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    I created this for another site, and I wanted to share it.

    Here it is.

    Blessed We Are

    A Poem By Majinonifox1.

    Everywhere I look and see
    I see you staring back at me
    In a window, in a lake
    Your image, pray, my soul to take.

    It started when I saw you first,
    For when I saw you I had a thirst.
    I did not know what I thirsted for,
    But I knew you would help it, forevermore.

    I walked over and smiled to you
    Asking you nicely "Table for two?"
    You smiled serenely and said with a blush
    "Only if you don't mind the smell of Red Gush."

    I sat next to you, enjoying my time.
    Until that dreaded bell began to chime.
    Lunch was over, but you said to me
    "Let's meet here again, five after three."

    Five after three, when school let up,
    I met you there, and you held a cup.
    "What is that you drink?" I ask with a blush.
    "I drink that I love, Red Gush."

    I smiled and introduced my name.
    "I'm Tamenio, but you can call me Tame."
    You smiled and said back to me,
    "I am Derensena. Call me Dee."

    From then on, we met there 5 after 3,
    For the rest of school, that's where I'd be.
    I wait there for you, and then you would show.
    I wait one day, and your voice did throw.

    "HELP ME SOMEONE!" You cried out in fright.
    I ran to your voice, and saw a bad sight.
    You were cornered by a group of thugs,
    I shouted at them "Hey you bugs!"

    They stopped with you and turned to me,
    "Stay out of it, and leave us bee."
    I wouldn't stand for it, and so I tried
    I fired a Flamethrower and made Beedrill fried.

    The others, scared, fled off in flight,
    I went to you, and asked "Are you alright?"
    You surprised me when we gently kissed
    "It's you, you I have sorely missed."

    The kiss we shared surprised me a bit,
    But soon afterwards, we had a kissing fit.
    We were there throughout the throng,
    When the janitor came and said "Move it along."

    I gathered my things and led you out,
    We stood outside getting ready to shout.
    "I love you more than the world itself."
    It was then we were surprised by Azelf.

    "You two love more than anything I've seen.
    Your love will last longer than I've been.
    If you truly care for each other for life,
    Then I would be happy to make you husband and wife."

    I was overjoyed by Azelf's gift,
    So much so that my heart gave lift.
    I stood there next to Dee and said
    "If you would, give us also a bed?"

    Azelf smiled and said "If it's your desire,
    Then I will make it so, but I now tire.
    I have done all I can for now, but no fear.
    For I will be there. Just call to my ear."

    We finished school, our senior year,
    And we called out to all who would hear.
    "Come with us, and watch our life.
    We are to become husband and wife."

    Loads turned out, family and friends.
    Then a Beedrill came to make amends.
    "I am sorry for the pain. My name is Dan.
    If you will have it, can I be Best Man?"

    I quickly agreed, and called to the sky
    "Azelf, marry us, don't leave us dry!"
    And then, Azelf appeared to all at the place.
    He then met with us face to face.

    "You, Tame, and you, Dee,
    I will bind you forever at a quarter to three."
    I looked at the clock, and saw 2 minutes til,
    And I asked you "Are you ready for the thrill?"

    You looked into my Quilava eyes with your Kirlia smile.
    And replied "I am ready for the long mile."
    And in a flash of light, we were lifted high.
    Our Evolutions pure, as the afternoon sky.

    When we landed, I was Typhlosion, and you Gardevoir.
    When we landed, there was a Roar from afar.
    We looked to the sky, and saw Palkia waiting,
    And we looked out to see Dialga escalating.

    When Dialga had joined Palkia, they said as one:
    "You two shall be blessed, now go have some fun."
    With that, they disappeared, and an awe that was great;
    Azelf married us, and we ran out the gate.

    Azelf followed us, and said to us, instead,
    "Don't think I've forgotten your bed."
    There, in front of us, was a house of brick.
    I stood there gaping, as I picked up a stick.

    I slapped my wrist with it, and boy did you scream.
    "I did so only to show it's not a dream."
    You calmed down, and embraced me with a hup.
    "Well, kiss me quick before we wake up."

    I kissed you and you returned the favor.
    The tender taste on your lips did I savor.
    From then on, we were together,
    And I knew, we'd love each other, Forever.

    I know, it seems to be a bit weird, but I just pop these out of my head when they appear. Don't hate me for how it sounds, just hate the Poem itself. Or, not. I'd muych rather people liked it instead of hated it. Reviews, please!

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    It was very different, but it was really good.


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