If you remember my OC Maya Nijiro, this is a viginette about her most memorable birthday...

Maya and friends


"The Birthday Baile"

I will never forget last year's Rainbow Festival.

Why, you ask?

Before I tell you the answer, some context is in order: Every summer, Celadon holds the Rainbow Festival--a two week long celebration of the arts, sports, and culture. Nine times out of ten, my birthday falls during the festival, so ever since I can remember, it is a tradition at our house for us to all visit the festival's events as a family on my birthday. Except for one year when it fell early in July, we've kept that tradition.

Another birthday tradition of ours is that the guest of honor gets one special gift from the whole family on top of individual gifts. This year, I asked for an emerald butterfly pendant I had seen for sale in the department store. Now, it wasn't a genuine emerald pendant at all, or it would've been millions of credits more. But 5000 credits was not cheap, and Dad had presented it to me with much fanfare that morning. Adam gave me a few video games, and Mom gave me sheet music galore. Dad also had some mall gift cards to give me, and cash and gifts of all kinds kept pouring into the mailbox as our extended family sent their love and well wishes. The pendant was the best gift, so I decided to wear it when we went out to enjoy the Festival.

Sometimes, even Brock will be there, either spinning yarns as himself, or meet and greets as one of his many personas. Last year, he was making an appearance as his most well known persona--the fun loving mariachi dancer and storyteller named Señor Alegria--for meet and greets and hourly shows.

That night, when we all arrived to stroll around the streets of downtown, it was bedecked with booths selling things or hosting games, stages with bands or other performances, and even some Ponyta rides. At the time, I was waiting for Adam to return from trying his luck at the milk bottle game (he wanted a large Riolu doll), and Mom and Dad to return from a nearby art exhibition. Brock's meet and greet area and stage were across the way from us, and Brock was known to mingle and interact with people if meet and greets were going slow. He was working a simple magic trick not far from the curb I was sitting on--turning a penny into a 500 credit coin so a girl could buy some candy. I couldn't help but smile at the girl's amazed face when the transformation occurred--she gave him a big hug for his good deed.

Next, he spotted me and decided to stroll over to where I was sitting in hopes he could have a little fun with me. "Why the long face, chica?" he asked as he made himself comfortable next to me.

"Oh, I'm not sad, just people watching while I wait on my brother to return." I replied. "He wants a Riolu doll from the milk bottle game."

"Be thankful he's not trying for a real one--they are very energetic!" Brock smiled before spotting my pendant. Que valioso, este pendiente... he gasped in awe as he toyed with the emerald butterfly. From my limited Spanish that Nico had taught me, I knew "valioso" meant "valuable". "How did you receive something so beautiful like this?"

"She got it for her birthday!" Adam blurted as he ran to join me, large Riolu doll in tow. I froze--if you wanted a major reaction from Señor Alegria, you told him that it was someone's birthday or other special day.

Not surprisingly, a joyful look appeared on Brock's face. "Really? Your cumpleaños es hoy?" I nodded yes as I blushed. "Wait there--I have a special gift or two just for you!"

I swallowed hard as Brock dashed off back to his stage. "Did you really have to do that?" I asked Adam. He knew I hated being embarrassed on my birthday.

"Yes." Adam smirked as he held his Riolu close and watched as Brock returned with the mariachi band and dancers that had been performing on the square. One dancer plopped a black, green, and gold sombrero on my head and wrapped me in a matching shawl while another presented me with a caramel custard with a candle inside. As everyone cheered and sang "Las Mañanitas" to me, I was covering my Charizard red face with my hands and silently praying that Mom and Dad would return--or how they would react if they came now.

Brock noticed my face at the song's conclusion. "Aw, no tenga pena, chica! It is a happy day, after all!" More cheers filled the air as I sheepishly blew out the candle and ate a little of the custard.

The mariachi band struck up a festive melody and Brock danced about singing Ay larala, ay larala, ay laralaralara! Ay larala, ay larala, ay laralaralara! He then took me by the hand and spun me about as he sang to me in Spanish. While I had no clue what 90% of what he sang meant, I could pick out "mundo" (world), "me gustan" (I like) "amigo" (friend), and "mujer" (woman) as I was whirled and spun about. Adam was having the time of his life eating the custard and watching me being dragged about trying to dance.

When the song ended, I finally mustered the courage to eke out a soft "Thank you" as the shawl and sombrero were whisked away.

"De nada... I hope the rest of your cumpleaños goes well!" Brock smiled before turning to return to his stage. "Adios, for now!"

"Bye!" Adam waved as Brock arrived to tend to those in line for his meet and greet.

Just then, Mom and Dad met us by the curb. "What happened to you, Maya?" Mom asked when she saw my hair sticking out in twelve different directions.

"I told Señor Alegria it was Maya's birthday." Adam explained. "He then dressed her up and got the Mexican band over here and danced with her."

"Dance being a relative term." I giggled.

"He even left you some custard..." Dad smiled as he took a bite of what custard was left. "I wonder how Brock's other characters react when you tell them it's someone's special day."

"I hope Señor Alegria comes back next year on Maya's birthday--and make you be there to watch the reaction!" Adam smirked as we all laughed, including me.