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    Default (AU) Yamato-san's Pokesho Translations

    hey everyone, you may know me as the guy writing Pocket Monsters Chronicles. I've been tempted to translate material from Pokesho for a while now as a means to practice working on my skills with the Japanese language. However, when I saw the recent comic, Sirknight Experience, I immediately wanted to put my current fic on hold and begin work on my first translation project. So everyone knows, I'm not exactly detailing the writing for these. Rather, I'm simply posting a link to the comic and I post the translated text, which appears in the same order as the word bubbles. Also, as with PMC, I'm not using the English names of the Pokemon and such, but rather the original Japanese names. I'm not posting a list comparing the Japanese names to the English names neither, because I can assume everyone will guess what's what based on the visuals provided. With that, I hope everyone enjoys.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Default Sirknight Experience

    here's my very first project, Sirknight Experience. Since I'm still rather new to the Japanese language, I required Delta Suicune to help me out with a lot of things, especially the slang. I managed to do quite a bit of this translation on my own, but he deserves his fair share of credit. Thanks a lot. Anyway, remember what I said, character's text will appear based on the word bubbles seen on each page. I plan to do a bit of work on PMC after this, so I don't know when I'll attempt to translate something else from Pokesho. Hopefully, I'll know more Japanese by then and not need as much help.

    The comic's pages can be viewed here

    PAGE 1
    (note: This is just a page explaining the direction with which you read the panels. I’m guessing it’s not the traditional right-to-left format because this was intended to be read on the computer, but other comics on Pokesho are read in right-to-left format, leaving me rather confused. Anyway, just click on the right arrow button next to this and continue on.)

    PAGE 2
    Sana: “What? …this…”

    Metang: “Well, you see…! I know this great guy, and when I mentioned brought you up, he said he’d certainly like to meet you!”

    Metang: “Well this guy here, he’s flexible to anything and is an overall good guy!”

    Metang: “He was in the same kickboxing class as me in high school, after all!”

    PAGE 3
    Sana: “Chief… kickboxing?”

    Metang: “Well, I found that class to be good!”

    Metang: “Just let this meeting go well!”

    Metang: “Please!”

    Sana: “Sure…”

    Title: “Sirknight Experience”

    PAGE 4
    Mariruri: “Hey hey, did you hear!? About Auntie Sana’s guy? This time, Chief Metang’s sending her away to do a marriage interview!!”

    Raichu: “Furthermore, it appears he was a classmate of the chief!”

    Kireihana: “Doesn’t Metang turn 40 this year!?”

    Pukurin: “Gyahaha!! She seriously accepted that!!! That old hag is so well-suited for him!!”

    Hin: “So, what do you intend to do?”

    Sana: “Aw geez, I can’t just refuse.”

    PAGE 5
    Hin: “But that guy, he didn’t have a very great, high-status appearance.”

    Hin: “Besides, if he’s a Fighting-type, he might be dominant.”

    Hin: “But the point is you shouldn’t be too picky considering your age.”

    Sana: “But something awful is gonna be awful.”

    Sana: “This is the man I already chose to give my heart to.”

    Sana: “Wooow, isn’t Latios-kun absolutely cuuuute?”

    Hin: “You’re secretly taking pictures of new employees again…?”

    Hin: “It’s a shame you don’t use that free time to take Polocks like me, since you could stand to refine yourself.”

    Sana: “Now that you mention it, what will taking cheap Polocks do for you?”

    Sana: “If you keep using the cheap kind, the effects will only end up going away!”

    Hin: “Gack!!”

    Sana: “Hi… Hin-chan!?”

    PAGE 6
    Hin: “Glubglubglubglub!”

    Sana: “Ehhhh!?”

    Hin: “Moon Hinbass Power…”

    Hin: “Make-uuup!!”

    Sana: “Wha!?”

    Hin: “Ha! Thi… this is me!? No way, I can’t seriously believe it!”

    Hin: “I wonder if taking Polocks everyday helped cause this!”

    Sana: “Kyaaa! What are you doing?!”

    Sana: “Hin-chan!!”

    Hin: “Hinbass is happy!!”

    Sana: “Hin-chaaaan!”

    PAGE 7
    Sana: “Polocks are amazing, aren’t they…?”

    Sana: “I wonder if I should take some as well…”

    Sana: “…that guy behind’s been following me for a while now.”

    Sana: “I don’t know who he is, but stalking me was a mistake.”

    Sana: “Take this, certain kill Thunder Puuun…”

    Bakujirou: “Huh!?”

    PAGE 8
    Sana: “Oh no! You’re Bakujirou, aren’t you?!”

    Bakujirou: “Ow ow…I… I’m paralyzed. You acted cruel all the sudden, Ma’am.”

    Sana: “My bad, I’ll carry you to the Pokemon Center now, so…”

    Sana: “Ugh!”

    Bakujirou: “Is your hip…”

    Bakujirou: “…alright…?”

    Bakujirou: “It’s unusual for people to just slug someone like that…”

    Sana: “Shut up…”

    Sana: “Anyway, I’m confused by the way you were sneaking up on me just now.”

    Bakujirou: “Th… there wasn’t any particular reason for that…”

    PAGE 9
    Bakujirou: “Lately, I’ve been patrolling your area for several missing people.”

    Sana: “Heh, that so?”

    Bakujirou: “Your reaction’s very similar to this other guy I know, Auntie.”

    Sana: “Should I send you to the Center now?”

    Bakujirou: “Sorry, I said too much.”

    Sana: “You know, doesn’t this feel like when I used to protect you at that place you were always exploring?”

    Bakujirou: “P… please don’t talk about the time with those brats.”

    Bakujirou: “Today, I’m Bakujirou of the Flame Wheel, fearless member of the police force. I’ll show Auntie that I can protect her.”

    Sana: “What is it, what is it! Everyone’s calling me Auntie Sanaaa!”

    Bakujirou: “P… please don’t cry…”

    Sana: “Who would want to hook up with me anyway?!!”

    Bakujirou: “Don’t say that…”

    Sana: “Waaah, shut up you idiot.”

    PAGE 10
    Sana: “Geez…”

    Sana: “These guys…”

    Buu: “Thank you very much.”

    Buu: “Buu-chan will be closing her doors soon.”

    Sana: “A Polock store…?”

    Buu: “That’s right.”

    Sana: “If I take Polocks as well, will I become as pretty as Hin-chan…?”

    Noctus: “Ah, that’s impossible!”

    Noctus: “Only the Hinbass species could take Polocks in such a beautiful, revolutionary manner.”

    (note: Like Harley in the anime, this Noctus speaks in a feminine manner.)

    PAGE 11
    Noctus: “Even if other Pokemon take Polocks, they won’t have such a significant effect on them.”

    Noctus: “Your money’s truuuley useless here.”

    Sana: “Huhh, that…!? Am… am I speaking out loud!?”

    Noctus: “No, you’re not! However, I can see what you’re thinking about standing in front of this store!”

    Noctus: “You’re super lucky, aren’t you?! Let me introduce you to my method, which is more effective than Polocks.”

    Noctus: “I am Noctus-chan! Come to me in case you’re interested.”

    Sana: “Alright?”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hu he ho!”

    Sana: “U…um…”

    Noctus: “So you do want to know? From the time we’re born, we Pokemon gather experience points inside our bodies.”

    Sana: “Uh… experience points…?”

    PAGE 12
    Noctus: “Experience points are the bits of experience that we build up...”

    Noctus: “And these experience points we accumulate are what cause us to grow.”

    Noctus: “…but, supposing…”

    Noctus: “We were to suck out these accumulated experience points?”

    Sana: “Er…??”

    Noctus: “Draining it out would cause you to return to your former self!”

    Sana: “A… are you serious!?”

    Noctus: “Is that alright!? I’ll start draining your excess experience points at a special cheap service charge!”

    Sana: “Drain out… you can do that?”

    Noctus: “Of course I can! Come on, can I do it, can’t I do it?!”

    Sana: “C… certainly, please do…”

    Noctus: “Alright, you’re a good kid, aren’t you?”

    Noctus: “Well then, to begin, clear your mind and please drink this!”

    Sana: “Uh, right, right.”

    PAGE 13
    Sana: “Ugh… this is…?”

    Noctus: “It’s sleeping mediciiiiine.”

    Sana: “Ughhh…”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hu he hooooo!”

    Noctus: “Wake up!”

    Sana: “huh…”

    Sana: “Wha…?!”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hii! Your excess experience points, I of course drained them out of you.”

    Sana: “Wooow! This is me!?”

    Sana: “Incredible! I can’t believe it!”

    Noctus: “With that, please pay the price of 100,000 yen.”

    Sana: “Wha…?!! Th… That’s expensive!”

    Noctus: “As I said, that’s the price!”

    PAGE 14
    Hin: “Sana! Good morning!”

    Sana: “Good morning.”

    Hin: “Hey, did you hear? About Suikun-sama? He invited me to go surfing with him on his vacation starting tomorrow.”

    Sana: “That’s just what you wanted, isn’t it?”

    Hin: “……huh!?”

    Hin: “Wh… what’s wrong Sana?! You suddenly became pretty!”

    Sana: “You felt that way as well?”

    Sana: “That’s not all…”

    Sana: “Somehow, my body seems to have become incredible. I feel perfect!”

    Hin: “Ah hah! I get it! Sana, you’ve been taking Polocks, haven’t you?! And the best kind the Polock store offers at that! You must’ve token a hundred thousand of them!”

    Sana: “No no, that’s not it.”

    Sana: “Nope… I don’t think it was Polocks…”

    Sana: “Huhu…!”

    PAGE 15
    Metang: “Huuuh!? Sana-chan, what’s the deal!?”

    Metang: “You looked like a new employee for a moment!”

    Deoxys: “Please go out with me!!”

    Sana: “I decline, you dummy.”

    Sana: “Let’s go…! I’m gonna do this!”

    Raichu+Kireihana+Pukurin+Mariruri: * whisper whisper whisper *

    Sana: “I’m going to talk to Latios-kun during the lunch break.”

    Nasshii: “Haven’t a lot of girls been turning cute lately?”

    Parasect: “Ah… yeah, they’re definitely taking Polocks.”

    Nasshii: “Seems like Polocks are becoming popular, aren’t they?”

    Parasect: “If… if I also take Polocks, could I become cooler as well…?”

    Latios: “Don’t bother, it’s ridiculous…”

    PAGE 16
    Latios: “Frankly, Pokemon are spending their money to take some medicine and become the best. What’s so fun about that…?”

    Nasshii & Parasect: “Wow… at heart, you seem like a cool guy with the way you can stand and talk like that…!”

    Sana: “Latios-kun…”

    Sana: “Spends his lunch on the rooftop.”

    Sana: “!…geez…”

    Sana: “He’s with his friends.”

    Latios: “This is good.”

    Latios: “Send.”

    Nasshii: “Are you mailing to some kid again?”

    Parasect: “If that’s so… we should all go to a meeting convention.”

    Latios: “Pff, no way…”

    Latios: “I’m not interested in final evolutions.”

    Nasshii: “Wah, you went out and said you have a first evolution complex!”

    Latios: “Shut up!”

    PAGE 17
    Sana: “La… Latios-kun…”

    Sana: “Likes first evolutions…?!”

    Noctus: “Hmm…”

    Noctus: “You’re here again?”

    Sana: “Um… if you drain a lot of experience points from me, can you return me to a previous evolution?”

    Noctus: “Hu hyo! If you’re a Pokemon that evolves with experience, I can!”

    Sana: “Then, please drain enough experience points to return me to a Kirlia.”

    Noctus: “Good, good! I’ll drain your experience with pleasure.”

    Noctus: “Well then, to begin, please drink this medicine!”

    Sana: “Ah… right, right.”

    Sana: “Ugh…”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hu he ho!”

    PAGE 18
    Noctus: “Come on, wake up!”

    Sana: “Hmm…?”

    Sana: “Wooow… it’s myself as a Kirlia!”

    Sana: “Oh my!”

    Noctus: “Well then, please pay the price of 200,000 yen.”

    Sana: “Ah… right, right.”

    Bakujirou: “Phew…”

    Bakujirou: “We Fire-types also have to answer to morning patrols.”

    Bakujirou: “Eh?!”

    Bakujirou: “That hot Kirlia…”

    Bakujirou: “…no, this doesn’t mean anything.”

    PAGE 19
    Latios: “No way, it’s impossible for Sana-san to be this kind of girl! Such a pretty Kirlia!”

    Latios: “The truth is, I wasn’t aware of you until now!”

    Sana: “It’s alright, Latios-kun. It was just a misunderstanding.”

    Latios: “Sana-san! How about these clothes?! I feel they suit you…”

    Sana: “My, they’re wonderful! It’s perfect for me!”

    Sana: “Today was truly fun! Thank you, Latios-kun.”

    Latios: “No, I should be saying that… anyway, can you please call me ‘big brother’?”

    Sana: “B… i… g… Buwuther!”

    Latios: “Alright! Good job!”

    Bayleef: “Just a second, big brother!”

    Bayleef: “You neglected to keep your promise. Where were you and what were doing that caused you to forget…?”

    Bayleef: “Who are you?! This girl is…!!”

    PAGE 20
    Dogohm: “Hold it, big brother!”

    Wakashamo: “I’m just your non-blood-related little sister, aren’t I!?”

    Latios: “Hee…!!”

    Vibrava: “Elder brother!”

    Latios: “Wa…!!”

    Pigeon: “I want an explanation for this!”

    Latias: “Big Brother! You’ve been going out with first evolution girls again!”

    Latias: “Your real little sister is ashamed of you!!”

    Latios: “La… Latias! That’s not it…!”

    Latias: “Aw geez, you’re the worst!! Take this!!!”

    Latios: “AGGGHHHHH!!”

    Sana: “La… Latios-kuuun!”

    Latios: “ergh…”

    Sana: “Latios-kun…!”

    Latios: “Won’t you call me ‘Big Brother’?”

    Sana: “Your soul is talking!?”

    Sana: “Whatever, I’ll carry you to the Center…”

    Sana: “ugh…!?”

    PAGE 21
    Sana: “M… my hip is…”

    Sana: “Why…?”

    Lucky: “Paralysis, burn, freeze, other conditions… a complete recovery will take two weeks, Lucky.”

    Lucky: “He’s so troublingly pitiful, he’ll have to stay here for a while, Lucky.”

    Sana: “Alright…”

    Lucky: “That aside, you appear young, but your hip seems to be continually aging. However, that doesn’t seem too serious, Lucky.”

    Sana: “Dammit…”

    Sana: “What happened to me…?”

    Sana: “Eh…? Somehow, my body doesn’t seem like it’s very severe…”

    Sana: “ugh…”

    Bakujirou: “That girl…”

    PAGE 22
    Sana: “Wait, what’s the meaning of this? I wasn’t turning young again…?”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hi hi hi hi! In the case of that body, it seems as though the effects of ability-ups have ceased.”

    Sana: “The effects!?”

    Noctus: “Once experience points have been drained out, there’s no reason for the physical body to return to the way it was.”

    Noctus: “Only your level and abilities went down. Your age hasn’t changed.”

    Sana: “That can’t be…”

    Noctus: “You drank the sleeping medicine!”

    Noctus: “That time, the figure of 100,000 yen was for top-quality Polocks, stopping the progression of your abilities, etc. to be used while that medicine was taking effect…”

    Noctus: “The resulting condition was that your body would merely feel rejuvenated, and you'd make the wrong assumption that your desires were being fulfilled!"

    Sana: “Th… that’s awful! You tricked me!!”

    Sana: “You cheat, you’re horrible!!”

    PAGE 23
    Sana: “You bastard!”

    Noctus: “Such a low-level attack!”

    Noctus: “Bullseye!”

    Sana: “Ack!!”

    Noctus: “Hi hi hi… this time, I showed you a sweet dream…”

    Noctus: “Now, for the sake of my own dream, I’ll have the experience points sucked out of you.”

    Noctus: “Gokurin!”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hu he ho!”

    PAGE 24
    Noctus: “Ha hi hi hi hi hi! If I have all this Mysterious Candy…”

    Noctus: “I won’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life!!”

    Bakujirou: “So I see. Now I understand everything.”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hun!?”

    Noctus: “Wh… who the hell are you!?”

    Bakujirou: “I’m the policeman patrolling this street.”

    Noctus: “Hiii…!!”

    (note: The reading on the jars say “Noctus Mysterious Candy”. In the Japanese version of the Pocket Monsters video games, “Mysterious Candy” was the term used for “Rare Candy”.)

    PAGE 25
    Bakujirou: “Hey, you! Are you gonna return her to how she was!?”

    Bakujirou: “Say you’ll return her! I’ll burn you to death!!”

    Noctus: “Hi hiiii…!!!”

    Noctus: “Th… the candy!”

    Noctus: “If she eats a lot of the Mysterious Candy, her experience points will return to normal!”

    Noctus: “Uh… this is the candy I made with her experience points.”

    Noctus: “Hi hi… ha hi hi…”

    Noctus: “Whoaaah! My hand slipped!!!”

    PAGE 26
    Noctus: “Ha hi hu he…”

    Noctus: “HO!!!”

    Bakujirou: “…guh!!”

    Noctus: “Ha hi hi hi…”

    Noctus: “This seems like a good opportunity… to get out of here before the other cops come.”

    PAGE 27
    Noctus: “Ha hyi…?”

    Noctus: “Sheesh… You’re persistent, aren’t you?!!”

    PAGE 28
    Noctus: “Gwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!”

    Bakujirou: “Flame…”

    PAGE 29
    Bakujirou: “Wheel!!!”

    Noctus: “……buh…”

    Noctus: “Bye bye money……”

    Bakujirou: “Huff…”

    Bakujirou: “Huff…”

    PAGE 30
    Bakujirou: “Sheesh! Usually, I’m the one being caught up in these situations!”

    Sana: “I… I feel so ashamed.”

    Bakujirou: “……man.”

    Bakujirou: “Here.”

    Bakujirou: “If you take this, you could return to being a Sirknight.”

    Bakujirou: “Or you could just become a Kirlia if you want.”

    Sana: “Um…”

    Sana: “Saying that, don’t you understand why I wanted to be a Kirlia?”

    Bakujirou: “Eh… wh… why do you ask…?”

    Bakujirou: “I… still intend to associate with you even as a Kirlia… when I saw you as a Kirlia, I’d understand soon…”

    Bakujirou: “And, supposing you’re in any trouble, I’d keep an eye out for you.”

    Bakujirou: “Besides…”

    Bakujirou: “I want to protect you…”

    Bakujirou: “Uh, but this is against my will! F… for a long time…!”

    Bakujirou: “It’s simply my duty as the police!”

    PAGE 31
    Sana: “…that’s right”

    Sana: “Bakujirou will always be here, won’t he?”

    Latios: “Wooooah! My first evolution radar’s going off! Ahhh! Sana-san, you came to me while I was ill, weren’t you?!”

    PAGE 32
    Latios: “Huhhhh!? That’s strange! I don’t see Sana-san!”

    Lucky: “Wait, Latios-san! For your own sake, you musn’t leave the sick room!”

    Bakujirou: “Is this… alright with you?”

    Sana: “It’s fine, let him be.”

    Sana: “Alright, let’s return!”

    Sana: “Bakujirou! Can you escort me home?!”

    Bakujirou: “Wh… what’s this all the sudden…?”

    Sana: “Ah, this is comfortable.”

    Sana: “Can we do this everyday from now on?”

    Bakujirou: “Umm… it hurts to have that red thing sticking into my back …”

    red text: “End”
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    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Well, now that I got my new PMC chapter up, I felt like doing some more translation work from Pokesho. I did all the Anime 4koma thus far, and I'll do the Movies & Other 4koma a bit later. The majority of these 4koma parodize an actual scene from the anime, and as such, you may expect the script of some of them to match exactly what was said in an episode at first. The titles all link to their respective strip, and they're read in a right-to-left format. I didn't get any help from Delta Suicune this time, or anyone else for that matter, so do understand if my translations look a bit off this time. Enjoy.

    Ookido Lecture

    Panel 1

    Ookido: “Well then, the Pokemon this time is…?”

    Ookido: “Pi Pikachuuu!”

    Panel 3

    Ookido: “What silhouette is this?”

    Ookido: “…is this…”

    Panel 4

    Ookido: “Wha wha wha…?”

    Ookido: “I don’t know about this Pokemon!!!”

    (note: If you’re wondering what that is, I suggest looking into the Dragon Quest franchise)

    Craftsman Kojirou

    Panel 3

    Kojirou: “…..”

    Kojirou: “…alright!”

    Panel 4

    Kojirou: “Welcome! It’s 2000 yen for one of these Gym Badges!”

    sign: “Individual badge 2000 yen!!”

    Jun’ichi: “Mister, give me one Gold Badge!”

    Fire/Leaf Heroine (or Sakura?): “I’ll take the whole collection!!!”

    Masaki’s Lighthouse

    Panel 1

    Masaki: “I’m waiting here for just one Pokemon (Kairyuu).”

    Panel 2

    Masaki: “In the deep dark, misty nights, I can hear a voice… I want to meet… I want to meet you… so I could be heard…”

    Masaki: “I’m the same way. I made my voice from the lighthouse sink into the sea… I also want to meet… I want to meet you…”

    Panel 3

    Masaki: “I’d like it if we met.”

    Masaki: “I want to have a meeting with this Pokemon (Kairyuu) with which to become more knowledgeable about the world.”

    Panel 4

    Wataru: “Ah… um…”

    Wataru: “Wouldn’t it be good if you met quickly…?”

    A Night in the Orange Archipelago

    Panels 1-3

    I think all the word bubbles are just snoring or something similar to that. The sound effects in Panel 3 are “glub glub glub”.

    Panel 4

    Kasumi: “Kenji fell.”

    Satoshi: “Kenji fell, didn’t he?”

    Satoshi: “It’s good that we’re freed…”

    Utsugi’s Big Discovery

    Panel 1

    Utsugi: “Ookido-hakase! I… I just noticed something incredible…!”

    Panel 2

    Ookido: “And what is it that you know about…?”

    Panel 3

    Utsugi: “Pikachu is… “Pikachu is…”

    Utsugi: “An evolved Pokemonnnnnn!!!”

    Panel 5

    Ookido: “Wha… what was that…!!!?”

    Utsugi: “I’m returning to the Pokemon Scientific Society with this info.”

    Girl with Eievui: “That’s authority…”

    Joy: “Don’t talk! Leave him alone!”

    Talking Nyaasu

    Panel 1

    Musashi: “Come, come see a rarity of the world, a talking Nyaasu!”

    Nyaasu: “I talk, nyaasu.”

    Kojirou: “Now, everyone trade your Pokemon.”

    Gentleman: “You! Please trade me for my Kairyuu!”

    Panel 2

    text: “That night.”

    Panel 3

    Gentleman: “This is terrible! Nyaasu is gone!”

    Panel 4

    Kojirou: “Nyaasu’s collecting, complete!”

    Nyaasu: “I fetched lots of food, nyaa.”

    Musashi: “It’s I good thing we quickly thought of a way of tricking people easily, isn’t it?”

    Panel 5

    Kojirou: “Really…”

    Nyaasu: “Why is it until now…?”

    Musashi: “We never put our heads together…?”

    The Crisis of Touka Gym

    Panel 1

    Haruka: “Bye, I’m leaving.”

    Senri: “Haruka…”

    Senri: “I await the day that you come to challenge me at Touka Gym!”

    Panel 2

    text: “A few days later.”

    Mitsuko: “Dear, a letter from Haruka came.”

    Senri: “Ho ho, well then, it must be a report on her gym campaign.”

    Panel 3

    Mitsuko: “Haruka is becoming a Coordinator.”

    Mitsuko: “’I’m, like, refusing the gym campaign.’”

    Odile’s Tragedy

    Panel 1

    Kinzou: “If you wish for the Blue Badges, you must triumph over my Odile in a battle!”

    Odile: “Ouuuudairu!”

    Kasumi: “Then if it’s a Pokemon Battle, I won’t lose!”

    Panel 2

    Kenji: “This is terrible! The Blue Badges have been stolen!!”

    Kasumi: “What did you say!?”

    Sakura: “Let’s give chase, Kasumi! Give chase and deal the iron hammer of justice!!!”

    Panel 3

    Kasumi: “I recovered the Blue Badges.”

    Kinzou: “Hmm, that was splendid.”

    Kinzou: “Because of this, there is no need for you to battle. You may go and take the badges.”

    Kasumi: “Thank you very much.”

    Panel 4

    Odile: “Wha…?”

    Odile: “But my turn…”

    Cute Masato

    Page 1, Panel 1

    Haruka(?): “If a Pokemon eats a Polock, it raises its condition. Coordinators need to pay attention to a meal’s sufficiency, don’t they?”

    Page 1, Panel 2

    Masato: “I wonder if the effects of eating one works on a human as well.”

    Haruka: “Ah…! Hey, Masato!!”

    Page 1, Panel 3

    Masato: “I…”

    Masato: “I’m sorry…”

    Page 1, Panel 4

    Haruka: “Eat!!! Eat moooooore!!!”

    Masato: “St… stop it, Big Sister!!!”

    Page 2, Panel 1

    Azami: “Masato-kuuuun… could you help me with arithmetic?”

    Masato: “Sure. Which problem?”

    Page 2, Panel 3

    screaming fans: “Kyaaaaaa!!! Masato-kun’s dreamy!!!”

    Page 2, Panel 4

    Masato: “I… don’t really like green peppers…”

    Azami: “Huh… I wasn’t expecting Masato-kun to say that. How cute.”

    Page 2, Panel 5

    Haruka: “Let me introduce you to my little brother, the cool, beautiful, smart, tough, and cute Masato.”

    Masato: “A pleasure.”

    Satoshi: “I don’t recognize him.”

    Kasumi’s Role

    Panel 1

    Kasumi: “For instance, upon meeting a grass Pokemon, Satoshi will send out Pikachu…”

    Kasumi: “Even if Satoshi knew that electric-types are disadvantageous against grass Pokemon and you shouted it to him.”

    Panel 2

    Kasumi: “Satoshi will really get into his actions a lot.”

    Kasumi: “You should by all means overlook this! It’s only inevitable that he’ll really get into it!”

    Panel 3

    Kasumi: “When Takeshi seduces young ladies or push them for their names, be sure to pull his ear!”

    Kasumi: “Takeshi won’t feel much! But he rather hates it and won’t gather around them again!”

    Panel 4

    Kasumi: “Do you understand!? This is a fight for verifying my existence!”

    Masato’s headband: “Long-time Regular”

    Masato: “As expected of a great veteran who’d been hardened over 6 years! I’ll change for her sake…”

    Masato’s Role

    Part 1

    jar: “Smooth Cream”

    Part 2

    Takeshi: “Woooooah! The flames of my heart have spread!!”

    Masato: “It came! My chance has arrived!”

    Part 3

    Masato: “Yeah ye…”

    Takeshi: “Certainly, the two of us will burn up in our love and…”

    Masato: “Wha!?”

    Part 4

    Masato: “What do I do…?”

    Masato: “Wha?”

    Masato: “Wha?”

    Masato: “It isn’t working for me!!”


    Panel 1

    Bannai: “Fu…”

    Bannai: “So you still think I’m under the guise of Milli!”

    Panel 2

    Bannai: “The truth is, there is no limit to what I can show before your eyes!!”

    Panel 3

    Izumi: “Ku… I heard of you, Magma Gang’s master of disguise. You’re that Bannai, aren’t you!?”

    Masato: “That’s why Takeshi didn’t react!”

    Panel 4

    Imite: “…what do I do…?”

    Imite: “He’s stealing my character…!!”

    Nagi and Takeshi

    Panel 1

    Takeshi: “Flying in the sky together with Nagi-san is so inspirational!”

    Nagi: “Ah…”

    Panel 2

    Takeshi: “For the sake of growing a more mutual understanding of eachother, let’s exchange mail addresses!”

    Nagi: “Um… isn’t it dangerous to be facing this way?”

    Panel 3

    Takeshi: “Hahaha! What direction would we go in if our love for each other were…”

    Panel 4

    Takeshi: “Uwaaaaa!”

    Nagi: “………”

    Comforting Haruka

    Shuu: “You fell into his hands rather easily, didn’t you?”

    Harley: “I’m so sorry.”

    (note: Harley ends his sentence in a very feminine manner.)

    Haruka: “But…”

    Panel 2

    Shuu: “What have you been doing until now!?”

    Shuu: “!!”

    Panel 4

    Haruka: “Wh… what have I been doing until now!?”

    Shuu: “Don’t repeat me!!”

    Satoshi’s Decision

    Panel 1

    Satoshi: “Professor! We’ve arrived in Saiyuu City!”

    Ookido: “Oh, is that so? Isn’t that a relief?”

    Ookido: “Well then, which Pokemon will you take out for the tournament? I can transfer them at any time!!”

    Panel 2

    Satoshi: “That’s not necessary!!”

    Satoshi: “I collect the 8 badges with the Pokemon I got in the Houen region! I know it’s been a while since I used Lizardon-tachi, but for this tournament, I want to fight with just Juptle-tachi!”

    Panel 3

    Ookido: “That so? That so? In that case, I won’t send any!”

    Ookido: “Well then, I’ll be wishing you luck!”

    Satoshi: “Alright!”

    noise: “Uuuuu”

    Panel 4

    Zenigame Gang’s flag: “Ze”

    Zenigame Gang’s sign: “Burn up!! Zenigame Gang!!”

    Trainer Masato

    Panel 1

    text: “Year 2003”

    Tsuwabuki: “You really do like Pokemon, don’t you?”

    Masato: “Yeah! I’m going to become a trainer, and later in the future, become a Gym Leader!”

    Panel 2

    text: “Year 2004”

    Masato: “I want to become a trainer and battle with you, Papa!”

    Senri: “Is that so?! I’ll be waiting for that day.”

    Panel 3

    text: “Year 2005”

    Masato: “I want to hurry and become a trainer! Also, I’ll enter the Pokemon League!”

    Haruka: “Masato!”

    Panel 4

    Haruka: “After just how many years are you going to become a trainer?”

    Takeshi: “Stop saying that, already!!”


    Panel 1

    Masato: “From here, there’s a Battle Frontier place that’s close to our destination at Hanada City!”

    Kasumi: “Well then, let’s go there together along the way!”

    Satoshi: “Alright! Let’s depart immediately!”

    Haruka: “Yeah!”

    Panel 6

    Takeshi: “Um… aren’t you forgetting someone…?”
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    Here are the translations for the Movies & Other 4koma. Same rules apply as last time. By the way, I forgot to mention that unlike Sirknight Experience, these 4koma are read in a right-to-left format. I updated my previous post to include that information.

    Sakaki and Mewtwo

    Panel 1

    Mewtwo: “Use my power with the armor that protects my body…”

    Panel 2

    Mewtwo: “What will you make me do with this?”

    Sakaki: “It’s simple…”

    Sakaki: “It would be good if someone on this planet came and did this.”

    Panel 3

    Sakaki: “Cleaning…”

    Sakaki: “Laundry…”

    Sakaki: “Cooking…”

    Tooru and Alto Mare

    Panel 1

    text: “Tooru has also come to Alto Mare.”

    Tooru: “Oh! Isn’t that Satoshi over there!?”

    Panel 2

    Tooru: “Heeey, Satoshi…!”

    Tooru: “Woah!!”

    Panel 5

    Matsuba: “I feel an unusually strong malice emanating from this picture.”

    Matsuba: “Would it be alright if I exorcised this terrible aura…?”

    Tooru: “P… please do so…”

    The Wishing of Seven Nights

    Page 1, Panel 1

    Haruka: “Hup, hup…”

    Page 1, Panel 2

    Haruka: “Phew.”

    Haruka: “That was close, that was close.”

    Page 1, Panel 3

    Haruka: “When our journey in the Houen region ends…”

    Haruka: “I hope we never part ways.”

    Page 1, Panel 4

    text: “Some days later.”

    Takeshi: “Haruka, did you wish last night?”

    Haruka: “Ah!!!”

    Page 2, Panel 1

    (note: the writing above the second page says something to the effect of “#2”)

    Haruka: “Phew.”

    Haruka: “That was close, that was close.”

    Page 2, Panel 2

    Haruka: “When our journey in the Houen region ends…”

    Haruka: “I hope we never part ways.”

    Page 2, Panel 4

    Kasumi: “When the journey in the Houen region ends…”

    Kasumi: “I hope I return to being a regular.”


    Panel 1

    Satoshi: “The sleeping cocoon is shining!”

    Haruka: “It’s waking up!”

    Panel 2

    Satoshi/Haruka/Masato(?): “The Legendary Pokemon…!!!”

    Satoshi/Haruka/Masato(?): “Takechi!!!”

    tags on Takechi’s head: “Charm”

    Panel 4

    Masato: “Uwaaaaaa!!!”

    Masato: “Stay back!!!”


    Panel 1

    Butler: “Ladies and gentlemen! The climax will go from here!”

    Butler: “Please enjoy the great show!”

    Panel 2

    Butler: “Behold, Magma Gang…!!”

    Butler: “Groudon’s resurrection!!!”

    Panel 4

    Diane: “Butler! Is this what you desired!?”

    Butler: “No… this thing isn’t what I wanted to resurrect……!”

    Umio and Shouta

    Panel 2

    Shouta: “Huh!? That chest plate… impossible, you’re Big Brother Umio!?”

    Umio: “Now that you mention it, you’re my little brother that got separated from me during childhood, Shouta!!”

    Panel 3

    Shouta: “I wanted to meet you Big Brotheeeeeeer!!”

    Umio: “You’ve gotten big… you’ve gotten big, haven’t you Shouta!!?”

    Panel 4

    Hitomi: “I wonder if that would happen…”

    Technique Machine

    Panel 1

    writing on the disc: “Technique Machine 50”

    Panel 2

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Technique Machine set!”

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Boober memorized Overheat!”

    Panel 3

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Go Boober, Overheat!”

    Boober: “Eh…? But I can’t do that…”

    Panel 4

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Why are you turning scared!!!?”

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “You should be able to do it now!!”

    Boober: “I don’t believe you!!”

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Shouldn’t fire Pokemon end up being able to use it this way!?”

    Boober: “Right…”

    Digda’s Mystery

    Panel 1

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “I wonder what’s below Digda’s head…”

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “That’s it! If I throw a ball into the air and have it come out, I’ll, like, understand then, won’t I?”

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Come out, Digda!”

    Panel 4

    Digda: “Diguda, diguda”

    Digda: “What are your orders for me!? Masteeer…”

    Panel 5

    Fire/Leaf Heroine: “Eeh!? It’s a fake!!”

    Ookido: “Ah!!”

    Mama’s Lullabye

    Panel 1

    Jirachi: “Masato… I want to hear that song.”

    Masato: “Jirachi…”

    Jirachi: “Before I go to sleep…”

    Panel 2

    Satoshi: “Go ahead Masato, sing.”

    Haruka: “Mama’s lulla…”

    Takeshi: “Leave it to me!”

    Panel 3

    (note: in this panel, Takeshi sings the beginning lyrics to the song “Takeshi’s Paradise”. I will list out both the original lyrics and a translation.)

    La la la la~ la~ la~
    Nante sutte~ki~na~ (How wonderful)
    La la la la~ la~ la~
    Moji no na~ra~bi~ (That row of letters)


    (note: “Wave-Riding” is a technique, known as “Surf” in the English version.)

    Panel 1

    Fire/Leaf Rival: “Laplace sure makes sea-travel pleasant!”

    Laplace: “Rapuraasu!”

    Panel 2

    Fire/Leaf Rival: “I bet I’ll reach Guren Island by evening at this rate…”

    Fire/Leaf Rival: “Hn?”

    Panel 4

    Fire/Leaf Rival: “…th… that’s the first time I saw…”

    Fire/Leaf Rival: “…a Wave-Riding Kentauros.”

    Bad Umpire

    Panel 1

    Announcer: “Pokemon Baseball has begun. First to bat is Koduck.”

    Announcer: “Here comes the starting pitch…”

    Panel 2

    Announcer: “He throws it…!”

    Strike: “STRIIIKE!”

    Announcer: “Wow, it looked like it slipped, but a strike was called!”

    Panel 3

    Announcer: “Continue to the second pitch… he throws it… why did he fake it to first base?”

    Strike: “STRIIIKE!”

    Announcer: “Wha…?! That was also called a strike!”

    Panel 4

    Announcer: “It wasn’t after the batter! Third pitch is thrown!”

    Strike: “STRIIIIIKE!”

    Announcer: “That was also a strike! Batter out!”

    Pokemon Rescue Force

    Panel 1

    Ratta: “How’d we end up getting lost in the mysterious dungeon?!!”

    Sounano: “Uwaaan!! I’m scared nooo!!”

    (NOTE: As some may know, Sounano’s name is a pun meaning something along the lines of “Is that so?” In the Mysterious Dungeon games, nearly all Pokemon speak in a human tongue, and Sounano’s no exception. However, Sounano in that game still have a tendency to say their name throughout sentences to work with the pun, either as the full phrase “sou na no”, or parts of their name like “na no” or “no” as phrase-enders. For this translation, I will be keeping these intact.)

    Panel 2

    Ratta: “Why don’t we call for the rescue force?”

    Sounano: “Sou na no, call the rescue force no!!”

    Pochiena: “Alright!! Well then, let’s send a letter to the rescue force!!”

    Panel 3

    Ratta: “With that said, please deliver this letter to the rescue force!!”

    Pelipper: “Leave it to meee.”

    Pochiena: “Please make it ASAP!!”

    Panel 4

    Ratta: “Phew… what a relief!!”

    Sounano: “Waaai! Now we just wait to be rescued na no!!”

    Pochiena: “Somehow, I saw blue sky for a moment. I have a hunch… anyway, it’s a relief!!”
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    That's hilarious! I was always wondering what they said. I'll try editing the bubbles to match those translations.

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    if you're editting the comics, may I recommend touching up on the script a bit. Sorry, I was a bit inconsistent as you could see, so sometimes the translations would be literal, while other times the translations would merely convey the same basic meaning. I also struggled with trying to make sense of the way certain Japanese sentences were structured, resulting in some rather awkward translations on my part.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    I missed a 4koma, sorry. I added it at the end of the Movies & Other 4koma post. BTW, to stay organized, any future 4koma will just be updated into the existing post.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Blah. I tried my best to make the translations sound natural as possible. I'm quite certain something was lost in translation, especially since I don't know the connotations the actual text had. Please correct any misinterpretations I had with your translations! All in all, please keep up the good work.

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    yeah, that's one of the strips I had the most trouble with. In panel two, I couldn't tell exactly if Kasumi was saying to overlook it or to "not" overlook it, but I made my best guess based on the fact that she mentions Satoshi doing it constantly. Anyway, that was a pretty nice Americanization of the script. No errors as far as I could see, besides Max's line having a typo. Also, it looks as though you didn't flip the comic, yet still expected it to be read in a left-to-right order. Shouldn't matter, considering this particular 4koma didn't really need flipping (even in the last panel, the order of Kasumi's and Masato's phrases didn't seem to matter), but in the future, be sure to decide on a format. I'd personally prefer that it not be flipped, especially if you're not editting the sound effects (as a person who can clearly read kana, it kinda irks me to see it backwards like that.... plus, any Roman lettering in the scenery here or there might give you trouble when reversing), but that's just my opinion.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Org! I completely overlooked that typo!

    Blorg. Here's a fixed version

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    Nice to know what those say. Makes them more amusing.

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    *Falls out of chair laughing*

    I wonder who comes up with this stuff. It's frakking hillarious.
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    I added two new translations, Wave-Riding and Bad Umpire, which you'll be able to see at the bottom of the "Movies and Other 4koma" post. BTW, if there's demand for any particular comic on Pokesho, I can translate it before anything else. Just letting everyone know, 'cause at the moment, I seem to be working on these projects somewhat randomly.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Two comics had been requested to me on SPPF thus far, "Fake Roselia" and "The Conceited Boy with Red Hair and Black Clothes", so I'm updating with both of them. This time, I've put the titles in big lettering and linked them to the comics, so if you wish to view the material these translations go to, just click the title. Once again, these comics are read in a right-to-left format.

    Fake Roselia

    PAGE 1

    Shuu: “The Contest’s tomorrow, so let’s get some rest.”

    Roselia: “Roze!”

    Title: “Fake Roselia”

    Roselia: “Rozeri~.”

    Shuu: “What’s this…? You say you want to sleep next to me?”

    Shuu: “Well geez… how many times am I gonna have to pamper you?”

    Roselia: “Roze.”

    Text box: “The next day.”

    Shuu: “uh…”

    Shuu: “Hey… that hurts, Roselia.”

    PAGE 2

    Shuu: “UWAAAAA!”

    Shuu: “Wh… what the hell are you?!!”

    Deoxys: “How cruel… it’s me, Roselia.”

    Shuu: “No way, that’s impossible… Roseliaaa! Roseliaaa! Where are you?!”

    Deoxys: “Fufu… my master’s such a kidder.”

    Deoxys: “I told you I’m Roselia, and here’s the proof. Look… my hands are elegant roses…”

    Shuu: “Hah…! You say that, but are you really Roselia!?”

    Shuu: “No, that’s not right… part of those roses seem different, anyway…”

    Shuu: “But even if this Pokemon doesn’t look it, I wonder if it’s really Roselia after all…”

    Shuu: “I demand to see more proof that you’re really Roselia.”

    Deoxys: “…geez. Am I not so obedient?”

    Deoxys: “Yeeeah! The art of Kage Bunshin!! Well? Aren’t I Roselia?”

    (note: I kept the name of the technique “Kage Bunshin” untranslated because the technique is rather ninja-like, and it’s especially evident in this certain scene. So you know, “Kage Bunshin” means “Shadow Division”, and it’s called “Double Team” in the English version.)

    Shuu: “My Roselia doesn’t use Kage Bunshin.”

    PAGE 3

    Deoxys: “Monkey Magic!!!”

    Shuu: “Gah!!”

    Deoxys: “I said I’m Roselia, so I’m Roselia!”

    Shuu: “I… I get it… I’ll trust that you’re Roselia.”

    Shuu: “Somehow, I feel an earth-shattering incompatibility here…”

    Deoxys: “Ufufu… I will impress the audience with my Monkey Magic.”

    Haruka: “Oh, Shuu, we meet again.”

    Shuu: “Haruka-kun!”

    Haruka: “Hmph… my Agehunt’s gonna win this time as well… Roselia, prepare yourself.”

    Deoxys: “Fuhe! An amateur that relies on luck isn’t very stylish! Fuhe!”

    PAGE 4

    Shuu: “Is this really Roselia…?”

    Shuu: “I’m sorry about doubting you this morning…”

    Deoxys: “Hey, I don’t mind. More importantly, we need to do our best for the Contest.”

    Shuu: “Right!”

    Vivian: “Welcome to the Pokemon Contest. The Gen’nari Convention is about to start!”

    Vivian: “We’ll start with entry #1. Roselia and its rose man, Shuu-san, please step up to the magnificent stage!”

    Shuu: “Let’s go… Roselia!”

    Deoxys: “Please leave it to me. Master…!”

    Shuu: “Roselia, Petal Dance!!”

    Shuu: “Hah…?!”

    Deoxys’s sign: “Deodeo Theatre”

    Deoxys: “Sad times, sad times.”

    Vivian: “It’s going to speak about items!!”

    PAGE 5

    Shuu: “H… hey, Roselia! Petal Dance!”

    Deoxys: “These are the goods from back when I sold things!!”

    Vivian: “Saaaay! Doesn’t Shuu-san’s Roselia look strange!?”

    Joy: “That’s not a Roselia!!”

    Contesta: “You! Your Pokemon’s cheating!”

    Vivian: “Shuu-san is disqualified for rule violation!”

    Shuu: “N… no way… I’m disqualified…”

    Shuu: “You… what are you thinking…?”

    Deoxys: “Ufufufufufu.”

    Deoxys: “Monkey Magic!!”

    Shuu: “It… it ran away…”

    PAGE 6

    Vivian: “This Contest’s winner is Haruka-san!”

    Vivian: “So until next time, adieuuu!”

    Haruka: “Hmph, I was able to win this time…”

    Haruka: “Here… it’s the reward I promised, 500,000… your work was splendid.”

    Deoxys: “Fufufu… let me know if I can still be useful to you…”

    Shuu: “I won’t forgive you!!!”

    kanji in the corner: “End”

    The Conceited Boy with
    Red Hair and Black Clothes

    PAGE 1

    Mikan: “Somebody!!! Coil thieves! Help me catch them!!!”

    Yamato & Kosaburou: “Wahahaha!!!”

    Kosaburou: “!? Hey, you! Get out of our way!!”

    Yamato & Kosaburou: “This is a bad feeling!”

    (note: Originally, Yamato & Kosaburou say “Yana kimochi!”, which is a variation of Musashi & Kojirou’s “Yana kanji!” They both mean pretty much the same thing, just using Japanese homonyms. Musashi & Kojirou’s version is commonly translated as “This feels bad!” I don’t know a common translation for Yamato & Kosaburou’s version, so I took the liberty of just rearranging the sentence “This feels bad!”, thereby still having the basic affect in Japanese that it’s the same thing being said differently.)

    Mikan: “W… waaaait…!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Here.”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “I managed to do it using my Pokemon.”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Decorative woman.” (?)

    Mikan: “…………uh…”

    Mikan: “Um…… your name…”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “…something to call me by…”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Nothing…”

    PAGE 2

    Gold/Silver Rival: “That’s right… I don’t have anything to be referred to as.”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “…now that I mention it…”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “I don’t even have a name!”

    Text box: “He is without name.”

    Title: “The Conceited Boy with Red Hair and Black Clothes”

    Register: “Yes, you’ll be entering the Battle Tower, correct?”

    Register: “Well then, please fill out the necessary forms.”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “And… is it necessary to fill in the trainer’s name?”

    Register: “Yes! Full name, please!”

    PAGE 3

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hmph…! Forget it!”

    Register: “Eh!? Ah… you… you’re gonna pass…?”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Shit… this isn’t fun…”

    Kenta: “Hey, you! I found ya!!!”

    Kenta: “Today, I, Kenta-sama, will win against you!!!”

    Kenta: “Come on, battle with me!!!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hmph… how many times are you gonna do this…?”

    Kenta: “Shut up! Let’s go!! Bakuphoon!!”

    Kenta: “Hah…”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hah…”

    Kenta: “We did it…… we won just now…”

    Bakuphoon: “Bakufuuun!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hmph… you sure feel good for winning once… thus far, I have ten wins and one loss… from now on, I’ll still be winning…”

    Kenta: “I wonder what’s wrong with you…… more importantly, what about your promise?”

    Kenta: “Tell me your name.”

    PAGE 4

    Kenta: “What’s your name…?”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hmph… beat me and I’ll tell you.”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “I… I didn’t make that promise…”

    Kenta: “Ah! You bastard! Don’t play dumb with me!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Anyway, I didn’t make that promise!”

    Kenta: “Did too!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Did not!”

    Kenta: “Did too!”

    Gold/Silver: “Shit…”

    Radio: “Alright… this week’s lucky number is…”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Why don’t I have a name…?”

    PAGE 5

    Radio: “Alright, that was Marina-san’s request! Well then, once again, here’s the introductory postcards!”

    Radio: “This one's from Mikan-san, who lives in Asagi City!”

    Radio: “Ah, excuse me! She likes the radio name Steel Girlfriend-san! Sorry! Let’s see… ‘Actually, the other day, I had a fated encounter with a prince!’ Wow, that’s incredible!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hmph…… please go on.”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Hm…? Wait… Radio name…?”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Another name……. name…”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “I see! I can take a name for myself!!!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “What a great idea! Aren’t I a genius!?”

    Text: “One week later”

    Marina: “Jun’ichi, Kenta, long time no see.”

    Jun’ichi: “Uwaaan! I wanted to see you, Marina-chaaan!”

    Kenta: “Hey… were you two called out by him as well?”

    Jun’ichi: “Yeah, what does he need to announce?”

    Marina: “Is he gonna say he’s the mafia’s son?”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Alright, alright, ladies and gentlemen!”

    PAGE 6

    Gold/Silver Rival: “From here, I will announce the other me! My name!”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “Feast your eyes on this!”

    Banner (red text): “Congratulations”

    Banner (black text): “Kanatsuki Clavis”

    (note: I’m not very good at reading kanji for names, so if anyone wants to correct me on the surname, feel free to do so. And, so everyone knows, the kanji used in the surname mean “silver moon”. I get the feeling it was based off of his name in the Special manga, Silver.)

    Gold/Silver Rival: “From now on, refer to me as Clavis-sama!!!”

    Kenta: “You used kana?”

    Gold/Silver Rival: “You noticed!?”

    Kanji in the corner: “End”

    (note: I don’t quite get the last part… Kenta may’ve found it odd that ‘Clavis’ is using katakana for his name, considering Japanese names are usually written in kanji. However, nearly every character in Pocket Monsters has their name written in katakana, so I don’t see what’d be unusual about it here. Or perhaps Kenta noticed that there aren’t any furigana accompanying the kanji for the surname, mentioned in the aforementioned note, which would make it difficult to read. If anyone understands what’s going on here, please let me know.)
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    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    I've got quite a treat for you all with this update. This time, I translated my first relay story, titled Takeshi Hero Legend. A "relay story", from what I understand, is created on Pokesho's message boards and involves the story's artwork and text being passed on from one user to the next. Due to its nature, the art-style varies with each picture, and the story can get pretty random at times. Since it's made by various fans, you can also expect a ton of references to other anime (most of the first half seems to be a tribute to Castle in the Sky: Laputa), maybe even an inside joke for all I know. To match up with the original Japanese version (which I, as usual, linked for you all to see), I bolded and colored text anywhere I saw fit (I apologize to anyone who may be using a background that gives them trouble when seeing certain text, but you can always highlight). I put quite a lot of effort into doing that, so I hope you all enjoy.

    PAGE 1

    PANEL 1

    Loooong, long ago, Takeshi and Takeshi lived in the recesses of the mountains.

    PANEL 2

    Takeshi went to the beach to dance the samba, while the other Takeshi went to wash laundry at the river, where a suspicious object floated downstream.

    PANEL 3

    The object became visible, and it was a Goronya.

    Takeshi: “That’s dangerous!”

    Takeshi entered the distorted river.

    PANEL 4

    However, because Takeshi couldn’t swim, he was going to drown.

    PANEL 5

    Actually, Goronya was swimming in the river.

    Goronya saved the drowning Takeshi.

    Takeshi: “Thanks for obliging to get me out of danger.”

    PANEL 6

    Takeshi: “Whatever! YAAARGH!”

    Such an ingratuitous Takeshi, throwing a Monster Ball at the Goronya that saved him.

    (Text in the picture: “DRAAH!”)

    PANEL 7

    He Got it.

    (Text in the picture: “Alright”)

    PANEL 8

    However, Goronya became attached to Takeshi.

    At that time…!

    PANEL 9


    Suddenly, two people came to request for help.

    ”I’m Sazoo. This is Harta. Please! Please help us!”

    PANEL 10

    Harta: “Ah! It’s the pirates that were chasing after us!”

    PANEL 11

    Pirate: “Wahahaha! Jari-girl! Calmly hand us that Millennium Crystal!

    PANEL 12

    Takeshi: “Millennium Crystal!?”

    [COLOR=DarkOrange]Harta: “No! This was my mother’s! I won’t let anyone have it!”

    PANEL 13

    Goronya: “Everyone! Get away from here and let me handle this!”
    Suddenly, Goronya picked a dance with the situation.
    Takeshi: “Go… Goronya…! You…!”
    Go: “Takeshi-san…! It was for a short time, but… being with you was the happiest I’d ever been.
    Ta: “Goronya! STOOOP!”
    Go: “UWOOOOO!”
    Goronya raises his voice and penetrates the enemy force by using Explosion.

    PANEL 14

    ”This feels baaad!”

    After the pirates were blown away, Takeshi returned to the place that Goronya was at.

    There, Takeshi collected pieces of Goronya, all while weeping and continuing to shout Goronya’s name!

    “Waaaaah! GORONYAAAAAA!!”

    PANEL 15

    But he remembered, among the pieces of rock, that in the instead he used Explosion, Goronya was wearing a “Guts Headband”, and he says that he cleverly snuck back into his Monster Ball after the blast. The truth is, this came to light twenty seconds after Takeshi had stopped crying.

    (Text on headband: “Guts”)

    (Note: Kiai no Hachimaki, or Guts Headband, is known as Focus Band in the English version.)

    PANEL 16

    For the time being, Takeshi-tachi went to where the other Takeshi was, his home.

    However, something unexpected was waiting for Takeshi-tachi there.

    (Note: “His home” was said in English as “my home”. I suspect it was intended to be used as a third-person form, much like how “get” can be used in a past tense instead of “got”.)

    PANEL 17

    Takeshi: “Wh…. what? This old man is…!?”

    Old Man Bob: “I am the famed expert of stone, Old Man Bob.”

    Sazoo: “If that’s Grandpa Bob, perhaps this has something to do with Harta’s stone. Harta, show it to him.”

    Old Man Bob: “Well then, are you going to show me?”

    (Text in the picture: “Tamaran’s…”. “Tamaranze” is the Japanese name of the league chairman in the anime.)

    (Note: For those unfamiliar with honorary terms, Sazoo called him “grandpa” as a sign of respect towards an older person. Bob’s not really his grandfather.)

    PANEL 18

    ”Old Man Bob, you should do this! Look at my performance!”

    It was Nyorobon, and with it was the other Takeshi.

    (Text on banner: “Takeshi Concert 2003”)

    PANEL 19

    Harta: “Don’t interrupt our conversation!!!”

    Harta hit the other Takeshi with her right hook!!

    It knocked out his back teeth.

    PANEL 20

    Old Man: “Anyway, please let me see that stone… ungh! Th… this is…! Isn’t this a ‘Millenium Crystal’!?”

    Harta: “Millenium Crystal!?”

    Old Man: “Indeed. Within this Millenium Crystal, the wish-granting Pokemon, ‘Jirachi’, is sealed.”

    Sazoo: “I get it! So that’s why those pirates were after it!”

    Old Man: “By no means must you hand this stone over to those that are evil! Surely, they’re trying to utilize Jirachi!”

    Harta: “This pendant that was from my house, it’s something that could destroy the world…?!”

    (Text on Bob’s cap: “Old Man”)

    PANEL 21

    Samayouru: “Uhyohyo! It seems like they know about the secret! Come on, hand the Millenium Crystal over to us!”

    Intending to get the Millenium Crystal, evil assassins broke in.

    PANEL 22

    Dogohm: “Did you call for me?”

    Responding to the noise, Dogohm slipped into the scene.

    PANEL 23

    Takeshi: “I didn’t call for anyone that I could remember!”

    Takeshi stretched his hand out to hit Dogohm.

    PANEL 24

    In this way, a new trivia was born.

    ”He didn’t call for Dogohm.”

    Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh…

    (Text on stand: “16 Hehs”)

    (Text next to Runpappa: “Heeeh”)

    PANEL 25

    ”Runpappa-san always gets above 15 Hehs, doesn’t he?”

    (Text in picture: “He didn’t call for Dogohm. 81 Hehs”)

    PANEL 26

    ”For getting 80 Hehs, we’re giving you the Golden Monster Ball.”

    (Text on ball: “Gold”)

    PANEL 27

    Takeshi: “I wanted a rock Pokemon more than this! I don’t want it!”

    Goronya: “Hey, don’t throw it!”

    (Arrow pointing to the face: “Goronya”)

    PANEL 28

    Suddenly, the pirates took the Golden Ball.

    Takeshi: “Hey, you, give that back!”
    Takeshi hated people that took things.

    Pirates: “If you want it back, why don’t you get over 80 Hehs on trivia again?!”
    The pirates loved trivia.

    PANEL 29

    Masato: “That trivia, let me handle it!!!”

    Masato suddenly broke in.

    Masato: “I’ll teach you how to handle trivia!”

    PANEL 30

    Masato was doing judo.

    (Text on sign: “…Technique Body”)

    (Masato’s text in the picture: “Stone hide!”)

    PANEL 31

    Harta: “Wh… what!?”

    In response to the pointless trivia, the Millenium Crystal began to radiate.

    And, from its imprisonment in the stronghold, the steel god soldier awakened.

    PANEL 32

    However, the god soldier melted. Its true form was a Metamon.

    Everyone seemed concerned when they thought the god soldier was melting.

    PANEL 33

    The atmosphere of the place grew dark when Metamon released a suspicious beam of light.

    Harta: “Stop! You’ll burn the house down!”

    PANEL 34

    Watching his house down before his eyes, something began to burst out from Takeshi.

    Takeshi: “This…is…a….new….building…!”

    (Text in the background: “Illegal trespasser”, “a disgrace to stone”, “sea of fire”, “My Home”, “grotesque”, “back teeth”, [Size=”2”]”broken-hearted”, “fire insurance”, “trivia”[/Size])

    PANEL 35

    Metamon was no match for Takeshi, who unleased his power.

    Metamon was shattered to tiny pieces after being showered upon by the Byoukan Gojuu Hatsu no Ken (50-second Discharge Fist). In the midst of that, the pirates and the bad guys made a clean get-away.

    ”You missed us this time! We’ll remember this!”

    (Text leading to the arrow: “Metamon”)

    PANEL 36

    Takeshi gained a lot of experience, and he evolved into Shiba.

    Even though everyone carelessly forgot about the fire, Takeshi was proud of himself for evolving.

    (Text in the top panel: “He’s bursting out and… huh? Takeshi’s appearance is…!”)

    (Text in bottom panel: “Congratulations! Takeshi evolved into Shiba!”)

    PANEL 37

    Meanwhile, the blaze has surrounded the other Takeshi.

    PANEL 38

    However, his back-up dancer, Nyorobon, used Water Gun, and somehow, he took his own life in the process.

    Takeshi showed a deep sign of gratitude towards Nyorobon.

    PANEL 39

    At that time, Harta heard the voice of a mysterious Pokemon inside her heart.

    ?: “Harta, go to the ocean… and save Whaleou…!”


    PANEL 40

    Harta and Satoshi, Takeshi, as well as Shiba, all rushed out of the house and went to the ocean.

    There, they saw the shape of a Whaleou, floating with its belly visible.

    The sea was polluted.

    (Text in picture: “Hoee…”)

    PANEL 41

    And the ones capturing Whaleou for their personal use was the evil pirate trio.

    Nyaasu: “Nyaa-tachi will be taking the Whaleou, nyaa!”
    Musashi: “Our strategy was to use Kyogre Robo #7 to pollute the ocean and Get large quantities of weakened water Pokemon!”
    Kojirou: “Office promotions, branch inaugurations, good feeling!”

    The trio’s true colors were that of a Pokemon mafia.

    PANEL 42

    Harta: “Such an act… I absolutely won’t forgive it!”

    Musashi: “Heh! I don’t see anyone that could stop us!”

    Sadly, Harta knew that it’d be impossible to rescue Whaleou by swimming. She knew at that time.

    ”It’s alright, let me handle it…!”
    With that small voice, the Millenium Crystal started to glow.

    PANEL 43

    That’s right, having been sealed within the Millenium Crystal, Jirachi has awakened.

    Jirachi: “Harta, I’ll take care of it from here!”

    PANEL 44

    Opening the Eye of Truth, Jirachi released ”The Beam from the Eye of Truth”, splitting the Kyogre model in half.

    PANEL 45

    ”Another bad feeling!”
    The Kyogre model exploded, and the mafia was blown far into the sky.

    However, Whaleou had weakened.

    (Arrows pointing to Harta and Sazoo: “They’re contagious”)

    PANEL 46

    At that time, Kasumi, who was wandering the ocean, happened to pass by.

    Everyone: “Oh! A tomboy mermaid!! Please! Please help Whaleou!”

    Kasumi: “I don’t quite understand, but this is a chance for Kasumi-sama to make her grand appeal! Alright, leave it to me!”

    Kasumi went over to help Whaleou.

    PANEL 47

    ”Go, My Steady!”
    Kasumi was going to send out her trusty Starmie, but Koduck carelessly came out instead.

    Furthermore, Koduck’s foot cramped.

    PANEL 48

    However, when the pain of Koduck’s foot reached its head, it invoked Will Power.

    Using Will Power, the reacting Koduck gathered up several Whaleou.

    (Note: “Nenriki”, or “Will Power”, is known as “Confusion” in the English version.)

    PANEL 49

    Meanwhile, the other four were relaxing on the beach, enjoying a vacation.

    Sazoo: “The sea breeze feels so nice…!”

    PANEL 50

    Also, Koduck and Whaleou used a miracle power to gather all of the sea’s pollution in one place, then hurling it far into space.

    Kasumi: “Koduck! Aren’t you just incredible?!”

    (Text on the blue things in the picture: “Hoe”, short for “Hoeruou”, or “Whaleou”)

    (Text on the gray/brown/whatever thing in the picture: “Garbage”)

    PANEL 51

    Kasumi: “How was that? How’d I do…!?”

    [b][COLOR=Sienna]Takeshi: “So-so I’d… say…. WOOOOAAAAH!!!”
    Going past his limits of excitement from seeing Kasumi wet, Takeshi transformed into a blonde-haired warrior.

    Sazoo: “Ka… Kashumiiii…!”
    Takeshi and Sazoo both fell for Kasumi.

    PANEL 52

    Suddenly, Sazoo felt a thirst for blood coming from behind him. He turned around and saw Harta, who was using Will Power to lift up and gather all the Whaleou.

    Harta: “Sazoo! You should look at me! Not that chestless mermaid! I didn’t want to flatten you with a Whaleou, so get out of here quickly!”

    Sazoo’s spine had jumped out of him.

    PANEL 53

    Kasumi: “Hah! To you who looks like an alien from the planet Kamokamo, I won’t lose! I can hold three Whaleou!”

    Kasumi was antagonizing Harta.

    (Text in the picture: “Hoe”)

    (Note: Kasumi might’ve been referring to the fact that Haruka ends her sentences with “kamo” in the Japanese version of the anime. Harta, on the other hand, doesn’t speak that way, which makes it seem odd. I may’ve translated it wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what “Kamokamosei-jin” means.)

    PANEL 54

    Shiba: “I can do 10!”

    Boasting about his strength, Shiba butted into the meaningless lifting battle.

    Takeshi: “Geez, that eye appears drunk for such a respectable rival… Look, such a delightful face.”

    PANEL 55

    Suddenly, the condition of a Whaleou that ingested a lot of the polluted water began to worsen.

    (Text in the picture: “I still feel bad…”)

    PANEL 56

    Takeshi thought about using the Whaleou being held as stairs, allowing him to hop and ascend up them.

    PANEL 57

    ”Look, people are like garbage.”

    Takeshi reached a high place, and that was all he could say.

    (Text on right side of arrow: “13562m to the ground (a guess)”)

    (Text on left side of arrow: “<-Under 647m”)

    PANEL 58

    No matter what could be done, the Whaleou was headed towards heaven.

    PANEL 59

    The Whaleou died, and realizing the pointlessness of the fight, Takeshi’s group settled on a compromise, and Kasumi returned to the ocean.

    ”Until you come calling again!”

    PANEL 60

    Meanwhile, the Whaleou that was headed towards heaven came upon a passing, which required that the river calms down.

    PANEL 61

    ”Well then… let’s all head back to My Home (half-burnt)!”

    Having taken a moment from the incident, Takeshi-tachi took the road home. However, something got a grabbing hold on Harta.

    ”Kyaaaa! Help me, Sazooo!”

    PANEL 62

    It was the pirates, riding the Kyogre model that had been repaired with gum tape.
    ”Wahahaha! This time, we’re sure to take the Millenium Crystal!”
    Harta: “Sazooooo!”
    Sazoo: “You…! So you were after Harta’s stone after all!”

    Suddenly, a mysterious red bird appeared before Harta’s eyes.

    PANEL 63

    Harta: “Who are you?”

    ”I am Latias. I have come to help all of you!”

    PANEL 64

    Latias said that, and while emitting a mysterious light, she recklessly fired Mist Balls like it was Seed Machine Gun.

    (Note: “Seed Machine Gun” is called “Bullet Seed” in the English version.)

    PANEL 65

    While the recklessly-fired Mist Balls took care of the pirates, Harta was hit as well. However, the pirates were the ones that were repelled.

    PANEL 66

    Suddenly, the Whaleou from the river towards heaven fell down!

    Shiba: “Hah…?! A Whaleou fell down to here?!”

    Latias: “It’s alright! Please allow me to handle this!”
    Latias emitted a mysterious light, and Whaleou’s great build had quickly been reduced to a small size.

    (Text in the picture: “Belly”)

    PANEL 67

    Latias was, actually, a messenger from heaven.
    ”As you know, this Whaleou fell to this world. I had been waiting for its arrival. This Whaleou is just a little delayed from the crash, I wasn’t saving you. This Whaleou will be coming with me to heaven. Sorry for the trouble.”

    With that, Latias returned to lead Whaleou’s spirit.

    PANEL 68

    Then, all of a sudden…! Harta’s body floated in mid-air. A Bohmander in the sky was pulling her up.
    Takeshi: “Look! It’s those guys!”
    Riding atop the Bormander’s back was the Kirlia and Samayouru that were trying to snatch away Harta’s pendant during the day. Next to them, the suspicious silhouette of a man could be seen.

    PANEL 69

    Harta: “Nooooo! Let me go!”
    Mysterious Pervert: “Huhahahahaha…! At last, the Millenium Crystal has come into my hand!”
    Sazoo: “Stop it! Let Harta go!”
    Pervert: “I can’t do that. This girl can communicate with Jirachi, so she’s quite an important tool.”

    Pervert: “With this, I can achieve my ambitions! Bohmander! Head towards Faunce!”
    The Bohmander that the pervert and the others were riding disappeared into the western sky at super speed.

    PANEL 70

    Sazoo: “Shit! Why Harta…?!”
    [b][COLOR=Red]Latias: “Faunce… I’ve heard of that place. The westernmost location. Even now, it leaves behind an untouched nature along its borders…”

    [COLOR=Sienna]Takeshi: “Keh…! Isn’t that interesting?! Sazoo! Let’s go to Faunce and retrieve that young lady! We’ll use our strength!”[/COLOR
    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Shiba: “I’ve worked on a boat. I’ll come with you as well!”[/COLOR

    Sazoo: “Takeshi-san…! Shiba-san…! Thank you…! Together, the three of us will retrieve Harta!”
    Takeshi: “Yeah! If we can do it, we can get her back!”

    PANEL 71

    ”’Cause we are the Get Backers!”

    With that, Sazoo had acquired a recovery team with which to start the journey towards Faunce.

    PANEL 72

    Takeshi Hero Legend

    Continue onto the conclusion!

    (Text in picture: “Takeshi Hero Legend- Narrow-eyed Generation”)

    PAGE 2

    PANEL 1

    At dawn, the three began heading to Faunce. No doubt that she said west, so they continued to head straight in that direction.

    Takeshi didn’t suffocate or worry as the trio made this painful journey through the middle of the road.

    PANEL 2

    Takeshi: (Keh! Why am I heading out with these two bastards that look like a pair of Sand? This walk better not last for years on end!!)

    Takeshi tried not to spill out his mumbling to himself in his mind, but a shrill voice could be heard.

    It seemed like there were some girls bathing in a natural hot spring in the mountain. The trio decided to peep at them as they happened to pass by.

    PANEL 3

    Sazoo: “Wooow, they’re so young. I bet we couldn’t do this if Harta was here.”
    Sazoo was finding the good in Harta’s absence.
    Takeshi: “What? I can’t see very well.”
    Takeshi’s been cursed with narrow eyes since he was born.

    (Text in picture: “View in high vision”)

    PANEL 4

    The trio had been careless, for one of the girls caught them peeping. It was Junsa-san, who was taking a break from her duties. She nimbly wrapped her towel around her, then secretly took out her gun…

    PANEL 5

    Junsa: “You, the blonde! You’re under arrest as a suspect in the multiple underwear thefts!”

    PANEL 6

    Takeshi had been taken in by the officer.

    Shiba: “This is bad! We can’t go to Faunce like this! Somehow, we’ll rescue Takeshi!”

    PANEL 7

    The two followed the patrol car holding Takeshi into town, where they noticed a paper stuck to a telephone pole.

    Shiba: “So that’s it… this is why Takeshi was arrested!”

    ‘We are searching for the consecutive underwear thief! Damage has been done to 162 items! Features include: blonde hair, narrow eyes…

    PANEL 8

    Sazoo: “The blonde Takeshi’s the underwear burglar!? But, is this really Takeshi!?”

    Shiba: “No… he’s not naturally blonde, so he couldn’t be doing that. He transformed recently.”

    Sazoo: “In any case, if we could catch this real criminal, we should be able to get Takeshi back!”

    (Text on right side of picture: “Underwear thief”)

    (Text on left side of picture: “If you see this face, report him immediately”)

    PANEL 9

    Suddenly, a scream was heard!!

    ”Kyaaaa!! Underwear thieeeef!!”

    ”Could it be the real criminal!? Alright! Let’s go!!!”

    PANEL 10

    Girl: “Hold uuup! Underwear thieeeef!”

    Yanagi: “Uhyahyahyahya! It’s all mine!”

    It seemed like this old man that was getting away was the true criminal, the underwear thief.

    (Text pointing to the thief: “Yanagi”)

    PANEL 11

    Turning his head, Sazoo was surprised to see Yanagi. Yanagi loved Sazoo’s youthful face because it looked like Satoko-chan!

    ”Sa… Satoko-chaaaaan!”

    Yanagi jumped towards Sazoo.

    (Note: For those of you who don’t know or recall, Satoko was Satoshi’s female alias when he was trying to get into the Tamamushi Gym to battle Erika. You’ll see quite a bit of her in Pokesho stories.)

    PANEL 12

    Yanagi: “Satoko-chaaan! I wanted to meet yoooouuuu!”
    Sazoo: “Gyaa!! What the hell are you doing?!”

    Yanagi: “Huuuh? Satoko-chan, don’t you… remember me? …besides that, why are you so flat?”

    ”Don’t feel me up!! You sick bastaaaard!”

    PANEL 13

    With all the blood rushing perfectly to his head, Sazoo beat the living crap out of Yanagi.

    (Text in picture: “You shall burn in mid-air, you amateur lolicon.”)

    PANEL 14

    Shiba and Sazoo turned Yanagi into the police.

    Junsa: “This is the real criminal!? Oh, that was inexcusable! I’ll get Takeshi back right now!”

    PANEL 15

    Shiba: “Takeshi…!? What’s with your face!?”

    Takeshi: “From this day forth, I am an honest man, living a life of purity!”

    Takeshi benefited painfully from his detainment, correcting his true character.

    Taking along Takeshi, whom just purified his heart, they all continued heading west.

    (Kanji on Takeshi’s forehead: “Truth”)

    PANEL 16

    Latias: “Everyoooone! Please wait for me!”

    The one calling from behind was Latias.

    PANEL 17

    Having followed them, Latias spoke with the trio.
    Latias: “I have returned from heaven because I was thinking… I think I will help you save Harta after all, so I tracked you down. Please! Please take me along!”
    Trio: “Eh, but…”
    Lati: “I won’t be a burden to you! If you’re being troubled by my Pokemon form, please be at ease! Look!”
    Having said that, Latias became enshrouded in smoke and transformed into a girl.

    (Text in picture: “Transform”)

    PANEL 18

    Shiba & Sazoo: “We will go with you to the ends of the earth!”
    Latias: “Hye! Ha…. hah…?”
    The action of the two made it seem as though they put on the head of Takeshi’s true being.
    Takeshi: “I can’t comprehend what those two are thinking!”
    Lati: “In any case, please allow me to guide you towards Faunce. Because I’m a heavenly being, I’ve heard of many things. Oh, and from here on, please refer to me as Kanon, alright?”

    The party added Kanon, and with a new sensation, they began to continue on the road to Faunce.

    PANEL 19

    Around that time, Harta was being tortured by the pervert in a cave at Faunce.

    Pervert: “Come on, hurry up and awaken Jirachi!”
    Harta: “No! Especially not if a pervert like you says so!”

    (Sazoo, Takeshi, Shiba!! Quickly, come and rescue me…! What should I do!?)

    PANEL 20

    The trio thought the tension would rise with the addition of a girl…

    Sazoo: “Aaawww… all of a sudden, I’m very hungryyyy…”
    Takeshi: “How can you say something so thoughtlessly?!! Right now, Harta-san’s probably being tortured by that pervert!”
    Kanon: “Everyone, please calm down! We’ll get something to eat at that town we were just at!!”

    The party went to a restaurant to get a meal.

    PANEL 21

    Kasumi: “Welcome… eh?!”
    Sazoo: “Ka… Kasumi!? What are you doing in a place like this!?”

    Kasumi: “Since you guys asked what I’m doing in a place like this… ah…! Wait a sec, Sazoo…! Who’s that cute girl!?”

    Sazoo: “No, she’s here under certain circumstances… grin, grin.”

    (Text in the picture: “Welco… DUDE…!”)

    PANEL 22

    Kasumi: “There are no circumstances that relate to her! You pig!”
    Seeing Kanon, Kasumi jumped to the conclusion that Sazoo did something to Harta.

    Sazoo: “No… this is… er…”
    Kasumi: “I won’t listen to any of your excuses! DIIIE!!”

    PANEL 23

    His whole body fell down in a single hit.

    PANEL 24

    The manager came when he heard the disturbance.

    Manager: “What are you doing to the customer?! Kasumi-kun, you’re fired!”

    (Text in the picture: “Manager”)

    PANEL 25

    Kasumi: “N… no way! What am I supposed to do for money?! Please let me continue working here somehow!”
    Manager: “Nope, nope! I can’t let some kid who was rude to our customers work here, it’d be bad for our image!”

    Amidst the quarrel, Sazoo’s soul was rising towards heaven.

    (Note: For this picture only, the “manager” text written across the manager’s belly is written out in hiragana. In the other pictures, it’s in kanji.)

    PANEL 26

    Kasumi: “I don’t want to be fired! Making money is so essential!”
    Manager: “Too bad, you can go elsewhere if you neeeed employment so badly.”

    At this time, Sazoo’s wandering spirit successfully possessed the manager.

    Manager: “Aside from hitting someone, having money is strange! Get out of here! You bitch!”

    PANEL 27

    Satisfied from possessing the manager to say what he wanted to say to Kasumi, Sazoo’s returned to his own body.

    Sazoo: “Say, say, you make a good point.”
    Kasumi: “…surely… I never could get excitement out of this job…”
    Sazoo: “Manager! Before you fire Kasumi, could you please show me the pride of this place’s cooking?!!”
    Manager: “I can’t be helped… Kasumi-chan! Before you retire, bring out our prized cuisine!!”

    PANEL 28

    The party surrounded a table and waited for the prized cuisine.

    Kanon: “What kind of thing will come out? I’m looking forward to it!”
    Takeshi: “I wonder if it’ll taste better than my cooking.”

    Kasumi: “Sorry to keep you waiting.♪”

    PANEL 29

    The four ate the prized cuisine. However, it tasted a little strange, and Kanon couldn’t eat it it.

    Kanon: “This is bad!!”

    Kasumi: “Eeh!?”
    Manager: “Kasumi-chan…”

    PANEL 30

    Suddenly, someone vigorously opened the door and walked in.

    ”I heard everything! If you’re troubled about money, leave it to us!”

    PANEL 31

    Kasumi: “Y… you’re…!?”

    ”If it’s about money, please let us at Pokeful deal with it!”

    ”Part-time, work, individual loans are OK! Kimo-chan would also like to provide right now!”

    PANEL 32

    After the tasty conversation, Kasumi went along with the rich parent and child.

    Kasumi: “That was such a tasty conversation!! Lend Kasumi some moneeeey!!”
    Old Man: “Hahaha, alright, come with me! Won’t you sign a contract?!”

    PANEL 33

    Sazoo: “Kasumi… I wonder if she’ll be alright… and I wonder if we’re rid of anymore deceiving bad guys…”
    Takeshi: “We must’ve done it somehow…”
    Shiba: “We were able to save Kasumi this one time…”

    Kanon: “Wuuuoooooeeeeehhhh…”
    Kanon was still suffering from that bad cuisine.

    PANEL 34

    ”N… no, stop…! B… Bwaaaah!”
    Kanon threw up, and a shining stone effortlessly dropped out of the mixture.

    Shiba: “Aaah! Th… that’s the Drop of Heart!”
    Kanon: “Eh? Is this a heavenly false tooth?”

    Shiba: “That’s very valuable! With this, we can get Kasumi back!”

    (Note: “Kokoro no Shizuku”, or “Drop of Heart”, is called “Soul Dew” in the English version. Though I haven’t seen the English dub, I hear it’s also called the “Droplet of the Heart” in Pokemon Heroes, which would be a more correct translation.)

    PANEL 35

    In order to get the Drop of Heart over to the rich parent and child, the four pursued them.

    Takeshi: “Alright, we’re gonna get Kasumi back from the rich parent and child!!”
    Kanon: “Impossible… I didn’t think this form would be helpful!”

    PANEL 36

    However, the rich parent and child were on an airship, going far into the sky.

    Shiba: “Ku… it’s impossible to catch up by foot!”
    Sazoo: “Are you imagining things…? It’s heading straight towards Faunce…”

    PANEL 37

    ?: “This time, you were slow to realize! Those were some of the pervert’s assassins.”

    A loading truck appeared before the four.

    PANEL 38

    Pirates: “Hop on! We’ll take you to where you need to go!”

    The ones driving the truck were those pirates. They were aware that Takeshi-tachi were being used and betrayed.

    Pirates: “From this point on, it’ll be hell on earth trying to get to Faunce! We don’t know what will happen… Let’s prepare!

    PANEL 39

    It was like hell for those two, whom were lacking energy.

    PANEL 40

    The four rode the truck across the wasteland for a while, until a loveable Pikachu appeared in front of the truck.

    ”Sazoo-san, Sazoo-san! Please take me with you! Now I have this protection stone of Celebi’s!”

    PANEL 41

    Sazoo: “Huh? I don’t need that filthy stone! Peh!”
    Sazoo spit at Pikachu.

    Pika: “P… please wait!!”
    [b][COLOR=Navy]Sazoo: “We already have some extra treasure (the Drop of Heart)! Go away!! Yellow!”
    Pika: “No way… at least explain your motives…!”
    Sazoo: “Hey! Let’s get this vehicle the hell out of here!!”

    The truck once again drove off.

    PANEL 42

    Finally, the party arrived at Faunce.

    PANEL 43

    Kojirou: “Jari-boy & girl!! Here’s the hidden passageway to the pervert’s hideout!!”

    Takeshi: “Alright!! Finally, this journey is at its end! Everyone, let’s go!”

    The party was going to enter the hideout, when suddenly…!

    PANEL 44

    Vicious: “Who the hell are you bastards?”

    A different pervert appeared.

    PANEL 45

    ”We are the happy Pokemon trio that came to request the mysterious pervert-san for Harta-chan’s well-being!”
    Takeshi-tachi tried to get in with disguises.

    Vicious: “Hm? Well anyway, I’ll be your guide. Come here.”

    The party was guided into the hideout’s interior.

    PANEL 46

    After a little walking, they ended up in a small room, waiting to be told what to do next. Suddenly…! “SLAM!!”

    Sazoo: “W… what!?”
    Vicious: “Hehehe! You bastards are after my boss’s neck, but I’m taking care you!”
    Shiba: “Ku… let us out of here!!”
    [b]Vicious: “You’re stupid to think I’ll let you out by saying that!! You’ll learn something nice from a Hades souvenir! This door won’t open unless an exact password’s typed in!”

    PANEL 47

    Pervert: “The most you could do is use your head! Haahahaha!”

    However, unless the password’s inputted on the door’s pattern, the obstruction would stay closed.

    PANEL 48

    Kanon: “Aw! Geez! Can we do anything to open this door?!”
    The door wouldn’t open by randomly inputting a password as Kanon did.

    Shiba: “Aay, you’re impertinent! If we push all the buttons, we may get it correct and get out of here! Leave this to me!”

    PANEL 49

    ”We’ll start with X! Next is Y! L! S! R!”
    As the superhuman Shiba pushed all the buttons, his fingers pierced through the door to hit Vicious on the other side.

    ”Shit, it’s an error! Next is Y! L! S! A… atatatatatatatata!”

    The fingers that pierced through the door were carefully placed to strike Vicious’s pressure points.

    (Text in picture: “Door”)

    PANEL 50

    Shiba: “I relieved you of any pain, so you’ll at least die peacefully…”

    Vicious: “Ah, yeeees, it feels gooood…. CHINYA!

    The masked man exploded.

    (Text in the picture: “Hokutou Jouhagan Ken”, or “Feel-like-smiling Fist of the North Star”)

    PANEL 51

    With the masked man gone, Takeshi’s party smashed down the door, and along the wall, they found a suspicious peeping hole.
    Sazoo: “Hey! Look!! There’s a peeping hole here!!”
    Shiba: “Oh, what is this hole?! Perhaps we should look into it!!”
    Takeshi: “What are you saying?! That we take up a moment of our time?!”
    Sazoo: “Don’t make that assumption! We should take a breather!!”
    Shiba: “Well then, let’s look…”
    Kanon wore a disdained look as she watched the two looking into the hole.

    PANEL 52

    Inside, they saw the figure of… Harta changing her clothes!?
    Sazoo: “Ha… Harta!!!?”
    Shiba: “Nah, I don’t see it…”
    Shiba was cursed with being narrow-eyed since he was born.
    Kanon: “What are we doing?! We should be saving Harta-san!”
    Sazoo: “Oh god, how are we supposed to save her? This wall looks pretty thick, but we might be able to do it if we use all our strength…”

    PANEL 53

    Kanon: “I can blow this wall apart with a Psycho Wave! Aaaaaay!”
    Kanon turned into Latias and blew the wall apart.
    Sazoo: “Kanon… that was a bit much…!”
    Harta: “Sa… Sazoo!?”

    PANEL 54

    Harta: “You finally came to rescue me, didn’t you?!”
    As Harta ran towards Sazoo-tachi, she was seized by the pervert’s arm.
    Pervert: “You did well coming here!! Trash-domo!!”
    Takeshi: “Ah! This guy… isn’t he the famed Pokemon field-worker, Odamaki-hakase?!!”
    Odamaki (Pervert): “Heh…?!! I forgot to wear my mask!”
    Shiba: “You pervert! Let Harta go!!”
    Odamaki: “Hmph…! Like I’d listen to trash-domo like you bastards?!!”
    Takeshi: “In that case, we’ll get her back with force!!”

    PANEL 55

    Odamaki: “You can try. Come out! Kasumi!”
    At Odamaki’s call, the person that Pokeful brought, Kasumi, came out.
    Odamaki: “Hahaha! I could’ve extracted the power of the Millenium Crystal, but this kamo-girl wouldn’t do it!”
    Kasumi: “I’m sorry, Takeshi-san… I needed to get money somehow! I was saving up 25,000 yen, I wanted to buy a Super Famicom!”
    Kasumi had called out Jirachi.

    PANEL 56

    Harta: “You don’t call out Jirachi just for a Super Famicom!!!”
    Harta’s right hook landed a clean hit on Kasumi’s cheek. It was hopeless that she was the heroine.

    PANEL 57

    However, Kasumi began to pray and the pendant emitted an evil light. An abnormality of the pervert’s body quickly became apparent.
    Odamaki: “Huhahaha…! I have obtained the Millenium Crystal’s power. It’s futile for all you damned pieces of trash to do anything……!!!”

    PANEL 58

    Shiba: “Wh… what are you trying to accomplish…?!”
    Sazoo: “He’s going to win at this rate…!”

    Takeshi: “Fu… Did you forget about me?”
    The golden-haired warrior Takeshi had been there.
    Kanon: “Ta… Takeshi-san?”
    Super Takeshi: “I’ve been training in prison for the sake of this moment! You damned pervert! Prepare yourself!!”

    PANEL 59

    The fight between Super Pervert Odamaki and Super Takeshi to decide the fate of the earth had unfolded.

    Shiba: “This is bad! If they continue going at full-power, this cave will collapse! Sazoo-tachi, get out of here!”
    Sazoo: “G… got it…! Takeshi-san! Shiba-san! Don’t die!”
    While the fighting Takeshi was pondering, Sazoo-tachi made their way out of the cave.

    PANEL 60

    Super Takeshi: “Shit! I’m good, but I can’t match his power…!”
    Shiba: “I came to help you! Takeshi!”
    ”Takeshi… originally, you and I were the same… that’s why we should be able to combine!”
    ”…that so?! Alright, let’s do this!!”
    The two performed the fusion ritual.
    Their bodies formed into one, they became Super Takeshiba.

    PANEL 61

    Takeshiba: “This is our combined power!!”
    Takeshiba’s narrow-eyed beam struck Odamaki’s Jirachi helmet.

    Odamaki: “GUWAAaaaah!

    PANEL 62

    Odamaki: “Hah…. hah…! That was effective just now…! However, I won’t die at this degree…!”

    Takeshiba: “D… damn! Takeshiba’s in a pinch!”
    The suddenly-tired Takeshiba had been captured.

    Odamaki: “I’m going to crush you!”
    Takeshiba: “UWAAAAaaaah!”

    PANEL 63

    Pow pow pow!
    ”Gogyah!! M… my eye!”

    Masato: “Takeshi! As expected, you’re not doing very well!

    Masato had come to help out onboard the Reginger model.

    PANEL 64

    Odamaki: “GUWOoooooOOOAAAH…! How dare you…! How dare yooouuu…! W…! What!? I can’t hear myself…!?”

    Odamaki’s body began to glow, then it crumbled.
    Takeshiba: “W… what the hell!? He looks strange!”

    PANEL 65

    From Odamaki’s crumbled body, Jirachi came out.
    Jirachi: “Thank you very much! I owe you for inflicting pain upon Odamaki and allowing me to escape!”
    Takeshiba: “Oh, so that was it…?! Well then, I guess that was settled!”
    However, as Takeshiba was smiling, Jirachi’s expression distorted. Jirachi’s heart had been influenced by evil, and its colors changed to suit it.

    PANEL 66

    ”Whaaatever, byoon!”
    Jirachi fired the Beam from the Eye of Truth at Takeshiba.
    Takeshiba: “…!”
    Masato: “Ta… Takeshiiiii!”

    Jirachi: “Ahahaha! Such a filthy human. Now everyone shall die!”

    PANEL 67

    Masato: “His heart’s stopped… we can’t help him anymore…”

    Sazoo: “Takeshi-san…!”

    ?: “I can operate! Please leave this to me!!”

    PANEL 68

    Kenji: “I am a man who went from having various jobs at temples to a career in the medical field, Doctor Kenji!”

    Kasumi: “I… I don’t quite get what’s happening, but just save Takeshi-san…!!”
    Kenji: “Understood! Everyone, while I’m doing the operation, please do whatever you can to hold back Jirachi!”
    Sazoo: “Alright! Leave it to us!”

    (Text on Kenji’s uniform: “God Hand”)

    PANEL 69

    The trio of Sazoo, Harta, and Kasumi restrained Jirachi.

    Sazoo: “We’re going to hold you back!”
    Harta’s right hook!
    Kasumi’s full-body attack!
    Sazoo’s foul odor and body fluid attack!

    Jirachi: “GINYAAAAAHHHH!”
    The three formed a beautiful Triangle Attack that inadvertedly beated down Jirachi.

    PANEL 70

    “Damn you! How dare yoooouuuu!”
    Sazoo: “What the…!? Yet another thing’s coming out!”
    Harta: “Surely that’s…. the darkness of his heart that absorbed the Millenium Crystal!”
    Kasumi: “So if we can defeat it, this fight will be over, right?!”
    However, striking and spitting at the darkness had no effect on it.

    Sazoo: “Shit! What should we do?!”

    PANEL 71

    Meanwhile, while Takeshiba was in a comatose state, he noticed a voice calling him.
    ?: “Takeshi…! Takeshi…!”
    Takeshiba: (…!? Who’s calling me!?)
    Old Man Bob: “It’s me, Takeshi!”
    ”You’re…! That old man from back then!”
    ”What are you doing? Awaken, Takeshi!”
    ”But I used up all my energy… I’m not the man I was a moment ago…”
    ”No. Surely, you are the one who will seal the crystal’s power, the descendant of the legendary hero!”

    PANEL 72

    ”Wha…?! That’s nonsense! For as long as I could remember, I’ve been living on a mountain! Always alone…!”
    ”I’m sorry, Takeshi… your family’s village was attacked, but as a child, you managed to escape and warp into a peaceful livelihood.”
    ”W… what are you saying!? Impossible… you’re my…”
    ”Go, Takeshi. You must save the world!”

    PANEL 73

    Kenji: “Takeshi’s heart has started functioning again!”
    Takeshi: “……I… I’m… not going to die…!”
    In front of Takeshi, who stood in the face of death, the Goronya wearing the Guts Headband came out.
    Goronya: “Takeshi-san! Combine your power with everyone, and drive away the darkness!”
    Takeshi: “Goronya!? What’s in your hand!?”
    Goronya: “Fighting spirit! Takeshi-san, gather up everyone’s fighting spirit into a ball and attack with it!”

    PANEL 74

    Takeshiba: “That so?! Fighting spirit! Alright, WUOOOOOAAAAH!”
    Kenji: “W… what the…?! Takeshi’s recovering…!?”
    Darkness: “NuuuUUUGH! I won’t let that happen!”

    The darkness’s evil force held Takeshi in the air! However, Takeshi broke free with a red glow that caused him to take flight.
    Darkness: “Wh…!? What the hell!?”
    In the center of the light, the form of Takeshi awakening as a hero could be seen.
    Darkness: “Impossible… you’re…!”

    PANEL 75

    Hero Takeshi: “I’ll defeat you! For the sake of fulfilling my role as the legendary hero… no, for the sake of protecting everybody! Everyone on earth! Please lend me your power!!!”

    Sazoo: “That so?! Everyone! Raise your hands up towards Takeshi!!”
    Everyone: “Accept this power, TAKESHIIII!!!”
    In an instant, the energy gathered into Takeshi’s hand.
    Hero Takeshi: “IT ENDS WITH THIIIIIIIS!!!!”

    PANEL 76

    The explosion caused by Takeshi’s energy ball was enough to make the galaxy tremble!!!!


    PANEL 77


    Because of Takeshi and everyone’s power, the darkness was annihilated.

    PANEL 78

    Old Man: “You did well, Takeshi… you and your companions combined your strength, and the Millennium Crystal, as well as the darkness, were erased. You said you were lonely, but don’t you have several friends now? From now on, trust in the path that you continue on. Well then, farewell, Takeshi…”
    Hero Takeshi: “P… please wait! Don’t go, father!”
    Old Man: “Takeshi… I will forever watch over you…”

    PANEL 79

    Old Man Bob was engulfed in light and disappeared.

    Everyone: “Heeey! Takeshiiii!”
    Hero Takeshi: “Everyone!”
    The ruined ground of Faunce was resurrected by everyone’s energy.
    Hero Takeshi: “It’s over… at last...”

    PANEL 80

    Jira: “Uuugh… huh?! What was I doing up until now…? That’s right! My heart was manipulated by evil…”
    Harta: “The fight has ended.”
    Jira: “Eh!?”
    Hero Takeshi: “Look! It’s daybreak.”
    Harta: “It’s pretty…”

    This beautiful planet will never be destroyed, that’s what the hero and his companions vowed before the rising sun.

    PANEL 81

    Takeshi Hero Legend


    (Text in the picture: “Takeshi Hero Legend- Narrow-eyed Generation”)

    PANEL 82

    ”Yeah, yeah! Takeshi Hero Legend was amusing, wasn’t it!? Well, you can get it for 10,000 yen! I thank you for each one sold!”

    (Text on the sign and desk: “Takeshi Hero Legend”)

    (Text on the flag: “Best-seller”)

    STAFF LIST (in order of pictures)

    Iroguro-sama, Nyamo-sama, Rakii-sama, asuka-sama, Kamiya Satoshi-sama, Sankahiso-sama, Holy Night-sama, Chorokichi-sama, Blue-sama, 2MG-sama, Yassun-sama, Master-sama, Nana-sama, Mr. Poke-sama, the manager, and several others.
    Thank you very much for your participation.
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