DISCLAIMER: Some mild language

If you're reading this thinking you are one then close out of this story right now. Your future depends on it. Ancient demons can smell you from miles away. The fate of demigods are very obsure and often very violent. Demigods, half god and half human, are the children of the gods of ancent Pokemonia. If you know you aren't one then read on, you should be safe...

"Jason...Jason! Wake up!" came a voice.

"Wha...What's going on?" I asked. My head was swimming.

"Its time to go to summer camp!" said the same voice, who i realised was my sister, Theresa. Theresa was about as tall as me even though she was three years younger than me. "Mom was planing on taking us for 3 years. Remember?"

"Oh...Oh yeah!" I said. "Get out! I've got to change!" I yelled at her. I pulled on a pair of jeans and slaped on a deep blue shirt. Mom and Theresa were already eating breakfast. Once we finished eating, we climbed in our mom's van with our bags and we were off.

"What do you think it will be like, Mom?" I asked cheerfully.

"Both of your fathers wanted you to go," she told me. My dad had met mom and left sudenly, then Theresa's dad had met after my dad left. We are only half siblings. Mom always said she remembered my dad by his warm smile and the fire in his eyes. She remembers Theresa's dad by his strong and yet forgiving attitude.

This was just something I slaped together in an hour. I will have more out soon. Please give me your thoughts and suggestions!