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    Default Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    Pokemon before red/blue Oaks adventure
    This was inspired by a game I saw on youtube called generation 0 didn’t watch to much of it though

    Pallet Town 50 years ago…

    The sun rises on the small town of pallet at the time a large community with schools and libraries. We slowly zoom in on a school in particular, pallet town elementary. We see a young boy ash’s age with brown hair. Beside him is a young girl also his age with blond hair. The boy has his head in a book, while the girl notices this she pushs his elbow forcing his face to hit the desk. He screamed at her in anger.

    “That’s not funny Agatha!” The boy yelled.

    “It is to me Sammy” Agatha replied.

    “Its Samuel not Sammy!” he replied.

    The teacher entered the room Sam and Agatha quieted down.

    “Ok class let’s begin…” the teacher began writing on the chalk board hours passed In silence as the teacher was the only one to talk. Around thirty minutes before class ended he wrote on the board in all caps Monsters as pokemon were referred to as before the invention of pokeballs.

    “Class Todays final lesson is an important one, Be sure to study tonight because theres a test on it tomorrow. Monsters live in the tall and caves, some of them are friendly some of them won’t hesitate to kill you on the spot. We are blessed that our community is surrounded by such a small amount and mostly weak ones too.” The teacher began to lecture.

    Sam raised his hand and the teacher pointed to him.

    “What do you mean weak ones? There are stronger ones?” Sam asked

    “Yes in all shapes and sizes, We only know of three species around here, ratta,pidgey and spearow. Because they are so weak shipping is easy and we can grow, but other cities are completely isolated we haven’t had much contact with them.” He continued

    Sam only grew more intrigued.

    “How many are there?” he asked

    The teacher shoke his head and looked at the clock class was almost over already and they hadn’t even started the lesson.

    “It’s unknown exactly how many there are no one has attempted to get close to them let alone record information on them.” He said.

    Sam only grew more interested but the bell rang all the students went rushing out Agatha grabbed Sam by his back pack and dragged him out.

    “You seemed more interested in what he was talking about then you normally do, why?” Agatha asked.

    “I don’t know…” sam answered

    Just then on their walk home a bush began shaking Agatha hid behind Sam when suddenly a bulbasuar came jumping out using Vine wipe Sam and Agatha ducked only to find bulbasuar was aiming at a beedrill that was about to attack them from above.

    “You saved us little guy, I’ve never seen a monster like you.” Sam said as he pet bulbasuar.

    “Yeah I thought there were only 3 kinds of monster around our city.” Agatha said confused.

    “It means that things are changing, Its weird how we never knew about this kind before, or even the kind that attacked us.”


    “Can you say anything else?” Sam asked.

    “bulba, bul,basuar”

    “It just keeps saying Bulbasuar.” Agatha said

    “Then your name is Bulbasuar you’re my new friend.” Sam said with a happy face

    “Are you mad your parents won’t want you bringing that monster in the house.”

    “But I want to learn more about it,besides it’s a kind monster.”

    Sam snuck bulbasuar into his house while he was in his room studying bulbasuar kept picking things up with its vines. Sam grew interested. He grabbed a book and began writing in it “#001 Bulbasuar”


    Bulbasuar turned to Sam giving him a large smile Sam noticed the Bulb on Bulbasuars back he looked closely at it.

    "Bulbasuar The Seed Monster, it seems to be similar to vegetation." Sam wrote down in his book as he watched Bulbasuar.

    "Theres still so much unknown about you little guy." Sam said as he pet bulbasuars back.

    Bulbasuar walked around moving things with its vines.

    "Can you do anything else besides make vines?" Sam asked

    Bulbasuar then attached leech seeds onto Sam he started squirming at first but stopped studying the properties of it.

    "Its absorbing my energy." Sam said taking a closer look at it.

    Bulbasuar freed him then used sleep powder on him and tackled him awake.

    "Wow thats some strong stuff, anything else?" Sam asked still wanting to know more.

    Bulbasuar started shaking its head.

    "Only four moves huh? Is it like this with all pokemon?" Sam asked as he began writing it in his book.

    Sam closed the book wondering what to name it. It hit him like a ton of bricks his teacher had inspired him to begin writing it so he choose to name the Book after his teacher giving it the title "Dexter." Sam seemed satisfied with the name and opened it back up to study Bulbasuar more. The next day came before Sam knew it Agatha came into the room grabbing Sam by his back pack which he had not removed since he got home. She noticed a book in Sams hands titled. “Dexter”

    “Dexter what is that?” Agatha asked

    “It’s a book I spent all night writing it.”

    She grabbed the book from Sams hands.

    “It’s only one page.” She said flipping the pages.

    “I’ve decided I’m going to find every kind of pokemon, and record them in this book.” Sam said with optimism in his eyes.

    “You’re insane, you’ll get killed.” Agatha said.

    “Not with Bulbasuar on my side, for some reason we connected, I can’t explain it…I’m not going to school today Agatha I’m leaving theres more towns, more monsters to see a bigger world beyond just pallet town.” Sam said this and began walking to the town gates Bulbasuar popping out of bag.

    “You’re just going to leave without telling anyone?” She asked

    “If I told my folks they’d stop me I left a note for them.” Sam gave a smile and kept walking Agatha ran after him.

    “Fine but I’m joining you just to make sure you don’t get yourself killed.” She said hesitantly.

    “What about your parents?” Sam asked

    “I’ll take my chances.” She said

    “You never were one to inform people about what you were doing” Sam said laughing.

    “You better fill that book to the brim.” She stated.

    “I will!” Sam screamed

    Sam and Agatha stealthy got past the guards and the gate and were off to adventure.

    Chapter 1 end
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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    I think the idea of following Professor Oak and Agatha around as children is an interesting idea of for a story. However, I think before you continue that you should significantly tidy up this chapter. There are a lot of grammar errors here:
    - Pallet Town is in lower cases
    - You name Bulbasaur 'Bulbasaur' with a capital but also use lower cases, so you need to decide on a style and stick to it
    - You end speech with full stops when it should be commas (ie “You’re insane you’ll get killed.” Agatha said. should be: "You're insane, you'll get killed," Agatha said.)
    Also, there needs to be a lot more content. While you are at nearly one thousand words, not a lot really happens: well, a lot does happen, but it is brushed over fairly quickly. You should take the time to develop this setting and these characters out more before proceeding.

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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    alright edited chapter one to add some stuff about Bulbasuar

    Chapter 2 The first pokeball

    The two had gotten quite some ways away from pallet not encountering a single monster. As they continued Sam kept writing down details on Bulbasuar.

    “We’ve been walking for awhile It’s almost night time.” Agatha said

    “Yeah let’s stop for now and see what pokemon we can find.” Sam said ready to flip to another page.

    They set up camp for the night when a rattata attacked them. Bulbasuar came to Their aid right away using vine whip.

    “Wow the way it used its vines, It used them like they were whips…I’ll call that move vine whip!” Sam exclaimed

    Rattata Then bite Bulbasuar. Sam toke a minute to try and remember what Bulbasuar had used on him the night before.

    “Use sleep powder!” Sam commanded.

    Bulbasuar listened and used it, rattata fell asleep. Sam got closer to it to try and inspect it. But it woke up and ran away.

    “It’s going to be hard to get data on these things, we need some way to catch them.” Agatha said.

    “But how?” Sam said very disappointed.

    Night had become pitch black and they feel asleep rather quickly. The night passed before they packed up and set out arriving in viridian city.

    “Sam the sign says viriden city up ahead.” Agtha said.

    “Then we’re close to more people, come on maybe they have supplies!” Sam said hurrying into town.

    They found a building with a blue roof, they went inside and bought food,water and batteries for flash lights.

    “I’ve never seen you two around here.” The cashier said

    “We’re from Pallet town.” Sam said

    “Pallet town that’s quite a ways off how did you get here without a monster attacking you?” the cashier asked.

    “I have my partner with me, Bulbasuar.” Sam said pointing down at Bulbasuar.

    The cashier freaked out and picked up a broom.

    “Get that thing out of here you kids shouldn’t be messing with monsters!” the cashier screamed.

    “But I’m studying them so I can make a detailed document about each kind.” Sam said

    The cashier loosened up for a minute.

    “You’ll get yourself killed doing that.” He said

    “There has to be a way we and monsters can live together, maybe if I study them enough I’ll find that way.” Sam said

    The cashier gave him a long look and sighed. He handed them a flyer on it was a young boy with apricorn fruits.

    “This boy was in here a few weeks ago and started handing out these flyers claiming “learn how to capture monsters today on route 23” That’s what he said he paid me to give them out but no one’s taking them.” He said

    Sam grabbed it eagerly running out of the store.

    “Thanks!” Sam exclaimed

    Bulbasuar and Agatha went out running after him. They made it to route 23 no one was there except one boy.

    “Finally someone came I’ve been waiting here for weeks for someone to show up, my name is Kurt.” Kurt said

    “My names Sam and this is Agatha and Bulbasuar.” Sam said

    “I suppose you came here to learn how to catch Monsters.” Kurt said while reaching into his pocket.

    He pulled out a red and white ball. Showing Sam and Agtha it.

    “It’s called an apricorn ball, I invented it in my home region Johto but no one trusts me when I say they work.” Kurt said

    “Whys that?” Sam questioned.

    “It does have a chance of failing I haven’t caught one with these yet.” Kurt said

    “Then how can you be so sure they work?” Agatha asked.

    “Just watch.” Kurt said as he went into the tall grass.

    He encountered a mankey he quickly threw the ball at it it the mankey kicked the ball away kurt caught it before getting kicked by the mankey. Bulbasuar quickly went in but kurt stopped it throwing the ball again this time hitting mankey. Mankey went into the ball to everyones shock. But it broke out. It then attacked Kurt again. Bulbasuar used vine whip to hit mankey a few times to make it back off. Mankey stood back up ready to attack again. Bulbasuar used sleep powder and made mankey fall asleep. Kurt threw the ball, it shoke 3 times followed by a click.

    “It worked that time!” Kurt exclaimed

    “That was a pretty bad beating you toke.” Agatha said.

    “Yeah I toke a lot of those to make it here to kanto.” Kurt said

    “You said eailer you were from Johto that’s a really long walk.” Sam said.

    "Yes it was a long journey full of danger." kurt began

    We go into a flashback of his he's huddled over shaking, his house is missing its roof. Thunder can be seen from the sky and rain begins pouring in. Kurt gets up and wonders outside The town had been attacked by monsters the night before. He wondered for awhile before falling over, only to have a Slowpoke break his fall he jumped expecting it to attack the Slowpoke walked to Kurt and rubbed its head against his leg. Kurt pet Slowpoke and smiled. The two walked along distance eventually Kurt saw an Apricorn tree he reached for its fruits but was unable to reach. Slowpoke got in front of him and offered its back Kurt hesitated at first but toke a step ontop of Slowpoke he was able to get the fruit. he cuts the fruit open and eats the insides of one half, giving the other half to Slowpoke. After they were finished eating a HootHoot attacked the two kurt in a panic threw the shell of the apricorn It hit the HootHoot and HootHoot entered the ball Kurt looked shocked. Hoothoot Jumped out at the last second and ran away.

    "So what happened to this monster that helped you?" Sam asked as Kurt described what had happened.

    "I'm getting to that part." Kurt said with a low tone.

    The flashback continued

    "These things can catch monsters?" Kurt said in disbelief


    "We have to share this information with the rest of the world!" Kurt exclaimed running home.

    He spent the next few days handing out flyers and trying to catch monsters only to have each one fail, after awhile no one showed up anymore. Kurt was angry but slowpoke was always on his side to cheer him up.

    "No one around here will give me a chance anymore slowpoke, let's go to kanto its not far from here." Kurt said trying to hold on to hope.

    The two traveled far Slowpoke toke care of any wild monsters but before Kurt could try to catch them they ran away. He made it to a clearing an area that would one day be New Bark Town. Slowpoke got in the water and ferried Kurt across,They hit land and Kurt got off But as soon as he did a poacher appeared and released a net catching slowpoke.

    "Slowpoke!" Kurt yelled trying to free Slowpoke.

    The man who fired the net kicked Kurt away and picked him up by his neck.

    "Slowpoke tails are said to be one of the most delicious things there is, so kid I'm taking that there slowpoke." The man said as he threw Kurt to the ground.

    Kurt woke up the next day to find it was to late, He had tears in his eyes and he stood back up. He had to choice but to continue there was nothing he could do but walk. He was already in Kanto and not to far from Vidirdien City. The flash back ends there.

    "Its so touching and sad!" Sam said tears in his eyes.

    "You've been through alot." Agatha said

    "Yeah now with this makey I can get slowpoke back." Kurt said

    Kurt toke the ball and let mankey out by accident they all ducked expecting it to attack instead mankey climbed kurt and started picking threw his hair like normal monkeys would.

    “It was trying to hurt you before but now You’ve befriend it.” Sam said.

    Kurt returned mankey to the ball and placed it in his pocket Sam toke notice of this.

    “The ball fit in your pocket but the monster wouldn’t have if it wasn’t in that ball.” Sam said

    “Yeah I suppose pocket balls work as a better name.”kurt said

    “And all monsters fit inside these pocket balls?” Sam asked

    “Every one that I’ve used it on.” Kurt said

    “Pocket monsters…” Sam mumbled

    “I think pocket balls sounds weird why not make it shorter something like pokeballs.” Agatha suggested

    “Yeah and we can come up with a name for the species that can be caught in these balls, Pokemonsters!” Sam yelled.

    “To long how about pokemon?” Agatha suggested.

    “Even better!” Sam exclaimed

    Kurt looked at both of them for awhile as they laughed and he joined them. Laughing alongside them.

    “This adds a lot to my research, but it also adds more questions too that’s the exciting part.” Sam said

    “Well no one’s going to buy these and I should head home you can have the rest of my apricorn balls.Besides I can get more back in Johto they're everywhere. They’re basically hollowed out fruits.” Kurt said

    “We’ll come to johto some day and see you again I’m sure by then these things will be seeing much more use and be bought worldwide, I’ll see to it.” Sam said as he walked away.

    “I can’t believe it these things can be caught.” Agatha said.

    “It seems what kurt was doing wrong when catching them he didn’t weaken them, notice at first he just threw the ball it didn’t work but after Bulbasuar weakened it, the ball worked.” Sam said

    Bulbasuar removed one of the balls from Sams bag and put himself in it making Bulbasuar his official Pokemon. Sam held the ball up to the sky.

    “It’s the beginning of something new after all.” Sam said with a smile on his face

    Chapter 2 end
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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    The idea of your story is interesting, but the grammar mistakes and lack of detail take away from that. For most of the chapters, it's just dialogue with some describing sentences in the mix. Even though what's going on is interesting, it very quickly becomes boring because there narrator simply tells you what's going without any detail. It would also be nice to get some insight on things, like why Sam named the book Dexter or how Kurt got to Kanto when the regions are supposed to be extremely dangerous.

    I don't know if you proof read your chapters, but I would recommend doubling the amount of times that you are currently doing. It's normal to make grammar/spelling errors, but you should make sure to find and fix them before you publish your chapter. I know I am a culprit of letting errors slide by, so that is why I recommend you proof read it a lot.

    Other than that, I think you have a good idea as far as your plot is concerned. Just be sure that you take your time fleshing out the world you have and don't rush in to things.

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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    Most of what I have to say is reiterating what Life said above.

    You've got a pretty cool idea here. I've always liked the concept of "before Pokemon were Pocket Monsters" stories, and this fits the bill perfectly. The cast of characters you've chosen fits perfectly, especially if Kurt shows up more often. As the others have said though, your writing needs quite a bit of technical work. Make the most of your word processor of choice's spelling and grammar checkers. Having a professional looking fic with proper capitalization and dialogue tags goes a long way towards making your story shine. I don't know if English is your first language, but if it's not that's unfortunately not much of an excuse around here (too many great ESL writers :P). If you're unsure of how something works, look it up or ask a friend to read over your chapters before you post them.

    And again, as others have said, try going in to a bit more detail. There are some cool ideas you've come up with that only get a sentence where they deserve at least a paragraph.

    Keep it up, I know you can improve!

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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by Life View Post
    The idea of your story is interesting, but the grammar mistakes and lack of detail take away from that. For most of the chapters, it's just dialogue with some describing sentences in the mix. Even though what's going on is interesting, it very quickly becomes boring because there narrator simply tells you what's going without any detail. It would also be nice to get some insight on things, like why Sam named the book Dexter or how Kurt got to Kanto when the regions are supposed to be extremely dangerous.

    I don't know if you proof read your chapters, but I would recommend doubling the amount of times that you are currently doing. It's normal to make grammar/spelling errors, but you should make sure to find and fix them before you publish your chapter. I know I am a culprit of letting errors slide by, so that is why I recommend you proof read it a lot.

    Other than that, I think you have a good idea as far as your plot is concerned. Just be sure that you take your time fleshing out the world you have and don't rush in to things.
    Well I added detail into how Kurt made it to Kanto and some explanation about why he named it Dexter

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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    Chapter 3 The first Pokemon battle

    The first Pokemon ever caught in a pokeball was finally in sams hands. He turned to Agatha and smiled, Agatha blushed a little bit but played it off with a laugh. Sam threw the ball into the air and began running into town catching the ball as he ran Agatha watched him as he ran into town.

    “He’s going to be something big someday.” Agatha said with admiration

    She began to run after him catching him from behind the two walked into viriden city and back to the market place they had come from. The store clerk looked at their feet wondering where Bulbasuar was. Sam noticed this and pulled out a ball.

    “That kids name was kurt make sure you let everyone know this!” Sam exclaimed as he threw the ball into the air and Bulbasuar popped out.

    The clerk gave a shocked look.

    “These monsters are tamable; they are more than just monsters now they are Pokemon.” Sam exclaimed to the clerk running out of the store. Agatha sighed and ran after him again.

    It was later on in the night now Kurt was seen walking down a road leading back to Johto when he saw the man who kidnapped slowpoke. He grew angry seeing his face.

    “HEY, YOU!!!” Kurt yelled at the man.

    He turned in surprise then gave a sinister grin to kurt.

    “If it isn’t the boy from before, let me guess you want your pet back?” The man asked with an evil look on his face.

    “Where…is…slowpoke!” Kurt exclaimed.

    “Don’t know, might not even be alive anymore at this point.” The man said

    “You…!” Kurt said grinding his teeth.

    “What are you going to do about it?” The man mocked kurt

    Mankey then came popping out of the ball on its own giving the man an angry look. He backed up shocked.

    “You want to fight for me?”

    “Mankey!” Mankey exclaimed.

    “Alright Mankey attack!”
    Mankey went in and kicked the mans feet causing him to fall. He began to run away but Mankey caught him knocking him over. Kurt walked over to the man, bent down and looked him in the eye.

    “Where is slowpoke, if you refuse to tell me mankey will give you another taste of our fury.” Kurt threatened the man.

    “Where did that monster come from? Your pocket?” The man asked

    “That’s right I invented a way to catch monsters, Pokemon now. Now tell me what I want to know.” Kurt demanded

    “Azela town, Theres a bunch of slowpoke poachers there, I sent it there for some cash.” The man cried

    Kurt stood up returning mankey to the ball. He began walking to Azela town. The scene changes to Sam and Agatha. They walk into Viriden forest. Agatha is hiding behind Sam in fear. A wild caterpie appeared, Sam threw the ball into the air as Bulbasuar popped out.

    “Bulbasuar use vine whip!” Sam commanded.

    Bulbasuar used vinewhip but caterpie dodged and bite into Bulbasuar using bug bite, Bulbasuar let out a large scream.

    “It did more damage than it normally does, This bug can do more to grass.” Sam began an analysis on it.

    “Sam stop thinking and fight, Bulbasuars in danger!” Agatha screamed.

    Just then a charmander came out of the bushs and used ember on the caterpie causing it to faint. Charmander looked at Sam and Agatha and ran away.

    “What was that a fire lizard?” Sam asked

    He looked at Bulbasuar and at the fainted Caterpie.

    “There are different types of monsters. Some of which have an advantage over others. Bulbasuar a grass type pokemon was very injured fighting the bug one which was also very injured by the fire one.” Sam said.

    “You’re good at analyzing these things.” Agatha said.

    “I owe that all to our teacher Dexter.” Sam said

    Bulbasuar stood up angry with itself for losing and ran off. Sam and Agatha chased after Bulbasuar when they caught up he had picked a fight with a pidetto.

    “That Monster looks like pidey from route 1 doesn’t it?” Sam asked

    Pidetto attacked Bulbasuar with a wing attacked Bulbasuar hit a tree. Bulbasuar had fainted. Sam began panicking trying to wake Bulbasuar But was attacked by the pidettos as well and lost consciousness. When he woke up he was in a hospital in Pewter city. Agatha and Bulbasuar were in a chair next to him.

    “Agatha what happened?” Sam asked

    “That fire lizard came back and beat the bird then helped us out of the forest while I carried you and Bulbasuar.” Agatha explained

    Sam tried to get up but was stopped by Agatha.
    “Rest for now we have till morning before we have to leave.” Agatha said

    “Thank you Agatha.” Sam said closing his eyes and he went back into a sleep.

    Agatha blushed as she watched him fall back to sleep, Bulbasuar jumped up on her lap and she fell asleep soon after while petting Bulbasuar.

    The Scene changes to Azela town. Kurt is seen just arriving Slowpokes are seen everywhere most missing tails. Kurt looked outraged and went running into the town. Upon getting there Kurt became disgusted, people were buying the tails and eating them. There was only one shop doing it, it had no name. Just a sign reading Slowpoke tails. Mankey popped out of the ball on its own and broke the Window jumping in. Kurt followed.

    “You’re disgusting selling those poor animals tails as food.” Kurt said a look of disgust on his face.

    “Whats the big deal, they’re monsters It’s not like they wouldn’t eat us.” The man said

    “Slowpoke are docile they wouldn’t eat humans, even if they did it wouldn’t be an excuse for this, one of these slowpokes is my friend and I want him back.” Kurt said

    “Friend? HAHAHAHA, kid you crack me up.” The man said in a joking tone.

    “Mankey Low kick!” Kurt commanded.

    Mankey kicked down the desk which revealed several Slowpokes in cages.

    “Wait you wouldn’t attack a defenseless man would you?” The man begged

    Kurt threw a ball to him.

    “Use that to catch one of those slowpoke and then we can fight.” Kurt said

    “What but…” The man said confused.

    The man touched slowpoke with the ball and caught it.

    “If I win you leave this town and their slowpokes alone, if you win you can do whatever you want but I will get my slowpoke back.” Kurt said

    The man let slowpoke out of the ball.

    “This is the world’s first pokemon battle, now mankey low kick!” Kurt commanded

    “Uh use…” the man was confused unable to know what slowpoke knew and slowpoke was hit while he was confused.

    “Hey I don’t know what it can use!” The man yelled

    “sigh…It can spit water you can try that.” Kurt said

    “Alright slowpoke use water spit!” the man yelled

    Slowpoke gave the man a look of anger and refused to listen. Mankey came in again using fury swipes. Slowpoke stood back up on its own and used water gun Mankey was hit by it.

    “Good job slowpoke!” the man yelled

    Slowpoke turned to him and smiled alittle Kurt noticed this right away the man and slowpoke were beginning to become one.

    “Mankey karate chop!” Kurt yelled

    “Slowpoke dodge it!” the man yelled.

    Slowpoke dodged the attack and its eyes began glowing blue Mankey then fell over fainted from the super effective attack confusion. Kurt fell to his knees hugged mankey and returned it to his ball.

    “So I win then?” the man asked

    “No not yet, Slowpoke I choose you!” Kurt yelled

    His slowpoke all the way in the back of the warehouse heard him and broke free using confusion and made its way into the room. Kurt hugged Slowpoke when it came in. Its tail was already gone Kurt was angered by this and Slowpoke shared his anger.

    “Slowpoke use confusion!” Kurt yelled

    Slowpokes eyes glowed and it picked up slowpoke and placed it mid air knocking it into a wall afterwards using its phychic powers. The other slowpoke used water gun on Kurts Slowpoke but did little to nothing. Kurts Slowpoke then charged the other and headbutt the man’s slowpoke.

    "Get up slowpoke!" the man yelled

    Slowpoke willed itself back up and head butt kurts slowpoke. Kurt Slowpoke went back alittle as the man kept commanding Slowpoke to use head butt knocking Slowpoke back further and further.

    "Yes!" the man exclaimed

    "Come one Slowpoke Hang in there!" kurt yelled

    Kurts Slowpoke head butt the Other one again and followed it up with a confusion, the other Slowpoke countered with its own confusion both went flying backwards. Both kurt and the man commanded Slowpoke to use water gun The attacks collided and cancelled each other out. Kurt commanded Slowpoke to use headbutt the Man with the other Slowpoke commanded the Same thing They headbutted each other in mid air sending each other flying backwards Kurt caught his Slowpoke but the other Slowpoke hit a wall which knocked out the mans Slowpoke.

    “I win so leave.” Kurt said

    The man walked up to kurt and was about to give him the ball back but Kurt stopped him.

    “It’s your pokemon now you two really bonded while fighting.” Kurt said

    The man smiled and returned Slowpoke to its ball.

    “I’m sorry about the tail thing, their tails grow back but I realize it was wrong of me. I’ll treat slowpoke better from now on.” The man said to Kurt as he walked away.

    People had watched the battle unfold everyone who had doubted Kurt had watched him and were shocked by his ball device. He sat down next to slowpoke as the crowd poured in asking questions. That spot would later become the slowpoke well. Scene changes to Sam in the hospital having just woke up.

    “Agatha are you awake?” Sam asked.
    Agatha was in a deep sleep only Bulbasuar was awake watching both of them. Sam got up and soon after Agatha woke up too. They left the hospital that evening and continued. Along the way they encountered several pokemon but were unable to catch a single one. By night fall they reached Diglett cave.

    “Diglett cave is said to be an easy path to travel we should have no problems in here.” Sam said

    “I hope you’re right Sam.” Agatha said

    They walked into the cave slowly making progress until a wild diglett appeared. Bulbasuar popped out of its ball immediately.

    “Bulabsuar use razor leaf!” Sam commanded

    Diglett dug a hole and dodged Bulbasuar looked around confused and was hit by Diglett from underneath. Bulbasuar got angry and began glowing.

    “Whats happening?” Sam asked

    Bulbasuar had evolved into Ivysuar.

    “Ivysuar!” Ivysuar yelled

    “Ivysuar? It changed into a new pokemon, each pokemon only said their name this is a new pokemon.” Sam said

    “Its like it evolved.” Agatha said

    “Has its power increased too, maybe even its speed? Ivysuar use razor leaf again!” Sam commanded.

    This time Ivysuar outspeed diglett by a lot it was unable to dodge and fainted.

    “yeah good job Ivysaur!” Sam yelled

    Sam sat down and took his book out. “#002 Ivysaur the evolved form of Bulbasuar…”

    “Are you just going to list them in the order you catch them in?” Agatha asked

    “That’s the plan Agatha.” Sam said as he wrote in his book.

    Chapter end
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    Default Re: Before Red/Blue Oaks Adventure

    Its going to feel rushed from here but to be honest from the Beginning I was just trying to explain events that lead to the current day plus I'd have to write it so oak only catches one at a time since he'f filling it out in the order he catches them and in legendary pokemon cases sees them

    Chapter 4 History unfolds

    Sam Had begun his work on the pokedex and Kurt had begun to get more business. The pokeball was an instant success, however without the help of a man named Mr. Sylph in saffron it wouldn’t have become so widespread across both regions. Sam and Agatha continued to travel around kanto. A montage flashs across the screen. One pokedex entry at a time. “#003 Venusuar, #004 Charmander,#005 charmelon, #006 Charizard.” And it continues. We see Agatha catch her first gastly, Sam catching each pokemon as the pokedex fills 10 years pass Sam and Agatha have aged and are partnered with Mr. Fuji on cinnabar island.

    “Finally finished #149 dragonite.” Sam said closing the book.

    “ Sam You’re impressive, Your findings will change everything, and with new technology you’ll be able to put all of this onto a digital device.” Mr. Fuji said.

    “That’s only thanks to you and kurt, But theres still more pokemon in johto I’m not nearly finished, and what if there are other regions that we haven’t heard from. We’ve been separated for so long who knows who he have been able to get in contact with.” Sam said

    “Speaking of new pokemon I have an interesting report for you, a new pokemon sighting in gunya south America.” Mr fuji said with a joyful voice.

    “Really? What kind of pokemon?” Sam said enthusiastic

    “Its said to be the rumored Mew it used to be friendly to humans in early years but everything changed around 2950 years ago during a war, Its species just disappeared aside from rare sightings. We got some of its hair. We may be able to clone it.” Mr fuji said.

    “That’s incredible! I thought your fossil revival was genius but this is a whole new level of science!” Sam said very happy with the news

    “Yes but it’ll take quite a number of years to fully clone it.” Mr fuji said

    “No problem Its still something.” Sam said

    Agatha came in just then.

    “whatever you two are screaming about can you keep it down.” Agatha said haunter right behind her sticking its tongue out at Sam.

    A few years passed and mews clone was coming along.

    “I named it mewtwo, It seems distancly different from the mew we saw in gunya. The cloning may have changed it.” Mr fuji said

    “So you made a pokemon, kinda like porygon.” Sam said

    “Yes, Sam don’t let me keep you here it’s going to be awhile before its finished.” Mr fuji said

    “yeah its been five years and it looks like it will take a lot longer, I’ll just name it number 150 and mew 151.” Sam said

    “I’ll be sure to inform you when mewtwo is done!” Mr fuji said waving Sam good bye

    “We’ll do it for sure.” A younger Blaine said as he came in full head of flowing hair.

    “I bet my hair on it.” Blaine said

    Sam and Agatha continued into Johto, The dex completion continued It toke another 10 years to fill in up to #250, Ho-oh, Sam said down as he saw it flying in the sky and began writing it down

    “Agatha did you know According to Johtos lore whoever see Ho-oh are blessed with eternal happiness.” Sam said as he wrote it down in his book.

    Agatah blushed, she hesitated to say something at first but he put her hand on Sams

    “I guess its true.” Agatha said

    Sam turned to her and the two kissed for awhile only to be interrupted by Kurt( Yes I’m making her Blues grand ma wanna fight about it? xD)

    “Uh sorry to ruin the moment…But there is one more Legendary pokemon of the johto region, celebi.” Kurt said

    Agatah got up and left Sam and kurt rubbed the back of their heads with awkward smiles on their faces. Sam turned to Kurt.

    “Celebi?” Sam asked

    “Yes its said to be the protector of ilex forest, I want you to check it out.” Kurt said

    “Alright no problem.” Sam said as he got up to chase after Agatha.

    The next day we see the two in Ilex forest observing the shrine. The two sit there for awhile before it becomes night again. The two gave up for the night. Later on Sam is seen in Kurts house working.

    “So what are you fiddling with Sam?” Kurt asked

    “I’ve transferred everything I’ve written from dexter on this!” Sam said holding up the soon to be pokedex.

    “Cool technology is amazing.” Kurt said

    “What are you going to name it?” Agatha asked

    “I was thinking the pokedex, that way it still has dexter and the pokemon name sake, it’s a shame Our professor Dexter isn’t around to see it, I haven’t even published Dexter yet. He’ll never get to see my hardwork.” Sam said disappointed

    Agatha put her hands around him

    “I’m sure he’d be proud.” Agatha said

    “Thanks.” Sam said

    The next few weeks would pass without any sighting of celebi. Sam began to lose hope of ever seeing it. After a month of waiting Kurt received an email.

    “Sam you’ll want to read this.” Kurt said

    “Dear Samual oak I hear you are searching for celebi, I have some info you need. Meet me at my house on route 30. –Mr.pokemon” Sam read

    “I’ve never heard of a Mr.Pokemon, we came up with the term 25 years ago it couldn’t have been made into a surname.” Kurt said

    “Maybe he’s a fan.” Sam said

    Sam went ahead with it traveling to route 30 to meet him. The man was about the same age as Sam.

    “Ah Samuel oak right?” Mr.pokemon asked\

    “Yes, and what is your real name?” Sam asked

    “I prefer just to be called mr.pokemon thank you.” Mr.Pokemon said

    “Alright and you said you had information on celebi?” Sam asked

    “Yes, but first let me give you a proposition.” Mr/pokemon said

    “Alright I’m listening.” Sam said

    “There are other regions many of whom have not heard of the devices you and your friend Kurt invented known as pokeballs, many have hundreds more then kanto and johto combined. I propose that if you I help you you help me.” Mr.pokemon said

    “I don’t see where you’re going with this.” Sam said

    “I give you the information you want and you fund a school for pokemon researchers, they’ll even add information to your pokedex it’s a win win for you.” Mr.Pokemon said

    “I’ll do it but I want to also be a student at this school.” Sam said

    “Why a student? You know so much already.” Mr pokemon asked

    “I have just as much to learn as anyone who enters that building, I’ll donate the pokedex to you to use as a teaching tool as long as I get recognized as its inventor and for you to fund it back with any proceeds from the school. We both fund each other this way now it’s a win win for both of us.” Sam said

    “You are a kind and humble man, This did not go the way I thought it would it came out even better.” Mr.pokemon said

    “It’s a deal then!” Sam exclaimed

    “Alright the info you want on celebi is…I currently have celebi.” Mr pokemon said

    “What you do?” Sam asked

    “Yes Its in this ball I made myself the gs ball, I’ll give you all the info on celebi you need.” Mr pokemon said

    The next five years were spend building the research facility for pokemon, In the mean time Sam had studied celebi as much as he could. When the school was finally finished Sam entered it as a regular student where he meet professor Rowan. Time passed by and birch elm and Juniper (her dad) All joined as well Oak was now 50 (10 years before red/blue) And had gotten All the info on pokemon from kanto to Unova sing his student expirnce to learn about other pokemon from other regions, the other regions grew too Unova was the last to adopt the pokeballs and pokedex as Junipers daughter toke up his work for him and made frequent trips around the world to learn more. Scyamore and many other professors joined Allowing Sam to get all kinds of info on every pokemon from every region even ones that we don’t know about yet Sam even visited every region.

    “Whereever you see pokemon you see Oak.” Rowan said laughing

    “Its great of you to come to Kanto Rowan, you’ll enjoy your stay.” Oak said

    “I don’t know with that war going on it seems kanto is pretty barren right now.” Rowan said

    “yes my son is fighting in the war, his wife died last year after giving birth to my second grandchild.” Oak said

    “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your son is alright” Rowan said

    “It’s sad but we can get past it, his friend lt.surge is also in the war and so is his other friend who also had a kid recently. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” oak said

    Agatha walked in just then Rowan quickly departed the room feeling the tension.

    “Agatha it’s been years!” Oak said

    “About 10 since the divorce, you where always too busy studying pokemon spreading the pokeballs everywhere to other regions.” Agataha said

    “I’m sorry you feel that way about it, the study time was cut in half thanks to professors like birch, Juniper and Rowan.” Oak said

    “Well I came here because I thought we could do one last thing together.” Agatha said

    “Whats that?” Oak asked

    “The first ever official pokemon league, normally you’d need to challenge eight gyms according to the email they send me but they’ve personally invited us to challenge the elite four.” Agatha said

    “E mail?” Oak asked

    “Its on your computer you’re just too busy with pokemon to ever check it.” Agatha said

    “I guess it slipped my mind.” Oak said

    “I know things have been tough but maybe this’ll get your mind off of it, you were a great trainer too you could wipe the floor with these guys, your only equal is me.” Agatha said

    “ I suppose it will and maybe afterwards I’ll release the pokedex to the world.” Oak said

    You’ve been working on it for along time is it finally done?” Agatha asked

    “Yes its been filled with pokemon from region you’ve never even heard of Hoenn, Sinnoh Unova kalos and more. But before I publish it theres something I need to confirm.” Oak said

    “What?” Agatha asked

    “Nothing but this Pokemon league sounds like a good start.” Oak said

    “Alright lets go.” Agatha said

    Chapter four end come back next time for the finale chapter 5 kantos first champion!
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