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Chapter 1: Putting Down our Roots!

“Welcome to Littleroot Town!” Tiana read off a sign, “How joyous.”

She rolled her eyes of sapphire and her mother laughed.

“Tee, I know you didn’t want to come to Hoenn but after your father left I just wanted a fresh start,” Charley said reassuringly.

Tiana flicked her jet-black hair, the bouncy curls moving off her blue-jacket covered shoulders.

“So you decide to move to Hoenn? It’s HOT outside!” moaned Tiana as the taxi slowed.

“Isn’t that a good thing? You can finally get a tan!” suggested Charley.

“Mom,” said Tiana, scrunching her eyes up, “I like the cold. I like snow. I like Hearthome City! All I have from Sinnoh is Misdreavus.”

“Quit whining, we’re here,” said Charley, tired after the long flight.

The red taxi eventually stopped in front of a house with two floors and a red roof. Tiana groaned as she climbed out of the car, fixing her dark blue jeans back into place. The pink belt holding them up had a red and white sphere clasped onto it. Tiana took the sphere off her belt and enlarged it by pressing the central button. She threw the ball and out came a ghostly figure, surrounded by a flare of crimson light.

The light faded and revealed a dark blue floating Pokémon, with pink-tipped appendages that looked like wavy hair. Her blood red eyes matched her blood red pearl necklace, which supposedly held ghostly powers.

“Hey, Missy,” said Tiana half-heartedly.

<Ugh, this place is stifling> moaned the Misdreavus, nicknamed Missy.

“Tell me about it,” agreed Tiana, brushing a stray hair off her mint green tank top.

She looked up at her new ‘home’ and moaned. The house looked too cottage-like and welcoming, not modern like her true home in Hearthome. A gravel path led to the yellow door and pink and purple flowers adorned either side of it. The cottage’s windows were framed with red and Tiana walked to the door. She grabbed the golden doorknob and twisted it. The door opened easily, and Tiana nearly fell over when she saw the inside.

A small red loveseat with canary yellow cushions sat on top of a verdant green rug. Across from the loveseat was a small television. There was a kitchen with granite worktops, decorated with chocolate brown. Tiana saw a staircase leading up to the bedrooms and presumably a bathroom. She screamed.

”What on earth is happening?” shouted Charley, running into the house with three suitcases.

“This bloody house is all happy and warm! I HATE IT!” Tiana complained, very loudly.

“Tiana Katrina Parker! Be quiet NOW!” Charley demanded.

Tiana suddenly went quiet and hung her head, “Sorry mommy.”

She ran forward and gave Charley a hug, laughing in her head.

“But think of it this way, you can see so many new places!” suggested Charley.

“Oh yeah, like the practically extinct volcano and the many plateaus!” Tiana said sarcastically.

“It’s plateaux dear,” corrected Charley.

Tiana shot daggers from her eyes and huffed upstairs with Missy following, cackling to herself. Upstairs, there were three doors. Two were a light, caramel brown and the other was a sickly pink colour.

“PINK?!” shouted Tiana.

Downstairs, Charley laughed as she unpacked her favourite mint, heart-shaped cushion.

<That has gotta change!> Missy agreed.

Tiana nodded and pushed the door open, not taking any notice of the golden handle. Chestnut planks adorned the floor of Tiana’s new bedroom and a small pink rug covered the floor in the centre. A purple bed was pushed against one side of the room, with a heart-shaped headboard. Tiana ran over to the small window and looked outside. All she could see was a few trees and some more cottages. She groaned loudly, already missing the hustle and bustle of Hearthome City. She sat down on the bed and saw a mirror hanging on the wall, which she walked over. The mirror showed Tiana a picture of a ‘rushed-off her feet’ looking kind of girl, whose black curly hair was unruly. Tiana fiddled with her hair, thinking of ways to make her look more presentable. She took off her blue jacket and the curls touched the small of her back.

“What do you think Missy? Should I order mom to find my straighteners, ponytail or leave it loose?” asked Tiana.

<I’d go for loose, mostly because I want to get out and explore!> laughed Missy.

Tiana nodded and shook her head to make the curls more pronounced. She walked over to the bed and picked up her jacket, walking downstairs. Her pink baseball shoes made each stair creak. Charley was watching Hoenn TV. A happy-go-lucky presenter was reading some news about a newly recruited Gym Leader.

“Well at least that’s one thing Hoenn and Sinnoh have in common,” Tiana said to Missy, who laughed her bell-like laugh.

“What’s that, honey?” asked Charley.

Tiana rolled her eyes, “Annoying presenters.”

Charley laughed and said, “Tee, why don’t you go and explore the neighbourhood?”

“I was thinking of that but it would only take me, what, three seconds?” Tiana moaned.

“Just go sweetie, you might meet someone. I heard that Hoenn’s local professor, Professor Birch, lives here in Littleroot,” Charley said happily.

Tiana left the house, muttering under her breath. Charley giggled as her daughter left her in peace.

Outside the house, Tiana looked around and so did Missy. The pair saw five or so cottages and much taller, high-techer looking building. Tiana walked over to the building, her hands shoved in her jacket pockets. As she reached the building, she knocked on the door as she read the sign. It read ‘Professor Birch’s Pokémon Laboratory’. No one answered and so Tiana knocked even harder. Still, no one answered and she defiantly knocked on the door, cutting one of her knuckles. As she sucked on the cut, a local passer-by informed Tiana that Birch was out studying Pokémon habitats.

“Shi-darn!” said Tiana as the passer-by looked at her as if to say, ‘Excuse me?’

He left Tiana in front of the lab, bored and alone.

<So what’re we going to do now?> pondered Missy.

“We’re going to start with the annoying ghost shutting her big mouth,” Tiana shouted.

Missy cackled and somehow removed her small mouth, making her look like a mouthless, floating rag with eyes. Tiana smiled at her and walked past the lab and saw her next-door neighbours’ house. She knocked on the yellow door, and waited for an answer as she looked up at the grey, cloudy sky. The gentle breeze blew her curls slightly over her face. Soon enough, a kindly woman opened the door.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Um, hey. I’m your new neighbour and y’know I just kinda wanted to meet the townspeople, um… more like small-gathering-group-of-ten-or-so-people-people,” Tiana said, waffling on about her complaints.

“You can come in and meet my son,” said the woman kindly, “Oh, and my name’s Teresa.”

Great, another crackpot, thought Teresa.

“Thanks, ma’am,” said Tiana happily.

She walked into the house, an exact replica of her new home. Inside was a dark brown table with a teenage boy sat down on a chair next to it. He was reading a thick book with a dark green cover. Opposite him was a smaller girl, with short black hair.

”Cora, Leah, this is our new crackp-neighbour,” said Teresa.

Leah laughed and stood up, brushing her pink dress to get rid of the creases. She walked over to Tiana and shook her hand.

“Hi, I’m Tiana,” said Tiana welcomingly.

“Hey there, I’m Leah and I’m nine years old,” Leah said, smiling happily.

“Cora!” shouted Teresa.

The teenage boy slammed his book shut and stood up. His tight, dark blue top clung to his body, showing off his slight muscles. As he walked over to Tiana, his purple sneakers squeaked against the wooden floor.

’They must be really squeaky,’ thought Tiana.

He walked over to Tiana and shook her hand. Tiana looked at him, wondering why on earth he wouldn’t look her in the eye but instead she had to look at his long, brown hair. The colour of chestnuts, it shimmered as he moved. He decided to finally look up and Tiana noticed his beautiful, violet eyes. They looked slightly melancholy; as if Cora had something he needed to cry about.

He arched his eyebrows and Tiana suddenly realized she had been staring at him. She turned an unsightly shade of beetroot as Cora walked back to the table and sat down on his skinny black jeans. As Cora sat down, Tiana noticed that his belt matched his eyes.

“Well thanks for havin’ me,” Tiana said sarcastically, “Um…I’ll be going now, gonna explore and whatnot.”

She proceeded to leave the house and shouted.

<C’mon Missy!>

Missy flew over, after finishing her game with Leah, and the pair left.

”Weirdoes,” muttered Tiana.

She breathed in the fresh air from outside and decided to leave town. A brown sign was very close to her house and it read ‘Route 101 à’. Tiana and Missy walked onto Route 101, the cold breeze making them shiver. They noticed that there was a lot of tall grass, and she was sure that she saw Pokémon moving through them.

Moving onto the route, a young boy of about twelve came over to her.

“Um, excuse me. Can we have a battle, please?” asked the boy hesitantly.

“Sorry, kiddo. I ain’t a trainer. Just exploring,” Tiana told the boy.

The boy nodded and walked off, to find more trainers to battle. Continuing her stroll, she saw a trainer dressed in black battling a Pokémon. The trainers’ Pokémon was very short, and a lime green colour. Three thorns were on its head and instead of hands, it had two coloured roses. One of the roses was purple and the other was a deep, vicious black that matched the trainer.

“Okay Roselia, use Magical Leaf,” ordered the trainer, in a very nasally voice.

Black leaves shot at the brown, racoon like Pokémon. Zigzagoon was flung in the air and landed with a thud, the leaves creating deep wounds.

“That’s not normal behaviour,” said Tiana worryingly.

Zigzagoon’s zigzagged fur was now a mix of chocolate brown, creamy white and crimson blood.

“Use Razor Leaf,” commanded the trainer in black.

Tiana gasped loudly, and quickly hid behind a bush to avoid being discovered. She peered over the thick shrub and saw razor-sharp leaves flying through the air. They reached Zigzagoon, who was trying to escape, and sliced it. More cuts appeared and crimson seeped out.

“I gotta stop this,” murmured Tiana.

She came out from behind the bush as the trainer ordered another Razor Leaf.

”Missy! Use Psybeam!” ordered Tiana.

The trainer and its Roselia looked in horror as a cyan, yellow and magenta beam shot at the leaves. They were rebounded and sliced Roselia, causing it to collapse to the floor.

“Ha, that’s what you get! Now get lost or I’ll make you!” shouted Tiana.

“I’d love to see you try,” murmured the nasally voice, which Tiana presumed was a female voice, “But I’m afraid I just don’t have the time. Toodle-oo for now. But I will be back.”

The female ran off, carrying Roselia in her arms. Her black cape billowed in the breeze and Missy shot another, smaller Psybeam at her. She jumped in the air and Tiana and Missy laughed. Then the realization of what was happening suddenly sunk in. Tiana rushed over to the Zigzagoon, whose tail was twitching slowly.

“C’mon Missy, let’s get this Pokémon back to Littleroot Town,” Tiana said urgently.

<I sure hope Teresa knows a thing or two about Pokémon healing!> murmured Missy, her voice still sounding distinctly like a bell.

They ran, and in Missy’s case hovered, back to Littleroot Town, blood spilling all over Tiana and her clothes. She tripped over a couple of rocks, making more blood spill out. When she returned to Littleroot, she was covered in blood from head to foot. She rushed to Teresa’s house and knocked rapidly on the door.

“HURRY UP!” Tiana shouted, before Teresa opened the door.

Teresa dropped the mug of tea she was carrying when she saw her new neighbour and Zigzagoon.

“OH MY!” she shrieked, “Leah, run to the lab and get the Professor! Cora, run upstairs and grab my first-aid kit!”

Teresa took Zigzagoon from Tiana and laid it on a small, blue cushion. Cora hurriedly ran upstairs and came back down with a white box, with a red cross on it. He handed it to Teresa who ripped the box open and found some Hyper Potions. She sprayed the pink bottles onto Zigzagoon’s open cuts. They started to bleed less profusely, much to the amazement of Tiana who did not have much experience with Pokémon. Cora looked at her, thinking of what a wonderful person she was.

“Is Zigzagoon gonna be okay?” asked Tiana worriedly.

“Let’s hope so, where the hell is Leah?” Teresa asked.

“I’m right here!” said the little girl, running in with a tall man behind her. His messy brown looked tatty. His white lab coat billowed behind him as he ran and it flapped against his brown shorts.

“Oh, Professor Birch!” said Teresa happily.

Birch ran forward and placed his toolbox down. He quickly pulled the clasp up and opened the box to show a massive array of various medicines.

”Zigzagoon’s going to be just fine,” Birch said.

“Oh I do hope so!” said Tiana nervously.

As Birch sprayed some medicine onto Zigzagoon, Teresa suggested to Tiana to go home and wash off. She did so and jumped into the shower, after explaining what had happened to Charley. Tiana let the hot water pour over her, creating mini-waterfalls.

Downstairs, Charley washed Tiana’s clothes for her. She thought about what a day their first had been. After half an hour, Tiana came down with her hair dried and in her robe.

“Here are your clothes,” Charley said, handing Tiana fresh, clean clothes.

Tiana walked back upstairs and got changed, the tank top and jeans being free from any Pokémon blood. She waved goodbye to Charley and jogged back to Teresa’s house. Zigzagoon and Birch had gone back to the laboratory, but the Pokémon would be fine. After an intense healing session, the wounds were closed and Zigzagoon would be monitored before being released back into the wild.

“Tiana, have you ever gone on a Pokémon journey?” asked Teresa.

“If you mean have I ever got a starter Pokémon then no,” said Tiana regretfully.

“Well Professor Birch said that if you want to get one and go on a journey with your Misdreavus, then just stop by his lab tomorrow,” said Teresa.

“I am not going through this HOT region by myself!” Tiana protested.

Cora sighed, whilst Teresa looked extremely delighted.

“You won’t be, Cora is getting his first Pokémon too,” Teresa said.

“But haven’t you already got one? I mean, you look about sixteen!” laughed Tiana.

Cora replied, “Fifteen actually. And no, I never went on a journey but I might as well while I’ve got the chance. So would you like to travel with me? If you don’t want to that’s fine and if we don’t get along then you can always leave me so don’t worry about anyth-”

“Cora, I’d love to travel with you. We’ll have loads of fun!” Tiana said happily.


Tiana walked back home and had dinner with Charley. The worn-out rescuer went to bed extremely early, exhausted from the days’ events. She was asleep in a matter of minutes.

El fin.

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