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    Default Bonds Chpt:1

    "Hello all challengers who have met the qualifications to enter into this tournament of champions. My name is Mr.Desmond the owner of the worlds largest pokemart chain Des-Mart. As you all know you are the best of the best from every region in the surrounding seas. From Unova we have Purple and Brown, From Kanto we have the terrible tag team of Maroon and Copper and the current champion Quartz, From Hoenn the champion Led and the runner up Sterling, from Sinoh Kevin, jaden, and Chu, from Jhoto we have the champion Orange. Get ready, get set because here we go."

    Purple: The S.S. Desmond Pokequeen, the largest passenger ship in the world to transport 11 people? And to an unkown island that suddenly appeared right in the middle of every regeion, this is fishy.

    The passengers boarded and found there rooms, for some reason only the first level of rooms was avalable. A day passes and everything is quiet until a confrontation on the deck......

    Chu: God this is boring, i want some action, are we there yet?

    Jaden: Why are you asking me im just along for the ride like you.

    Chu: I just asked a question, you don't have to be rude.

    Jaden: Shut up no one even likes you and your lame Pikachu.

    Chu: My Pikachu could take down anything on your team.

    Jaden: Fine a spar then 3 on 3.

    Chu: Alright your going down.

    Meanwhile Copper and Maroon are watching the incedent.

    Maroon: Well i Guess you could say this is SPARta. ZZZIINNNGGG!!!

    Copper: Can i ride your Persian like a Ponyta?

    Maroon: NO!!! Get off!!

    Back at the spar

    Jaden: GO!
    he sends out an Audino

    Chu: GO!
    he sends out a Pikachu

    Chu: Pikachu use thinderbolt!
    The Pikachu sent out a Stream of electricity up and back down right twards the Audino, but it leapt out of the way with suprizing speed.

    Jaden: Use flamethrower
    The audino threw a stream of flames at the pikachu, nailing it right in the lower body.

    Chu: Pikachu use quick attack
    the Pikachu leapt twards the Audino with great power and speed and made a direct and critical hit, the illusion was broken, the Audino turned out to be a Zorark.

    Jaden: Ha, gotcha. Zorark use night slash
    With that the Zorark struck the Pikachu and dent it crashing into the side rails of the deck, unconcious.

    Chu: Return, GO! Reuniclus

    Jaden: Dumb move, don't you know type advantages

    Chu: Yes, Yes i do, NOW USE FOCUS BLAST!!!!!
    Before Zorark had a chance to react it was blown away by the powerfull attack.


    Maroon: Wow tha Reuniclus looked pretty FOCUSed. ZZZIIINNNGG!!!!

    Copper: Look i can juggle my pokeballs......Well i can throw them up but catching them is hard so i'll just use yours Maroon.

    Maroon: NO! GET OFF!!!

    back at the spar

    Chu: Ready to give up

    Jaden: Wow take down one mon and think your a god. GO! Audino

    Chu: I hope this is the real one.

    Jaden: yup, use shadowball

    Chu: use focus blast

    both pokemon were left knocked out after many repetitive shots at eachother of shadowball and focus blast

    Jaden: last one, GO! Flygon

    Chu: GO! Drudigon

    Purple: Mammoswine use Blizzard

    both dragons and trainers were frozen.


    Maroon: Well that was COOL, ZZZZIIINNNGGG!!!!

    Copper: Hey i didnt know you could bend that way

    Maroon: NO! GET OFF!!!

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    Default Re: Bonds Chpt:1

    Well, its comical, but the grammar could use some work, and please use capital I's. It looks more professional that way. Also, add some exclamation points where the trainers are shouting out their moves to their Pokemon.

    Otherwise, very creative. I like it.


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