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Thread: The Birth of a Hero! (Chapter One, Two & Three) 1/27/2013 (currently on hiatus)

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    Default The Birth of a Hero! (Chapter One, Two & Three) 1/27/2013 (currently on hiatus)

    I'm currently taking a hiatus from writing this fan-fiction story in particular! Sorry the inconvenience! Thank you for your time!

    Hello everyone! It's me again, unShinyUmbreon. On my last fan fiction I had recieved over 300 views for my story: "A Child Like No Other"!
    I'm very happy and thankful that so many of you read it! I've decided to now apply newer ideas. If you've seen my last fiction, it wasn't perfect and needed a lot of work. But now that I have a better idea with new knowledge, why not try something else out? I'll apply pictures again when I have more time, but for now...

    No copyright intended! This was produced merely out of creativity, all credit goes to it's respective owners, for I own NOTHING!

    NOTICE: You will also notice that I use the same regions and gym leaders! Even know this is fan fiction, I wanted to keep some originality, but at the same time change up and back a fan-fiction storyline!

    ATTENTION: Those following this storyline, I have decided to take a different approach with Chapter 4 and further on. Hoppefully this will make the experience more enjoyable, and more worth your time. Thank you!

    The Birth of a Hero!: Chapter One--"Aden's Journey Begins!"

    The Hoenn region is a vast place where Pokemon soar freely through the skies, swim magestically under the ocean, run happliy through the grass or even live in the darkest corners of the eriest caves. Aden, a young boy from Littleroot Town is currently on his way right up the hill to Professor Derek's lab. Aden and the professor have a special connection, for he is Aden's father, and the same man who would launch a start to his journey!

    "Torchic...Treeko...or Mudkip?" Aden asked himself, as he continued to run up the hill, his father's lab in sight.
    "This is way to hard to choose just one! Ugh! I guess I'll come to conclusions when I get there."

    Aden finally arrived at his father's laboratory. Although, one of Professor Derek's researchers was standing infront of the entrance.
    "Uncle Tao?" he asked, even though he had no blood relations to his man, he had been close to him since he was a young child.

    "I'm sorry, Aden. Your father isn't here, he was called to Slateport City, so he asked me to give you your starter Pokemon today."
    Tao exclaimed.

    "But...This was supposed to be a special day, with my father..." Aden said with sorrow in his voice.

    "And it still is! Recieving a Pokemon for the first time will always be a special experience you'll never forget. Come in, I want you to meet three Pokemon that have been waiting for you..." Tao announced.

    Aden followed Tao in to the lab and there he was three Pokemon standing on top of the main table.

    "Here you are, one of these Pokemon with be your partner to start off your adventure!" said Tao.

    "I don't know which one to choose! They're all so cool." He said with a smile upon his face.

    "Hey! Is anyone in here?" A voice yelled from the entrance.

    "Who is that?" Aden exclaimed.
    "There is another young boy, just like you who is also recieving a Pokemon, of course you get to choose yours first!" replied Tao, and then continued, "Come in!"

    The young trainer entered the lab as well. His name was Eric, and just like Aden, he too was starting his adventure today.

    "Hello. I'm Aden!" He introduced himself with a smile.

    "Nice to meet you, my name is Eric. You're here for your Pokemon, too huh?"

    "Mhm!" Aden exclaimed.

    "Alright, you were here first...Which Pokemon is it going to be?" Eric smiled.

    "Come on Aden, the sooner you pick, the sooner the both of you can start your adevnture!" Tao pushed.

    "I choose...Torchic!" Aden stated, Torchic then jumped in to his hands, excitingly.

    "Very well then." Tao stated and then continued, "Here is Torchic's Pokeball. Five access Pokeballs and your Pokedex, which you'll use to record data everytime you meet a new Pokemon! They're a lot of friends out there that await you Aden, make the most of it and you'll have no regrets!"

    "Thank you, Uncle Tao" Aden bowed, and then ran off.

    Aden's Journey has now officially begun, a long with his new friend, Torchic! Questions still remain, where will Aden head off to first? Will we be seeing more of Eric? And why exactly is Aden's father in Slateport missing the most important event of his sons life? Find out next time, in Chapter Two!

    The Birth of a Hero!: Chapter Two--"The Secret and the Road to Slateport!"

    "Hey, Aden!" Eric had called over, as he was exiting the lab.

    "Oh, hello again, Eric!"

    "Since we're both starting are adventure with offside coincidence's, I'd like to get to know you better." Eric had exclaimed.

    "Sure." Aden then continued, "See that town, right down this hill? That's where I'm from! Little Root town."

    "Oh really? Me also! Well, not exactly though. I moved here all the way from Sinnoh about a week ago." Eric stated.

    "Sinnoh? I've heard of that place before. So why'd you move? Doesn't Sinnoh have Pokemon as well?" Aden asked.

    "Yeah, but my parents said they wanted to be closer to family. We were able to find a house in Little Root, but my Dad's brother, and his son's live Fallarbor Town."

    "Fallarbor Town? But that's very far away. I thought you said you parents wanted to move closer to family?" Aden sparked curioustiy.

    "I know, but we tried all over the place, we were tired of traveling...So we just kicked it back in a small house in Little Root. Trust me, they wanted to move to Fallarbor, but my Uncle just didn't have the room. Besides, Living in the same country is better than not at all, right?" Eric smiled.

    "I guess...Hey, by the way which Pokemon did you choose?"

    "Mudkip." Eric said, and then revealed his Pokemon from it's ball.

    "Oh cool!" Aden jumped.

    "So which town are you heading off to first? Maybe we can travel together." Eric asked.

    "Well, my Uncle Tao said that my father is currently in Slateport. So I would like to show him in person which Pokemon I chose!"

    "Sounds good to me, Aden!" Eric smiled once more.

    Aden and Eric traveled together from there on out in hopes of reaching Slateport City. Eric had a Pokegear, so they simply decided to follow his map application. They had decided to take a rest in Petalburg.

    "I'm so tired..." Sigh Aden.

    "Even though it seems like we have been walking for a long time...According to my map, we're still not that far from home..." Eric said.

    "We need a faster way of transportation..." Aden sighed some more and then went on, "My legs are killing me..."

    "I'm surprised we haven't ran in to any trainers hollaring at us to battle them, but it's been pretty peaceful sofar."

    "Excuse me young children!" A lady called as she walked out of a Pokemart.

    "Hm, and who are you?" Aden asked.

    The lady then walked up, and continued, "My name his Helana. I'm from Rustboro City. When I walked out of that store over there, I couldn't help but hear you two young gentlemen were in need of transportation."

    "That is correct." Eric said.

    "Well, my grandfather owns a bike shop in Rustboro. I can escort you to it, through Petalburg Forest." Helana offered.

    "Thanks...But, we don't really have the money for bikes." Aden said.

    "Hm...Tell you this, my grandfather has this serect that not many people know about, if I tell you, you have to promise me you won't let it leak out!"

    "That's odd. You've just meet us and you're ready to share secrets with total strangers?" Eric stated.

    "Yeah, I mean...We're trustworthy we can assure you, but we don't want you to hop in to random desicions like sharing your grandfather's serect with us." Aden added.

    "Hm...You're right. I should be more careful! Well have a nice day!" Helana said, and then carried on.

    "Wait! I thought you were going to escort us through Petalburg Forest!" Eric shouted.

    "She's already gone...That was weird. Some lady though..." Aden remarked.

    "No matter, it's getting dark. Let's stay over night at the Pokemon Center right over there, and then we'll continue walking in the morning. Besides, if we want to make it to Slateport, are only option is to pass through Petalburg Woods." Eric acknowledged.

    "Yeah, I know what you mean. Traveling through the woods at night with only two weak Pokemon can be dangerous." Aden said.

    "Now that I'm looking at my map application...This would have been a lot easier if we went straight up while we were in Oldale Town, and then raveled across the lake, later taking the rest of the root down to Slateport." Eric said.

    "No it wouldn't have, a lot of people train in those area's. They're way more experienced than us, we'd have to defeat them all before passing through and that just isn't reality right now."

    "Aden, no matter where we are, we're going to run in to tough trainer's sooner or later. Tomorrow morning we should probably train a little first, ourselves. You know, so our Pokemon can get in to the swing of things." Eric exclaimed.

    "I agree, but first we should really get some rest, then we'll have a Pokemon battle! Me versus You!" Aden smiled.

    Aden and Eric entered the Pokemon Center, where there was an area where they can relax over night. With a lot on their mind, they couldn't fall asleep, and started to talk about their future plans.


    "Yeah, Eric."

    "I can't help but revisit that random lady we ran in this afternoon."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Don't you think it's kind of odd how she was there offering us bikes from her grandfathers bike shop?"

    "Not at all, people advertise all the time." said Aden.

    "But, they don't share secrets to strangers...I mean, now that I'm starting to wonder, what if we hadn't said anything? Do you think we'd be in Rustboro right now, and equipt with the knowledge of her grandfather's secret?"

    "I don't know...It's really weird. We'll most likely run in to her again when we get to Rustboro." Aden yawned, and then turned to fall asleep.

    "Yeah...I guess so." Eric also yawned, and turned facing the opposite way to fall asleep.

    Eric started to have a weird dream, that he was in Rustboro City, which he's never been to before. And that he was battling an old man infront of a shop that he couldn't quite make out.
    When the sun arose, the young trainers were on their way to Rustboro City, but first passing through Petalburg Woods.

    "Aden...I had the weirdest dream last night..." Eric stopped.

    "Hm, that's random. Okay, what was it about?"

    "I was battling this old dude, my Mudkip versus--" Eric was trying to say, until he was interrupted by Aden.

    "That's right! I almost forgot. Our Pokemon battle, we should probably have one right now, before we get any further in to these woods!" Aden said.

    "Let's just keep walking, if we run in to anyone, we're just going to have to deny them if they want to battle." Eric said and then continued to walk.

    "Oh, okay." Aden sighed and then followed.

    With Helana's random interferance, and proposing her grandfather's secret, Eric can't help but think what is going to happen next, after the odd events that had occured. Will Aden and Eric run in to Helana again? And what was her offering Grandfather's secret all about? Find out next time, in chapter three!

    The Birth of a Hero!: Chapter Three--"Rustboro City! The Battle is On!

    Aden and Eric have now safely cleared their way through Petalburg Woods, running in to no difficulties.

    "There, up ahead! I can see it." Aden shouted.

    "Rustboro City." Eric exclaimed.

    "Well then, there's no point in walking at this slow pace, let's go!"
    Aden said, as he ran towards Rustboro and Eric following him.

    "We're finally here, and look over there." Aden stated.

    "A bike shop." Eric said.

    "Should we go in?"

    "Yeah, I want to see if that lady...Helana, is there." said Eric.

    As they entered the bike shop, there was no sign of Helena, but what Eric did notice was an old man behind the counter. The very same person who was in his dream the previous night.
    "Could this have been...A premonition?" Eric asked himself in a whisper.

    "Welcome to my shop, boys! May I interest you in a couples of nice bikes." The old man chuckled.

    "No, that is not why we're here." Eric exclaimed.

    "Eric..." Aden whispered over to him.

    "Do you have a granddaughter, name Helana?" Eric asked.

    "As a matter of fact I do!" The old man chuckled once more.

    "We're sorry if we're wasting your time but, your granddaughter told us that you owned a bike shop here, we need bikes, trust us. We just don't have any money..." Sighed Aden.

    "Then you're not of any value as a customer, sorry!" The old man said with a serious tone.

    "Helana, your granddaughter told us all about your secret." Eric stated and then walked forward.

    "Eric, what are you doing?" Aden whispered over.

    "Did she now?"

    "She did." said Eric.

    "Well then young man, she doesn't tell a lot of people...If my granddaughter see's a well deal of trust in you then you're clearly not a joke." replied the old man, and then continued, "Alright. As you now know...Those who challenge me to a Pokemon battle, and win get a free bike. But, since I'm starting to like you oddly more than any other customer I had...I also through in one for you friend."

    "This must be what Eric's dream was about..." Aden said to himself quitely.

    "Old man. I challenge you to a one on one Pokemon battle."

    "Accepted, but first...What is your name? I'd like to know who I'm going to take down next."

    "It's Eric. That's the name of the guy standing right before you who will win this match."

    The overall feel grew more and more heavier aswell as serious. Aden, Eric and the old man went outside for their match.

    "Mudkip, I choose you!" Eric threw his Pokeball up in to the air.
    "Mud-mud Mudkip!" said the Pokemon.

    "Go, show 'em what we're made of!" The old man released his Pokemon from it's ball.
    The wings of this bug type Pokemon fluttered fast back and forth creating a buzzing noise through vibrations.

    "Mudkip, use Water Gun!" Eric shouted, and his Pokemon followed his command. The attack missed, Ninjask was too fast.

    "Ninjask, use Aereal Ace!" the old man yelled, as his Pokemon successfully struck Mudkip.

    Mudkip then fainted, and Eric returned it to it's Pokeball.
    "I'm sorry...Mudkip."

    The old man then called over to Eric.
    "Sorry son, but you lost."

    As Aden and Eric were walking away, the old man called them back in to his bike shop, "Kids, wait!" and then continued, while looking at Eric, "My granddaughter clearly didn't tell you my secret." He stated.

    "So you knew..." said Eric.

    "Challenging me to a battle, and winning will not earn you a bike. That wasn't it...You lied to me, which is most untrustworthy."

    "We're sorry sir!" Aden exclaimed.

    "However, there is one way, which is my real secret, to earning a free bike. But, since I caused you enough trouble and you were able to entertain me, I'll give you two of my finest bikes, for free."

    "Thank you very much!" Aden and Eric bowed.

    Aden and Eric soon rode their bike's through and out of Rustboro City.

    "Where's the next place we're heading to on our way?" asked Aden.
    "First we have to get through Rustboro Tunnel, which is right up ahead!" replied Eric.

    The two both peddled on through the car, soon after reaching Verdanturf Town.

    Eric's premonition mislead him, but what was really the old man's secret? No matter! Aden and Eric are cycling their way to Slateport City in hopes of finding the professor, Aden's father. But first, what awaits them in Verdanturf Town? Find out in the next chapter, and what happens next in further chapters to come!

    Alright, that is the story so far! More chapters to come! And feel free to tell me what you think sofar!
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    Default Re: The Birth of a Hero! (Chapter One & Two) 1/27/2013

    Nice start! I really enjoy the intro. Reminded me of the "World of Pokemon" intros from the movies. Nice description there. Eric and Aden have a good relationship and you do well with their dialog. If I had to make any suggestions, perhaps just a but more description sprinkled throughout the story. There's a lot of dialog but not a lot of description of what's going on to supplement it.

    Nice start though! Keep up the good work!

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: The Birth of a Hero! (Chapter One & Two) 1/27/2013

    Thank you, I'll definately take that in to consideration! :D
    I appreciate you taking the time to read this. ^^


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