"Brock's Folky Tale"

(We open on the scene of a bedroom cluttered with action figures. Forest lies in his bed, watching as Brock thumbs through a big blue book marked "Stories".)

Brock: Okay, what's your pleasure for a bedtime story tonight, champ?

Forest: I dunno...pick one you haven't read in a while!

Brock: Okay then, let's go with "Sleeping Beauty"...

(we see a picture of a book with "Sleeping Beauty" on its cover. It opens to show a stream of people entering a castle)

Brock(voiceover): Once upon a time, in a faraway land...

Forest(voiceover): There were once three dancing Pikachus that attracted crowds wherever they performed!

(the stream of people stops and three Pikachus enter the scene. They dance for the confused people as a electric guitar riff begins)

Male singer(voiceover): If everybody had an ocean,
Across the USA...

(record scrape)

Brock(voiceover): The Dancing Pikachus stubbed their toes and stopped dancing immediately! (The Pikachu yelp as they hop around holding their throbbing toes before they are yanked out of the scene by a cane, making the stream of people resume.) Anyway...there was a tiny kingdom. (the size of the castle shrinks) Not that tiny. (the castle grows to normal again) The people in this kingdom were happy this day, for the king and the queen had just had their first child. (We see Nurse Joy, in the role of the queen, rocking a baby girl to sleep as Brock, in the role of the king, watches intently.)

Forest(voiceover): You sure you don't want Officer Jenny as the queen? (Nurse Joy is swapped for Officer Jenny)

Brock(voiceover): Sure, I'm sure. (Nurse Joy is put back in the scene) Anyway...Suddenly, a bright light shone into the royal chamber...

Forest(voiceover): It was The Dancing Pikachus, who came to entertain Their Majesties! (Nurse Joy watches, confused, as the Pikachus from earlier dance in the room.)

Male singer(voiceover): If everybody had an ocean,
Across the USA...

(record scrape)

Brock(voiceover): The queen had The Dancing Pikachus escorted to the banquet hall. (Nurse Joy shoos the Pikachus out of the room, then continues watching the light in the window) That light signaled the arrival of the three fairies that protected the royal family: Hinoke, the fire fairy... (Flannery appears an a flowing red gown and red fairy wings) Kayou, the earth fairy... (Erika appears an a flowing green gown and green fairy wings) and Mizu, the water fairy. (Winona appears in a flowing blue gown an blue fairy wings) Each of the fairies had their own gift for the child...

Forest(voiceover): You mean like clothes, dolls, stuff like that? (the aforementioned items appear in the scene)

Brock(voiceover): These were far better gifts..(the items Forest mentioned disappear) Hinoke blessed the child with the gift of beauty, so that she would grow into a beautiful young woman. (Flannery forms some red sparkles, which fly into the cradle) Kayou blessed the child with the song of the forest, so that all who heard her voice would want to listen. (Erika forms some green sparkles, which fly into the cradle) But before Mizu could give the child her blessing--

Forest(voiceover): The Dancing Pikachus found their way in and danced for the three fairies? (The three fairies sigh as the Dancing Pikachus appear in the room and start their groove again.)

Male singer(voiceover): If everybody had an ocean,
Across the USA...

(record scrape)

Brock(voiceover): The three fairies turned The Dancing Pikachus into The Dancing Lotads, which the king shooed off! (the fairies do just that, and the Brock in the story proceeds to shoo the Lotads outside) The evil dark fairy Kokuen appeared in the room, angered that she hadn't been invited to the festival. (Jessie appears in a puff of smoke, clad in a black gown and dragon wings) In her anger, Kokuen cursed the newborn: (Jessie mouths the words as Brock impersonates her voice) "Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die!"

Forest(voiceover): Gee, Brock, you do a good dark fairy voice!

Brock(voiceover): Thanks...the queen was shaken...her only child, doomed to die? (Nurse Joy cries as she holds the newborn) Mizu took pity on the grieving queen--if she couldn't lift the curse, she could at least soften the effects. So Mizu weakened the curse--rather than dying, the child would fall into a deep sleep upon the spindle's prick, only to be woken by love's first kiss. (blue sparkles fly from Winona's hands into the cradle) Fearing for his daughter's life, the king begged the fairies to take the child someplace far away, where she would be safe from Kokuen. (we see the Brock in the story on his knees) The fairies agreed, and took her deep into the woods. (we see the fairies flying away)

Forest(voiceover): And then what happened?

Brock(voiceover): Years passed, and the child grew into a beautiful young lady. (the baby grows up into Misty). On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, she was out in a grove nearby the cottage where she and the fairies lived. (we see Misty singing to an array of Pokemon). Suddenly, she saw a mysterious figure approaching...

Forest(voiceover): It was The Dancing Pikachus coming to dance to her song! (the three Pikachus dance into the scene, much to Misty's chagrin.)

Male singer(voiceover): If everybody had an ocean,
Across the USA...

(record scrape)

Brock(voiceover): Note that I said A figure, not SOME figures? That means uno figure. (The Dancing Pikachus are yanked out of the scene by the cane) It turned out that it was a prince from a neighboring land who had happened to hear the girl's song. (we see Ash, playing the role of the prince, enter the scene aboard a Ponyta)

Forest(voiceover): This is boring...can we get to the part with a fight?

Brock(voiceover): Okay, I'll skip to the fight scene. (he thumbs through the book, making the action on the screen fast forward as well) Followed a Murkrow, fairies tried to stop her, pricked her finger, fell asleep, fairies went to warn the prince about Kokuen's power, gave him a sword and shield, Kokuen turned into a Dragonite...here we are...the battle raged for hours...

(we see Ash and Dragonite Kokuen fighting)

Brock(voiceover): Finally, the prince emerged victorious! (Ash delivers the final blow to Dragonite Kokuen) He raced upstairs to the princess' room... (Ash enters the room where Misty's snoozing) and gave--

Forest(voiceover): --The Dancing Pikachus to her, who woke her up with their dancing! (The Dancing Pikachus start to dance...)

Male singer(voiceover): If everybody had an ocean,
Across the USA...

(record scrape as we return to the scene of Forest's room. Brock is clearly annoyed by now.)

Brock: Look, who's telling this story, me or you? (thumbs through the rest of the pages) Kissed her, lived happily ever after, the end! (closes the book and gets up from the chair)

Forest: Good story, Brock! Thanks!

Brock: Anytime, champ! (musses Forest's hair before turning the lights out)