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Thread: An Announcement about the Spring Awards

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    Default An Announcement about the Spring Awards

    Dear Workshop,

    It is my sad duty to inform you that the Spring Awards for the Writer’s Workshop are no more…

    This is because they are being moved! :D

    Due to difficulties with ensuring we have the best quality judges working on the Awards, the moderators have made the decision to move the Spring Awards from May to mid June through to mid July. This will ensure that the judges have the time to read and properly judge the stories, but it will also mean that there is more of a chance for everyone to read the work on offer throughout the Workshop and nominate even more glorious stories! Additionally, there will be a wider pool of work to choose from this time as all stories written since the previous Awards can be included.

    As a result, the Autumn Awards will now take place in Mid October through to Mid November, and the Winter Awards will be Mid February to Mid March. This also gives us more time around the Christmas Season to host festive competitions should we choose to, as in the past the Christmas Competitions have clashed with the Winter Awards time wise.

    And, if you are still upset about the delayed Awards, be happy as it gives the moderators more time to work on the brand new, Oscar/Emmy styled nomination system. More details will be announced closer to the Awards, but this new system will help cut back complaints over your work not being nominated and will ensure a finer pool of work makes it through to the judging round. Titillated? You should be!

    So wait on the edge of your seats for the end of May to come when the big details will be revealed, and then the competition shall begin in June! We apologise for this delay but it is only to ensure we have the best possible judging team that can devote their full attention to the competition, rather forcing a small group of people to do it on their own or getting tried and untested judges.

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    Default Re: An Announcement about the Spring Awards

    Ah, this is a good idea, AT. :)

    Wouldn't the spring awards now be called the summer awards though? lol


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