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    Default Bishounen: Demoonica's Story

    Rated PG13, In a world like that of Pokemon, human teens catch and raise their favorite charaters from anime, cartoons, TV shows, and books! Click on 'Make Me A Trainer!' and join me Demoonica as I have adventures In the World of Bishounen!

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the anime, game, or book characters found in this story. Do not sue me, I have nothing. I'm not making money from this story it is for fun only This Bishonen world created by Songwind. I'm only a visitor. Bishonen and Bishujo belong to every fan. Original characters are mine, this story is mine, the word Demoonica is MINE!!! Sorry about that. enjoy the story.

    The World of Songwinds' Bishonen and Bishujo:

    Demoonica's Story


    Lady Demoonica Darkmoon

    "Wow! I never thought I'd get so fast of a response from another fanfiction writer." Demoonica said as she opened her e-mail from Bishi_Gurl_001. Demoonica was your normal anime fan and not so normal fan girl. She had dark brown hair that she had tried to dye blond but had ended up many different colors and was now partly grown out, dark brown eyes, a bad excuse for a tan, and glasses. She had on a pair of faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt that said Rising Star 11 on the front and the picture of animals in space suites.

    Her e-mail read:

    Dear Lady Demoonica Darkmoon,
    Thank you for the review! You realy wish it were real? Well, it didn't work out for me, but it might for you. *smile* (^_^)!!! I saved the original e- mail, it's below. Good luck!

    --- Bishi_Gurl_001

    P.S. Gather anything you want to take with you and put it in your pockets, it should go with you. (At least my car keys and bubble gum did with me.)

    Below the short letter was the forwarded e-mail from the Bishonen world.

    There was a huge picture of a black and silver ball that looked suspiciously like a Poke-ball from Pokemon, and the word "Bishonen!" below it. Below that was a picture of an anime character, and a definition. Below that there was a graphic of a girl winking and holding the same ball that was shown above. Then below that was another bit of writing. Here is where you can combine Pokemon and Bishonen you love. You can capture them with Bish-Balls (shown here) and take care of them as you wish. Like Pokemon, you may train them to battle, to protect you or just to have around when you want company. Join our group of trainers and enjoy your own Bishonen! Fight in gyms, train in classrooms, or just wander the world of Bishonen!

    And there it was the link that said, "Make Me a Trainer!"

    Demoonica looked down at her clothes. "I need something with big pockets and my coat." She said to herself. Half an hour later she had many pockets of her coat packed. "Let's see, I have my handheld computer with all my files, hair bands, a picture of me, mom, dad, and my little sister Exonia, *cough* personal items, and whatever I had in these pockets before I started packing." Demoonica looked at the buttons on her coat that read "Shinigami" and "Neko no Miko", "Got to leave those pins on."

    Demoonica sat down at her computer. "This had better work", she said, and clicked on the "Make Me a Trainer" button. The screen slowly faded into swirling colors ending with gray before she passed out.


    "Come on get up! They've got to fix that glitch, I tell you!" Demoonica could here a girls voice talking to her. Wait, hadn't she just been in her room? Her head felt fuzzy. Hold it now I remember I went to the Bishonen world! Demoonica sat bold upright eyes wide open.

    "Boy your jumpy girl." The black girl was definitely younger than she was, with long, black hair and deep brown eyes. She was wearing a light blue T- shirt, flare style jeans, and sneakers. She also wore the ever present Bishi belt. "Why do I always get the white girls who spazz out as soon as they get here? I tell you I'm never doing this again, hu-uh."

    "Hi I am still here." Demoonica waved her hand at the girl.

    "Oh! Sorry Newbie let me explain. This is the Bishonen world as in."

    "I know it's real, I came here by choice." Demoonica cut in.

    "How'd you know?"

    "One of the girls who left here wrote a story about it. I asked her to forward me the e-mail."

    "Okay makes my job easier. Let's get you to orientation, but you seem to be a step up on some of the Newbies." She shrugged. "I'm Dana by the way." Dana held out her hand.

    Demoonica shook her hand. "Demoonica Darkmoon. Glad to meet you. Are we headed for Epoh City?"

    "Yea. You really do know some things, what all was in that story?"

    "Hopefully everything."


    The walk to Epoh City was shorter then Demoonica had thought it would be or maybe it only seemed short because she talked the entire way. Demoonica stoped as they entered the village.

    "Why'd you stop?" Dana called back at her.

    "I. I just. well." Demoonica stuttered.

    "Spit it out girl!"

    "I just am sorta worried. Worried that I'm going to wake up or something." Demmonica looked at the ground. "Or even worse, that I'm not asleep and I'll be sent home."

    "No one's going to send you home. You know more about what's happening than any Newbie I've seen! They can't send you home unless you ask to leave and you better not even think of doing that girl. That is unless you want a one way trip home, no coming back."

    That got her, Demoonica looked up to Dana. "Never come back? Ever?"

    "That's the deal, you can only live in one world. Sucks doesn't it? After awhile you will get used to it, but you can never forget your home." Dana looked down at her watch. "Shesh, we're late!"

    Within minutes they were standing in front of a building with 'Orientation' on the front of it. "Here, you'll get your explanations, your options, and your gear. I know you will be getting the gear, right? You listening to me?"

    "Right, I wanted this and I'm keeping it!" Demoonica took a deep breath and walked into the building.

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    A cool gust of wind escaped as the door slid open. Inside there were two girls who looked to be twins besides there hair color. One girl had light brown hair done into twin braids and the other girls hair was so blond that it almost looked white. The second girls' hair was loose. Both had blue eyes and from what Demoonica could tell both were starring at a boy with long chestnut hair who was yelling at the woman who looked to be in charge. Every one of them looked scared.

    "... all the time. If one more of these stupid little girls hits me with one of these things." he held up a ball, "I will not only throw it back at her, but she's getting a one way trip home!" He slammed the ball down on the desk and spun on his heels to face the girls and Demoonica. His bright violet eyes seemed to be glowing with the energy from his anger as he focussed on each one of the girls stopping on Demoonica. "Great more of them. That's all I need, more Newbies." With that he left the building bumping into Demoonica as he walked past.

    "Wow. He looks so much like Duo from Gundam Wing." The brown haired girl said.

    "I wouldn't let him hear you say that if I were you girls! Zander Maxwell is a bit touchy about his parents." The woman stopped to think over what she said, "No, he's very touchy about that. This is the third time this week alone that he's came in here complaining about the trainers. It's just that he looks so much like Duo." She shook her head sadly. "Poor boy."

    Demoonica looked back at the door behind her with the odd thought that Zander wasn't as normal as he wanted people to think. She shrugged then went to sit with the other two girls.

    "Hi, I'm Demoonica." She said as she sat down.

    The blond girl gave a big smile. "I'm Nova and this is my sister Nebula." The brown haired girl nodded her hello. "Did you just get here too? We landed in a tree right outside town!"

    "Yes, I did just arrive. A tree? That must have hurt."

    "I'm sure it would have if I'd been awake for the landing."

    Just then a door opened and a group of teens walked out, the girl who exited last looked deep in thought. She had slightly curled, dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders, but Demoonica didn't catch her eye color. The door closed quickly behind them.

    "Ah, more already?" Said an older man who peered out of the door he had just reopened. His voice was strangely high. "Come in you three quickly now! Quickly!" They rushed into the room taking seats in the front as they were told. As soon as they were seated he began a speech that sounded like he had said it a million times but still couldn't quite remember it all at one time. Demoonica knew what was being said and soon tuned out some of what she was hearing to think about what she wanted to do first after leaving the building.

    "... Am I right?" Demoonica nodded. First she'd pick up supplies, then what? Look for Bishonen? Meet up with Dana?

    "... half-Bishies ..." Demoonica was pulled from her thoughts. Zander. "... are easily confused as full-Bishies. Now for the rules." Demoonica soon went back to nodding only when she felt she needed to. When the Professor walked over to a cabinet and pulled out three belts, Dexes, and needles, Demoonica stood up and walked over with the two girls Nova and Nebula. Nebula pushed her more outgoing sister up first. "Hey! Why do I have to be first?"

    Soon all three had their belts and Dexes. "Okay, out you go. At this rate there are more waiting outside already!" They rushed from the room to find only the lady sitting at the desk, the Bishi-ball from earlier still sitting on it. As the twins began trying to program their Dexes Demoonica walked over to them. "Well, I hope we see each other again. I'm going strait to the store, want to come with me?"

    "We want to get these working first, want to trade numbers?" Nova looked back down at her Dex. "Why did they make these things so confusing?" She began mumbling to herself.

    After finding out that you entered Dex mode to save phone numbers and not phone mode Demoonica had both Nova and Nebulas' numbers saved. On the way to the store Nova pointed to a Bishonen. "Is that Heero from Gundam Wing?" Demoonica and Nebula looked to who she was pointing at.

    "No, can't be. At least not the way he's dressed, I mean look at him, tye- dye and violet colored hippie glasses? I couldn't imagine the Heero from the show ever dressing like that!" Demoonica blurted out a bit loudly. The 'Heero' just flashed them a small smirk, confirming what Nova had said.

    "No way!" Novas' mouth hung open like a gaping fish. Nebula closed her sisters' mouth and pulled her along with them. Nova didn't snap out of her stupor until they all entered the mart.


    "I'm headed south from here, what about you two? Any ideas?"

    "I want to find a Heero!" Nova nearly bounced as they walked out of the store. Demoonica noticed that the Heero outside from earlier had disappeared.

    "She's really obsessed with Heero isn't she?" Demoonica asked Nebula as Nova went off into her own little dreamland.

    "Very. He's her favorite Bishonen. I don't know how she could like him though, he's so emotionless."

    "First let me say WOW you said whole sentences!" At this both girls began laughing. "Second, who cares? Heero's cute, but he's no Duo! Now that's a cutie!" Demoonica was then reminded of a pair of glowing violet eyes. Zander. "Say didn't that lady say Zander was a half-bishi? His father has to have been a Duo and then his mother was human then, right?"

    "I guess that's right, but then why was he so angry? I mean, people make mistakes and he does look very much like Duo."

    "But his eyes were glowing, I could feel this cold energy rolling off him in waves."

    "Cold energy? Glowing eyes? Okay what have you been smoking and why didn't you share?"

    "What do you mean? But didn't you." Demoonica stopped, he had been looking at her. Whatever had happened it wasn't meant to be seen by anyone but her. He had let her see, but why?

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    Nebula waved her hand infront of Demoonicas' face. "Earth to Demoonica you just lost contact with the real world."

    "Huh? Neb I'm okay, just thinking that's all."

    "About that half-bishi?" Nova cut in.

    "Oh look, you've came back from the Happy Heero Land! We were getting tired of dragging you along anyway." Demoonica said with a grin. "You missed the conversation. See anything without spandex bike shorts for the last ten minutes?"

    Nova blushed.

    "Oooo look she's speachless!" Demoonica teased.

    "That's a first." Nebula added.

    "Shut up sis! Who's side are you on?"

    "Demoonica's." This quickly turned into a round of sisterly taunts and short tempers that never did blow up. Nova was looseing because Nebula made many good points she couldn't get around. All this time the three girls kept walking down the road and soon found themselves far from Epoh City.


    Not far behind them, staying off the road, a young man folowed them. He moved quickly and silently in the under growth keeping his eyes on the trio of girls. He stopped when they came to a fork in the road. They seemed to talk something over then two went left and the girl he had bumped into earlier went right. Zander moved closer to the road watching as the girl walked away.


    "Hey look! It's a road sign up ahead." Nova pointed to where the road split into two.

    "What way should we go?" Nebula asked.

    "Spliting up would give us better chances." Demoonica reasoned.

    "If that's the case then still which way do we go?

    Demoonica shruged. "When in doubt choose the right way."

    "Then you go right and we'll go left." Nova anounced. "And call one of us when you get a Bishonen!"

    "Good bye Demoonica!" The twins called waving as the left.

    "Bye Nova! Bye Neb!" Demoonica called back then turned and began walking down the right path.


    "Why did she have to go that way?" Zander sighed. He waited until she was out of sight then took the road back to Epoh City.

    "Oooooh! A Duo!" Came a cry from a girl up the road. Suddenly a Bishi-ball came flying at his head. Zander barely dodged it and it landed harmlessly on the ground behind him.

    "That's it!!!!" Zander grabbed the Bishi-ball from the dirt and flung it hard back at the girl. Completly surprised by the turn of events she just stood there as it bonked her on the head knocking her back. She stayed on the ground, little swirls in her eyes, compleatly knocked out. Zander walked past her not realy careing. "Stupid Newbies, stupid humans, stupid Bishonen, stupid world, stupid..."


    Demoonica made camp right out of sight near a small waterfall and shallow lake. She started her campfire as the sun was just about to set. She hadn't so much as heard a leaf russle wrong all day and was slitely tired from her walking.


    Demoonica jumped up at the sudden sound.

    *Splash! Hehe. Splash! Splash!*

    It sounded like someone had jumped into the lake. Demoonica moved tword the lake trying to be quiet in the dimming light. The first thing she saw was a Bishonen with light blue hair sitting on the lakes edge kicking water with his feet and laughing. Then she noticed the other boy, who had short white hair, as he surfaced a few feet away.

    "Max! That's not fair! Now my clothes are compleatly soaked!" The boy in the water complaned.

    "Sorry Sterling, but you needed that! I mean it, you have got to find a better passtime than getting us into truble." He kicked the water again. Demoonica laughed. Now she knew that voice: Maximilian Jiinas from Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS! The first ever anime boy she had called a Bishonen. This one didn't seem as shy as he was on the show.

    "That didn't give you the right to dump me into a lake!" The white haired boy, Sterling, pulled himself out of the water and onto the bank. He looked over at the Maximilian. "Gee thanks for the help out."

    "You're welcome."

    "Another remark like that and you're going back into the ball." It was then that Demoonica relized that the boy was Max's trainer and a very young trainer at that, Sterling looked on older than fourteen maybe even a little younger. Demoonica watch the pair a little longer and headed back to her camp when they started to set up their own camp. It was dark by this time so Demoonica desided that she would go meet the boy and his Bishonen in the morning.

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    Demoonica's eyes slid open as the riseing suns' rays slipped through the trees. Dew clung to her eyelashes and she wiped it away as she serched the ground beside her for her glasses. Pushing them on she saw that the dew clung to everything in sight: the trees, the other plants, all her stuff...

    "How nice." She said to herself sarcasticly. She rolled up her sleeping bag, packed her satchel, put water on the non-existant fire. (Just to make sure the ashes were out.) "Must have gotten colder last night. Glad I was asleep."

    Sure that everything was in order Demoonica hiked the short distance over to the other side of the small lake. Entering the clearing she was greeted by the sight of the Maximilian trying to restart their own fire, his trainer Sterling still asleep, and an Inuyasha (minus his FireRat coat she noted without thinking) entering the camp from the other direction with three fish on a string.

    "No wonder you got caught!" called the Inuyasha. "A trainer walks into camp and you don't even look up!"

    "Huh?" Max looked to Demoonica.

    "Um, hi?" She managed a small wave.

    The Inuyasha walked up to her. "What do you want wench?" He glared at her, his golden yellow eyes unblinking. Then one dog ear twitched and he looked back. His young trainer had been woken by his noise.

    "I'm sure she meant only to say hello, Inuyasha." He stood and walked over to Demoonica. He was a bit shorter than her and she was only five foot. He held out his hand, "I'm Sterling. Very nice to meet you."

    Wow, he's polite, Demoonica thought as she took his hand. "Demoonica Darkmoon. I'm a newbie."

    "It's nice to see new faces." He smiled. "These are my Bishonen Max and Inuyasha, my Bishoujo Haruka is mad at me, refusses to talk to me or them, and rather stay in her ball."

    "May I ask why?"

    He shrugged. "Because I caught her."



    Zander walked into the weapons store and up to the counter. Older trainers moved out of his way knowing how he could be when angered and newbies looked on as a 'wild' Duo picked up a package from the clerk. Zander wore a black, sleeveless, silk shirt (partly unbuttoned), skintight black pants that looked to as if they were painted on, black leather knee boots, black fingerless gloves, and a black thigh length trench coat. (Alot of black ne?) His hair was undone from its' braid letting it flow down his back and ending just above his knees. His bangs fell into his eyes and framed his heart shaped face. Violet eyes darted from one trainer to the next, daring any to meet his icy gaze.

    "And it's made to my request?" Zander asked as he drew the sword from its' sheath.

    "Y... yes. One Gu... Gundanium rapier, silver in color and aged, a human like d... d... demon for the pomal, its' wings the hand gaurds." The clerk stuttered out.

    "Good, and is it hollow?" Zander said, testing the swords' sharpness with a finger. Blood rushed out the fresh cut, Zander didn't flintch.

    "Y... yes sir." The clerk swallowed hard as Zander licked the blood away.

    "Then..." Zander put the sword back into its' sheath. "I shall be leaving you in one piece... for now." He walked to the door then, leaving the frightened clerk to his dutys.


    After spending most of the morning walking about with Sterling, Demoonica had learned alot about his travles and Sterling himself. He was fourteen, an only child that had been adopted, and came to be in the Bishounen world by accsident. How? Let's just say he's never checking a friends e-mail for them ever again. He had caught Max soon after arriving (about three months earlier), Inuyasha a month ago, and Haruka the week before this one.

    Now she was alone again, Sterling having gone back to town. Then she heard soft singing ahead of her, once again she was sure she knew that voice...

    "I want to change the world~" Demoonica looked around the tree that was blocking her sight. There filling a wooden bucket with water was a Kagome. She seemed to be singing to the wigling sling tied about her sholders.

    "~travel to..." the Kagome stopped singing to look around. "I thought I heard something, Lala." Demoonica didn't breath, quickly reaching for one of her bishi-balls. Slowly the Bishoujo scanned the wood line only to see a ball flying at her at top speed. "Wha!" The Kagome dropped the bucket and the sling just moments before the ball made contact.

    The ball fell to the ground shaking wildly then slowly rolled down the bank picking up speed as it went. "Oh frig!" Demoonica yelled chasing after the precious ball and as if by some strange cue she noted that the sling HOPPED into her path, tripping her. So down she went, face first into the water. Serfacing Demoonica found that the bishi-ball had came to a stop, more than a foot away from the waters edge.

    "Demoonica no baka." She said to herself hitting the water with her fist. "I should have known that it wouldn't fall in if I chased it," Demoonica thought for a second before adding, "but if I didn't chase it would have rolled in just to spite me. Ether way I don't win." Demoonica sighed pulling herself out onto the bank beside the ball. "At least I don't have to worry about going home now."

    Demoonica tossed the ball to the ground where the Kagome had been standing. Said Bishoujo was then standing before her (with her back toward Demoonica) looking as mad as Demoonica was wet.

    "How dare you! Have you no pride? Still hideing in the shaddows like the demon you are!" Odviously she was ranting out her anger.

    "Hehem." Demoonica coughed.

    The Kagome spun around. "Oh! Why you..." Her voice trailed off. "... are a girl!"

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    "Last time I checked." Kagome just gave Demoonica a strange look. Demoonica stood up. "I'm Demoonica Darkmoon, nice to meet you Kagome."

    Kagome took Demoonica's hand. "I'm Ka... hey wait a minute! You just captured me, I can't be captured right now~" Kagome looked around, spotting her sling she ran over to it. "Lala!"

    The little two-tail, cat like creature was knocked out, swirls in it's eyes. Demoonica came up behind them. "So that's what I tripped on, oops. Will Kirara be alright?"

    "You tripped on her! How?"

    "I was stopping your bishi-ball from going into the water."

    "Baka trainer. Trainer? Oh-no, I am caught..." Kagome looked like she was about to cry.

    "Why is it so bad that your caught? Other than the normal. It could have been worse, just think a trainer with 59 Miroku's and catches you to keep them company..."

    Both girls sit there with the image in their minds. Both shudder uncontrolably at the sickening thought.

    "Heehe, I see your point. You don't have any Miroku's do you?" Kagome eyed the bishi-belt fearfully.

    "Hu-uh, your my first bishi. I have someone to talk to now. I hate being alone, at home I was always alone." Demoonica said the last scentence slowly then fell silent lost in her own thoughts.


    Zander made his way out of Epoh City carefully. He didn't want another Newbie thinking he was a Duo. "I hate this place."

    Sterling passed the half-bish as he entered the city. 'That looked like Duo, but it couldn't have been. A wild one wouldn't walk around out in the open.' He thought.


    Kagome looked at her trainer. "Yea, I miss my Inuyasha. I've been trying to find him... It's been months. I think he must have been caught."

    "So that's why you didn't want caught." Demoonica bowed her head. "I'm so sorry."

    "Oh, don't be." Kagome said as she waved her hands. "It was bound to happen. We are so close to a town and all." Kirara who was now awake hopped onto Demoonica's lap. "That's Lala, she was tracking Inuyasha for me. I guss I should let her return home now."

    "Oh, no! Wait a minute please Lala." Demoonica gently grabbed Kirara. "Turn into your other form first, I always wanted to see that!"

    "Purr..." Kirara hopped to the ground, then transformed in a burst of magical flame. "Kraow..." She growled.

    "So pretty..." Was all Demoonica could say. Throwing her arms around Kirara's neck she hugged the large cat. "Thank you so much, Lala!"

    In a second burst of flame Kirara was back to her small form again. "Pauurr..."

    Kagome picked Kirara back up. "Okay, Lala. Time to go back home, everyone will know what happened to me when you show up alone." Kirara jumped from Kagome's arms and bounded off into the forest. "Make sure no trainers follow you. Bye, Lala."

    "Bye, Lala!" Demoonica called out. After a minute of waveing she remembered something. Pulling out her Bishidex she called up Nova.




    "Should have known she would be talking on the phone." She hit clear and called Nebula.



    "Hello?" The brown haired girl's image apeared on the screen. "Demoonica! Hi, we wondered when you would call." Nebula looked away from her phone. "Nova! Stop talking to boys, Demoonica called."

    Demoonica heard Nova's voice in the background. "That's nice. Tell her I said hi."

    "She met a boy that kinda looks like Heero, been talking to him on the phone for three hours. Poor fellow." Nebula informed Demoonica who was lost.

    "Very." She agred. "Well guss what Neb? I caught a Bishoujo, Kagome from Inuyasha!" Demoonica turned her Dex so Nebula could see Kagome in the background.

    Kagome just sweatdropped and waved.

    "So cool, but we haven't caught any yet. I do think I saw a Kenshen out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked nothing was there."

    "That's too bad, Kenshen's are great starting Bishi because they're so sweet and very strong at the same time."

    From the background. "HE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!"

    "Oh dear, Nova is going to have a fit. Got to go now." With a little wave Nebula hung up. Demoonica looked back at Kagome who was just standing there.

    "Sorry about that Kagome. I promised to tell them when I got my first Bish. Oh I almost forgot." Demoonica pointed her Bishidex at Kagome. "Identify Bishoujo."

    On the screen a picture of Kagome appeared. "Kagome. A Bishoujo from the anime Inuyasha. This one is in her Sama form and has been breed."

    Demoonica blinked at her Bishidex thinking 'Did I just here that right?' Looking up at Kagome she found the Bishoujo blushing from head to toes. Kagome grabbed the Dex and yelled at it, "How do you know that!" She shook it a few times, closed the lid and handed it back to Demoonica.

    Demoonica then finally took the time to take in how her Kagome looked. Yup. She was at least five or six months along. "A baby! How wonderful, no wonder you want to find your Inuyasha..." At those words Kagome started crying. "Oi, Demoonica no baka." Demoonica told herself under her breath. "Wrong thing to say, very wrong."


    Zander made it to Demoonica's campsite. 'At least she knows to drownd a campfire befor leaving.' Walking over the soft earth he took a pinch of the dirt between his fingers. He rubbed them together letting the dirt slip from his hand back to the ground.

    'She left this morning, she wasn't alone. At least she's headed away from Avioc Malii's lair. I don't like trainers, but dead trainers I like even less. Avioc Malii, that dang she-demon, feeding on passers by...' Zander clenched his fist in anger at his thoughts. 'I swear when I'm strong enough I will kill you...'


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    "Sorry! Sorry! Stop crying Kagome, please!" Demoonica begged her Bishoujo.

    "It's just that Inu-chan, I miss him." Kagome wiped her eyes dry on the red overcoat she was wearing.

    "Huh?" Demoonica grabbed the coat. "Is this a FireRat coat, Inuyasha's FireRat coat?"

    "Yes, It's my Inu's extra one. Why?"

    "I think I've met your Inuyasha." Demoonica grabbed Kagome by the wrist, pulling her toward Epoh City.

    "Inuyasha? How?"

    "I met this boy this morning, he had an Inuyasha. That Inuyasha didn't have his FireRat coat. Sterling, his trainer, went back to Epoh City for suplys. We're going to find them..."

    "But it might not have been my Inuyasha. He just might have had his coat off."

    "Do you remember how cold it was this morning?"

    *Nod* "Uh-hu."

    "Would you have your coat off?"

    *Shake* "Hu-uh."

    "Then let's go!"


    Zander tracked down the dusty road as he had been all day. Now it was getting dark and he was being followed. He stopped, violet eyes scanning the woods to his left, then his right.

    "It would be easier for the both of us if you came on out now. I know you're there... Subaru."

    From the darkness emmerged a Sama Bishounen with short black hair and dark eyes. "I don't like half-breeds stinking up our world. Your not even half human, Jigoku-Yasha. Half hell demon, such a sad lot in life. Let me kill you and put you out of your painful existance!" With that he attacked.

    "You haven't got an idea of who I am or you wouldn't be here right now." Zander blocked the punch.

    "Half-bishounen shoulden't exist." Subaru pushed back, leeping into a nearby tree. Raising his hands bright white 'birds' came flying at Zander. The 'birds' looked to be made of light or energy...

    Seeing the white flashes Zander quickly drew his sword, sliceing the first as he drew it. The second and third soon went the way of the first, gone in flashes as they had came.

    "Then don't blame us for being born, it's not us who did anything wrong!" Zander yelled throwing his sword at the Subaru.

    Subaru's eyes went wide as Zanders words sunk in, oblivious to the sword he stood there. The sword's handle hit him upside the head knocking him back, making him fall from the tree. He landed on the ground hard, knocked out from the hit. Zanders sword landed nearby, blade stuck in the ground.

    Zander walked over to his sword and pulled it from the soft earth, then he walked over to the Subaru. He dusted the dirt from the sword then raised it up... placing it back into its sheath. Kneeling beside the Subaru, Zander placed his left hand on his chest.

    The Subaru awoke only to see brightly glowing violet eyes before passing back out. Zander stood up leaving a Chibi Subaru where the Sama Subaru had been.

    "Forget what you have seen here, forget about me." Zander looked down at the chibi Subaru. "Hopefully when are once again grown you will know the truth in my words about half bishis. We never asked to be born."

    Raising his hands as he had seen the Subaru do earlyer Zander produced one of the white 'birds'. It however flew right threw the tree leaving no damage behind. Zander looked at his hands with discust.

    "New powers always take so long to control, and they're pitifully weak when you get them." Zander shook his head. Then he continued his journey as if the fight had never happened.

    When the chibi Subaru awoke, he didn't remember being a fully grown Bishounen, but he did remember Zanders words though he couldn't place Zanders voice to anyone he knew.


    "Demoonica! Slow down I'm a pear shape now and can't run so fast for so long." Kagome called out to her overly happy trainer.

    Demoonica came to a complete stop. "Sorry... again. We can stop to rest, it's less than half a mile now." She said cheking the map. "See."

    Suddenly Demoonica's stomach growled loudly. "Err... hungry. I skipped breakfast and lunch today." Demoonica scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

    "Baka." Kagome sat down on a tree stump. "Then how about we eat? Anyway it's starting to get dark, maybe we should make camp for the night. Your friend will stay in town tonight, right?"

    "Yea, he probably will." Demoonica said. She pulled out a Capsul Corp. capsul from one of the pockets on her backpack. Tossing it to the groud a refridgerator appered in a puff of smoke. "Yum, instant Raman."

    "Instant Raman? After not eating all day you go for junk food?"

    "Well..." Demoonica looked at the ground. "... you see, I can't cook."

    "Can't cook! You're at least sixteen!"

    "I'm also American, I live on fast food and things that either don't need cooked or can be microwaved."

    Kagome sighed. "Fine, let me into that fridge. I'll cook!"

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    The next morning sees Demoonica and Kagome on their way to Epoh City after breakfast. It's wasn't long until they could see the city in the distance when they heard, "Come down out of that tree right now and I shall forget that you stole it. I'll even let you go free, if you give my money back. Chibi's should stay with their parent's not steal from others. You should not be so near a town, little one."

    "I am a Subaru Sumeragi from X/1999, I need no one. Even as a Chibi!"

    Demoonica moved closer to the voices, the first she didn't know, but the chibi's she did. Hopefully the bishounen he was talking to was not owned. As they grew close to the talking pair Demoonica stepped on a twig. "Frig, do you think they heard?"

    "What was that?" The chibi Subaru said as he jumped to his feet, he had been sitting on a tree branch above the other bishounen's head.

    "Don't know..." The bishounen dived at the chibi trying to get back his stolen money, it was all in vain. The chibi jumped to the side at the last second letting the older bishounen hit the tree head first.

    "Look!" Demoonica pointed to the bishi that had hit the tree, he was sitting there rubbing his forhead looking dazed.

    "I knew I heard something! I'm gone!" The chibi Subaru quickly dissappeared into the forest. Demoonica grabbed an empty bishi-ball from her belt, throwing it as she ran into the small clearing.

    The older bishounen just sat there as the ball connected with his face and he was pulled into it. The bishi-ball rocked back and forth on the ground as the bishounen fought to be free. After about three or four rocks it stopped moving and the bishi-ball made a clicking noise. Demoonica ran over and grabbed up the ball. "Woo-hoo! I caught a bishounen!"

    Kagome walked over to her trainer. "Who is it?"

    Demoonica shrugged. "Don't know, I didn't really take the time to look." She tossed the ball tho the ground. "Bishounen I choose you!"

    In a flash of red light the bishounen appeared, he was still sitting on the ground. He had long blond hair that was down to his waist with below shoulder length bangs on both sides of his face. A single blond strand of his bangs fell infront of his blue eyes. He was dressed in puffy, light blue shirt and pants, a vest, boots, and what looked to be an open skirt. He had a sword at his hip. "Ow my head, I thought I saw a ball coming at me there for a second."

    "You did." Demoonica said. He looked up quickly.

    "Your the trainer, then? My trainer?" He asked politely.

    "Uh-hu. I'm Demoonica. Demoonica Darkmoon." She held out her hand for him to shake it. He didn't shake it, instead he stood and taking Demoonica's hand he bowed to kiss it.

    "My Lady Demoonica Darkmoon." He looked up at her. "I am Allen Schezar of Escaflowne."

    "Allen, Allen..." Demoonica was trying to place the long haired bishounen to a show. "Allen of... Escaflowne?" She said slowly. Pulling out her Bishidex she pointed it at Allen. "Identify Bishounen."

    The Bishidex's mechanical voice spoke the entry. "Allen Schezar of the Escaflowne series. As is a strong and just knight he can be very protective of those he cares for. This one has only recently evolved into his San form."

    "Oooh, now I remember. Sorry it took me so long, I've only seen three episodes of the show." Demoonica got an evil look in her eyes, then...


    Demoonica grabbed her new bishi around the neck sending both of them tumbling to the ground. Now sitting on his waist she continued to squeeze the air out of him. "I'm so happy! Purdy long hair, beautiful blue eyes, Allen my bishi!"

    Kagome walked over to her trainer and pulled Demoonica away from the poor fellow. She had been acting so normal, he hadn't seen a glomp coming. Nor had Kagome. "Down girl, maybe I should get a necklace so I can make you 'osuwari'." She said with a laugh.

    "Oooops..." Demoonica looked at her Allen, he was laying there with little swirls in his eyes. "Sorry, it's the fangirl in me. Yea, definitely half raving mad fangirl, definitely, definitely." This earned her another strange look from Kagome. (And all my readers, too!)

    "My lady, it is okay. Being a bishounen one gets used to as you put it 'half raving mad fangirls'. I am fine just a little winded." Allen once again stood.

    "How about staying in the ball untill we get back into town? With people around I'll be to shy to glomp you." Allen nodded. "Good. Allen return!" In a flash of red light Allen was once again pulled into his Bishi-ball and Demoonica began walking toward Epoh City.


    Kagome who was walking beside her spoke up as they entered the city. "You, shy? When?"

    "Whenever I'm around a bunch of people I don't know, that's when!" Demoonica gave a big smile. She began waving energeticly, "Yoo-hoo, Sterling over here!" She called loudly, gaining many more peoples attention than the young boys. Demoonica ran over to the small boy.

    "Oh yeah, really shy now isn't she?" Kagome said under her breath following behind Demoonica and trying to look like she didn't know the girl all at the same time.

    "Sterling! Lookie here."

    She handed the boy her Bishidex. Both he and his Max who was standing behind him looked down at the Dex. It beeped then said, "Trainer- Novice Demoonica. Bishi- two. Names are- Kagome and Allen, in caught order."

    "That's great Demoonica ane!" Kagome giggled at the 'older sister' added to Demoonica's name, Demoonica shot her a Heero Yuy death glare.

    "But that's not why I'm here, you see Kagome is looking for her Inuyasha. I was wondering, how old is your Inuyasha? Is he in his Sama form?" Demoonica gave him big hopeful chibi eyes.

    Sterling shook his head. "No, not yet. He's still in his San form. Why?"

    Demoonica leaned over and whispered in his ear. Suddenly Sterlings face got very, very red. Demoonica nodded. "Yup, and I want to find the proud father." Kagome looked sad, she knew it was to good to be true. Her Inuyasha was in his Sama form, but at least Demoonica had tryed. "You know what? Give me your Dex number, this way I don't go looking all over creation for you again. Here mine's 2016."


    Zander awoke late in the morning with the sun already high in the sky. He had spent most of the night practiceing the power he had gained from the Subaru Sumeragi. His hands still tingled from the energy that had coursed within them hours earlier. It had been very late when he had at last been able to use the energy 'birds' to cut down small branches from the trees. If any of the ones Subaru had sent at him had hit, Zander was sure he would have been cut to ribbons. Looking at his hands Zander opened and closed them slowly. They felt stiff, as if his palms had been gashed open and were still healing. In a way they were. Not really gashed open, but healing from not being used to the energy.

    "No pain."

    He placed his hands to his sides pushing himself up. He wenced as pain shot threw his palms and up his arms. 'Pain, pain, pain...' The thoughts ran in circles in his head until he finished standing and let his hands drop lifelessly to his sides. 'I'm still to weak, I need a better way to train. Besides I don't like fights to the death, and thats what I'll be if I were to ever loose.'

    Zander slowly made his way over to the stream he had slept near. Sitting on the bank he cupped his hands and summerged them in the water. It was cool and helped with the pain from the energy burns. He splashed his face. Wipeing the water from his eyes he found himself looking down into large questioning green eyes. 'A Dragon!' It was about four foot long with silver scales over it’s body. A green mane went down it’s back and small horns grew from it’s head. It’s two long whip like whiskers floated on the waters surface. The small dragon blinked before transforming into a chibi Kohaku.

    "Wha!" Zander jerked backwards. The chibi watched him from the water, not moveing more than enough to stay afloat. His large green eyes still questioning, but what was the question?

    "You're not like us." He stated matter-of-factly. "You're not one of them." He swam over to the stream's edge and placed his arms crossed on the bank with his head on his arms. He watched Zander, never blinking like little kids only can. "You're strong..."

    "Kohaku? Smallest one where are you?" It was the voice of a Sama Kohaku and two or three younger voices. "Kohaku? Kohaku!"

    "I have to go..." The chibi transformed back into his dragon form. As he swam off to rejoin his family Zander heard him say, "Please return..... I like you." Then he was gone, like the water that rushed by.

    "If only all Bishi could be so open to seeing ones self as that little one does. Only the youngest of chibi's are so unable to hate, with eyes unclouded to see into peoples hearts." He told himself. Zander stood. 'No pain.' So gathering up his belongings Zander went on his way toward the next town. The town was at least a good three days walk from where he was.


    Zander walked into the Bishounen Gym and was met by a rush of cool air as it escaped to the outside. Behind the counter was a young woman reading a book. Zander walked over to her. She didn't look up, flipped the page of her book, and kept reading.


    Without looking up she said, "Welcome to the gym, if this is your first time here the Fighting Arena is to the left and the Training Area is to the right." At this point she blew a large pink bubble with her gum. She pointed at a stack of papers on the desk. "Please fill out the concent form if you wish to fight in the Arena."

    Zander blinked at her. "Umm, yeah well..."

    She looked up at him. "Look, it's like this buddy... oooh..." She stopped mid scentence. "I'm sorry, only bisnounen who are accompanied by their trainer are allowed to workout in the gym. Please return when he or she is with you." Then she went back to reading her book.

    "Sorry? Well I'm sorry too. I don't have a trainer, thank you very much. I was wondering if it was possable for me to try my luck anyway." He lowered himself so he was eye level with the sitting girl. Letting his eyes glow he added, "How about it?"

    Shakingly the girl pointed to the Fighting Arena. "No problem, sir. Go ahead in." She squeeked.

    "Thank you oh so much." Zander's words dripped with sarcasm. The girl just nodded. When his back was turned to her Zander just rolled his eyes. 'Humans are so easy to scare.' He pushed the door open to the Fighting Arena, it was empty. Turning around he marched into the Training Area. The girl finding her book even more entertaining than before kept her eyes glued to the pages as he passed the desk.

    'Wow' Thought the girl. 'When does a wild bishi not fear being caught? He must be very powerful.' A small smile appeared on her face and she add an after thought. 'And he's hot!' Finally she went back to actually reading her book.


    "Ne, ane-chan where are we going?" Kagome teased Demoonica. She had insisted on calling her that ever sense Sterling had called Demoonica ane, older sister.

    Demoonica glared at her bishoujo. "Can you please stop it with the whole 'older sister' thing, Kagome! You can call me Demoonica, Demoonica-chan, D-chan, I even will answer to just a plain 'hey you', anything but 'ane' because YOU are older than ME!"

    Kagome just giggled, it was fun to torment the girl. And torment her she did, for the last three days. Three days of wondering around in the woods without hide nor hair of there being any other bishi's around. Three days of warm summer nights, skys filled with stars, and not being alone. Three days of peace and quiet...

    "Deeemoonicaaaa!" Kagome suddenly found her trainer glomped to the ground by two other girls around her own age. One was the trainer from the day Demoonica had caught her, Nebula. She was accompanied by a girl with braided light brown hair. The two girls pulled Demoonica back to her feet. Each was holding out a bishi-ball.

    "Nova! Neb!" Demoonica hugged her friends. "You got bishi's, I'm so happy your both staying!"

    "It's a Heero! It's a Heero!! It's a Heero!!!" Was all Nova could chant as she bounced up and down.

    "And I found a Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!" Nebula added. She was nearly as happy as her twin sister.

    "Look at this." Demoonica pulled out Allen's bishi-ball and let him out. Nova and Nebula blinked at the newly arrived bishounen, then each took hold of an arm and place her head on his shoulder.

    "Ooooo. He's cute." Nova said taking his hair in her hands.

    "And what hair, look at his eyes, so lovely." Nebula continued. "Who is he? Where is he from? An' can I have him?"

    Demoonica sweatdropped at her friends. "His name is Allen Schezar. He's from Escaflowne. No, go find your own!" She pulled her bishi out from between her friends. "Would you like to stay out while my friends are here or would you rather hide?" She asked while fixing his hair. Seconds earlier Nova had been braiding his bangs.

    "My lady, I think I will be safe around your friends." He didn't look like he had even convenced himself of that.

    Demoonica nodded. "Okay, but if they get to oogle you, their letting their's out too. You heard me girls, all bishi out of their balls!"

    "Come on out Hee-chan!"

    "Yugi I choose you!"

    Soon both bishi were standing there looking confused, until..... *GLOMP* "Oi, Hee-chan!" Nova had glomped her Heero. He just stayed there, he looked like he was silently counting. He must have been golmped every time she had seen him.

    "Hello." Demoonica looked down to see the Yugi bishounen holding out his hand to her. 'He's short....' was the first thought that came to mind. Slowly she took his hand. "Hello, Yugi... San?" The 'San' was a question to Nebula.

    "No, Sama. He's just that short." Nebula replied. Yugi just turned a light shade of red. Finally they saw that Nova had let her Heero stand up, but she was still clinging to his arm like a lovesick schoolgirl.

    "Hey, how did you two find me?"

    "We weren't looking for you, just bishi. Then Nova heard your voice and Kagome's, Demoonica did you know you were yelling?" Now Demoonica blushed. "Who's been calling you sister?" Demoonica blushed brighter.

    "Aww, how cute." Nova added in from Heero's arm.

    "Just a young boy I met, Kagome won't let me live it down."

    "Is he cute?" Nebula asked.

    "He's barely into his teens, still a little kid. Kinda lost in this world yet, too."

    "Besides sister of mine, Demoonica has a thing for a certain long haired half bishi we all know!" Nova said happily. "Right, Demoonica?"

    Demoonica went from just blushing to fully red faced. Waving her hands infront of herself in a protective manner she said, "No, no. It's nothing like that, really girls....."

    "Yes sir, she's head over heels in love with the boy." Nova let go of her Heero to walk over to Demoonica, "Right?" She messed up Demoonica's hair. Demoonica swatted away Nova's hands. Around them both Nebula and Kagome were laughing, the three bishounen were clueless.

    "I don't know who you're talking about," Kagome told Nebula, "but I'll make sure to find out. Then bug her constantly about him." Both girls started laughing again and Nova joined in.


    "So where are you headed?" Demoonica asked the twins a few hours later as the entire group sat around the campfire eating Kagome's cooking. Heero and Yugi were very happy to have a good meal, apparently they had eaten only instant Ramen for the last day or so. Well you could tell Yugi was happy to have real food, (AN: Hey, Ramen IS real food.) Heero only looked slightly relieved if you could even tell. Kagome had already decided to teach all three trainers to cook starting with breakfast the next morning, Yugi had thanked her greatly and had been hit over the head. Heero had wisely said nothing.

    "Well from the map there's a small village south of here called Kolleny Town. A trainer we met said she had been there once, it's only just been finished. That people disappeared alot and there weren't many bishi around either. She left because she thought the area was cursed."

    "I think either the woman was a nutcase or trying to frighten us, although why would she want to frighten us is anybodys guess." The bishounen and bishoujo just looked at each other, then to thier trainers and went back to eating.

    "Wonder what that was about."

    "No clue."


    And the three girls returned to their meals also. "You never did say where you two were going."

    "Where else, away from places people tell spooky storys about!"

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    Although it wasn't far too Eutriv City the girls spent the most part of a week wondering the open woodlands. Kagome kept her promise to teach them all to cook, at least more than dropping Ramen Noodles into hot water. Allen and Heero trained together in the evenings while Yugi watched wide eyed.

    "Yugi's not much at fighting, but he keeps beating me at cards." Nebula noted one evening.

    All three girls made Kagome feel like she already had daughters, many times they would place their hands on her tummy to feel the baby moving. All were always so astounded, sitting very still, eyes chibified.

    One evening. Demoonica walked over to Nova's Heero, "Ne, Heero." She could tell he was glad she hadn't called him Hee-chan. "What are you always doing on the laptop?" She took a seat beside him.

    "Hn?" He turned the laptop computer around to show her. It was a diary, his diary of the days events. It went far back before Nova's capture of him, by the dates. He turned it back around to himself before she could read anything he had wrote.

    "Oh." Demoonica got up and walked away. Heero hit a button and returned to playing a Mech Fighting game, he had hacked the program to make his mech in the game look like Wing Zero.


    Upon arriving at Eutriv City the three trainers and one bishoujo were stopped at the city gates. The officer looked at them. "Sorry ladys, but to enter the city you need to confirm your trainer status. Can't be too careful about who we let into places. Dex please."

    They each handed them their Dex, Demoonica pulling Kagome through the gates with her. Handing back the last Dex the officer added, "Thank you, ladys. Welcome to Eutriv City. Sorry again for the inconvence."

    All three girls smiled and nodded a goodbye to the officer. When they were out of earshot of the officer Nova spoke, "That's weird, there was no check-in at Epoh City. Something weird is going on and I for one want to know what it is."

    "Maybe it's just for safety reasons, so no crazy people wander in and out of the place."

    "Please Demoonica, we're fangirls. How much crazier can you get?" And before Demoonica could say anything Nova added, "Besides fanboys that is."

    "Good point. Let's find a place to stay."


    Zander had found himself with an audiance within a few hours of the first day after entering the gym. Thankfully they were all newish trainers who didn't feel they had a chance in a fight. At the moment the place was empty and he kicked the bag before him again.

    *KICK* "Ichi..."

    *KICK* "Ni..."

    *KICK* "San..."

    *RIP!!!* The contents of the kicking bag spilled out onto the floor.

    Zander looked at the bag he had just started to kick for the one thousand and fourth time, in sets of twenty of course. It was because he could only count to twenty in Japanese and didn't want to count in American. Why?, was anyones guess.

    "Huh? These things are getting worse, the first one lasted past two thousand kicks."

    A Goku brought out another bag slung over his shoulder, "It's not that. Your getting stronger, I can feel your power rating. It's went up over the days." He hung the new bag up about ten feet away from the mess that had been the last bag. The Goku then went to sit by his trainer again, she was the girl at the front desk.

    'Power rating?' Zander shrugged and kicked the new kicking bag.

    *KICK* "Ichi..."


    "Hey, wooow. Look at him." A woman said to the girl behind the desk. The woman had long red hair that had been left straight with a bandana tied around her head. She was dressed in tight black leather pants, a black leather short sleeve top that laced all the way up the front leaving little guess work for her bust size, a hooded black cloak, and high-heeled black leather boots. Her fingernails were painted black also. "Who's he? Trainer? Bishi?"

    "Goku says he's a half-bishi, he has no trainer. Said to tell trainers that he'll fight a one on one battle if their willing." She took a sip of her soda. "Do us a favor, will ya? Ask him to battle in the Arena, I found out it's dangerous to go in there when he's training. It's as if he doesn't see you. We need to clean up the latest kicking bag he's killed."

    "Sure, I'm in need of some fun. Tell him Siren and her bishounen are willing to fight."

    "Okay......... Goku you go tell him." The girl pushed her bishi back toward the Training Area door. "I refuse to go in there."

    "Yes ma'am." Goku happly jogged over to Zander in the Training Area, they saw him jump with surprise when Goku tapped his shoulder. They watched as Goku delivered the message and Zander followed him back to the desk.

    "Goku tell's me this trainer want's to fight? Is that her?" Zander pointed to Siren. She had already walked out to the far side of the Fighting Arena.

    "That's her." Zander walked into the Arena.

    Siren called out to him as he entered, "So what kind of a battle are you looking for? Fighting? Magic?" She raised an eyebrow. "Beauty contest?"

    "How about Fighting, with weapons?"

    Siren smiled. "Can do, I choose Auron for this battle." She tossed one of a great many bishi-balls to the floor.

    After a flash of red light the older bishounen with greying hair was standing infront of his trainer. He was dressed in an ankle length red coat with belts on the sleaves, black pants with a gold stripe down the front of the legs, skin-tight black shirt, and was holding a gigantic two-handed sword. He looked at Zander then his trainer, "A half-breed?" His voice was rough, but showed wisdom.

    "He was asking for this, coming into a town." She said with a wave of her hand.

    "Okay." He nodded. "I will fight for my trainer, Siren."

    Zander drew his Gundanium sword. "And I fight on my own behalf."

    "Then...", Siren raised her hand, bringing it down quickly. "....begin! Auron show this little punk how to use a sword properly!"

    They lunged at each other, swords drawn, and met in the center with a clash. They fought, meeting each other swing for swing. Auron was strong, Zander quickly found out. Knowing this he went on the offence, dodging the swinging sword. Luckly he was faster than Auron.

    'Got to wear him down, the sword's large...' Zander dodged the sword again. ' it's slower to swing. I have to...' Auron swung his sword down in an arch planning to hit the half-bishi full force. 'THERE!' Zander jumped away from the swing letting its force pull the Auron slightly off balance.

    Swinging his own sword he caught the Auron on the right shoulder. The hit finished making him go off balance. He toppled to the ground holding his shoulder, sword loose in his hand.

    Zander followed the pull of his own sword turning with it to face Auron once again. 'Bingo.' "Ready to give up?"

    "Hardly." Auron stood up. Facing Zander he pushed his sunglasses back up. "I think I've played long enough, how about you kid?"

    "Kid?" Zander looked a bit shocked, then mad. This old excuse for a bishounen was insulting him even though he had been the only one to land a hit during the entire match.

    "You heard me, I thought Siren called me out here for a fight, not to babysit."

    Zander's brows furrowed together. "Shut up! What would you know? Your just a slave to a lousy human!" He pointed angerly at Siren with his sword. His eyes were glowing violently and even Siren could feel a cool dark energy fill the Arena. "They don't even feel! How could they care?"

    "I think you don't know what you talking about, kid."

    "Stop saying that!" Furious, Zander drew back his sword and ran at Auron. "I could have been on this world long before you!!!"

    Zander's sword came slashing down, he was aiming for Auron's neck. It never connected. Zander looked quite surprised when he watched his sword go clattering away from them, sliding acrossed the arena floor. 'NO. How?' Auron holding his sword only in his left hand turned it so he brought the handle back toward Zander first, letting its end hit Zander in the jaw. The force sent the half-bish flying backward and he landed on his back a few feet away.

    Zander lay there trying to regain his breath and his composure.

    "Do you give?" Auron asked slinging his sword up onto his shoulder, he winced as it hit the same place Zander had struck earlier. Zander didn't see this though. He was busy pulling himself up off the floor.

    "No way in hell." Zander said as he wiped a trickle of blood away from his nose.

    "You never will give up, will you?"


    "Fine, I didn't want to have to do this, but..." Auron lifted his sword. "Bushido blade attack... Dragon Fang!" It was all over as Auron's final attack sent Zander spiraling into darkness.

    "I think that's a win by knock out, don't you?" Siren asked walking out onto the floor to her bishounen. "Auron, did you really need to use your Bushido on him? I was having fun watching him fight."

    "I would have eventually lost had I not."

    "Indeed..." Siren raised an eyebrow looking down at Zander. He was coming around. Siren held out a bottle to him. "Here, drink this." Zander pushed the bottle away from his face.

    "I don't need your potions, or your sympathy. I'll be fine before I know it."

    "You have too much pride for someone who just lost. Or did you forget about your fight with my bishounen Auron?"

    "Bishounen? You don't mean the old guy, he can hardly be called a bishounen."

    Siren glared at Zander. "Too much pride, too little wisdom. Wisdom comes with expereance, experience is gained with time, with time comes age, but pride belongs to any fool. You see his age only, and see me as only another lousy human."

    "And why wouldn't I?"

    "You may have experience, but you need the wisdom that only comes with time." Siren stood. "C'mon Auron, we shall take our leave of this... boy. Here you need to drink this too." She handed her Auron the bottle Zander had refused and with that they left the Fighting Arena.


    "The Red Dragon Lodge is here and the Crescent Inn is on that street." Nebula pointed at the city map. "Here's the Gym. Over there is the Sakura no hana Hotel." Again she pointed to the locations on the map. "That sounds nice."

    Demoonica looked confused. "Sakura no hana? Translation please, I speak-a li~ttle Japanese." She held up her fingers about an inch apart.

    "Cheery Blossom." Kagome clarified. " It's called the Cheery Blossom Hotel. I agree it does sound nice." The trainers agreed, too.

    "I want to soak in a nice hot bath, no more washing in ice cold streams."

    "And I can't wait to wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner."

    "What are you two complaining about? I remember a set of twins that glomped ME to the cold, wet, ground. I'll never get the stains out of this white ~well it started out white~ shirt." Demoonica placed the back of her hand over her eyes, pretending she would faint from the thought of it. Adding a 'southern bell' voice to the act she continued. "Oh if only there were a place for poor little ol' me to rest!"

    By this time the others were laughing at her antics, and her bad southern accent. She blinked at the girls like she didn't know why they were in hysterics. "Why, what ever did I say?" She asked in the southern voice.

    "Nothing to fret your little head about miss Scarlet O'Hara!" Nova said getting behind Demoonica and pushing her the direction of the Sakura no hana Hotel. "We all just want to get there before you deside to talk until winter."

    The three girls continued the walk down the street. Demoonica giggled, "Well at least I didn't start rattling out the Gettysburg Address on you. You wouldn't have been able to move me then." They all just shook their heads sadly, and they had thought she was the sane one of the bunch.

    "Here we are..." Nebula started to say.

    "Face to face..." Demoonica sang. Nova, Nebula, and Kagome stared at her, lost as to why she was now singing. Demoonica stopped. "What haven't you ever seen the TV show 'Jonie Loves Chachi'?"

    The three shook their heads 'no'.

    "Yet you have seen 'Gone with the Wind'? Sheesh, that movie is way older..." Demoonica glanced around to see she was being triple glared at. "Okay, I'm shutting up now!"

    "Like I was saying, here we are..." Nebula looked at Demoonica. She stayed quiet. "The Sakura no hana Hotel." She waved to the door. "I think we've all stood out here long enough, and that Demoonica has been in the sun too long, so let's get our rooms."

    They entered the Hotel. It was nice inside with what else but a cheery blossom theme. The walls had been painted with scenes of cheery trees the flower petals floating on the wind.

    "Oooo, pretty."

    The man behind the counter looked up at the three would be guest. "Good day ladys, how may we accommodate you?"

    "Yes, we would like two rooms. They need to be large enough for our bishounen too. Umm could they be near each other?" Demoonica asked.

    "Of course, just a few questions first. Are you new trainers, that is how many bishounen..."


    "I thought he was never going to shut up!" Demoonica said tossing her backpack onto one of the beds in her room.

    "Same here, is everyone in this town so nosey?" Kagome sat down on the edge of the closest bed. "But it's still better than the woods."

    "Right." Demoonica grabbed a bishi-ball from her belt. "C'mon out Allen!" The bishounen appeared in a flash of red light.

    Looking around he said. "My Lady, I take it as we have made it to the next town?"

    "I take it as you still need to loosen up my young knight, please you don't have to call me 'M'lady'. It makes me feel old." She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pushed him down into a chair. She flipped on the TV. "Now welcome to the twenty-first century, watch some television. Any questions, ask Kagome. I'm taking a hot shower. Going to see if there's a teenager under all this dirt." With a wave she walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

    About that time Nova poked her head in the door. "This place is great! Where's Demoonica?"

    "Washing her body and clearing her head with a shower."

    "The rooms have personal bathrooms? Woo-hoo! Didn't see that." Nova looked over at Allen. He was holding the remote trying to change the channel off of a channel advertising the newest bishi-ball designs. "Is he okay?"

    "Here let me have it!" Kagome snatched the remote from Allen's hand and pushed the guide button. "Let's see what's on...Nope." Click. "Nope." Click. "I don't think so." Click. "Here's something, 'The Empress'. It's a movie based on an old Japanese legend." She handed the remote to Allen. "I think you'll like it, it's full of Samurai."

    "Look at the violent things you find on TV... Oooo battle." Kagome sweatdropped as Nova was drawn to the television.

    "It's like watching moths gather around a flame." Suddenly both Yugi and Heero wandered into the room.

    "Have you seen... Oh. Found her." Said the Yugi. "Nebula went to shower and told us to wait but..." Yugi shrugged.

    "Mm'hn." Heero nodded looking at the TV screen.

    Nova upon seeing her bishounen bounced over to them. "Hee-chan!" *GLOMP* One happy trainer in the arms of one over glomped bishounen. "Yea, he caught me!"

    "I always thought it was the other way around?" Kagome said raiseing an eyebrow. Everyone could actually see Heero blush. "Just picking on ya! Why not stay and watch the movie?"

    "Naw, that's okay." Nova said from the arms of her bishounen. "If we stay you'll never get rid of us until very, very late. Right Hee-chan?" At this Heero let go of his trainer letting Nova fall on her butt.

    "I think we should go back to our own room also, Nebula might worry about about me." Yugi stated.

    "Right!" Nova looked around. "Where's my Hee-chan?"

    "He already left."

    Springing up Nova left a dust trail toward her and Nebula's room. "Heeeeroooo!"

    Yugi and Kagome sighed. Then Yugi left too, but at a walk. "Heh, kids." She turned to Allen, he was watching the TV. "Just my luck, the ones you can talk to both decide to take showers." Kagome sat down on the bed and began watching the movie.

    The lack of the sound of running water told them when Demoonica had finished her shower. Slowly the bathroom door opened the tiniest bit, one of Demoonica's eyes appearing in the space. "Kagome, could you hand me the clothes capsule out of my backpack? It's in the left zipping pocket."

    "Forgot your clothes?" The single eye you could see nodded up and down. Her hand appeared from around the door. Finding the capsule Kagome handed it to Demoonica. "Your a baka you do know that right?"

    "Very much so. Thank You." Demoonica closed the door again. Nearly ten minutes later she finally emerged from the bathroom. "Tada! The cattapiller is now a butterfly!" She had changed into short, white, school uniform type skirt and a white sports bra, and that was it.

    "Shoulden't you put a shirt on?"

    "Oh do I have too? I want to see if Wufei's get nosebleeds as easy as they are said too."

    "I don't know about the Wufei's but if Allen turns any redder he'll get a sunburn." Kagome pointed at Allen who had turned around to see what all the talking was about.

    "Oopsie, sorry Allen!" Demoonica went back into the bathroom, when she exited again she had added a pink babydoll t-shirt to the small list of clothes she was wearing. "Better mother?" She asked Kagome.

    "Much, now you won't have crazy boys following us around town."

    "Aw, were's the fun in that?"

    Kagome ignored that one. "Let me take a shower, then we can wander around town. Allen when I'm finished you should shower too." Kagome dissapeared into the bathroom.

    "Will there be any hot water left by then M'lady?" He asked Demoonica.

    "Probably not, but you can always hope."


    An hour later Demoonica was walking down the street with both Kagome and Allan. "Ne Kagome what's going on over there?" Demoonica pointed to the crowd gathered in the main street.

    "Looks like a trainer battle... wonder why their out in the street. Want to go take a look?"

    "Sure, why not." Just as they got to the crowd a trainer came marching past them from out of the crowd. She looked very ticked off. The people diminished almost immediately, as though nothing had happened. "Aw, we missed the fight."

    "That's okay, there will be others. Let's go look around in the shops." Kagome said. So off to explore Eutriv City.

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    Demoonica waved goodbye to Nova and Nebula as she and the twins left town. "Keep in touch!" She yelled before turning to Kagome. "Ne, Kagome. This town was built in the heart of Gundam Wing territory right?"

    "Yes, I think so. Why?"

    Demoonica got little hearts in her eyes. "Because, I want a Heero and a Duo! You know what? I was told Chibi Quatre's look like little blonde kittens when they're curled up asleep."

    "De-moon-i-ca!" Kagome was tapping her foot.

    "I didn't say I wanted one, just what I heard." Demoonica said in her defence. Kagome sighed.

    "I don't get you. You can be so adult, then, click, two seconds later you're a seven year old."

    "Seven? No, I'm going to be sixteen forever." Demoonica started walking. "Come on, I said we would stay near town until the baby was born, not that we would stay IN town all that time."

    "Fine, I give up!" Kagome threw her arms up in frustration and stomped off into the woods. Demoonica pulled out her bishi-ball. Releasing Allen she followed Kagome into the woods.

    "Hey! Hildi slow down!"

    "But the town's right over here! Wai!" The Hildi ran straight into Demoonica. "Oh, gomen! Gomen!" Gildi held out her hand."Hey, it's a trainer!"

    Demoonica looked up from her place on the ground. "Why is it everytime I'm out here I end up in the dirt? I thought trainers glomped the bishi, not the other way around."

    "Hildi, Oh! A trainer!" Hildi's trainer stepped out of the woods. "Hello I'm Mahannie, we came from a town in the north." Mahannie held out her hand. "Here let me help you up. Hey who's the bishi-boy here." She pointed at Allen.

    "That's Allen and my Kagome's around here. HEY KAGOME!"

    "What?" Came the answer. "You don't have to yell, I was just over there." Kagome stepped out of the tree line right beside Demoonica.

    "Sorry." Demoonica looked at Mahannie. "I'm Demoonica and we started out at Epoh City."

    "Cool, so do you wan'a battle?"

    "Battle? Alright but it's my first battle." Demoonica turned to Allen. "Allen, first battle! We can do it!"

    "First battle eh? Okay..." She pulled out a bishi-ball. "Go, Ke-enshin!"

    The ball opened to reveal a young red-haired bishounen with lavender colored eyes.

    "Ke-enshin, ready to battle?"

    "That I am, miss Mahannie."


    (Sorry the fight is not written, it refused to let me write it... It never came out sounding right... that's one of the reasons this is so late.... that and I'm lazy so I went to the carnival.... when I should have wrote...)


    "We lost?" Mahannie looked shocked.

    Kenshin who now had a band aid across his nose added sadly, "That we did."

    Opening her wallet she handed Demoonica the money. "Sorry it's not that much but I'm kind'a new to training also."

    Demoonica shook her head, "Don't worry about the money. Thanks for the battleing experience, Allen is just out of his Chibi phase."

    "Really? So isn't my Hildi! She told me she evolved to get away from a Relena who always picked on her."

    "A Relena? Never heard of them not getting along with Hildis."

    "She said it was because I was a Duo becon, so I evolved and left." Hildi spoke up.

    "Well that wasn't nice then was it?" Demoonica asked.

    "No it wasn't. Mahannie can we get to town now, it's right over there." Hildi pointed to the city gates. "I want to see the sights, go shopping!" Hildi grabbed her trainer and began to pull her toward the gates. Mahannie only had time to return Kenshin to his ball and wave good-bye to Demoonica.

    "That was weird." Kagome said.

    "Very." Demoonica held up a bishi-ball. "Allen rest in your ball, that was a tough battle." Allen disappeared into his ball with a flash of red light.

    "So what are you planning to do?"

    "Rome around, hunt for bishis, you know the normal things."


    "I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU COULD READ THE MAP!" Kagome's voice rang out into what seemed to be endless woods.

    "I think we're not in an area on this map. Maybe an electronic map that updates when the Bishiworld changes would be better." Demoonica looked at the map in her hands turning it this way and that way.

    "You know that doesn't help." Kagome said giving up on yelling at her trainer. "We have walked for three solid days now without knowing where we are. We have to be near a town or city or something. I mean there can't be just more woods forever, can there?"

    "How should I know? I've been here what? Two weeks? No, it's been longer than that." Demoonica looked back down at the map. "A dot that says: 'You are here.' wouldn't hurt either."

    "Demoonica give up on the map." Kagome said taking the map. "BECAUSE WE'RE HOPELESSLY LOST!"

    "Ow, do you have to yell at me so loudly? I mean sheesh." Demoonica said rubbing her ears.

    "How could I have been caught by such a baka!" Kagome folded the map and handed it to Demoonica.

    "Well let's just go this way." Demoonica pushed back the bush in front of them that had been blocking their view. "I don't believe it..." Demoonica and Kagome both said at the same time.

    They were standing at the edge of the woods. A small village dotted the landscape that had opened up into a flat grasslands, low rolling hills in the distance. A low stone fence ran all the way around the village. From where they stood only a few people could be seen.

    "Where in the world are we? If I didn't know better I'd say we just walked out of the Bishiworld and into the Irish country side."

    "We're still in the Bishiworld." Kagome said. "See that's not a human, it's a Ranma bishounen. I think we found one of the smaller communitys. See there's a sign post over there."

    They walked over to the sign.

    "Kolleny Town. Why does that sound familar?"

    "I don't know, but it does. Doesn't it?"

    "Let's go check it out." They weren't stopped at the gates as they had been at Eutriv City. Only two or three trainers were on the streets. One of them was the trainer of the Ranma who had been carrying a pail of water. Said water had some how gotten dumped on the Ranma bishounen who was now an angry, wet Ranma bishoujo.

    Demoonica pulled out her bishidex. "Identify Bishi." She told it.

    "Ranma. A bishi that counts as both a bishounen and a bishoujo. In truth a Ranma being male is most often caught by female trainers or male trainers who are unaware of a Ranma bishoujo's true form."

    Demoonica giggled. "I bet they're surprised when they find that out."

    "Hey, look it's a store. You need to restock our foodstuffs."

    They entered the store. It was empty of people save the female clerk and a small fox-demon bishounen sitting on the counter.

    "Oh hi!" She seemed very happy to have a person in the store. "It's not very often we get new trainers this far south. Bishi don't stay out in the open for long amounts of time, so the town isn't growing fast like the ones farther north in the forrested areas."

    The Shippo hopped down off the counter and ran over to them. "Kagome!" He bounced up and down at her feet.

    Demoonica looked at the three foot tall bishounen. "Is that really a Shippo? He's only half this big in the show." Indeed the bishi looked about the age of nine or so, if he were a human child.

    Kagome patted the kitsune on the head. "That's because the Shippo from the show is the chibi form in this world. If they stayed that size you would never be allowed to catch them."

    "Makes since, I keep forgetting you're not always the same as what I've seen on the shows. So you're in your San form then?" Demoonica asked the small bishounen.

    "Uh-hu." Shippo nodded. He was holding onto Kagome's coat sleeve while looking at the trainer.

    "Shippo, you don't have to be afraid of the trainers." Said the clerk. "Forgive his shyness, he doesn't see many new people. C'mon Shippo, let them shop." She patted the counter top. He bounded back over to it quickly.


    Quite some time later they walked out of the shop with a lighter wallet and a heavier backpack.

    "Well prices are lower in small towns huh?"

    "Sure are, look at this." Demoonica pulled out a small metal box, it was nearly flat, and placed it neatly into her bishidex. She flipped open the dex and brought up a random bishi. (It was Serena from Sailor Moon if anyone wants to know.)

    "Show bishi forms." She commanded the dex. Above the metal surface a 3D image of a Sama Serena appeared. "Previous forms." The form shifted to the bishoujo's San form then to the Chibi form. Demoonica closed her dex. "It's a 3D cube for studying bishi in the forms we see them, not a flat picture. That can be very helpful, do you know how different something looks when you can walk around it?"

    Kagome nodded. "What else did you get?"

    "Well I restocked the fridge, grabbed some bishi-balls and some other things we were running low on, the 3D holo cube, bishi medicine for after battles, and this!" Demoonica pulled out two metal tubes about a foot long and half an inch wide each.

    "What is that thing?"

    "Exactly what I wanted. An electronic map!" Demoonica pulled the two metal tubes away from each other revealing a clear screen. At the time it showed a world view of the single huge continent. There was a blinking green dot near the bottom. Demoonica touched it and the map zoomed in closer. The names of things started appearing, Kolleny Town was blinking green dot now. Demoonica touched the dot again. This time a map of the town came up, the green blinking dot now read 'You are here.' "And it even updates to show how the bishiworld grows. It also has a bishidex locator, input the trainers bishidex phone number and a dot with the persons name appears on the screen and follows their movements so you can find your friends at any time! The dots stay too, so you only need to enter the number once."

    "Why don't they give those to newbies?"

    "That would get expensive quickly."

    "And what they give them now doesn't?"

    Demoonica opened her mouth to answer but stopped before making a sound. Finally she said, "Okay, you got me there. The girl at the counter said this was the first store to get them though so..." Demoonica shruged.


    "You know what?" Demoonica asked her bishis. "It's nice here."

    Demoonica fell back onto the soft grass covering the slopeing hill. She placed her hands behind her head looking up at the sky. Kagome and Allen sat to each side of her. They had stayed in town only over night and had left earlyer that morning.

    "It really is, you know. The Bishiworld is so beautiful here. More of the people get along, and the bishi's too. There's no pollution, no over-crowding, and I haven't been afraid to go walking outside at night. This place is perfect."

    "I guess you're right, we were born here so the world is normal to us." Kagome said looking out over the area. A slight breeze made the long grasses wave to and fro.

    Demoonica sat up. "How about you? What do you think Allen."

    "That M'lady speaks the truth, our world is quite remarkable and very beautiful."

    "Yeah." Demoonica nodded to the tall swaying grass near the bottom of the hill. "Is it me or do you feel we're being watched, too?"

    "Why?" The two bishi asked.

    "The grass down there is swaying by itself, against the wind. C'mon let's get closer, but act like you don't notice anything." Stretching, Demoonica got up. With Allen's help they got Kagome to her feet.

    "I feel like such a cow needing help up like that." She said as the trio started walking down the hill.

    "It's okay to need a helping hand Kagome. You've added at least ten pounds around your middle in six months, right? Your balance is off." Demoonica continued to walk towards the tall grass. "Have you wondered about the baby's gender? Are you hopeing for a girl or a boy?"

    "I'll be happy as long as the baby's healthy, but I do wonder about it's gender." By now they were standing at the edge of the tall grass.

    "Jeeze, how does grass grow this tall? I'm so short I get lost in a crowded hallway and I have to walk into ten foot tall grass that probably gos on forever!" While she complained Demoonica shifted her hand to an empty bishi-ball. Demoonica sighed. "Whatever, let's just try to get threw it fast."

    They stepped into the grass, once into the swaying mess you could see paths where someone had recently walked. The grass straight ahead suddenly russled and Demoonica saw a flash of red. Without hesitating she threw the ball she had been holding.

    A loud shout of surprise and the red light signaling a bishi being pulled into a ball told Demoonica everything. She ran forward to see the bishi-ball bouncing around like a ping-pong ball.

    "I think whoever that is, isn't very happy at all."

    As if giving up on cue the ball stopped bouncing midair, dropped to the ground, and rolled to a stop at Demoonica's feet.

    "Why do I dread picking that up now?" She shrugged and picked up the ball. Turning around she walked out of the tall grass. "Now that I can see what I'm doing, bishi-ball go!"

    After the flash of light disappeared she could see a bishounen glareing back at her. He had red hair that came down in waves to about mid back, sea green eyes, and he didn't look too happy. He was wearing what could best be called a toga of faded black cloth. It was mid-thigh in lenght.

    "Marou." Spoke the bishidex from her pocket. Demoonica pulled out the Dex. "This bishounen is rarely seen in crowded areas, perfering to have underlings do the work. Rarely caught when they know they're being tracked they usually break out of the ball thrown at them. Trainers should be warry of trying to catch this bishounen, they by nature see humans as pest. It is recommended that trainers be experienced in training before attempting to capture one. Marou's who gain great dark power are able to transform into a god like demon known as Kokaga no miko."

    Demoonica looked at her bishidex. "Oh what a lovely ray of sunshine that is." She looked back at the bishounen. "Marou, huh."

    "Don't Marou me, human." There was no spite in his voice, but it was very cold. "And if you value your life I would break that ball and then run, fast."

    "I don't think so. I break this ball and you're free. I keep this ball and you have no other choice than to grin and take it like a man."

    "I will not!" Marou made a grab for the bishi-ball in Demoonica's hand. She stumbled backward, falling, her newest bishounen with her. "Give me that ball!"

    "Normaly I'd like this situation, but you're trying to KILL me! Get off!" Demoonica pushed against Marou with both her hands, bishi-ball still clasped in one. He pulled the ball free from her hand as he was pushed back away from Demoonica.

    "Now to break this thing and leave." The Marou started to break open the bishi-ball only to get a nasty shock from it. He dropped the ball. Demoonica picked it back up.

    "What do you know?" She smiled at the bishounen who at the time was rubbing his hand. "It's tamper proof."


    Zander walked down the hall to a door marked: Lounge. He entered the room and found himself a cup for coffie. "Sugar." He opened a cabnet and the next before finding the sugar. He had to admit this was quite a nice gym. From where he was sitting he could see into the Battle Arena, the windows glass having been magicly made so that no attacks would break it. Streaching, he finished his coffie.

    'It's getting boring here though.' He thought. The arena was empty once again, Zander haveing fought against two younger trainers earlyer that morning. He had won ofcorse. He would however have to remember that most Final Fantasy bishi got stronger after being hit a few times, then weakened. His battle with Siren's Auron was still fresh in his mind. 'Maybe I should train in the Final Fantasy territorys for a while, just to get away from all these human trainers.'

    So it was that Zander walked out of the town later that day. He didn't know where he was headed exactly, territory boundrys were secrets that most would not tell. With just the general direction and the noledge that a river served as part of the FFX boundry.

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    Zander had walked for what seemed forever, there had been no trainers, no bishi, no anything for a long time now. He was lost in thought. 'Where are all the trainers hollering "Oooo DUO!!!"? Where are the bishi looking to skin me alive?' Zander looked around himself. 'Eh, where's the path?' And he was just plain lost.

    "Alone. Alone and lonely. Alone, lonely and sad. I like you, but are you always so sad?" Zander found that he was in the company of the young Kohaku from the river. "Anger. Anger that is deep within you. That is not what it takes."

    This child was wierd. "Stop talking in riddles, kid."

    "You are lost. I can help you find what you do not know you are looking for." The chibi took Zanders hand.

    Zander walked with him, not sure why he trusted the child. 'Because, he sees you with eyes unclouded.' His mind told him. 'But what does that mean?'

    "I know you are not like the others. Not human, not bishounen, not demon. You are all of them, but you are not one of them. You are alone in this world and that makes you lonely. You do not want to be alone. That makes you sad. Are you always so sad?"

    "If you're so good at reading me, if I'm such an open book, then tell me why am I angry?" Zander placed his free hand on his hip.

    "You're angry because life was not fair to you, and the bishounen are not fair to you, and the humans are not fair to you. For all that you are angry." Kohaku thought for a second then continued to speak. "That is the outer anger. This is what many see. Your anger goes deeper than being an outcast. You are angry for being born, for being the only one to live. You want to know why, why you were the one chosen to live. You are angry because you were cast out in the world by your mother, little more than a baby, to fend for yourself. You grew up with the knowledge of how you came to be, but not why you were."

    "Can you answer that one then?" Zander had stopped walking by now and stood looking at the chibi.

    "Why you are here? That I cannot tell you because I do not know."

    "And what do you mean by you can help me find what I do not know I am looking for? If I don't know what I'm looking for how could you?"

    "Your heart knows. That is why anger is not the way to what you want." The chibi Kohaku started to walk again pulling Zander along with him.

    "And what is it I'm looking for, what is it I want?"

    "You are looking for revenge, and you want to be loved and accepted. You have been alone so long that you do not see what is right infront of you."

    "What's that supose to mean?"

    "Here we are."

    Zander looked around, they were on the path exiting the woods. Before them open land stretched as far as the eye could see. Tall grass blew gently in the early summer breeze. The sky was bright blue and fluffy white clouds dotted it. There was nothing but the endless meadows before him.

    "Where are we?" Zander asked, but when he turned around the chibi Kohaku was gone. He was all alone, again. 'This place seems... like I know it... Have I been here before?'


    "I hate you. You do know that, right?" Marou sat in the tree above Demoonica, Kagome, and Allen. They had stopped midday for lunch.

    "I know." Demoonica smiled up at him. "You hungry? I'll even be nice and make you a sandwitch."

    "No sandwitch... and I highly doubt you would let me go kill myself something."

    "Something? Something like what?"

    "Fine. You know someone should find out the reason why trainers never give up when they want info." Marou disappeared from the branch he had been seatted on and reappeared behind Demoonica.

    "You know what? I don't think I'll ever get used to you being able to teleport like that."

    Pulling the bishidex from her pocket he handed it to her saying, "Read the more detailed description."

    Demoonica started fiddleing with the dex.

    "Forget it, it's quicker just to tell you." 'And more fun.' He added mentally. Marou moved closer to her, until he was right behind her. Moving her hair out of the way he leaned over her shoulder so that he was whispering into her ear. "Of course you could always supply me with what I disire. Though..." He paused to run his fingers lightly down the back of her neck. She shivered uncontiously, partly from his touch and partly from his words. " wouldn't live threw the expereance."

    Regaining her composer Demoonica turned to face her newest and most annoying bishounen. She was still blushing though. "Have you ever heard of 'hands to yourself'? Learn it well or the next time you do that..." She pushed his hand towards him. "'ll lose the body part that's touching me."

    Marou just smirked. God did Demoonica hate that smirk. It meant he was up to something, it had only been a few days since his capture, but she knew. "I take it that's a 'no' to my offer." He very nearly purred.

    "Okay, cool it!" Kagome grabbed Marou by the ear and pulled him away from Demoonica. "You sit there." She placed him beside Allen sitting on the ground. "You should learn some respect."

    "For a little human?" Marou laughed at the thought. "Or perhaps for her as a trainer? You don't even do that..."

    "Shut up!" *SLAP!* Kagome was very ticked off. "You should respect her as a woman!"

    At this time Allen was scooting away, fearful that Kagome's rath might befall him next. Marou growled. No one tret him like this. "I'll treat her however I wish!" He stood up to gare down at Kagome.

    "You will not! She's not just my trainer she's my friend! I feel awful that she's being degrated by a heartless inhuman basterd like you!" Kagome poked him in the chest as she spoke. "She's a nice person! Maybe she is a little flaky and we do argue, but the way you've acted towards her from the begining is sickening! Have you no morals!?!"

    By now Allen was hideing behind Demoonica, she herself looked like she wanted to hide under a rock. Quietly she said to Allen, "Remind me to not get Kagome really angry for the rest of this pregnancy. I DO NOT feel like dieing."

    Allen nodded. "I feel the same way m'lady."

    Marou crossed his arms infront of his chest. Bending down slightly to look Kagome in the face he said, "No." The slight anger that had been in his vioce was gone, the tone was again cold and told them he was finished with the conversation (argument). He turned then and just walked away.

    "How dare you walk away from me! Come back here and finish what was started!!!" Kagome yelled. Demoonica then took the chance to place a hand on her bishoujo's showlder.

    "He's not worth the effort Kagome. Just let it drop."

    Kagome was still fumeing mad, but nodded to her trainer. "Fine Demoonica. He's such a jerk though."

    "I was thinking more along the lines of him being a blood sucking demon, well he is.... well kind of.... you know what I mean." Demoonica looked at Kagome. "He just about admitted to being a cold blooded killer, right?" Demoonica was looking slightly sick. "He EATS humans! I think I'm going to be sick!"

    "I'll be right there with you." Kagome said looking a little green. Allen looked discusted but not sickened.



    A strange women of great beauty walked silently threw the forest. Her long raven black hair flowing behind her like a cape, her dark colbalt blue eyes unfocused yet seeing everything. She wore a simple black dress made of silk that made her pale ivory white skin seem blindingly bright. Her feet were bare and she wore no other things. No bishi belt was at her waist. No backpack did she cary. No company did she keep.

    Her name was Avioc Malii, in her races toung it ment Heaven's Menace. This was not her world that she walked in. No. She had came here from her ancient home. She did not look it, but she was growing old. Her kind did not age past the beauty of their youth though. Yet there were fewer and fewer of her kind, the blood had become weak. Births had been rare and she went to find a mate, one not of her kind. Many mates did she find on this world. Cuplings had been easy, though flawed. Each mate she took died after conseveing a child with her, their souls being taken to create the new life. It was not to be, all but one of her offspring had died.

    He would have to be her heir, to do so he would need to be filled with anger and hatered. He was weak though when compared to the young she had lost. A frail child of the great beauty her race was known for, even though his resimblence was of his father. Frail. He bore no known powers yet a cool dark energy always flowed from him. This she did not understand, for she knew not what it was. Beautiful. With his chestnut brown hair with its golden highlights and his eyes of violet wine.

    He was a loving child, one who was too kind to claim his birthright from her people. He would have to rule with fear to save them from their demise. He was the first of a new type of her race, she knew he held great potentel if only she could make his heart cold, uncaring, hardened until he nolonger cared for anything but his life. To do this she left him, leaving him crying where he stood. She did not look back, to her he was to be dead until the day he came into his adulthood.

    She left him with his name, Alexander Maxwell, and placed the seed of hatred for his parentage, telling him how he had came to be. She had been quite luwd with that decription, if she remembered correctly, when she had told the young child.

    That had been little over sixteen years earlyer, her time was running out. Her son had yet to become what he was to be. Why! WHy!! WHY!!! He should be a killer by now, bathed in blood daily. Why had he not killed? How could he servive in this world without killing to stay alive? Was he still alive? He had to be, she could feel him in a way. She could feel his cool dark energy

    "My dear son, it cannot be much longer until you realize what you truly are." She said to the empty woods around her.


    "Hello! You can't just leave me here!" Zander called. It didn't help though. No one was nearby to hear him. "Great, just great. I'm was lost in the woods now I'm lost in the open. He, that kid, told me to go this way. What for? 'To find what I do not know I'm looking for.' That's what he tells me."

    Zander scanned the seamingly never ending fields. "Didn't even tell me what way to go either."

    Giving up ranting to himself Zander just started walking forward.


    "Who said you could pick the way!?!" Demoonica yelled at Marou, who not only walked away from her, Allen, and Kagome, but who had now walked far away from the groups resting spot under the shade of a large Oak tree.

    "That's it you psycotic redhead!" Demoonica pulled out Marou's bishi-ball. "Get back here right now!" A red line of light shot out from the bishi-ball striking and surounding Marou, then returned. Marou was now in his ball. "I really fell bad about doing that, but I couldn't stand it anylonger." Sighing Demoonica looked at Allen and Kagome. "You believe me right?"

    "If I were you it would have happened long before now." Kagome said. Allen nodded.

    Demoonica frowned then shook her head, a small smile on her face. "Liers."

    Kagome laughed. "If I could have done that to Inuyasha I would have. He was always wandering off to who knows where!"

    It was just then that they spotted someone walking towards them. Whoever it was, was still to far away to tell, although the person had long hair. Demoonica strained her eyes to capture more details. The *person* had brown hair, pulled back into a loose ponytail, and they were dressed in mostly black.

    "I think it's a guy, m'lady." Allen said. "Perhaps another bishounen?"

    "I he was a bishounen he'd be crazy to be walking straight for us." Kagome told him.

    When he was closer Demoonica let out gasp.

    "What is it Demoonica? You know him or something?" Kagome asked, her attention being drawn to the lone figure.

    "Well... 'yes' and 'no'. Remember that guy Nova and Nebula were picking on me about? Well that's him. Zander."

    "The half-bishounen one?"

    "One and the same, but I haven't really met him. He just sort of coldly *nearly* ran me over the day I arrived here."

    "Oh." Was all Kagome could think to say.

    "That was not a polite thing to do to a lady." Allen commented.

    Demoonica laughed. "He was having a rather bad day from what I heard, Allen. Alot of newbies were throwing balls at him that week, it's the Duo in him."

    Allen looked curiously at the half-bishounen who was now near enough to see clearly. "Were they hitting him with them?"

    "From the way he was telling it, he was getting brused by them."

    Allen nodded. "That is interesting."

    "What is intereasting?"

    "That he was immune to the power of the bishi-balls. Sure bishounen and bishoujo can break out of a ball thrown at them, but they're still pulled inside of it for a short amount of time. If they were bruseing him then the ball was making a harder hit than normal."

    "I never thought of that."

    "Well here's your chance." Kagome interrupted pointing at Zander who had finally noticed he wasn't alone. He must have been deep in thought. He also looked ready to either run or attack at the first chance he got, his hand resting on the handle of a sword. His eyes darted from Kagome to Allen and finally to Demoonica, where they rested. His eyes narrowed into a glare and he frowned slightly making it look more like a pout.

    Demoonica felt her heart beat a little faster and a small blush rise in her cheeks. 'Cool it, down girl.' She told herself. 'He is not a Duo. He is not a Duo. He is not a Duo. He is not...' She repeated over and over in her mind. ~He's part Duo.~ Said another part of her mind. 'Shut up!' She told that part. ~Touchy!~

    Demoonica didn't notice that she had been silent a bit longer than would be normal. "Demoonica? Are you okay?" Kagome asked her trainer as she shook Demoonica's shoulder lightly.

    "Huh? What?" Demoonica blinked looking now at Kagome.

    "I think he waiting to see what we're going to do." Allen looked at Demoonica. "You are our trainer, m'lady."

    "And don't act like a baka!" Kagome said then pushed Demoonica forward a few steps. They all saw Zanders grip on the sword tighten.

    "Umm... Hi." Demoonica called.

    "Oh she is so stupid." Kagome said as she rubbed the timples of her head.


    Zander walked on lost deep in his own thoughts. It was not until he heard the voices of people talking that he noticed the group of three people... no, make that two bishi and their trainer. They were no more than fifty feet away. He quickly readied his sword, but did not draw it. He looked at the trio, finaly letting his gaze rest on the trainer. He frowned at her and glared, daring her to reach for one of those darn forsaken balls.

    Her reaction was not entirerly what he had expected. Even from this distance he could see her slight blush, but she didn't reach for a ball and she didn't do one of those very highly annoying 'DUO!' squeels he had grown accustomed to hearing. She just stood there, staring blankly. She finally made a move when one of her bishi - a bishoujo to be correct shook her. A few words were passed among the three, then the trainers bishoujo pushed her in Zander's direction.

    'Okay. Now comes the ball.' Zander tightened the grip on his sword, but again the ball didn't come flying. Then he heard the trainer call out to him.

    "Umm... Hi."

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    "Umm... Hi."

    "What, what did you say?" Zander blinked is surprise at the female trainer.

    Feeling slightly bolder now that he had really answered her, well sort of, Demoonica repeated her word. "I said 'hi'. Don't you remember me? I walked into the Orientation Building when you were... umm... ranting about newbies throwing balls at you."

    Zander shook his head. "That's nearly a dayly happening when I'm near a town. Also I don't remember you. I don't really pay enough attention to humans to tell them apart."

    "Oh, sorry." Demoonica looked at her feet, then glanced back at Kagome. She was tapping her foot with a 'GO FOR IT!' look on her face. "I won't try to catch you." She mummbled.

    Zander stood there.

    He looked at her.

    He let go of his sword.

    "But if you try anything I won't stop to think about what I do. Got it human trainer?"

    Demoonica smiled. "Got it."

    Zander neared them, still feeling stupid for walking into this. 'To find what you do not know you're looking for.' The words echoed in Zanders mind. A quick movement by the trainer made him bolt back away from her a few steps. He look at her outstretched hand. It didn't contain a bishi-ball. It was open, palm slightly tilted up. 'A handshake.'

    "I'm Demoonica Darkmoon." The trainer said. He still just looked at her hand. "I've never been known to bite."

    Zander heard the bishounen stifle a laugh and the bishoujo sigh. Slowly he took her hand. "Alexander Maxwell. Please call me Zander though." His voice was quieter, softer, as if he was unsure of how to talk to someone.

    "Demoonica then, and these two are Allen Schezar and Kagome. Marou...", she pointed to a bishi-ball, " *resting* at the moment."

    Kagome and Allen then also greeted him. Zander nodded his hello. He was not use to bishi being friendly to him.


    Avioc Malii felt it then, a subtle shift in the cool dark energy around her son. It was pulling at him, pulling him away from the destany she had set into motion. What or who had intervened? What event could have happened to change the future she had forseen?

    Her race lived a long life, but they were not immortal. Her time left was short. She could not allow this to happen, whatever it was that was happening.

    Avioc Malii closed her eyes. She let calm darkness take her. Flowing out, out of this time. Forward. Forward to the future that was now in motion. Coldness, she felt herself shiver. There now she could see it...

    Zander lay on the ground. The ground, it was wet... Flowing red mixed with dirt... Blood. It was pooling around her son. So beautiful had he grown. He was dieing... How? But how? There were others with him. Both humans and bish...

    How had it came to this?

    Earlier, she must dive deeper...

    There she stood, Avioc Malii, staring at herself. He stood before her enveloped in his anger. His anger for her. He was not alone... he should have been. There! There was where the cool dark energy was being pulled to... A girl. A human girl. His two destinys were tearing at him, pulling at him from complete opposites.

    She saw the events unfold. Power. A great power came to them taking from her... taking her life. It could not be. The power it was channeled threw her son.... the girl! The girl had something to do with this!

    She could hear him calling out to her, to that girl, but the words she could not understand them. The girl was frightened and stood where she was. The power that had been around them both suddenly learched away from the girl, back into her son, then on into her future self. It killed them both. Avioc Malii stood there looking stunned, the energy that had connected them rejected the human girl when she rejected what her son had said to her.

    What was it the girl had rejected? Why would one small answer change everything so horrorably? Avioc felt the pull of being returned to her own time. She had watched too long and her powers where weakening, her time was short, she did not know what to do about this change. She didn't even know what had changed the events...

    Avioc Malii opened her eyes. The future she had just seen was the worst thing imaginable. Both she and her son, dead, because of one little human girl?


    Later that evening they all (minus Marou) were sitting around the campfire. Zander had talked little to any one of them and only then to answer a question with the shortest answer possible. He didn't like answering the questions about himself at all, normally he stopped talking when asked.

    Suddenly a bowl found itself being waved infront of his face. Zander looked up. 'Oh it's her.' Demoonica held the bowl out to him again.

    "Sorry, no free hands." Indeed, she was holding her own dinner with her other hand. "You are hungry?"

    Zander nodded taking the bowl. 'Hn, white rice.'

    Demoonica must have seen the 'dislike' wrote all over his face. "There are other things to go with it. I just didn't know what you like." Demoonica looked down into her own bowl, it didn't have that much rice in it. "I don't like the stuff that much either if you want to know the truth, but it's *okay* with other things."

    Demoonica moved away and sat down back near the campfire. She, Kagome, and Allen talked quietly, mostly about the child that would be arriving soon. 'She treats them more like friends than... well.' Zander sighed. Humans were strange creatures. 'She's treating me as if I were one of her friends too.'

    Zander moved over next to them, fixing the rest of his plate. (Well bowl as it happens to be.) While he didn't join into the conversation, he didn't wander back away from them either. He sat there quietly listening to them. Somehow he felt more comfortable around them than he had earlier that day.


    Demoonica sighed and stretched out, it was early the next morning. The sun was just starting to rise. Demoonica rolled over looking toward the rising sun. The glimmer of chestnut hair with its honey blond and strawberry red highlights suddenly drew her attention to the sleeping form a few feet away from her.

    Zander was still asleep, laying flat on his back. His hair, that had been what caught Demoonica's attention in the first place, was loose flowing all around him like a silken sheet. His eyes were closed, eyelashes resting lightly on his cheeks. Demoonica let her eyes follow the smooth skin down to where his lips were, they were parted slightly in his sleep. The sun's early rays covered the entire area with a golden light making the half-bishounen look as if he were glowing.

    'I will not glomp him!!!' Demoonica yelled in her mind. 'No matter how sweet he looks...' Even in her mind that sounded half-hearted. She shook her head. 'What are you doing to me?' She could feel the heat in her cheeks from the strong blush across her face. Sighing Demoonica rolled back onto her back, pulling her eyes away from what was starting to become a distraction.

    She looked over to Kagome who was closest to her. 'Still sleeping thankfully.' Her eyes shifted to Allen. 'Both of them.'

    A slight shifting noise brought her attention back to Zander. Her eyes widened. His shifting had made his cover move lower exposing his neck and bare shoulder.

    'I will not just lay here looking at him...' Demoonica told herself even as her eyes roamed over the newly exposed flesh. 'The gods of this world must love me and hate me all at the same time...' Demoonica let out a groan, half annoyance half frustration. 'And I'm falling for him hard and fast...'

    "You awake?" Whispered Kagome sleepily.

    "Yeah." Demoonica whispered back.

    "Are you okay? I thought I heard you moan."

    'It was not a moan!' Demoonica thought quickly. "I must have just been waking up." She told Kagome. "That's all."

    Kagome nodded and sat up. "It's early, why are you awake?" She yawned.

    "The sun was shining in my eyes." Demoonica answered truthfully. The sun was rising higher now, the golden glow that had been everywhere had disappeared as early morning turned into just morning.


    Soon as the two males had awakened and breakfast was over, Demoonica found Zander braiding his long hair.

    "That looks like it takes awhile, sure we will be moving before noon?" She joked.

    Zander just looked up at her for a second then continued to braid his hair. "Not really." He answered slowly.

    'Not really? Not really what?' "I was joking you know." Zander just looked up at her again. "So, it doesn't take forever or we will be here all day?"

    "I'm almost finished." Zander stood up. Looking around for something to pin his hair up with, Zander finally spotted the pair of chopsticks that were sticking out of Demoonica's backpack. He snatched them up, and before the brown eyed trainer could voice a complaint, twisted his braid into a bun and pushed the chopsticks through it to hold it in place.

    Demoonica sighed and rolled her eyes. "Chopsticks were made to be eating utensils, not hair accessories, you do know that right?" Of course in her mind she was screaming 'KAWAII!!!'

    "It keeps it out of the way."

    "Ever thought of cutting it?" 'Please say no. Please say no.'



    "But the thought of doing that feels... wrong."

    'Thank the gods.' "Oh, well just remind me to use a new set of chopsticks then would you?"

    Zander shrugged. "No problem."

    "You two just going to stand there all day talking or what?" Kagome called. She and Allen had finished all the small things left to do in camp.

    "Sorry Kagome." Demoonica pointed at Zander. "You know how much he *loves* to talk." She joked.

    "Yeah right, you're probably talking his ear off and not letting him get a word in edgewise."

    "Who me?

    "Yes you, now lets get a move on. If I remember right Marou kept us from making too much distance yesterday."

    At the mention of his name one of the bishi-balls on Demoonica shook a little. In a flash of red light the redheaded bishounen appeared. (Like Misty's Pysduck from Pokemon, as in he came out of his ball of his own free will.) He didn't look too happy, yet again.

    "That was totally uncalled for human... who the Hell is he?" Marou had noticed Zander. "He's a halfbreed, unusual."

    "He's no stanger than you are, and a whole lot more pleasent! Zander this is my other bishounen Marou." Demoonica then walked past them following Kagome and Allen who were a little ahead of them. "Hey Kagome let's keep an eye on Marou, he may not be happy about Zander hanging around." Demoonica said as she caught up with the bishoujo. "And do you know what he ment by saying 'unusual'?"

    Kagome looked a little nervous, shifted her weight from one foot to the other and looked away. "Well... he... he... it's just that Zander hasn't acted in a way that most of the half's do."

    "Meaning.... what?" Demoonica looked at her bishoujo unable to understand her meaning.

    "He's acting quite sane." Kagome left it at that. She wouldn't answer any other of Demoonica's questions as the trainer tried to pry further.

    'Why won't she tell me? What won't she tell me?' Demoonica wondered. 'Is there something going on around here that I don't know about?' Demoonica pushed the questions out of her mind, if she was meant to find out then she would find out, even if that meant she had to wait a very long time. She trusted Kagome and sometimes secrets were better left secret...

    "I don't like him." Came Marou's voice from right beside her.

    "Aaa! Don't scare me like that, you redheaded terror!"

    "Something's different about him... very strange indeed."

    Demoonica looked back at Zander who was far behind the group, well far enough not to hear what was being said. She looked back to Marou. "I see nothing wrong with him. What? Are you *afraid* of him?" She asked slyly.

    "Humph." Marou frowned.

    "Woohoo speechless! Kagome mark this day on a calender!" Demoonica cheered. Kagome giggled at her trainer's antics.

    So the day continued like the days before it had and the days after it would. They headed east towards the the rising sun. The fields of grasses turned less rolling hill and more open flatland, they crossed a small quick running stream sometime after lunch.

    "Was Kolleny Town the last stop this far south or something?" Demoonica wined.

    "Don't be such a crybaby." Kagome told her.

    "It could be worse. We could be lost." Marou said.

    "Don't even think that!" Kagome yelled as she hit Marou on the head.

    "Are all of your kind so violent?"

    "Why do you ask?" Kagome was suspicious.

    "Because if they were I don't see how your kind would gain offspring!"

    "Cool it Marou!" Demoonica interupted the argument. "Kagome, just ignore him like before, we don't need you to go into early labor from stress. Here me Marou? Stop picking fights, we know you're a heartless bastard. You don't have to keep proving it to us."

    Of course Marou didn't like being told what to do. He thought of argueing back, smacking the smile off the humans face, killing them all slowly... He settled with shuting his mouth and walking silently off to the side of the group. Great demon powers or not, he knew Demoonica held his freedom and he found that he very much disliked being in that ball.

    "I've done it again Kagome." Demoonica sighed. "If he would just make it easier to like him, we'd all get along fine. He can't be as bad as he makes himself out to be. Though he is as stubborn as hell."

    "I doubt it's an act, but I think he's being worse than normal because of his captured status."

    "So... do you think he'll ever be nice to me... and not be up to something?"

    "You never know."

    "Thanks Kagome, that did make me fell better..." Demoonica shrugged. "...somewhat."

    It was then that thick forest appeared on the horrizon. "Do you think we'll make it that far before tonight?"

    "Even if we do, can we camp where we can see the sky?" Demoonica looked hopeful. "I love looking up at the stars. You can't do that in most of the woods."

    They ended up camping on the outskirts of the woods that night, even though they could have went farther.

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    The next morning Kagome woke Demoonica, who had slept in. "If you'er tired, then you shouldn't have stayed awake so long watching the stars." She told her.

    "Go away, leave me alone. I want to be lazy."

    "Not going to let you."

    Demoonica looked at her bishi's, all three of them. "And may I ask why not?"

    "For your information, one half-bishi scouted ahead earlier this morning around dawn. He said that we are a half days walk from a waterfall. Baki River Falls is what the map reads."

    Zander who was putting out the remainder of the campfire nodded adding, " It didn't look like it would be hard to cross... if we went upstream a bit first."

    "Okay... wait a minute. Half a days walk, how'd you do that?"

    "I have my ways." Zander smiled. Demoonica felt like melting into a pile of little red, white, and pink hearts. Her body settled for blushing. She quickly looked away.

    'I've got to stop doing that!' Demoonica told herself.

    Zander who was still watching her smiled a little more. 'She's kind of cute when she blushes like that.... wait... where did that thought come from?'

    "You slept threw breakfast this morning." Allen said.

    'Thank you! You broke my awkward silence.' "That's okay. I'm not hungry."


    "I'm hungry!" Demoonica complained for the third time.

    "You're the one who refused breakfast. You said 'I'm not hungry.' We believed you."

    "Okay so I was wrong. Why can't we stop and let me eat now?"

    "Two reasons. One- It's eleven o'clock and nearly lunchtime. Two- If you eat now you won't want lunch and then you'd want to eat dinner early too."

    Demoonica gave up. "I'm still hungry." She mumbled. Allen patted her shoulder sympatheticly.

    "Just tell yourself it's only an hour m'lady."

    "Thanks Allen. I will. At least ONE of my bishi's care about me!"

    Kagome rolled her eyes. "Don't encourage her, Allen. She's been whiney enough the last few days."

    "Why do you have to be so mean to me?" She sounded way to happy saying that. Everyone looked at her weird. "See it's doesn't sound right if you don't whine while saying it!"

    "Baka." Kagome hit her on the head softly.

    "I know I am." Demoonica smiled. Everyone laughed at her, including Zander and excluding Marou who wasn't in sight. Then.....

    "Come back here you little brats!" Hold it, that very angry shouting sounded like Marou. Demoonica ran toward the sound of her bishounen's voice. There he was up ahead, holding two smaller bodys against a tree. Three or four other bodys were finding quick exits any way they could. "At least I can torture you two for this." Demoonica saw he was covered in honey or something just as sticky looking.

    "It was just a joke, honest." Said one of the forms Marou held. It was a young bishounen with black hair, amber colored eyes, and neko fangs. He had on a white chinese tunic, dark blue pants, and a red headband with a yin-yang symbol on it. The second bishounen had two tone blue hair and garnet colored eyes. He wore a tight sleeveless black shirt, grey pants, and a very long scarf.

    "Besides Tyson was the one who thought of it. Kenny the one who figgered out how to rig it to fall when someone walked under it and tripped the wire and Max got the honey. Tala, Kai, and myself were just watching with them. Really we were!" While the first was trying to talk Marou out of probably killing them the second was gripping Marou's arm trying to free himself from the older bishounen's grasp. He was failing miserably.

    Demoonica's eyes grew large as she took in the sight before her. "Rei-chan! Kai-kun! Marou don't you dare hurt those bishi!"

    "Not hurt them? I'm going to KILL them! Can't you see the state I'm in?"

    "I'd say you're in a state of anger over nothing more than a childish prank." Demoonica pulled two bishi balls from her belt. She tapped Kai on the shoulder pulling him from Marou's grasp.

    "You're catching them?"

    Rei started wiggleing. "No, don't. I'll make sure the guys don't pull anymore pranks." He looked at Demoonica trying to look like a small child who had been caught with his hand in a cookie jar. "Please?"

    Puppy dog eyes, crocodile tears, and a pout wouldn't work on her. She had a six year old little sister and was immune to such acts. Demoonica tapped Rei on the arm with the free bishi ball.

    He was pulled into the ball with a resounding 'Eeep!'

    It was then that Demoonica's bishidex reacted to the first of the two catches. "Kai Hiwatari of the Beyblade anime. Stage San. Kai's can seem cold and distant, they however are only lost in thought most of the time. They are mainly loners, when found with a group Kai's are normaly the leaders. Kai's hate to lose and are quick to point out their own or anothers flaws. They prefer to watch their opponents before engageing them in battle, learning the opponents moves and weaknesses. When in battle Kai's use their beyblade as a weapon. Bitbeast name: Dranzer."

    It continued into the next entry. "Rei Con of the Beyblade anime. Stage San. Said to be desended from felines this Bishounen is a neko or sometimes called a cat boy. This is charaterized by his cat like eyes, fangs, and slightly pointed ears. Rei's are friendly and can at times become shy when embaressed or deep in thought. They thrive in groups often becomeing leaders when no Kai's are present, in such cases Rei's are second in command. In battle Rei's are fierce fighters who dislike looseing. When in battle Rei's use their beyblade as a weapon. Bitbeast name: Driger."

    "Yea! Two bishi's I finally know somthing about!" Demoonica beemed happily at the pair of bishi balls she was holding. "Well I do!!!! I was obsessed with watching Beyblade when I was home." She said. "Up until now Kagome was the only one I can say I really knew anything about before their capture."

    "You should let them back out." Kagome suggested.

    Marou didn't look like he liked the idea. "Only if it's to let me punish them for this!" He waved to the very sticky honey covering his hair and shoulders. It dripped slowly.

    "You will NOT hurt them Marou, I know a way to punish them." Demoonica let the two young bishi's out of their balls.

    Kai folded his arms and looked at her. "She's not that much older than we are, Rei." He commented to the other bishounen. Rei would have answered but he was then introduced to his very happy trainer.

    "Rei-chan!" She didn't glomp him to the ground luckily, but he was in one rather tight hug. "I always wanted a bishi who would purr when I scratched him behind the ears!" Demoonica proceeded to do just that. Rei started blushing when he felt a low rumble in his chest. "Aw kawaii!" Demoonica joyfully said.

    At this his 'friend' Kai busted out laughing. "Looks like she found your weakspot Rei!" He continued to laugh. His time was soon up though as Demoonica turned her attention to him.

    "And Kai-kun!" And he found his trainer was not shy about her hello's as she gave him the same type of hug. Demoonica traced one of the blue triangles on his cheek lightly with her fingers. "Ne Kai, is this face paint, makeup, or a tatoo?" She rubbed it a bit. "Doesn't rub off." Now it was Kei's turn to blush and Rei's to laugh.

    "How's it feel to have your personal space occupied, Kai?" Rei asked. "Not so funny now that it's you."

    Kai looked away and mumbled something no one but Demoonica could hear. "It's very good paint... now can you let go of me?"

    Demoonica did. Giving both boys a stern look she spoke to them. "You two do know you're in deep trouble now." They looked at her with 'What did we do?' written on their faces. "Marou is my bishounen and he is covered in honey. Your friends and yourselves were the ones who caused this mess. Since I can't round up your friends to help you, you two will be helping him clean up when we reach the Baki River."


    "Don't you even dare..." Cold water was poured over Marou's head.

    Kagome giggled. "Are you sure you're not punishing Marou with this more than them?" She asked Demoonica.

    Demoonica, Kagome, and Allen sat far up on the rivers bank watching the hilarious act happening at the waters edge. Zander sat in a nearby tree, thinking. Marou, toga removed, had just been doused with water by Kai. The lovely *pink* soap bubbles washed away leaving Marou's clean hair plastered to head, face, and body. Kai had been standing at the waters edge with the bucket waiting for Marou to wash the honey out. Rei on the other hand had been handed the toga to wash.

    "We *do* keep telling Marou to cool it. It was part his fault too, going ahead of the group. Besides they don't look like their having any fun. Other than when Kai gets to dump more cold water on Marou." Demoonica giggled. "I guess it's teaching them all a lesson."

    "Marou looks like he's about ready to start hurting them..."

    "Hey guys wrap it up down there, lunch is ready!" Demoonica called to them. She was sure she heard the words 'But she said lunch!' echoing from the woods, it sounded very much like a Tyson. (I had to add that... Tyson eats constantly on the show! Any of you bishi trainers out there looking to catch a Tyson should keep this in mind. v(^_^); hehe)


    "So Driger, Dranzer, and other bitbeast are like the bishi, there are more than one of the same kind." Rei said. After lunch and crossing the Baki River, Demoonica had started asking him questions.

    "In my world they sell beyblades, but bitbeast are not real just a picture on the blade." Demoonica said sadly, then she got an idea. (Everyone look at the lightbulb over her head!) "Rei-chan?"


    "Could you and Kai-kun teach me to blade when we get to the next town?" (This idea caused by a dream that I had, it won't go away until it gets written. It's a side story.)

    "She's not touching my Dranzer."

    "Who likes Phoenix's anyway? I'm a feline person."

    "I guess you'll need your own blade, but sure I'll teach you. Can't promise you Kai's help though."

    Zander appeared from the woods infront of the group. "We should camp here for the night. This place doesn't have a large amount of clearings."

    "Good, my feet need a rest." Kagome sat down. They were going slow, but being on your feet for hours tends to tire anyone. (That's not counting some fan boys and girls, you know who you are.)

    "Allen take one of the boys...', she pointed to Kai and Rei, "...with you to gather firewood. Kagome are you alright?"

    "I'm fine. Starting to feel the difference that's all." Kagome placed a hand over where the baby was. "It's kicking much more often. I think the baby only stops when sleeping."

    "Can't wait to be born." Demoonica laughed. "Just sit and rest then, we've got plenty of helpers."

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    Demoonica absently stroked Rei's hair. She, Rei, and Kai were the only ones still awake setting around the campfire. Demoonica had been talking to her 'Rei-chan' about bladeing just as she had been all day. How she kept coming up with questions, no one knew. The young bishounen had fell asleep with his head on her lap. Kai shook his head as he watched. "Sell out." he said with discussed.

    "He's not a sell out. He just easily adjusted to being captured." Demoonica said while looking down at the sleeping bishounen. He was purring. She smiled. "You don't like that though, how he just excepted it as his fate. Even with you being caught also, you would want to see him go free."

    "What makes you say that?"

    "The fact that Rei is the closest thing you have to a friend." Demoonica glared at him. "It's not a weakness to let people become close to you, Kai. No matter what anyone has told you." She paused. "I don't care what you may think about me as a trainer. Personally, I think I suck as a trainer. None of you ever listen to me. I do however care about being your friend. I care about being there for anyone who needs me."

    Kai stood and went to leave camp.

    "I do consider you my friend, Kai-kun." She told him softly. "Even if you don't. Want me to or not, I will be, no matter how cold you treat me."

    Kai turned and walked out of camp. 'Want her friendship or not? Who is she kidding? I'm her pet and a slave to a little black and silver ball.' Kai slumped back against a nearby tree letting his thoughts fall silent.

    "She dosen't see it the same way as we do, kid." Marou sat high above him, in the trees branches. "She can see we're angry about being caught and truly believes we only need someone to understand."

    "I don't want people to understand me. And don't *you* still want to kill me?"

    "I want to kill everybody. Sadly that little human has upset that plan." Marou disappeared, turning into the red light that showed he was returning to his bishi-ball.

    'If being alone all my life will make me like *that*, I'd rather be a humans pet.' Kai shivered. 'That guy's more nuts than a dozen Boris.'


    Demoonica was startled to see a bright red light return to her belt. It had came from the same direction Kai had went. Speaking of Kai or thinking as it was. Kai walked back into camp just then, he hadn't been gone five minutes. "Back so soon? I thought you would want to be alone to think."

    "I finished thinking. I want to say that I haven't given you a chance."

    "I guess that's as close to a 'I'm sorry.' as I'm going to get." Demoonica smiled. "Now that you don't mind being my bishounen, could I ask you to do me a favor?"

    Kai raised an eyebrow. In Kai language it translated into 'I didn't say I don't mind. I still don't like being caught. And what do you want me to do?'

    "Please take Rei-chan off my lap and put him on his own sleeping bag. I don't want to wake him, but my legs are falling asleep."

    Kai actually let out a small laugh. "The cat boy is heavy, huh?" Kai swiftly picked Rei up and placed him on said sleeping bag. Rei didn't even notice he had been moved. "Actually he's alot lighter than I thought he would be."

    "That surprises you? I'd think staying around Tyson would keep you on a diet for fear of loseing a hand." Kai nodded. Demoonica rolled her eyes. "Back to non-verbal communication are we? Well I'm too tired to translate." She moved to her sleeping bag, pulling it up around her. "Goodnight, Kai-kun."

    "Goodnight." Kai lay down on his sleeping bag and watched the stars twinkle overhead as he fell asleep.


    Zander couldn't help but laugh the next day as Rei blushingly apoligized for falling asleep on Demoonica. This bunch was entertaining. He smiled easily, feeling he had found acceptance within the group, not just tolerance. The only one to treat him unkindly was Marou and he treated all of them unkindly. Demoonica yelled at him for it, no matter who Marou targeted. Although Zander found himself angered at the times Marou had made lewd comments to Demoonica, but he didn't understand why. He noticed that even though Marou got close enough to make Demoonica look very uncomfortable he never did touch her. 'I wonder how she managed that one.' He thought.

    "If we're going to travel today, we should get going." Demoonica announced to the group. This morning found her wearing a plain purple T-shirt and blue jeans. Most of her hair was pulled into a loose ponytail at her neck, the hair that normally fell infront of her left ear was braided and hung down by itself.


    "Mmnnn... this is crazy. I can't see five foot infront of my face! Where did all this fog come from anyway?" Demoonica said. It was late in the afternoon. The going was slow for the last few minutes as a thick misty fog had moved in suddenly.

    "We must be nearing the mountains."

    "How do you know Zander?"

    "I... I've been here before. This place never is clear of fog or..."


    "Oww~ there's a tree there." Rei said.

    Demoonica looked around. She couldn't see anyone else. "Hold it guys!" She called. "We're going to lose people and if not, someone is going to get hurt in this stuff. I say you return to your bishi balls and I'll let you out when we're clear of the fog. Agreed?"

    A round of yes from her bishi. The fog glowed red with the light energy of four bishounen returning to their balls. "Okay I only counted four lights, who's still out here?"

    "I am." It was Kagome's voice.

    Demoonica understood why immediately. "You're worried about the baby, huh? Well chibis can be born in captivity so I don't think it will hurt. If that doesn't convince you then... " Demoonica shrugged to the misty fog. "It's getting you off your feet."

    Demonica watched the red light return to her. "I'll let you all out as soon as I can, promise. Zander, are you still here?"

    "Why wouldn't I be? Do you really think I'd leave you wandering around alone out here?"

    "I still can't see you."

    "I'll talk, just follow the voice." She heard him start walking.

    "So what do you want to talk about?" He stopped walking and Demoonica bumped into him. "Sorry, didn't know you were so..." She looked up at him. He was looking down at her. "...close." She blushed.

    "I guess that isn't a good idea. I don't have anything to talk about." He said.

    Demoonica nodded not answering. She was just sort of stareing at him. 'Oh my god. He's inches away from me! I can feel my face turning red. Oh, his eyes are beautiful. *He's* beautiful.' She was in a daze. 'He can see me blushing! My face is probably so red you can see me glowing in this fog. Why isn't he saying anything? He's just looking at me! I haven't said anything!'

    "I...I..." 'Oh great conversation skills, girl.' Demoonica took a step back.


    I tell her to follow my voice, can she really not see in this? "So what do you want to talk about?" She asks me. I stop walking and turn around to face her. She bumps into me. She really can't see in the fog. "Sorry, I didn't know you were so..." She stopped as she looked up at me. "...close." She's blushing again.

    I didn't know what to talk about in the first place. "I guess that isn't a good idea. I don't have anything to talk about." I would have suggested she be the one to talk, but that wouldn't help. I was the one who could see where I was going. She nodded at me and didn't move.

    'She's still looking at me. She's blushing. What is this feeling I get everytime that happens? It's warm and fuzzy yet it makes my heart beat faster and I feel nervous. The last two I usually associate with fear... but I'm not afraid. She's looking at my eyes and her blush deepens, how many shades of red are there? Absently a wonder how far that blush reaches. Suddenly as if she remembered something she takes a step back away from me stuttering.'


    'I think she's afraid of something, .......of me?'


    Demoonica didn't know what to think. She wanted to be alone so she could sort out her feelings, so she did the first thing that came to her mind. She ran. She ran past Zander, heading into the unyeilding fog before her.

    Zander was... was... a walking dream for what she wanted in a guy, at least as far as looks went. Personality wise though he was nearly a blank page, he never talked to her much, so either he didn't like her or he didn't have anything to say. She wanted to get to know him. She wanted to get close to him. Wanted to just be near him.

    She could hear Zander following her. She couldn't see where she was going, but as long as she didn't hit anything she kept running at full speed. It was then that her foot slipped. She felt herself falling and it wasn't just to the ground either. She had unknowingly been running across a rock formation that made a bridge over a small river canyon. It crumbled under her feet. Demoonica went to scream, but before she could voice her horror she hit her head. Demoonica fell into darkness.

    Zander, seeing everything as if it were slow motion, made a dive for Demoonica, trying to grab her hand. It was in vain as the rest of the rock bridge collapsed with him. He fell, disappearing into the misty fog filled canyon below. He let out a very startled scream.

    Below him he heard a splash, split seconds later he hit the water also. It knocked the breath out of him. Surfaceing, he looked aroud. Demoonica's backpack was the only thing floating in the water with him. That only meant one thing...

    'Demoonica!' The image of her hitting her head flashed into his mind. Takeing a deep breath he dove under the water. Thank goodness the water was clear, forget the fact that there wasn't much light.

    He saw her floating down, his mind not wanting to say she was sinking, bubbles of air slipped from her. Reaching the unconsious trainer, Zander wrapped his arms around her and kick up to the surface.

    He pulled in a breath of air to his burning lungs, bringing Demoonica's form up to him. Her back to his chest, his arms wrapped around her waist, he kicked gently in the water keeping them afloat.

    She coughed clearing her lungs of the water. Lucky for her it was a small amount. Barely awake, she let her head lean back against Zander's shoulder. Her breathing was shallow. 'That's a bad bump on her head.' Zander thought. 'Not to add that she nearly drownd.' He looked around them. The misty fog was above them, not letting the dimming light filter down to them. It was then he saw what was producing the light around them, thousands of sparkling, flowing, multi-colored lights twisted and turned in the air leaving glowing trails behind them. One even came twisting around him and passed right threw him. It would have been breath takeingly beautiful, if he had seen it under different circumstances.

    'No wonder the lighting's dim.' Zander tried to locate the shore, there was none to be seen. 'Great. How are we going to get out of here?' The sound of water lapping against something made him study the darker areas around him, one of the little 'lights' flew into one such area, dimly lighting it. Something looking to be made of stone sat half in the water. Much like the top of a piller or a tower, it rose up above the water about a foot in height at the highest point. It tilted down, one edge dipping under the water.

    Releaseing one of his arms from around the girl he swam them both to the stone platform. He pulled himself from the water, then brought Demoonica up to lay next to him. He grabbed her backpack as it floatted by and hauled it out of the water also. He looked at her. Her eyes were slightly open, but she seemed not to be aware of her surroundings. He lifted her up to sit leaning against him as she had been in the water. He patted her cheek, trying to get a response.




    "Demoonica." He said softly, voice filled with worry. "Hey, come on!"


    "Demoonica, wake up."


    "Demoonica I need you to wake up."




    "Please.... wake up..." These last words were choked out, a half plea. Salty tears started to mix with the water dripping from Zander's face.

    He tried to brush them away letting out a muffled sob. He really did feel like a small child then, not knowing what else to do other than to stay there, to hold her, to keep trying to wake her, to talk to her and hope for a response. "Please... Demoonica..... don't die." His tears ran down his face, they felt hot against his water chilled skin.

    "Don't die on me..." He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her as close to himself as he could, resting his chin upon her shoulder, and that's how he sat.

    "I don't know... what to do..."

    His tears fell onto her shoulder.

    "I don't... know how... to.. to help you..."

    He could feel an ache in his chest. Could hear his heart pounding in his ears.

    "You... don't need to be... depending... on me..."

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    The last thing I remember is falling. I had tried to scream then there was darkness. Now I feel cold, my lungs hurt. Why can't I move? Suddenly there is a warmth behind me and around me, pulling at me. Feeling my movement stop, I get the need to cough. The air feels good, had I been in the water? Tired, I let my head rest against the warmth.

    I'm moving again, aren't I? Is it me moving? Cold, hard. There is an object under my body, had I not been on something? Floating. I try to open my eyes. Something is looking back at me, but it's just a blur. My head hurts, I'm just noticing this now. Everything still seemed far away, sort of unreal.

    I'm being lifted. Warmth again, I like the warmth. Something touches my cheek, I can hear speach, though I can not make out what is being said. That thought should worry me, but worry would take too much energy right now. The touches on my face stop... more words. Then they stop too. Warmth near me, wrapping around me, surrounding me. I feel safe and the words again being spoken start to become clear...

    "... don't... help you..."

    That voice... I should know that voice. I do know that voice. It is filled with worry and sadness.

    "You... don't need to be... depending... on me..."

    It is Zander. He's holding me. He's talking to me. Why? Why does he sound so worried? I open my mouth to speak. "Nnnn..."


    Zander heard the soft sound. "Demoonica?" He whispered.

    Demoonica heard the fear in her name as it was spoken. She opened her eyes. Things were still blury. Her head hurt. Then as her vision began to clear she made out the face looking at her. "Za... Zander?" He nodded. "Why are you all wet?" She hadn't yet noticed that she was sitting on his lap, with one of his arms wrapped around her shoulder. She noticed before he could answer. "Why in hell am I sitting on you lap!" She suddenly yelled, then proceded to turn many shades of red. Her yell, of course was very loud in Zander's ear and he let her go to save what was left of his hearing.

    "I didn't do anything! I swear!" Was the first words out of his mouth. "You fell into the water and hit your head. I pulled you out... you would have drownd. I didn't..." Zander was shocked into silence. Demoonica had suddenly, without any warning, wrapped her arms around him. She was now crying into his shirt. At least it was already soaked, a few more tears wouldn't hurt it.

    'Why is she crying? What did I say? She was just yelling at me!' Zander was confused. 'I'm confused. Is she okay? Did she get hurt? Something I might have missed?' He sat there, just sat there. He didn't put his arms back around her, he was afraid that if he did, she would yell at him again. He didn't speak, last time he said anything she had started crying.

    It was a few minutes before he noticed that her crying had quieted down. Demoonica was still clinging to him though. She mumbled something into his chest.

    "Hmm?" He still didn't want to speak. Hopefully she had said something *to* him.

    Demoonica moved her head a little, so now her cheek rested on his chest. "Thank you."

    "Chea." Zander smiled. "I thought you were mad at me or something there."

    Demoonica shook her head. "No." 'I was upset! and happy that you cared.' She added mentaly. "It's cold." Her shiver proved her point. Zander grabbed her backpack and pulled her (amazingly dry) coat from it. He wrapped it around her... "Don't yell at me." ...and pulled her close to him.

    Demoonica's blush returned. "Umm, Zander? Is there something that you want to say to me?" 'Oh please let him say he likes me!'

    Zander was quiet for a minute. "I... I want to... know why... you treat me as if I were human."

    'Huh?!?' "Would you rather I treat you like a marshan?" Demoonica looked up at him. He was compleatly clueless to her 'Earth' joke. "Sorry, I mean do you not like how I treat you?"

    "You treat me like a human."

    "Yes~, you've said that."

    "And you treat your bishi as friends."

    "Oh, I get what you're driving at." Demoonica looked thoughtful. (Gasp! The world is going to end! Err...sorry.) "Trainers really bother you don't they? Most of us *do* act strangly, but on the most part it's because we are so overly happy to have our biggest dream and wish come true. That, is to be able to interact with the 'fictional' people we know and love from the storys we know about them. We do go overboard with our reactions, I guess it is scary to the bishounen and bishoujo."

    "What about you? What about me? You may have the fangirl reaction when you introduce yourself, but then you act as if you've been hanging around them all your life. Why didn't you try and capture me?"

    "I don't really know why I'm not a drooling baka 24/7 over my bishi's. I just treat them the way I always imagined I would, like I was a part of their show, book, game, you know. The first 'welome to the group glomp' is just me making sure it's not a dream. You remind me that looks can't tell you what the person is like, I thought you would act much like Duo." She felt Zander wince at the name. She again looked up at him. "You okay?"

    "I would perfer not to be compaired to one of those bouncy things. I don't see how one of them was my father. As for my actions, I *try* not to act like him."

    "Does that mean you are a really hyper loud mouthed baka and are very good at not acting the part?"

    "Umm no."

    "No to what part? Although the baka part is starting to fit."

    "Hey~." He noticed she had been jokeing. "No, I'm not a hyper loud mouthed baka. Well, okay, I confess that I can be a loudmouth. I'm not hyper and never was... and as for being a baka... you shouldn't be talking."

    "Dis me and be hurt. Now what was that?" She was looking up at him, glareing.

    Zander smiled down at her. "Baka."

    Demoonica glared at him narowing her eyes. "The only reason you know that you will get away with that is because," She held up a hand. "One: my head is pounding; two: I'm freezing wet; and three: you are keeping me warm."

    Zander nodded. "Not because you like me?" There was a teasing tone to the remark.

    "That sounded just like something a D..." She caught herself. "... *he* would say." Then she got the meaning in those words. "Who says I like you?" 'Of course I do! How can I not? He's even talking to me now. Though, I can't help but feel it's only because I'm hurt.'

    "A guy can hope." Zander's voice had dropped to a soft wisper. 'Did I just say that? She's going to yell at me, I just know it. Not only that, but it sounded cheesy.'

    "Really? Hope huh?" Demoonica smiled. "And here I've been killing myself over my feelings, because you might not like me at all."

    'Never mind what *I* said. Did *she* just say that?' Zander thought.

    Demoonica wiggled around until she could look at his face without bending her head around backwards. "Again, thank you." Demoonica kissed him softly on the cheek. Then she rested her head back down on his shoulder.

    'Yes she did.' He thought.


    [A wordless hour later.]

    Demoonica now had a wrap wrapped around her head. A clean bandage was held in place over the cut and bump by it. It didn't hurt as bad now. She didn't feel sleepy, tired, or dizzy, so those were all good signs that she didn't have a concusion. Demoonica had changed into dry clothes. (Making Zander turn his back, she watched him the entire time so he didn't peek. Not that he would.) Zander on the other hand had stripped off his wet shirt and his shoes, leaving on his wet pants.

    "They'll dry either way." He said.

    "You'll make yourself sick."

    "I've never been sick a day in my life."

    "Fine, be stubrun. So how far is the shore from here?"

    "Don't know. I can't hear the water lapping on anything but this place, and those glowing things aren't too bright."

    "Pyerflies." Demoonica corrected him.


    "Those 'glowing things' are called Pyerflies. They're really pretty, but they are kind of sad."

    "How can a glowing ball of light be sad?"

    "From what I understand Pyerflies are the souls of the dead, it's a Final Fantasy X thing."

    "Final Fantasy X and a river..." Zander snapped his fingers. "We are on the border of the Final Fantasy X's teritory. If that's true, then the west shore will lead us back up to the path we were on and out of the fog."

    "Sounds great, now how do we get to the bank of this... this... I guess it's the Bishi world equivalent of the Moonflow?"


    "Without getting into the cold water, because we don't know how far the shore is, and getting lost and drowning isn't something I want to try and do again any time soon."

    "Do any of your bishounen have the ability to fly?"


    "Too bad you don't have a Chichiri, we could use a flying hat right about now."

    "Hey, what about Marou?"

    Zander frowned. "What about him?"

    "He is always teleporting about when I try to glare and yell at him. Maybe he can handle an extra person." Demoonica looked down at her bishi-belt. "I can only hope he doesn't teleport us out over open ocean and drop me in..." Demoonica tapped the button on Marou's ball. "Hey Marou get out here!"

    In a flash of red light Marou stood before them. (Why does that make me feel as if Demoonica just rubbed a magic lamp? Hehe, Marou as a Genie with his red hair pulled up in a high ponytail. And dressed kind of like Jennie from the old 'I Dream of Jennie' TV show. Only male. Hehe.) "It's about time." Marou looked around. "Where have you gotten yourself to now?"

    "Marou, listen..." He raised an eyebrow at his trainer, she had never sounded like she was giving him or any of the other bishounen a direct order. She did now, however. "... Tell me the truth, can you or can you not teleport with another?"

    "Yes." He crossed his arms. "Why?"

    "I want you to take me and Zander to the west shore of this 'Moonflow'."

    "I had better not lose a hand for this." Marou grabbed Demoonica's shoulder. She then found he and herself standing on solid ground.

    "Where is Zander?"

    "Must I?"

    "If you ever want to see the outside of a bishi-ball again, you will go get him and bring him here right now!" She said in the same tone from earlier. She wasn't kidding.

    "Very well." He disappeared, then reappeared moments later with Zander in tow.

    Demoonica smiled. "Thank you very much Marou."

    "Am I going back into that ball now?"

    "I don't see why, it's not foggy down here on this path." She looked over at Zander. "Zander you said that this path would lead back up to where we were, right? Then out of the fog, how long will that take?"

    "Out by midmorning if we leave from here at a little after dawn."

    "Then we camp here. Besides the Pyerfly view is much prettier when you're not hopelessly stranded." Demoonica released the others from their balls.

    "Demoonica! What happened to your head!" Kagome cried after glancing at her trainer. Three of her bishounen, Allen, Rei, and Kai, looked over at her immediately. Marou looked as if he couldn't care less.

    "I'm fine Kagome, guys. I just slipped and bumped my head that's all." Marou made a 'humph' noise. No one paid attention to him.

    "Well, okay. If you say so. Where are we anyway?" Kagome looked around. "Wow look at those flying lights!"

    Demoonica and Zanders sleeping bags were placed much closer together that night than they had been before, if anyone noticed they didn't say anything about it.


    The next day though it was blareingly obvious to Kagome that something had changed between the two. The little looks at each other when they thought no one else was looking, the quiet chatting between only themselves, the fact that she saw them holding hands while walking. (Although, it seemed as soon as they noticed this, they let go and looked around to see if anyone else had seen. Kagome looked away quickly as to not be caught watching the pair.)

    'Aww they make such a cute couple.' She thought. 'I wonder what really happened yesterday?'


    "I'm so glad the fog went away as fast as it appeared. Is that normal?"

    "It's that area, the fog never clears away and it just sits there year round. We will have to find another way back, that is if we go back that way, because some of the path is unpassable now."

    "How is that?" Kagome asked.

    "Bridge collapsed." Zander stated calmly.

    Kagome knew, just knew, that there was more that he wasn't saying. She let it slip, if he didn't want to tell them, she couldn't make him. She would however see if Demoonica would talk to her, maybe even tell her what was up between the two. Kagome smiled, yeah like she couldn't see that already.

    Though she ended up not asking Demoonica. She did watch them even more over the next few days. It was so cute watching them together! And it was nice to see that Demoonica's ever present blush had taken a holiday. Her trainer had even fessed up to having told Zander she liked him, but she still didn't tell Kagome what had happened.


    Zander was scouting ahead once again, it had somehow became his duty to do so. They were now in the lower part of the mountain range, it was covered in a thick pinetree forest. They were not going up and over the mountain thankfully. No instead they had turned north and were traveling to the nearest town. (Less than a month till the long awaited birth!) It was early morning, before most of the group would be up, soon he would need to return to them. Tell them the path was clear, that there didn't seem to be any dangers. 'And have breakfast, I'm starving.' He mentally told himself.

    "See?" Said a young voice. "You are not alone."

    "Kohaku." Zander aknowleged the chibi bishounen who had once again appeared out of nowhere.

    "No longer alone, no longer lonely, but still sad, and still angry. You have found what you did not know you where looking for, but you have yet to see it."

    "What are you talking about?"


    "There is no such thing."

    "Isn't there? I told you I would help you to find what you were looking for and I did. You have found those who see you for who you are and not what you are. You have found what friendship is. You are no longer alone. You are no longer lonely, for you have found what love is. You may not know if you are *in* love, but you do now know what it is."

    "I do care for Demoonica."

    "Do you love her? Wait... Do not answer that, it is not the time for that question. You are still sad, why?"

    "They do *not* know what I am, unlike you...", Zander pointed at him, "...who seems to know things that are impossable to know. They know I am half bishounen, but they think I am part human also. What do you think their reaction would be if they found out I was part Hell demon? What her reaction would be? I know what the reaction would be. Fear."

    "You do not know that, only she does. You are still angry inside. What will you do? Your life has changed, you have changed. Destany is ever changing, your answers, her answers, every choice made shifts destany. Not just you own, but the destany of others also."

    "What can I do? I can not forgive my mother for what she has done."

    "Does that mean you must kill her?"

    "She has caused me too much pain and must be shown it. I can not just forget about what has happened to me, nor the one person who has caused it all!"

    "I see." Kohaku nodded. "Here is where I must leave you for now."

    "What!?" Zander looked to see where they were, he having only kept walking along the clear path while talking to Kohaku. Just ahead the path split into two. Zander looked down at the electronic map. "The split isn't shown, on here it says the path should just keep going straight. I thought this thing was constantly updated..." Zander looked down the right path then down the left path. "I'll just return to camp now, it's not my choice to make."

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    Demoonica rolled over. It was early morning and for some odd reason all of her bishi's were already awake. Kagome was fixing breakfast with Rei's help. Demoonica thanked the gods of the bishi world that she didn't have to cook, her cooking was deadly. Well most of it tasted like it would be....

    "Good morning m'lady." It was Allen, he was the only one who called her 'Lady'. Funny thing that was, it felt right for 'Lady' to be added to her name.

    'Oh well.' She thought. "Morning Allen. Morning Kagome, guys. What's for breakfast?" Demoonica drug herself out of her sleeping bag and looked into the pot that was hanging over the fire. Kagome slapped her hand.

    "You're a bottomless pit!" Kagome laughed. "Obcessed with Ramen!"

    "Only as much as you are with Odin." (The food, not the person.)

    "Will you two never agree on which one is better?" Came a voice from outside of camp. Zander entered smileing. "No, I guess not."

    "Hey!" Demoonica pouted.

    Zander walked up to her. "Your face will stay like that if you're not careful." He kissed her lightly on the forhead right below the bandage, shocking the three bishounen that were in their 'San' forms. (Allen, Rei, and Kai.) They had been oblivious to the change in feelings between their trainer and the half bishounen. Kagome rolled her eyes. Marou didn't care, as always the lives of humans meant nothing to him, who cared what they did?

    Zander could feel the sets of eyes looking at him and he didn't like it. He turned around and glared at them. "What are you looking at?"

    The younger bishounen shook their heads. "Nothing!" They all answered quickly.

    "Hehe, kids." He wispered. Demoonica blushed. That had not been the way she thought her bishi's would find out, but it worked. Zander walked away.


    It wasn't long untill they reached the fork in the path. Demoonica, who had reclaimed her map, looked at it. "Is this thing working wrong?"

    "No." Zander shook his head. "A 'friend' of mine is up to his tricks. I met him here earlier this morning."

    "What does this have to do with it?" Demoonica motioned to the two paths.

    "No clue, all he told me was choices change destany."

    "So it's a riddle?" Demoonica looked at the two paths. "I don't know what this friend of yours is up to Zander, but it can't be good."

    "He wouldn't do anything to harm us, at least I don't think he would."

    "Why does this remind me of something?" Demoonica tried to remember, but it was no good. All that she could get into her mind was '...and I- I took the one less traveled by...', Demoonica let out a sigh. She then took a closer look at the paths, they looked the same. "Well." She said. "When in doubt choose the right way."

    "And which one is the right way?" Kagome asked.

    "No clue, but I'll take the saying at word value, I'm going the 'right' way." She pointed to the right path. "Sometimes the answer is in the riddle itself."

    "I can't argue with that." Kai said.

    "Okay with me." Rei gave a little shrug.

    "I give up!" Kagome said.

    "Allen? Marou?" Demoonica turned to them.

    "M'lady has never led us wrong..." That was Allen of course.

    "Have you forgotten her getting us lost last time?!" Kagome told him.

    "Whatever." Marou answered.

    "It's not my choice to make." Zander said, before Demoonica asked him.

    "Right, so right it is!"


    "See guys, this isn't so bad! The path is clear, it's not leading us up into the montains, nothing has jumped out at us." Demoonica babbled on.

    "I have to admit that you are right." Kagome said. "But why make us choose between two paths?"

    "I don't know, but then I don't know alot of things. This place seems normal to me."

    "Looks can be deceiving. I'd rather trust what I feel, not what I see." Zander said. "And you can feel something about this place that is making you uneasy, Demoonica. I can tell."

    "How is that?"

    "You do, don't you? I feel it too. It feels dark and forboading, like it doesn't want us to come near it. The feelings been getting stronger as we get closer to wherever this path is leading us."

    Demoonica nodded. "Okay, so I do feel it. Why are we still walking toward it then?"

    "Ask yourself that, than we will all know."

    "Because it is the choice I made, even if you regret what you do at least you tried. If you don't, then you will forever wish you could know what might have happened."

    "Wow, Demoonica is acting smart!" Kagome said.

    "What do you mean acting? I am smart!" Demoonica said loudly. This earned her a round of laughs from her bishi's." What did I say? Hold it! That was a set up Kagome!"

    "I don't really know if it was a set up or not, young lady." Came a female voice. "But I've never had anyone find the path to my home before now. My magic was powerful, how did you see past the illusion at the fork in the road?"

    Before them stood a woman with long raven black hair containing streaks of grey and white, and cold colbalt blue eyes. Her skin was very white and the flowing black dress made her look even more pale. Behind her was the opening to what would look to be a cave on the side of the mountain. She looked angered by their presence. She seemed to look into them one by one with her cold gaze, she looked at Demoonica.

    "You are that girl... the one from my visions. Then that means..." She looked at Zander. "...hello my dear son, Alexander."

    "Avioc Malii." He said, never would he call this woman mother to her face.

    "I'm hurt, my son. Are you not happy to see me again?" She faked the hurt tone in her voice.

    "Only if it is to see you leave this world." He growled.

    "Tisk. Tisk. My young son, look at you! Running around with the likes of normal bishi. Even worse... a pathetic little human. Such a bad example of what my heir should be doing. Look at them, with their short little lives, their attempt to make that life worth living, it's sickening. They are like bugs, you kill one and there are dozens just like it to take their place, do they even notice. No, bugs can not feel, how could they hope to understand feelings?"

    Zander was taken aback. He himself had said something so similar not too long ago. Did he sound like that, so full of hatered? How could he have never noticed? That he felt so much hatered towards the trainers and the bishi because his mother had wanted him to...

    "You should be alone. Can you tell me, my son, why you would choose to freely follow along after such a group?"

    'To find what you did not know you were looking for.' He heard it in his mind, he was finally understanding. "To find what I did not know I was looking for."

    "And what is that?"

    "Those who see me for who I am, not what I am. These bishi are my friends."

    Behind him Marou made a *humpf* noise then said, "Don't count me in your sentiments."

    "And what of the little human? Is this trainer a friend of yours also? Surely even here you feel lonely."

    'You have found what love is!' His mind yelled at him, but he stayed calm on the outside. "She is my friend, and I care for her."

    "HA! You must be jokeing. How could you care for such a pathetic and weak creature? She does not even know what you truely are!"

    "Then I will show her...." He turned to look at Demoonica. When she saw his eyes she wanted to turn away from the pure violet orbs. There were no whites around them and no black dots in them, just glowing violet. They were fixed on her with a frenzied intensity. "Don't be afraid of me... please." He whispered.

    It was then that he was enveloped by a growing light that came from his body. It was a soft light, not bright enough to make one look away. The light grew in size, forming what looked to be wings behind him. The light faded away, leaving Zander standing there looking quite different than he had.

    Demoonica looked at him. "Talk about Shinigami...", she breathed.

    Indeed, there were large black demon wings stretching from his back. Demoonica felt like steping back away from the thing before her, but she couldn't move. Not with him looking at her like that. Even with the wings, even with those violet orbs, even with the... fangs that she just noticed, she didn't think she could run away. In truth she couldn't get the strength to even look away from him.

    "See now, she's terrified! The girl is so scared she can't move! You do not belong here... that must make you feel so sad..."

    Zander's head buzzed, and throbbed with a headache. He couldn't take anymore. "GO AWAY!" Zander screamed. In an instant Avioc Malii was thrown back from where she stood. Zander covered his mouth in shock startled by the power unleashed and looked at the woman. She was standing, looking happy at what had just happened. "What was that?" He asked.

    "That is just a glimpes of your dark powers. Your anger has finally awakened them. Come with me, my son. I will show you how to be my heir."

    "NEVER!" He yelled again. "I don't need you, I hate you! I don't need these powers! All they have ever done is cause me pain!"

    Demoonica looked at him. That cool dark energy, that she had felt the first time she had seen him, was washing over her in strong waves. His eyes were glowing bright enough to be see in the daylight. He was angry, very angry. She knew she should be afraid of the image before her, but her mind kept telling her is was still Zander. He was Zander and she wasn't frightened.

    "Can you really still want to stay here, my son? They will never except you now that they know what you truly are! You will be filled with sadness!"

    'Sad... are you always so sad?' Zander heard the words echo in his mind once more. "No." He said. "I will not be sad." He was calming down. "I will not be alone." He turned to Demoonica holding out his hand to her. He spoke softly. "You see me now, for what I am. I don't know what you are thinking or how you feel about me now.... I do ask that you show me that I was right for believing in someone." He looked down at the ground. "If you believe that I am the same person, no matter how I look, then please... take my hand."

    Demoonica hesitated. 'Can I look past this? I always knew he was different, just not how different though.' Absently she nodded and took a step forward. She barely notice that Kagome stood right behind her, willing to follow her trainer... no, her friend wherever she went. Demoonica had made her decision, she smiled. "I'm not that easy to get rid of."

    She walked up to him and took his hand. He smiled back at her then turned to face Avioc Malli. "I'm never alone." He said coldly.

    "FOOLISH CHILD!" She screemed. Zander and Demoonica were pushed back by the power, but it faded quickly, like a burst of water from a nearly dry well. Strong at first, then going down to nothing. "NO! My power...", she whispered. "It is too late. I waited for too long...." She looked at Zander, raising her voice until it could be heard by all again, she said, "I have disgraced my people. There is no hope left now. Go, I can not keep you here. I was the one who was foolish, and you were the one to pay for my selfishness. I can not fix the wrong that I have done to you..... but, I may be able to change destany... one last time..."

    The dark energy that seemed to flow from Zander began to be pulled away. It flowed into Avioc Malii leaving her shaking, she fell to her knees. "This must work... though it means my life." The energy covered her leaving the area looking like a large black energy ball.

    It sat there as if deciding what to do.... then burst outward, enveloping Zander, Demoonica, and Kagome. When it disappeared Allen, Rei, and Kai ran to the trio that were now on the ground. They had been knocked out.

    "M'lady wake up!" Allen said as he patted her cheek. Demoonica's eyes flew open.

    "What in the world was that?!" She asked as she sat up. "Do I look like I need another bump on my head?"

    At the same time Kagome sat up also, her hand going to her swolen belly. "Oooww..."

    Kai and Rei were with her. Rei spoke up. "Are you okay, Kagome?"

    "It's just the baby, it's kicking. Rather hard kicking, too."

    Demoonica smiled, Kagome was alright and the baby too, so it seemed. Then her mind went to Zander. "Zander! Is he okay?" She looked over to the half bishounen, he was still laying on the ground. He was face down a few feet away. She made her way over to him quickly, never really getting fully stood up before she was down on the ground beside him. He was laying in the middle of black ashes, his wings were gone.

    "Zander?!" She rolled him over onto his back. His face was smugged with the ash and there was a line of blood flowing from his lip, but he looked unhurt other wise. He opend his eyes.

    "I feel like I was just run over by an angry Chocobo..." He laughed.

    "Oh you!" Demoonica hugged him, not careing that she was getting the ash all over herself also. That's when she noticed said ash. "What is this stuff?" She rubbed some of it between her fingers.

    "Those are my wings...."

    "They always do this?"

    "No... I think what Avioc Malii was doing was takeing away my powers..."

    Demoonica was puzzled. "How?"

    "I... aaa... we have... errr... had the power to drain the abilitys out of Bishi's, it is dangerous to take strong power into yourself, though. It could kill you. She took my powers away, I could even go as far as saying she took the demon part of me away, as well. I can feel it or to be correct I *can't* feel it anymore. She made me as human as she could, and it killed her." He talked low, allowing only Demoonica to hear his words.

    "Zander." She hugged him again.

    "No longer alone." Came a happy voice.

    "Kohaku, so you were here." Zander said. "Is this what you planned all along?"

    Kohaku appeared in the air, in his dragon form. His eyes dancing with happy mischief. "No longer lonely. No longer sad. The anger is gone. Replaced are all. Happy are you now? Yes, I can see it!" The dragon twisted in the air. "Take care my friend, who is not like the others. Who is none and yet all! I will see you again, for no one is truely alone in this world. Farewell!" And he was gone, flying away with the speed of wind.

    "He's......... very interesting." Demoonica commented.

    Zander looked at her. "He's down right errie, I think."

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