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    Y'ello, everyone! This is a little Luckyshipping story, and it was really fun to write. ^^ Nice to meet you all. =]
    Summary? Yes? ^^

    After the disaster in Johto, the first Dex holders have split up once again to accomplish their own goals. But when a troublesome male pulls the Mareep’s wool over Blue’s eyes, she finds that she will yet again cross roads with Red.

    Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Pokemon. Just the ability to write about it. =]

    The pokeball enlarged in his hand as the button was pressed. The clean air swiffed around the young man, who so determinedly stared out over the green fields, like he planned big for it. He took careful consideration of the green grass, and light breeze. The plain would be the training ground for today, in all seriousness.

    But he gave up, his shoulders dropped, and his head followed as though he were exhausted. “Ugh. How does Green stand there like that?” the raven-haired boy mumbled. After a too-easy battle, today Red had decided to train a newly-caught Pokemon, and since Green was so good at training, standing in his pose would surely give him some kind of boost. It lacked boost, though.

    ‘Oh well…doesn’t matter.’ Pushing his jacket out of the way, his hand rested on his hip as his eyes swept over the landscape once more, and smiled. It was a fantastic view… Pokemon were running free, so happy and whimsical. It tempted him to join in with the Ponyta, challenge them to a race, and play with the Rattata. But…he wouldn’t ignore the pokeball. Growlithe was looking forward to it!

    He raised his other hand so he could get a good look at his admirable Pokemon in his hand, through the transparent red of the top of the device. It was a dog-like creature, with red fur. Black stripes streaked across its back and legs, and standing tall with its shaggy muzzle, the cream color extended under its stomach to fluff out in a bushy tail that wagged readily. The look of eagerness it shared with him caused Red to grin. “Alright, Growlithe! Go!”

    He fished his arm back, touched the side-top of his lip with his tongue, and flung his limb forward. A bright white emitted from the pokeball as it flew through the air. It never touched the ground as the light shaped into the form of a dog, and flew backwards to Red's hand with a smack. Within seconds the light was fully colored, full tail and all. The animal was feeling exuberant, the way its tail wagged, too. Then Red felt himself being tackled to the ground.

    He guffawed as his face became wet from Growlithe’s kisses. There was no end, until a break in the attack gave the victim time to sit up. “Growwww!” it howled over him joyously, giving another shake of its tail. It must’ve been happy to be out of his pokeball. Red patted the beige tuft of hair on its head endearingly, maybe to stave him off ‘attacking’ him again.

    “I know, I know, I’m excited too!” Red laughed, scratching behind its ears. Growlithe seemed satisfied after that, because it stepped off of him and sat readily. Red pushed himself up with his leg and smiled down at his friend. The energy it gave off made him sure of a great day. “You ready, Growlithe?”


    She held onto Jiggly’s foot as the air-filled Pokemon wafted across the sky. Her head whipped back and forth vigorously as she searched the ground with her binoculars.

    Blue’s eyebrows were furrowed as she fumed the frustration through the clenching and unclenching of her jaw. “Ooh, that kid! Thinks he wants to play a game with me, huh…!” furious mutters passed her lips, in a rage she couldn’t shake.

    Earlier…she had stepped out of a diner in Vermilion city, minding her own business…

    Someone rushed up to her suddenly as soon as she was out of the building. Given the incredibly uncomfortable amount of space he had put between them , she noticed a camera in his hands. The reason being, without warning other than that, he asked if she would model for him. He claimed his name to be Miguel, and that she was the “perfect” candidate for this photography test or whatever… Well, it just so happens it had been a good day, so, why deny this – really strange – guy an A+ on his test?

    “Okay, sure, why not?” To further get into the act, she struck a cute little pose, a hand on her hip and behind her head, portraying her beauty on the spot. “I guess I’m not busy.”

    “Great!” He slung his backpack around and off his arm. As he knelt to the ground to grab something from it, Blue grew curious, and looked down too. When she did, the world went blue as a dress was brought up to her face. “This is the outfit you’re going to wear!”

    ‘Dress…?’ She hesitantly took it from him, holding it out with her hands to get a better look. Changing into some stranger’s dress wasn’t exactly what was in mind, so she examined it further, turning it to check for cleanliness. It was more than clean, the jewels climbing up the bottom in swirls sparkled and lit up the royal blue color right up to the waist. The soft, hanging shoulders caught her eyes, as did the transparent powder blue material gracefully cascading from. She grinned as it became a better and better idea. Snatching it closer, she looked up at him, grinning slyly. “Be right back!” she chirped, before running back into the diner to change.

    In the women’s stall, she slipped out of her own lissome black mini-dress, and into the new one, praising herself for being there on such a lucky day. Of course, it was instinct. Now she had the chance to have a good time off of this guy’s class. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to direct him too much; he did look professional, so it should be smooth sailing.

    She came out for a moment to admire herself in the mirror, grinning and posing. “Wow, this looks nice…” she spoke in a pleased tone, shifting from side to side to see views from both angles, hands on her hips. She felt proud of the fact that the dress fit perfectly, which would mean the plan was still a go. “I wonder if he’d let me keep it afterwards…?”

    With little thought to that statement, she dropped her arms, satisfied, and went to pick up her little previous outfit, which was only weighted slightly by pokeballs, before leaving the bathroom; or as of now, the changing room. The mini-dress in one hand, she had to pick up the bottom of the gown she wore so she could walk without risking tripping over it. The thought didn’t look too pretty.

    She chirped as she opened the door. She felt genuinely excited for the shoot now as she sang, “Okay, I’m ready-“ A quick sweep over the area gave no signs of the surfer-looking guy. Immediately she realized what went on before any real thinking came to mind. She wasn’t dumb; he had just played her! Blue looked around once more in panic to make sure it wasn’t true.

    No matter which way she looked, she didn’t see anyone relatively similar to the jerk. When she accepted his disappearance, she felt her fists clench, and she released a rather frustrated noise that sounded somewhat like choking. That was cruel. She was good enough for a photoshoot, wasn’t she?! Did it have to be that kind of trick?! She huffed. At least she got to keep the dress.

    Then, a lightbulb went off as she realized it may not have been just a prank, either. She had been in thieving too long to suspect otherwise. Quickly, she focused her attention to her original dress up and, taking it with both hands, examined the pokeballs on the belt.

    Three out of six!

    She yanked the it to her side and clenched a fist in front of her face, which was bent toward the ground so as to keep a few curses away from the echoing sky. “That…little…!”

    Before her anger could be released, it was put on hold yet again in favor of curiosity, this time because of a note she noticed past her fist, on the ground. She thought it must have fallen off of the her original dress. Had “Miguel” dropped it, it would’ve been blown much further in this breeze. Either way, it could’ve been something of his. She kneeled down quaintly to pick the piece of paper up, and read,

    “Sorry! I heard a Pokemon league champion is here and I need powerful Pokemon!
    I’ll give them back one day!”

    She blinked in confusion at the part of a Pokemon league champion. Lifting her gaze, the past trainers that had made it to such a feat ran through her mind, but she hadn’t heard of any of them still in Kanto recently. Unless it was…

    It took her yet another step back. Red?! What could he be doing here? She had thought he would leave to get better insight on Johto after their little visit. So he stayed in Kanto… Her expression lifted. It had been a while. They had hardly talked during and after the fiasco over Pryce, if only just to communicate and get out of a sticky situation. So they could have a conversation now, which was in truth, delighting.

    So she would find that jerk and take her Pokemon back. At least he hadn’t taken Jiggly; proof he wasn’t that smart. First she’d find Red, since that was where the thief was probably going, if the note wasn’t any indication. No doubt Red was off somewhere lollygagging and goofing off with his Pokemon… But she knew better, he trained as well. But maybe he’d be able to assist her now, because he seemed to be good at that sort of thing. That determined look in his eyes when he set his mind to help someone, she remembered.

    With no luck, Blue pulled the binoculars away from her face, fuming, but determined. “No one takes my Pokemon and gets away with it!” she stated for a fuel to the fire. Then there she saw something far off, and in the middle of a huge green field, caught her eye. Looking closer…it was a human. And it was probably Red, in knowing the places he liked to train. She looked up to call to her enlarged Pokemon, so she could better hear. “Jiggly, bring us down!”

    On command, she began to slowly release the air she had held in to reliably float, and surely, they started to descend to the ground. Blue watched as it grew closer, though as her thoughts built she found their landing coming slower and slower.

    “Hurry, Jiggly!” Blue reminded, looking up to see their progress. “We have to be here when that guy does so we can get our friends back!”

    “Jiggly!” the Pokemon squeaked out, slightly distressed from the response. Blue realized she had to watch her intake and outtake of air, so they didn’t crash, so she quieted looked to the ground again. By then, her feet touched the green grass. Jiggly fell next, but bounced from the ground and, on her feet, landed next to her. “Jiggly!”

    Finally, Blue looked up to approach Red and saw what she hadn’t from in the air. An unfamiliar Growlithe and Pika were fighting, while their trainer ordered commands, pointing here and there for emphasis. It seemed they were training.

    “Pika, thunderbolt! Growlithe, dodge it with your agility!” Red shouted over the sounds of sparks and blasting fire. His face lit like a Christmas tree at something on the battlefield. “Good job, Growlithe!” He hooked his fist under in an uppercut. “Way to dodge!”

    He was pretty caught up in the excitement, so she walked up to stand slightly behind him. She needn’t be sneaky at all, since he wouldn’t notice anyway. She leaned over to peer closer at the battlefield in a mocking manner, using her hand as a shield for the sun as she eyed the Pokemon curiously. Red still hadn’t noticed, so she spoke, “…Hey, what’s going on?”

    Red really had been blind, because when she looked over he had made a small jump opposite of her direction. He looked on the defensive as though she were some sort of giant Pokemon, ready to pounce. The surprise on his face was all too amusing for she, she couldn’t help but look a little smug that she knew him so well. “B-Blue?”

    She placed her hands on her hips and stood back to her full height bouncily. “Yup!” Hearing Red’s Pokemon still at it, she looked back over to them. She acknowledged the clever idea of fighting your own Pokemon that had ensued. It gave them a chance to both grow together, and learn from the other. Plus, the peace here was really tranquil. Red likely didn’t want to disturb it either. “Quite a trainin’ session ya got here.”

    Red scratched the back of his neck, and chuckled rather oddly. He may have still been slightly thrown off by her sudden appearance. “Yeah, I figured since there hasn’t been any real challenges lately, what better way to train than with my own Pokemon?”

    An opportunity had risen. Taking it up, she lightly dropped her head to the side, and let her gaze fall to Red in a wink. “So you can protect me from all o’ those bad guys, huh?”

    His cheeks tinted red and he looked away, wearing a flustered smile. The sight caused her to laugh internally, and quite frankly, externally. It was too easy. Whether he had an attraction to a girl or not, when it came to girls, the boy knew nothing, she could see that. That’s why it was so amusing to take the chance to psych him out. Though it was a little less fun without a challenge… Her pondering pulled the corners of her lips down just a tad.

    Oh well, she thought, with a subtle shrug off. It was entertaining anyway, still a fun thing to lighten spirits. “Teehee!” she giggled her thoughts, opening her shut eye, before turning to him. She made a point to be ready to state her problem of “my stolen Pokemon,” because it needed to be done. But she paused briefly, for she saw him still flustering, which made a mischievous edge appear on her smile. What could it hurt to keep going? Maybe tease him until he got riled up, just a bit. About to say something witty, she opened her mouth, when he finally found some words that made his expression change to one of curiosity.

    “Hey, what’re ya doin’ here, anyway?” Red asked suddenly, looking to Blue now.

    Going with the flow, Blue crossed her arms and turned again, staring parallel to Red and jutting her bottom lip out in a playful pout. “Aw, you’re not happy to see me?”

    “Oh, no, I didn’t mean-…” Red frowned, and reached out a hand to comfort her. She might’ve let it touch her…she almost did, but instead whirled around before that happened.

    “Psych! Gotcha!” she pulled her bottom eyelid down and stuck her tongue out at him playfully. The look on his face said he was reaching his limit.

    Out of nowhere, Red's Pikachu, known as Pika, hopped onto his shoulder, and the Growlithe she hadn’t seen before ran to his side. Blue hadn’t realized they had stopped training up until then. “What do you really want, Blue?” he asked casually, scrutinizing her as he locked his arms behind his head, seeming to have lost his desire to fight.

    However, Blue was more intent. Pika seemed to realize it, because he hopped to the ground as she went around to his back, to his confusion, and loosely wrapped her arms around him. He seemed to realize only at the last second what she was doing. “I can’t just come by for a little visit?” she asked, her tone perky and teasing as she spoke next to his ear.

    Red took a moment to compose himself, and think of something to say, she supposed. “Uh… I guess, but it seems like you always have a reason…”

    Dallying him, she pouted and released her grip, but then decided she needed to get this done. In reality, she was more concerned for the guy. If she didn’t get them back, her Pokemon might just be taunting that kid by now. The thought amused her slightly, but it was a more serious matter. Walking around to his front, her hands were places on her hips decidedly as she faced him. “I do, actually,” she admitted. She used a pause to watch his interest grow, and dropped her hands. Her look said that she was no longer playing. “Someone stole three of my Pokemon, and they left me a note, saying they were going to use my Pokemon to challenge you.”

    By the look on his face, Red put it together pretty quickly. “Oh, and you came here to stop them before they got too far?” In response to the confirming question, she nodded. She watched him bring a hand to his chin as he began to think, and concentrated on the ground at the same time Pika climbed back onto to his shoulder. “Hm…”

    Sometimes, she wasn’t able to tell what he was thinking; something she was naturally good at. Though they worked, usually, Red had the most unpredictable ideas at times. His expression was no exception to those others moments, etching her interest, something of which Pika had no shame in expressing as he watched his trainer. Finally, at the peak of her curiosity, she questioned, “What is it?”

    He considered it for a moment more, then replied with thought, “…I think I already battled him earlier, in west Vermilion.” He paused, and commented more to himself, “I thought his team looked sorta familiar…”

    Blue’s jaw dropped as she heard this, as did her goals and expectances. She had traveled all the way there, determined to intercept the guy, and he was already off who knows where! “Whaaaaat?!” she screeched. There was a slight echo of the word across the fields. Her reaction obviously alerted Red in a frightened way. “Are you serious!?”

    “Yeah!” Red responded quickly, raising his arms in defense as though it were him being tried. Pika seconded his look, but held onto him with his arms so as to not fall off. “Blastoise didn’t even stay out of his ball for a second!”

    It was defeat. Red would remember something like that, if it were that strange, so it must’ve been true. She sighed, dropping her arms and shoulders to slump. Even though it wouldn’t last long, she’d have to chase the kid further on a wild Psyduck chase. As she raised back up, she faked a yawn to symbolize how tiresome this would be and stretched upwards in preparation for the pursuit, working out the kinks in her bones, before releasing her arms behind her back and starting along. She closed her eyes and took in the mellow air on the way back over to the high hill she arrived upon, which would make it easier for Jiggly to catch the breeze.

    Out of the corner of her hardly-opened eye, Blue saw Red staring at her wonderingly, maybe expecting her to say something else or something dramatic before she left. She hadn’t gotten very far when he realized she wasn’t going to add anything, he offered in an unsure voice, “You…want any help?”

    Having known his kind hand to volunteer, after a gap in time still, he smiled to herself and stopped. Turning partway around, she looked at him, waving it off. “Nah, I’m fine.” She leaned in closer to his face and chirped in the cutest tone, passing him another wink from close-up as she spoke elatedly, “You just keep training so those bad guys don’t get me, okay?”

    Red flustered once again, and she laughed, making a grand leave as she whirled around and ran in the opposite direction. Jumping to reach the inflated Jigglypuff, she grabbed hold of her foot and turned to look at Red as she hung in the sky. She waved charmingly with her other hand. “Bye now, sweetiepie! ♥”

    Red crossed his eyes arms in a confused manner. He looked as though he were trying to decode something, judging by the concentrated look on his face. Then in defeat, he closed his eyes and he sighed, before trailing his gaze to Pika, then Growlithe, dropping his limbs to his sides. “You ready to get back to training, guys?”

    “Pika pi,” Pika blinked at him from his perch. Growlithe agreed in a bark, causing Red to smile again at both their agreements. Now he was really ready to train.

    “Who wants to race, you guys?” he offered, and as Pika hopped off his shoulders he didn’t hesitate to start running before the others were ready. The fire dog followed soon after.

    She didn’t want him to get involved in something so minor. He gave her enough information to go on. It was more enjoyable to watch him from here, frolicking with Pika and his Growlithe as he lived freely. Blue watched the boys below run from her direction while she instead floated the opposite course. Perhaps she’d blow right back their way again. The breeze caressed her face softly, brushing her cheek; she thought for a moment that that might be what gave her this glow. She felt herself smile softly as they grew further from sight. Then she burst out a giggle in her silly way at the dramatics, and too, at the boy.

    “Oh, Red. You think I just came for information, didn’t you?” she tittered mischievously, as she and Jiggly sailed across the air to their destination; west Vermilion, to get her Pokemon back.

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    Default Re: Blown Both Ways (Luckyshipping)

    Well this was actually interesting for me. It's rare to find a fic based on Pokemon Special so this one was definetily a breath of fresh air. While I'm more of a Red x Yellow I have no qualms with Blue and I quite liked this oneshot (or is there more) because, well, it just felt like the actual manga in a way I mean the way Blue was scanned seemed a bit easy considering she herself is an expert but other than that I thought that this was like an in between event, there's a lot of space for fics in Pokemon special thanks to all the gaps so it's nice that you made use of that.

    Your description was pretty good as was your grammar, in all honesty the only thing I had to say was the Blue thing as it just seemed that she fell easily at least to me but I still enjoyed this a lot.

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    Default Re: Blown Both Ways (Luckyshipping)

    Love seeing the Spe-based fic! I always shipped Red and Blue together for some reason. Good grammar and description throughout. Really captured what I imagine Red and Blue's personalities to be like. Only suggestion: be careful of just listing off things: "He did this, then he did this. And then another character did this." Vary your descriptions and also let us know more about feelings, etc. overall, very good work though!

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: Blown Both Ways (Luckyshipping)

    Thank you! :D I do like to stick to their personalities. When I looked over it, I thought that thievery of his might be a little easy as well, but then I also figured Blue was in a particularly good mood. XD

    Thank you too! Yes, to me, she's just always seemed like the manga counterpart of Misty. XD And I understand that! =] I actually wrote this a few months ago, as my "re-entering the writing world" story. XD Needless to say I was a little rusty! *Makes it look like I'm popping my knuckles* But I'm back. B]
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