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    Chapter Ten: You can’t win like that…..

    The two stood staring at each other for a moment as one of the adults stood ready to judge the battle; this was going to be much more official than the one Chaos had fought against Dawn. Suddenly both of them realized something as their eyes met. This was going to be their first battle together. They had always talked about how their battles would turn out; they had even played pretend, with them emulating the roaring crowd. The two ran up to the judge and whispered something to him and then ran back, turning their backs to each other. The judge smirked as he raised a green flag and pointed towards Flash.

    “In the green corner we have, The Flash Barry!” Flash immediately spun around held a pokéball in his outstretched right hand as the small crowd cheered. The judge let out a chuckle as he held out the red flag.

    “In the red corner we have Chaos Christopher!” Chaos spun around and pushed his glasses up with his index finger while holding a pokéball and aimed the book he was holding at his friend. The crown continued to cheer as Flash sighed, his friend had chosen a stupid sounding name.

    “This battle will be a two on two with substitutions allowed.” Upon hearing that Flash smirked as he did a quick spin before throwing his pokéball onto the field. The ball gave a bright flash as a starly was released.

    Chaos immediately flipped through his book until he came to a page showing a starly, he skimmed the information quickly as he decided who would be best. Starly is a flying type, known for its speed above all else. No real special abilities, hmmmm-


    Chaos took a step back as he made it back to reality. He was wasting time. He quickly skimmed once more and found what he wanted. He grabbed one of his pokéballs and held it up into the air as it opened, releasing the light, and pokémon, onto the field. In a matter of seconds Cosmic was visible to the whole crowd.

    “An electric type against a flying, huh? Guess he did learn something from those books.” Dawn sat on the bleachers smiling. If he had learned something in one night, maybe he had some hope, though he’d have to not screw up and actually win if he wanted her to ever admit that.

    The two pokémon stood there, staring at each other while Chaos flipped through the book quickly getting to a page which showed information on shinx. He looked over the attacks as he pointed forwards and proclaimed, “Spark go!”

    Shinx, strangely enough, did not perform the electrified tackle which Chaos expected, but instead looked at him puzzled, not understanding what it was supposed to do. Using this opportunity, Flash yelled out an attack, “Aeris wing attack!”

    Aeris immediately flew forwards and struck Cosmic with her outstretched wings. Cosmic was sent rolling across the stadium until he managed to stand up. The attack didn’t seem to have done much, but the bigger problem in Chaos’ head was why hadn’t he listened? Terrum had performed his attacks quite easily with no training and even knew attacks normal Turtwig were unable to learn.

    “Wing attack again!” Flash sent out the command as Aeris swooped back down for another strike as Cosmic braced itself for impact.


    Cosmic didn’t seem to react to the command as the wing struck his stomach. Reacting quickly, his teeth began to give off a slight glow as he bit down onto the wing. Aeris gave out a slight screech from the pain as she quickly spun, causing Cosmic to let go and fall off, landing on his side. Aeris quickly flew up higher, and Chaos got a good look at the wing Cosmic had bitten. It seemed bruised; there was no blood, no real injury, just a bruise. He never understood how pokémon were capable of taking such hits and still be capable of fighting.

    “Quick attack!”

    The command caused Chaos to flinch as suddenly Aeris vanished from her spot up in the sky; even Cosmic seemed to have no idea where she had gone. He looked on in shock as she suddenly appeared in front of Cosmic and crashed into him. He fell to the ground and quickly stood up, but not before Aeris flew out of range once more. Chaos grit his teeth in frustration, what was wrong with Cosmic, did he not understand the orders? It was then that he got an idea. Quickly grabbing his other pokéball, he opened it and released Terrum next to him.

    “Terrum, I need you to explain to Cosmic what each attack is, think you can handle it?”

    Terrum gave a slight nod as it watched the battle. Aeris was still flying up in the air while Chaos was frantically looking at all of the attacks the book said a shinx was capable of. He frowned as he noticed that most of them were physical, and thus would be useless against a foe which seemed to remain out of reach. Looking at the bottom of the page he began to smile at what he read.


    At first Cosmic did nothing, but then Terrum let out various shouts which nobody in the room, save the pokémon, could understand. Cosmic then grinned as sparks began to emanate from its body. Everyone seemed interested in the display as suddenly the small sparks turned into larger bursts of electricity which flew about haphazardly. The electric blasts seemed to remain in the arena, as any which tried to leave the field immediately dissipated as if they had hit something. He didn’t pay much attention to this though, as he watched Aeris take one of the blows and fall to the ground.

    “Aeris, don’t fly!”

    Chaos was puzzled by this order as she stood up and stared at Cosmic, ready for its order. He quickly flipped back to the starly page as he began to search to see if there were any moves Aeris might be able to pull off only on the ground.

    “Chaos, what are you doing? Do you seriously think you can learn to battle from that book?”

    Chaos looked at Flash as he answered confidently, “If I charge in not knowing what each pokémon can do then I’ll lose. I’m better off knowing what to expect.”

    Flash sighed as he gave his reply, “You can’t win like that….”

    Chaos grit his teeth, did Flash just insult him? “Oh yeah?! If you manage to beat Cosmic with Aeris then I’ll try your method! Spark!”

    Terrum quickly explained what spark was as Cosmic charged forwards letting sparks of electricity dance around his now electrically charged body. Both Flash and Aeris continued to stare at the coming attack until suddenly Flash calmly spoke.

    “Brave bird..”

    Aeris suddenly started flying forwards at an amazing speed, heading straight towards the incoming spark. She began to give off a blue glow as she tucked in her wings and used her initial burst in speed to keep heading forwards. Before anybody could react, Aeris collided with Cosmic, causing him to be sent flying backwards towards Chaos. It looked like he would be sent flying out of the field when suddenly he hit something midair and slid to the ground at the field’s edge. Aeris on the other hand had fared much better as he landed on the ground. She seemed to be covered in injuries but managed to keep standing unlike Cosmic who seemed to be unconscious.

    “Cosmic is unable to battle, Aeris takes the first round.” The judge raised the green flag signifying that Flash was winning. Chaos closed his eyes as he returned Cosmic to his pokéball and motioned for Terrum to head out onto the field. Before the match could begin though, Flash quickly recalled the tired looking Aeris and quickly spun once more before throwing another pokéball onto the field. After the usual bright flash, Pyrus stood before them. Chaos sighed as he closed the book and put it on the ground, he had agreed to try this match Flash’s style, head on.

    “Razor leaf!” Terrum responded much quicker than Cosmic as he rapidly launched leaves from the lone sapling on his head. Pyrus was quick to avoid each leaf as he nimbly ran around the field.

    “Tackle!” Terrum charged towards Pyrus ready to knock him onto the ground, when Pyrus nimbly jumped over him and performed the attack Flash ordered, “Ember!”

    As Pyrus spit out small fireballs, Terrum was unable to avoid them and took them all as he fell to the ground. After a moment of struggling he managed to stand and turn around, just as Pyrus quickly got out of range from the next attempt at tackle. Move after move, Pyrus continued to dodge and then strike at Terrum, no matter what move he tried it failed, and Dawn frowned at the display.

    “What are you doing!? Do you have a plan, a strategy!? Do you even know what to expect?! You can’t win like that!” She stood up as she yelled at him, causing various children to stare at her. Chaos on the other hand tried to ignore her; he knew she was right, by the way things were going he didn’t stand a chance. Flash smiled as Pyrus avoided another tackle it seemed his friend still had a lot to learn about battling.

    “Take down!” Chaos shouted this time, every move he had done had failed and the effects were evident in his tone. As Terrum charged towards Pyrus once more, Flash raised his hand as he let out his final order.

    “Flamethrower!” Pyrus took a deep breath and then unleashed a stream of fire from its mouth, quickly engulfing the small turtwig. Terrum continued to charge forwards as hard as it could, until the flames suddenly stopped and he collapsed to the ground.

    “Terrum is unable to battle; the winner is the Flash Barry!”

    The crowd immediately began to cheer and shout as their champion won another battle. Flash released Aeris and then all three of them began to bow before their adoring fans. As this went on, Chaos returned Terrum to his pokéball as he picked up the book. He had tried fighting by the book and lost, and then he tried charging in head on, and failed once again. Then there had been the whole issue of Cosmic not understanding the orders. What made Terrum and Cosmic so different? He stood there mulling over those thoughts when Flash quickly gave him a pat on the back.

    “Nice try bud, but you can’t expect to win your first battle.”

    “I-it was my second…”

    “Eh, don’t feel down, my match with you was my tenth. Why do you still have that book anyway? I told you already, you can’t learn to battle from a book, you can only learn through experience and training.”

    As he said that Chaos looked at the book, if he was right, then why had Dawn still beaten him if she admitted to fighting by the book? He let out a sigh when Dawn joined the duo with her own advice.

    “See, what did I tell you? You’re better off studying instead of charging in head first. There was a significant difference in how both matches turned out, but anyway, we should leave soon if we want to get to Oreburgh before midnight.”

    Flash nodded and quickly recalled his pokémon and prepared to heal them. Dawn on the other hand quickly grabbed her bag from next to the bleachers and prepared to leave. As the two got ready, Chaos continued to stand in the same spot thinking. Should he charge in head first, or should he try to learn from books? Should he rely on experience and thus battle constantly, or should he rely on information and thus read various books on pokémon? He wasn’t sure which to choose but he knew one thing, no matter which he chose he was still far behind the other two.

    “G-guys, I hope you don’t mind but I want to stay here for a while.” Dawn and Flash both immediately looked over to him puzzled at his request.

    “I-I want to stay here and study more about pokémon, and also train here with the students. If I go now I’ll only get in the way, I have to catch up to your level before I head out any further.”

    The two smiled at his reasoning, not only did he flatter them, but also showed his desire to get stronger. Dawn immediately went up to the familiar woman from the night before and began to talk, while Flash put his hand over his friend’s shoulder.

    “Go ahead and stay, just remember, you owe me a rematch when you finally catch up. Hope to see you soon, and thanks again for the package.”

    “I’ll be sure to catch up, and about the package, delivering it to you for your mom was my mother’s idea…” As he spoke the last three words his voice trailed off as he remembered something important.

    “Crud! I promised I’d call her as soon as I got to Jubilife!”

    Chaos immediately ran out of the battle room and ran up to where he had seen one of the pay phones. He quickly placed in a few coins and dialed the number. He stood there listening to the tone signifying that his mother’s phone was ringing. Suddenly he heard his mother’s voice.

    “H-Hello?” Her voice was shaky, as if she had been crying recently.

    “Mom! It’s me, Chris, I got to Jubilife late last night and forgot to call you, sorry! I’m currently staying at the trainer’s school and I decided to stay here for a bit and get stronger before moving on. Again sorry for not calling but you won’t believe what I’ve been through so far! This journey is a lot more exciting than I thought it would be!”

    As he recounted the events to his mother, Flash signed a few autographs for his fans, and Dawn made arrangements for Chaos to stay for a few more days, two figures walked around Jubilife and seemed to be getting plenty of stares. They were both purple, and looked quite similar. Though one of them remained quite silent and walked in front of the other who seemed to be imitating his every move. Each time the second figure took a step he let out a slow and simple sound, “Croaaaaaagunk!~”

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (10)

    Well it's been a long time since a Diamond and Pearl journey style has been seen and this one is really good to boot. It's good that Chaos has a lot of trouble in getting the hang of battling an journeying in general unlike trainers that usually start in journeys who start with a level of experience that can make anyone wonder why they hadn't done it before.

    Plus I also liked the thing with Cosmic since he seems to not understand Chaos's speech meaning that Pokemon probably need certain training before they understand human words themselves.

    At first the battles were a bit stale but they got better especially the one in the last chapter.

    Overall you're good so far at least in my opinion. Your grammar is perfect and you have good description though you should probably space some paragraphs a little at times.

    Also giving Barry the nickname "Flash" obvious Flash reference xD

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (10)

    Thanks for the review (I put up one for you fic :P) and I will work on the paragraphing, I just get carried away sometimes and let my paragraphs get too long XD

    As to the Flash reference, it only goes as far as both being quick, though my friend told me apparently one of The Flash's names was Barry once soooooo if anybody asks I planned it out okay :P

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (10)

    Barry's is actually the name of the original Flash so you really hit it on the spot.

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (10)

    Chapter Eleven: Back to School

    Chaos sat at a small desk fidgeting. He had never been in a classroom before; the closest he had gotten was the dining room table back when he was still homeschooled. He had already graduated at the age of ten, which was a bit quick for the children of Sinnoh. Since he had been homeschooled his mother made sure to start early and take no breaks. Rain or shine, weekend or holiday, they kept moving forwards at a constant rate, which in the end allowed him to save two years. Barry had just recently graduated, right on schedule with the rest of the children of Sinnoh. Here, unlike other regions, children only had to attend school until they were deemed proficient in basic math, reading and writing, which usually occurred by age twelve. Most children then went on to continue their education in whatever field they wanted to specialize in, or directly went out into the workforce performing various basic or demeaning jobs, luckily for Chaos, his mother had told him to relax until he was thirteen, then he’d have to decide whether to work or go back to school, another reason he had hated the concept of turning thirteen.

    He looked around at the children around him, they were the same ten children he had seen around the school; strangely he hadn’t found any others. As the teacher walked in, Chaos looked straight ahead as she wrote a few things on the board. The teacher was a woman, possibly middle-aged based solely on appearance, and had short curly blond hair. Once she was done writing, Chaos read what was written, ‘what combination of types is the most useful when facing a ditto?’ Chaos leaned back in his chair as he thought about it, he had no idea what a ditto was, but he had did remember various types. Chaos raised his hand as he answered, “The grass type.”

    Immediately various students began to snicker and laugh at his response when one of the children raised their hand, “There is currently no known typing which has an advantage against a ditto.”

    “Correct, and could you explain why for those of us who don’t know?”

    The boy turned and looked directly at Chaos as he spoke, “Because dittos are known for their ability to transform into whatever pokémon you send out.”

    Once the boy sat down, the children all began to chuckle once more and Chaos did his best to hide his embarrassment. He was never good at hiding his emotions, and it was clear as the teacher grabbed a ruler on her desk and used it to smack the blackboard.

    “Children, please calm down. I’m sure you are all aware by now, but we have a guest today. Christopher will be studying some of our battling classes in order to prepare for the rest of his journey. I expect you all to show him the respect he deserves, having already received his trainer’s license.”

    The children all nodded at what she just said, but a blank look spread across Chaos’ face as he raised his hand. When the teacher had signaled for him to speak the room was filled with gasps the moment he finished his question, “What’s a trainer’s license?”

    “Do you mean to tell me you haven’t received your license yet?”

    Chaos shook his head as various children let out accusing ‘ooooooos’. The teacher sighed as she took a deep breathe; it seemed this was something important that he should know about.

    “A trainer’s license is required if you are to train pokémon either for occupational purposes or sport. Now, there is currently nothing illegal with carrying up to two pokémon without a license, and you are permitted to battle or perform in unofficial contests as long as they are considered small scale and you only use up to the two pokémon you are permitted under law. There are also limitations as to which species of pokémon you are legally allowed to own without a license. You can obtain a license by taking the Entry Trainer Exam. This test is available in eight cities in Sinnoh, and the topics range from basic pokémon biology, laws, and ethics. If you still haven’t taken it, then I recommend you take it in Oreburgh when you get the chance.”

    Chaos nodded as he took that all in, was that why Flash wanted to head to Oreburgh first? He thought about it for a bit, he had never really paid much attention to the laws pertaining to trainers, since it had always been a forbidden path for him to follow, but now that he had decided to follow it he was seeing just how difficult it was. He’d have to look up some books on the subject when he went to the library again.

    The rest of the class went by uneventful, as they discussed dittos and how they could possibly be connected to the legendary pokémon Mew, a pokémon with highly adaptable DNA which surpassed that of eevees. Chaos had written various notes about the strengths and weaknesses which came along with a ditto’s transformation ability. All in all, it had been dull, at least until a piece of paper was slipped under the door. At first nobody paid any attention to it, but when the teacher saw it she quickly picked it up and gave an audible gasp.

    “C-class, listen to this, ‘Yesterday afternoon, rookie trainer Ramsey Mortar defeat Roark, gym leader of Oreburgh City a mere half hour after obtaining his trainer’s license. He is the second student to graduate from Jubilife Trainer Academy this battle season and has already made a name for himself. Recent analysts believe these two new trainers may be the beginning of a new wave of rookies which the sport has long awaited.’” She seemed really excited about this boy and the events surrounding him, but the excitement in the room only grew as the door suddenly burst open.

    “Did you miss me-gunk?”

    A young boy jumped in through the now open door, and he seemed to be wearing a suit resembling a pokémon. It was purple with white bands around the stomach. The legs were black and it looked remarkably like the pokémon standing next to the boy. The pokémon stood there and gave everyone a blank stare as its orange cheeks swelled up and then deflated. Not having seen this pokémon before, Chaos flipped through the book he still had with him and looked it up, apparently it was a croagunk. He didn’t have time to read more as suddenly the boy’s face was mere inches from his.

    “I don’t remember you-gunk. Are you a new student-gunk? Aren’t you a little old for this school-gunk?”

    “Uh, I’m just taking some classes before I go try to get my trainer’s license. I’m one of Rowan’s assistants so I figured it wou-“

    “You work for Rowan-gunk? That’s soooooo cooooooooooool-gunk!”

    Before he could even react the boy had already jumped over to the rest of the children and was talking much too fast for him to understand. As he sat there staring at the boy, the teacher walked up to him and began to talk.

    “His name is Ramsey; he’s the boy in the article. A few days ago he went to Oreburgh to get his license but to think that he even took that chance to get his first badge is just something. I remember back when he first started studying here, he didn’t know the first thing about pokémon, but just look at him now.”

    This boy, he was really something wasn’t he? Maybe if he battled him he’d learn a trick or two in order to become stronger. Chaos slowly began to get up from his chair but Ramsey quickly turned around and smiled at him.

    “Don’t even think about it. I can tell just by looking at you, there’s no way you can beat me the way you are now.”

    Chaos sighed; even this little boy knew he was weak. He began to think, he could stay here one week at most before he would have to set out. He needed to get strong enough to not only pass that test, but be able to fight alongside Dawn and Flash without holding them back.

    “Ramsey, would you help me get stronger? If you’re as good as everyone says, then it shouldn’t be too tough right?”

    “Sure, sounds like fun-gunk!” Ramsey began to jump up and down hyperactively with a large grin on his face.


    Chaos sat in the center of the battle arena blindfolded. He had expected so many things but nothing like this. Sitting next to him were Terrum and Cosmic, only they weren’t blindfolded. Ramsey was walking around the trio with a large paper fan in his hand which he kept swatting Chaos with each time he moved. Ramsey had told him to only attend the ethics, biology and law classes, and the rest of the time was to be spent training.

    “First of all, tell me, which path do you follow-gunk?”

    “P-path?” This response got him smacked before Ramsey continued to talk.

    “I guess you still haven’t decided between mind, body, and spirit-gunk. No problem, I guess I’ll just have you train and then we’ll know-gunk. First gam- I mean exercise! I need you to land an attack on my pokémon-gunk! Splat, show them your stuff!”

    Ramsey opened a pokéball as a small blue critter with pink antenna on its head stood on the field looking at those that stood before it. Upon hearing this, Chaos had reached up to his blindfold only to get smacked once again.

    “No peeking, you must do it blindfolded. Splat is a wooper, that’s all you need to know-gunk!”

    Chaos sighed once more, this would be annoying. Not only was he blindfolded and unable to see the action, but he had no idea what a wooper was, let alone its location.

    “Terrum, razor leaf, and Cosmic, spark as soon as Terrum stops throwing the leaves!”

    Nodding his head, Terrum immediately began to launch leaves at the blue pokémon, but Cosmic on the other hand stood there thinking. What had he learned last time, spark was an electric tackle, but what about the rest of the stuff he said? Did he want it now? He wanted it done now. Charging forwards, Cosmic prepared his electric attack but before even reaching the target he was struck by the razor leaf he had intercepted. Splat simply stood there, staring at what had happened, while Ramsey smacked Chaos one more time with the fan.

    “Does your shinx even understand you yet-gunk? Just how old is he? Most pokémon can figure out most of what we say unless they’re too young-gunk. If it’s still young you should let it spend some time with your other pokémon before using it in battle or else he won’t know what to do-gunk! Wazu, can you teach him-gunk?”

    The croagunk named Wazu which was sitting on the bleachers nodded and then walked over to Cosmic and sat down. He began to make strange sounding noises, and Cosmic stared at him while nodding his head. As this went on, Ramsey removed Chaos’ blindfold and helped him stand up. He led him to the door before he jumped up and smacked Chaos once more with the fan.

    “You failed today’s exercise miserably; maybe you’ll do better on the next one-gunk!”


    Chaos was running through the halls as fast as he could. He was swinging a broom back and forth, quickly sweeping the halls. As he ran, Ramsey managed to skip beside him.

    “This law makes it illegal for trainers to carry more than six pokémon at once-gunk.”

    “What is the Pokéball Act…”

    “Wrong!” Ramsey suddenly stuck his foot out and caused Chaos to fall to the ground. After he hit the ground he continued to skid for a bit, but he had no time to lay there and feel sore. Ramsey was still skipping away. Quickly grabbing the broom, Chaos stood up and sprinted after him.

    “…W-what is the Full House Act…”

    “Correct-gunk!” Suddenly Ramsey stopped moving and signaled for Chaos to stop as well. He was sniffing the air and a smile spread across his face.

    “It’s lunch time-gunk! Your next exercise is to balance a glass of water on your head while eating pizza!”

    Chaos simply nodded as they began to walk towards the cafeteria. He was not sure how some of these exercises were going to help him, but he had to trust him, after all, he had a badge, whatever that was…..
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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (11)

    And so the training begins normally fics tend to do this later but it was still good. Ramsey is a weird character but not everyone can be super smart and normal right, plus I think this training might actually be good for Chaos.

    Your chapter was good this time the paragraphs weren't too long and there was enough description to make it interesting it was really good and I read it in one sitting too.

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (11)

    I figured Chaos would need the training early since he knows little about battling, that and he is a trainer now.

    Also, glad you could read it in one sitting, that's one of my goals with chaps, I want them to be readable in one sitting since it makes it easy to remember where you left of.

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (11)

    Awesome work. I just caught up.

    I love how detailed and deep you've made the game story. Your detail in your writing and the storyline is awesome, especially the narration of your battle scenes. I enjoy how you describe them.

    Anyways, keep it up :)

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (11)

    Chapter Twelve: Clowns, Clocks and Paths


    Terrum was knocked onto the ground by Splat as he tried attacking. Cosmic already lay on the ground, too exhausted to move, and now Terrum was knocked unconscious. Chaos waited a second and knew what had happened as he braced himself. Within seconds the paper fan hit him in the back of the head. He then proceeded to remove the bandage and look at the field. There were various holes and craters covering the side of the field where they had been fighting, and in the midst of all this destruction Splat stood without a single scratch.

    Chaos stood up as he returned his team to their pokéballs and proceeded to use the nearby machine to heal them. He had already learned everything he needed for the test and no longer had to do the running drill, but he still wasn’t any better at hitting Splat. It had been six days of training, Cosmic now understood most of what he said which made leading the duo as a team much easier, but the problem was that he still wasn’t a good leader. They were lasting longer and longer, but to no avail.

    Removing his pokéballs from the machine he sat on the bleachers as he watched some large pokémon scurry about the field fixing the craters and filling up the holes. After asking around he had learned that the field was one of the most advanced in the area, having small force field generators underground to protect the spectators and trainers from stray attacks. The teachers had some machokes which would use their massive strength to repair any damage done to the field, while the teachers themselves would make sure the machines were running smoothly. He was about to stand up after a few minutes of contemplating where he had gone wrong when Ramsey plopped down next to him.

    “You’re improving, but your battle style still doesn’t feel natural-gunk. Tell me, which path do you follow-gunk?”

    Chaos immediately sighed, each day throughout the year Ramsey had asked him about his path each day, and each day he responded the same way.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Ramsey stood up once more, normally this was the moment when he got smacked once more, but instead he walked up to the machokes and helped fix up the field.

    “You honestly don’t know do you-gunk? I figured you would have found it in one of those books you always seem to have you nose in-gunk. The paths are the three disciplines of battling, mind, body, and spirit. Few people are able to use all three of them so they focus in just one, which is why people refer to them as paths-gunk. Mind means you focus on strategy, body is raw power, and spirit relies completely on emotions and instinct. Most people stick to either mind or body since few people can get by just winging it-gunk. Guess which path I follow-gunk!”

    Chaos sat there and let it all sink in. He had never actually watched him battle, having had the blindfold on each time they faced one another. He tried to think about the commands he had given Splat each time, but realized he had never said anything when they sparred. A style where no orders were given, it couldn’t be mind.

    “You use the body path don’t y-“He didn’t get to finish the sentence as the paper fan flew through the air and smacked him on the face, causing him to fall back onto the floor.

    “Wrong-gunk! If you’ve ever seen me battle then you’d know I follow spirit, now tell me which path you follow-gunk!”

    As Chaos rubbed both the front and back of his head, he thought about it. He had fought Barry using two different styles. First he had tried to be strategic and fight by the book but it had failed, causing Cosmic to lose. He then tried charging in head first and lost once more. Then he remembered his first battle, against Dawn. He didn’t think about what to do next, he had let his emotions guide his next move. He had let whatever attacks that popped into his head become the next move, but he had lost.

    “I-I guess I don’t follow any path, I tried each one and lost either way.”

    Ramsey seemed a little disappointed at this. He slowly walked over to Chaos and stared right into his eyes. Suddenly, with absolutely no warning he jabbed him in the stomach, causing Chaos to bend over in pain. For a little guy he sure was strong.

    “W-what the hell was that for?”

    “A test, you definitely aren’t of the body path-gunk…” Ramsey Immediately began to look around while Chaos tried to catch his breath. He still wasn’t used to taking hits despite all the bruises he had developed thanks to Ramsey’s training style. He was slowly getting to his feet when Ramsey came running towards him.

    “Come one, let’s go outside-gunk! There’s a guy talking about giving away free stuff-gunk!”

    The very concept of getting free stuff got Chaos’ attention. He had been receiving plenty of free stuff since the day he became a trainer. The only things he had had to actively work for were the food and room here at the school which he had been paying for by cleaning, and Terrum, which was the reason he was on this quest in the first place. He quickly ran after Ramsey, quickly making it outside of the building. When he looked around, there seemed to be a brown haired man standing near a fountain yelling something about free tools and giving out fliers. Naturally the two approached the man.

    “Come one, come all, to the first and possibly only, Annual Pokétch Clown Hunt! Will you be one of the lucky few who can get a free pokétch today? Just get the three coupons from the company clowns and you get one of these amazingly shiny and sparkly watches!”

    Chaos and Ramsey both took a flier from the man who obviously seemed plump, and sat near the fountain to read over the rules. There were three clowns hidden in Jubilife City, and all one had to do was find each clown and receive a coupon from them. There was a catch though; they had to fulfill a task which the clown was to decide. The two looked at each other with a grin. Chaos had done some research and had learned exactly what a pokétch was. It seemed to be a watch designed for trainers, capable of downloading various applications should you use one of the cartridges. Each application was designed with trainer’s in mind, having developed some for type match ups, maps, and so much more. He had also found a very special piece of information, they cost much more than he could possibly hope to save up, this could be his only chance, and Ramsey seemed to be thinking the same thing.

    “These things are as good as ours!” the two of them proclaimed as they both raised a hand towards the sky, and of course Ramsey threw an additional “gunk!” into the exclamation. The two immediately ran off in a random direction, having absolutely no idea where to start looking. Within minutes the two were back where they started listening to the man continue his speech. They lay on the ground and stared up at the sky when they saw the man’s bearded face looking down at them.

    “Giving up already? Here’s a hint, there are three clowns, and three paths.” He then proceeded to walk away and continue to proclaim the news of the free pokétches, despite receiving minimal attention.

    Chaos sat up as he thought about it. Three paths, and three clowns, what did that mean? Suddenly, Ramsey jumped up and started pointing towards a large building off in the distance.

    “That means that each clown is somewhere having something to do with a path-gunk! So there has to be one at the GTS-gunk! There are plenty of people who go there to watch powerful trainers battle-gunk!”

    Immediately Ramsey ran off towards the building, with Chaos trailing close behind. He was curious as to what the GTS was; if there were plenty of strong trainers then it had to be full of amazing pokémon. He could probably study a few of them and help fill up the pokédex and thus prove to be much more useful than the others would have expected.

    After running for a few minutes, they finally reached a large skyscraper which seemed to have a large antenna on top. Said antenna was covered in various satellite dishes. At first Chaos was curious as to what Ramsey had meant about powerful trainers when he heard the sounds of a pokémon battle. There were commands being thrown through the air, as well as the sounds of rocks being torn apart. The sounds seemed to be coming from within the building, so he charged straight in. Upon looking around though, he was disappointed. Instead of the battles he imagined taking place, there were various large screens showing battles. At the bottom of each screen there were names and locations, as well as showing a number of pokéballs above each name. There was a man sitting at a counter selling tickets which were then used to go past two large doors. Ramsey ran up to the man and handed over some money in exchange for two tickets and handed one of them to Chaos.

    “Come on, I bet he’s in here-gunk.”

    The two walked through the doors and looked around. There were various doors leading to different rooms. Each door read a different name on top, and Ramsey quickly pulled Chaos into one of the rooms. He had managed to read what it said, ‘Byron vs Roark’.

    When they stepped inside, Chaos jumped at what he saw. There were two large serpents battling against each other, one of them made of metal while the other was stone. They continued to collide time and time again, the sounds of the crashes filling the air. Suddenly one stone one smashed the ground with its tail, sending large chunks of stone flying through the air. Chaos quickly covered his face as one of them sailed towards him, but instead of hitting him, it simply passed through him. Ramsey continued to watch the battle as he explained between chuckles.

    “The GTS is the Global Trainer Sector; on each floor there are different attractions which showcase the world of a trainer. Third floor is the contest viewer which lets you watch contests from around the world, second floor lets you trade pokémon around the world and this floor is the battle viewer. Here you can see different battles which have been recorded using the holographic projectors. It’s really cool since you can see it happen in front of you.”

    Chaos simply let his mouth hang open as he watched the two serpents continue their struggle. So these two were trainers which had faced in the past and they were watching a recording of their battle. It seemed so real though, it was hard to believe it was all just holograms. Suddenly the large metal serpent opened up its jaw as its teeth turned a bright blue. Vapor could be seen coming out of it as it lunged forwards and bit the stone one. What really shocked him though, was watching ice spread from the bite area, covering the stone serpent, rendering it unable to battle.

    Immediately the crowd began to roar as the holograms began to fade away, and Chaos quickly ran forwards. Ramsey had been right, one of the clowns was here; he had been posing as the trainer with an orange helmet and brown tattered clothes. He hadn’t noticed the face paint before, but it was obvious now that the holograms were gone. Not thinking clearly, he tackled the shocked clown who in turn began to let out a laugh.

    “Pretty clever aren’t you? How’d you know that I, the clown of body, would be posing as one of the most body oriented trainers around? Even better, how’d you know that your task was to defeat me in combat?”

    The clown continued to laugh and laugh as he handed over coupons to Chaos and Ramsey.

    “Ramsey’s the one who figured out where you were, and I don’t know why I tackled you, wasn’t thinking straight.”

    The clown stared at Chaos for a minute but then began to laugh as the two left and another battle began. Despite however much Chaos wanted to watch, they still had two more clowns to find.


    The duo stood in front of a large building. It had an enormous screen which was showing various trailers for upcoming shows, none of which Chaos was paying much attention to. This was apparently the Jubilife TV station, headquarters of Sinnoh’s most popular television network. Few people went their entire lives getting hooked to at least one of their programs. Chaos was searching wildly for the clown, according to Ramsey this was the most emotion filled location in the city, meaning the clown of spirit just had to be here.

    As he searched through the crowds of people who frequented this popular place, Ramsey was searching from atop of a nearby tree. Unlike with the GTS, they had absolutely no idea what the clown could possibly be doing at this location. At least they didn’t until Chaos decided to sit down at a nearby bench and look up at the screen.

    “Ramsey! The screen! Look!”

    Ramsey jumped down from the tree as he watched what was on screen. Chaos on the other hand stood up immediately and ran to the younger trainer. On the screen was a commercial about the contest they were participating in, and throughout the commercial a clown was shown running around on screen. Chaos quickly looked through the window of a nearby electronics stores and watched the commercial on those screens. Nothing, it was normal without the clown, though when he looked back at the large screen the clown was clearly seen running around.

    Chaos and Ramsey both took off and ran inside of the TV station and looked at a nearby map. They spent a few minutes looking and then took off. They ran past various people but kept their eyes on their destination. At the end of the hall was the room they needed, the room in which the controls for the television were located. Once they reached the door they tried with all their might to open it but to no avail, it was locked.

    “Whahahahahaha! You found me, but you have to open the door to get your coupon!”

    “Out of my way-gunk.”

    Ramsey pushed Chaos out of the way with his arm as he got a good look at the door. He had a stern look on his face as he suddenly clasped both hands in front of him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His eyes opened up, revealing a look of pure determination, and then charged at the door.

    “Brick Break!”

    He swung his right arm with all of his strength, quickly colliding with the door. There was a loud thud filling the air as he stood there, a peaceful expression on his face. Chaos simply stared at him completely bewildered at what the young boy had just done. Ramsey immediately began to start hopping around, rubbing his hand as he let out a loud yelp. Chaos let out a sigh as he walked up to the door and inspected it. Where his fist had been, a small crater was located. Putting his own hand against the crater he gave a firm push, causing a chunk of wood to fall through to the other side. He then slipped his hand through the hole and managed to unlock the door from the inside. As the door opened, he stood triumphantly as the clown of spirit stared at the duo with his mouth wide open. It seemed he hadn’t expected anybody to enter through the door, considering there had been a rope ladder hanging from the window…


    Chaos and Ramsey were walking back to the school, it was late now and they were almost out of time. They had checked so many places and had finally realized where the final clown was. He had to be at the school, it was the only place a trainer to go to study and strengthen their mind in the entire city. They were too tired to run though; all they could do was walk at this point. The school was quickly within view, but they had realized one thing. They had been at the school all morning and hadn’t noticed anything strange. Did that mean that the clown wasn’t here?

    Feeling defeated and too exhausted to run around, the duo sat on the sidewalk and watched the man continue to spread the awareness of the contest, despite there being little hope for anybody to find all clowns within the time remaining. Noticing the two, the man smiled at them as he walked over to them.

    “What’s wrong? Couldn’t find any of the clowns huh?”

    “Nope, we actually managed to find body and spirit-gunk. It’s just there isn’t enough time to find mind…”

    “You shouldn’t feel so down, I’m sure the clown of mind is somewhere nearby, you mustn’t give up!”

    As Ramsey and the man spoke, Chaos sat there staring at the man while ideas began to fly around in his head. They had already decided that the clown had to be near the school, but they hadn’t noticed any clowns here before. This man was supposed to be spreading the word about the contest, yet they hadn’t seen anybody else doing so. This man was also remaining here, which was strange considering if he wanted to spread the word then he should have gone somewhere with foot traffic.

    “Give us our coupons.”

    The man looked confused at Chaos’ demand. He stood there with his hand outstretched, completely confident that he would receive that which he had asked for.

    “You heard me, give us our coupons, or is there something you expect us to do?”

    The man began to chuckle as he stood there. That chuckle quickly escalated into a much louder laugh.

    “And here I thought I had picked the perfect strategy! Tell me, how did you know?”

    “Not sure, the thoughts just sort of popped into my head and then all the pieces began to come together.”

    The man just smiled as he, instead of handing out coupons, took the ones they had already collected. He then walked over to a pile of flyers and looked back at the two.

    “Tell me, do you want a pink one or a blue one?”

    “Can’t I get a purple one? Or maybe black, or maybe a croagunk one!”

    “Sorry, but we only make them in pink and blue.”

    Ramsey seemed disappointed at this; it seemed he really liked croagunks for some reason. Ignoring this, Chaos answered for the two of them.

    “We’ll take some blue ones.”

    After hearing this, the man moved the flyers revealing a pile of pink and blue boxes and picked up two of the blue ones. He handed them over to the duo and smiled. Ramsey and Chaos each took theirs with a wide grin. They had gotten their prizes, and they felt amazing.


    Chaos and Ramsey were sitting in the battle room watching the machokes repair the area again. Chaos had just tried, and failed, once again. It was now late, too late to go another round. Ramsey was staring at Chaos, when he suddenly spoke up.

    “Today, you tackled the first clown and said it was instinct didn’t you-gunk? You also told the last one that the ideas had just popped into your head… I think I know what you should do-gunk. Tomorrow before we leave, we’re going to try once more, but this time, I want you to do what you did today. Rely on your instinct, I bet you’ll do better this way-gunk.”

    Ramsey then got up and walked away, heading towards the rooms in order to rest up. Chaos remained on the bleacher, thinking about what he had said. Rely on his instinct, he had done that in only one battle, and it was against Dawn. That was also the battle which had shown Rowan his potential. Maybe he should try it, strategy and brute strength had failed him each time he tried. Then a thought popped into his head as he took off after Ramsey.

    “What do you mean we?!”

    Author's notes: This chapter was longer than I had intended, but it was fun turning the little clown hunt into a learning experience. I guess that's what the game tried to make it, so I figured I'd do something similar. With each chapter, I feel that this Sinnoh is turning more into my own version, and not the game's. I also want to say thanks for all the reviews, they've been helping me find my faults so that I can fix them, while knowing what not to mess with.
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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (12)

    I actually liked the length of this chapter you were able to put a lot more content into it. Also I really liked how you gave your own spin to think by introducing the paths of Body, Mind and Spirit and I bet Chaos will be in spirit actually. Also it seems like Ramsey will be travelling together with him xD

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (12)

    Chapter Thirteen: Badges and Goals

    Everyone was sitting at the bleachers, ready to watch Chaos’ final attempt at the blindfold test. Ram had told everybody that this time Chaos would amaze them. Many of them were a little unsure as to his claim, having seen him try the test a few times nobody thought he’d do anything special. At most they expected him to succeed, perhaps due to Ramsey going easy on him, so they weren’t too interested. They mostly wanted to be present for Ramsey’s departure; he had been the second best trainer this year. Ram was standing on his side, tossing his pokéball in his hand, waiting for Chaos to put on his blindfold.

    Chaos was looking at Cosmic and Terrum. The two were standing in front of him, fully aware that this was to be the final attempt, the sole redeeming moment. He slowly put on his blindfold as he took a deep breathe. He was not to think about what he’d do, he was not to charge in, he was to rely on instinct, let whatever popped into his head escape as a command.

    “Listen guys, I might yell out some strange things, but please just listen to the commands and trust that the pieces will all fall into place…”

    The two pokémon nodded their heads as they turned around. Chaos then focused for a moment as he cleared his head. He didn’t need to think, all he had to do was react.

    “Double tackle!”

    Immediately both Cosmic and Terrum charged at Splat, trying to knock her down straight away. Ramsey sighed, Chaos had already tried this a few times and it had been easily deflected by having Splat simply side step it.

    “Cosmic jump, Terrum dig!”

    As the two ran, Cosmic jumped up into the air while Terrum began to dig under Splat. Splat simply stood there for a minute as Cosmic passed over her and Terrum’s tunnel proved to be too strong to collapse under Splat’s weight.

    “Cosmic, slam your tail down!”

    Cosmic quickly twisted his body as he brought his tail down, preparing to hit Splat. Splat reacted by charging forwards to get out of the way, and managed to avoid Cosmic. Upon Cosmic hitting the ground, it began to crumble. The very tunnel underneath was collapsing, causing the ground to become uneven. At first it looked like only Terrum would be in trouble, but as the tunnel collapsed, Cosmic began to fall in. The rest of the tunnel also fell into the ground, including the parts Splat was running on. As it caved in, Splat shot a water gun at the ground and used it to propel her up, avoiding the destruction.

    “Terrum, up then hyperbeam! Cosmic charge!”

    Everyone began to chuckle at the very idea of a turtwig being capable of such a move. They watched as Terrum burst out of the ground a few feet from Splat. Terrum seemed to have a small yellow orb in its mouth as he aimed. Everyone seemed shocked; he was really going to do it. Even Ramsey was amazed, this was the first time he had seen him use it. Suddenly, a bright yellow flash extended from Terrum’s mouth as the energy was unleashed. Splat was caught completely off guard as she fell to the ground in order to avoid it. That was deemed a useless move as the energy dissipated after traveling for a few inches.

    “Discharge, full power!”

    Everyone looked around for Cosmic; he still hadn’t come out from under the ground. The ground began to tremble as occasional flashes were seen coming out of the cracks in the ground. A large burst of electricity suddenly burst out from the ground. Splat continued to lay on the ground, unable to get up quickly as the large amounts of electricity headed her way. After a brief second of panicking, though, she struck the ground with her tail, causing mud to rise up and block the electricity. Once the two collided large amounts of mud were splattered everywhere within the field as the force field kept everyone clean, except Chaos whom was inside the field.

    “Leech seed everywhere!”

    Terrum began to violently shake its head as seeds quickly shot out in every direction. Splat acted quickly and made sure to avoid contact with the seeds as several of them ended up falling to the ground harmlessly. The seeds soon began to grow into vines which began to spread around through the mud. Splat continued to run, avoiding each vine and smirked as some of the vines grew out from the hole Terrum had made. Cosmic was entwined in the vines and seemed to be getting weaker with each passing second. Chaos could hear Cosmic crying out in pain and frustration and grit his teeth. He had to think fast, no, not think; react.

    “Cosmic! Bite the vine then use discharge! Terrum, razor leaf at Splat!”

    Terrum looked at Splat as he began to shake his head, throwing the leaves at his target. Splat of course continued to jump around, avoiding the leaves but then something unexpected happened when Splat landed onto the mud. Splat slipped. As she fell, her leg became entwined with one of the vines and was unable to run. As this went on Cosmic did as he had been told and bit into the vine and fired off a discharge.

    It was much weaker than the last one, as the electricity failed to hit Splat. When of the leaves headed towards her she quickly lifted the vine using her foot in order to let the leaf slice it, when it happened. A burst of electricity suddenly was released from the vine as it was sliced. Splat had no time to react, she hadn’t expected anything like this. The electricity quickly hit her, causing no real damage thanks to the mud, but a hit was still a hit, and Splat knew that. Once the electricity was gone, Splat’s eyes began to water up as she sat down and began to cry. She knew she had lost.

    “I guess that means I win.”

    Chaos slowly took off his blindfold as he looked at the field; it was in such a mess. Running up to the vines in which Cosmic was entwined. Grabbing hold the vines, Chaos began to rip them off as he began to feel a strange exhaustion falling over him. Within a minute Cosmic was free, and both he and Chaos seemed to be having difficulty standing. The two walked their way over to the bleachers and sat down.

    “You shouldn’t touch those vines you know, within minutes they make people pass out-gunk!”

    Chaos let out a small yelp as he turned around. Ramsey was right behind him, hadn’t he been standing on his side of the field?

    “W-when did you get there?”

    “I got tired of standing during the training so I decided to sit down and watch the match from there-gunk. That was really clever, how’d you know the vines would let the discharge flow through them-gunk?”

    “I-I actually didn’t. It was just something that popped into my head. I figured that if the vines could carry a pokémon’s energy away then they should be able to handle other forms of energy.”

    Chaos let out a nervous laugh as he spoke. He realized his last move had been incredibly risky, had his guess been wrong who knows what would have happened. He let out a sigh as he watched Terrum slice up the vines making it easier for the machokes to carry them away. Splat was still sitting in the ring crying though, had the attack really hurt that much? Or was it just upset that it had lost? Ramsey broke the silence.

    “Yup, definitely spirit-gunk! Relying on impulses and poor logic with little to back it up, that’s what the path of spirit is all about-gunk! Though don’t let passing this test go to your head, had I actually given her any commands you would have lost right away-gunk.”

    Chaos nodded as he admitted to the reality of the situation. This test had been nothing like a real battle. In a real battle both sides would have equal amounts of pokémon out, both sides would be issuing commands, and it wouldn’t end with simply one blow. On the other hand, he wouldn’t have had to wear the blindfold which might have given him a higher chance of actually winning. It didn’t matter though, all that mattered was that he had passed the test and now had to head out. The others were waiting at Oreburgh and he had to hurry.

    “Well, it’s time to head off-gunk! Hurry up, heal and say good bye, we have to leave soon-gunk!” Chaos let out a slight sigh; at least he would have company.


    “Walking through the trees, the trees, it makes me feel so free, so free!”

    Ramsey bounced along the path as they continued to walk. They had been traveling for a little over an hour and he had been singing all that time. He pushed a branch out of his way and let go of it as it swung back and nearly struck Chaos in the face. He had ducked under it and smiled as he kept walking. Lucky for him, he had seen plenty of adventure movies and knew to keep an eye on the branches the guy in front was moving. As he walked he swore he occasionally heard a rustling in the bushes but shrugged it off as being wild pokémon.

    “Ramsey, mind if I call you Ram, everyone always makes a big fuss over how you have a badge, why’s that?”

    Ramsey suddenly stopped as he let go of the branch he was holding, letting it fly back and smack him in the face, knocking him over to the ground. He quickly shot up and looked Chaos in the eyes, revealing how much bewilderment was in them.

    “Y-You don’t know about badges-gunk?! What about gyms, elite four, any of these sound familiar-gunk?!”

    Chaos slowly shook his head as he stared at him. “They sound familiar, but I have no idea what they are. I think they were used as plot devices in some games I played a while ago.”

    Chaos stared up at the trees as he thought about it. He had read a few comic books where they were mentioned but the most notable thing from the comics he could remember was the dialogue and battles which occurred when fighting evil, and barely anything about badges. Understanding that he had little to no understanding on the subject, Ramsey decided to fill him in.

    “All over the world, there is a competition called the Elite Four Challenge, it is basically the pinnacle of battling-gunk. You travel around a region and fight the eight gym leaders, taking their badges as proof of your accomplishment. If you manage to collect all eight in a year then you’re able to take place in the Pokémon League, a grand tournament where the best trainers duke it out-gunk. The winner gets a huge cash prize and the chance to take the real Elite Four Challenge where you face the four amazing trainers in a series of four days. After beating them you get a shot at the title of Champion by facing the current champion in a battle to the finish-gunk!”

    As Ramsey gave his little explanation he jumped around and threw various punches into the air and ended by shooting his fist up into the air. Chaos was in awe, such a tournament existed? Why hadn’t he heard of it? Chaos decided to let his thoughts out as he asked, only for Ramsey to suddenly look at the floor and walk forwards. Chaos quickly sped up in order to keep up with him as he listened to what he said.

    “How far the sport has fallen…You see, lots of years ago it used to be such a famous tournament, and everyone wanted to be a trainer to try to win. People all over Sinnoh spent years trying, until they saw just how hard it really was-gunk. Many of them gave up and stopped having hope. When they grew up they passed those feelings onto their children and now….nobody wants to be a trainer…You saw how old the school looks. It’s because the school is gonna close soon, there aren’t enough kids who want to study to become trainers so the school can’t pay all the bills-gunk. Me and the other kids overheard the teachers talking about it so we decided we would do our best to get the money somehow. The others have been doing bake sales and doing chores to try to get as much as they can, but me and another kid, we’re gonna win this and get the prize money! I have to, I love that place!”

    As he said that last sentence, Chaos could hear a few sobs coming from him. He really was upset about the school closing down. He took a deep breath and quickly caught up to him, placing his hand on his shoulder.

    “I want to help! I’ll get those badges and take up another slot in the tournament! Even if I lose, I’ll still make is so someone trying to use the prize for other reasons doesn’t get in.”

    Ramsey looked up at a smiling Chaos and began to smile. The funny thing about smiles, they’re contagious. He began to get his bounce back in his step as he ran forwards, Chaos right behind him.

    “If you want to get them all, first you have to get your trainer’s license, and before that we have to get past….”

    Suddenly he stopped moving as a large wall of rock appeared before them. It was much too large for them to climb over, and too wide to go around. They didn’t have to worry about how to get past it though, as the answer glared right at them. There was a massive cavern before them which had an old sign hanging above it. Chaos simply stood there staring at the massive thing, not sure what to make of it. Part of him wanted to avoid it at all costs, but something else inside of him wanted to charge in.

    “….the Oreburgh Gate-gunk!”

    Author Notes: This chapter was supposed to be them actually going through the cave but the test sort of ran longer than I expected and then it felt like a good chance for Ramsey to talk and give Chaos a reason to actually want to get the badges. Thanks for the comments guys, they really help.

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (13)

    Chapter Fourteen: The Meaning of Chaos

    Chaos stared at the large cavern which stood before them. He then stared at Ramsey for a moment as he stood there, hands outstretched towards the cavern. After letting out a small sigh, he walked past the young trainer and picked up a small rock, tossing it into the cave. He listened intently as he heard the echo of the stone reach him. He had no idea what that meant and had done it only out of curiosity. He turned towards Ramsey, wide grin across his face.

    “We’re going to go through this aren’t we?” Ramsey gave a slow nod.

    “Yes! This is gonna be fun!”

    Chaos began to walk into the cavern, not sure how close Ramsey was to him. He wasn’t sure why he felt this way, like this would be a fun and grand adventure. He was normally a bigger coward than this, was it simply a spur of the moment, or was it that he felt stronger having Ramsey nearby.

    Upon entering the cave, the light from the sun seemed to weaken, until it was no more. Despite the darkness, they continued to march onwards. Every few steps, one of them would trip and fall, or bump into a wall. It was beginning to annoy Chaos so he decided to do something about it as he reached for one of his pokéballs. He tossed it to the ground, filling the cave with a bright flash of light, long enough to blind Chaos when the ball bounced back to him and hit him in the face. He ignored the pain as he smiled.

    “Cosmic, can you hear me?”

    He waited for a few moments before he heard a scared little yelp, quickly followed by something small and furry getting near his leg. Putting his hand down, he stroked Cosmic’s fur gently as he tried to calm him down.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re in the Oreburgh Gate. I know it’s dark, but we need you to make a light for us. Do you think you can use your electricity to light the way?”

    A moment went by before a small amount of light began to emanate from Cosmic. At first it was barely visible, but after a few moments it became as bright as a lantern. Instinctively, he reached over to pet Cosmic for having done a great job, but immediately pulled his hand back when he felt an electric shock. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to touch him for a bit. Ramsey simply stared with awe at the trick Cosmic had performed.

    “How did you know he could do that-gunk?”

    “When I first met him, I saw a flash coming from a bush. A few moments later I realized it came from Cosmic, so I figured if he could do that, then he should be able to do it again.”

    Ramsey smiled as he thought about it; he figured the flash was an electric attack, though now Cosmic seemed to be using another attack to light the way. The small group continued to walk they began to jump from stone to stone. There were various large boulders in this cave, boulders which made great stepping stones. They had grown bored of simply walking and had decided to make it a bit more interesting. That was when Ramsey decided to ask.

    “Everyone back at the school said you had picked a stupid battle name, I think it was Koz Kringle?”

    Chaos let out a small chuckle as Ramsey butchered the name he had chosen. He did have a point though, Chaos Christopher was a stupid name, but he couldn’t think of anything else.

    “It’s actually Chaos Christopher; I picked it because Christopher is my name, and Chaos my nickname.”

    “So….why is your nickname Chaos? You seem pretty organized to me.” The response to this was another chuckle.

    “Well, Flash was the one who gave me the nickname. My nickname was actually supposed to be Chaostheorist, but we decided that was just too long so we shortened it. You see, I’m a believer in chaos theory.”

    He noticed that Ramsey seemed a bit confused, and didn’t blame him. Flash had been confused when he told him about the concept, it couldn’t be helped that his mother had always given him different books to read in an attempt to make him find an interest that wasn’t pokémon. Jumping from his boulder, he grabbed a small hardened piece of dirt and tossed it up and down as he continued to explain.

    “Chaos theory means that there is a pattern to everything. It doesn’t matter how random something might seem, there is a pattern to it. The weather, the wind, the way the magikarp jump, it’s all predictable…” He threw the dirt clod at the wall and watched the now separated dirt drift around, eventually getting to the wall. “Chaos theory states that it would have been possible to know exactly where every one of those specks of dirt would have fallen; though that’s not the only reason he wanted to give me that nickname. He was thinking of dubbing me Murphy simply because…”

    As he said that he jumped from the ground onto a pile of rocks and was about to jump towards another when the stones he stood on began to fall. Quickly losing his footing, Chaos slipped and fell to the ground. “…of how his law applies to me…”

    “So why did he pick Chaos-gunk?” Ramsey and Cosmic had stopped to wait for Chaos whom had gotten back up and ran up to them. Ramsey didn’t seem worried about the fall, but Cosmic ran around him, searching for any injuries. Upon assuring himself that his master was not injured, Cosmic went back to leading the way.

    “You see, people tend to think that Flash is the one that gets me into trouble, but the reality is that I’m the one that normally comes up with the plans which get us in trouble. Flash just, well, when I’m near him I feel like my plans might actually work so I get the confidence to try them out. Guess it’s just because he’s always so strong and confident, it sort of just rubbed off on me. Well, all of my plans and ideas involve me making predictions about things we shouldn’t normally be able to predict. I don’t actually ever have things to back up my predictions, I just use…”

    “Instinct-gunk!” Ramsey interrupted as he landed on the ground and began to walk near Cosmic in order to observe the electricity. While Ramsey did that, Chaos let out a small chuckle. Ramsey was younger than him, but was about as confident and strong as Flash. He wondered how somebody could be so confident and sure in themselves when he was always filled with doubt. Maybe if he hung around Ramsey and Flash for more time he’d find out why.

    That was when they saw a large worn path in the stone. It was an enormous thing, too wide to have been done by people, and it was also too deep. Chaos stared at it for a moment, noticing how it seemed to start from a large hole in the side of the wall. He tried to see just how far the path went, but only saw it head into the darkness ahead.

    “W-what could have made this?”

    “Probably an onix-gunk. They say the Oreburgh Gate was created by a group of onix that burrowed through the large rocks-gunk. Don’t worry though, the onix here don’t bother anybody as long as you leave them alone-gunk. Trust me; I’ve been through here twice already-gunk.”

    “O-okay..” Chaos began to run after Ramsey whom was already ahead. Cosmic seemed to be walking behind him now, obviously scared of something.

    “D-don’t worry, you heard Ramsey. The onix in here rarely bother travelers, so we’ll be fine.”

    He bent down and pet the little guy, despite the pain from the electricity. It hurt, but he pet him not only for Cosmic to feel better, but also to convince himself that there was nothing to worry about. That courage and enthusiasm from earlier had vanished now, leaving only doubt and fear. He did his best to give him a smile before he stood up and began to walk, with Cosmic following nearby. He took a deep breath, trying to calm down, when he noticed that Ramsey was standing still. He figured he was just waiting for him, but suddenly he stuck out his arm, holding Chaos back.


    A frown spread across his face as Ramsey gave the order. He listened closely to any sounds in the area, unsure as to what he was listening for. All he could hear was water dripping somewhere, an occasional wind, and a strange sound. It seemed so familiar, like something he had heard before….a xylophone? He felt the ground shake, and as it did the sound seemed to get closer. Both he and Ramsey opened their eyes in shock as a large serpent appeared from the darkness ahead. It had a gray color to it, with its body seemingly made out of connected boulders. Atop of its head was what looked like a large fin, and there seemed to be a large burn mark on its left eye. There were various scratches covering the beast, but what got Chaos’ attention was standing next to the fin. A kricketune stood there, emitting the strange xylophone-like sound.

    “Don’t move-gunk. If we leave it alone then it won’t do any-“

    He was cut off by the sound of the rumbling earth as the creature attacked. Acting quickly, Chaos pushed Ramsey out of the way as the beast rammed its head where they once stood. Large chunks of earth were sent flying in every direction as the beast burrowed beneath the earth. Looking around, he managed to find an injured Cosmic lying near the edge of the new hole. Cosmic slowly stood up and grit his teeth, he had been able to jump back, avoiding the blow, though one of the stones had hit him.

    Chaos quickly ran around the hole got near Cosmic. That thing had attacked without warning, who knew where it was now though. The ground began to shake once more, and the two looked down in alarm as they noticed that the ground was beginning to crack. They quickly began to run, when the pokémon burst out from the ground. They had managed to make enough distance, and were merely sent flying towards the cavern’s wall. Cosmic quickly stood up, and began to run, leaving Chaos lying on the ground. He didn’t get far though, as the pokémon moved in Cosmic’s path.

    “Brick Break!”

    Ramsey’s shout was clearly audible as he flew through the air. His fist quickly struck the serpent, though it seemed to do nothing. Then came a blur which crashed into it, causing it to crash into the wall. As the smoke cleared, Ramsey appeared, rubbing his fist, and Wazu was standing at his side.

    “Stay down, bad onix-gunk.”

    Chaos grinned as he stood up, but suddenly heard various other xylophone-like sounds. He immediately charged towards Cosmic, not knowing why.

    “Lights out!”

    Cosmic immediately stopped using his electricity to light up the cavern, immediately filling it with darkness. Chaos squinted, trying to make out the shape he wanted, and scooped Cosmic into his arms as he jumped. On the ground where Cosmic had been standing, he could hear the sound of something crashing into something else. As soon as he landed on the ground, he let Cosmic down and waited for him to use his electricity once more. He grinned as he saw that where Cosmic once stood, three kricketots lay on the ground. The three quickly got up and charged at them, though Ramsey jumped in their path this time. He punched each one out of the air, and sent them hurtling into the wall.

    Chaos let out a sigh of relief, until he saw the kricketune dashing towards him. Remembering back to what Dawn had done, he raised his foot and attempted it stomp on its arm. As soon as his foot connected, he was thrown to the side. Having thrown him out of the way, it ignored him and began to smack Cosmic using its long arm. It repeatedly struck him, not giving him a chance to fight back. Seeing this, Chaos charged towards it once more, and tackled it onto the ground. He held on to it with all his might, despite the pain from the sharp stones. Ramsey and Wazu quickly ran to try to help, when a loud, high pitched sound suddenly came from the kricketune. Wazu and Ramsey fell to the ground in pain, small amounts of blood beginning to come from their ears. Chaos let out a scream from the pain of being so close to the source of the sound. He did his best to continue to hold it, but failed. Kricketune forced itself out of his grip and immediately began to run.

    At first, Chaos was not sure why it was running, but then he felt the earth beginning to shake once more. He looked behind himself and felt his heart stop. The onix was charging right towards him, and his body didn’t want to move. He looked around, but Cosmic had already fled, his electricity barely lighting up the cavern now, and Ramsey and Wazu were far too disoriented as they were struggling to stand up.

    Chaos was about to close his eyes, afraid of the inevitable, when he saw a bright blue glow. He wasn’t sure what was going on, as it all moved so fast. One moment the onix was charging at him, the next it had stopped, some smaller blue pokémon holding it back with its head. It looked like some kind of reptile, with powerful hind legs and short arms, as well as having small spikes around its head. He noticed something falling besides him, and immediately recognized it as the kricketune. Looking at where it had come from, he saw two people standing there. One of them, a young man wearing tan clothing along with an orange miner’s helmet covering his dark red hair. At his side was a familiar girl. She said something, but he could barely hear it, perhaps due to his ears still recovering from having been so close to the sound.

    “You better not be making a habit of this oh damsel in distress…”

    Chaos felt his face turn red, though he immediately collapsed, the adrenaline from the situation wearing off. Yes she had insulted him, but more importantly, she had helped him once again. He had to get stronger still, perhaps all his training had done nothing at all…
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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (14)

    Looks like Dawn's back xD and good timing too cause that Onix was about to do some damage. I wonder if Chaos will get a chance to show her how much he has grown though.

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (14)

    Chapter Fifteen: The City of Smoke

    “You got lucky again, you realize that right? I was researching the pokémon here and Roark was helping me out. We heard the strange noises and decided to investigate. That was when we saw some bright flashes and heard the battle. A few seconds later and you’d be dead.”

    Chaos looked at Dawn, trying his best to make out what she was saying. His ears hadn’t fully recovered, and the sound of the ground moving underneath was distracting. He watched the cave walls whiz by as he felt the onyx’s stone body. Dawn was sitting atop of the large pokémon’s head, and occasionally pet it. Farther towards the tail, Ramsey and the man were talking about something, though he couldn’t make it out.

    “It’s okay Org, you can calm down, those mean bugs won’t hurt you anymore.”

    “Org? Who’s that?”

    Dawn looked at Chaos with a smile on her face.

    “Org, is this onyx’s name. Flash and I named him when we first went through the gate. He was a little upset that we woke him up, but Flash got him to calm down.”

    She let out a soft chuckle as she motioned towards Org’s eye, the one Chaos had noticed had a burn mark. It was likely Pyrus, but to be strong enough to burn stone already? Just what kind of progress had they made in this short time? He had thought that maybe, just maybe, he had caught up to them, but it seemed like they were still far above him.

    “Where’s Flash anyway?”

    “He stayed at the gym to train some more before heading out towards the next destination. Did you know that Flash didn’t have a trainer’s license yet? I was a little shocked, but even more surprised when he managed to get his after taking the test once.”

    Chaos let out a soft chuckle and closed his eyes. His hearing had almost completely recovered and he could hear what Ramsey was saying.

    “..has shown a lot of progress-gunk. I wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to beat you-gunk!”

    “Oh, that hurts my feelings. Am I really thought of as that weak?”

    “Well, you were ranked the weakest gym leader-gunk.”

    “It’s not my fault I always get paired up against someone with a type advantage over me!”

    “So do you have a license?”

    Chaos was pulled back into his conversation with Dawn. He let out a nervous laugh as he tried to concentrate. If he had heard Ramsey correctly, the guy whom had saved them with Dawn was a gym leader. Such power, could he really take him down? That was a trial which would be faced later, for now he had to find a way to explain his current status as a trainer to Dawn without angering her. They were starting to get along, the last thing he wanted to do was to send himself back to square one.

    “You see, I have to…..what’s the word…..renew my license. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve had it for a while, it just expired.”

    “Oh, that’s no problem, I actually had to have mine renewed while Barry took the test. It should only take you ten to twenty minutes, unlike the test which would take you around an hour.”

    Chaos just smiled for a bit, until something landed on him, causing him to lie face down atop of Org’s back.

    “I thought you told me you hadn’t gotten your license yet-gunk?”

    Ramsey was sitting on Chaos’ back as he spoke. Of course he would quickly show that he was lying. Chaos let out a soft sigh as he struggled to get up, to no avail. Seeing him struggling, Ramsey quickly got off of him and let him sit up. When he finally sat up, the first thing he saw was an annoyed Dawn.

    “L-look, I know what it looks like and it’s not what you th-“

    “Don’t bother explaining. As soon as I tell you that it looks like you lied to me about your license, you’ll probably say that it’s exactly what I think, laugh, and act like everything is just peachy.” Dawn grasped Chaos by his collar and stared into his eyes. “There are three things I cannot stand; insulting my mother, a trainer mistreating his pokémon, and somebody lying to my face, understand?”

    He slowly nodded as he stared at her smiling face. Something about just how unthreatening she looked made him feel even less inclined to ever do any of those things on her list. Upon seeing his response, Dawn let go of his collar and looked towards where Org was taking them.

    “Well, taking the test would be a great idea, so we’ll wait for you while you take it. I just hope you pass it on your first try, though if you’re anything like Flash, I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

    Chaos looked at Dawn for a moment when he realized something. She was calling Barry Flash. He had never told her his nickname, yet she seemed to know it. Right before he opened his mouth, he was blinded by a bright light.

    “Okay, everybody off!”

    After a few minutes of blinking, his eyes managed to adjust to the sun. It seemed to be high noon, which was strange considering how they weren’t supposed to make it to Oreburgh for a few more hours. Looking around, he noticed that everyone was getting off of Org, so he began to get off, only to slip fall off. It would have been a painful landing, had the helmeted man not caught him. After a nervous laugh, he quickly got back on the ground and ready to walk.

    Once everyone had gotten off, Org smiled at the small group, before turning around and heading back into the cave. Dawn and Ramsey both started waving as the serpent faded away from view. Chaos paid them little attention as he took in a deep breath of fresh air. He had been in that cave far too long as far as he was concerned. Something was strange about the air though, it felt so…so…dirty. He immediately began to violently cough as he turned around. His answer looked right at him.

    Before him stood another city, only this one was much different when compared to Jubilife. While Jubilife seemed vibrant and full of life, this city seemed dull and miserable. The clouds overhead seemed to be much darker than normal, and there was plenty of dust covering everything. What was most noticeable was the air, it seemed to be filled with smoke and dust, which made breathing very uncomfortable. After coughing for a few more minutes, the man pat him on the back gently.

    “Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll get used to the air soon. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour worst case scenario.”

    Chaos just smiled at him, doing his best to hold back his coughs. The only thoughts flowing through his head were of how anybody could breathe this air, and more importantly, why anybody would want to live in such a city as this.

    Before he could comment on it, Dawn pulled his hand and forcing him to run. He could feel his lungs burn as he ran, not just from some lingering exhaustion, but from the air. It seemed to make everything much more difficult. He was shocked to see how accustomed Dawn had become to it, and even more so when Ramsey kept up with their pace without a single problem. Perhaps the man was right about how quickly people could adapt.

    As He did his best to run with Dawn, he saw how everybody seemed to be unaffected by the air. They all merely went about their normal business. There were children outside playing, mothers carrying groceries towards their homes, and street vendors trying to sell their wares. There also seemed to be a large number of men wearing green uniforms along with bright yellow hard hats with head lamps. They all seemed to be heading towards the same part of town. Most of all, though, he noticed that plenty of people seemed to be carrying inhalers.

    After a few minutes, they came to a large building which had a large pokéball painted onto the front side instead of having a sign. The trio walked inside, and Dawn motioned Chaos towards a nearby chair.

    “You sound tired, go take a seat while I sign you up for the test.”

    Chaos walked over towards a chair near the wall and looked around. This place seemed so sterile and clean, and there was the scent of medicine replacing the previous smoke. There were various people walking around wearing what looked like hospital uniforms. There were also other people sitting in other chairs nearby, and some of them seemed very worried.

    “This is a Pokémon Center-gunk. Not every person has a healing machine or enough supplies to care for their injured pokémon, so they take them here-gunk!”

    Chaos jumped from his seat, having been completely caught off guard by Ramsey. He had once again appeared out of nowhere. He tried his best to calm down, and then looked around the place. Pokémon Centers, he had studied them before and had learned about how the government funded them. They were free to use by anybody with a trainer’s license, though everybody else still had to pay, which was one of the reasons most people made sure to get their own license.

    After a few seconds, Dawn walked back up to him with a smile.

    “Chris, I signed you up for the next test. It’ll be in half an hour so you have some time to explore if you so please. I’m going to head over to the museum.”

    “I’m gonna go to the gym and do some training with Roark-gunk!”

    Chaos looked at the two and thought about what he’d do, “Me, I’ll just walk around the city for a bit.”

    They all nodded and immediately left to head off in their own directions. Chaos didn’t pay them much attention, and started to aimlessly walk around. He spent his first few minutes thinking about the contents of the test and whether he would be able to pass it or not. As time passed, he began to think about this city and why anybody would live here. The smoke, the dust, the air, the stench, the very atmosphere, it all repelled him.

    Then he saw it. There was a massive truck which seemed to be getting loaded with something. He didn’t care what it was; he simply wanted to be closer to the truck. He rushed over to it and stared in awe at its massive size. This was the first time he had seen something like this, the laws in Sinnoh made it quite difficult to get a license to drive anything with more than two wheels. Those laws were in place mostly to keep the roads smaller and thus lower the impact on the environment.

    “Amazing huh? I gotta tell ya, I’m jealous of the guy who drives that thing.”

    Chaos turned around and looked at the man. He was wearing the green uniform that he had seen so many people wearing, along with the helmet. He seemed to be quite strong and in his mid thirties, though his face seemed old and worn. His eyes, on the other hand, were vibrant and full of life. Then curiosity got to him.

    “Um..sir, why does everyone seem to have that uniform?”

    “Oh, this? It’s the uniform we miners wear. I reckon near everyone works either at the Pokémon Center, museum or mine.”

    “Mine? Is that why the air is so dirty here?”

    “I’m afraid so, but it’s not like we can just stop mining for the coal.”

    “Why not? Are you guys just afraid to be jobless?”

    “Well, I reckon some of us might be, but the reason most of us mine is cause we gotta. This city relies on the coal we dig up for most of the energy, and the people at Snowpoint, they need our coal the most. It’s so cold there year round that if they tried to heat their homes with wood, Sinnoh would run outa trees in no time. That’s why they need our coal, it makes sure they don’t freeze to death. We aren’t just mining for coal, we’re mining for people’s lives!”

    Chaos stared at the man with his eyes full of admiration. So that was why so many kept working here, that was why they didn’t just shut down the mining operations, that was why they chose to live with the struggle. Mining for lives, it just seemed so noble. He smiled as the man began to leave. It seemed he had to get back to work. The man simply tipped his helmet towards him and gave him a knowing look. Chaos simply walked back towards the Pokémon Center, unsure as to how much time had passed. The first thing he noticed was the clock. Time sure had flown by, in fact, an entire hour had flown by!

    Chaos rushed up towards the room where he had been told the test would be held and barged in. Everyone was sitting at a desk, hard at work, and the instructor smiled at him.

    “Can I help you?”

    “Y-yes, my name is Christopher Combete and I was supposed to take the test with this group.”

    The instructor looked over a piece of paper and gave him a stern look. He handed him a scantron sheet and a pencil then motioned towards a desk which had a booklet on it.

    “You think that just because your father was a great trainer this test will be a cinch? I still expect to receive your test at the same time as the others.”

    Chaos gave the man a simple nod and ran over to the test and began to get to work.


    “Time’s up, turn in your tests.”

    The words sent Chaos into a panic. He still had ten of the hundred questions left to answer. He had already rushed through it, and was unsure about his responses, but he knew he wouldn’t have time to look over the next ones. Acting quickly, he began to fill in the bubbles, until the instructor took it from his hand. A sigh was all that escaped Chaos’ mouth as he thought about the final question he hadn’t had time to answer. He wasn’t confident about his score in the slightest, he had expected an hour to work, not thirty minutes.

    The instructor sat at a desk and pulled out a small machine. It had a slot for inserting something, and also a small display screen. The instructor took the first scantron and inserted it into the machine, and a number appeared on the screen.

    “Zatch Zou, a perfect score, you pass.”

    One of the boys sitting near the front smiled and shot out of his seat. He grabbed a piece of paper the instructor handed him and ran out of the room. It seemed he would be reading their scores aloud. The seconds ticked away as he declared each score, and whether it meant pass or fail. The scores seemed to be ten to one hundred and everything in between. Soon Chaos was the last one sitting in the room. He anxiously watched as his went into the machine, and awaited the score. When the number appeared, Chaos felt the Earth stand still as he awaited the verdict.

    “Christopher Combete, seventy-four, fail, and by one point too.”The instructor gave him a sly smirk as he began to stand up. “Maybe next time you’ll show up on ti-“

    “The last question!”


    Chaos was standing up, both hands firmly on the desk. He was staring intently at the instructor as he spoke.

    “Ask me the final question. I didn’t even get to look at it. If I get it right, you pass me, if not, you fail me.”

    “Fine.” The instructor had a smirk on his face as he picked up a spare exam. Every year there were a few people who just refused to accept defeat. He was sure giving this kid this chance would make little difference; he was already so close to passing anyway.

    “Question one hundred, what is the penalty suffered by the trainer and pokémon should the pokémon attack a human without being provoked? A, the trainer must pay for damages, B, the trainer receives ten years in jail, C, the pokémon must be put in quarantine to see if the behavior continues, or D, the trainer must kill the pokémon.”

    Chaos felt himself take a step back. This law, he remembered it, right away. It was something every trainer had to be well aware of. Chaos tightened his hands into fists as he boldly answered, “D”

    The instructor seemed shocked at first, but then smiled. He wrote something on a piece of paper and walked over to Chaos. He placed the paper on the desk and put a hand on his shoulder.

    “Christopher, you pass. I expect to see you show up on time for the renewal though. I hope you can become as strong as your father was.”

    He then proceeded to walk out of the room as Chaos read the paper in his head over and over again.

    ‘Christopher Combete has scored a 75 on the trainer test and has proven to have sufficient knowledge of pokémon ownership laws and responsibilities. He legally qualifies as a trainer, and with it all the responsibilities and privileges apply to him.’

    He had a wide grin on his face as he picked it up and prepared to leave, when a thought suddenly reached him.

    M-my father was a great trainer? Just how good was he?

    (author's notes: This one took a while because I had to deal with writer's block, lack of motivation, then when I finally got over that stuff I had little time. Hope this one is better than my last chapter, which I thought wasn't as good as it should have been)

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    Default Re: Chaos Theory (15)

    I liked how you showed Oreburgh in this chapter because it was original compared to what other people have done, no one's bothered to point out the cons of living in a town that specializes in mining coal and you also referred to why they can't do anything else. Essentially you made your Sinnoh look different from all the other fics that have used it. Also I liked how you showed the test, I thought it'll be a battle xD though I think the last part when Chaos got the last question right was a little bit lackluster.

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