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    Default Camilla's Journey

    The beginning of my first fanfic...just copied from my old notebook


    Camilla quickly shimmied up the tree, book bag on her shoulder, trying hard not to let the spring sunshine affect her focus.

    She was on a mission, not one where danger was at every corner. No, she was on a mission to ascend to the perfect bowers, to hold an adventurous 13 year-old girl.

    What seemed like centuries (and miles) later, Camilla saw it. The perfect branches; strong, yet comfortable, spacious, yet protective, dry, but not brittle. She checked twice to confirm it's reality.

    As she began to read, she was ready, ready to feels hours pass like minutes like seconds, seconds like....Well, you get the picture....

    Chapter One

    I should probably explain a little about myself....
    My name is Camilla Carvern, I was born in Sinnoh and raised in Floaroma Town with my grandparents. I started my Pokemon journey when I was eleven with Turtwig, but ended it with Hyrule, my Luxray. Four months later I went to Johto and Kanto, finishing it with Borealis the Typlosion, Inkling the Weavile, and Cilla the Ampharos. A year from then I began my Unova journey and finished it with Sapphire the Samurott, Pandora the Espeon, Roxy the Stoutland, and Aura the Reshiram....
    Now....Errrr....Back to my story.....

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    Default Re: Camilla's Journey

    Hello, dearest

    Thanks for taking the time to post the first bits of your fanfic; I truly hope that you can continue

    2010/08/02: 4th chapter

    More fanfiction at:
    Kayi S. Rowling's Library


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