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    There is a legend of legends, passed down from the first human to meet a pokemon. It is so old, we only still know about it from an written down version of it in a book. It goes like this:

    Once, there was a time where humanity was constantly in war between regions. Pokemon had no powers. The only "evolution" was when a type of powerless animals reproduced and only the one that was fit to survive survived reproduced and so on. But even before humans, The legendaries were constantly at war with eachother, having no time to waste on improving the lives of mortals. But one legend was not okay with this war. It slept for millions of years after creating our world, but when it fell it chaos from the waring legendaries, it couldn't stand to watch this. Arceus had awoken.

    It looked between the waring legends and the chaos its world had fallen into, and decided to stop this. It looked at the most intelligent species on earth, and granted it even more intelligence. It gave them the tools to keep watch of the earth in absence of the legendaries, and set off to stop the wars. Its children had been born in sets, and those sets were fighting eachother. Arceus only managed to gain 2 legends from each set to join his side. Giratina and Raquaza. It knew it wouldn't be enough. So Arceus used almost all of his power left to create a new legend, one that had more power than any other. One that shared its vision of peace. One that could help it stop the wars, once Arceus could regain its power. All Arceus needed was sleep. It trusted Mew to take over its quest for peace untill it reawakened.

    7,000 years later, humans had long since forgotten what they were made to do. They were destroying the earth. They were constantly at war. Only a small fraction of the humans still remembered there quest to protect the earth, let alone could do anything about it. Arceus saw this and immediatly knew they needed to be reminded. But Arceus knew that it would happen again eventually. It decided to focus on restoring peace to legends. It had Mew and Raquaza collect the Plates for it and they went out. Giratina grabbed its orb and lefits own demension. They defeated each legend and each time they remember that this is there father, so they agreed to end the wars. Then, Arceus created semi-legendary pokemon to watch the sets. It also created three semi legends to help Mew keep peace while it restored its power. Arceus slept again.

    (I need to go now, ill edit more in later. My first story, so comment on it.)
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    added a bit more to it. comment please.

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    It... Rather lacks... Deviates quite a bit from the established storyline... And has a few spelling/usage mistakes...

    7/10. You got a "C". Aim for an "A"! But it's very, very likable.


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