Hi guys, this is my first fanfiction, including BRVR from the creepypasta Pokémon Dead Channel. I hope you like it, and don't hold back negative reviews! Rated T because of some gore.

Part One
BRVR and the Girl

When she got the Pokemon Channel game, she made a little scream of joy. Her first video game! After the beginning, she obtained that adorable Pikachu. So sweet and innocent! It looked soulfully into her eyes with a warm smile. He and that girl would be friends forever! They played with each other always, from the sligtly pixelated sunrise to the blurred moon.
The girl smiled. She never did have any true friends, this game was like a replacement. She named her partner BRVR, after the brother she never had. Every day, after school, she would visit him, so content. The Pikachu seemed to react to her emotions. Always trying to cheer her up!
BRVR waited so patiently for her, each day. He loved her like nothing ever. Not only as a trainer, but a best friend. Sure they were separated by the walls of the screen, but it didn't matter as long as she kept loving him.... Little did he know the madness in store for him....
She played Checkers with him every day, and life was so happy, so blissful.

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