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    Post Black & White Tales: To the Isshu Region!

    Alright, everyone. This here... is the sequel to a sequel. Since you don't really need to have read the previous two stories I wrote beforehand (since everything you need to know is in the prologue), I just figured I'd post this story.

    Now, a couple of things I need to mention first. The character Brendan in this story is the same Brendan from RSE, but his hair is white just because it is. The character Pearl is not the character from DPPt, but is the character Crystal from... Crystal. And she's related to people she shouldn't be related to.

    Anyways, onwards with the story! I hope everyone enjoys it!

    Tables of Contents:
    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four
    Chapter Five
    Chapter Six
    Chapter Seven - VS. Corn
    Chapter Eight - VS. Pod
    Chapter Nine
    Chapter Ten
    Chapter Eleven
    Chapter Twelve
    Chapter Thirteen

    EDIT: Rewrote the prologue. The next couple of chapters will be rewritten too, and I'm gonna make an index for the chapters as soon as I can figure out how.


    "Now, make sure you call me when you get there, got it?"

    "Yes, Dad."

    "Make sure you have everything! Okay?"

    "Yes, yes, we heard you."

    "All right, then… Let's go!"

    Slamming the wooden door shut, a man wearing a Hawaiian-print shirt and shorts stepped out. He really shouldn't have been wearing those shorts, but it didn't particularly matter to him what he wore. "Whoa! It's a greaaattt day!" he shouted, and began hurrying off to where a jeep was in front of the little house.

    "…Please, don't do that in front of people, Dad," one of two kids inside the jeep said. She sighed, shaking her head around. She was wearing a white tank top, her brown hair pulled into low hanging pigtails. She was also sitting in the front seat, to avoid damage to the kid sitting in the back seat. "Also, why'd you just give us that whole checking thing if YOU'RE COMING WITH US?"

    "Because I wanted to, that's why!" was the man's answer. Instead of being civilized and opening up the car door to get inside, he jumped over it, nearly kicking the girl in the head. "Whoops, sorry, Pearl! Brendan, you're buckled up too, right?"

    The boy in the backseat grimaced, tugging at the buckle around his waist. "More or less. If I die today, I want you to keep my room the way it is."

    "And I'd like you to cremate my body," the girl, Pearl, said, tugging on her own seat belt. Who knew: it might snap due to the ride ahead of them.

    "Alrighty, then! Let's get this baby gooooiiinnngg!" the man shouted. He turned the jeep on, revving it up a bit just to show up, and then the jeep lurched forwards, hitting top speed in less than a few seconds. The two children screamed the entire way, holding onto the seats for their dear lives.

    "We're never gonna make it to Isshu alive!" Brendan screamed.


    A while ago, at the start of summer, several sleep-deprived professors were holding a meaningless meeting when they suddenly got a phone call from a woman who claimed to be a professor in a far-away region, called the Isshu region. The woman said that she'd been trying to contact the professors for a long time, but to no avail. Finally, she'd managed to do just that.

    After this contact, the professors decided to gather up the trainers they thought should know about this, where they decided to send some of them to the Isshu region for research.

    The first option to go was Green Oak, one of the professor's grandson. However, because he was a Gym Leader, they decided that he'd be too busy with his job to go… Which was a lie since he left his gym a lot, but it didn't matter.

    The second choice to go was Pearl and Brendan Birch, the children of Professor Birch. Since they didn't have any time-consuming occupations, they were chosen to go to the Isshu region in September.

    …And their father, Professor Birch, abruptly decided to go along with them. Which would defeat the purpose of their going, but he didn't really care.

    He'd much rather prefer to see things himself than stay locked up in his lab, much like the other fellow professors he knew. Professor Birch liked to hide out in the woods, watching Pokémon in their natural habitats. Taking precautions to not getting caught by the Pokémon, such as camouflaging himself? Yeah, right. No way.

    And it was because of that that he'd been, on more than one occasion, attacked by wild Pokémon, who would proceed to kick his ass to Kanto and back. He never seemed to learn his lesson, though, and he just kept coming back for more.

    This… is the start of a new adventure!
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    Default Re: Black & White Tales: To the Isshu Region!

    The world that has a flourishing space program hasn't mapped the world yet?


    I kid, I kid. It sounds interesting and your writing style seems to have a unique taste to it. It's just a shame it's rather short.

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    Default Re: Black & White Tales: To the Isshu Region!

    Thanks. :3 I've already a bunch of chapters written, but I'm attempting to follow the rules and not post them all at the same time. XD
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    Default Re: Black & White Tales: To the Isshu Region!

    Uhh... it sounds a bit too much like the narrator, who isn't a character, is giving us a very personal recount, with inserts like "But anyways… This is the start of a new adventure!".

    Also, you seem to be mixing too many continuities together - Pearl and Brendan?

    There's no other problems with style as far as I can see.

    Of course, this is just the initial premise - I expect that once the fic gets rolling, it'll get a lot better.
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    Default Re: Black & White Tales: To the Isshu Region!

    Uhh... it sounds a bit too much like the narrator, who isn't a character, is giving us a very personal recount, with inserts like "But anyways… This is the start of a new adventure!".
    Yeah, I know... the unseen narrator is sort of a... recurring character, in a way. I don't know why I bothered to include such a "character" but it just managed to find its way in there. XD

    Alright, here's the first... second chapter!

    Chapter One

    "Ohhhh, it's so nice to finally be off that plane!" Pearl said happily, stretching out her arms as she walked down onto the crowded pier. The plane they were on had somehow managed to land on the water, and people on the plane were getting off.

    And, if the flight attendants had spoken true, they'd landed in Hiun City.

    "Yeah? Well, at least you didn't get drooled on by Dad," Brendan muttered. He glanced down at his black shirt, where there was an even darker black spot on it. He didn't dare to touch it: it was spit, of all things.

    "Good point. Suck it up, be a man."

    "We all know you're the man in the relationship," was Brendan's response.

    Pearl looked at Brendan the way someone would look at a fly flying around their food. She probably would've smacked him, if it weren't for the man near them…

    "WOOHOO! Take a look at this plane! How about that, huh? How does it keep itself on the water?"

    "Dad, please don't do that again," Pearl simply said. "Also, it stays on the water for the same reason it stays in the air."

    "Yeah, well… That's why I didn't become a mechanic, or go through those physics classes and stuff. I don't understand any of that. That's why I became a professor instead!"

    "That's some kind of miracle in itself."

    "Yeah, I have to agree with you on that," Professor Birch replied with a solemn nod. He glanced towards the city ahead of them and squealed like a little girl, charging towards it. Tall buildings rose high up, and lots of people were hurrying around. It was definitely a city, in every sense of the word. "Whoa, take a look at this city! It makes Slateport and Lilycove look like tiny towns!"

    "And it makes Littleroot look like a bumpkin village," Brendan muttered under his breath. Pearl snorted, covering her mouth before she started laughing hysterically.

    Pearl began looking around then, taking a look at the people hurrying by them. There were lots of women and men dressed in uniforms, and there was occasionally a kid with their parents passing by as well.


    Pearl blinked in surprise at the sound of a girl's voice piercing through the sound of the people's chattering. She began looking around, though not because she thought the person was calling out to her, but because Pearl was a nosy girl who liked to stick her nose into other people's business.

    But, much to her surprise, the girl shouting was actually shouting to them. Pearl found this out when she turned around and saw a girl standing in front of her, a grin on her face.

    The girl's brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and she had a pink and white baseball cap on. She was wearing a white tank top with a sleeveless black jacket over it. Her shorts were so short that… there was no other words for them.

    "Are you guys the Birch family?" the girl asked, practically grinning from ear to ear.

    "What if I said we weren't?"

    "Also," Brendan interrupted, "when you say Birch family, you make us sound like we're some kind of species of-"

    Before Brendan could finish, and before Pearl could say anything else, Professor Birch had appeared behind them and put his hands over their mouths, so they couldn't talk. "Yes! We're the Birch family! And you are…?"

    "I'm Touko!" the girl answered happily. "It's nice to meet you guys! I was sent here by Professor Araragi, to come and pick you up!"

    "Well," Pearl began, pushing her father's hand off her face, "I'm Pearl, and this is my brother, Brendan. And this is my father!"

    "You're only going to call me 'my father?'" Professor Birch quietly asked. He shook his head, and held out a hand to Touko. "In any case, I'm Birch! Dan Birch, the professor of the Hoenn region!"

    Touko shook his hand. "Yes, I already know everything about you! Professor Araragi told me. She's very excited to meet you three, but she couldn't personally come here because she's straightening up the lab back in Kanoko Town. So she sent me instead!"

    "That's nice and all," Brendan said and pointed at someplace behind Touko. "But who's that?"

    A boy stood behind Touko, his messy brown hair covered up by a black and red baseball cap. He held a cardboard container that had five blue ice cream cones in it.

    "Oh, there you are, Touya!" Touko said quickly, like he was just a minor thing and that his presence was meaningless. Touko sighed, turning back to the three others. "Guys, this is Touya. His special ability is going unnoticed in places where he should be noticed. Also, Touya…" She stopped to look back at the boy. "How long have you been standing there?"

    The boy, Touya, frowned, looking down at the ground and grumbling, "Ever since you started talking to them. I've been here the entire time."

    "Oh, that's nice," Touko quickly said, looking back at Professor Birch, Pearl, and Brendan. "Anyways, let's get going! We have a long way to walk!… Oh, hey, look! Ice cream!" She looked back at where Touya held the ice cream, and took the container out of his hands. "Let's eat it along the way! I wonder who bought it…"

    As Touko began practically skipping off with Pearl and Professor Birch following her quickly, Brendan reached out to put a hand on Touya's shoulder. "Life must be tough for you, man."

    "Tell me about it," Touya muttered as he and Brendan hurried after them.

    …But little did they know that there was a sixth person following after them.


    Nearly three and a half hours later, the five of them arrived in Kanoko Town. The town itself was tiny, with grass flowing everywhere, and green trees surrounded the town. There were a couple of houses, and there was an even bigger building there, with a sign out front that read "Araragi Pokémon Research Lab."

    Professor Birch decided that he was going to go introduce himself to Professor Araragi first, leaving Touko, Touya, Brendan, and Pearl behind.

    "Hmm… well, since we have some free time…" Touko began and looked back at Pearl and Brendan. "Let's go visit Cheren and Belle! I think you'd like to meet them!"

    Pearl nodded. "Okay!… But first, can I ask a favor of you…?"

    "What? You need to go to the bathroom? We can stop by my place, then…"

    "…Uh, no," Pearl answered, looking at Touko like there was something wrong with her head. "But… you have Pokémon, don't you? Can I… see it?"

    "Oho, you want to see my Pokémon, huh?" Touko started laughing for no apparent reason, and then pointed up towards the sky. "Fine! I'll show you my Pokémon… the one that will burst through the heavens!"

    Touya leaned over and whispered to Brendan, "She's been watching anime again."

    Touko had taken a small, marble sized red and white ball out of her pocket, and pressed a button on it. It suddenly enlarged, becoming the size of an orange, and then Touko pressed the same button on the ball, holding it away from herself. The ball opened up, and in a flash of white light, out came a small, green, lizard-like Pokémon. It looked rather smug, and full of itself.

    "…Oh," Brendan simply said and pointed at it. "It's Smugleaf."

    The Pokémon glared at Brendan, and then sniffed and turned away, running towards Touko and climbing up her, hopping up to hold onto her shoulder. It still glared at Brendan from its perch on Touko's shoulder, and so Brendan returned the glare.

    "Guess I'll show you my Pokémon, too," Touya said. He also took out a Poké Ball, held it away from himself, and pressed the button. It opened up, and a flash of light came out, taking a shape of what looked like an otter and disappeared.

    The otter-like Pokémon landed on the ground, spinning around and taking off the little shell it had on its chest. It waved the shell around, like it was greeting them, and said, "Miju!"

    "This is Mijumaru, my first Pokémon," Touya simply said. "Come on, Mijumaru! We're heading to Cheren's place."

    Mijumaru nodded, hurrying over to Touya and jumping up, landed perfectly on his shoulder. Touko suddenly gasped, and took a step back, pointing at Mijumaru and Touya.

    "Oh, my god!… That Mijumaru's floating!"

    Touya could only sigh and shake his head in response to this. Brendan reached out to pat his shoulder reassuringly, and Pearl had started talking to Touko: "Let's get going! Whose house first… Cheren or Belle?"

    "I say Cheren's house first," Touko answered. She pointed off towards one of the few houses there. "His house is right over there. So, let's get going!"

    Touko and Pearl began walking off towards the house, and Touya and Brendan scrambled after them, having not been listening to their conversation.

    As the four of them walked to the house, Touko and Pearl talked with each other and Touya and Brendan did the same. It was almost like they were pretending the opposite gender wasn't there as they had conversations with each other…

    Eventually, they came to a stop in front of one of the houses, a two-story, cream-colored house. The roof was blue, and the other houses around looked exactly the same.

    "Ooookaaay!" Touko sang out. "Let's meet Cheren!" Touko promptly began knocking on the door continuously, not bothering to pause even for a moment. "Knock-knock, Cheren, you there~?"

    The door almost immediately opened, but only just a crack. A chain was locking the door from the inside, but someone's face peeked through the opened door… Just a single, gray-colored eye, however. The person then shut the door, and the sound of the chain being undone could be heard, and then the door opened up completely.

    A boy stood there, probably around the same age as Touko and Touya. He had black hair, and a really big forehead. Red glasses were on his face, falling down his nose, and he instantly pushed the glasses back up. "Oh, it's just you guys."

    "Who'd you think it was, huh?"

    The boy seemed to consider telling them, but he just shook his head and said, "Never mind. What do you guys want…?" He trailed off as he noticed Pearl and Brendan standing behind Touko and Touya. "…Who're those people?"

    "They're the foreigners that the professor told us about!" Touko exclaimed. "The girl is Brendan, and the boy is Pearl!"

    "No, no, no!" Pearl interrupted, shaking her head around and stepping forwards. She pointed at her and said, "I'm Pearl, and he's Brendan. Anyways, it's very nice to meet you…?"

    "This is Cheren," Touko answered in place of the boy, who seemed like he was about to introduce himself when Touko interrupted. "He's been my friend since forever."

    The boy, Cheren, pushed his glasses up again for no apparent reason. "That's right, I'm Cheren. We've heard quite a lot about you, Pearl and Brendan Birch… and it seems like Touko is still ignoring Touya?"

    Touko blinked in surprise. "Who's Touya?"

    "Yeah, I guess that answers my question. Anyways, it's nice to meet you two. I'll be seeing you soon, probably. For now, though, good-bye."

    And so, Cheren stepped back and closed the door. They could hear him putting the chain back in place on the door, and so Touko instantly grabbed the doorknob and began shaking it around, screaming nonsensical words while Cheren yelled for her to quit it.

    However, they'd yet to realized that the person from Hiun City had followed them all the way to Kanoko Town…
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    Default Re: Black & White Tales: To the Isshu Region!

    Alright, a short note before I post the next chapter... There's a character that appears here, named Danny. She's one of my original characters.

    And so... onwards, with the next chapter!

    Chapter Two

    "Oh my! I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to have you all come in immediately! I needed to clean some things up, that's all!"

    Finally, Brendan and Pearl were allowed to go in Professor Araragi's lab. And, well, it was lab-like. And clean, unlike their own father's lab, which was usually cluttered with papers. Desks were everywhere, long tables, machines, computers, bookshelves… It was almost like a house, in a way. Because over nearby, away from the computers and all the research-looking things, there was a kitchen area, with a table, sink, cabinets, and a refrigerator.

    "My name is Araragi," a woman said. Her light brown hair was twirled up into a ponytail, and she wore a short, green skirt, a white shirt, and a lab coat. She looked at least 30 or younger. "It's nice to meet you!"

    Professor Araragi reached into her lab coat pocket, taking out four Poké Balls. "I've already shown your father these Pokémon, so I'll go ahead and show you too! And now… let's show you some of the Isshu region's Pokémon!"

    Four Pokémon came out, two of which Brendan and Pearl recognized; one was a Tsutarja, the other Mijumaru, the third was an orange pig-like Pokémon, and the fourth was gray and white, with a bushy tail and big ears. It was sort of reminiscent of a chinchilla.

    Naturally, Pearl was instantly in love with the Pokémon. "Ohhh, they're all so cute!~ Ohh, look at their tails! They all have such cute tails! Ohhh, Brendan, what do you think of their tails?"

    "They're okay."

    Pearl snorted. "You don't know how to appreciate a tail. Loser."

    Professor Araragi was smiling, and she pointed to each of the Pokémon as she said their names, "This one's Tsutarja, this is Mijumaru, this one is Pokabu, and this one is Chillarmy. And…" Professor Araragi trailed off, staring off somewhere behind them. She pointed, and said…

    "…Is that, um, a friend of yours? I only heard about three people coming today… Not that I mind, of course, but…"

    Brendan and Pearl instantly whirled around to see someone else standing behind them. It was a blonde haired girl, wearing a black shirt, a skirt, tights and boots. Currently, this girl had out a cell phone of all things, and was taking pictures of the Pokémon, unaware of her surroundings.

    "Ah… Yeah, sorry! Um, she's, uh, Jane!"

    The girl looked up at them for a moment with a blank expression, but then turned her attention back to the Pokémon, taking more pictures.

    "Right…" Professor Araragi's face said that she knew something was up, but she didn't say anything regarding it, and continued on talking about their previous subject. "Anyways, if you'd like, you can have one of these Pokémon. Actually, you can't have the Chillarmy; that one's my own personal friend."

    "Nah, I've got my own Pokémon…" Brendan answered. And then, for no apparent reason, he flipped his hair. Pearl was currently entranced with the otter Pokémon, Mijumaru, but she managed to shake her head in a 'no' motion. The girl didn't answer, and was now taking pictures of the Pokémon from different angles.

    "Okay then! Well, uh…" Professor Araragi didn't get to finish what she was about to say, because Brendan and Pearl suddenly grabbed "Jane" by her arms and dragged her out of the lab.

    They dragged her outside, and around the side of the building, and they let her go. And then proceeded to interrogate her like the professional officers they were.

    "Okay, we covered for you, but seriously! Who the heck are you?" Pearl yelled a little too loudly.

    "Oh, I appreciated you guys covering for me! Um, can I go back in?" The girl looked over their shoulders, as if she'd be able to get past them if she did that. "I wanna take more photos!"

    "Not until you answer our questions!"

    The girl sighed, making a face. A couple of seconds after that, though, she started talking. "Fine. My name's Danny. Um… Can I go back in now?"

    "No! Why the heck did you follow us in there? The professor doesn't even know who you are!"

    "Well, duh, she doesn't know; she's never seen me before."

    Brendan smacked his forehead and shook his head. "That's not what I meant!"

    "Sorry, sorry!" Danny laughed a bit before continuing to talk, "Um, well… I heard you guys talk about, um, a professor… So I wanted to come see, because I wanted to see the Pokémon she had."

    "Wait… What?"

    "Back in, uh, Hiun City, I heard you guys!"

    "All the way back there?"

    "Yeah! Totally!"

    Both Brendan and Pearl frowned and looked at each other and then turned around, whispering to each other, their backs to the girl, Danny.

    "Isn't that, like, stalking?"

    "And eavesdropping, too! A stalker/eavesdropper? What's up with that?"

    "Are all Isshu people like this…?"

    Brendan and Pearl looked back at Danny, standing there with an innocent smile on her face. They said nothing, and simply began walking back to the lab entrance. Danny took this as a sign that she could come with them, and so she did. When they all came back into the lab, they were grinning as if their conversation hadn't happened.

    "Um, welcome back!" Professor Araragi greeted them, looking a bit confused. "Anyways, uh, Jane, would you like one of these Pokémon?"

    Danny looked extremely ecstatic, as if she might faint at any moment. "R-really?"

    "Yes, go ahead!"

    Danny bent down to look at the three Pokémon carefully. "S-so… cute…" she mumbled. Tsutarja, Mijumaru, and Pokabu looked at her with bright, shiny eyes, which was just their way of getting her to choose a certain one of them. It was a silent contest, in a way.

    "I'll go with Pokabu!" Danny decided after about 5 minutes of staring without blinking at the Pokémon. She pointed at the orange, pig Pokémon, which was none other than Pokabu.

    "Okay then!" Professor Araragi returned all the Pokémon to their Poké Balls, and handed Danny the one with Pokabu in it. "Make sure you take good care of it!"

    "Of course! Thank you so much!"


    "I'm so happy, I could just die!" Danny said happily, currently squeezing the crap out of her Pokabu. Pokabu didn't seem to mind the squeezing, and oinked with every squeeze. "I should give you a nickname! Oh, but are you a guy or a girl…? Oh, oh! Definitely a guy, there's no mistaking that."

    The three were sitting at a table in the kitchen-like area of Professor Araragi's lab, food set out at three places for them. Professor Birch was off doing who knows what, but the best bet was that he was hanging around in the trees, being a monkey.

    "Okay… I'll call you Fire Pig!" Danny decided.

    Brendan slammed his head down on the table, rattling the forks, spoons, knives, and plates.

    "Something wrong, white-haired kid?" Danny asked; both she and her Pokabu were looking at him.

    "It's… nothing…" Brendan grumbled, sitting back up and rubbing his forehead. "By the way, my name's Brendan, not white-haired kid."

    "And I'm Pearl," Pearl added.

    Danny looked at them both for a moment and then nodded, grinning. "Okay, I've got it memorized!"

    Fire Pig oinked loudly, apparently in agreement to what Danny had said. He looked at Brendan and Pearl, and oinked again.

    "So, Danny…" Pearl began, eating her food. "Um, do you live in Isshu?"


    "…Sure? Does that mean you do or you don't?"

    "It means that I suppose I could live in Isshu, but I might not live in it."

    "Wait, what?"

    Danny quickly stopped listening to Pearl and Brendan, holding out a piece of the food she was eating to Fire Pig, who ate it happily.

    Professor Araragi came into the room the three were in, smiling and looking around. She frowned and said, "Oh my, it appears as if Professor Birch isn't here! Do you happen to know where he is?"

    Just then, something slammed on the roof of the building, and then apparently rolled off the roof and crashed down to the ground below. The four of them looked over at the window where they'd just seen a flash of color fall past it.

    "I'd bet anything that that was him," Pearl said.

    Professor Araragi walked over to the window, opening it up and peeking outside. "…Hello?… Oh, my!"

    "What, is Dad not wearing any clothes again? I hope not…"

    Professor Araragi shook her head, looking back at them. "…It's a little girl!"

    "I'm not a little girl!" a girl's voice shouted and jumped up from the ground, branches and twigs sticking out of her black hair. She had dark skin, and wore a yellow and pink shirt with a pink skirt and white tights. Her hair had to be the most impossible looking thing on the face of the planet. It was long, for one thing, and there was a lot of it. Some of it had been put up into pigtails, yellow bands holding them up.

    "Fifty million Mijumarus says you are a kid," Brendan commented.

    "I. AM. NOT!"

    "Reaallly? I think you are!"

    "I am not, I am not, I am not!"

    "The fact that you're getting so angry about it shows that you are a kid."

    "Oh, whatever!" she snapped. And with that, she jumped through the open window, walking into the area and looking around. Twigs and branches fell out of her hair, falling onto the floor. But she paid no attention to it. "Anyways… I'm hungry, can I have some of that food?"

    "Hell no. Well, if you admit you're a kid, I migghhhtt give you some."

    The girl sniffed and crossed her arms over her chest, turning her nose up in the air. "I'll never admit it! I'm not that hungry, anyways! There's plenty of berries outside, I won't starve!"

    "Suit yourself."

    "Um, anyways," Professor Araragi said slowly, looking down at the little girl, "Who are you, kiddo?"

    "What'd you call me?"

    "I meant, uh, who are you… miss?"

    The girl crossed her arms across her chest, nodding a couple of times. "Thank you, thank you! I'm Iris! Let's see… What was I here for…?"

    "The kid forgot what she came here for."

    "I'm not a kid! How many times do I have to repeat that?" Iris screamed and then looked away from Brendan in an attempt to ignore him. Instead, she looked up at the professor. "I remember now! Professor Araragi, I-"

    At that, Iris stopped talking to glance at the three sitting at the table. She giggled, and quietly said, "…Actually, the conversation I need to have with you isn't appropriate for these kiddies. Let's go in another room!"

    "You know," Brendan began and pointed at her. "Not only could that comment be taken in a lot of different ways, but you're also a kid."

    Iris seemed to be getting more and more angry from Brendan's comments and Professor Araragi took this opportunity to get Iris out of the room before she and her hair exploded. "Let's go into my lab first, okay, Iris?"

    Iris immediately recovered, looking up at Professor Araragi and nodding eagerly. "Yeah! Let's go!"

    And as the two left the room, Brendan shouted out, just for the heck of it…

    "See you later, kid!"

    Iris could be heard having a fit, screaming and shouting at Brendan from down the hallway.
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    Chapter Three

    "…She's gone. She must've left while we were asleep."

    Super Detective Brendan managed to deduce that by the fact that, when they woke up that morning, Danny was gone. Fire Pig and all.

    "Well, maybe she just went out for a bit!" Pearl suggested hopefully.

    And yet, they both knew that wasn't so. Danny wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. Professor Araragi had yet to wake up, so they weren't going to tell her just yet…

    So they opted to go search for Danny themselves.

    As they exited the lab and began to wander around Kanoko Town, they saw several bird Pokémon they'd never seen before; small and gray, with puffy chests. They looked a bit like pigeons.

    "So… so CUTE!" Pearl squealed like a little girl and ran after the birds, who all flew up in the air to escape from her wrath. Well, almost all of them; one continued to hop around on the ground, pecking at the dirt.

    Pearl crept up to it, slowly, and soon she was close enough to it that she could grab it in her hands… It showed no reaction whatsoever, continuing to peck the dirt without a single clue.

    And then, suddenly, it looked up at her.

    It blinked once. Just once. And continued to look at her. Pearl didn't move, not an inch, and she didn't even blink…

    Everything was silent. Brendan watched the scene with a blank face and occasionally checked an imaginary watch.

    "…Brendan," Pearl finally whispered, holding out her hand. "Hand me a Poké Ball. I have to catch it."

    "What the hell do I look like, the Poké Ball manager? Go pull one out of your ass."

    Pearl would've glared at him, but she was afraid that if she did, the Pokémon would fly away. Well, if she couldn't use a Poké Ball, that left the only other option… It may be dangerous, and it may be life threatening, but Pearl didn't care. She was going to catch this Pokémon no matter what.

    Pearl dove towards it and snatched it up, holding onto the pigeon Pokémon tightly. However, it made no attempt to struggle to get away.

    …It just cheeped.

    "…There's something wrong with that Pokémon," Brendan simply said. He then gaily flipped his hair. "So it's a perfect match for you!"

    "What was that, you little brat?!"

    "Ahahah, nothing!"

    Suddenly, the two stopped talking as they heard a noise in the distance… It sounded like someone talking. And because they were super spies, they decided to run towards the voice.

    Peeking around the corner of Professor Araragi's lab, they spotted Danny, talking on the cell phone she had used to take pictures the previous day. Fire Pig stood next to her, watching her intently, and then it noticed Pearl and Brendan. So it started noisily oinking.

    "Buuu! Buuuuuu!"

    Danny looked down at Fire Pig, and then followed where it was looking. Pearl and Brendan hadn't been smart enough to hide behind the building, so they were immediately caught.

    "…I've got to go, bye!" she said and closed her phone. Danny then proceeded to walk towards them casually, as if they hadn't been watching her at all.

    "Hey, good morning!"

    "Sorry for being nosy but…" Pearl pointed at the phone in Danny's hand. "Who're you talking to?"

    "Oh, it was my cousin! I figured I'd call her, but she didn't answer, so I had to leave a message…"

    "…Oh. Is that so…?"

    "Yep! That's so! Say, what's it with the bird? It hasn't even blinked! Is it a doll?"

    "Um… no, it's not. I, uh, picked it up. While it sat there."

    "It doesn't have much of a brain, apparently," Brendan interrupted. He gaily flipped his hair again. "Thus, it's a perfect match for Pearl!"

    Pearl kicked Brendan in the back of his legs, and Brendan fell to the ground in pain. Danny stared at him blankly, the bird Pokémon just did nothing, and Fire Pig looked at Brendan in concern for his legs.


    "Oh my, I'm so sorry!" Professor Araragi apologized a couple of times, sheepishly rubbing the back of her head. "I'm a heavy sleeper, and nothing wakes me up until I'm ready to get up!"

    The girl from the night before, Iris, stood next to Professor Araragi, nodding her head a couple of times in agreement. "Yep, yep!

    "Don't worry, Iris," Brendan said with a grin. "When I was a kid, I slept in late just like you!"

    Iris began to shout and scream at Brendan, who seemed to be enjoying this a little too much. Meanwhile, Professor Araragi had begun to talk to Pearl, since she seemed to be the only one who'd listen.

    "Any idea where your father is? He didn't come back last night and he isn't here right now…"

    "It's fine," Pearl answered with a wave of her hand. "He'll come back soon. He hates sitting inside. He likes running around and being out in the wild more than sitting around inside his lab. Best bet is that he's camping out in a tree. Or the wild Pokémon ate him."

    Professor Araragi seemed unfazed by the 'or the wild Pokémon ate him' comment. "Is that so? Well then… Maybe you should go around with Touko and Touya today?"

    "That's a great idea!… Which reminds me. Why does Touko pretend Touya isn't around at all?"

    "Hm… I don't really know…" Professor Araragi glanced over at Iris and Brendan. Iris was still screaming at Brendan, and Brendan looked particularly proud of something.

    "I am not a kid!" Iris screamed.

    "How much do you weigh?"

    "Huh? 85 pounds!"

    "85 pounds, huh…? That makes you a kid!"

    "Gah! No, I'm not! Professor, make him stop it!"

    "Aw, you're bonding. I shouldn't interrupt your bonding."

    And this entire time, Danny sat on the floor with Fire Pig and Pearl's weird bird Pokémon, which Professor Araragi had said was a Mamepato. Pearl gave Danny permission to name it, so it's name for the time being is "Ditzy Bird".

    Ditzy Bird still hadn't blinked, or even moved… It looked like something was wrong with it, and it looked more like a stone statue than a living, breathing Pokémon. But then, exactly every 10 minutes, it would blink just once. Only once. And then it would be still again.

    It had an awesome poker face. In Danny's own silent opinion.


    "And so, today we're going to go visit Belle!" Touko announced happily. Hands on her hips, she was waiting outside of Professor Araragi's lab with Brendan, who'd been kicked out by Iris, who'd finally been angered to her breaking point. Brendan was feeling especially proud of himself for his good deeds. Pearl, on the other hand, was still inside, getting ready for nothing in particular. She was just a typical girl.

    "Yeah, but…" Touya frowned and pointed at Danny, who was sitting on the steps outside the lab with Fire Pig and Ditzy Bird. She was poking the bird Pokémon in various locations, but the Mamepato seemed undisturbed by its body probing. "…Who's that?"

    "That's our stalker," Brendan explained, completely calm about it. "She's been following us since Hiun City."

    "Oh. I see," Touko answered with the same kind of calmness as Brendan. Touya, on the other hand, wasn't taking it as calmly as the other two…

    "S-stalker?! Why are you letting her stay with you if she's a stalker?!"

    "Don't worry. She's a harmless stalker. She just wanted a Pokémon."

    "I love Fire Pig!" Danny said out of the blue, interrupting her Mamepato probing to pick up the pig Pokémon and hug him tightly. Fire Pig's eyes seemed to bulge out as she hugged him, but that might've just been Brendan's imagination.

    "She named it Fire Pig?" Touya asked. He still looked at Danny unsurely. "That's… Wait a sec, if she stalked us back to Kanoko Town just for a Pokémon… doesn't that-"

    "That's so creative!" Touko interrupted him. Hopping over to Danny, she clasped her hands together and said, "You should totally name my Pokémon!"

    Touya grumbled something under his breath about Touko being an idiot when Pearl finally came out of the lab, fixing the hat she wore on her head.

    …She'd changed her entire outfit from the one she'd been wearing the previous day.

    Pearl wore a white, cap-like hat with a yellow ribbon on it, her white jacket was buttoned together and a blue vest could be seen underneath the jacket. She also wore yellow shorts that were short enough to rival Touko's.

    "Where'd you steal that outfit from?" was the first thing out of Brendan's mouth.

    "Shut it, Brendan."

    Touko had begun to clap her hands loudly, saying, "That outfit looks great!"

    "Aww, thanks!"

    "Anyways, we should get going," Brendan interrupted the two squealing teenage girls. "Should we go pick up that Cheren guy first?"

    Touko nodded, already skipping away as she shouted, "Yep! Let's go to his house first!"

    The group of five walked off south from Professor Araragi's lab, heading towards Cheren's house. It didn't take them too long to find it again, and when they knocked on the door, a similar scene from the previous day occurred…

    Cheren opened the door slightly, his eye peeking through, and then he opened the door wider. He was already dressed, and he stepped out of the house and closed the door behind him.

    "You know…" he began as they started walking off towards Belle's house, which was nearby. "Belle's father really hates us. As soon as he finds out that it's us, he won't let us see Belle."

    "That's okay!" Touko exclaimed and put her arms around Danny, Brendan, and Pearl's shoulders. "We have these three! He doesn't know who they are, so we just have to plan it out!"

    Cheren looked at Danny for a moment and said, "…Who's she?"

    "Her name's Danny."

    "Yep!" Danny grinned, holding Fire Pig under one arm and Ditzy Bird under the other, almost like they were luggage. "This is Fire Pig! And this one's Ditzy Bird; it's Pearl's, but Pearl let me name him."

    Cheren was probably wondering where the hell Danny came up with those names as they stopped in front of another house.

    "Okay, Danny!" Touko said and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You go first, 'kay? Ask to see Belle, 'kay?"

    With a nod, Danny walked up to the door. The others all hid around a corner of the house, listening as Danny knocked on the door.

    A brown-haired man answered it. "…What is it?"

    "Hi, could I please talk to Belle?"

    "…Who're you?"

    With a grin that stretched out across the world, Danny answered…

    "A stalker!"

    He shut the door in her face. Danny looked over at the others with a frown, looking rather disappointed. "What'd I do wrong?"

    Brendan and Touko were laughing hysterically, Pearl was just shocked at Danny's bluntness, and Touya and Cheren were both shaking their heads.
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    Alright, from this chapter on, I'll be translating bits and pieces of the game the story's based on. The next chapter was a pain in the ass to translate, though.

    Chapter Four

    While Pearl, Touya, and Cheren started to lecture Danny on not greeting someone with that line, the door to the house opened, and they abruptly went silent to turn around and look at the house. A girl was stepping out, and the man's voice could be heard shouting…

    "Belle, you are not going out there! Get back in here!"


    With a slam of the door, the girl who walked out turned around to face them. Her blonde hair was covered up by a green beret she wore. She pulled her hat down for a moment, mumbled something, and then looked back up at them, grinning.

    "Let's go! To Professor Araragi's place!" she said happily. But then, she frowned and looked at all of them, looking confused. "…Wait a sec… Something doesn't seem right… Why are there… three more people…?"

    "My name's Pearl," Pearl introduced herself before the girl would start going crazy about the three extra people. She pointed at Brendan and Danny. "And these two are Brendan and Danny. By the way, Danny's the idiot who just told that guy that she was your stalker."

    "…Oh!" The girl looked at Pearl for a moment, and then at Brendan and Danny. "I'm Belle. So, let's get going to Professor Araragi's place!" Raising her hands in the air, Belle seemed to have recovered from her momentary confusion, now ecstatic about going to the professor's lab.

    And they did just that, heading off back towards the building at the north of the town.

    When they finally reached the lab and walked inside, Professor Araragi was there to greet them.

    "Hi! I was waiting for you, young girls and young boys!" she said with a wink. "I'll introduce myself! My name is…"

    "…Professor Araragi? We already know your name."

    "Jeez! Cheren, just let me be cool for once!" Professor Araragi started to pout, crossing her arms across her chest and sticking out her bottom lip. "It's a special day, right? So let me act cool!"

    Cheren rolled his eyes. "Anyways, what're we here for?"

    "And what kind of special day is it?" Brendan mumbled.

    "Anyways, all of you!… What's everyone here for again?"

    Cheren sighed. "A Pokédex."

    Belle looked confused and asked, "…Pokédex?"

    Professor Araragi began clapping. "Amazing, amazing! As expected of Cheren! Now, do you know what a Pokédex is?"

    "It's basically an encyclopedia of all Pokémon seen and captured. You can also check on your own Pokémon's status and moves."

    "Great, great! Cheren has 2 points so far!"

    "Points?" Danny and Belle both asked excitedly. "I didn't know we were playing a game! Next question, next question!"

    "There's no more questions left," Professor Araragi simply answered.

    Danny and Belle became depressed. However, they immediately perked up when Professor Araragi walked over to a desk where there were Pokédexs. Three of them were red and black, and the other four were gray and pink.

    "Alright! One for each of you!"

    Professor Araragi handed the red ones to the boy and the pink ones to the girls. Danny and Belle were both squealing happily at each other, although they weren't really saying anything and just squealing… at each other.

    "You'll need to start it up and enter your information in it. Don't forget to do that!" Professor Araragi said. "And now, for the next step! Catching Pokémon! I'll be waiting for you guys out on Route 1, okay?"

    And with that, Professor Araragi walked past them and left the building, presumably to go to Route 1.

    "Okay, let's go!" Belle shouted happily and hurried out of the lab. Touko followed after her quickly, as well as Danny, leaving the other four behind.

    Cheren sighed. "I guess we have to follow them."

    "I already know how to catch Pokémon…" Pearl mumbled.

    "Whatever. Let's go," Brendan said and walked out of the lab. The other three simply shrugged and followed after him…


    Route 1 was the north exit of Kanoko Town. Trees and grass lined the path, and the smell of flowers and other scents filled the air. Professor Araragi was already there, waiting for them with her hands in her lab coat's pockets.

    "Sorry for making you wait, Professor Araragi," Cheren said as they approached her.

    She nodded. "And now, we'll start our capture lesson!"

    With that, Professor Araragi began walking through the tall grass that was ahead of her. She only walked a couple of steps when a Pokémon suddenly jumped out of the grass at her. It was a chipmunk-like Pokémon with a tail that looked like someone stuck it in an electrical socket.

    "Pearl, Brendan!" Professor Araragi called out. "This here Pokémon is Minezumi! Remember that, okay?"

    "Roger that, captain!" Brendan answered and saluted. Pearl elbowed him in the side for no apparent reason.

    Professor Araragi tossed a Poké Ball in the air, letting out the Chillarmy they'd seen the day before. "Okay, Chillarmy, use Pound!"

    "Chi!" Chillarmy answered back its trainer before running forwards to strike Minezumi with its fluffy, gray tail. Minezumi simply glared at Chillarmy, apparently trying to intimidate it. But there's only so much intimidation that a chipmunk can muster.

    "Okay, guys! This is where you should through the Poké Ball at it, okay?" Professor Araragi called and reached into her pocket, taking out a Poké Ball. She then pulled her arm back and tossed it at the Pokémon; Minezumi was sucked into the ball, which fell down into the grass and began to rock back and forth a couple of times before stopping.

    She picked up the Poké Ball and, with Chillarmy hopping up onto her shoulder, walked back to the group of kids.

    "You guys saw that just now, right?"

    "How couldn't we see it?" Brendan muttered. Pearl elbowed him in the side again.

    A grin on her face, Professor Araragi continued talking… "When you try to capture a Pokémon, you need to get its health down a bit first; don't make it faint, though. You can check on your opponent's Pokémon's current health by pointing at it with your Pokédex."

    Cheren seemed to be taking note of this, nodding in response to what she was saying. Danny and Belle were too busy getting excited about capturing Pokémon to listen.

    "I wanna catch a Yorterrie!"

    "I don't know what that is, but cool!"

    "And so, for you guys to catch Pokémon… Poké Balls!" the professor continued, reaching into her pocket and handing each of them five, mini-sized Poké Balls.

    "Damn, this professor is stocked up on everything," Brendan muttered. Needless to say, Pearl elbowed him again as she took the five marble sized Poké ball and put them into her pocket.

    "And so, I'll be waiting for you guys at Karakusa Town, okay?"

    "What? Why?"

    But Professor Araragi didn't hear Brendan's logical question, having already whirled around and was walking away, her lab coat swaying behind her.

    "Alright, guys, let's go!" Cheren said, glancing at them. "Remember, Pokémon appear in the tall grass!"

    Belle gasped. "Pokémon appear in tall grass!? I didn't hear the professor mention anything about that!"

    "She didn't. I already knew it."

    "Oh my god, Cheren! You're, like, a genius!"

    No one bothered to comment on Belle's comment, and they started heading down the grassy route, all of them stopping occasionally for one reason or another. The three boys had already reached the end of the route, and because they were such nice guys, they waited at the end of the route for the rest of the girls. But they really took their time getting there… and the three boys could only patiently wait.

    Finally, the four of them gathered back where Cheren, Touya, and Brendan awaited them, pretending they hadn't been taking their time getting there.

    "Well, let's hurry now!" Cheren ordered, pointing at the town in front of them. Buildings were everywhere, most of them a few stories high. "To Karakusa Town! The professor's waiting!"


    And the seven of them headed into Karakusa Town.
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    Everyone in Team Plasma are out of their minds. Especially Geechisu. His speech sounds like something you'd hear at, like... I don't even know.

    Chapter Five

    Professor Araragi was waiting for them in front of the Pokémon Center, and it was easy to spot her… After all, she was the only one there wearing a lab coat, so she stuck out like a sore thumb. As they walked over to her, she grinned and started talking.

    "Hi, everyone!" She greeted them and pointed to the two-story building she was standing in front of. It had blue windows everywhere, and a red roof. Right above the automatic opening doors was a white Poké Ball printed there. "This is a Pokémon Center! It's a very important place for any and every trainer! Now, come on, follow me!"

    "Don't tell me she's gonna give us a tour of the building…" Brendan muttered under his breath. Luckily, Pearl hadn't heard him this time and so he was spared an elbow in the side.

    Professor Araragi and her group of children/students walked into the Pokémon Center; other trainers were in there, with their Pokémon. There was a flight of stairs going up to a second level, and halls stretched off into the other areas of the center.

    The professor led them up to a circular counter area, where a woman with pink hair in a nurse's outfit stood.

    "Pokémon Center nurse's will heal your Pokémon completely! Now, go on, all of you! Go heal your Pokémon!"

    The nurse, smiling at them, took out several small trays with shapes for their Poké Balls. "All right, place your Poké Balls in the tray, okay?"

    The seven trainers placed their Poké Balls in the tray, and the woman took the trays, placing them on a metal table.

    At that, a pink Pokémon with big ears came out from the halls of the center and hurried over to the table, wheeling it away. It wore a nurse's hat, much like the nurse herself.

    "What's that?!" Danny asked excitedly.

    "That's a Tabunne," Professor Araragi answered. "They're excellent nursing Pokémon."

    The nurse began talking yet again, "We'll call your names when your Pokémon are healed. Until then, please wait patiently."

    "Well, come on guys! I still have other things to show you!"

    The professor walked over to where a PC was set up next to the counter. "This here is a PC. You can send your Pokémon to my lab through this. You can only have 6 at a time, so when you catch another one, it's automatically sent to me."

    "How does something like that even happen?" Danny asked.

    "Well, it's a long explanation, but simply put, your Pokédex automatically recognizes when you catch a seventh Pokémon and it sends it to me!"

    "That… doesn't tell me much."

    "It's hard to explain! Just think of it as advanced technology!"

    Professor Araragi started walking away again, leading them to the bottom right corner of the Pokémon Center, where another counter was set up at; two young men stood there with smiles on their faces.

    "This here is the Poké Mart! They sell lots of useful things for trainers like yourselves! I suggest you stock up on Poké Balls and medicine for your Pokémon! And so, those are the basic things you guys need to know about being trainers!" With that, the professor turned back to face them. "And now, I'll be going back to Kanoko Town… Oh! One final thing!

    "If you go to Sanyou City, you should go find the inventor Makomo. She's a friend of mine and she'll have something helpful for your adventure!"

    "Makomo, Makomo…" Pearl mumbled and then nodded. "Okay! I've got it memorized! Miss Makomo in Sanyou City, right?"

    Professor Araragi nodded back at her. "That's right! And now… do your best, kids! I hope you'll have a successful adventure! Sayonara!" Waving at them, Professor Araragi headed out of the Pokémon Center, heading back to her lab in Kanoko Town.

    "Okay, I'll stock up on medicine!" Pearl stated once she was gone.

    "I'll get Poké Balls!" Touko added.

    "Wait, did we already decide that we're all traveling together?!" Cheren snapped.

    "Yeah! Traveling is always more fun when there's a lot of people!"

    "But, look! There's seven of us! Don't you think that a group of seven is a bit much?"

    "Seven?" Touko tilted her head to the side. "I only see six."

    "Touko, your comments really kill me, you know…" Touya grumbled. Sighing, Touya turned around to walk off somewhere, only to run into the same pink Pokémon that'd taken their Pokémon earlier.

    "Tabunne," was all it said, motioning to the stretcher with the trays of Poké Balls. "Tabu."

    "Oh, thanks!" Touya exclaimed, taking the Poké Ball with his Mijumaru off the tray. The others all took their Pokémon as well and then thanked the Pokémon, who nodded in return and wheeled the stretcher away.

    "…I'm going outside for a bit," Cheren said, turning around to leave the Pokémon Center, though not before pushing his glasses up again. Though they weren't falling down, and he was probably doing it out of habit.

    Pearl and Touko began to buy things at the shop, and the others simply talked with each other for a bit before deciding to go outside as well. Outside, they spotted a man and a little boy talking loudly enough for them to hear.

    "Something's starting up in the plaza!" the little boy said excitedly.

    "Well, then, let's go check it out for a bit," the man said. He and the little boy began heading off towards the plaza, where a crowd had begun to gather there, for some reason.

    "…Belle, do you smell that?" Danny asked, grinning evilly.

    Belle nodded, grinning just as evilly as she was. "The smell…"

    "Of suspicion!" they both said at the same time.

    "How does suspicion have a smell?" Touya grumbled, following the two girls as they hurried off after the man and boy.

    "Beats me. Maybe it's just a woman thing," Brendan said.

    They spotted Cheren among the crowd gathering in the plaza, who also spotted them and motioned for them to come over.

    In front of the crowd was a line of people with knight-like outfits on. Female, male, female, male, in line just like that.

    Two of the people in the line stepped forward and to the side, allowing a green haired man with a patch over his right eye to walk forwards. He wore an elaborate outfit, with robes printed in weird patterns on it. It was a wonder how he could even walk with it on.

    "I am Geechisu," he said. "…Team Plasma's Geechisu. Today, I would like to tell you about Pokémon liberation."

    This… resulted in confused reactions from the crowd.



    The man began to walk back and forth in front of the crowd, pacing around as he continued talking. "We humans live together with Pokémon. We love one another and need one another. That's how we humans feel. Is that true? We humans think that… We have only thought of that, no?"

    "I'm totally lost by what this guy is saying," Danny whispered to Touya, who nodded in agreement. Brendan was trying not to laugh out loud, so he stood in the back of the crowd so no one could see him.

    "Trainers must always love Pokémon… Even if they're working their partners too hard… Who clearly would not enjoy that?"

    "What? I don't get it…"


    "Is that okay, everyone?" the man, Geechisu, continued. "Now, Pokémon are different from humans. They have unknown potential, and they are living beings from whom we humans have much to learn. Tell me, what is our responsibility toward these wonderful beings called Pokémon?"


    "Is this, like, some kind of report or something…?"

    "You mean, we should set the Pokémon free…?"

    "That's right!" the man exclaimed. "Pokémon should be free! And surely, humans and Pokémon will become as equals with one another! Everyone. Please think about how to properly communicate with your Pokémon.

    "And that is all that I, Geechisu, have to say. Thank you for listening."

    And with that, all the knight-like people moved to pick up the flags they had placed, surrounded Geechisu, and began walking away with him in the center of them.

    The people in the crowd began talking to one another now, mostly about the whole speech the man just gave. They eventually began walking away to do whatever they'd been doing beforehand, leaving Cheren, Belle, Touya, Danny, and Brendan behind…

    Along with another boy, with green hair and a baseball cap on.

    "…Just now," the boy began talking, apparently to them, as he'd suddenly come over to stand near them. "Your Pokémon spoke…"

    Cheren looked at the boy in confusion. "…What? You're talking very fast… You said something about Pokémon talking? What?"

    "Ah, that's right…" the boy said. "You people can't hear them… Poor things. My name is N."

    "Just N?" Danny asked. "What's the N stand for?"


    "Ohhh, I get it."

    "Get what?"

    "Nothing. Never mind."

    "Anyways!" Cheren interrupted them. "I'm Cheren. And, from left to right, Danny, Touya, Belle, and Brendan. We're working to complete the Pokédex while we're on a journey."

    "…We are?" Belle asked.

    Cheren ignored her. "My own personal objective is to become the champion."

    "A Pokédex, huh…" the boy, N, mumbled. "To fill it up, you have to capture many Pokémon inside Poké Balls. I, too, am a trainer, but I always question that. Are those Pokémon happy?"

    N paused, looking at Danny. "…You there, with the blonde hair. Your name was Danny, correct?… Please, allow me to hear your Pokémon's voice again!"

    "Er… What?"

    N didn't answer Danny's sensible question, instead taking out a Poké Ball and tossing it in the air. A small, purple cat Pokémon came out, standing in front of N.

    "Um… what do I do?" Danny asked, looking back at the others, clearly confused.

    "He's battling you!" Cheren answered. "Send out your Pokémon!"

    "Right…" Scratching the side of her head, Danny turned back towards N and his purple kitty cat. "Go, Fire Pig!" she shouted, tossing her own Poké Ball in the air, letting out her Pokabu, who appeared in a flash of light in front of Danny.

    "Choroneko, please use Scratch."

    "Fire Pig, use Tackle!"

    The cat Pokémon, Choroneko, dashed towards Fire Pig, slashing at it with its claws. Wincing, Fire Pig quickly tackled Choroneko in response to this attack, knocking the cat Pokémon backwards just a bit.

    "Ahahah! More! Let me hear your Pokémon's voice!"

    Danny made a face, turning around to look back at her friends. All of them minus Belle pretty much had the same expression on their face, which basically meant the same exact thing: Holy crap, this guy's a weirdo.

    "Growl, Choroneko!"

    "Tackle again!"

    Choroneko started to growl at Fire Pig, apparently trying to weaken his attacks, but Fire Pig simply dashed forwards to tackle Choroneko. N ordered another attack as Fire Pig tackled Choroneko - "Scratch!" - and so Choroneko raked its nails across Fire Pig as he tackled it.

    "Ember!" Danny shouted. Fire Pig gave just the slightest nod, snorting out small balls of fire at Choroneko. The burns didn't seem to do much other than singe the cat's fur, though.

    "Choroneko, Scratch!"

    "Tackle! Come on, Fire Pig! I belieeeveeee in you!"

    Oddly enough, Fire Pig seemed encouraged by Danny's silly sounding cheering, and so he ran towards Choroneko again, who raked its nails along Fire Pig's side, and Fire Pig slammed into it in return. Choroneko stumbled over, falling to its side, unconscious.

    N fell to his knees suddenly. "S-such a thing is said… By a Pokémon!?" he said, sounding far too dramatic for his own good.

    "Um… is there something…" Danny pointed at her head. "Like, wrong with your head?"

    "As long as it's confined within a Poké Ball…" he mumbled. "A Pokémon doesn't have a complete existence…"

    "Er… Are you… sane?"

    N looked up at the sky, still sounding dramatic. He could probably play in a soap opera and get a lead role as an angsty sparkling vampire. "…Pokémon are my friends… I will change the world, for my friends…"

    And with that, N stood up and began walking away.

    "…That guy was weird," Cheren simply said once N was out of earshot.
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    Chapter Six

    "Okay, guys! Let's go!"


    "Wait… Where are we going?"

    Touko sighed and began shaking her head. "Belle, you're totally hopeless without us. We're going to Sanyou City! To challenge the gym!"


    "Wait a moment," Touya interrupted. "I think Cheren said this earlier, but when did we all decide we were traveling together? And who said we were challenging the gyms?"

    As usual, Touko didn't pay attention to anything Touya was saying. Touko was now holding a device that looked like a mini DS, but on its screen was a map.

    "This is where we are now," Touko said, pointing to an area on the map that was blinking. "Right in Karakusa Town. Now, Sanyou City is a bit north from here… Right there."

    "Okay! I'm sure we can get there before the end of the day!…" Pearl stopped talking to look at everyone else. "If we don't get distracted along the way…"

    "Don't look at us, we didn't do anything."

    With that, Touko closed the map and put it in her backpack, which she had slung over one shoulder. She began leading the group out of the town, and as they passed through a small building that served as a gateway between the town and the next route, something jumped down in front of the exit to the route…


    "…Oh, it's the kid."

    "I'm not a kid!"

    …It was Iris, currently having a fit over being called a kid. She quickly calmed down though, and crossed her arms over her chest.

    "I thought I'd be nice and show you guys the way to Sanyou City!"

    "What? We aren't idiots, we can find it ourselves."

    "That's not the point!" she snapped and began walking off. "Come on, follow me!"

    Well, they didn't really have a choice, so they simply began following Iris as she walked away.

    Route 2 was a winding route with trees and lots of tall grass. Lots of trainers spotted them (after all, they were a large group) and challenged them to battles. Iris refused to battle, instead opting to instruct them like she was their teacher.

    And as they continued walking, Danny suddenly asked Iris a question.

    "Is there, uh, something in your hair?"


    "My Pokédex says there's something in your hair."

    "There's nothing."

    "Yes, there is. Here, look."

    At that, Danny showed all of them her Pokémon; a Pokémon was up on the screen, a green one with little white tusks.

    "Ohhh, that?" Iris asked. "Okay, Kibago! Come on out!"

    There was, in fact, something in her hair. A Pokémon poked its head out; it was the same one that was on the Pokédex screen.

    "Oh, it's so cute!"

    "Let me touch it, please!"

    …Danny and Belle were busy obsessing over the Pokémon, Kibago, reaching out to pat its head. Iris seemed to be rather proud for some reason.

    "Why's it in your hair, though?" Cheren asked.

    "So Kibago can be with me, that's why!" Iris answered. "Okay, let's go, everyone!"

    With that, Kibago went back into her hair and they resumed they adventure down the route.

    Soon enough, a city started to come into view. People could be seen wandering around the city, and the first place the group went once they came into the city was the Pokémon Center. After they healed their Pokémon, they headed back outside.

    "So, we should try to find the gym, right?" Belle asked.

    "What's a gym even look like?" Danny asked.

    "Why do they call it a gym?"

    "Is it, like, a school gym?"

    "Do they have a bathroom?"

    "How about a sink?"

    "Will you two quit it?" Pearl snapped, instantly quieting the two girls down. "If you have to go to the bathroom, there's one in the Pokémon Center!"

    "We didn't have to go, we just wanted to make sure. You know, just in case."

    "I met someone named Justin Case."


    "Yeah. He was on a first aid kit."

    As Danny and Belle continued to have their idiotic conversation, Touko took out her map again, turning it on and zooming in on the city.

    "According to this, the gym should be…"

    Touko pointed to the building right next to the Pokémon Center they stood in front of.

    "Right there."

    …It didn't really look like a gym at all.

    It looked like a diner, with fancy windows and a small flight of stairs going up to the doorway. There were two statues of Poké Balls on each side of the stairs.

    "…Are you sure?"

    Touko nodded, looking back down at the map in confusion. "…Maybe my map is outdated."

    "No, it's not! That really is the gym!"

    The entire group, minus Cheren, screamed at the sound of someone else's voice behind them. They all spun around to see a boy about their age with green hair.

    "Oh, it's just a guy without the whites of his eyes."

    The boy ignored Danny's comment about his eyes (which were indeed missing the white area), and began talking to them. "I'm Dent. It's nice to meet you!"

    "Oh… yeah."

    With that, Dent walked around them and began to head into the gym. "When you guys get in here, just ask for a battle, okay?"


    "See you!" he said with a wave. And then, he was gone.

    "Well, I guess we might as well go challenge the gym, right?" Touko said, looking around at the others.

    "I guess so…"

    Suddenly, something in Danny's skirt pocket began to vibrate, and she reached in it to take out a cell phone. She only looked at it for a quick moment before she quickly said…

    "Oh, I'll be back in a bit, 'kay? It's my mom calling."


    Danny began hurrying off back to the Pokémon Center, leaving the others behind.

    "So," Cheren began and pushed his glasses up. "…Where'd she get that cell phone from?"

    "Beats me."
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    Chapter Seven - VS. Corn

    "Yes, yes. I got it. Yes, I'll send pictures. What? You wanna see Fire Pig? Yeah, that's what I named him. I know, right? Okay, okay, I'll talk to you later. See you!"

    Danny shut her cell phone and turned around, only to see that the rest of the group was standing nearby, apparently trying to hide and spy on her.

    "Hey, guys! Let's get going to the gym!"


    "Who're you talking to?" Belle whined, pulling back and forth on Danny's arms. "Tell me!"

    "A relative, I already told you that!" Danny answered. "Come on, let's get going!"

    With that, they all left the Pokémon Center and began heading to the Sanyou Gym. When they walked inside, it looked just like a restaurant. There were tables, mostly filled with girls sitting at them, and waiters and waitresses.

    "Hello! Welcome! Table for…" The waitress paused to count everyone in the group. "Um… eight!"

    Danny jumped forwards, shouting loudly, "We're here for a gym battle!"

    Everyone in the restaurant looked up with excited looks on their faces. "A gym battle?"

    "Yep, yep!"

    People began to whisper excitedly to one another as three boys walked up to the group. One of them was the boy they met earlier, Dent.

    "So, which one of you will be challenging us?"

    "Me, of course!" Danny said proudly and looked at everyone else. "What about you guys?"

    "I will as well," Cheren said, pushing up his glasses as usual.

    Belle seemed to be thinking about whether she should or not, while Touko said, "I guess I will too!"

    Touko looked back at Brendan and Pearl. "What about you two?"

    "Nah, I don't want to," Pearl answered with a shrug.

    "Me either. Neither. Either. I don't care what the word is."

    "Well, what're your starting Pokémon?" Dent asked, bringing everyone's attention back to him and the other two boys.

    "I've got a Pokabu!" Danny said.

    "In that case, you'll be battling me," one of the boys, who had blue hair that covered the right side of his face. "I'm Corn."

    "…Corn? What kind of name is Corn?" Brendan whispered under his breath. No one seemed to hear him, though.

    "I've got Tsutarja!" Touko said with a grin.

    "You'll face me then!" the other boy, this one with red hair, said happily.

    "I also have Tsutarja," Cheren said, pushing up his glasses for the millionth time that day. "But Touko can go first."

    "You're just saying that so you can see what Pokémon he uses!"

    "So? Is there a problem with that?"

    "Yes, there's a problem with that! You go first!"

    "No. Bite me."

    Touko began to pout as she looked back at the three boys. "Fine! I'll battle before him then!"

    "Okay, okay!" Dent said, waving his hands around. "Corn, you take your challenge first, okay?"

    "Of course! Follow me, if you will!"

    Everyone, including the people who'd been eating at the restaurant, following the three of them as they headed off through the building, walking through several curtains that apparently blocked the way to the battlefield.

    Corn went to take a spot on the gym floor, and Danny looked around in confusion.

    "…Huh? Oh, I get it now! It's a Pokémon gym! And the floor… looks just like a gym floor! Ohhh, I get it!"

    Danny quickly hurried to stand at a boxed area that was across the field from where Corn was; apparently, she'd guessed that's where she was supposed to stand.

    "I'll be the referee!" Dent said happily and went to stand on the sidelines so he was in the middle of the sides. "All right! The challenge between Gym Leader Corn and challenger…" He paused to look at Danny. "What's your name?"

    "Oh, I'm Danny!"

    "Right! The battle between Gym Leader Corn and Challenger Danny will now begin! Trainers, please send out your Pokémon!"

    Corn nodded, reaching to his side and tossing a Poké Ball in the air, letting out a small, terrier-like Pokémon. "I'll start with Yorterrie."

    "It's so cute!~" Danny said happily and then shook her head. "Sorry! Okay, go Fire Pig!"

    With that, she let out her Pokabu, who began to snort in an attempt to be tough.

    "Fire Pig, use Ember!"

    "Yorterrie, use Cheer Up!"

    Fire Pig began to snort, sending out small flames out of its nose at Yorterrie, grazing its fur slightly. Yorterrie, on the other hand, starting to nod to itself, and then it began jumping around happily.

    "What was that?" Danny mumbled and shrugged. "Whatever! Fire Pig, use Tackle!"

    "Yorterrie, use Bite!"

    Fire Pig quickly charged at Yorterrie, tackling it with its body. Yorterrie then bit onto Fire Pig's tail, who quickly began to fling around the puppy Pokémon in an attempt to get it off. It did let go, surprisingly quickly, and skidded back.

    "Fire Pig, Ember!"

    "Bite again!"

    Fire Pig began to snort out more flames at Yorterrie, burning it. Yorterrie suddenly toppled over, though, and was unconscious.

    Corn returned it to its Poké Ball, saying, "I see, I see! That may be a good attack, huh?"

    With that, Corn tossed another Poké Ball in the air, letting out a blue, monkey-like Pokémon. "And now! It's time for Corn's final Pokémon!"

    "Fwahahah! It's show time for Danny and Fire Pig!" Danny announced, also referring to herself in the third person.

    "Hiyappu! Cheer Up!"

    "Use Tackle!"

    Hiyappu began nodding to itself much like Yorterrie had done and began hopping around happily, like it had cheered itself up. Hence the move name.

    Fire Pig quickly charged towards Hiyappu, tackling it as hard as it could. Despite the attack, Hiyappu still seemed to be in good health.

    "Water Gun!"


    Taking in a deep breath, Hiyappu sent out a stream of water at Fire Pig, soaking it completely. Fire Pig began to snort out flames at Hiyappu, burning the monkey Pokémon a bit.

    "Water Gun again!"

    "Ember… again!"

    Hiyappu, once again, sent out a stream of water, crashing onto Fire Pig. The attack proved to be too much for it, and Fire Pig collapsed to the ground.

    "…What do I do now?" Danny asked and looked back at the others. "I don't have any more Pokémon!"

    "That means you lost," Brendan calmly said. "It's game over."

    "Game over?"

    "Challenger Danny is out of usable Pokémon!" Dent announced. "Gym Leader Corn wins!"

    "NOOOOO!" Danny shouted dramatically, falling to her knees and crawling over to where Fire Pig lay. "Don't die on me, man!"

    Belle helped Danny up and they hurried off to the Pokémon Center with Fire Pig, saying things like "Don't die on me!" and "The patient is coming to!"

    And with that, Touko sighed and walked over to take the spot where Danny had been. Corn stepped away from the field, making room for the red haired boy to stand.

    And so, they both began their own battle…
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    Chapter Eight - VS. Pod

    And now, Belle and Danny were waiting for Fire Pig to get healed. Belle was still mumbling to herself on whether she should battle the Gym Leader or not…

    "Belle, what're you mumbling about?"

    "Huh? Oh, I was just wondering if I should battle the Leader or not…"

    "You should! Totally!"

    "Huh…? But… I'm not a good battler at all…"

    "What Pokémon do you have?"

    With a sheepish grin, Belle answered, "I have a Pokabu, like yours!"

    "Ehhh, really?" Danny asked… or rather, said in amazement.

    Belle nodded. "Yeah! She's so cute! But… Dad doesn't like her very much… But Mom does, and that's what matters!"

    "Say, what's it with your dad? He seems mean."

    "He… just doesn't like the thought of me going on a journey by myself… Since I'm kind of stupid, he thinks I can't care for myself, or that I might get hurt or something… And he doesn't like Touko, Cheren, or Touya, 'cause he thinks that they're the ones who gave me the idea of being a Pokémon trainer…"

    Danny seemed to think about all this for a moment before she said, "…Well, you're with us! You won't get hurt or anything like that!"

    Belle grinned happily. "Yeah!"

    Just then, Danny's phone began to ring and she took it out of her pocket. She then looked at Belle. And then back at the phone. She then shrugged and said, "Well, whatever!"

    With that, she flipped open the phone and pressed a button on it, apparently putting it on speaker phone. "Hey!"

    "Sorry, Danny!" the voice responded. "Say, it sounds funny… Do you have it on speaker phone?"

    "Yeah! Hope you don't mind!" With that, Danny put her arm around Belle's shoulders, although the person on the phone couldn't see it. "I'm with Belle, though, so it's okay!"

    "Okay, okay… So, so! Did you battle any Gym Leaders yet? What're they like? What do they look like? What's their names? What-"

    "Enough, enough!" Danny said. "Yeah, I just battled this Gym Leader named Corn! Actually, there's three Leaders for the first gym! I think they battle you based on your starter Pokémon. Say, what was your starter Pokémon again…?"

    "It was Piplup."

    "Yeah, yeah! Uh… I don't know which one you'd face. I think it'd be the green haired guy. Oh, yeah, they're all super duper flamboyant! Man, I'm telling you…"

    "Um, Danny?" Belle asked and looked up at her. "Who're you talking to…?"

    "Oh, it's my cousin! Her name's…"


    "Tsutarja, use Tackle!" Touko ordered. The green snake-like Pokémon that was hers launched itself at its opponent, a red, sleepy looking monkey. Slamming into it, the monkey Pokémon fell backwards, unconscious.

    "Gym Leader Pod is out of usable Pokémon! Challenger Touko wins!"

    With a round of applause for her, Touko bowed, letting her Tsutarja hop onto her baseball cap. The red-haired Gym Leader, Pod, returned his Pokémon to its Poké Ball. He walked over to Touko, reaching into his pocket, and handed her a small badge with three triangles, a red one, a blue one, and a green one.

    "Here you go! The Tri Badge!"

    Taking the badge, Touko began to spin around a couple of times before striking a pose, holding the badge up in the air. "I've got… the Tri Badge!"

    Tsutarja began to cheer, pumping its little hand in the air.

    "Oh, I hate to bring this up, but…" Dent began and pointed at a clock on the wall. "It's gotten a bit late, as you can see. We can't battle anyone else. But you can come back tomorrow!~"

    Everyone answered with an "Okay" with various enthusiasm, and they all began to leave the gym.

    The sun was beginning to set, and the sky was orange. Apparently, they'd spent more time in the gym than they'd wanted to…


    They all looked up as a woman with long, black hair ran up to them. She wore a scientist's coat, and had a flower hair clip pinning back her bangs.

    "My name's Makomo!" she said happily. "Professor Araragi told me about you guys! Could you all come with me for a bit?"

    Everyone nodded and began following the woman "Makomo" to wherever she was leading them. At that, Pearl suddenly mumbled…

    "Oh! That's right, the professor told us to find a lady named Makomo in Sanyou City! I forgot about that!"

    Makomo brought them to a house which they walked in. There were a couple of kids sitting around there, and they greeted Makomo happily.

    "You guys are traveling around Isshu to meet all the Pokémon, right?" Makomo asked.

    "Yeah!" Pearl answered.

    "Ah…" Makomo stopped. "…The stairs are here!"

    "No shit," Brendan mumbled quickly, earning him an elbow in the side from Iris. He grumbled something and glared at the shorter girl, who was pretending she didn't do anything.

    "My room's upstairs!" Makomo said and began walking up the stairs. "Eheh… Be afraid!"

    "I can't be afraid of someone wearing a pink barrette," Brendan said and was, once again, elbowed in the side by Iris.

    They walked up the stairs with Makomo, going up into a rather normal looking room. Danny and Belle were sitting at a table there, and they waved at them with grins on their faces.

    "I'll introduce myself again!" Makomo said as she sat down at the table Danny and Belle were at. "I'm Makomo. I'm a researcher. I'm a friend from back when we were in school!"

    "Oh, I thought Professor Araragi looked old-" Brendan began but was interrupted by Iris's timely elbowing.

    "And so… I need to ask help from all of you!

    "That place in Sanyou City… the Dream Site, that's what it's called! There's a Pokémon there called Munna. It's ability is called "Dream Smoke". That's what I'd like. It's like… Game Sync! For collecting trainer's reports!"

    "…Question, Ms. Makomo!" Brendan said and raised his hand. "Are you currently high on Dream Smoke?"

    "Hm… No, not right now, I'm not."

    "Oh… my god. She actually answered my question. Rather… What do you mean, 'not right now'? Does that mean you actually-"

    Brendan was cut off as he was elbowed in both sides by Pearl and Iris, who proceeded to give each other a high-five for their teamwork.

    And so, they all left the house to go find the "Dream Site" and to find a Munna. So they could get high off of its Dream Smoke.
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    Chapter Nine

    "Okay, here's my question. Why the hell is there a freaking tree here? It's not even a big tree! It looks like a fake, plastic one! Why is there-"

    Iris yanked on the back of Brendan's shirt, tossing him to the side like a piece of garbage.

    "Heheh! Now, watch a master cut this tree!" Iris said, waving her finger around. "Kibago, use Cut!"

    Kibago popped out of Iris's hair and hurried over to the little tree, slicing it up with its little tusks. The tree had been blocking a small hole in the wall, which they all went through, one by one.

    "Ohhh, I wonder what this mysterious Pokémon will look like?" Belle whispered, practically jumping around in excitement.

    Almost as if on cue, they heard an odd noise… Like bubbling, maybe, or someone talking into a toilet. Sorry for that visual.

    "Hey, hey!" Belle whispered excitedly, pulling on Danny's shirt. "Did you hear that noise? I think it was from behind that wall! Let's go, everyone!"

    Everyone nodded in agreement, hurrying over to where there was a hole in the cement wall. They hurried through it and saw something there…

    It was pink, with a long nose like an elephant. It was hovering there as they approached it…


    It turned around and began floating away from them. Naturally, they hurried after it.

    "I spy a Munna!"

    …Naturally, everyone screamed at the sound of a voice that wasn't any of theirs.

    With that, two people came out from behind another cement wall. They were dressed like knights, and some of them felt like they'd seen these people before…

    The two people hurried to surround the Pokémon, Munna.

    "Look, look! I've got… a Dream Smoke!"

    "Ahaha, I get it!~"

    Munna had begun to look around in a panic, being surrounded by two odd people. "…Mu…"

    "W-w-wait a second!" Belle said. "Who are you people?"

    "Us?" one of them responded and looked at the group of kids. "We're Team Plasma! We're rescuing Pokémon from people day and night!"

    "What're you doing?" the other one snapped. "Uh… Those Pokémon, Munna and Musharna, it's not that they put out a mysterious gas that shows dreams! Pokémon can be let go by using it!… We can manipulate people's minds using it!"

    With that, the other one kicked Munna in the side, earning him a squeal from the… pink… elephant.

    "…Mu… nna…"

    "Come on! Spit out the Dream Smoke!"

    "You don't have to kick that Pokémon to make the Dream Smoke come out!" Belle shouted, shaking her head around. "That's terrible! Why are you doing that? Aren't you guys trainers too?"

    "That's true, we're also Pokémon trainers! But unlike you, we have a reason to fight! We want to free the Pokémon!"

    "That's right! We rescue the Pokémon! And so, we'll battle!" the other one said. "If we win, we'll take and release all of your Pokémon! That way, we'll rescue them!"

    "Fine then! That's what we'll do!" Belle looked back at everyone else. "Come on, guys! Help!"

    Brendan sighed. "I'll battle them, okay?" With that, he walked over to stand in front of Belle, reaching to his side for a Poké Ball. "Let's go!"

    "Hah! Prepare yourselves!"

    One of the Team Plasma people, the one who had kicked Munna, stepped forward, tossing a Poké Ball in the air. "Go! Minezumi!"

    A chipmunk-like Pokémon came out of the Poké Ball, its hand raised like it was saluting or searching for someone.

    "Go! Swampert!" Brendan shouted, letting out his own Pokémon, a large, blue Pokémon with orange cheeks.

    …Naturally, everyone else, including the Team Plasma members, were interested in this Pokémon they'd never seen before.

    "Ohhh, it's so cute! What's it called?"

    "It's a Swampert."

    "Ehhh, this is a Hoenn starter Pokémon, correct?"

    "Yeah, I also have a Grovyle. He's the evolved form of another starter Pokémon there."

    "Can I touch his gills?"

    "Sure! He won't bite."

    "This is a mysterious Pokémon…"

    Brendan glared at the Team Plasma people. "Er… What are you doing? Back off."

    "Yeah, back off," Swampert said and stuck out his tongue.

    "Whoa, it spoke!"

    "Hoenn Pokémon can talk?"

    "Just stop it for a moment!" Brendan snapped and pointed at the Team Plasma guy. "Alright, you! Let's battle!"

    "Uh…" The man paused to look at Swampert. "…I changed my mind."

    "Too bad! Hydro Pump!"

    "Roger that, captain!" Swampert answered. Taking in a deep breath, he shot out a jet of water at Minezumi and the Plasma guy, knocking them backwards. Naturally, Minezumi fainted from the hit.

    On the other hand, the Plasma guy quickly crawled over to hide behind his female teammate. "Save me!"

    The woman sighed. "Fine. I'm up next!" She tossed a Poké Ball in the air. "Go, Choroneko!"

    Brendan sighed and shrugged. "Swampert, Hydro Pump again."


    And yet again, Swampert blasted both the Pokémon and its trainer with water. And, yet again, the Pokémon fainted.

    "Ahhh, Choroneko!"

    "Ugh, this totally sucks!" the man said and hurried back up to go over to where Munna still floated. Apparently, it lacked the brain to realize that it could've run away at any time. "Whatever! All that matters is getting the Dream Smoke! Come on now!"

    The man, once again, kicked Munna in the side, earning him yet another squeal from it. That said, no smoke of any kind seemed to be coming out…

    "Stop that!" Belle shouted. "Hey! Stop that!"

    Suddenly, a flash of light flooded the area. In a moment, though, it disappeared, and in its place was a man wearing odd robes and green hair.

    "What is taking you so long?" he asked.

    …Then, the same man suddenly appeared on the other side of the group. Now, there were two of them…

    "We of Team Plasma are working to separate Pokémon from people!"

    And then, the two identical men disappeared, only to reappear as one person behind the two Team Plasma people.

    "But you don't seem to be doing that role…!"

    Now the two Plasma people were looking at each other with the same expressions. "This is…! This isn't the same Geechisu from when he was doing that speech earlier…!"

    "Whenever the plan fails we get punished…" the other one said.

    "Anyways, we have to hurry and apologize!"

    With that, the two of them got up and ran away as fast as they could. Another flash of light flooded the area, and then the oddly dressed man had disappeared, leaving the others and Munna alone.

    "What a bunch of weirdoes!" Swampert laughed.

    "You don't have much room to talk," Brendan grumbled.

    Suddenly, something began moving from behind the wall, from where the two Plasma people had come out from before.

    It was curled up in a fetal position, and it was bigger than Munna. Something pink floated off from its nose as it floated over to Munna.


    "…What was that?" Belle asked, a look of confusion on her face. "That Geechisu guy… He was here and then there and then… Oh, my god! Could it have been… a dream?"

    "Oh, my god!" Swampert responded and looked back at Belle. "That's it!"

    Cheren tapped on Brendan's shoulder. "Quick. You better return your Swampert before he and Belle have the conversation that only idiots could have."

    "Good idea."

    "Hey!" Swampert whined and frowned. "We aren't idiots!"

    "But anyways…" Belle interrupted and looked back at the two pink Pokémon in front of them. "What are those Pokémon…?"


    …Yet again, everyone minus Cheren screamed at the sound of someone else's voice up behind them.

    It was Makomo. "I was getting impatient about coming… But… There's Musharna! What happened here?"



    The two Pokémon turned around and began floating away, leaving them behind. Meanwhile, Belle was making sure to tell Makomo every single thing that had happened…

    "Oh, Makomo!" Belle began talking at the speed of light… "We came to look for Munna, and some weird people came and said they wanted to use Munna's Dream Smoke to manipulate people and then Brendan beat them up and then a flash of light appeared and another weird guy appeared and they said that wasn't the Geechisu they knew and they ran away and then Musharna appeared and then…"

    "Belle. Calm down. You're getting way too excited."

    "Am I? I didn't know that!"

    And as Touko attempted to calm Belle down, Makomo began to talk yet again.

    "I see, I see! Musharna is the evolution of Munna, with the ability to turn dreams into reality. Because Munna was in a pinch, it created a vision of… Oh, my god?"

    Makomo hurried over to where Munna and Musharna had been, picking up a Poké Ball that was now there.

    "This is… the Dream Smoke!"

    "Wait, why's it in a Poké Ball?"

    "If this is really the Dream Smoke…" Makomo continued, ignoring what Brendan had just said, "then my research is complete! Oh, please come by my house later, okay?"

    With that, Makomo ran off as fast as she could. Meanwhile, Brendan was wondering just how the Dream Smoke got inside a Poké Ball…
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    Chapter Ten

    Apparently, only Touko, Touya, Cheren, Iris, and Pearl wanted to listen to anything Makomo had to say, so they were the only ones who went to her place. Everyone else returned to the Pokémon Center to go to sleep.

    And so, they sat down as they listened to Makomo talk to them…

    "Tada! Thanks to you guys, I was able to finish my research! I collected lots of trainer's reports with the Dream Smoke! As thanks for this, I'll give you guys a C-Gear!"

    Makomo hurried over to a machine that was set up next to a bed, took something from it, and hurried back to them, handing them a small, mechanical object.

    "That's a C-Gear! You can access the Dream World with that! You can choose a Pokémon to put to sleep and it'll go to the Dream World! It's, like, another world! Hence the name! Um… And your Pokémon can meet other Pokémon in the Dream World, and when you wake your Pokémon up, the Pokémon befriended in the Dream World come back with them, and… and… Oh, you should just try it out yourself!"

    Had Brendan been there, he could have brought up so many things about that long speech.


    It was the next morning, and Danny was determined to battle the Gym Leader again. Belle also decided that she was going to challenge the Gym Leader as well.

    "Well, we both have a Pokabu, so we'll both be facing the same guy!" Danny said.

    "Yeah, yeah!… Which of us should go first?"

    "If it'll make you feel better, I'll go first!"

    Cheren sighed and looked over at the two girls. "Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm having my battle first today."

    "Oh, yeah? Not if I beat you to the gym first!"

    With that, both Danny and Belle raced out of the Pokémon Center, leaving Cheren behind. Cheren didn't seem to really care about it, and simply shrugged, walking out of the center after them.


    "I'm here for another gym battle!" Danny called out.

    "Oh, it's you again."

    Aside from the three Gym Leaders, the entire restaurant was empty. Since it was pretty early in the morning, it was natural that no one had come yet.

    "Rather…" Pod began and narrowed his eyes at Danny and Belle. "Those doors were locked! How'd you get in here?"

    "Ohoho, magic."

    "Well, let's have our battle, then," Corn said, walking off through the curtained areas. "Is your friend there going to battle us as well?"

    "Yeah! She also has a Pokabu, so she'll be battling you too!"

    "I'll look forward to it, then!"

    With that, Corn and Danny both took their respective spots on the field, with Dent being the referee again.

    "Let the battle between Challenger Danny and Gym Leader Corn… begin!"

    "Go, Fire Pig!" Danny shouted, tossing Pokabu's Poké Ball in the air and letting the fire pig out.

    "Yorterrie, I choose you!" Corn let out the little puppy Pokémon, who yipped a couple of times and ran around in a couple of circles.


    "Cheer Up!"

    Fire Pig began to snort out flames at the puppy Pokémon, burning it slightly. Yorterrie nodded to itself a couple of times and suddenly became more energetic.

    "Ember, and then Tackle!"

    "Bite it, Yorterrie!"

    Fire Pig, once again, snorted out flames at Yorterrie before charging at it, slamming into it as hard as it could. Yorterrie quickly bit Fire Pig on the side and dashed away from it.


    "Cheer Up, and then Bite!"

    More flames were sent at Yorterrie, burning it. Suddenly, Yorterrie fell over to its side, yipping a bit before it fell unconscious.

    Corn returned Yorterrie to its Poké Ball and sent out the blue monkey Pokémon, Hiyappu.


    "Water Gun!"

    Hiyappu took in a deep breath before shooting out a blast of water at Pokabu, who ran into the water head on and tackled Hiyappu.

    Hiyappu skidded backwards, wincing just a bit but shaking it off.

    "Cheer Up!"


    Hiyappu began to wave its hands around as it nodded, before becoming energetic. Fire Pig quickly snorted out flames at the monkey Pokémon, burning its hands just a bit.


    "Water Gun!"

    Yet again, Hiyappu sprayed water at Fire Pig, who nimbly moved out of the way of the incoming water, running towards Hiyappu and tackling it as hard as it could.

    "Water Gun again, Hiyappu!"


    Pokabu was unable to avoid the next Water Gun, taking the attack head on. Regardless, it slammed itself into Hiyappu, knocking the monkey Pokémon on its back.

    When Hiyappu didn't get back up, Dent finally announced…

    "Hiyappu is unable to battle! Therefore, Danny wins!"

    Belle began clapping excitedly as Danny hurried over to an exhausted Pokabu, picking it up and hugging it tightly. "Way to go, Fire Pig!"

    "Poka!" Fire Pig responded and began snorting loudly as its trainer hugged it tightly.

    "It appears that Corn has lost the battle," Corn said, returning his Hiyappu to its Poké Ball. "Good job, Miss Danny! In honor of your skill, and according to the Pokémon League rules, please receive this badge!"

    Corn walked over to Danny, reaching into an unseen pocket on his apron and pulling out a badge and handing it to her. It was identical to the one Touko had received the previous day, with three stones; a red one in the middle, a blue one on top of the red one, and a green one below the red one.

    "This is the Tri Badge," Dent explained. "With that, Pokémon up to level 20 will obey you. Any higher, though, they might not listen to you! Keep it mind that that only applies to Pokémon you didn't catch yourself. Also-"

    Corn frowned. "Dent, let me explain a bit, won't you? I was the one who battled her, so I should be allowed to explain!"

    Corn looked back at Danny and started talking, "Also, the more badges you get, the more items you'll be able to buy in stores!… That's all I can think of. Darn it, Dent! Why'd you have to go and say everything? I have nothing left to say now!"

    "Um… thanks for the badge… and the battle too!…"

    However, Dent and Corn were too busy arguing with each other to hear her. Pod and Belle simply stood by and watched the scene with blank expressions.


    "Go, Cheren! You can do itttt! We believe in yooouuuu!"

    "…What are you talking about? I already won."

    Cheren pushed up his glasses as he looked back at where his group of friends stood; Danny and Belle were cheering loudly, even though he'd already finished his battle.

    "Whoa, really? When'd that happen? Did I blink?" Danny looked at Belle. "When'd it happen?"

    "I don't know either!"

    "Anyways, here's your badge," Pod said, handing Cheren a badge. "Jeez, we've lost too many times in these past two days… You guys are all pretty strong."

    "Really? You think so?" Belle asked. She'd also won her own badge right after Danny had. "You should see Brendan's Pokémon then; they're super duper strong!"

    Pod looked over at where Brendan was sighing loudly and pointed. "…Hey. Where have I seen you before…?"

    Dent clapped his hands together gaily. "I recognize him! Don't you remember, you two? He was on the front cover of Pokémon Weekly! Twice, I think so! There was the time he defeated the champion, and when it was decided that he and his sister would be coming here for research!"

    "No, I didn't really beat the champion…" Brendan shook his head. "I mean, I did, but then I had to battle the other person who beat the champion… I lost that battle."

    "Still, that's a great record!" Dent continued. "I think I remember hearing about the trainer who beat you… Was it a little girl?"

    "…Yeah. She was a little girl. She was, like, seven or something!" Brendan said, a big grin on his face.

    "Brendan, you're evil," Pearl muttered quietly. But she said nothing else.
    Every Villain Is Lemons.

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