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    I am going to make some battles with anime characters here. You guys can tell wich battles you want to read and I will choose and write sometime. And please review!
    Ash vs Gary

    Ash and Gary stared at each other over the battlefield.
    "It is fun to have a battle with you again Ash!" Gary shouted.
    "Same here" Ash said. "Are you ready?"
    "Yup" Gary answered.
    "OK" Cilan shouted. "I am your referee in this 3vs3 battle. Both trainers can use six pokemon each and you can change pokemon when you want to. The battle is over when all six pokemon on one side is defeated! Show your pokemon!"
    "I will start" Ash said. "Boldore go!"
    The Rock type pokemon popped out of its pokeball with a cry.
    "OK Arcanine" Gary screamed. "It is your turn".
    With a mighty roar Arcanine revealed itself on the battlefield.
    "Begin!" Cilan shouted.
    "Boldore Rock Blast" Ash commanded.
    Bolore answered him with a new cry and used the move. Arcanaine evaded without problem. It then used Extremespeed and hit Boldore. The Rock type pokemon withstood the move without problems.
    "Rock Smash" Ash told Bolore. Boldore jumped up in the air while its leg started to glow. It then swiped the leg forward and delivered a mighty blow to Arcanine.
    "Rise" Gary commanded the Fire type.
    "Quick Boldore Sand Storm" Ash screamed. The sand rose from the battlefield and began spinning around Arcanine.
    "Flamethrower" Gary said. Fire started to stream from Arcanines mouth and hit the wall of sand around Arcanine.
    "Rock Blast" Ash commanded.
    Boldore fired the move once again and it broke through the Flamethrower and hit Arcanine. A great exposion followed. As the smoke cleared Ash, Boldore, Pikachu, Gary and Cilan all saw the fainted Arcanine on he ground.
    "Arcanine is unable to battle" Cilan said. "The winner is Boldore".
    The winning pokemon celebrated its victory through jumping up and down.
    "Good job Boldore" screamed Ash.
    At the same time Gary recalled his pokemon.
    "You put up a good fight Arcanine" he said. "But now it is your turn!"
    He threw a new pokeball and with a flash of blue light a yellow, two tailed pokemon with two legs appeared.
    "Electivire" said Ash. "Boldore return".
    The Rock type pokemon was hit by the red beam coming from the pokeball and returned to it. Instead Ash sent out his Palpitoad.
    "Start!" Cilan screamed.
    "Electivire use Iron Tail" Gary commanded.
    Electivires tails became steel like and the yellow pokemon swung them against the blue toad. Palpitoad did not evade in time and was hit by the first blow and was sent flying through tje air. Electivire jumped after him and swung the other tail hitting Palpitoad one more time and the Vibration pokemon hit the ground hard.
    "Palpitoad get up!" Ash commanded.
    Palpitoad started to rise but was hit by Electivires next move Brick Break. But the toad did not give up. Slowly he rose up.
    "Finish with Ice Punch" Gary screamed.
    Palpitoad answered with Supersonic and confused Electivire. The yellow pokemons attack missed it hit the wall. Palpitoad fired a Mud Shot and hit Electivire with the super effective move.
    "Brick Break" Gary commanded.
    Electivire where still confused and the move missed.
    "Sludge Wave" Ash said.
    The blue poisonous wave hit Electivire and weakned it.
    "Now it is time for Hydro Pump" Ash said happily.
    The vibration pokemon sent out a powerful blast of water which sent Electivire flying into a wall and knocked it out.
    "Palpitoad wins" Cilan explained.
    "Yaaay" Ash shouted. I am going to win this"
    "Paaalp" Palpitoad cried happily.
    "This is not over yet" Gary said. "Blastoise go"
    The gigantic Water type appearde before them.
    "Hydro Pump" Gary said before Ash could use a command. The water blast hit the toad and knocked him out easily.
    "Blastoise wins" Cilan said.
    "Boldore now" shouted Ash.
    Boldore appearde once again with a cry.
    "Bol Boldore"
    "Sandstorm quick" Ash screamed. The sand rose against Blastoise who deflected it using Rapid Spin.
    "Finish with Hydro Canon" Gary shouted. The powerfull ball of water hit Boldore before he could evade. The water ball expoloded against him and hurled him around the ground defeating him. Cilan deemed Blastoise the victor.
    "Ok" Ash said. " You are much stronger than earlier Blastoise. But you can not beat my last pokemon. Leavanny!"
    Leavanny cried loudly excited over the battle.
    "Energy Ball" Ash commanded. Blastoise easily deflected the green ball with Rapid Spin and used Blizzard. Leavanny quickly evaded and sent away a String Shot which captured Blastoise. Leavanny then sent Energy Ball and Razor Leaf against Blastoise and hit him. The Water type tried to break its bonds but was hi by an X-Scissor and fell to the ground defeated. Ash was the winner.
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