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    Ch 5: Bad to the Cu-bone! (Also named Reality Check!)

    “Why is he, like, helping him?” Sprite questioned Tockator silently, “Didn’t you, like, say he was bad?”

    Emotionlessly watching a Hakora pokemon get decapitated, the massive Raichu merely snorted, “Hmph, he no realize he bad yet,” he responded in a deep, sad voice, “Too bad, it always good to start young, so when older you have more experience.”

    Both pokemon watched from the safety of a colossal, green apricot tree that they had fled secretly to, and they watched Kayno rush to RZ’s unconscious body. Sprite’s gel eyes widened with curiousity as the Cubone stood in a defensive position besides RZ so he could recover safely, and the Beedrill laughed loudly.

    “Hahahahahaheehee, oh my gosh, Tock!” she chortled to her silent companion, “He, Hahahaha, he actually thinks he can protect him, hahaha, that’s cute!”


    She did, and Sprite gasped when a furious Primeape made a lung for Kayno. Suddenly, Kayno’s scarlet eyes glowed gold as he readied his bone club, and right when the Primeape’s gloved-fists shot towards his skull, he swung.

    There was a loud, sickening crack as the Cubone’s bone made contact with Primeape’s, and the fighting pokemon screeched with pain as the fragile bones in its fists were snapped in half by the powerful blow.
    “Did you, like, see that?!” Sprite gasped, “He, like, broke that Primeape’s fists; with one hit! And his eyes glowed gold like-”

    “-like Darnize’s does when he fights,” Tockator finished, “I know, now watch!”

    Not wasting any time, Kayno clobbered the dumbstruck Primeape again and again; his merciless beating was unpleasantly noticed by some of the battling pokemon. RZ finally recovered mentally and physically; only to find his best friend beating the crap out of a Hakora pokemon.

    “Yo, Kaykay, STOP!” he shrieked as the Primeape began to lose conscious, “Cut it out, bro, he’s had enough! STOP IT, STOP IT, KAYNO!”

    He did, but only to turn slowly around to face RZ. The Vulpix managed to suppress a terrified gasp as his grey-green eyes met Kayno’s glowing, golden ones, and as the Cubone slowly raised his bone, RZ thought for a horrible moment that he’d beat him, too. Instead, Kayno leaned his face so close to RZ’s that the glow radiating from Kayno’s yellow eyes warmed RZ’s cheeks, and he spoke in a deep, familiar voice that definitely wasn’t his own.

    “I can’t….” Kayno rasped in a murderous hiss, “It’s who I am…it’s in my blood to shed someone else’s!”

    Having said that, Kayno ignored his stunned friend as he gave a final, fatal blow to the cringing Primeape’s skull, and the dying pokemon cried a final time before its eyes fogged up as death claimed its beaten body. Snorting with annoyance as if the dead pokemon was a mere nuisance, Kayno turned towards a battling Furret, and he wielded his blood-soaked club threateningly as he advanced dangerously towards it.


    Sprite was overwhelmed by the strange event unfolding beneath her, “Oh geez, Tock, this is, like, insane, he’s insane!” she giggled nervously, “Uh, shouldn’t we bring him to Darnize now? He’s probably, like, waiting with Purla and Jimjam at Buizel Bay for us.”

    “Not yet,” replied the amused Raichu, “I wish to see what’s next…have patience.”

    The Beedrill crossed her pinchers, “Hmph! Try telling that to Darnize,” she muttered, “He, like, gonna have a fit if we take any longer!”


    RZ realized his friends intentions, “K-Kaykay, no!” he shouted as he hopped anxiously onto his feet, “That’s Dizen, bro, a Ventora pokemon! Stop, don’t hurt him!”

    Ignoring him again, the bloodthirsty Cubone stalked closer to the unaware Furret who had just skillfully finished killing a Hakora Vibrava, and RZ knew he had to do something before Kayno did. Thinking fast, the Vulpix launched himself speedily at Kayno with a Quick Attack, but he had no idea how sturdy the Cubone actually was.

    He yelped in pain as he roughly smashed into the surprised Kayno, and they both when flying into Dizen. The Furret screeched angrily before whipping around with his fangs bared, but he calmed down as he realized they were friends.

    “Oh, damn, you guys scared the crap outta me!” Dizen laughed nervously as he glanced at Kayno, “Hey, you look funny, Kayno, your eyes-”

    His comment was cut short as Kayno’s bone decked him soundly across his face, and Dizen collapsed onto his back; stunned. When RZ saw the Cubone raise his bloody bone up to strike the Furret again, he knew he had to stop him; now.

    “NO!” RZ snarled as he lunged towards Kayno, and he clamped his powerful jaws around the Cubone’s bone-swinging arm. Using his large size and weight to his advantage, RZ literally let himself fall backwards; bringing down the shocked Cubone with him. Kayno grunted angrily as his bone weapon slipped out of his hand and landed on the dirt a couple yards away. Roughly pushing RZ off himself, Kayno charged towards his weapon, but the Vulpix was faster.

    Using Quick Attack, RZ zipped by Kayno and snatched the bone, but he quickly dropped it. The tastes of fire and ash in his mouth from his fire attacks were tolerably and even pleasant, but the vile, gut-wrenching taste of blood in his mouth disgusted the Vulpix.

    “Stay away from my bone, fool!” Kayno roared viciously as he snatched one end of the bone.

    Ignoring the nauseating taste, RZ quickly bit the other end of the bone, “No!” he growled, “Snap outta of it, bro!”

    “Let go now, and your death will be slower,” Kayno snarled as he tugged even harder, “Let go!”

    His eyes were still golden and glowing, and RZ finally knew what he had to do in order to bring back the real Kayno. Releasing the bone suddenly, RZ caught the Cubone offguard and watched him tumble backwards with his bone clutched tightly between his brown paws, and the Vulpix took his chance. Charging towards the downed pokemon, the he sprang up high above Kayno. As RZ came falling down towards Kayno, he twisted in midair so that he could deliver a hard, tail slap right between the Cubone’s glowing eyes.
    “AAAAAGH!” Kayno shouted as he dropped his bone to caress his injured forehead, “What did you do that for, RZ?!”

    Landing expertly besides his friend, RZ wrapped his furry arms around Kayno’s neck, “Yeah, bro, you sane again!” he tightened his grip, “Don’t EVER go crazy like that again, Kaykay, ya gave me a heart attack!”

    “Leggo of me!” Kayno grunted as he struggled out of his friend’s grip, “What do ya mean by sane? Weren’t you in trouble?”

    Suddenly, something smacked the back of his head, and he gasped as he whirled around to face his attacker.

    “You crazy, man!” Dizen snarled as he slowly backed away, “Stay away from me, queer!”

    Kayno rubbed his head with his bone, “What’s with him?”

    RZ grew serious, “You really don’t remember, bro, do ya?” he muttered as he eyed Kayno nervously, “Ya were possessed, bro, your eyes were glowing all yellow and your voice sounded all funny like an evil demon or somethin’!”

    Scarlet eyes widened, Kayno slowly turned towards the Vulpix, “It’s so cold…so, so cold…” he whispered suddenly.

    With a shudder, the terrified Cubone emitted a low, hoarse moan before toppling onto the blood soaked ground.

    “It’s now or never.”

    Simply nodding at Sprite’s comment, Tockator slowly stood up on the thick tree branch, and he leaped off. Landing rather gracefully despite his bulky figure, the gingery Raichu stomped towards the unconscious Kayno and RZ sitting alone in the middle of a death bed. The battle had moved towards Plunder Plaza like a tornado; leaving dead pokemon in its wake. Among the dead were two Mightyena from Team Stride Pride, Gazgik’s translator, the Charizard who was the leader of Team Sunblade, Meema, and Kazire, RZ’s father.

    The confused Vulpix exchanged glances between his unconscious, bipolar friend to his dead father lying in the coils of a lifeless Gyarados who was completely burn into a crisp, and the orphaned pokemon did the only thing he could do; cry.

    “Stop, crying, this not how you react during or after a war; be strong and proud instead.”

    RZ slowly turned his tear-stained head to face Tockator, and his only reaction was hatred. Screeching with rage, he jumped at the Raichu and released a jet of hissing and cakling flames that burned brighter than the bloodlust in his eyes. Making no attempt to avoid the attack, Tockator simply stood there; taking the full brunt of RZ’s attack without wincing.

    Angered by this, the confused, heart-broken Vulpix bolted into the Raichu’s pale, rock hard stomach with Quick Attack, but he only succeeded by getting hurt himself instead. Driven by rage, RZ continued with an onslaught of useless attacks at Tockator’s stomach, and the amused Raichu merely stood there with interest.

    “Are you done,” he asked lazily, “This tires me now.”

    “It’s all your fault!” RZ roared as he slashed viciously at Tockator’s hide, “My-papa-is-dead-and-Kayno’s-insane-and it’s-all- YOUR-FAULT!”

    Raichu snorted, “My fault? I took no part in war,” he corrected, “I only deliver message, I never killed father or hurt your friend.”

    Knowing this was true, RZ didn’t know who else to blame besides Higher Gazgik.

    “No, flamed-one, not Gazgik’s fault either,” Tockator countered in a wise-like voice, “Not his fault he raised to be bad, his parent’s fault is what it is, boy. Stop blaming others, you must only blame yourself.”

    Realizing this, RZ stopped attacking; instead, he dug his tear-covered face into the Raichu’s soft fur. Not used to such an affectionate touch, Tockator didn’t know how to react to this, so he just stood there and scratched his tail coiled around his neck awkwardly.

    “I don’t know what to do, bro…” RZ moaned in a muffled voice as he kept his face embedded in the warm fur, “P-papa’s dead, Kayno’s ins-”

    “Stop saying that!” Tockator interrupted angrily, “Friend is not insane, he’s gifted with powers…dark powers that could save world!”

    RZ jerked away from him, “W-what do ya mean, gifted?!” he snapped, “The guy nearly went on a killing-spree!”

    “Yes, but that’s because he not in control of powers yet,” he explained rather seriously, “If Darnize do not teach the boned-one how to control it, then your friend will destroy world.”

    “Kayno, destroy the world?” RZ snorted, “Yo, the guy just sleeps on a rock all day!”

    “Did you forget what boned-one just did?” Tockator challenged as he circled the blacked out Kayno, “Though he do not know, he possess a great power, a power that-if controlled- could make him invincible and even control powerful, legendary pokemon! But-!”

    The Raichu paused as he towered over RZ, “If not controlled,” he continued rather darkly, “He will go on a ‘killing spree’ and use legendary pokemon to destroy whole world! This is why he must be with us, so I need to take him with Team Shadowslay.”

    “What?!” exclaimed the confused RZ, “Hold on, bro, you sayin’ that if he don’t go with ya and yo bad buddies to control this…this great power, then he’ll end up destroyin’ the whole, dang, WORLD?!”

    “Like, yeah, pretty much!”

    Both pokemon looked up to see Sprite fluttering gracefully in the blood-reeking air, and she zipped down and landed in front of RZ.

    “Listen, kiddo,” she mused, “Um…how should I say this so you understand?”

    “I get what your sayin’, sis!” RZ shouted angrily as he stood protectively over Kayno, “I just don’t believe ya! Leave Kayno alone and get lost!”

    Sprite sighed irately; her usually cheery face turned serious, “Listen to me,” she demanded, “I know we just met and we’re considered outcasts and bad guys and yadda yadda but, you have to trust us on this. Haven’t you ever wondered why pokemon are afraid when Darnize is around?”

    RZ nodded.

    “Well,” she continued, “It’s because they know what he’s capable of, what he possesses...”

    Suddenly engrossed, RZ gasped, “What?” he whispered.

    Sprite happily noticed he had his full attention, “He possesses…Gold Gore…” she revealed dramatically, “It’s a power that was last seen inside a pokemon 200 years ago and hasn’t been found yet…until Darnize was born. Somehow, he received the power from his ancestors who probably had it, and luckily, he’s learned to control and use it to his own advantage.”

    “But, what exactly is Gold Gore?” RZ demanded.

    “An unknown power in which a pokemon is capable of killing anything-big, small, tough, soft, whatever- without stopping until they think they’ve killed everything in sight!” she explained.

    Sprite flew towards Kayno, “Hmph, his Gold Gore is pretty powerful at such a young stage,” she commented quietly, “He needs to go with Darnize now to teach him to control it. Because if this continues, your little friend here will be the end for all of us; a rather bloody end I should add.”

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    Default Re: Ch One: Starts with a Chilly Breeze...

    This fic was inches from death so I'm keeping it alive!! It is now back on Page 1.
    Look, I make music! Yay!

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