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    Default The Avengers

    My latest Pokemon Work. It is the longest I've ever made and the most original. It contains a style of writing I'm not used to. Please enjoy my new Fanfic entitled "The Avengers". One of the deepest Pokemon stories yet.
    To fully understand this story though. You must imagine that you've never heard of a Pokemon before.

    The Avengers

    Prolouge- Episode 1: A Change in Destiny

    The sun rose on the town of Pilaf. The Dodrio called the mourning and the farmers got to work. This was a boring town where nothing exciting really ever happened. It was destined to be like that forever. Yet, even destiny can change, and anybody can change it. Destiny though did not decide to change on that day. It was just another day. In this town. Pokemon were forbidden. Noone was allowed to own them or even make contact with them. Most people didn’t even know they existed. Everybody followed this rule and all the others made by “The Council.”

    The Council is what ran Pilaf. It had been making rules since the Chenne Dynasty over 5,000 years ago. When that town was a major source of Pokemon. But that is a whole different story. This story focuses on a group of people. As children they were drawn together. The made a bond they called “The Avengers Bond.” This means nothing now, but it will soon.

    Now back to this day. The Avengers, which was the name of this group of kids, had 5 members. Asod, a trouble making boy who always dreamed of adventure. He had curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Epsilong, a boy who was an idiot at school yet a genius at everything else. He had brownish- reddish hair and green eyes. Vahn, had no clue of what was going on, but went with everything anyway. He had dyed blue hair and black eyes. Kater, a boy who always thought there was more out there. Knowing that an entire life was out there that he was missing. He had brown hair and brown eyes. And finally, the only girl of the group, Sara, and the only person in the group with a normal name. She was a girl with long, brown, silky, hair, hazel eyes, and was perfect at nearly everything. Yet, she was a sheer tomboy.

    Today was just another day. They went to school. Had the “Meeting of the Avengers” which involved nothing but talking about school. Then, they all went home, ate dinner, and went to bed. The next day was much different. The Avengers met, as usual in the morning, they walked to school, as usual, they sat through school, as usual, and went home as usual. That night though, when 4 of them were in bed, Kater went to each of their houses, throwing rocks at their windows and woke all of them up telling them to meet him at the Treehouse. They all went to the Treehouse, which they usual met at, and Kater told them why he woke them up. He said, “I want to leave.”
    “Leave what,” asked Sara.

    “Here,”responded Kater. “Tonight’s the night we leave the city and see what else is out there for us.”

    “YOU WOKE US UP TO TELL US ANOTHER ONE OF YOU BLASTED IDEAS!!!,” screamed Asod. “Everything out there is the same as it is here.”

    “But I heard something today,”remarked Kater. “I heard “The Council” discussing something called a “Pokemon”.

    “A Pokemon,”said Epsilong, now interested. “Tell us more.”

    “There evidently restricted in this town. And people use them for battling. That’s all I heard.”

    “You really want to know if they exist?”asked Asod.

    “Yes,”said Kater.

    “Well if the Council’s keeping it from us it’s bound to be interesting,”said Asod. “Epsilong, tell us what we need to do to get out of town.”

    “Well, according to my research, the guards take a break at 6:00 a.m., about the time the sun rises.”said Epsilong. “If we head to the gate at that time, if we can get out in 5 minutes, then we should be able to leave.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me,”Asod said. “Everyone, meet back here at 5:00 with all your money you’ve ever gotten. Also, bring food. This should last us until we get to the 1st city which is....”

    “The name of the city is Lenlong,” Epsilong concluded.

    “So we’re going,” said Sara.

    “To find out if there really is something out there,”said Kater. “Vahn, wake up!!!.

    “Huh, what’s happening,” asked Vahn.

    “Just bring food and money here at 5:00,” Kater snapped.

    And thus this is the day where the destiny of this town changed...

    5:00 at the Treehouse.....

    “Okay, Avengers ready?” asked Tom.

    “I can’t wait,”said Kater.

    “I hope this works,”worried Sara.

    “Don’t worry this is all figured out,” said Epsilong.

    “I’m sleepy,” said Vahn.

    “Then lets go, Asod announced.

    And just like that, destiny was changed. They managed to get past the gates. But now they’re in the wilderness of which they’ve never seen before...
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    The next chap is up!!! As you can see from this chapter, things are getting very interesting. Things will really heat up in Chapter 3. Keep reading to find out what happans to The Avengers next!!!!

    Prolouge- Chapter 2: The Road to Lenlong Part 1: Journey to the Hidden Woods

    Our story begins. The kids rushed from excitement from fleeing the town, which happened mere moments ago. Their 1st stop, Lenlong town, though they will have problems on the way.

    “Wow,” remarked Kater. “We’re out here. In the wild.”

    “We better keep moving if we want to get out of range,” said Asod. “Epsilong, how far to Lenlong?”

    “Well, its name describes it, a long way,” Epsilong replied. “1st we go through the Hidden Woods, then we will be there.”

    “Well how far to the Hidden Woods? Asod asked.

    “About 3 miles,” Epsilong replied.

    “Well if their hidden,” Vahn started. “ How do we know that the woods are there?”

    “It’s a name moron,” Kater snapped.

    About a half-hour later they arrived at the woods.

    “Let’s go, its about 6:30 right now. In a half- hour our parents wake up. They probably won’t realize we’re gone until a few hours after schools over. That gives us until 6:00 before they start looking and we need to be in the next town by then. We’ll stop at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 4:00 pm to eat. But, we have to run if we want to make it in time,” Epsilong stated.

    “That won’t give us any time to see Pokemon,” moaned Kater.

    “We’ll see them if they’re there, but we can’t stop to look at them or anything,” replied Asod.

    Thus the children started running through the woods. On their way they met another group of kids. They called themselves the “Greats”. They were a group of Pokemon Trainers striving to be the best. In this group there was 4 girls and 1 boy. The members of the group was Celia, Daisy, Hope, Chelsea, and Nad. This group may not seem important now, but it will later. Now, with new knowledge of people called “Pokemon Trainers”, the Avengers were getting very excited. Soon, it became 9:00, and time for breakfast. Everybody ate a little of what they brought and went back to running. Meanwhile in Pilaf....

    The parents had woken up and it was 7:00 am. They didn’t see there kids and figured they already headed off to school together. So they relaxed a little while, then each parent went to work. At school that day, all the other 5th graders wondered where the others were. They thought maybe they just went on another “Avengers” mission, so just ignored the fact that they weren’t there. After school, everyone went home, still wondering about the “Avengers”. Then at 6:00 when they didn’t come home, the Avenger’s parents started to worry. They made calls and noone had seen them. Soon a search party was organized. One was to look in town. One was to look outside of town. It soon became known at 7:30, that the kids weren’t in town anymore. And now as we go back to 10:00, we remember the kids traversing through the woods. As they went through the woods, they saw there 1st Pokemon, which had been following them. This Pokemon knew what was going to happen to them if they stayed in the forest. So when the Avengers saw it, it used its time changing powers to send them into the forest 4 years from that date, they were changed to. It was probably coincidental that the 1st Pokemon they saw was Celebi, it probably was also coincidental that it landed in this exact time to help them. But, it was probably destiny. The kids were amazed at this new time. Kater was now tall with long brown hair, and majestic brown eyes. Asod now had regular curly brown hair and was strong. Epsilong had tons of zits on his face, had short hair, and looked like a dweeb. Vahn had short hair, was puny, but now was more active. Sara now had long, brown hair. Beautiful brown eyes. She looked very mature and all the boys liked her at 1st sight.

    “What happened to us,”asked Kater.

    “Well it would seem that some creature put us in the future and made us what we look like in the future,”announced Epsilong

    “A Pokemon, so they are real,” remarked Asod.

    “Cool, so now we’re in the future. I’m guessing it’ll come back soon,”Vahn said.

    “Yes, but I don’t know why,” announced Epsilong.

    “To protect us I’m guessing,” Sara said.

    All the boys then fell subject to her voice.

    “From what though,”asked Kater.

    “Probably from the town. They must know that we ran away,” Epsilong remarked.

    “Then how does a Pokemon know,”asked Vahn.

    “We’re new to this, how are we supposed to know,”Sara said.

    Little did these young adventurers know, but not really anyone knew about Celebi. Only 11 people knew of its existence, including The Avengers, and of those 11 people only 6 knew little about it. Little did they know that if they got together and met that they would know a lot more about Celebi. Also, little did they know that soon they would form a group known as “The Celebi Researchers. This is not relevant now, but will be soon enough. Meanwhile...

    “Well we’ve all changed, and for the better, especially you Sara,” Asod announced.

    “Not me,”cried Epsilong. Look at me I’m a dweeb.”

    “Don’t sweet talk Sara, Asod, that’s my job,” announced Vahn.

    “You wanna fight about it pretty boy?”asked Asod.

    “Yeah, I do,” said Vahn.

    “GUYS STOP IT,”yelled Sara. “ Don’t fight over me.”

    But they were too mad to listen. And thus, a fight began.

    Next Chapter: Chapter 3: The Road to Lenlong Part 2: A Battle Through Time!
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    Prolouge- Chapter 3: The Road to Lenlong- Part 2: The Celebi Research League

    As mentioned before, there are only 11 people know a lot of information about Celebi. Two of them were getting together to find out more about this mysterious Pokemon. They were now also looking for the other 9 people who knew about Celebi, that they had no idea about yet. Coincidentally, they were also in the Hidden Woods, as it was reported this was the last place Celebi was seen. While they were there they noticed a search party coming by them looking for some kids called “The Avengers”. The Celebi Research League, CRL for short, kept searching and went on their way. Destiny would have it that these people would be extremely relevant later, yet not now. Now we go back to Vahn and Asod.

    Vahn and Asod had been fighting for some time now. They were pretty infuriated. Total, about a half hour had passed and they were getting tired. Thus, they gave up the fighting and decided to cool it. Sara was a wreck. She felt so bad that they were fighting over her. Little did she know that soon, she would not remember this event, courtesy to Celebi.

    The parents of “The Avengers” were very worried. They couldn’t find their kids. They townspeople decided to take them back to the town. Little did the parents know why. The parents were beckoned to “The Council’s” office. The Council started off talking to them casually. Telling the parents how concerned they were about the children. Then, the parents memories were wiped thanks to a special machine in the room known as “The Brain Drain”. This machine could make anyone forget events. The Council was not worried about these kids. They figured that they were dead by now. The Council believed that the kids would never be seen or heard of again. Except for one person, who coincidentally was one of the 11 people who knew a lot about Celebi. This person, named Eeti, thought that the kids would do something big. He knew they were smart and talented. Not to mention, adventurous. He knew the kids would be fine. Little did he know that in exactly 1 day and 9 minutes, he would see them again. Also, little did he know that tomorrow he would join “The Celebi Research League”.

    The next day… The CRL approached Pilaf Town. They entered and demanded to see someone who knew something about Celebi, as of hearing rumors about someone in this town who had encountered it. Here they met Eeti. Tenu, the leader of the CRL, and Bob, the vice of this group, asked Eeti to join. Eeti gladly accepted.

    Meanwhile, The Avengers had been waiting forever. They had been waiting in the same place for ages, when Celebi showed up and put them back in their own time. The kids were normal again and knew nothing of Celebi and kept continuing on their path to Lenlong city.

    “You know, we haven’t had lunch yet,” said Kater.
    “Yeah but its already 4:00!!!,” replied Asod.
    “How, the logic doesn’t work,” said Epsilong.
    “Check your watch, what day is it?” Asod asked.
    “It’s…. one day after before,” replied Epsilong.
    “A mystery indeed,” Sara said.
    “You must’ve encountered Celebi,” said a voice in the distance.
    “Who are you,” asked Asod.
    “I am Eeti, a member of the village council,” said Eeti.
    “God damn it, you found us,” Asod said.
    “I am on you side,” replied Eeti. “I have joined the CRL, a group that researches Celebi. I have always liked you kids. I am glad you are safe. What Celebi has done is sent you through time to protect you. Something disturbing must’ve happened because it erased your memory.’
    “Where’s the rest of the CRL?” Sara asked.
    “Right here,” said a voice.
    “And here,” said another. All of a sudden two people jumped down from trees.
    “I am Tenu, leader of the CRL,” explained Tenu.
    “That must mean I am Bob, the vice of the Celebi Research League,” said Bob.
    “We must move on, but it is nice seeing you,” said Eeti.
    “Likely,” announced Asod.

    Thus the Avengers and the CRL went their separate ways. The Avengers once again headed through the Hidden Woods on the way to Lenlong.

    “Why is that Celebi saying Serebii?” asked Eeti.
    “That’s an easy one,” replied Tenu. “It’s Japanese.”
    “What do the French ones say then?” asked Bob.
    “They don’t,” replied Tenu.
    “But I’m French,” said Eeti.
    “No your not,” answered Tenu.

    Enjoy the new Outtakes section. The next chapter is:Chapter 4- The Road to Lenlong- Part 3: Meeting Spearow
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    Prolouge- Chapter 4: The Road to Lenlong: Part 3: Meeting with Spearow

    We rejoin the Avengers back on their way to Lenlong. Gladly, they were almost out of the Hidden Woods, not thinking anything would be hidden to them when they went in, they had seen the hidden pokemon Celebi, encountered numerous dangers, and lost their memory. All in good time with this story unveil itself. Though, most of it won’t make sense for a while. Anyway, Lenlong, the 1st town on the Avengers stop. Without them knowing, right now a murder has just taken place in Lenlong. This may not seems important now, but it will later.

    “I’m tired,” said Kater.
    “And you think that we will rest until we get to Lelong?” asked Asod.
    “No, but I’m tired,” said Kater.
    “Stop fighting,” told Sara.
    “Fine,” said Kater. “How much longer to Lenlong anyway?”
    “Well, we’ll be out of the Hidden Woods in about an hour, so I’d say about one days worth more of traveling,” remarked Epsilong.

    So, the Avengers kept walking, little did they know what lay ahead….

    1 hour later…..

    “Finally,” remarked Kater. “We’re out of the woods.”
    “Feels good, doesn’t it,” Asod said.
    “Yeah, now to Lenlong,” said Epsilong.
    “Hmmm,” Vahn murmured.
    “Let’s go,” said Sara.
    “We’d better not,” replied Kater.
    “YOU CAN’T WANT TO TURN BACK NOW,” yelled Asod.
    “I don’t want to turn back, a flock of birds I coming at us,” said Kater.
    “Pokemon,” gasped Epsilong.
    “Use these,” said a voice as three Pokeballs were thrown from a bush. “Throw them at the Spearow.

    Each of The Avengers threw one. Only one was caught.

    “Congratulations,” said the voice. “You have just caught, a Spearow.”
    “What do I do with it?” asked Kater.
    “Here, use this,” said the voice as he threw a pokedex at Kater. “Say “Spearow” into the pokedex.”
    “Spearow,” said Kater.

    Pokedex: Spearow, the tiny bird pokemon. It’s ability is Keen Eye, which means this pokemon accuracy cannot be lowered by it’s opponent. Spearow’s known attacks at its current level of 5 are: Peck and Growl.

    “Can I do this with any Pokemon?” asked Kater.
    “Yes,” said the voice.
    “Celebi” said Kater.

    Pokedex: Celebi, the time travel pokemon. It’s ability is Natural Cure, which allows Celbi’s stat conditions to be healed when withdrawn from battle. You have only seen Celebi one time. It knew the attacks Giga Drain, Psychic, Heal Bell, and Shadow Ball. It also seems that this is newly found information. Would you like to send it back to the main lab?

    “Yes he would,” said the voice.
    “Processing,” went the pokedex. “Done.” The Pokedex turned off.
    “You’ve seen a Celebi?” asked the voice.
    “Yes, just recently,” replied Kater.
    “Well, I must go,” said the voice.
    “What about out pokedex’s,” asked Asod.
    “They are not meant for any of you yet,” said the voice. “But in due time.”

    With that, Asod lost his patience and tackled the place where the voice was coming from, but the person was already gone.

    “We lost him,” said Asod. “Let’s go.”
    “There are three Spearow left though,” said Kater.
    “Find take care of them,” said Asod, grimly.
    “Spearow, go,” said Kater, as he threw the Pokeball.

    The Spearow came out. Kater had it use growl, disrupting the other Spearows, then it used peck on one. That enemy Spearow was about to attack back, but Kater’s Spearow used Growl again. Then Kater’s Spearow used Peck and Kater won. The other Spearows were frightened, so ran off.

    “That was cool,” said Vahn.
    “Yeah, it was,” remarked Kater.
    “Let’s get going already,” said Asod.

    So The Avengers stated off again. Not knowing what lay ahead.


    “Here, use this,” said the voice as he threw a pokedex at Kater. “Say “Spearow” into the pokedex.”

    “Spearmint....” remarked Kater. "Kind of a lame name don't you think."

    "I'm quitting the show," said the voice.

    "One question," said Kater. "Whats a pokedex?"

    Next week: Chapter 5- The Road to Lenlong: Part 4: The Final Stretch. Next week, the road to Lenlong ends. And the Lenlong Saga begins. *Authors note* I expect Lenlong to be about 10- 15 chapters long depending on what idea i use. Note that this is a big chapter, as it is its first city. 1st season theme song next time to.
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    It seems pretty good, but why have you changed your format? Dialogue is generally double-spaced (as in the first couple of chapters) and then you change it to single-spaced.

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    Prolouge- Chapter 5: The Road to Lenlong: Part 4: The Final Stretch

    The Avengers were so close to Lenlong they could smell it. They wanted to take a break though. Asod hadn’t said a word to any of them since Kater got his Spearow and Pokedex. All the other Avengers were excited for Kater though. This does seem important and is important, yet will not be truly known until much later.

    “Spearow, Peck,” said Kater, practicing Spearow’s moves.
    “It’s so cool that you have a Pokemon,” said Sara. “Asod, come over here and look at Kater’s Spearow.”
    “Hmph,” went Asod.
    “Well Kater, I’ve been looking at you Pokedex, and, evidentially, Pokemon can evolve at certain levels. Spearow evolves into Fearow at level 20. Your Spearow is currently at level 6, one level from learning the move Leer. There’s also something called a “TM” which are special moves you teach your Pokemon and “HM” which can help you get past obstacles,” announced Epsilong.
    “This is more complicated than I though,” said Kater. “I’ll train the rest of the way to Lenlong.”
    “Well, there’s a Pokemon called Nidoran up ahead, I believe this is the male version,” announced Epsilong.

    Kater then got into a battle. He had Spearow use Growl 3 times and then tackle which took out the Nidoran male in one hit.

    “What level is Spearow now?” asked Kater.
    “Level 6, but almost has enough exp. to be lv. 7,” said Epsilong.
    “Okay,” said Kater. “Is that another Pokemon?”
    “Yeah, it is why,” said Epsilong.

    Kater then attacked the Rattata with 3 growls and two tackles, making the Rattata faint.

    “Spearow is now level 7,” announced Epsilong. “Spearow learned Leer.”
    “What does Leer do,” asked Kater.
    “Leer is a defensive move that lowers attack,” said Epsilong.
    “Okay, Spearow Leer,” said Kater.

    With that announcement, Spearow gave a grimacing stare that looked like it was going to kill something, or someone.

    “That’s enough training for today Spearow,” said Kater. “Return.”
    “Where’s Asod?” asked Vahn.
    “I don’t know, I was watching Spearow,” said Sara.
    “Spearow, go,” said Kater as he released Spearow from it’s ball. “Go look for Asod.”

    The Spearow took off in the air and Kater followed.

    “Stay where you are,” Kater said.

    Asod had ran away, out of anger towards Kater. He was supposed to be the leader. He was supposed to rule over them, but no Kater gets the Pokemon first. Asod was angry, and Pilaf was the place he was returning to. All of a sudden he heard someone call his name.

    “Asod,” a voice yelled.
    “God, it’s Kater,” Asod murmured to himself as he took off running. But he stopped and turned around to see Kater.
    “Why’d you run away,” asked Kater.
    “I’m bored out here in the wild,” said Asod.
    “I’ll tell you what, you take us to Lenlong city, and learn what we came to learn, and you can head back to Pilaf. But until then, you can’t quit the Avengers,” yelled Kater. Kater turned around and left. Asod followed.

    Back where the Avengers were….

    “I brought him back,” said Kater. “Let’s go.”

    All the Avengers knew, Asod was frustrated, they started off again towards Lenlong, to be there in a half hour. Meanwhile, The Greats had just arrived at the Shadow Pokemon Factory. They had come to infiltrate it, but they soon realized they needed help. The only people they knew were the CRL which they encountered on the way there. They quickly called the CRL immediately. They told the CRL to bring everyone they could to help. The CRL, still consisting of 3, told The Greats they’d be there as soon as they found this 4th person they heard about. The CRL also said that they knew of someone in Lenlong who could be much help. This does not seem important now, but will be quite soon. Meanwhile, back in Pilaf….

    The Council had been in a lot of trouble lately. With no news of the Avengers and one of their best men leaving the Council, they had many problems. They were thinking of going into the Hidden Woods, but that would be no use. One thing was known though. The Avengers were not dead. They had sent field researchers in the area to look for the kids, but no bodies were found. The closest town was Lenlong, but they were forbidden from there. There was no where to go. And they, for the 1st time in 124.6 years, had no idea what to do.

    Back to the Avengers….

    They had just arrived at Lenlong, amazed to see a city for the 1st time. Asod was still mad. Kater was excited, as well as Epsilong and Sara. Vahn, didn’t know where they were, but he liked it.

    END of Prolouge

    “Asod, you know what you coming back with me,” said Kater.
    “No, I’m not,” said Asod.
    “Why is that,” said Kater.
    “I didn’t get my paycheck this week,” Asod announced.

    and to answer, yes the format is slowly changing to what works best. Also, this new chapter is the end of the Prolouge. Next is

    Saga 1: The Lenlong Saga- A Trainer and a Researcher

    Chapter 6- A Trainer and a Researcher: Part 1: Welcome to Lenlong

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    Okay. Fair enough. I'm going to nitpick your prologue (not Prolouge):

    1. "This does seem important and is important, yet will not be truly known until much later." This is an example of bad foreshadowing. Don't hit the readers over the head with clues as to what's going to happen next.

    2. "Well Kater, I’ve been looking at you Pokedex, and, evidentially, Pokemon can evolve at certain levels."
    Same sentence, with better punctuation: "Well, Kater, I've been looking at your Pokédex. Evidently, Pokémon can evolve at certain levels."

    3. Any number lower than 10 can (and probably should) be spelled out. In the fic, it's "level seven," not "lv. 7."

    4. Outtakes are features on DVDs. They're not generally used in fanfiction and, IMO, cheapen the fic slightly. If you've got a decent fic with good characterization and a reasonably original plot, you don't need outtakes.

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    thanks for sugestion. In Saga 1, ill take out the outtakes. But i want to keep doing traditional things like lv. 7. Also, i am building up a plot which involves me doing, but that is not important yet but will be soon.

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    Srry there hasn't been a new chap this week. I've been very busy lately.

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    The 1st chapter for Saga 1. Here it is: Saga 1: The Lenlong Saga- A Trainer and a Researcher
    *Note the name of the Saga is The Lenlong Saga- A Trainer and a Researcher

    Saga 1: Chapter 1- Welcome to Lenlong

    Kater ran off into Lenlong as the others stared in amazment.

    “The outside world,” said Sara. “Fills me with adventure.”
    “So, this is Lin Town?” asked Vahn.
    “Lenlong, actually,” said Epsilong.

    As the Avengers stared in amazement at the big city, Kater came rushing back.

    “I found us a place to stay,” said Kater as he pulled them along with him.

    The Avengers quickly followed Kater to the heart of Lenlong.

    “Meet Dogatu,” said Kater. “The CRL told me that we could stay with him.”
    “A pleasure to meet you,” said Dogatu.
    “Hello Dogatue-san, I am Epsilong,” said Epsilong.
    “I’m Sara,” said Sara.
    “Why do we have to stay with this old geezer?” remarked Asod.
    “You know, you’re a real jerk Asod,” said Vahn.
    “You wanna fight about it pretty boy,” said Asod.
    “Yeah I do” said Vahn.
    “Stop it!” yelled Sara.
    “Déjà vu,” Kater murmured.
    “How so,” asked Epsilong.
    “The lost memory is coming back,” said Kater.

    At that moment, Asod’s full memory was restored. He remembered every event that had happened to him. He remembered his dad moving out on him, his mom picking up a new man, being a class failure, having no good relationship with anyone until he met The Avengers, and became their leader. But then he remembered, the future fight. He was starting to be hated, even by them. He realized the only place that he good go that would be right, is back to Pilaf. He decided to expose his new rivals for who they were. Another bad mistake in his life. He got into it so hard. 1st he met Kater. Then, he was accepted into The Avengers. By power, he gained control of them. His emotions were wild. He wanted to kill the Avengers. Have their blood in his hands. This then became his only ambition in life. Something that he would try to do forever. He then snapped out of his head and realized everyone was staring at him.

    “I have to go for a walk,” he said.
    “Something’s wrong,” said Kater.
    “I’m afraid,” said Dogasu. “He won’t be with you anymore.”
    “He was our leader, even if it was forced,” said Kater. “Until he leaves, he’s still our leader.”
    “Agreed,” said Epsilong. “But this time, we won’t try to get him back.”
    “He’ll come back,” said Kater. “For one last goodbye.
    “Meanwhile,” said Dogasu. “Kater, you’re training starts tomorrow.”
    “What training?” asked Kater.
    “Well you do own a Spearow, right?” asked Dogasu.
    “Yes,” said Kater.
    “Well I’m going to teach you how to battle with it,” said Dogasu. “Also, Epsilong, I have something for you, its called a Pokedex. It tells about data of Pokemon. Perfect for a Pokemon Researcher like you.”
    “I get a Pokedex!” said Epsilong. “I’ve wanted one ever since Kater got one.”
    “You will research with me, and watch Kater’s battles,” said Dogasu. “You will become Kater’s closest partner, though I think you already are.”
    “What about me and Vahn?” asked Sara.
    “You must continue the route to the next city, you may stay with me though, for the time being. Soon, you will have to become your own Pokemon team. The Avengers Bond will hold strong with you,” said Dogasu.
    “Then we will all stay together for 5 days,” said Kater. “We will then split up where needed.”
    “I’m back,” said Asod. “I’ve been thinking, I’m going back to Pilaf, it’s better there.”
    “Fine, you have to stay with us for 5 days, then do what you want,” said Kater.
    “Hmph,” said Asod.
    “Kater, I hate to interrupt, but I need you and Epsilong to come with me to register you Pokedex’s and get your Trainer Cards,” said Dogasu.

    With that Doagsu took Kater and Epsilong to a back room to do some work with Kater and Epsilong.

    Next week: Saga 1: Chapter 2- Dogasu’s Training (Part 1)
    Get ready for the 1st part of the three part BEGINNING of Dogaus training with Kater and Epsilong. And for those of you wondering, my planning with Asod is complete, i know exactly what to do with him. Not what nyone will expect.

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    Avenger Special 1- Pokemon 10th Anniversary Special
    A One-Shot

    “Hey guys guess what today is,” asked Kater.
    “The year long anniversary since Blake’s Bar Mitzvah,” asked Vahn.
    “The day that dinosaurs perished,” asked Sara.
    “No it’s POKEMON’S 10th ANNIVERSARY!” Kater responded.
    “10 years,” asked Epsilong. “That’s a little short since my research tells me that Pokemon have been around since the beginning of the earth.”
    “Don’t get technical dweeb,” said Asod.
    “Let’s not fight on Pokemon’s 10th Anniversary,” said Kater. “What does everyone want to see in the next 10 years?”
    “I want to see more games,” said Sara.
    “I wanna see real Pokemon,” said Vahn.
    “Well technically, you can’t wish that since they are real in this fanfic, but I don’t want to get logical about it, what I want to see are enhanced Pokedex’s,” said Epsilong.
    “MORE XD AND SHADOW POKEMON,” snickered Asod.
    “I want more peace and justice to prevail,” said Kater.
    “So is this it for out one- shot,” asked Vahn.
    “Yeah, but don’t worry, we’ll have more,” said Kater.

    Have a Happy next 10 years of Pokemon, from the Avengers.

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    I know someone must be mad at me for laying this chapter off for 3 weeks, and not having much to show for it but saying the next chapter is the best yet. Also, I cant believe I accidentally came up with the name Dogasu, then found out someone big here had that name. Without anymore delay, The Avengers: Saga 1: Chapter 2- Dogasu’s Training (Part 1)

    We find Epsilong and Kater training with Dogasu.

    “Epsilong, watch me and Kater’s battle closely,” said Dogasu.

    Kater sent out Spearow against Dogasu’s Primape. Spearow used Fury Attack, after all day training with Dogasu, it got to be a lv. 13. The Spearow’s Fury attack was a critical hit against Primape, after hitting 4 times. The Primeape though was lv. 30. It used Rage and finished Spearow in a hit.

    “What did you see wrong this time, Epsilong?” asked Dogasu.
    “Well besides the level difference, Kater used too risky of an attack too quickly. If had used multiple Leers then used Fury Attack, he probably would’ve won,” announced Epsilong.
    “Very good,” said Dogasu. “Kater, your improving already.”
    “After one day?” asked Kater. “Isn’t that hard?”
    “When people are meant to do something,” started Dogasu. “Your destined to improve.”
    “Well, actually, I’ve been scaling Kater’s improvement throughout the day, he’s improved already greatly. Two more days of this and his Spearow is estimated to be a Lv. 20, which is the level in which Spearow evolves into a Fearow,” said Epsilong.
    “But, why does evolution matter?” asked Kater. “I mean, I like Spearow the way it is.”
    “Trust me, choose power over love,” said Epsilong.
    “For now, Epsilong’s right Kater,” said Dogasu. “Just keep moving along.”
    “Alright,” said Kater grimly.
    “Now, you have to get more Pokemon,” said Dogasu.
    “Already!?!” asked Epsilong. “But he’s a new Trainer, you can barely consider him a day old.”
    “But has he or has he not shown improvement that most trainers don’t see until their 3rd or 4th month,” suggested Dogasu.
    “Well yes, but still,” Epsilong paused. “Well, what Pokemon do you have in mind?”
    “One that will test his true skills as a trainer,” said Dogasu. “Kater, I present you to Feebas, a Pokemon that will make you truly understand the concept of training.”
    “Holy…,” said Epsilong. “Feebas can only evolve when giving it enough beauty Pokeblocks, I don’t even see a Pokeblock machine!!!
    “Calm down child,” said Dogasu. “Kater come with me, I have a machine in the back and some berries for you to blend. And Epsilong, you can retire to you quarters for the day.”
    “Yes sir,” said Epsilong bleakly.

    Epsilong did as he was told and Kater came in two hours later. After they got ready, they sat at the dinner table as Dogasu prepared them a nice meal. Asod, negative as ever, went to bed early that night, Kater also went to bed early, along with Epsilong, under Dogasu’s orders.

    Authors Opinion: Well, this story for some time was getting a lot of hits, and I think with this new chapter, it’ll get even more. I’m proud to present the chapter some waited 3 weeks for. I think this one was kind of surprising, and short, the Feebas ordeal suddenly came to me when writing this. Next chapter will probably be the longest yet and I’ll have that, and the last chapter of Dogasu’s Training this weekend. I also want to point out how funny it is that I came up with the name Dogasu, never hearing it before, and then I hear of an extremely gifted Pokemon Anime comparer of the same name shortly after writing the 1st chapter. All you BMG’ers don’t speculate that I took his name, because honestly I didn’t. Also, the new fans at Gonintendo reading this, I hope you enjoyed it so far.

    And every few chapters i will have Author oppinions.

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    Authors Secrets of the Avengers: The Characters

    The Characters is The Avengers are all based off different people. Lets start off with Asod. My best friend, who does not have one piece of evil in him, but loves trouble. His real name is Tommy, but this name is based off his codename. He is a leader and that’s how he started out. But then I added a hint of evil to him and bam his character turned into this awesome evil dude. Soon enough though, you will start to see his true colors. I guess his early attitude about walking and stuff is based off of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. He always does stuff like that when he wants to be alone, though Asod did it more out of rage.
    Kater is based off of me. He craves power, though not directly, he is skilled with Pokemon, and he always is trying to improve at his training. Kater, in himself, is a simple character in The Avengers starting to transform into a leader. His backup is Epsilong who is backing away from Asod.
    Epsilong was one of my favorite charchters to develop. He likes being the backup behind people and he respects that about himself. He looks like a genius, yet he isn’t one, I created him a genius in a story. I’m sure if he put his mind to it though, he would be the genius. He is just based off of Harrison and his old codename Epsilong. His new one is Honkay H. but I don’t think that’s going in the Avengers.
    Sara is a pretty out there character which I have no idea how I came up with her. She is based off of no one. Yet her character changes abruptly, whether its from her original Tom Boy look to her hot look in the future to her girlish look now, she has gone under major character development. Then imagine the horror of knowing what you will look like in the future and how boys will be attracted to that. A 5th grader knowing that she will be that way soon enough. She feels most safe around Vahn.
    Vahn is an old friend of mine name Evan who’s nickname was Vahn. He’s not lazy or stupid. He’s weird. I don’t know how he shaped up to be this way. As I look back at the beginning, he was always like this. His worst enemy is Asod and his best friend is Sara. A funny thing is I decided that if anyone dies, he’s the 1st to go since I can’t stand his character. He’s starting to get a backbone, but right now only against Asod. But when traveling alone with Sara, and a bunch of vicious men out there, might He have to get stronger, and fast? I also want to tell you that there’s already plans for a character dying, let’s just say its not Vahn. And you won’t know about it until the end of the 6th saga. I have the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th saga planned out so far. And I like it. I think a lot of people will be surprised with the 2nd saga. I plan to make that fairly long. That was some spoilers.
    Onto The Greats, I feel that even if I don’t go in dept about it, they need to be mentioned. The Greats are based off of the Nintendo Official Nsider Pokemon Forums. The group of the most knowledgeable and respected Pokemon people in the Great period which was through summer 2004, I was a part at the end, they are Great battlers who will have much respect later on.
    The CRL (Celebi Research League) has 3 members and I’m planning on a 4th sometime in the future. There’s Bob, Eeti, and Tenu. They aren’t based off anyone. This came out of nowhere. They were mainly created so that the Avengers could get out of the range of the Council. It was going to be that they came along and saved the Avengers, which it wasn’t , it turned out Celebi helped. Happy ending.
    Dogasu is the weirdest thing. He’s a wise old Pokemon Sage. I created his name off the top of my head, little did I know there was a famous Pokemon Anime Comparer with the same name. I was thinking of changing the name, but it stayed. He’s also an original character. Just so you know, Dogasu was the one in the bushes and he met up with Kater on purpose. So that’s the mystery of him.
    The Council really is only relavant one more time which I find highly funny. And it won’t be explained until Asod’s Diaries 1. This is all on the Council, they are kind of based off the Order thing in the book The Giver.
    What I think of the series so far? Great, I’m really starting to love how this saga is shaping out to. I think the Feebas was really out there. So right now only Pokemon he has will be a Fearow and a Raticate. Let’s see, Epsilong will eventually get an Abra, Vahn a Slakoth, Sara a Magikarp, and I gave the CRL a lot of cool Pokemon. I’m planning some shipping later and maybe a Special on there nights alone in Saga 1, 2, and so on. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed this writers segment.

    I think that this really explains what the hell i was thinking when i wrote this thing. It goes kind of in depth about everything.


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