about Ash!" Dawn said.

    "I'm still going to report him to the principal and he's lucky I don't go the authorities!" Johanna yelled.

    "No, Mom, please, don't…please." Dawn pleaded "It'll only make things more complicated and stressful."

    "…All-alright, I won't… But! If it happens one more time that's it no ifs, ands or buts! Do you understand me, Dawn!" Johanna warned her vulnerable daughter.

    "Yes, mom, I get it, no need worry!" Dawn assured.

    "Okay, then, goodnight, honey." Johanna said.

    "`Night, Mom!" Dawn said hanging up the phone and letting out a big sigh. "Wanna call it a day, Piplup?"

    "Pip!" Piplup agreed.

    "Me too!" Dawn said as she changed into her pajamas and plopped into the bed for the night. As all this was going on Misty also arrived at her dorm and walked in to find Iris already lying in bed but, not asleep.

    "Hey, what took you so long?" Iris asked.

    "I was helping out Ash with the clean-up." Misty replied as she sat down in front of the vanity and undid her ponytail and her red hair fell long over her shoulders. Misty stared intently at herself in the mirror as tears welled up in her eyes.

    "Maybe, maybe if I were as pretty as her…" Misty said burying her face into her folded arms that were leaning on the table of the vanity.

    "Pretty as who, Misty?" Iris asked. "And what does it matter?" Iris said sitting up from bed.

    "All my sisters are gorgeous and look at me I'm just…plain. That's why it was always the sensational sisters and the one runt…because they all were talented and beautiful and I got…nothing, nothing but a bad temper and a plain face." Misty sobbed.

    "Slow down, kiddo! I don't know your entire backstory, what's going on?" Iris said.

    "I don't know, it-it's ridiculous, you wouldn't care I won't keep you up." Misty said.

    "No, no it's fine, I'm curious, you're an interesting person or as my friend, Cilan, would say you have a unique flavor." Iris stated, quoting Cilan.

    "Well, it's Ash, Ash Ketchum." Misty confessed.

    "Yeah, Pokémon master, old pal of mine, he's a good kid, what about him?" Iris said.

    "Remember I told you I traveled with him in the very beginning of his journey? Well, truth is I always had a crush on him and I haven't really ever let go…" Misty admitted.

    "So, I don't blame you, Ash is a great guy, not that I like him that way or anything but, he is a nice catch, just go for it!" Iris said.

    "He's going on a date with Dawn, I lost my opportunity…" Misty said sadly. "I should've known he'd choose Dawn over me, she's beautiful and I'm…not." Misty said, bashing herself.

    "That's rough, I know. But, here's the deal it all depends on who asked who out. If Ash asked Dawn out then, well, sorry but you lost there but if it was vice versa odds are Ash was too nice to turn her down and it doesn't necessarily mean he has feelings for her, or it does, I'm no shrink I'm just saying what I infer from past situations." Iris explained.

    "I-I'm not sure which way it was, but, thank you, Iris, you gave me hope, I appreciate it." Misty said.

    "No problem, oh, and, Misty, I don't think you're plain, I think you're pretty and I wouldn't say that if I didn't think so. Well, `night!" Iris said curling back into bed with her Axew. Misty smiled with a new sense of confidence and hope reestablished in her mind. The morning came and everyone was seated in their first period class preparing to initiate the school day. May, Drew, Dawn, Ursula, Zoey and Kenny all had coordinating class first and were headed off to meet their coordinating teacher. As Kenny, Dawn, Zoey and Ursula walked in they paid no attention to their new teacher just taking a seat but, when Drew and May walked in last giggling behind the rest of the students they stopped dead in their tracks.

    "Helloooooo!" The teacher squealed.

    "Hey, Harley…" Drew mumbled unsatisfied with the teacher of his most important class.

    "Ah, ah, ah, Mr. Davidson to you now!" Harley reprimanded Drew.

    "…Well, Mr. Davidson, I suppose you still hold a grudge for me calling your poke' block, okay?" May said irritably.

    "No, I've matured and gotten over that, May Maple." Harley stated. "Now, take your seat immediately you are tying up my super, fantabulous class!"

    "He would be our teacher…" May groaned whispering to her boyfriend.

    "I know, I know." Drew replied.

    "Soooooooooo, everyone who wants to take a warm up class and show me all your spectacular combinations and I'll like rate them!" Harley said. "Everybody to the arena!" Harley said as he got up and walked in a girlish stride to the arena. "May, you first."

    "Surprise, surprise…" May mumbled sarcastically.

    "Don't use that tone with me, sister!" Harley said waving his hand while standing with a feminine posture.

    "I'm sorry." May said insincerely. "Okay, Blaziken, let's show 'em what we're made of!" May exclaimed throwing out her poke'ball with flair as Blaziken popped out flamboyancy with fire spouting out from the poke'ball's blast due to the seal.

    "What finesse in her combination, impressive! Something you lack, Dee-dee, panache." Ursula critiqued May's entering appeal while criticizing Dawn in the process.

    "Oh, yeah, Ursula, if your élan is so marvelous why did I beat you in the grand festival?" Dawn replied.

    "It was a mere coincidence." Ursula said flipping her hair egotistically.

    "Dawn's a great coordinator and you have no right to insult her, Ursula, you weren't very good at all, relatively speaking." Kenny advocated.

    "Why isn't that the pot calling the kettle black, Mr. Defensive?" Ursula chimed with a provoking tone as she sophisticatedly walked away with her high heals clicking in her stride.

    "Why I oughta!" Dawn yelled. "Who does she think she is! She has such big head one day it'll explode!"

    "If were lucky!" Kenny joked and got Dawn really chuckling.

    "Fire spin then, use ember and flip through the ring of the fire spin!" May ordered and Blaziken did as instructed and concluded May's performance.

    "Magnificent, May, bravo!" Drew said.

    "Are you kidding? That was a joke! That was a horrendous manifestation of what a top coordinator's recital should appear, you need work!" Harley said and May scowled, knowing Harley's statement was made only out of resentment against her.

    "She does not!" Drew said boldly as he flipped his hair.

    "You dare defy, Harley Davidson, the astonishing!" Harley declared.

    "The only thing astonishing was May's act, she should be teaching you, you've never become a top coordinator, you have no right to be instructing her, the only reason she's here is because of that dumb law!" Drew yelled.

    "To the principal's office, Ladropple!" Harley ordered. "You little scoundrel!"

    "Whatever…" Drew said as he picked up his books and left the classroom.

    "Drew…It wasn't a big deal." May said with a sigh to herself. "Oh, Drew, I don't deserve you!"

    "You sure don't!" Ursula said. "I should have him, he's cute."

    "Excuse me?" May said.

    "May, ignore her she's trying to make you mad on purpose." Dawn said. "Yeah, I know she's good at it…"

    "Hmph, whatever, just stay away from my Drew!" May said.

    "Someone's possessive!" Ursula retorted.

    "Y'know what!" May began before Harley made an intervention.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, cat fight on aisle nine!" Harley purred and he received disturbed looks in return. "Save the catty stuff till after the bell ladies!" Harley said and coincidentally it rang moments after his statement and all the students darted for the door.

    "Miss Zoey, I want to see your favorite combination tomorrow!" Harley cried out the door because he knew Zoey was also a top coordinator.

    "Whatever!" Zoey called back and she continued chatting to Dawn. "So, I heard Ash accepted the date request!" Zoey said.

    "Yeah, I'm psyched!" Dawn said.

    "That's good and your swelling's gone down quite a bit!" Zoey said.

    "I know, thanks to Brock!" Dawn said.

    "Yeah, he'll be a great Pokémon doctor!" Zoey said.

    "I know!" Dawn agreed as they walked to their next classes. The day continued pretty averagely and before everyone new it, it was the much anticipated Friday. It was the last class of the day and Ash was in history with Barry and Misty and he was sweating buckets.

    "Ash, you okay?" The history teacher, Miss Clemets asked.

    "Yeah…I'm cool!" Ash replied and Pikachu looked at him doubtfully.

    "It's pretty blatant that you aren't cool. Do you need a drink?" Miss Clemets asked.

    "I'm fine really." Ash assured.

    "Okay, just raise your hand if you feel light-headed or something." Miss Clemets stated. "Now, class who can tell me what year the automatic Poke'ball was invented we already know that the turn-cap poke'ball was invented in 1939 but, what about the one we all use today?"

    "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Paryin', patyin', yeah! We so excited!" Barry sang in his seat loud enough so only Ash and Misty sitting on both sides of him could hear.

    "Barry, I swear I'm going to rip your mouth off!" Misty muttered.

    "Come on, Misty, yesterday was Thursday today it is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards!" Barry sang.

    "Barry, you're making me even more nervous, okay! Please stop with the singing!" Ash yelled loudly. "That was loud…" Ash mumbled and his face turned three shades red as the whole class stared at him.

    "Ash, are you sure you're okay, you aren't acting like yourself? What's the problem?" Miss Clemets insisted.

    "Barry won't stop singing Rebecca Black!" Misty snitched. "It's distracting and annoying!" Misty tattled.

    "Barry, honey, don't sing that song, it could make someone go deaf, hun." Miss Clemets said and the class laughed.

    "Sorry…" Barry apologized.

    "It's alright, now we have five minutes left and it's Friday you can have the rest of period to yourselves!" Miss Clemets said and everyone cliqued together and began gossiping and chatting.

    "Way to rad me out, Misty, I'm going to have to fine you for that! You've got ten seconds to pay up!" Barry yelled.

    "Sorry, Barry, but that song's just too irritating, it's unbearable to listen to! The sad part is you sound better than her!" Misty stated.

    "I do, don't I!" Barry said boastfully and Ash was still standing quietly with a nervous look to his face. "Ash, seriously, what's wrong with you, today?" Misty asked.

    "Yeah, Ash you're being weird….well, weirder than usual." Barry commented.

    "Pika-pi!" Pikachu agreed.

    "Oh, it's no bid deal, I'm just a little stressed about my date with Dawn tonight, I've never been on a date before!" Ash said awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

    "Don't worry, pal, I'll tutor you on all the basics!" Barry exclaimed and Misty just became saddened by jealously and started staring downwards and playing with her toes again.

    "That's okay, Barry…" Ash said smiling.

    "Nah, I owe it to you! Besides it'll boost my confidence!" Barry grinned.

    "Why?" Ash asked.

    "Cause you're a Pokémon master and it makes me feel good to be able to do something you can't!" Barry said.

    "Gee…thanks…Barry. Trust me, there's probably a million things you can do better than me." Ash replied. "And, Barry, exactly how many dates have you actually been on?"

    "…That isn't the point, Ash, my father is Palmer of the battle frontier so there!" Barry exclaimed.

    "That's so irrelevant…" Ash said with a laugh.

    "Whatever!" Barry said.

    "Misty, you okay, you look upset?" Ash asked.

    "Huh, oh, no, just tired!" Misty lied, faking a smile.

    "Sure?" Ash asked and Misty nodded with her fake smile.

    "Pikachu-pi?" Pikachu said.

    "I'm good, Pikachu!" Misty said petting Pikachu's head.

    "Okay class, see you Monday have a good weekend!" Miss Clemets said as she dismissed her class and everyone dashed out of school as fast as possible. Ash and Pikachu stepped inside their dorm, pleased to see it was empty and they prayed it would stay that way s Ash could have some privacy for his date preparation.

    "Wonder where Paul's at, Pikachu?" Ash said. "Well, let's just say a prayer that he doesn't come back!"

    "Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

    "I don't have any clue how I'm suppose to act on a date!" Ash exclaimed. "Maybe, Mom, can help? What do you think, Pikachu?" Ash said and Pikachu nodded happily. Ash picked up the phone and dialed home. Over at the Ketchums the annoying ringtone going: Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, phone call! Phone call echoed throughout the house.

    "Hello, Ketchum's residence, Delia Ketchum speaking!" Delia said answering the phone.

    "Hey, Mom?" Ash said.

    "Ash! Hi, oh, honey how are you?" Delia asked enthusiastically.

    "I'm good, just nervous." Ash replied.

    "Oh, what about?" Delia said.

    "Um…Mom, you see I kind of am going on a date tonight…" Ash replied, bracing himself for his mother's response.

    "Oh, Ash! I've waiting for this day forever! Oh, sweetheart, I'm so proud of you! Oh, who is it? Who's this lucky girl who get's to go on a date with my Ash! Oh, my little baby's growing up!" Delia said.

    "It's Dawn." Ash answered.

    "Oh, she's cute!" Delia exclaimed. "Oh, Ash, it feels like only yesterday I was changing your diapers now, look at you going out on your first date, oh, my little boy!"

    "Mom…" Ash replied as his mother was becoming emotional. "Mom, I need your advice, I don't know what to do!"

    "Well, where are you going?" Delia asked.

    "The movies." Ash replied.

    "Oh, that's the first date your father took me on! Okay, what movie are you seeing?" Delia questioned.

    "I don't know, I was going to let her pick when we got there." Ash said

    "Oh, that's good see, Ash you don't need me to help you! You've already made a very gentleman-like choice!" Delia replied.

    "But, Mom, I don't know what to say or do, it's like she's a whole another person now…" Ash replied.

    "There's your problem! You just be yourself and maybe throw in a compliment here and there and it'll be fine it's just a first date and it's your very first date of your life, Ash, it isn't suppose to be perfect that's what makes it special." Delia said.

    "Okay, be myself…Thanks, Mom! But, one more thing what am I supposed to wear?" Ash asked cluslessly.

    "Hmmm, to the movies…Just wear a nice polo shirt and some nice corduroy pants and that'll do!" Delia said.

    "Great, thanks a bunch, Mom!" Ash said.

    "You're welcome, sweetie. Good luck, Ash, give me a call and tell me how it goes!" Delia said.

    "I will, Mom, bye!" Ash said.

    "Bye, honey!" Delia said and Ash hung up the phone.

    "Okay, so here I go, Pikachu!" Ash said and began his predate preparations. Over at Dawn's dorm May was helping her get ready for her date too.

    "So, May, what should I wear! Any thoughts, Piplup?" Dawn asked the advice of her friends.

    "Don't ask Piplup it's a boy and a Pokémon!" May said and Piplup sulked. "I'll tell you, here, let me take a look at your wardrobe!" May said peering into Dawn's closet. "We want something that says; interested but not too interested, casual yet elegant!"

    "What's that mean?" Dawn asked.

    "It means you need something in the middle." May replied, dumbing it down. "Like a nice skirt and top! That's what I wore on my first date with Drew!"

    "You and Drew get along so perfectly, you have such an ideal relationship!" Dawn said.

    "Oh, it isn't always that way and it was so different as kids." May said. "We have our fights but, we always make up in the end…I don't know, because we really care about each other and in the end we know a silly argument isn't worth losing what we have."

    "That's so sweet, I wish I had something like that!" Dawn replied.

    "Maybe tonight's your chance to get it!" May said and Dawn picked out a pink short-sleeved shirt with a white lace jacket that went over it. To match the top she chose a black skirt and black pumps with rhinestones on the top. "You look great! Now all you've to do is wait for Ash here!" May said.

    "Right, I can't wait! I haven't been on a date where I wasn't afraid of being smacked upside the head in over a year!" Dawn exclaimed and then they heard a knock at the door.

    "That must be Ash, good luck, Dawn!" May said and with that Dawn opened the door to see Ash standing there with Pikachu ready to head off to the movies for their first date.
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    Default Re: The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy

    Chapter 10: Third Time's the Charm!

    "Hey, Ash, you ready?" Dawn said as she greeted him with a bright smile.

    "Ugh, um yes, yes, quite!" Ash said nervously. "Here, I got you these!" Ash said with a smile of uncertainty as he pulled out a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    "Oh, Ash, they're- they're…*achoo*…beautiful!" Dawn said as she rubbed her nose and began sneezing even more. "Ash, by any chance does the bouquet have any daffodils in it?"

    "Yeah, what's wrong you don't like daffodils!" Ash panicked. "Er, I'm sorry, I guess I could get you different ones!"

    "No, no, Ash, I love daffodils, they're beautiful but, unfortunately, I'm allergic!" Dawn said rubbing her nose.

    "Oh man, Dawn, I'm really sorry, I really had no idea, are you going to be okay?" Ash asked.

    "I'll be fine, you'll just have to get rid of those, sorry." Dawn stated.

    "Oh, of course!" Ash said as he dumped the flowers into a trash can in the halls. "Why am I such an idiot! The first date and I bring her flowers she's allergic too! Stupid, stupid, stupid! This is why this is my first and last date! Why can't I do anything right! I thought guys were supposed to bring a girl flowers on a date, but, I've known anything about romance I barely even know it existed until I was like twelve!" Ash thought to himself, feeling dense as he thumped himself on the head.

    "It's okay, Ash, it's the thought that counts!" Dawn said. "So, wanna head out?"

    "Ugh, yeah, come on, Pikachu!" Ash said and Pikachu hopped up on Ash's shoulder and Dawn picked up Piplup and they started walking to the theater three blocks down.

    "So, Dawn, how's coordinating class going?" Ash asked.

    "Great! May's amazing but, the teacher, Harley's his name, he's always belittling her for some strange reason…maybe he's jealous?" Dawn pondered.

    "Wait, did you say Harley?" Ash said with a chuckle.

    "Yeah, why?" Dawn said obliviously.

    "May's known him forever, he's quite a card to put it nicely." Ash explained.

    "Ah, I see. So, Ash, how are your classes going?" Dawn asked.

    "They're good, battling class is my favorite but, I sort of hate all the attention and there's never a dull moment in history with Barry." Ash replied.

    "Oh, I can imagine!" Dawn said giggling. "…Misty's in your history class, isn't she?"

    "Yeah, why?" Ash asked, puzzled. "She's really good at history, actually, and the way she adapted to school life so quickly was impressive. I'm still all over the place, forgetting books and searching the halls aimlessly for my next class's room."

    "…Ash what would you rate Misty on a scale of one-to-ten?" Dawn demanded and Ash desisted walking dead in his tracks. Ash's face flushed so incredibly red Pikachu became concerned that he was going to pass out.

    "What! Ash, just answer the question?" Dawn said irritably.

    "What exactly does that mean…?" Ash inquired.

    " I want to know how pretty you think Misty Waterflower is on a scale of 1-10 not her training skills, not her intelligence, not her friendliness, her appearance. Tell me a number." Dawn said standing in front of him with her arms folded and a pouty, snobby, intimidating look on her face and a covetous shimmer in her eye.

    "…Dawn, can we please just go see the movie." Ash said, almost praying as he closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath. "Please, Dawn." Ash said softly and coolly. Dawn gave Ash a very unsatisfied look and turned around sticking her nose up at him.

    "Fine! Don't answer my question…Paul never answered my questions, either, I'm use to it." Dawn replied an attempt of guilting ash into an answer.

    "Dawn, I'm sorry, it's just I've never been on a date before…and I'm really nervous and…I don't know." Ash replied.

    "Aw, you're nervous?" Dawn asked.

    "Only more than I was in my life. I haven't been this nervous since I battled Cynthia!" Ash said.

    "I'm sorry, Ash, I must be making this so awkward for you! I forgot you hadn't been on a date before, I'm sorry!" Dawn apologized.

    "It's okay, I guess I'm sort of a loser, I mean I'm fifteen and I've never been on a date until now." Ash said self-consciously.

    "So? Who cares, what's the rush? I'm proud to be Ash Ketchum's first date!" Dawn replied.

    "There's not much to be proud of…" Ash mumbled. "I don't know a thing about romance so if you're expecting some Romeo or Prince Charming you need to look elsewhere."

    "Ash! Goodness, stop being so hard on yourself! Ash, I like you for, you not some knight in shinning armor!" Dawn replied. "Right, Piplup!"

    "That's a relief." Ash said as they neared the cinema. They walked inside the movie theater to see advertisements for all sorts of movies. "So, which one do you want to see, Dawn?" Ash asked as they browsed the listings.

    "Hmmmm, it doesn't really matter to me but, Pokémon Paradise looks pretty good." Dawn replied.

    "Okay, then, Pokémon Paradise it is!" Ash said as they walked up to the clerk. "Two tickets to Pokémon Paradise, please."

    "Here, you are sir, enjoy your movie!" the clerk responded.

    "Thanks." Ash said as he accepted the tickets and handed one to Dawn. "The movie doesn't start for another fifteen minutes, any snacks you'd like?"

    "I'll buy the snacks you already bought the tickets, it's the least I can do." Dawn offered.

    "No, it's fine, I'll take care of it! Come on, let's get in line." Ash said and they waited in queue. "The prices are ridiculous."

    "I know, my mom and I use to sneak snacks into her purse to avoid the overpriced charges." Dawn said.

    "Here I thought my mom and I were the only ones!" Ash said with a giggle. "So, Dawn, what would you like?" Ash asked.

    "Um, a soda would be good!" Dawn said.

    "And how about we'll all share a popcorn box?" Ash said.

    "Sounds good! Oh, and a small drink is fine, Coke, please." Dawn stated.

    "Sure, thing!" Ash said and they reached the recession stand's counter. "Two small Cokes and a large popcorn please." Ash said.

    "Coming right up!" The girl behind the counter said as she fetched them what they requested. "That'll be $12.23 please."

    "Okay!" Ash replied as he dug through his pockets frantically. Ash only managed to pull out seven dollars and thirty-nine cents. "Oh, no…" Ash mumbled.

    "Oh, Ash, did you run out, oh here!" Dawn said as she placed the rest needed on the counter.

    "Thanks…Dawn." Ash said. "That was embarrassing I couldn't even pay for her…I need to get a job if I'm going to be taking Dawn out often…that was so humiliating, I'm so embarrassed. She probably thinks I'm some poor orphan who lives in abject poverty or something…" Ash thought in soliloquy.

    "Ash, don't worry about it! It's okay, I wanted to pay anyway you already bought the tickets, it's not a big deal. Right, Piplup?" Dawn said understanding how humiliated Ash must feel.

    "Piplup!" Piplup exclaimed.

    "Thanks, Dawn." Ash replied, though, he still felt extremely embarrassed. Ash, Dawn, Piplup and Pikachu entered theater twelve which was screening Pokémon Paradise a tragedy about two Pokémon who are extremely in love but torn apart due to their trainer's bigotry. They sat down next to each other with their Pokémon happily seated on their laps, the movie finally began and the audience fell silent. It was halfway through the movie and half the girls and a few guys were bawling their eyes out, not Dawn, she was too busy gazing into Ash's radiant eyes, she loved how compassionate and caring Ash could be at one moment then shift to ornery and furious at the other.

    "I want to kiss him so badly…I bet he's never been kissed before to think I could be a Pokémon Master's first kiss…I'll take Ursula right off her throne if I make Ash my boyfriend, I'd be the most popular girl in the school. I'm already trying out for the cheerleading squad, so imagine if I were the cheer captain dating the Pokémon master I'd be the envy of every girl in school…But, if I try to kiss him too soon I'll probably scare him off…maybe the next date." Dawn thought silently to herself as she fixated herself to Ash's face rather than the silver screen. Dawn grabbed Ash's hand and squeezed it tightly and Ash squeezed back more lightly. Dawn smiled warmly to herself and Ash blushed, he was such a nervous wreck when it came to romance. The movie ended and Piplup and Pikachu were off asleep in their arms. Ash and Dawn got up and stretched.

    "So, Dawn, what did you think?" Ash asked.

    "I think we should do this again…" Dawn thought. "Oh, the movie, it was okay, I guess, I just liked being with you."

    "Good, I'm glad you at least half liked it! I thought it was alright too, wasn't the best movie I'd ever seen, though, I've never been that into chick flicks." Ash joked and they walked back to the dorms and Ash was dropping Dawn off at the entrance to the girls' dorms.

    "Let's do this again sometime, if you'd like?" Dawn said as she held a sound asleep Piplup in her arms.

    "Yeah, I'd like that!" Ash replied. Dawn couldn't help herself, she kissed Ash on the cheek, knowing that if she went for a real kiss he'd freak out. Ash just stood there blushing and Dawn smiled victoriously. Little did they know Misty was spying on them through an alley. You might as well have taken a dagger and pierced Misty's heart for all the pain she felt as she watched Dawn affectionately kiss Ash's cheek. Something she'd never have had the courage to do. "I-I-I guess I gotta go…Ugh-um-I-ugh maybe I-I'll see you, um, tomorrow or, er, something." Ash said catching his breath.

    "Sounds good, goodnight and thank you, Ash." Dawn said and walked inside. Ash stood there a moment pressing his fingers up against the spot where Dawn kissed him on the cheek. "She kissed me, Pikachu." Ash whispered to a sleeping Pikachu and he cheerfully walked back to his dorm.

    "I should've known he'd go for her…I hate that Dawn." Misty mumbled to herself, heartbroken a single tear slid off her cheek. As she dejectedly walked to her empty room. As Misty walked to the stairs she ran into Dawn at the stairwell and Misty tried to avoid eye contact.

    "Hey, Misty, what did you do tonight?" Dawn asked.

    "Nothing…" Misty said brusquely.

    "You didn't go out with any friends, that's a shame. I was out with Ash all night, it was wonderful." Dawn said and Misty glared up at her.

    "Look, I know what you're trying to do and I don't need that, okay?" Misty stated.

    "Well, then explain it to me!" Dawn said defensively.

    "Don't play dumb, you're trying to make me jealous, you know I like Ash too. So what you got Ash that's one thing, yes, that hurts in itself…a lot. But, you don't have to rub it in I don't need that, if Ash wants to date you and is happy with you so be it but, please…don't give me any crap, okay?" Misty said.

    "Oh, play Miss little innocence are we? Boo-hoo, poor Misty. You actually even thought you stood a chance, Misty? Just look at a picture of the two of us side-by-side were incomparable, I sweep you away. I suggest you move on to a less prominent boy and find one who can match your inferiority. I kissed him tonight just to let you know." Dawn said flipping her hair.

    "Shut up, you're no better than me! What makes you think you're so special? Ash is a Pokémon master he is out of everyone in this school's league, he deserves a princess for all his accomplishments. Leave me alone okay?" Misty retorted.

    "Whatever, Ash is mine so back off!" Dawn said. "First come first serve!"

    "In that case he would be mine I met him first." Misty rebutted.

    "I meant the squeaky wheel gets the grease or in this case the Ash. It's pretty obvious how much he likes me so just stay away from him unless you're that selfish to take him away from the girl of his dreams?" Dawn tantalized.

    "I challenge you to a Pokémon battle, Dawn." Misty said.

    "I don't need a cascade badge." Dawn said sarcastically.

    "You know what the battle's for, whoever wins has the right to date Ash." Misty explained.

    "Okay, you're on!" Dawn exclaimed raising her poke'ball out to begin a battle as Ursula passed through the hall.

    "Ah-ah-ah! That my friends would be illegal!" Ursula said as she passed by them.

    "She's right…" Misty groaned. "I didn't want to make enemy with you, Dawn, even there when I confronted you. I just wanted you to stop bugging me but, if you insist…Let me tell you something you may have Ash, and if Ash is truly happy with you I will leave you be for Ash's sake. However, I would never stop seeing him Ash is my best friend no matter what. Whatever happens I always get the last word I never start a fight but I always finish it, keep that in mind." Misty said as she marched away, dignified, to her dorm.

    "Drama queen…" Dawn huffed and went to her dorm as well. Misty ran inside her empty dorm and through herself on to her bed and wept.

    "Oh, Ash, why her, why?" Misty cried she knew Dawn was prettier but, she never thought Ash of all people went for that trait it hurt to see him with someone else. Someone she believed hardly cared for him. While Ash and Dawn's date went on May and Drew also had a date of their own, they went ice skating at what use to be an ice Pokémon tournament arena but was changed to a skating rink because half the customers were forbidden to battle now. Drew and May's date was lasting longer than Ash and Dawn's and it was still going on. May and Drew were skating together holding hands until they decided to take a break for a little while and sit on the bleachers.

    "I've always loved to skate but, it's a shame this place can't be a battling facility anymore." Drew said.

    "Yeah, I miss battling like crazy I feel like I'm suffering from with withdrawal or something!" May joked.

    "I know what you mean. We get to practice combinations in class…with…Harley…but, we're not doing it for the passion of doing it, it's for school. It's not the same." Drew replied.

    "I know, I miss it so much I can't wait to graduate and get my title back! Maybe, we can go on a journey and I'll watch you in contests and you could become top coordinator too!" May said.

    "I hope so! I'd love that but, not without you, May." Drew stated.

    "Of course! I'll be there supporting you all the way! With a rose for you-or roserade." May teased. "Those roses were never for Beautifly, Drew."

    "Of course they weren't…I was ten I had a crush on you…I couldn't tell you that." Drew confessed.

    "Oh, Drew!" May said grabbing his arm. "Do you know what today is?"

    "No! What is it! Aw, I'm dead…No sense lying to her that'll make things worse." Drew thought. "…May, I'm really sorry-"

    "You forgot…again! You always just forget. You know what, Drew, I'm tired of your apathetic attitude about our relationship. I think-I think we're done." May declared.

    "May! What are you saying! May, please, it was only an accident, I didn't mean to forget, I promise I'll make it up to you!" Drew cried.

    "No, Drew it's too late for that you always say that! Call me when you actually care, okay?" May said angrily as she got up and stormed off skating alone.

    "May, hold on, May, please!" Drew said as he tried to catch up to her he had forgotten he was adjusting his skated while he and May were talking and when he got up they were untied. Well, when Drew went to go catch May swiftly his skate got caught in the lace and he slammed face first into the ice without bracing himself at all.

    "Drew!" May screamed as she rushed to his side from the other side of the rink. "Oh, my God, are you okay?" May yelled turning him around and lifting his head up slowly as she held him in her lap. He was bleeding uncontrollably and unconscious. "Drew! Drew, please, please wake up, come on, Drew! Please!" May said getting frightened she gulped fighting back tears, she rested her ear against his chest to see if she could hear a pulse…there was none. "Oh my God!" May screamed as she cupped her hands over her mouth and squeezed her eyelids so tightly together as an overflow of tears poured out. "Somebody, please you gotta help!" May screamed and almost the entire rink stopped skating and a man came to May's side.

    "What's wrong, honey, what happened to him?" The man said calmly resting a hand on May's shoulder.

    "He-he-he isn't breathing!" May screamed. "He can't die, he can't! He can't! I love him! He only fell in a second how-how could this happen so quickly!"

    "Calm down, I'll get the ambulance, alright?" The man said as he rushed to the manager and dialed 9-1-1.

    "Drew, no…no. Drew, please, please, wake up! Drew, please, I love you! I'm so, so, so, so, sorry, Drew! I didn't mean any of it! I really didn't I was being stupid, Drew, please don't leave me…I-I need you! Drew, I never would've stayed broken-up with you I swear Drew, I love you, I do, please!" May cried hysterically as the emergency response team quickly put Drew on to the stretcher and wheeled him to the paramedic truck. A nurse looked at May sympathetically and invited her along. "Y-you, want to come sweetie?" and May nodded despondently and followed. "Run!" the nurse yelled and May chased after and hopped on the paramedic car.

    "1…2…3…Clear!" The doctor shouted and tried to revive him. May knew from watching TV that after the third attempt they're usually gone.

    "Dear, God, don't take him away from me! I'm sorry I took him for granted, I am, I really am!" May prayed as she cried. They did it again…no pulse and this time it was do or die. May prayed with all her might but was her might and faith enough.
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