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    Default The Ballad of Captain Clefairy

    [Rated G]
    This is a ballad that was inspired by an MSPaint drawing I did about a year ago. I drew Clefairy in a Superman costume, and labelled him "Captain Clefairy." :P Btw, that drawing can be found here. Anyway, it's meant to be silly and cute, so please read it with that in mind. Enjoy!

    The Ballad of Captain Clefairy

    One normal day in the Pokémon world,
    A young Clefairy from his hidey-hole twirled.
    He danced and he played, and he played and he danced,
    As little he knew of just what had advanced.

    Toward his haven, from high up above the blue skies,
    T'was a piece of debris of such monstrous size.
    A comet came hurtling down from up high,
    It plunged through the stratosphere; straight through the sky.

    He looked up in awe as the monstrous thing fell.
    Then realized the danger, and realized it well.
    He scarcely had time for a single reaction -
    He lifted his finger and performed an action.

    His Metronome cry was quite lost in the roar,
    But his brave little spirit was not yet no more.
    The Metronome changed to a technique most rare,
    And altered the event that began happening there.

    The comet fell quite short of destroying all.
    Clefairy's "Cosmic Power" had broken its fall.
    A bright flash of light and a pillar of fire,
    Was all that was seen and/or heard to transpire.

    But none were around to feel lost or confused,
    While Clefairy and Comet converged and then fused.
    Clefairy passed out when the fusion was done.
    His meteor attributes and he were one.

    Clefairy came to... much, much later that day.
    The sun had gone down and the moon come to play.
    As Clefairy got up and he glanced around,
    He felt astonished that no damage was found.

    "I've saved the whole mountain!" He thought with relief.
    "Though how is beyond me, and beyond all belief!"
    His thoughts were interrupted by a shrill cry of fright.
    It sounded as though there was trouble this night.

    "That's a Zigzagoon," he thought as he ran.
    "I don't know what's wrong, but I'll do what I can!"
    He raced for the sound, and quite fast, you'll agree.
    For his speedy legs took him well past mach 3.

    "This is insane!" He exclaimed as he raced.
    "Never before have I been this fast-paced!
    What's happened to me, and why am I alive?
    That comet was massive; I couldn't survive!"

    But he didn't have time for such thoughts anymore;
    He'd arrived just in time to see Team Rocket soar,
    Through the sky as they took off in their Meowth balloon,
    And inside their net was a scared Zigzagoon.

    He watched in shocked fury as they laughed with glee.
    They'd caught one! The boss would be happy to see!
    Clefairy fumed as the balloon rose up high.
    They had stolen that 'mon, and he couldn't see why.

    He felt a strong urge to leap high as he might,
    So he did, and was shocked to experience flight!
    Like magic he soared through the air like a bird.
    He didn't know why; it was all quite absurd.

    But regardless he felt he must do what he can,
    To save that poor creature from their evil plan.
    He gritted his teeth and came up from behind.
    They weren't looking his way. To him, they were blind.

    Like lightning it happened; the whole thing a blur.
    He snatched up their cargo and caused quite a stir.
    They hadn't quite seen him, but they were so mad,
    What happened to the prize Zigzagoon they'd just had?

    They had little time to consider this thought,
    For Clefairy zoomed 'round to their balloon and he caught,
    A portion of it under his sharpest claws.
    He scratched a nice hole in the side and then paused.

    Immediately, the balloon went a-flying,
    Its three passengers found it quite terrifying.
    They screamed as they zoomed off ahead out of sight:
    "Team Rocket's blasting off at the speed of light!"

    As he freed his rescuee on the ground below,
    The Zigzagoon's eyes shone with awe all aglow.
    She thanked him profusely, and gave him a gift -
    A nugget of gold, as warm thanks for the lift.

    She begged him to come with her and see her home.
    He agreed, as he had nowhere better to roam.
    She took him with her to the "Pack Zigzagoon."
    Where they partied quite hearty to honor this boon.

    They decided Clefairy was something collossal -
    Even more powerful than living fossils!
    They gave him a title, and partied 'til morn.
    Captain Clefairy, a new hero was born!

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    Chapter 2: Boss Rocket's Mistake
    And so, the night passed and the Pokemon slept
    As little they knew of a menace that crept
    Ever silently, towards their long-partied pad
    It stealthily, silently, planned something bad.

    "Don't make any sound," came the digital order
    From the screen of a mechanical voice recorder
    "Just follow the plan, and you'll all be all right."
    "If you succeed now, there'll be raises tonight."

    A covert and menacing band of men came,
    They all wore gas masks, their Pokemon the same.
    Their dark, fitted clothes wore large R's painted red
    And they crept up to Pack Zigzagoon with some dread

    They knew that their target was wily and fierce
    With strange unknown powers that threatened to pierce
    The skies and the heavens with abnormal power
    These hardened professionals fought hard not to cower.

    "We're in our position," the leader typed in.
    "Proceed with the plan," was the order to win.
    They all unhooked canisters belted on hips
    And turned quiet nozzles protruding from tips.

    The silent, clear gas spread throughout the whole pack.
    And Captain Clefairy slept right through the attack.
    While all of them dwelt in a heavy, dark sleep,
    The Team Rocket admin among them did creep.

    He carried with him a bag of ultra ball
    And, upon our Clefairy, he let the first fall.
    Clefairy was sleeping so sound and so deep
    The ball could not rouse him from his heavy sleep.

    It shook once and twice, and then just one time more
    And then it fell still, on the hard-packed earthen floor.
    The grunts and the admin exhaled with relief.
    They'd have welcome news to take back to their chief.

    They stole him away, and left the Ziggies to dream
    About their pink hero, great friend to the team.
    That night the Team Rocket flew back to HQ
    Their voices were loud, and their engine was too

    When they landed before him, Boss Rocket was smug.
    He stroked his pet Persian who purred on the rug.
    "We've brought what you wanted," his minion reported,
    Handing the ball to his boss, who just snorted.

    "I'm glad to discover that you can't ALWAYS fail,"
    He jeered at his admin, who grimaced and paled.
    "Good work to you all. Take your leave if you will.
    But be back here next monday; I'll have need of your skill."

    The grunts and the admin were excited and thrilled.
    They'd earned some time off and they hadn't been killed.
    As he fingered the ball with his new treasure bonny,
    An evil grin curled on the face Giovanni.

    "This monster will aid us in our great endeavors,"
    He thought to himself with no small bit of pleasure.
    He motioned for Brutus, his Persian to rise
    And stand by his side as he released his prize.

    "Be ready," he warned, as his finger pressed down
    "There's no telling how he'll react to us now."
    When Captain Clefairy materialized,
    He woke with a start, and he blinked in surprise.

    "Where am I?" He asked himself, his eyes darting 'round
    "And who is this man and this Persian I've found?"
    It was then that he noticed that he had been placed
    Away from the pack and in this unwelcome space.

    "Just who the heck are you?" He squeaked at the man
    "And why did you take me away from that clan?"
    Giovanni just stared blankly at him in shock
    Had he just heard this Pokemon audibly talk?

    "You can speak human language," he said without emotion
    And Clefairy understood him, and gasped at the notion
    "What's going on here?" He asked him with fright.
    "How can I understand you, and where am I this night?"

    Giovanni then grinned a most dastardly grin,
    And he told him about just what place he was in.
    Clefairy transitioned from fear to outrage
    He was in amongst enemies, a rat in a cage.

    "Release me at once!" He exclaimed with a cry.
    "I'm no pet of yours, and I won't ever try!"
    "You haven't a choice," Giovanni sneered back.
    "I own you, Clefairy. You're mine to attack."

    It was then that he pressed the small button upon
    The ultra ball, thus restraining his pawn.
    While inside the ball, Captain howled and he fought
    He would not be silenced; he could not be caught.

    Like magic, it started to rattle and shake.
    In surprise, the Boss Rocket made quite a mistake.
    He dropped it, and then the resulting contact
    Helped Clefairy break free and he broke his contract

    He shattered the ultra ball - breaking him free
    He hovered before the bad man he could see.
    "I will never serve you," he snarled and spat.
    "You are my enemy; be content with your cat!"

    He then flew as fast as his body would go
    Through the carelessly left-open office window.
    As Boss Rocket screamed orders into his P.A.,
    Captain Clefairy soared quite far away.

    "I've made my decision," he thought with resolve.
    "These Rockets are evil; I'm getting involved.
    I'll find me a way to destroy all their plans,
    And save all my friends from their sinister hands."

    He flew out of sight, with the Rockets in panic
    The boss was quite furious at his ball mechanic!
    But all that meant nothing; Clefairy was gone.
    They'd lost this one battle; Clefairy had won!

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    The Ziggy Net

    The first thing he did when Clefairy flew back
    Was return to the gang in the Zigzagoon pack
    He had to persuade them to leave their retreat.
    It was no longer safe; no longer discreet

    When he got there he found to his utter relief
    That the Ziggies were fine, although riddled with grief
    "It's Captain Clefairy!" Cried young Jeeko, the one
    Whom Clefairy had rescued last night as he'd done

    "You're alive!" They all chittered in happy surprise
    "Where were you? We worried! We smelled some strange guys!"
    "No time to explain," he said with a quick bob.
    "The danger's not gone yet; we still have a job.

    "I'm sorry to say that Team Rocket is back.
    They want me to work for them, and they've a knack
    For tracking me down, and that's why I've come here
    They knew I was with you; they're sure to appear!"

    "I'll bite at their ankles!" Cried one with a snort.
    "I'll nibble their toes off!" Came another retort.
    "You all aren't enough," said the desperate Clefairy.
    "Their numbers are many, and you've no time to tarry!"

    "What would you suggest?" Asked the oldest Linoone.
    "That we give up our homes? Dissolve Pack Zigzagoon?"
    "I ask that you move," Captain said with closed eyes.
    "I know that it's hard, but it's worse otherwise."

    "Move? But where to?" Jeeko asked him with worry.
    "I don't know any place we can go in a hurry!"
    "She has a good point," Linoone said, oddly kind.
    "And wherever we all go we'll leave tracks behind.

    "Even if we followed, the pace that we'd maintain
    Would only delay you; you should let us remain.
    We'll fight if we must, but we'll be your friends true
    We'll hold them all off so that they'll misplace you!"

    "That's right!" They all cried. "Let us all help your flight!"
    "We can't all go with you, but at least we can fight!"
    Clefairy was heartbroken, filled with despair
    How could he ensure that they wouldn't lose there?

    "I won't let them get you," he cried through bared fangs.
    "I stick by my friends. I'm no coward who hangs
    His friends up to dry when the going gets tough.
    I'll think of a way! This plan won't be enough!"

    And out of the strain, like a bolt from the blue
    He found an idea, and he knew what to do.
    "Of course!" He exclaimed. "Why, it just might succeed!
    I've got a plan on how to keep you all freed!"

    "Will we still have to move?" Asked the old Linoone wise
    "I'm afraid so," said Clefairy, with regretful eyes.
    "But I know a place where there's food, water, and fun.
    I'll take you all there, and you won't have to run."

    "What is your idea?" Asked Jeeko with wonder.
    "It's simple," he said, "but there's no room for blunder."
    "I'll fly you all there in a net held by me.
    I'll carry you all, and no tracks will they see."

    "A net?" Asked the Linoone, his voice quite concerned.
    "Indeed," Said Clefairy. "It's time that we turned
    To craftier tactics and trickier tricks.
    Let's gather some vines and some long, sturdy sticks.

    "We'll make us a platform of sticks and some vines,
    And we'll surround it with netting all woven in lines.
    The way you zigzag, it'll be such a snap.
    You're made for it! Let's go! No time for a nap!"

    "Let's do it!" Cried Jeeko, her face all aglow.
    "If Clefairy is with us, then I'm willing to go!"
    "It seems it might work," Linoone had to agree.
    "Let's try it. I know of a vine-covered tree!"

    So every last one of them scurried and gathered.
    They brought many vines to be woven and tethered
    To a raft-like flat platform of long, sturdy sticks
    To which their vine netting they all did affix.

    Then, one by one, the small Zigzagoon horde
    Grabbed their belongings and all hopped aboard
    digging his claws into each netted loop
    Clefairy took off, and the 'goons gave a whoop.

    "We did it! We're flying!" They shouted with glee
    "Three cheers for Clefairy! His plan set us all free!"
    Although they were heavy, Clefairy did well.
    He flew them quite steadily, and never once fell.

    No later than twenty short minutes from that
    Team Rocket converged on the 'goon's habitat.
    They found no Clefairy, nor one Ziggy track.
    All they could find were some vines lying slack.

    "The boss will not like this," The admin then sighed.
    "Keep looking around. This job means our hides."
    But look as they may, they could find not a one.
    Again they'd been beaten, and Clefairy had won.

    Stealthy Ninja Mario - A Crossover through Realms

    I Hate Pokemon! | The Ballad of Captain Clefairy
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    I am LOVING this! A funny, cute little poem! It's almost like a children's book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse3453 View Post
    Pointless thread revival is pointless...

    Nice, though, Shuko.

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    Default Re: The Ballad of Captain Clefairy

    I think this is actually my favorite thing in the Writer's Workshop recently. So much so that I made up guitar chords to this. Keep it up so I can write a rock opera!

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    Default Re: The Ballad of Captain Clefairy

    You guys do know that no one has posted in this for like two years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectacular Hero View Post
    You guys do know that no one has posted in this for like two years.

    But we're not the ones who revived it. some guy said:

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    Default Re: The Ballad of Captain Clefairy

    You can review a fic from any time, because a review is a legit bump.

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    Default Re: The Ballad of Captain Clefairy

    This is cute and funny.


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