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    Default Brick Wall (Two-Shot Fic, Ikari)

    Chapter 1: Back on Bottom

    Dawn: How does it feel when you hit a brick wall??
    When you're rock-bottom?
    How does it feel when you get dumped??

    *Flashback 1 year ago*

    Ash: I just can't do this anymore. I just don't see anything in you.
    Dawn: What the hell, after 5 years, you're dumping me?? What kind of BF you think you are, you think you going to find another??
    Ash: I HAVE found another, I think you already know her.
    (Misty enters the room)
    Misty: He-yo, Ashy-boy, we going to the Yankees game tonight
    Ash: Yes, and don't call me Ashy-boy
    Misty: Whatever, dump the shrimp though, she's a turruble trainer and a weak coordinator
    Dawn: Why you??
    Dawn and Misty battles it out MMA-style with Ash trying to break it up

    *Flashback ends*

    Back in Dawn's house

    Paul: I have returned from my Pokemon League Champion duties, wait a minute, this isn't my apartment??
    Dawn: What the hell, you don't even know where you live??
    Paul: I just got out of my Dad's house. That guy drives me nuts, and who the heck are you.
    Dawn: Dawn
    Paul: Who??
    Dawn: Come on man, Dawn Shorthouse
    Paul: Ah yea, you that girl who traveled with Ash a long time ago, if you need me, you call me, here's my card
    (Gives Dawn a card with his number)
    Dawn: Thx, I think...

    Chapter ends

    All right, this is my first fic, so tell me what you think. :D
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