For those of you who don't know me, I create fan fic upon fan fic upon fan fic, but none of them get further then five chapters. This one I've already started on two forums, so I'll bring it here.

Chapter One: Reunions and Battles

The wind blew softly across the grass. A daisy floated softly through the air, landing on the floor and then being picked up and thrown again.

A girl stepped forward. The wind caught her dark brown hair and tossed it into the air. Her white skirt fluttered in the wind, and she fell backward. Her arms stretched outward, and her gloved hands then rested on her chest, covered by a red t-shirt. She then adjusted her red bandana to fit her a bit better.

“He’s late!” The girl stood up. “He said to me ‘Sapphira, I’ll meet you at Route 104 at ten o’clock’ and yet he isn’t here! Yet again, mister know it all screws everything up again!”

“Hehe!” Sapphira wheeled round. Behind her was a boy, about the same age as her. He had red hair, and wore a black jumper and white trousers. “Sorry you didn’t hear my Sappi!”

“Don’t even think about calling me Sappi mister!” Yelled Sapphira. “You agreed at meeting me here at ten o’clock! Look at the time! Five past ten! You are so late!”

“Silver, you’re late! Five minutes late! The world will come to an end! Oh no!” Silver copied Sapphira’s voice.

“Silver!” The girl folded her arms and turned to face the sea, back facing the boy.

Silver sighed. “Sappi… Do you forgive me? Please don’t fall out with me! I didn’t come all the way from Johto for nothing did I?”

“Well, I’ll forgive you! If you can beat me at the Petalburg City Contest!” Sapphira suddenly seemed to cheer up.

“S-S-S-Sappi!” Silver knew he’d never beat the girl. Silver trained in raising Pokemon, then trading them off. It was a skill he’d become good at. Sapphira, however, had become good at Pokemon Contests. She’d been training since she’d meet Silver in Johto.

“Well? Do you accept?” Sapphira moved forward and looked at Silver as if to say ‘Remember that our friendship is on the line!’ and then smiled.

“F-F-Fine!” Silver shrugged and marched off in the general direction of Petalburg Woods.

“Strike One!” Sapphira called after him. “2-1!”

A few minutes later, and both trainers were lost.

“You said it would take five minutes to get through this wood buster!”

“I said five minutes if we move quickly and-“

“It’s been longer then five minutes!”

“Will you let me finish you cow!”

“You’re the only Miltank I see round here!”

“And you’re the only Hoenn trainer I see round here!”

“What’s that meant to mean!”

Both trainers decided, after Sapphira complaining for a long time, that the quickest and easiest way to settle this would be in a quick one on one battle.

“I’m not holding back!” called Sapphira. “Go, Tail Shake!” Sapphira’s Vulpix, nicknamed Tail Shake came out of its Poke Ball and cried out loudly. It wasn’t used to battling, and this would be one of its first major battles.

“A Vulpix?” Silver raised a finger and shook it. “An easy opponent for a rubbish trainer!”

“You haven’t won yet!” Sapphira reminded him.

“Yeah… Err… I was getting to that bit…” Silver looked taken aback by Sapphira’s ton. The girl had suddenly perked up and looked happy to be in a battle. “Well, go, Mountain Crush!” The Tyranitar leapt out its Poke Ball and roared loudly at the little Vulpix.

“Hey! No fair!” Sapphira looked upset. Even Tail Shake looked like it didn’t stand much chance against a Tyranitar.

“All’s fair in love and war!” replied Silver. “Scary Face!” The Tyranitar growled sharply, bearing its teeth out at the small Vulpix. Tail Shake ran behind her trainer, and Mountain Crush stopped what it was doing. “Still want to continue our battle!”

“Of course!” Silver looked taken aback by the pleasure Sapphira was showing. “Tail Shake, Fire Spin!” The Vulpix dashed forward, spitting forth a column of fire. Trees were took up in the blaze which surrounding Mountain Crush, trapping him into the burning column.

“No…” hissed Silver. This could ruin everything for him if he didn’t play his cards right.

“Okay, now I want a Safeguard followed by Flamethrower into the fire!” Tail Shake followed her master’s commands, creating a shimmering sphere around it, and then heating up the fire even more. “Okay, now let’s use Imprison!” Tail Shake then connected to Tyranitar. In its mind, Mountain Crush was trying to create barriers, and Tail Shake was struggling to get around it. The Tyranitar pushed back with its mind, and Tail Shake went flying backward.

“Break through the fire and give it a Thrash Mountain Crush!” The Tyranitar darted out the column of fire, which had been weakened, and grabbed Tail Shake.

“Stop!” cried Sapphira, withdrawing her Vulpix back. “You fought well, Tail Shake.” She whispered to the Poke Ball her Vulpix resided in. “I give in Silver.”

Silver had returned his Pokemon and turned back to face Sapphira. “Excellent!”

Sapphira nodded. “Then let’s go!” She took off behind Silver, who in turn ran off into the distance.