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    Christmas Costume Calamity! (Comedy/Parody One-Shot Christmas Special starring TR) Rated: U

    Jessie, a long purple haired woman wearing a rugged Team Rocket uniform was walking towards a nearby park trashcan and picked up various items out of it, such as a newspaper, bagels, paper cups filled with different drinks, etc. She then walked towards two figures that were sleeping on park benches. One of them was a man with short light purple hair and was wearing his own version of the Team Rocket, the other was a cat pokemon called Meowth.

    “James! Meowth!” she called loudly as she hit them both with her newspaper. “Wake up, you filthy Mankeys.”

    She handed them both some bagels and she went on to reading the paper while drinking some old coffee. As she read on, her face of boredom became a face of shock and excitement. “James! Meowth!” she cried out.

    “What?” James said in a down tone. “Another failing plan to catch Pikachu?”

    “Not that, James! This!” Jessie said, showing him and Meowth the paper.

    “Let’s see… Serebii Christmas Bash… everyone’s invited… party starts at 4PM at the carnival…” James read out loud.

    “Ooh,” Meowth said in excited manner. “When we get to dat party, we can eat whatever we want!”

    “Hold on,” James said. “It says that everyone must wear a costume to enter.”

    “A costume?” Jessie asked. “That’s not a problem, we have a bunch of those.”

    “Um…guys,” Meowth said, trying to start his confession. “I don’t tink we have any anymore… I sold dem to some guy for some food and money.”

    “What!? Behind our backs!?” Jessie yelled, scaring the wits out of the little cat. “You never do any bad things without us! Understand!?”

    She took out a mallet and was about to hit Meowth with it but James stopped her when he said in a thinking manner, “Hang on a minute, Jessie.”

    “What!?” Jessie snarled, stopping her attack on Meowth but still feeling angry with him.

    “I spotted a place where this man sells costume, maybe he can help us out.”

    “You better be right, James. Cos if you’re not then you’re in for a whacking too!”

    Some time later, Team Rocket visited the costume rental shop that James told them about. There were a number of costumes hanging on the walls and at the end of the room was a counter. On the right side of the room were three changing rooms, one for each person. Upon entry, a man sprung up behind the counter surprising the trio. He had brown short hair and was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and running shoes.

    “Hello,” he said in a welcoming tone. “Are you three here to return those costumes?”

    Team Rocket gave him a strange look. “No…” James replied in an awkward tone. “These are our uniforms.”

    “Me? I’m just naked,” Meowth replied.

    “Oh… kay,” the man said, finding it strange for people to be wearing clothes like those but he got back to being professional. “What can I do for you guys?”

    “Well, I don’t fancy anything on those walls,” Jessie commented. “Do you have something at the back?”

    “Sorry, you guys,” the man said. “Most of our costumes are rented out for tonight’s event… how about some Batman costumes?

    “Hey!” Meowth said enthusiastically. “I like da sound of dat!”

    The man walked to the back and brought out some fascinating looking Batman costumes. “These are brilliant,” the man said enthusiastically. “They almost look identical to the costumes that came from those great Batman films.”

    “Wow!” James said. “How much?”

    “Ten bucks each for the night,” the man replied.

    “Frightfully expensive!” James said in shock.

    “You must be joking!” Jessie said in disbelief.

    “Too much!” Meowth complained.

    “Wobbuffet!” a blue blob yelled, who appeared out of nowhere. Jessie became startled and then angry as she zapped him back into his pokeball.

    “I say ‘ten bucks’ and you complain?” the man said. “Don’t tell me you don’t have any money.”

    “Yeah, we have money,” James said as he and his partners placed their hands inside their pockets. They then placed various items on the counter, which were cents, nickels and James’s bottle caps. “It’s just these is all that we’ve got.”

    The man looked down on the coins and counted each one. “Well… since Christmas is coming, I’ll let you guys haggle but the costumes may not be to your liking,” he said.

    Some time later, Jessie came out of her changing room wearing a 1985’s Catwoman outfit. “I like this,” she said smugly as she posed in front of the man.

    “Hmm, suits you,” the man said while nodding, agreeing with her.

    Jessie noticed that her two comrades were taking a long while to get changed. “C’mon you two!” she said loudly. “We’re gonna be late!”

    Meowth came out of his changing room wearing a 1985’s Batman costume. “I look kinda nice, don’t I?” Meowth said, also being smugly.

    “Yeah, you do, don’t ya?” the man commented as he turned around, trying to hide his giggling smile away from the little cat.

    “James,” Jessie said loudly. “Are you changed yet?”

    “I’m not coming out!” James yelled. That made Jessie slightly annoyed as she walked into his dressing room and dragged him out by the ear. It turned out that James was wearing the 1985’s Robin costume.

    “Crummy costume, you two!” James cried in an alarmed way. “I look and feel ridiculous in this!”

    The man turned around to see how James looked and fell down to the floor laughing.

    “I’m not going!” James said as he crossed his arms, showing his back towards his comrades.

    “What’s it going to take?” Jessie snarled in frustration. “Look, the party starts in a few minutes. I’m going there right now!”

    “Dah! Hey!” Meowth said. “What about us?”

    “I’ll hold the food on for you two,” Jessie replied as she began to walk out. “Just convince him to come, okay!?”

    After she left, Meowth was thinking up numerous plans to get James to come. He looked outside the window; it was getting dark and foggy. He asked and begged James to come with him but he still would not budge because of his embarrassing costume.


    He finally thought up a plan. “Hey! Jimmy Boy!” he said. “I thought up a plan!”

    “Whatever it is, Meowth, I’m still saying no!” James shouted.

    “Actually, I thought and remembered a route,” Meowth said enthusiastically. “How about we’s take the dark alleys and make a run for it.”

    “And no one will see me?” James queried.


    “Sure, sure?”

    “Swear it on my cat skin fur!”

    Meanwhile, in one of the dark alleys, a man in a suit was walking towards a red car.

    Using a car key he was about to open it. But a young girl in rugged clothing walked up to him. “Excuse me, sir,” she said, catching his attention. “Have you got any spare change?”

    “I may have some,” the man replied as he reached down his pocket.

    “Good,” said a man’s voice as he walked out of shadows, catching his attention, also wearing some rugged clothing. “Cos we need some.”

    The man in the suit looked in another direction and saw another man wearing the same type of clothing as his associates. His chances of running away from them were slim as they both grabbed hold of him.

    He struggled to be free from them while he called for help but to no avail. Suddenly, they noticed a strange, mysterious mist coming towards them and stopped moving. Then, they heard some running footsteps coming close.

    “What… is that?” asked one of the scared thieves.

    “No clue,” the man answered, also sounding scared.

    *Cue dramatic (and familiar) tune*

    Suddenly, two figures wearing superhero clothing came running out of the foggy mist. They were none other than James and Meowth wearing their respective costumes running through the dark alleys, looking to get to the party.

    “What the…?” yelled one of the thieves. “Let’s get outta here!”

    The thieves dropped all of the man’s belongings and ran out of the scene while he looked on with a baffled look on his face. Meowth stopped as he bent down to take a breather, he then noticed him standing at the side of his path. He walked up to him and tried to make a good impression. “Hey, buddy,” he said in a happy tone. “Have you got any change?”

    “Meowth!” James shouted impatiently, catching his attention. “Come on! Let’s go!” he shouted again as he pounded his fist into the palm of his hand.

    Meowth looked back at the man in suit, who was still baffled. “See you soon,” he said as he saluted. He then rejoined with his teammate as they resumed running into the foggy streets leaving the puzzled man behind.

    *End tune*

    “Where did they come from?” the man asked himself.

    A couple of days later, Team Rocket was back in their usual uniform, resting in a forest. While James and Meowth were munching on some bagels, Jessie was reading a gossip magazine she found in the trash.

    “That pesky Pichu,” she grumbled as she looked at the photos relating to the party she and her comrades visited the other night. “All those girls were all over him just because he was in that James Bond costume.”

    She turned to another page and what she saw infuriated her. “James! Meowth!” she yelled angrily. “Come over here!”

    “What? What? What?” James and Meowth asked curiously in unison as they rushed over to her.

    “Look at these pictures!” Jesse shouted as she showed them photos of themselves doing ridiculous things, such as guzzling all the food, such as doughnuts and pies, and throwing them, drinking and splashing around all the drinks and then sleeping like a bunch of drunkards on the party floor while everyone surrounded them.

    “I feel… violated,” James whimpered as anime tears came flowing from his eyes.

    “Do yous guys know what da worst part is?!” Meowth said, also annoyed. “We’s got no idea who took and sold dose photos!”

    What they also didn’t know or even notice, was that someone was taking photos of them at that very moment. Behind one of the bushes behind the infuriated Team Rocket was a little Pichu with a tag signed ‘Jerry’ on his neck collar. He was holding a camera, taking photos of them. Resting next to him was a big pile of cash.

    “Pihehehe. Pichu Pichu Pichu,” ‘Jerry’ squeaked silently, which meant, “Hehehehe. I should’ve came as The Joker.”


    Authors notes:
    Special thanks to for the Batman midi file and for the pics of the costumes I'm going to show.

    Batman and Robin costume
    Catwoman costume

    This one-shot is a tribute to all great comedians, like Ronnie Barker (God bless), Brian Connelly, Ali G, and Ant and Dec, and to all great comedy and cartoon shows, like Only Fools and Horses, Friends, and Tom Jerry.
    Formerly known as The Murkrow. Now known as Brian Powell (Not my real name, but does it sound similar to you?).

    Check out my main fic Pokemon Impact! Now completed!
    Series 2 is now here! Check it! Now completed!

    Check out no.3!

    I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request

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    i liked that. that was funny. the best bit was James and Meowth stumbling across the man being mugged, that was great. nice touch with the batman theme

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    That was funny. As usual, James and Meowth got the best lines ["Ifeel...violated." "Me? I'm naked."].


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