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Chapter 1
Collapse Nor Fail

Pallet Town was the most peaceful residential area of Kanto at that time. Everyone went by their own business, but that single day was the one day where everyone crossed their paths.

“There are four of us,” Neesha sighed. “I won’t get any Pokémon.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” Corey patted her back, comfortingly. “You’ll get your Squirtle, Neesha.”

“I really hope so,” Neesha sighed again. “I really like Squirtle.”

“Well too bad!”

That voice was too familiar. Gary Oak. Everyone knew him as the professor’s grandson. He must’ve had the first pick. And too late must mean that he got Squirtle. Neesha didn’t need to ask for a confirmation. Gary withdrew a blue turtle and strode off to his legion of squealing fans, which consisted of mostly girls.

Neesha was crushed. She wanted that Squirtle. She almost missed her sleep to get it, but now it was gone. Her tears welled up dramatically; why would she get so upset about this? She can always pick another Pokémon!

“I’m sorry, Neesha,” Corey said. “But don’t worry. Don’t collapse. Don’t fail. You will get another starter. I got a Bulbasaur, you should be able to pick the last one.”

“But Charmander is for boys,” Neesha said. “And I don’t want someone go through what I just did.”

She was too nice. Had she picked the Charmander, she would have a Pokémon for hey journey, but it was too late now. It must have been picked. The pair was outside Oak’s lap, and walking towards Route 1. Corey will start his adventure, but Neesha won’t. She almost started crying again, but fought to hold it back.

“Good luck, Corey,” Neesha said. “Please write me letters. I want to know how my friend is doing.”

“You know what? I’ll get you a Pokémon!” Corey said.

The two were friends since the start. They grew up together, and became best friends in no time. Corey had always been the type of person to looks out for Neesha, while she was the type that didn’t want people to help her, and it wasn’t because she had a tough attitude, it was because she didn’t want to become a bother to people.

Neesha had short brown hair, wore yellow pants, and a purple sleeveless top with a Pokéball mark in the middle. Corey had dark blue hair, and very determined eyes. He wore an orange outfit, and carried a green bag with all his supplies in it.

“You don’t have to,” Neesha said. “I didn’t want to start my adventure that much anyway.”

“You can still travel with me,” Corey said. “Would you like that?”

“I think that would be nice,” Neesha smiled. “But I hope I don’t become a burden.”

“Don’t worry,” Corey said again. “We’ve known each other for a long time, we will get you a starter.”

Neesha didn’t like having to rely on her friend for this task, but she had to get her starter. Staying at Pallet Town would be very boring. She walked beside her friend while he threw his Pokéball up into the air and caught it numerous times. The area around slowly changed, and Corey’s eyes searched for a wild Pokémon to catch, and surprisingly, a Squirtle was eating some fruits.

His hand stopped Neesha from walking, and he urged her to not make a sound. Corey pointed at the Squirtle, and Neesha gasped in happiness. It was a rare Pokémon, yet they found one just outside Pallet, she must be very lucky today.

“Can you catch it for me?” Neesha whispered. “I don’t have any Pokémon or Pokéballs, please.”

“I’m actually tempted to keep it for myself,” Corey joked. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.”

“That’s my Squirtle,”

Neesha’s smile disappeared.

“She’s quite a handful, but she’s not a wild Pokémon,”

The pair turned around to see a boy wearing a blue tank top standing right behind them. “I’m Fergus,” He said. “This is Shellshocker, my Squirtle.”

“Oh,” Neesha said disappointed. “I’m sorry then. I’m Neesha, and this is my friend Corey.”

“Are you two from Pallet Town?” Fergus asked. “Because I need to head there.”

“What business do you have there?” Corey asked.

“It’s my job to deliver the new patch of starters for the next year,” Fergus said. “Shellshocker is a starter that no one picked, now she’s too old. Oak prefers baby Pokémon to give away.”

“So Shellshocker is not your Pokémon,” Neesha stated. “But you’re just holding her because no one wants her?”

“That’s right,” Fergus said. “I would give her to you two, but you already got your starters, and that would be unfair to the others who started as well.”

“Actually, I didn’t get my starter,” Neesha said, hope returned to her. “Can I have her, please?”

“I’ll have to check with Oak first,” Fergus laughed. “Can’t trust anyone.”

And so, the group walked back towards Oak’s lab, where a crowd gathered around some boy with a Pikachu. They passed them, and walked into the lab, where Oak greeted Fergus as if they were old friends and confirmed that Neesha has no starter.

“What about the boy outside?” Corey asked.

“Ash will do fine with Pikachu,” Oak laughed. “He’s a smart kid, he can handle him. You might think I should go and give her a proper starter, but believe me, they’ll do just fine. By the way, Corey, why don’t you give Bulbasaur a nickname?”

“That’s a good idea, actually,” Corey said. “How about… Bruteroot!”

And so, Corey, Neesha, and Fergus started their adventure. They didn’t know what the future held for them, but they marched forward. Their chronicles will never fade.

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