Ah, diary entries. I really showcases the characters feelings. In this one, her feelings are all over the place. She is very bitter, but for good reason. She's been bullied by another Pokemon for something that made her herself. So yeah, might contain strong language and conflict

Think of this as a look into the mind of someone who has been tormented.

I feel…





Bad karma... It is the very thing at this moment that is fueling my fire. Every single day I sit here, wondering how this would even come to you. You seem like you have a good, do you? Nothing bad could ever happen to you. But as I mull over this, I figured out that it’s not so much what I’d like to say to you, which I have a lot to say… believe me. It’s more so what I’d want to see happen to you or what I’d want to do. I’d want to see you hurt the way I have been for the last three years. I’d want to see you cry, and see people scorn you for the many things that made you special.

I hate you…

For what you have done to me all these years. You ruined my life. Everything I thought I was: worthless, weak, dumb; it was all a lie. You fed me lies about my powers and how worthless they were. I believed you, because not only were you popular in school, but you were also a deity; someone that most Pokemon would look up to, legendries included. It also because well you were a moon deity, so you could have connections to space. Because you were a goddess and you had such a huge influence on the students at our school, some of the others started to make fun of me as well. Luckily for me, there were students who decided not to make fun of something they don’t know.

I’m not really an angry girl. Most people would say that I’m as sweet as pie, but my boyfriend would say: rub her the wrong way and the fangs would come out. Well, this is that one day that the fangs do come out. As I write this entry, I am genuinely pissed off. Every day I walked in that classroom, you always had to make my life a living hell. You would never leave me alone and worry about yourself. Not only you, but your gang, your posee. They would never leave me alone as well.

Really now?

Remember when I first came to school? My very first day and we were cool with each other. You were pretty much nice to be on my first day, until I mentioned to the class that my specialty was spatial manipulation. Until then, you have always scorned me. The very first day I tried my powers, and I was supposed to learn my powers around the time, you pretty much laughed at me and told everyone I was useless. I have never wanted to die as quickly as I have wanted to that day. Everyone was calling me useless.

You know, because of that incident and many others, by twelve I told my family I wanted nothing to do with my powers. They were pretty disgraced by that, despite the fact that I had a choice. I could learn them or I didn’t have to, but to not have anything to do with space… well they were angry. You are lucky that I don’t have it to where I had to learn my powers weather I liked it or not, like Dialga has. He had to learn his powers at a fairly young age, four years old actually. At the same time, if I had my life like that, I would have really known what my powers would really do.

After spending time with my parents in their spatial dimension, I learned just that: what my powers could really do.

All that time I’ve spent, I’m come to realize that you were simply just jealous of my power. I mean why would someone torment someone for powers like mine? Most Pokemon have told me that they would kill to have powers like mine and Dialga’s. When I told my folks about this, they almost didn’t believe me, but they did because why else would I no to learning my powers?

Why would I?

As I said, you were just jealous. You were the strongest female Pokemon in class before I came along unexpectantly. You only hated me because you were selfish. You wanted everyone to think you were all knowing and all powerful because you were a deity. It wasn’t like anyone was going to treat you differently if you accepted that there’s always going to be someone who was better than you. You’re still a beautiful girl and you do get better grades than me, but at the end of the day, you are still miserable.


I mean, while I was gone, you took the time to tell Giratina, a ten year old girl, that I was bullying you and that’s why you hate me. No, you were the one who bullied me, but since everyone believes a deity over a mortal, she is weary of me. How selfish could you really be? You knew that I was learning about my powers and then you spread lies about me? Not only to Giratina but to the other kids as well, even then, most of the kids are still on my side.

But do you want to know what really made me angry about that incident?

The fact that you told people that Dialga was telling me to bully you and that he was hurting you as well. As with Giratina, you knew from her about her mother’s antagonism with him. She’ll probably hate him even more but luckily, the other kids didn’t. How dare you drag my boyfriend in this. He had nothing to do with this. He is a nice sweet guy and he would never stand behind bullying.


He’s been badgering me about fighting back and how I shouldn’t. He knows how angry I am, but he’s been asking me not to do anything crazy.

In short, I hope what you have done to me, will come back to bite you. I hope that you will turn ugly one day and people won’t want to be around you. Well, you are already ugly on the inside and it shows on the outside in a reality sense. I do not wish for you to be miserable for the rest of your life, but I wish for you to experience what I’ve felt when you’ve done me wrong.

While at the same time, I will continue to be a better person. I have family, friends and a loving boyfriend who cares about me by my side. I feel sorry if you don’t have these things but I won’t stop being happy because you don’t have what I have. But know this…

When you least expect it, expect it…

And I will always be the better person. Hope you remember that.

(Palkia’s entry ends here)