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    Default Another untitled story

    Ahh, started another story after I lost inspiration for the other one I posted on here. I'll try and post each story chapter by chapter when I get a chance. =/ It may get a bit PG-13 at times, but other than that, it should be a PG rating.

    Renie Morgan has just moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Tokyo, Japan at the end of her sophomore year of high school. She is now a junior at Karen Academy. Throughout her junior and senior years, she meets some really interesting people. But when Renie and her newfound friends discover something that they shouldn't know about, all of their lives are changed forever.

    The first day of school. At least I would be able to see the amazing twins, Michelle and Mikaela Derikson, again. Michelle was the older twin and she was definatly more amazing than Mikaela. And then there's this really hot guy named Chris Davidson who has amazing blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

    Oh. I should probably tell you a bit about myself too. Well, for starters, I'm Renie Morgan. I'm a sixteen year old junior at Karen Academy. Karen Academy is a school primarily for the academically gifted, but not all of us are academically gifted. For one, I'm only here because I wanted to come here. Now lemme tell you about a few of my closest friends.

    First would be my beloved brother, Charlie. His real name is actually Charles, but I like Charlie a whole lot better. He's my baby brother too. And he's fresh meat too. People always say that Charlie and I look like twins, but neither one of us think so.

    Next up is Naoki Aoki. His name kinda rhymes, so I think its kinda funny. He's a pretty chill guy even though he's a senior. Yeah, he won't be around to keep me entertained when I graduate next year. Well, he might come to the graduation ceremony, but that's about all I'll be able to see of him.

    Before I continue with describing my friends, I'd like to tell you a bit about Karen Academy. It's a pretty basic private institution. Most of the teachers are pretty nice too. We just can't leave the school campus for some weird reason. But that's alright; we all get by.

    Anyways, back to my pals. The twins are up next on my list. Mikaela and Michelle Derikson are their names. Michelle is the older twin, but only by three minutes. She's also the more outspoken one. Mikaela is really shy until you get to know her.

    Everyone else isn't exactly worth talking about right now. They just don't have a signifigant enough role in my life. They will soon though. Things at Karen Academy are about to change dramatically. Real dramatically.

    Chapter 1 - The First Day
    The first day of school was always a drag. Well, it was for most students at Karen Academy. Renie, on the other hand, lucked out from most other students. Renie knew pretty much everyone at Karen Academy. Especially the kids that were worth a shit to everyone.

    But anyways, Renie - and some of her closest friends - had some pretty amazing teachers. As she stepped into her first block A day class, Government I, she was immediatly bombarded by a spiky haired boy. This would be Naoki Aoki, or as she prefered to call him, Naoki-desu. After she was finally released from Naoki-desu's death grip hug, she was immediatly approached by a girl with a book. This would be Mikaela Derikson.

    "Hey, where's Michie?" Renie asked, looking around the government classroom. It was similar to the other social studies classrooms. This teacher however, Mrs. Lewis, had an abnormal amount of posters though. Maybe she just wanted to be a bit more unique than other teachers.

    "Oh, between the three of us, Michelle's showing up as a surprise. It's supposed to be some time during first block though," Mikaela replied as she turned the page in her book. Renie looked at the clock; class was over in about two hours, at nine in the morning. If Michelle didn't show up by the end of the block, I would just have to go into the bathroom during second block and text her.

    First block went by pretty quickly and there was still no Michelle. Renie darted up the stairs at the end of the hallway and dashed to her second block A day class, which was Psychology. She didn't have time to go to the bathroom and get back to class on time, so she grabbed her purse off of her table and walked over to the teacher calmly.

    "Hey, Mr. Mitchell. May I go to the restroom?" Renie calmly asked. Knowing Mr. Mitchell, she would have to act calm in order to actually go. He wouldn't have let Renie go if she hadn't acted calmly. Luckily enough, he nodded, so Renie walked past an unfamiliar classmate and ran towards the bathroom.

    When she locked the door to one of the stalls, she sat down on the uncomfortable floor. It would actually look like she was doing something in the bathroom. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and much to her surprise, she had recieved a text message from Michelle during first block.

    "Hey, I'm showing up during third block. Be in the English room before the warning bell." Renie grinned happily, replying with okay. Then, she sent a message to Naoki-desu and Mikaela, letting them know.

    She managed to return to class just as Mr. Mitchell asked one of the male students to introduce himself. She listened quietly as she scribbed on a sheet of blank paper. Renie glanced up occasionally to make it look like she was paying attention.

    "And we have a brand new student to Karen Academy. Please welcome Dustyn Labronski!" Mr. Mitchell stated aloud. The boy in front of Renie rose to his feet and she slowly looked up. This Dustyn kid looked really hot in a sense of looks. I didn't really know him, but I would before the end of the block.

    "Hi everyone! I'm Dustyn Labronski, a seventeen year old junior. I love playing baseball and soccer. I'm really into photography too," Dustyn stated. He sat down after a few preppy girls sighed. After all of the students had finished their introductions, Mr. Mitchell told us to get into groups of two. Almost instantly, everyone but Renie and Dustyn were paired up.

    Perfect! Renie tapped Dustyn on the shoulder and he turned around instantly. "Hey Dustyn. We're going to be partners, mkay?" He nodded quietly and tapped his pencil on my desk quietly. Mr. Mitchell handed out a worksheet on the different types of psychology. Renie looked up at Dustyn after seeing the worksheet and he grinned happily.

    "What are you so happy about?" Renie asked as she wrote her name and Dustyn's name on the paper. He took her pen from her hand and wrote down the first few answers on the worksheet. He then handed Renie the worksheet and her pen. She looked over the paper and surprisingly enough, all of the answers were correct! Renie wondered how he already knew those answers.

    "How did you know those?" she asked as she wrote down some of the answers herself. She stopped after her third question since she didn't know the answer. Renie figured that Dustyn would know the answer, so she handed him the paper.

    "I took this course for about a month last year at my old school, but when I moved to my last school, I couldn't finish Psychology because the class was full all year," he replied. He handed Renie the paper so she could finish the rest of the paper. Once she finished it, she set her pen down on top of her work.

    "I see. So what made you come to Karen Academy?" she asked. He shrugged quietly, but took out his schedule and handed it to her.
    And that's almost the end of chapter one. I never had a chance to finish it before I posted it, haha. So um.. I'll finish chapter one and I'll bring you all chapter two in my next post. =] So comments and stuff like that would be greatly appreciated!
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