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    This is a fanfiction I started last year for NaNoWriMo and never finished. >_> It still isn't finished, even though it is so filler-filled and such. DX But that's what happens with a NaNo fic I guess. Anyway, it's mainly NC-17 for....like, maybe a few parts, and I'll probably use the spoiler tag thing on those so anyone can read it. :] Hopefully, unless I don't even get that far posting it. XD Anywho, it's AshxMay (manga, anyone?).

    It will eventually be located in a new continent that I created. I'm hoping to do some more stuff to it, but in the end it should be useable by anyone that wants to when I'm finished. Who knows. You're probably sick of my talking, so onto the prologue. XD

    - Prologue -

    The dusky hallway rang with the sound of yelling voices, as the couple bickered hotly. It happened every week, with it starting when the man would arrive to take the kids out. The woman would refuse to let him, he’d get upset, and the arguing would start.

    That was six hours ago. Ever since one in the afternoon, there had been shouts and screams coming from the living room. To most, the noise would merely be annoying, something to block out and ignore. To a child though, it was the apocalypse of her family.

    In one of the upstairs bedrooms, sitting in a cubbyhole with a blanket and teddy bear, was a small child. She could be no older then six-years-old, with the big eyes and round face of her age. There were tears welling up in her eyes as there were more shouts and the sound of a door slamming. There was silence.

    Her breathing fast, she edged out into the open room, the blanket trailing behind her on the floor. She could hear the angry, hurried footsteps of her mother downstairs, and the creak of the kitchen door. Waiting for the sound of the stair’s groaning she watched the closed bedroom door. For several minutes, the only thing she heard was the loud curses her mother said, a thud, then nothing.

    Shuffling over to the dresser, she pulled open the bottom drawer and took out several pairs of socks and shorts, tossing them onto the bed. Using the small chair that was kept nearby, she opened the higher up drawers to get out more clothing, and some of the toys stored on top of the wooden dresser. They all were also tossed on the pile.

    Running into the bathroom, she took her toothbrush from the cup on the counter and her favorite towel from the linen closet, along with her favorite bath toy – a sail boat – to add to the pile. Making sure all of her favorites were there, she took the small backpack she used for preschool and put the toys and clothes in it, stomping her feet when it all wouldn’t fit. Looking over everything, she discarded several articles of clothing to make room for the toys.

    Toys were a person’s most important items, and none could be spared. With a sniffle, she forced the backpack shut and shrugged it on, the bulky weight toppling her over. Struggling to get up, she opened her bedroom door and walked out, taking to the stairs. With her short legs, she could only take one at a time; the length of it was bangs, thuds, and sniffles as she loudly make her way downstairs.

    Passing by the kitchen, she peeked in to see her mother, sitting at the table with a glass and a bottle of a nasty looking green liquid in it. She wondered why her mother always drank it, but no matter the reason, it always made her act nastily to her and her older brother. Rubbing her runny nose, she came up to the back door, and fought it open as she half hung from it with her too-short arms.

    As the old thing made a long, wailing creaking sound, she looked up at the vase that sat on a table by the open doorway, sniffled again, and stepped out into the open yard. She wouldn’t make her mother or father suffer again.

    - - -

    “You lost her?! How the hell do you lose a child in your own damned house?!” he roared, as the woman weeped on the couch. She looked up at him with puffy blue eyes, mumbling nonsense. It was trying his patience. “This is what happens when you have the kids! At least Gary has been staying with Dad, so he isn’t being neglected by you!”

    “Me! You blame this on me! She’s just as much your daughter as mine!” she shrieked, pointing a shaking finger at him, “I did nothing wrong, mister! Nothing!”

    “That’s right. You did nothing, and now we have a missing girl. She could be in trouble for all we know!” he snapped, slapping a hand across the seething woman’s face. She sat in stunned silence, staring at him with wide eyes. The only sound was their heavy breathing, as they watched each other warily. “Call the police.”

    Without taking her eyes off of him, she leaned over and picked up the phone, dialing it for the emergency number. “This is not just my fault,” she hissed, as the person on the line started talking, and went into explaining the situation.

    Tapping his foot on the floor, he watched as she hung up, his anger gone, replaced by the overwhelming worry for the small child that had wondered off. His only daughter, missing, and his ex-wife being the cause of it…or was she? “Now, explain to me…what happened when I left?” he asked, his voice calm and soft.

    She took a deep breath, soothing her nerves as much as she could, before explaining about how she had gone into the kitchen to get a drink. About how she had sat at the table with the bottle of brandy and just thought, until she had fallen asleep there at the table. He looked on thoughtfully, his eyebrows lowering in an expression of concentration. “What?” she asked.

    “You mean to tell me…instead of going to see if she was still in the house and her location, you went and got drunk?” She nodded, looking down at her slippered feet to hide her contorted face. He threw his arms up. “And you say I’m a horrible parent! At least I make sure they are safe and sound!”

    “She was in her bedroom when you showed up earlier,” she quietly admitted, peeking up as his eyes turned wide. She knew what was coming.

    In her bedroom! You lied to me, told me she was at a friend’s house! She had to sit and listen to everything that happened today? No wonder she had gone missing!” He started pacing, frantically wringing his hands. “Never in my life…you are a horrible mother. You don’t even know what might have just happened?”

    She shook her head. He spun around to look at her, anger evident in his every move. “Woman, that child has had to listen to us argue ever since before the divorce, and then you have her in the house during that episode today and expect her to be unscathed and happy? If this isn’t a case of her running away, I will be surprised!”

    She shook her head. “No, my little girl wouldn’t do that.”

    His lips were set in a firm line. “Obviously she would.”

    Storming up the stairs, he started toward the empty bedroom. His ex-wife followed behind, wiping away the stray tears as they entered. The bed was still made, with only the slightest disturbance from the pile that had lain on it. Around it was the various clothing that had been discarded in favor of the toys. The dresser’s various drawers were left open, and clothes missing out of them. “Well?” he asked harshly, motioning around the room, “What have you to say?”

    “No, no…she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t…” The woman fell back into sobs, as the weight of the situation was revealed to her. Going to look out of the window, he sighed.

    “If we do not find her,” he said, turning his head slightly, “I am holding you responsible for it. You will not be let off the hook for this.” She cried.

    - - -

    Shivering, she looked around the dark trees, her eyes shining in fear. She could hear noises she hadn’t heard before; creaks, groans, howls, and yowls that didn’t sound friendly or familiar. None of it sounded nice to her, and she was cold. Cold and lonely.

    Sitting down on the moist ground, she started crying, her nose running again, along with her eyes. She felt lost, confused, sad, and upset, and missed her mother, father, brother, and grandfather. She missed her bed and toys that had been left behind, and missed the cat that usually would be sneaking around the house.

    There was a crunch, a snap, then silence. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she looked over at the two pairs of eyes that stared out at her from the brush. They both were blinking curiously, and there was a moment when one disappeared, then reappeared. The other pair did the same, then they both disappeared. The bushes moved as they headed farther into the forest, showing her where they were going. Being a child such as herself, she picked herself up and followed, tripping and running, after them as best she could.

    When she was deep into the trees, she stopped and looked around. It looked darker and scarier then the place she had been, and her two guides were gone – or so she thought, as they came up behind her. One of them nudged her gently, as she turned about and saw the two creatures standing there. They looked like something out of one of her fairy tales, the ones where the knight saved the princess from giant monsters that breathed fire and had large sharp teeth. The only problem was, they were rather small, only about as tall as two of her, and didn’t look like they could be all that dangerous to men wearing metal or to princesses in tall towers.

    “Who are you?” she asked, looking at them with large green eyes. They tilted their heads, before their eyes started glowing.

    Vanika, a feminine voice said within her head, startling her. She fell over, staring at them.

    Silvanus, another voice, this one more masculine, said. Her eyes went even wider then before, as she started backing off, scooting on the ground. You fear us.

    There is no need to. We are not here to harm you. The green one started forward, dark eyes glittering, and put a claw up in an almost human way to take her hand. Her lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as she leaned toward the female. We’ll protect you, if you’ll let us.

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    Default DG, Chapter One

    - Chapter One -

    “Where are you going? We’re supposed to go this way!” the red head yelled out, as the younger but taller boy started heading in a different direction then the one she pointed out. He stopped, turning to look at her and the other boy traveling with them.

    “No, we aren’t. Remember, Nurse Joy had said the quickest route was to go along the edge of the Wicker Maiden Forest, then take to the east.” he said, frowning at her, “Misty, you must have a bad memory or something.”

    Bristling, the young woman, Misty Waterflower, put her hands on her hips. “Really now? This coming from the one that forgot his own pokedex at the Center?” she retorted.

    She felt a great satisfaction as the teenager turned a bright red color. He scowled, trying his hardest to keep his pride intact. “At least I can remember directions.”

    “Too bad you still suck at giving them and using them.” Misty laughed, when he balled his hands into fists, his eyes narrowed in aggravation.

    “Not as much as you.” The argument started over anew, as they tore into each other verbally, ignoring the quiet man who tried fruitlessly to get them to listen.

    Growing impatient, he finally grabbed the female by the neck of her shirt to pull her back, getting between them physically. “Ash! Misty! Listen!” he said, as the two glared at each other, then looked at him. “Stop acting like you are in kindergarten, and yelling at each other. We aren’t getting anywhere by standing here while you needle each other.”

    The younger boy, Ash, hmmph’ed and looked away. Misty turned to the mediator, crossing her arms as she watched him. “Which way do we go, since someone doesn’t know what they are talking about?” she asked.

    “That someone being you,” Ash said under his breath, earning another icy look from Misty and a disapproving one from the elder male. “Oh, come on, Brock! You heard her just as well as I did! She said-“

    “…to take the trail along the forest, then get onto the main road. Yes, she did say that. We never decided we actually would though,” Brock replied, deflating the boy’s argumentative attitude. “Now, that beauty did suggest that we take that trail, so I say we should.”

    Misty threw her arms up, growling. “Men!” she scowled, stomping past the smirking dark-haired boy, “Never can get them to disagree with each other, bah!”

    “At least it’ll take less time to get to the next town this way!” Ash said, putting on the best impression of being humbly cheerful that he could manage. Misty stared at him, as Brock backed off, keeping back several steps as another argument started up.

    “Chuu,” Pikachu, the small yellow Pokemon that was one of the few Pokemon that was out of his pokeball more often then not, whimpered. Brock nodded his agreement, sighing.

    It was due to be a long day.

    - - -

    The leaves crunched underfoot, as the two men walked along the thick brush and trees, their rifles in hand. They were there for the same reason that many others before them had been; to seek out the legendary treasure of the forest. It was said that any that found it would have enough gold to live comfortable for many years, and they were determined to find it!

    Of course, it was all myth and speculation. It was also said there was a spirit that haunted the forest, that of a young woman, but that was never proven or believed by the people that entered.

    “If there is nothing dangerous here, why in blazes would we need weapons?” one of the men asked, frowning at the other, “Most likely no treasure here anyway….”

    The second one scowled, and swatted him with the barrel of his rifle. “Bah, there will be. It’s as a safety precaution, you dunce. You never know what could show up when you least expect it to, you know?” he replied.

    “Like we would be attacked-“ There was a rustling in the trees, startling the two hunters into silence and stillness. They saw something silver shoot past, over them and into the dimness. Looking at each other in shock, they turned back to see the still moving leaves. With smirks, they started at a quick pace to follow whatever it had been.

    It took several minutes for them to catch up to the silver form, which was resting comfortably in the branches of one of the trees. The shorter of the two men crept forward, aiming the loaded gun at the strange creature and firing.

    - - -

    A flock of birds flew up from the cluster of trees, as the resounding ring startled them from their perches. The group of three looked up, watching them fly away, frowns on their faces. “What was that?” Ash asked, shielding his eyes from the sun.

    Brock shook his head, turning from the forest line. “That was a gunshot,” he replied, getting the same look from both companions; wide eyes and open mouths. “We need to get away from here, before whoever that was comes this way, if they are.”

    “What if they hurt someone?” Misty said, going at a run into the trees, using her arms to shield herself from the low branches. Ash followed her, pulling out a pokeball to summon another Pokemon out in case Pikachu wouldn’t be enough.

    “We should at least go see if they need help,” the teenage boy suggested, as Brock started to open his mouth to persuade them to go back to the trail. The older male looked at the younger one, before getting a faint smile and nodded.

    The air was warm and moist, as they trooped through the serene forest. The sunlight that was streaking through the openings in the trees gave just enough light for them to see where they were going, and what was amongst the foliage. “It’s beautiful in here,” the red-haired girl whispered, getting nods of agreement in return.

    “I am finding it odd that we aren’t seeing any Pokemon here, though. Not even a Butterfree or Weedle in sight…” Ash commented. They came to a stop, as they peered around at the quiet – and very much empty – forest. “Is there something wrong with this place or something?”

    “No…it could just be that there is something living here that they either don’t like or fear.” Brock said, “It isn’t uncommon.” There was the sound of voices drifting from far off.

    “There’s our gunmen,” Misty remarked, leading the way toward the continuous drone of voices.

    - - -

    “Never before…it’s gone!” The hunters searched around the trees, looking for the body of whatever creature they had shot at. It was turning up no results, without sight or sound of it anywhere. “How can we lose a dead body?”

    “Unless it just vaporized, you obviously didn’t hit it!” the other snapped, taking to the darker parts of the underbrush to look. “And if you didn’t-“

    He cursed, when something narrow and willowy slapped him on the back of the head. Spinning around to see who was behind it, there was nothing but air to meet his gaze. Warily, he called out to his partner, only to hear the sound of him yelling at something back at the tree the creature had been in.

    Running to him, the hunter saw his partner dancing around, as the silver animal from before bit and snapped at his lower body. He looked quite ridiculous as he tried to aim at the thing to stop it. As the gun went off, they heard rustling in the trees.

    The unmoving hunter blanched; there were not one, but two, of the strange and dangerous things. The new one was a leafy green, its scales not quite as bright as the silver’s ones, but more colorful none-the-less. “What are these!” he screamed, shooting at the newcomer.

    It danced out of the way in an almost playful matter. He had the thought of it actually laughing at him, but shook it away before it went on; it was just his over active imagination. Reptiles didn’t laugh. “Leave them alone!”

    The voice of a female surprised the taller man. He had not expected anyone other then them to be within the woody area; he certainly hadn’t expected a woman to be there! Turning in the direction of the voice, he saw the girl who owned it; she was a slight one, with large green eyes and long, unkempt brown hair.

    “I advise you to stay back, young miss. These are quite dangerous creatures, you know,” he said, eyeing the girl. He wondered how old she was, and where she had been that her hair and clothing was in such a state. Surely young women took better care of themselves then that? There were more gunshots as his partner once again tried to get the silver thing off his heels.

    “Stop trying to kill them! You’re the ones trespassing, not them! Get out of here!” Her voice rose steadily, as she ran at him; he could see the attack coming from far off. He put his arms up to block the scratch he would have received, and ducked away from the punches and kicks that were aimed at him. He couldn’t believe how uncivilized such a child could be.

    Taking up his weapon, he aimed at her and scowled. “Back off, sweetheart, or I’ll have to blow off that pretty little face of yours,” he growled, spawning another attack from the raging child.

    - - -

    Misty saw the moving forms of the two hunters through the trees, as they neared them. She stopped the two boys when the new girl showed up, and they watched in amazement as one of the hunters was promptly assaulted by her. “What in the name of hell…” Ash said, “What is wrong with that kid?”

    “Something.” Misty narrowed her eyes when the man pulled up his gun, aimed and ready to fire at any moment. “And is going to be dead in a few moments if we don’t stop him.”

    “Wait, Misty-“ She bolted through, stepping quickly through the bushes and bursting out next to the hunter. “Not again.”

    “Hey there!” she yelled, interrupting the fight going on. The man glanced at her, a few welts and scratches on his face and arms from where the young girl had managed to get a few hits in. “What is this about?”

    As Ash and Brock came up behind Misty, they watched as the brunette ran off past the man, striking out at the other one to get him away from the silver animal before he managed to reload his gun. “You won’t hurt Vanika and Silvanus! I won’t let you!” she screamed, punching at him energetically.

    “We came in here to find the….treasure that is supposed to be in here,” the hunter said, rubbing at the sores dully, “but those little….things…attacked us, then that child came in and started yelling at us, then joined in on the attack. The little bitch managed to get me too.”

    “There-is-no-treasure-here! Go away!” the young girl snapped, as the hunter’s partner threw her off. Scowling, he stalked over to them, rubbing at the spot on his abdomen where her fist had connected.

    “What is her problem? She’s acting like those freaks are her pets,” he scowled, as she followed on his heels, yammering on about how they ‘had better get out’ and ‘not touch Vanika and Silvanus.’

    “Perhaps you might be better off listening to her?” Misty suggested, raising an eyebrow, “Considering you aren’t doing much good getting the life beat out of you by her?”

    “Obviously there is more to this then you are seeing. Now do us all a favor, and drop it.” They all looked at Ash, who folded his arms across his chest and stared passively back at them. Growling deep in his throat, the hunter turned away.

    “Children! Telling me what to do now! Bah!” He started back in the direction they had came from before finding the silvery creature. “Come on, Drew, there’s no point in sticking around here and getting headaches.”

    His partner, Drew, gave the group one last lingering look, before following, limping after him. The girl, scowling, watched them leave, before turning to Ash, Misty, and Brock. “What are you all doing in here?”

    Be calm. Vanika came up to them, sniffing, and nodded her approval. Their eyes went wide; they could also hear what she mind-spoke. They’re friends, not foes.

    Slumping her shoulders, she peeked up at them. “Sorry.” She brightened again, actually smiling for the first time since they arrived. “I’m May!”

    Vanika and the silver creature did a bow-type of movement. I am Vanika. This is Silvanus, the green one said.

    You are? Silvanus asked, tilting his head. Ash was the first to speak up, breaking the silence that permeated the forest. “Well, my name’s Ash, this is Misty, and the one behind her is Brock.”

    “Nice to meet you.” Brock said, coming up to the suddenly wary girl and taking her hands in his, “I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, and hope to-“

    “Lay off, lover boy,” Misty snarled, pushing the man away, “we are total strangers here. You’ll scare the poor girl.”

    Ash snickered, as he turned to Vanika and Silvanus. “What exactly are you?” he asked, looking curiously at them.

    Silvanus, somehow, seemed to actually start laughing at him, making a nasally sound that resembled a human’s giggle. Vanika swatted the sniggering reptile, and sat at the boy’s feet, tail curled around her body. Her male counterpart joined her, putting a lid on his mirth. We are dracones…dragons, he answered.

    Why don’t you join us? We stay in a cave not far off from here, and it is warm enough to sleep in and live in, Vanika asked, her mental voice sounding amused. May looked at Ash and Misty hopefully, bobbing on her heels impatiently. The older girl shrugged.

    “What do you think Brock?” they asked. Scratching his head, Brock thought over the offer, and the schedule they had been trying to keep, before nodding.

    “It means pushing everything a few days back,” he warned, before smiling, “but who says we can’t stop and have some fun?” May cheered, grabbing Silvanus and dancing around with him. They laughed; his mind-link was colored in displeasure at the activity.

    Let me go you childish girl! As Silvanus jerked away, they erupted in laughter again. Humans! He bounded off into the trees, his silver tail whipping as he ran.


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