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    Cherry from the Pokémon episode, "The Psychic Sidekicks," still dreams of being the world's greatest Psychic Pokémon master. However, her hopes are dashed one day when while training, her Girafarig accidentally knocks her mother's favorite statue. As a punishment, she is banned from training her Girafarig, much to her disappointment. Her sadness soon starts to get her depressed. To cheer her up, her father agrees to give her a vacation to The Island of Sodor until her mother gets over her rage. This is so she can meet up with her uncle Fredrick, who works on the North Western Railway. Upon arrival, she soon starts to have several wonderful adventures...



    Cherry: The main protagonist and a young girl who dreams of being a Psychic-Pokémon Master.

    Fredrick: Cherry's uncle and the stationmaster of Tidmouth Station. He is a cheerful old man with a huge load of advice.

    Sir Richard Topham Hatt: The controller of the North Western Railway and a fat yet kindly-old gentleman. He is a father-figure to anybody in need of help. Though often called "The Fat Controller," nobody calls him this in public.

    Fergus Duncan: The controller of the Arlesdale Miniature Railway. Often referred to as "The Small Controller," this nickname is inconvenient, because he's actually taller than Sir Richard and Mr. Roger Sam, the latter being the controller of the Skarloey Railway and often referred to as The Thin Contorller. Fergus is a kind gentleman who keeps the other Small Engines in control, by acting as a father towards them.

    Roger Sam: The controller of the Skarloey Railway, and often referred to as "The Thin Controller." Roger is a father-figure to the Skarloey Railway engines and a friend of Sir Topham Hatt.

    Albert: A young boy who has a crush on Cherry, but Cherry dislikes the fact that he constantly annoys her. Unfortunately, he tends to stop at nothing to earn her heart, even doing rather stupid things to do so. Albert isn't spoiled by his family, but his crush makes him act like he is.


    Thomas: A cheeky, yet helpful London Brighton and South Coast Railway E2 class tank engine who loves running his branch line from Knapford Junction to Ffarquhar. He thinks it's the most important part of the North Western Railway, even though others disagree with this fact. But that doesn't stop him from boasting about it.

    Edward: The North Western Railway's oldest engine. Edward is wise, kind, and full of unlimited determination. He also has a branch line of his own, which runs from Wellsworth to Brendam.

    Henry: Once a poor steamer and a cross between a Gresley Pacific and a Great Northern Railway Atlantic, and also a nightmare, Henry was eventually rebuilt into an ex-London Midland and Scottish Railway black 5 4-6-0 tender engine and is now really reliable. Henry is grumpy, but means well all the same.

    Gordon: A proud and pompous LNER Gresley A0 Pacific, and the only example of the A0 in existence. Once the engine who pulled the Wild Nor Wester express, those days are over. However, he doesn't mind, as he's getting old and needs more rest than he used to need.

    James: A red 2-6-0 mixed traffic engine who is vain and stuck up. He likes nothing more than keeping his shiny red paint clean and free of any filth, though these days, he rarely complains about pulling trucks.

    Percy: A saddle-tank working on the Ffarquhar branch who is well-meaning, but is somewhat naive, allowing the other engines to sometimes take advantage of him...

    Toby: A wise old LNER class J70 tram engine who works with Thomas on the Ffarquhar Branch Line. Toby has cowcatchers and side-plates, allowing him to go on lines that run near public roads. Toby is wise, clever, and impossible to outsmart.

    Duck: Actually, his real name is Montague, but this Great Western Railway 5700 class 0-6-0 Pannier tank engine is called Duck because it's said that he waddles, which he really doesn't but he prefers Duck over Montague. However, don't let his name fool you: he is proud of being Great Western and never stands nonsense. He is also proud of his own branch line, the Little Western, which runs from Tidmouth to Arlseburgh.

    Donald and Douglas: These Caledonian Railway 812 class 0-6-0 tender engines are twins and can't imagine being without each other. They are rather level-headed and wise, yet still love to play practical jokes.

    Oliver: A GWR 1400 class 0-4-2 tank engine that Douglas once saved from scrap. He now runs the Little Western with Duck. Oliver is rather stubborn, but does have a big heart.

    Daisy: A diesel railcar with an attitude. Daisy is rather stuck-up, but she is kind and willing to do any job.

    BoCo: A Metrovick Vickers Diesel Electric class 28 locomotive who works with Edward on his branch line. BoCo is friendly, calm, and very polite.

    Bill and Ben: A pair of cheeky 0-4-0 saddle-tank twin engines who are owned by the China Clay Works at Brendam. These two love pulling practical jokes, and only Edward and BoCo can keep them in order.

    Bear: A British Rail class 35 "Hymek" diesel who runs on the mainline. Bear is friendly and proud. He also likes to be part of the family.

    Mavis: A class 04 diesel shunter who is owned by the Anopha Quarry on the quarry tramway at the end of Thomas' branch line. Like Toby, she also has cowcatchers and sideplates. Mavis was once full of her own ideas, but since then has matured greatly and is now very kind and helpful.

    Pip and Emma: A pair of class 43 HST units that take the Wild Nor Wester Express train all the way to London. Pip and Emma are friendly and cheerful, always willing to help anybody in need.

    Daniel: A class 47 that lives at Crovans Gate Works. He is kind-hearted and very friendly, being able to get on with anybody. Even James, who originally disliked all diesels, took a liking to him once he rescued the red engine after his injectors failed. Daniel also runs the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, sometimes with help from Donald, Douglas, and even James.

    Diesel shunters: These shunters are owned by the NWR, but they haven't appeared in the Railway Series books. However, I've been informed of them on Sir Topham Hatt's Twitter account, which is also where I get most of the ideas for the episodes. The shunters don't have official names, but they can be seen in various places. They include 2 class 08s, one at Vicarstown, and another at Crovans Gate, a class 06 who also works at Crovans Gate, a class 02 who works at Barrow-in-Furness, and a John Fowler & Co. diesel shunter that normally helps out at small ports like Kirk Ronan and Arlesbrugh during busy times, but is currently under repairs. Not much is known about them however, even their personalities. However, we do know that the Fowler was bought from a private company who for some odd reason never gave him a number before he was purchased by the NWR.

    Skarloey Railway Engines

    Skarloey: The oldest engine on Sodor, a wise and kind narrow-gauge 0-4-2 saddle-tank engine that has been in service for a long time, ever since he was built in 1864.

    Rheneas: Often referred to as "Gallant Old Engine," because during the forties, this 0-4-0 well tank managed to save the railway by making it to the top station even with a broken cylinder. Rheneas was built in 1866, and is Skarloey's younger brother, despite not looking like him. Rheneas is also full of wisdom, and likes helping others.

    Sir Handel: A grumpy and rude 0-4-2 saddle tank, once known as "Falcon," but this was changed when the Skarloey Railway purchased him in 1951. Sir Handel constantly bumps trucks, even if they behave well, and would only like to pull bogie coaches, which are coaches that have eight wheels.

    Peter Sam: A kind-hearted and caring 0-4-2 Kerr Stuart "tattoo" class saddle-tank engine. Peter Sam is gentle with both trucks (Unless they misbehave) and coaches. One time, his funnel got knocked off by an icicle. He now uses a Geisel funnel, which makes puffing easier. In the past, he was known as "Stuart" but was renamed Peter Sam when he and Sir Handel were purchased by the Skarloey in 1951.

    Rusty: A little diesel engine who loves to work. He is full of spirit and loves helping others.

    Duncan: A Scottish 0-4-0 well tank who once worked in a factory. For this reason, he is rude, temperamental, and grumpy. Duncan is a "plain engine" and believes in plain speaking. Though Duncan does have a caring side, he rarely shows it.

    Ivo Hugh: The youngest engine on the Skarloey Railway, having been built in 1996. Ivo Hugh is full of enthusiasm, and loves having fun.

    Duke: A George England 0-4-0 saddle-tank with a tender, Duke was named after his grace, the Duke of Sodor. Duke is wise, kind, and determined to keep things running smoothly. There are, however, times when he is grouchy. When the Mid Sodor closed in 1947, he was sheeted up by his driver and fireman and left in a shed since everyone else thought him too old and wouldn't buy him, and his grace has died in the war, leaving his son, a young boy, in charge and the young duke knew nothing about Duke. Sadly, Duke didn't know this fact and he decided to sleep to pass the time. Over time, the shed was buried by winter torrents, so nobody would be able to find him. It wasn't until 1969 that he was found again and he was eventually restored to service.

    Fred: A lazy and arrogant diesel who often pretends to be ill, just to avoid work. However, this does sometimes backfire on him.

    Arlesdale Miniature Railway Engines

    Rex: A green 15 inch 2-8-2 tender engine. Rex is friendly, but can be somewhat vain, especially when it comes to his favorite hobby: teasing Mike.

    Mike: Mike is a red 15 inch 2-8-2 tender engine just like Rex, but unlike Rex, he is painted red. As a result, he is very proud like James, but unlike James, he would rather pull trucks than coaches! Mike is also constantly teased by Rex, especially about the time when both were painted green and passengers kept calling the latter Mike. He is also proud of his whistle, which he once lost when he was trying to show it off.

    Bert: The oldest of the Arlesdale engines, Bert is friendly, wise, and kind, but does get rather annoyed easily. One time, when the Rev. W. Awdry and his friend Teddy Boston visited, he sprayed water onto them and the passengers as payback for Awdry and Boston not waving at him when they passed him in their car earlier that day. His wheel arrangement is 0-8-2, and he was once a poor steamer, but a rebuild in 1993 fixed that.

    Jock: The newest engine on the Arlesdale Raiwlay, having been built in 1993 to act as a standby in case Mike, Rex, and Bert fail or if Frank can't manage the emergency work alone. His name was given to him by Douglas, who remembered seeing engines that he and Donald called "Jocks" on the Highland Railway in Scotland with yellow paint similar to the one Jock himself carries. Jock is friendly, but somewhat cocky. However, he does know the value of teamwork, and will help anybody who needs it. Jock is a 2-6-2 tender engine.

    Frank: A grey diesel engine who is kind-hearted, but can get grumpy if things don't go the way he wants them to go. He is used in the case of a failed engine, though during the tourist season, he also pulls passenger trains.

    Blisters 1 and 2: A pair of cheeky and troublesome diesels who are the station pilots of Arlesburgh West Station. The Blisters love nothing more than to have fun, and only Bert can keep them in check.

    Sigrid of Arlesdale: A 4-6-4 miniature diesel engine with cabs at both ends. Sigrid is a friendly sort, who thinks nothing is more important than friends. She is used on both passenger and goods trains.

    Synthia: A 4-4-2 Atlantic tender engine and the newest steam-powered addition to the railway, though not the youngest, having been built in 1912. Synthia is feisty, headstrong, but kind-hearted all the same. She is also the only engine that the railway itself doesn't own: instead, she is owned by the Arlesbrugh Transportation Museum, who have placed her on long-term loan to the Arlesdale Railway.


    Episode 1: Journey to Sodor
    Summary: After Cherry's Girafarig unintentionally breaks her mother's favorite statue, she is banned from training Girafarig by her mother. To cheer her up, her father sends her to Sodor to see her uncle Fredrick, who she hasn't seen since 2006, for a short time. At first, her trip seems dull, until she arrives on Sodor and gets an unexpected surprise...

    Episode 2: Arguing
    Summary: Uncle Fred gives Cherry the task of cleaning the engines stabled at Tidmouth, despite the fact that she is too young to actually work. However, after she gives both Duck and Oliver a good clean, they look shiny. Oliver soon starts bragging about how splendid he is, and Duck can't stand it, eventually telling Oliver that he doesn't do enough work. However, Oliver thinks the same thing of Duck. As a result, the two GWR tank engines have a fallout and refuse to speak to each other. Will they ever set aside their differences?

    Episode 3: Guard
    Summary: The guard is an important part of travel on the North Western Railway: his job is to blow the whistle whenever it is time to depart and when the line ahead is clear of obstructions. However, one morning the guard trips and twists his ankle at Tidmouth Station while trying to board the brake coach of Henry's stopping train. Cherry volunteers to get an ambulance for him, but he insists that she take over his job as the train is immediately in need of another guard and she was the closest person available. Cherry hesitates, but the guard quickly gives her his whistle and flags. Reluctantly, Cherry finally agrees, but will she do the job well?

    Episode 4: Albert
    Summary: Cherry is sent into a school at Tidmouth and meets a young boy named Albert, who develops a huge crush on her. However, Cherry is unwilling to return his feelings due to his rather immature behavior, and decides to avoid him. Unfortunately, Albert seems to be impossible to avoid except at home. Will she ever find a solution to her problem?

    Episode 5: Enterprising
    Summary: Oliver is not feeling well and Douglas is drafted in to do his work. Meanwhile, Cherry tries to give Henry a good clean in the firebox, but the stubborn black 5 refuses, saying that he's fine. Will both be ok?

    Episode 6: Rebuild
    Summary: Cherry buys a Railway Series book about the Arlesdale Miniature Railway and shows it to Rex, Bert, Mike, and Jock, the fourth of which is the star of the book. However, Bert is rather upset when he sees that the illustrators drew him in his old shape. He tells Cherry about his rebuild 20 years ago.

    Episode 7: Synthia
    Summary: School is now over since summer has arrived, and the Arlesdale Railway is starting to get rather busy, so the Small Controller, Fergus Duncan, decides to build a new diesel. But for the time being, the nearby Arlesburgh Transportation Museum gives him a miniature 4-4-2 Atlantic named Synthia for a long-term loan. Mike is put in charge of teaching her the basics, but will he do a good job?

    Episode 8: Retirement
    Summary: Cherry is enlisted into a summer school, still cleaning the engines after it ends. When Cherry and Duck get into a conversation about the Great Western Railway while Cherry cleans the pannier tank, it soon moves to City of Truro and his famous record-breaking run from Plymouth to London. However, both are sad when Duck's driver tells them that earlier in 2013, City of Truro was retired. Duck is especially sad and gets depressed. What will cheer him up?

    Episode 9: Work before Play
    Summary: Albert thinks work is boring, and wants Cherry to play with him instead of cleaning the engines when summer school ends for the day. Wisely, Cherry refuses, but unfortunately, Albert refuses to accept no and keeps asking. Even after the other engines agree with her that work always comes first, Albert refuses to agree. Eventually, he has enough and swipes her off Henry's buffer beam, then takes her to the side of the coaling stage, pushing her against a wall. Will Albert's mother be able to teach him a lesson?
    Sub-Plot: Fred the diesel engine is feeling bored and also wants to have fun. However, nobody plays with him since work is more important. Fred disagrees however, and fakes being ill just so he can stay at home. Will he ever get his comeuppance? Or will his plan work?
    Note: Since some may view the content in the main plot as being inappropriate, it shall be rated M for maturity.

    Episode 10: Easy Braking
    Summary: Edward's brakes are starting to have trouble working: every time they are applied, it takes a while for the K2 to stop moving. Bill and Ben can't resist teasing him about it, which annoys the old engine to no end.
    Sub-Plot: Sir Handel is also complaining about his brakes, though in this case, they make a strange squealing sound. Skarloey tells him to ignore it, but when he tries, it only gets worse. What could be wrong with his brakes?

    Episode 11: Oliver's Revenge
    Summary: Oliver is still not feeling well, and is shunting in Tidmouth Yard. James taunts him for being out of shape, only for the 1400 to get revenge on the red engine in an unusual way...

    Episode 12: Oddball
    Summary: Synthia is settling on the Arlesdale Railway very well, but the 2 Blsiters start taunting her about being an "oddball" and refuse to stop. However, they both get their comeuppance when Blister 1 gets into a rather unusual accident, and the tables turn on him...
    Sub-Plot: Daniel is a class 47 diesel engine who lives at Crovans Gate and works on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line that runs from Kellsthorpe Road to Kirk Ronan. However, he is starting to have trouble with his engine. Will he still manage?

    Episode 13: Loan
    Summary: A group of railway enthusiasts arrive on Sodor with plans to reopen the old Baringford Branch Line that ran from Vicarstown to a town called Baringford, which hasn't been used since 1949. A survey of the line is underway, and while it's going on, the 5 engines currently owned by the Baringford Preservation Society, one of which is an ex-LNER J94 known as Luther, are put on loan to the NWR. However, his constant boasting about being Earth's greatest shunter gets on Oliver's nerves. He makes a plan to teach him a lesson, but will all go well?

    Episode 14: Express
    Summary: Ever since they were purchased by Sir Richard Topham Hatt in 2010, Pip and Emma the HST diesel engines have been put in charge of the Wild Nor Wester express train in order to keep up with the current timetable, allowing a direct service to London instead of stopping at Barrow-in-Furness to change engines. But one morning, Pip wakes up feeling hot. Emma tells her to rest, but Pip still insists on working. Will she be ok?

    Episode 15: Pick-up Goods
    Summary: The pick-up goods is an important part of the NWR System: it is a leisurely exercise serving all the stations on a particular line with sundries and wagon load traffic. It has no definite timetable and stops at every goods facility to "pick up" and "drop off" goods, or freight. Normally, they're composed of sundries/small freight in wagons/vans, traveling at their own pace. Often, they start off with only an engine and brake van, and eventually, they're carrying more than 30 trucks! They are then taken to a hub where they are resorted and split for deliver on fixed trains, whereas those left at branch line stations are naturally picked up at the junction's leisure. Often, Donald and Douglas take it, but with Douglas still filling in for Oliver, Donald has to take it alone, meaning that the train is more than he can handle. Will he still manage?

    Episode 16: Oliver's Comeback
    Summary: Oliver is starting to feel better after a good wash-out, and he is returned to the Little Western. However, a truck wants revenge for what Oliver did to his brother Scruffey in 1969, and thinks of a way to get it, only for it to backfire in the end.

    Episode 17: Safety or Speed?
    Summary: After a fatal accident occurs at the junction for Thomas' branch line, Sir Richard decides to have speed limits set along the branch line to prevent such fatal accidents from happening again. But Daisy thinks that she can manage without speed limits, only to find out that she's wrong after she derails at the station by the river...

    Episode 18: Off again
    Summary: Tidmouth has two turntables: one in the roundhouse and one in the yard. The one in the yard is used more often for convenience, and engines are cautiously advised to wait for the turntable to come to them, otherwise, they could fall into the turntable well, which Oliver himself knows from experience. However, Gordon believes that he could never fall into a turntable well. He is soon proven wrong when he actually does!
    Sub-Plot: Albert loses his memory after a trash can lid is unintentionally thrown onto his forehead. Cherry tries desperately to restore it through any means that are possible.

    Episode 19: Bad Mood
    Summary: After getting into an argument with James one evening and waking up early the next morning, Bear the Hymek Engine is in a bad mood due to a lack of sleep. Will anything cheer him up?
    Sub-Plot: Duncan feels overworked and starts complaining as usual. Ivo Hugh tries to cheer him up, but the stubborn Duncan refuses. However, Duncan soon realizes that complaining gets you nowhere when he ends up in a situation similar to one he had in the past...

    Episode 20: Enough
    Summary: Albert's continued quest to win Cherry's heart only ends with her getting more annoyed than ever. Uncle Fredrick tries to help out, as do his parents, but he refuses to listen. It isn't until he tries to flirt with her at the Culdee Fell Railway sheds at Kirk Machan that he finally stops flirting with her, but not before Culdee tells him and Cherry the story of Godred, the Culdee Fell Railway's number 1.

    Episode 21: Close Call
    Summary: After Cherry compliments to Duck, Donald, Douglas, and Oliver about how lucky they are to have arrived on the North Western Railway while cleaning them, Douglas reveals that he actually wasn't supposed to be on Sodor, which shocks the others, except for Donald, who was the only one aware of this fact at the time. When Cherry and Oliver ask how he got there, Douglas agrees to tell the story.

    Episode 22: The Journey to Sodor
    Summary: Douglas' story continues as he talks about his journey to Sodor, along with the obstacles he and Donald has to face along the way.

    Episode 23: The Missing Coach
    Summary: Douglas tells Cherry and Oliver about his first day at work and about the time when he lost Thomas' special coach.

    Episode 24: Whose Branch Line is it Anyway?
    Summary: One day, after Thomas brags about how his branch line wouldn't be able to run without him, Percy reminds Thomas that he too has a section of the line to run. But Thomas, being Thomas, refuses to agree, and both get into a fallout about the importance of their work. What will settle their quarrel?

    Episode 25: Illness
    Summary: Thomas starts feeling ill and claims to have boiler ache. However, whenever he operates, he seems to be fine, confusing the Fat Controller, his crew, and an inspector.

    Episode 26: Great Western or Scottish?
    Summary: Oliver and Douglas have an argument over professional differences, which results in the 1400 having to take Douglas's ballast train...

    Note: For those who don't remember any of the characters that weren't on the TV show, this series follows the timeline of the "official" Sodor, the one in the Railway Series to be exact.

    Well, what do you guys think?

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    I saw the title of the thread and thought "Is this going to be what I think it is? :P If so, this sure will be interesting. :o" and indeed it was, and I was right.

    As one of those people who has daydreams of writing a Pokéfic related to a characters from the anime who are very much over and done with in terms of actual importance, I feel a certain affinity for this already.

    I'm just wondering, this synopsis and list of episode summaries in and of itself what you came up with, or is this an actual outline of episodes you want or plan to write?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTrainStationH View Post
    I saw the title of the thread and thought "Is this going to be what I think it is? :P If so, this sure will be interesting. :o" and indeed it was, and I was right.

    As one of those people who has daydreams of writing a Pokéfic related to a characters from the anime who are very much over and done with in terms of actual importance, I feel a certain affinity for this already.

    I'm just wondering, this synopsis and list of episode summaries in and of itself what you came up with, or is this an actual outline of episodes you want or plan to write?
    Funny you should ask: most of the episodes are my own idea, but episodes 2, 5, (Main plot only) 11, 16, 18, 24, 25, and 26 are based on real events that recently happened on the NWR, as mentioned by Sir Topham Hatt on Twitter. Episode 17 is based on two real events that happened on the Watercress Line, or Mid Hants Railway. Look here: Incidents at the Watercress Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, the Missing Coach is a retelling of a classic Railway Series tale.

    But to actually answer your question, they are just basic summaries.


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